The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1918
Page 8
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9 r. I I ~^i ? f f t , fr J f PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1918. ENGLISH TAKING PLACE OF FRENCH AT AMERICAN BASE CollettlTely City Talks IdUtgnage More Than comers Do French. Heal Skin Disecusc* PROGRESS IS RAPID ONE 1» Toll and Absolute Control ·f Alain «s They Affet t the Thous- ai» ot Artfrring Soldiers and High JTnal Studanl is By Associated Press. A JPORT IN FRANCE, March 1 -As tar as it is possible to Americanize any French, citr. this base of the American armie^ has undergone the process since the first troops arrived last June Collectively it talks English quite fluent!}--much more so than the visitors speak French at ally rat«--and its shops ha^o'taken on an American air likewise the months have qu clod the exuberance that expressed itself m jammed and croirdVd street and cafes, noise and exhiliration at the time ot the arrival of the first American troops This in part can be laid to the fact that about n ne-tenths of the city has been placed ' out of It 13 unnecessary for you to suffer with eczema, blotches, ringworm, rashes and similar skin troubles. A little zemo, obtained at any drag store for 35c, or $100 for extra large bottle, and promptly applied will usually give instant relief from itching torture. It cleanses and soothes the skin and heals quickly and effectively most skin diseases Zemo is a wonderful, penetrating, disappearing liquid and is soothing to the most delicate skin. It is not greasy, is easily applied and costs little. Get it today and rare all further distress. TicE. W.Kc«e Co, Cleveland. O. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Peb 28 --Louis Reynolds son of Mr and Mrs J T Reynolds who lately returned from Mercs hospital, Piltsburg after undergoing an operation for appendicitis is getting along nlcelj and is regaining his health rapidly Beautful springlike weather is pre- » ailing here at present giving the farmers a chance to open their sugar camps' Moses Weaer a well itnown stock, dealer of Holsopple Pa was here yesterdar on his wa o Somerfiekl Pa., on business S T Downs the baker left daj for a business visit to Cumier- land .Md Mrs O L Piotl, of Meyersdale, is visiting ner friend Mrs H P ileyers at present. __ __ Rev "Win Bracken pastor of the bounds' for all not^ (quipped with j First JI E church is assisting Rev H special passes, so that the ' dives" C Trimmer n a series of meetings at Harnedsville, Pa Rev Baker, of Gettysburg College will preach, in the Lutheran church nero next Sunday evening Word received by L. L Mountain from his paients Dr W S and Mrs Special Introductory Display Boys' Wash Suits for Spring Friday and Saturday and other undersirable establishments that at one titpe threatened to snrlng up have died of inanition -- Scarcely a store sow but flaunts its _warea with tags and comments' in _Engfish. and the storekeepers have -proflted by the constant succession of American customers to learn a fair brand of English Nine out of 10 of .them at least are able to conduct a ·sale in English while not one of 10 of th» customers could get what he ^wanted if he had to relv on French Some of the English of course is jagged, and a compendium of the .signs displayed in the mam street .shops would furnish an excellent basis lor a treatise on "English as she i» written.? There is for ejample the 'House Taking Charge of Parcels, get a received, wh ch lies nt to the store featuring a model Trannly clad in what the proprietor Jondly btlieves Is a ' Tranchs Coat ^Thus a large notion, and curio store situated on a corner, has painted both ·facades to represent a double American flag with; a single center piece containing the .stars o^ e- the door at The corner The topmost stripe on :both sides bears the inscription, J-'Sonrenlrs. Dont Forget Her More and more the city has come under the vise-like