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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
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79TH 'YEAR-211 Massive Revenue Bill " .New-Taxes CENTS V CLOUDY, COOL . Uw, 50; High, 70 f : The Ottawa Journal : - i ... . . ... , ; 1- - ' -- I ' " "' "' ; '." " ; ? ''' ' ' h, Back Up Makarios Greek Units mMamtobaPulled Out pm ofm "WINNIPEG (CP) The Manitoba government will reach into the pockets of smokers, drinkers, motorists, electricity and telephone users to collect money to pay for increased aid to municipalities "and a school tax rebate to property owners. Premier Duff Roblin Monday proposed new taxes in these fields as he rejected a general retail ; sales tax as a method of raising an additional $20,750,000 annually to cover the Increased ex- penaiture. , HoffaWiil Sentence ! .--I ' 'i 'i'T ...wiwycr nuns . -; i ; For New Trial v CHICAGO (AP) ' James R . Hoffa's chid, counsel says-be will appeal lb five-year prison , iam the Teamsters Un ' ton oresident m a mall' fraud .and conspiracy conviction. . Maurlca Walsh, Hoffa's cfilef lawyer, said be would appeal i ha aentance and ask for a new trial wlthia the IS-day period smtablished by Jiidge Richard B. Austin Monday. w .-. -Judas Aastin tenteneed Hoffa, lour concurrent five-year term and fined him SIM Judrt Austin said the term mild be served after Hoffa finishes an eight r year prison sentence banded down In Chat ' tamooV Tana.' "' ""' udge-AswIn. tenteneed Hoffa ana si eewiiBm - wtetlons of mad fraud and can. - eph-acy arising from a scheme to abtala fraudulenUy Bjora the SU.WW.SM front the Team- Men aentloa fund. . . a k.M tJ olaht m end four p, - women returned a jaiity ver did July Ja. ' Y TWO SENTENCES ,- The powerful union pleader now facet two sentenoes tout Una 11 years In prison. Hoffa was sentenced .to eight yean ! earlier this yearin Chattanooga ' to Jury umpering. The Chat 1 tasnoga convlctioa also la- be-' but appealed. , ' . Judge Austin fined five co-de-t tendants tS.tOS each an similar . cbaries and sentenced them to t ffl MAUI UWWWIWl waaasva aaa A ik. JaiaaJaaa atlflarifta i from a heart condition, t ( lJ M AM auuf aalaaassm Aa kra linM S,WW HM pi vrm aaww 1 In custody of a U.S. marshal. I ; Tan la fata HOFFA Eight Die In Church Biis Crash SAM CLEMENTS, Calif. ) (AP-A buslcad of happy chil-.' dran sped north along the Pa' elflc Ocean Monday, homeward t bound after a church mission to ' Mexican orphanage. Tben.'a blowiwmt tire, a s ' lies of cblliskms, and eight per 1 eons lay dead. Four were chH-l 7 dran, one the adopted daughter i of Roy Rogers and Dale Evens I About persons were injured, I IS eavarelVA " ' . ' ' Police said the bus was Jl years old and bad no emer gency exit It was carrying CS members of the Disciples of Christ Chanel of the Canyon thutck of Canoga Park, Calif.. i and was six miles south of San Clements when a front tire Mew. ' j .The bus hurtled across the . divided highway, striking seven father vehicles arid coming -to rest against a tret at the edge ; of a 4t-foot Muff over San Ono- ' fra Creek. .' " ! Two children on the church f bus died. One was Deborah Lee Rogers. U. a Korean, adopted daughter , of Rogere and Miss Evans, his wife. The other was Deborah's friend. It year old Joan Russell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell Granada Hills, Calif. The other en dead were sH Appeal Jail m we station wagon. SEVEN At the opening of a' special summer session of the legis lature, Mr. Roblin said between M.M0.0M and tlS.OM.SM of that mount will be returned to prop erty owners. . ' ' TAX BURDEN He said in an effort to achieve a transfer of the tax burden property owners will get a St per-cent rebate up to SIN 'of taxes with a maximum ISO payment on each tax bill for one year Most of the remainder will pay for grants to municipalities In Ueu of local taxes up to five per cent of the tax bill and for increased aid on local roads and streets. 