Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 6, 1975 · Page 151
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 151

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 6, 1975
Page 151
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Page 151 article text (OCR)

Grass Seed Is For The Birds! Zoysia SavesTime,Work,Money SPECIAL HOT WEATHER OFFER! ORDER HOW AND GET UP TO 200 PLUGS FREE! V Amaioy i KM Trod* Mark l«au- t*nd US. tat** Offin far our Mayer Z-S2 Zoru'a Gnat. la: Ta i. Every year I 'see people pour more and more money into their lawns. They dig, f e r t i l i z e a n d lime. They rake it all in. They scatter their seed and roll and water it Birds love it! Seeds which aren't washed away by rain give them a feast But some seed grows, and soon it's time to weed, water and mow, mow . . . until summer comes to burn the lawn into hay, or crabgrass and diseases infest it. That 1 s what happens to ordinary grass, but jiot to Zoysia. "MOWED IT 2 TIMES," WMTES WOMAN For example, Mrs. M. R. Hitter writes me how her lawn ". . . is the envy of all who see it When everybody's lawns around here are brown from drought ours just stays as green as ever. I've never watered it, only when I put the plugs in ... Last summer we had it mowed (2) times. Another thing, we never have to pull any weeds -- it's just wonderful!" ^ ^ And from Iowa came word that the state's largest Men's Garden Club picked a Zoysia fawn as the "top lawn -- nearly perfect" in its area. Yet this lawn had been watered only once all summer up to August! These represent but 2 of thousands of happy Zoysia owners. Their experiences show that you, too, can have a lawn that stays green and beautiful thru blistering heat, water bans -- even drought! Cuts Your Work, SOVM You Money Your deep-rooted, established Amazoy lawn saves you time and money in many ways. It never needs replacement . . . ends re-seeding forever. Fertilizing and watering (water costs money, too) are rarely if ever needed. It ends the need for crabgrass killers permanently. It cuts pushing a noisy mower in the blistering sun by 2/3. CHOKES OUT CRABGRASS Thick rich, luxurious Amazoy grows into a carpet of grass that chokes out crabgrass and weeds all summer long. It will NOT winter kill. Goes off its green color after killing frost, regains fresh new beauty every Spring--a true perennial! For Slopes, Play Areas, Bare Spots If slopes are a problem, just plug in Amazoy. When established, it will end erosion--also plug it into hard-to-cover spots, play-worn areas, etc. YOUR OWN SUPPLY OF PLUG TRANSPLANTS Your established turf provides you with Zoysia plugs for other areas as you may _ desire. WEAR RESISTANT Your Amazoy lawn takes such wear as cook-outs, lawn parties, lawn furniture, etc Grows so thick you could play football on it and not get your feet muddy. Even if children play on it, they wont hurt it--or themselves. NO SEED, NO SOD! Do not mistake Amazoy pre-cut plugs for sod or seed of any type of grass. There's no seed that produces winter- £ hardy Meyer Zoysia. Sod of ordinary * erass carries with it the same problems - as seed--such as weed, diseases, frequent ^ mowing, burning out, etc 12 NO NEED TO RIP OUT PRESENT GRASS Now's the time to order your Zoysia plugs -- to get started on a lawn that will choke out crabgrass and weeds all summer long and year after year. Plug it into an entire lawn or limited "problem areas". Plug it into poor soil, "builder's soil", clay or sandy soils -- even salty, beach areas, and I guarantee it to grow! PLUG AMAZOY INTO OLD LAWN, NEW GROUND OR NURSERY AREA Just set Amasoy plugs into boles in ground like a cork in a bottle. Plant 1 foot apart, checkerboard atyks. Every a sq.4neh plug is No. 1 quality, averaging a full I ot. per plug! When planted in existing lawn areas plugs will spread to drive out old, unwanted growth, including weeds. Easy planting instructions with order. FREE I ilfcfc N INK. A growth-producing 2-way plugger that saves bending, time, work. Cuts away competing growth at same time it digs holes for plugs. Invaluable for transplanting. Bugged yet so light a woman can use it ln your Soil · AMAZOY WONT WINTER-KILL -- Has survhwd HHpiriUtri 30* Mew mo! · AMAZOY WONT HEAMCILL -- whan othftf 9""" bwnt out, AMtsoy turns H$ towHttti Every plug must grow within 46 dan or we replace it free. Since we're hardly in business for the fun of it -- you know we have to be sure of bur product. _^ FREE UP 200 TO PLUGS For Ord«rin« *i«ht Now More than a HALF-BILLION of our Zoyaia Grass plugs have been sold -- millions sold every year at nationally advertised prices. So our Bonus Plugs Hot Weather Offer meens clear savings to you -- just for ordering NOW. But if yon don't want to take another chance with lawn disappointment. rem«Ml«r Ifcif: If tt !