control of the American authorities No resident even may send a telegram to any point in France -without submitting it to a local censorship that has been created at the Americans suggestion of the No single Individual leaves the city br train without submitting to an ei- amination Papers of identification, in many cues written official permission to le»ve are Jiecessary The civilian falls inevitable Into the hands of the Jealous :Frencn who are co- f , operating with the Americans, while the man in uniform, especially the American khaki wearers, are bandied or oar military polio* The soldiers are on the whole in- teiunlj popular-With the inhabitants. They are, for one thing extremely kind to tne French children, which strOrae a responsire chord in the .bravtz of the mothers, particularly since It is not French male custom to fondle and make much of the Tooacsten. Then, too, a manner of the military orsuizatiuns have clubbed together and haT*~givflB entertainments for TreMb chantMB wMch not only have netted a lot of money but which hav been novel and interesting. The latest of these was a negro minstrel show which brougbl in orer $500 for toe warwMwos of the port. A FLA1T TO SATB JK2TEX. The U. S. eeronuaent Mas la lag Pftflt to Sar« Jbmc War Stamjw and Savings Certificates will nedp you to save money The Citizens National Bank of 138 North 'Pittsburgh Street has tne Government Stamps and Savings Certificate on hand. Call at this Bank and secure yoor share of war Stamps It is tetlmated that tho average person will buy twenty dollars worth during jlSIS Thi» is the time to do your hit. Thi» Bank is under Crated States Got- emnent' Supervision and is a Member ot the Federal Heserre Bank, Fiscal Agent of the Qoveranient, Trie te Patr»»fae. Merchants who adrertije their good* The Daily Courier. Moi'ntain are in Florida ^ are'w el and v as out to the gulf recently and caught 50 pounaa of nice 3sh,sleeping in a. ten* over night. I E. Selbj ot Selbysport, M d , was here yesterday transacting business Mr and Mrs Tvm Fugenfield of Brownsville, who had been called here on account of the death of Mrs Fugen- fields mother, Mrs G E Cunningham have returned to their home in Brownsville A L. Krebs a well known salesman of Baltimore Md vtas a business visitor mere esterday Miss Elsie Beggs the popular music teacher was in Ohiopyle jesterdu., where she have a large music class Mr and Mrs P E Vincent of Fort Hill Pa., uas shopping in town ye-} terday ( V F Crtichneld went to Rockwood, Pa., yesterday on business Carl Watson has gone to Braddock, Pa., to work Mr and Mrs Charles Show were I called to Masontow n Pa,, suddenly on account of the death ot Mrs Shows brother t few of the very many friends of ] Mrs W W Frazee gate her a birthday surprised at the home of lier sister, Mrs Samuel Raybecx last evening Those present ^vere Mrs H. P Myers, Mrs S T Downs, Mrs Wm Burnworth, Mrs A. G Bughner, Mrs j W Frazer and Mrs Samuel Raybeck, all report a iery pleasant e\e- ning, a dainty lunch was served H. P Bunrwortb. a well to do farmer of Johnson Chapel Pa, was in town yesterday transacting business Mrs U M Phllllpi left yesterday for Somerset, Pa., where she will visit fnends for sometime Harry Kregar was among those of our young men who went to Rockwood, Pa yesterday for examination for soldier life Hofhers Should se that the whole familv take at least 3 or 4 doses of a thorough, purifying, system cleaning medicine this spring Now is the time The family mil be healthier, hap- I pier, and get along hotter if the blood is given a thorough purifying the stomach and bowels cleaned oot, and the germs of winter accumulated In the system, driven away Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea is one of the very best and surest spring medicines to take Get it and see the difference in the whole family Their color will be better, they'll feel fine and be well and happy* Connellsville Drug Co -Adv If Ton Want Sonethlng Adrertise for it in our c'asslned column. One cent a word [alcerbj FOI THIMT All LONS X CWctam !