1 In addition to the rebate, one tax . decrease was : announced which a treasury official estimated might-, cava.. Manitoba taxpayers mora than Sl.SM.MO annually. The provincial surtax on fed eral rates on Individual incomes wilt be reduced to five per cent from six per cent PREMIER GIVES DETAILS iTbe premier announced these new taxes: A - five-per-cent surtax - telephone, electricity, and aat ' ural gas bills and one centj a gallon on fuel oil used .beating;' A one-percent tax so the registration of land transfers . Additional rates xf taxation will be made on the following existing areas af provincial taxation;' ' Tarn te Page l-NEW UN Officials : Killed ; GENEVA (Reuters) Two United Nstions official! were killed Monday while visiting a refugee camp at ' Kalonge In the Congo's Kivu province. It was announced here by the UN high commissioner for refugees. The men went Jean Plicque, 33, -and Francois PreziosL 43, both Frenchmen. They wen working for the refugees' com' mission. . .--. -.'- ., Segni Shows Slight Improvement' ROME ' (R eut en V President Antonio Segni, who suffered a brain stroke II day ago, show ed "slight improvement' this morning after a . "peaceful night," a medical buHetln said. The bulletin added , that Segni, 73, was "alternating be tween periods of profound drowsiness and others in which the senses are mora alert Move Hailed NICOSIA (AP) Greece ap-, parently is closing ranks with the Creek CyprkH regime ol President- Makarios' by with drawing come Creek forces from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to help defend Cyprus, tr- ; Greece's decision Mo aid-ay helped ease a strain between Athens and Nicosia.' R also came as a new blow lo the sol idarity of the Atlantic . alliance's eastern flank at a time when the Soviet Union has become embroiled' la the Cyprus crisis. Meanwhile, a Greek military force said In Athens that NATO Supreme' Commander , Lyman Lemnitier baa appealed to Greece not to remove Its NATO Mercenary Airmen Irt Congo LEOPOLDVILLE (AP) White mercenary airmen, in cluding several who fought for secessionist , Katanga province against the' United Nations, are back InTha Congo. ' n '. This' time they are serving the,; Congolese central government against a . Commuoist a backed rebellion in the eastern Congo. . A smalt group of mercenaries who came here from Johannesburg, South Africa, waited for three weeks in a Leopoldvllle hotel for a call from' their old chief. ' Mo lie Tshomba, Congolese premier and former president of Katansa.--T i v' , r Monday, all but two had disappeared from their hotel rooms. '. , --'. ' At the same lima. U.S. gov ernment officials released : a ervntie statement saying "con tract pilots" would fly Second World War B-M light bombers on ton (.-range spotter missions "to heln assure Congolese In ternal security." 1 . t . ; Canadians Lar i V Contingent NICOSIA (Reuters) The Canadian contingent today became the largest single unit in the United Nations ' peacekeeping force on this communally divided Island. ' -' A UN spokesman said 198 British troops returned to Eng-gland today reducing the over- all strength of the peace keeping force to 5,871 men. ' The British contingent hitherto the largest now totals 1,034 men. second largest of the force and only one more than the Irish unit ' r 3 The Canadian , force became the largest contingent' with 1,130 men. ,'. .S..- j' as 'Jolly Fine Idea' i. 4 w y ' eastern flank' headquarters from Izmir. Turkey. . Turkey .withdrew vaome air force planes from NATO control nine days ago after the Greek - CyprioU charged that Turkish Jet (lighten took off from NATO bases to attack Cy prus. . i . ISSU STATEMENT A Creek " foreign ministry statement In Athens said Greece's protests about the Tut kish puliout had gone unheeded. -blowing ttut." the state- tem added, "Greece to withdraw the necessary army, naval and air force units assigned to the alliance. 'The decision was taken to fulfill Greek obligations, to defend the Independence and territorial Integrity of Cyprus, and in particular to ward off the coniUnt Turkish threat." Greece also hailed "as an Im portant contribution lo peace" Soviet Premier - Khrushchev's warning to Turkey against further air attacks on Cyprus Tan s Page I GREEK ' i A IC . - .".'