·«'« Amiuoy « tor *.*» .*·»«. Order. m~ . [Mevar Z-52 Zoysll 6rw» was ptrfcctw oy uTG*?n.£St; MMMd in "g*"® ith U.S. 6o» Asaoc. «» » «up«nor Hitler and his mistress fva Braun. Unknown to him, S.S. men filmed his strange fovemaking with her hidden cameras. Hrto'sSuLife by Uoyd Shearer yi / t r 1 r. S · 3 Si iw'r* M g«Wtog die piuf* lluu mmdt Zryti* MIMtS* Order Amaaoy now. Let it spread into brillingly beautiful turf. Dwpt.130 ZOYSIA FARMS BtMTsI Offices a* Man (414 MtttntMm M.. MWware. M. 11215 HUM MM M wujrtlQr rf gurvrttH MMMJ prt-cet phajs n cktcM kriMr: "QFuii SIZE PLUCGER D 100 PLUGS Plus Bonus of 10 FREE TOTAL SC95 no PLUGS v D 100 PLUGS PLUGGER Plus Bonus of 20 FREE TOTAL $095 120 PLUGS 3 R 200 PLUGS js Sonus of 20 FREE TOTAL JIMS 220 PLUGS *llr* n 200 PLUGS PLUGGER Plus Bonus of - 25 FREE TOTAL SI 475 225 PLUGS I* £1 300 PLUGS PLUGGER . 50 FREE TOTAL $1175 350 PLUGS 1 1 ·O 600 PLUGS ^PLUGGER Plus Bonus of 100 FREE TOTAL S9195 700 PLUGS LI D 1100 PLUGS SLUGGER. PIUS Bonus Of 200 FREE TOTAL JQQ95 J300 PLUGS 03 enclose check money order cis ADDRESS ! CITY . STATE .. ZIP .', i Our 20th year. J FRANKFURT, GERMANY, E va Braun, Adolf Hitler's mistress, had a secret weapon---her hidden cameras. The films from those Braun cameras are now being · offered to American and British TV companies. Hitler was a sex pervert, and the films contain the most intimate sexual scenes between him and Eva as well as the most gruesome execution and concentration camp footage photographed in Europe. Ludwig Kerscher, an importer in Cham, Germany, bought the rights to the film from former S.S. officers in South America. "One of them," he said, "very high in the S.S. whom I helped in 1945, told me where I could find the films. They were hidden in a cave, here in Bavaria. The state of Bavaria is laying claim to these films, but they are mine. "To safeguard them, I shipped the films to my attorney in London," explains Kerscher. "And I will not give them up. There is about 30,000 feet. "Frankly, much of the footage is erotic. Hitler was a stud of sorts, and we have about 500 feet of film of Hermann Goering dancing with girls all in the nude at his hunting chalet. All he has on is a fox's tail around his rear end. "Part 2 of the documentary film," Kerscher continues, "contains a lot of concentration camp activity. Heinrich Himmler inspecting the camps, watching human beings buried alive. Himrh- ; ler, Use Koch, the whole pack of them knew all about the atrocities, and these films should have been shown at the Nuremberg Trials. If s time for the German people to realize that their leaders knew what was going on." He says his life has been threatened by Hitler admirers and that he has taken the necessary precautions. 'People from BBC - According to Kerscher, "People from BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have been to Bavaria to discuss buying the rights to the films. They say they want them for an historical documentary. To date I have not received a dime for them." Why did Eva Braun consent to these erotic films? "She was afraid," says Kerscher, "that one day Hitler would_dump her, and she wanted them as a form of blackmail, so she arranged with the S.S. for secret camera setups, and they were only too happy to oblige. They felt that after the war they could sell the films for millions, especially the bedroom footage. Now, some of them are afraid of the concentration camp footage. Anyway, I am sure that sooner or later parts of the film will turn up on American TV and other parts in the porno theaters. The Americans are making me the best offers."

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