«iil»nmd th»t will krinr r». Met In mosir acnjte and chroolc CUM. Trov j de9 la budlevt form » baalc remedy hlfrtaly ra.'ommendod by iclence. Con- tKla* ilo harmful dnva. Trr them today 50 cent* · bo*, mdwBns w»r tax PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY AND TOSfOBKOT SELEC T PICTURES PRESENT ALICE BRADY IN "HER SILENT SACRIFICE' A SPECIAL PRODUCTION B, 7 ACTS ALSO A GOOD COMEDY MABEL TALIAFERRO IN "DRAFT 258* Perhaps it might better be called a ·Wash Suit Openng' for it is our flrst complete and specia'lv arranged presen tation of oui entire Spring stock V goodlj st ction of 0111 Men s Clothing ie;mrtnH nt has been rescrvMi lor this displaj with tliL big tables caicfnll} irninptd tfl itffnrd t^\ and s itisf.ictory iiispcclion. Most raotliers u ith 1 tile ftllowb to dresj w ill be here eagci to see the pret t nc-v things on display antl to enjoy first choice of the entire collection Only a Short Time Remains to Take Advantage of The February Sale of Aprons Aprons will be bought by the scene between now and closing time Saturday Bight when this unusual display and sale comes to a close Purchases of an entire year's supply are the rule rather than the e\ception for no housewife can help seeing the Tvisaom and economy of buying now and bujing all she will need ^ Aprons of most excellent borne h a v p beautiful la e or cm- New Wash Suits Shown By the Hundreds Dozens of "cute 11 tt e btMes two of them ex- actlj as illustrated Made up in Imen, ga atea madras and other good washable materials-in all white, or white trimmed with dainty colors , All sizes 2% to 10 jcars at prices that go from ?1 50 to $6 00 There Will Also Be On Display fresh new stocks of rompers overalls, slipovers union overalls and , e\er\thing buns little youngsters need for rough and tumble wear --Wash Pants at 50c, to ?2 50 Khaki Pants at 75c $1 00 and ?1 50 J --Boys Blue Sailor Suits long pants stle at ?10 aud ?12 --Juveniles Cloth Suits at f l O O to ?G 50 "with a good blue serge suit featured it the latter price --Earlj Spring Topcoats in b.ue Shepherd checks grcv tan and fancv mixtures, sizes 1 to 10 ear a at $5 to S" 30 --A g^eat numjet of F luitj N l n f t iproitb- plain or ^Jih lace ^nd CHI- broidery trimmings \ good absoitmeut o£ prettv stles Regular 5Qc \alues special at --Anothe big assortment of faito Miiitc quality Soire arc plain bioider% trimmfugb Hetular 7~c to $100 \a)ucs Special at_ --A limited number of CoTcr all Vprons of litbt percale m stnpcb and figurti. Three btyltb to choose from Si es 38 40 42 and £JOf» 44 Regular bOi. \aliiL^ Speual at ~ U*/C --I«IO Ten a!p Aprons in plain colors 01 in 1 ght grounds ^ith m u l t colored pla ds stripes and blac aad v, iiie effects Ne\\ QStf* Spring models m si-u. 3S to i i j n xtra Srecia -- «/OC --120 Pcrcjilp Apronh of eiccllent qtialitv Plain colors or light grounds w i t h plams «ind stripes Sizes iS o 50 bust ^"1 O^C D\irj. Special at - ~ ^P-'-*TM^' SAVE «3 SERVE BUT WAR swaas STAMPS ng Women Are Buy New Spring Underwear -- Ribbed lisle combination Suits with low necks and no sleeves, lace trimmed 01 tight knees Regular sizes at 5e |1 00, $1 50 -- Fine nbbed Cotton "S ests with low necks and no sleeves, are 35c and 35c each The Accepted Modes in Early Spring Are reflected here in the largest displav it his e\er been our pleasure to offer at this season o£ the vear Their chann their skillful de- sigLing will be bo^t appreciated when "viewed at first hand The ent re assortment is modcr- atch priced with feature \alues at 54 95 and $G 55 For Older Boys From Six Years to High School Age Spring Clothes in quant'ties and varieties of assortments seldom equaled even at this foremost bo s store School clothes, dress clothes, play clothes--the best monej can buj --Spring Suits tor bo)i of I! to W y«u. tancv patterns, tailored Jioriolk styles, with fnli cnt paiilb, at $4 00 tn i?n.OO. Best Blue Series at S-"0 to $!" 