.; S. Africb LAUSANNE. Swiusrla ad (Reuters) The International Olympics Committee announc ed today that South Africa has oeen DarrM rrom the 18th Olympic Games in Tokyo be cause It has refused to dis- asaociata itself from apartheid racial segregation in sport The move followed repeated appeals ey trie committee to South Africa to get rid of discrimination In sport or be banned from the Olympics la Oc tober. South Africa replied to the latest appeal last week by sav ing it could not comply with the segregation-free conditions et ny tne ioc ( , ,( New Escape . Plot Foiled , . In Britain LONDON (API An plot, aided from the outside, k.. oeen roiieo at a Manchester p1-lon where one of the great train robbery gang la behind bars, the home office disclosed Mon day night . ' : . The announcement followed the escape of Charles Wilson, another of the train robbers. from Winson Green Prison in Birmingham last week. He has not been caught and is believed to hava been brought out by a gang which had obtained copies of the prison's master keys.. In Manchester's Stranaewavs Jail has been Douglas Gordon Goody, who Is serving a It-year term for bis part fat the I7JtS.- 90s robbery a year ago. can listen to speakers on Housing Plan Philip Spomors SejiComse - "LONDON (AP) Britain's Prince Philip took 1 1 i. "Olrtawho are going steady or are engaged on a new role today sponsor of a sex instruction course. . - . . ' ' ' " The course is Intended to give a new look to the Prince's award scheme, which exists to encourage initiative and . clean living among teen agers. '.'''". , .Previously it has been concerned mainly with sports. But-Mrs. 'Phyllis Gordon-Spencer, the scheme's deputy director, announced that -older girls will be encouraged to study the pitfalls of dating and marriage. , . . . V - s BEST WRITTEN REPOBTS . . : , ,rt 1 v . Ootd, silver or bronze medals will be awarded by the Prince to those who turn In the best written reports. . ; '. .. ..... . . ..-' n The Prince will not give any lectures himself. He Is patron, of the program, known as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.' i Mrs. Oordon-Spencer said thd hew course will -be called "Boy, Oirf and Marriage" and Is Intended to give the award scneme a more adult look, rtTTAWA TTTl?sr)AV ATTflTTST 1 10ftl - ' ' ' ' 4 . SuariM .S7 urn. EOT ivMynr wv-tto r a nra OTTAWA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1964 S.S7 sj. EOT PAGES - ' Miuif. v. ' ' 'i -i ii i ii i i i i i i , , i. rr. rirvrrrrr-.n - Piresftow Project ' 1 ' 1 1 ).'' :i '.I: v v " .) ' " .' ":' i- v Is. ,: ' CHARLOTTE DOES TWIST ; .. :v-. :- '. :' Mayor Whitton dances the twist at a private party over the" weekend in honor . : of retired tsusineaaman Michael Assaly -and his wife who celebrated their 60th wed- ding anniversary., Mayor Whitton'S partner Is the 79-year-old atr. Assaly. . f. r : HELLYER UNDER Sdy Brock 'Not the ; Nor the Last to Retirement of Rear Admiral X. J. Brock, retired Bag officer, Atlantic Coast, was ordered by the government, through . De fence Minister Hellyer. but It area only another step in tne integration of the armed forces, the minister's office stales.-: t "He is not the first to go nor will be be the last to go." said a spokesman with Mr. HeUyers approvaL - . .... Ha asked what else was to be expected after the aridely- publicized and generally-ac cepted announcement of the government that the services would be reduced by 10.000 over a three-year period, be ginning at the top. - rt Duplication of services at the top level b) being reduced Just as much as n is at intermediate and low levels, he stated, and Adm. Brock's position had become surplus to needs now that lop, officers of all. three services have been reduced to a seven-man defence staff. "We have already made a 30 per cent reduction among marital and sexual sub Jects," she said. " v. . - "They will discusssexual relations, how far a girl should go before marriage, -and how .to please their husband." , -. ; ' ARRANGING MORTGAGES .. Other subjects in the course will Include makeup, grooming, fashion, and various aspects of married life from arranging mortgages: to famllyplanning. i Leaders of some young people's "organizations welcomed the new course, V Miss Anstice Gibbs. chief of the Girl Guides said: 1 "It sounds, a jolly fine Idea. Many girU really need thU help . ' : . Boys will be given the chance of parallel premarital course. But the main emphasis foi them will remain on sports, adventure ' projects and technical skills, "t- . ---...? A ,. .