00 --Odd Trousers, to finish out (lie wnter coat, all colors, sixes 3 to 20 yeuxs, at ^J.OO 1« S2J0. --Ifew Hats, Spring s[jlc5 In elotli and silt, at 60e to $2.50 --Boys' Cnps,_a big assortment of itjle". and patterns, 50c to SI. --Boys' Cordnroy Smts, C to IS years, special vaTSe at $6.50. Extra Cord Paat*, $1^5 to $2AO. --Hoys' Sclionl ond Brtss Sho(s, complete stocls at moderate prices. Spring Styles Supreme in Women's Suits Almost every woman welcomes the season when she can. don a trimly tailored suit--the basis upon ·which bo often rests the smart wardrobe Certainly tne pleasure of selection is added to when one has choice from assortments so authentically stjled as these when, examination reveals tailoring so good and colors so desirable Styles in Vogue Smart nodcls desifried to gue the Eton effect, stvles modeled closelv along sports lines ma n odd and altogether charming waist coat effects, and 'istly Uiose prettv neat plain tailored styles Materials and Colors One Tinj have choice of sorgo and gabardine of poplin tri- cotmt and \clour of checks ol 'e-sevs Burella and sihcrtone Cuoose "iny ot and know it s correct. Colors are euallv diversified---with navy and copen tan gre sand taupe clay Sammie rookie Pekm and infintn blue all c dimms your preference Prices Begin at $25 and go to $69.50 Surprising How Many People Are Needing Traveling Bags And the number buying them at this store speaks well foi the styles and qualities we have succeeded m providing in spite of the scarcities of leather and everything that enters into the making of a suitable case --There are Fibre Cases m a variety ot sty'es, and sizes to sell at $150 to J750 --The leather cases are in splendid assortment, w i t h prices beginning at ?T50 and going upward to $30 --Matting Cases at ?1 00 up to $7 00 --School cases in a numbe- of sizes all at moderate prices The United States Food Administration Says We Must SAVE FATS New Spring Line' of Kayser Patent Marvel Stripe Silk Stockings Has just been received and placed on. sale This is an ingrain Silk Stocking of quality,--the "marvel stripe" being a series of little knotted loops that prevent runs or tears Ma oe baa m fawn Russian calf, castor, grey, black and *liite AH siVes Si; to 10 at $1.75 the pair. Black Cotton Stockings Are realmng a new need o£ usefulness now that high Shoes are so UJl ^ersaJl "worn "\\omen s stockings \vith PTlra spliced toe and lieel are of medium weight m sizes 8^ to 10, at 25c and 35c the pair Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. 1 KITCHEN CABINET .GIVEN AWAY AT THE SOISSON TONIGHT And the Corking Success "AWamingtoWcmen" s SPECIA1! Cluldren's Carnival Saturday--$5.00 to the ' CloerestCMd. Big 15c Matinee Daily at 2 30 Evening Shcrws at 7.30 and 9.15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. FEATURING A M D H I C 4 S GREATEST 90 POUND COMEDIAN THE BUuEBIKD TRIO MISS LILLIAN ZEIGLER BILLIE PENTON · THE IRISH TENOR. SNEAD CLARK BLUEBIRD BEAUTY CHORUS Jack Fuquay and Zarrow's Little Blue Bird Co In i Modem \ ersion of An Ola Time Blark Face F'arce "DOCTOR DIPPY" ON THE SCREEN---WILMAM S HART SURER THING PATROXIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE I\^*OTjR HOMK PAPER ,OOOOOOOOOOOO3OOOOOOOOOOOr OOOaefiQCOGCOOOOOeCCOOOOeOO Try Our Classified Ads. i It's Money WeSI Invested · tonaaooo you ve ffI^e^ up lour repruHr p'-actlce 1 ' Yes I \e been appf inted official si fgcon of the Auto club and I have about ab much si I cun attend to." THEATRE -- TOBAI VKD TOMOKROfl -- PAULINE FREDERICK IN "DOUBLE CROSSED" DlTttBOLNDED-to leam of her husband, bo 5 hood and his immediate danger, Mis» Fredencl' schemes to sa\e him You'll be enthralled by this tense pulsating play of politics and bocial intrigue. Also a Good Comedo PATROHIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER.

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