-. .Mrs. Oordon-Spencer said the girls will get lectures from experts on marital subjects and from happily married couples living in their localities. Sunset MS Gets Green Light v....-''--:i ' ' " FIRE IN HOUSE Vof those two-star' rank - end eoove, said the spokesman. "We bad 17 and now we're down to 12." ."v. '; Two star is' a new designation being used by Canadian Forces Headquarters because it FLOODING IN EASTVIEW Rain Belts Gity-Misses farmland A half hour surge of rain washed across Eastern Onunn Monday but most of ft m to land on areas which wanted It least ' - It flooded streets in Eastview but gave no reliefto parched farmlands In Renfrew County. It lasted about half an hour end in thts period Uplands WeathertXfice measured 2 of an inch of rain. Rainfall north SDd west of the airport was ivier. There was nau oa both sides of the Ottawa River around Deechenes Rapids. New Riot In Dixmoor ": - DDCMOOR, ' Hi. - (AP) Raci ial violence flared for a second consecutive time in. this,, Chicago suburb - Monday aight but heavily armed ' police put down the disturbance with only minor damage and Injuries. - fr- tf Tk"" Forty i persons, 77' of them while,' were' arrested. - Most were charged With disorderly conduct, or inciting a 'riot. Two persons were injured as roclc-throwing Negroes made a target of passing vehicles, i . : More than 50 persons Wert cut and bruised by rocks during' a - five-hour - disturbance Sunday night and early Monday. Two persona ' suffered minor gunshot wounds. ' , The ; predominantly : Negro suburb of 3,000 population it two miles south of Chicago. pm. EOT (CfMeuraal wirepassaa. . , -!-. . v. t . i First Go Y can be applied equally to all services. Adm. Brock was' of two-star rank, equivalent to a major general In the Army and an air vice marshal In the Air Force. i I - Tara la Page I-SAV BROCK CBOT was off the ah- for an Ihour during this period but stav, ' tlon employees said the cause . was technical and. could not be blamed on the-stores. -t Eastview was caught with Hs 1 $2,000,000 storm sewer still cut off and a flood of complaints i came from residents on Joliette Street where water on the street stalled several cars. , I Thersvwas little-damage to basements, from flooding and Eastview City Engineer Marc Heitthu said there were, no complaints from the area south of Montreal Road , which bad been a traditional site of heavy flooding In all storms. ' 1 '' The new seirer could be only partly used because . Ottawa has refused to accept'1 a con crete-lined section around Hem lock Road because it" Insists that the strength- of the lining is below specifications.'' Flow mto the tewen fe limited be cause men' are' working inside drawing test core 4mm the lining. . .... .. ... .V.IEfi;.?!'' ; . In Renfrew County which Is being plagued by dry pastures, there was only , a light sprinkle in Renfrew and 'none between Pembroke and Cobden which desperately ' needs rain. Both Lanark and Leeds had a "fairly good" shower and pasture conditions are improving. - Galineau ; Power reported only one Interruption of service and Ottawa Fire Department was called to quel) a minor lightning-sparked lire at the home of John Nmiforuk, 56 Young Street. ...w.--vv..' , by be . of ; ! , I FORTY-FOUR By TOM KERR of The Journal Construction of 111 public, housing units ' in the Preston Street re development area will begin in October, with occupancy in. the Spring. City Council approved without comment Monday . night a cost - sharing agreement with the Federal and provincial governments for the il,- -708,000 project Rents wiB bo geared to uv coma and are expected to average S65 a month, with the partnership absorbing a monthly loss of, S43 per unit ? The subsidised rental project It part af Ottawa's first urban renewal schema cover-tag a l(.7-aere mid-town site bounded by Preston, Balsam and Booth Streets and dm Queensway. l A new high school of commerce will occupy 6.7 acres, bounded by Preston, Gladstone, -Rochester and the Queensway. Work on the school Is expected to get under way in November wit h completion probably early In 1966. The public housing, project will occupy S.3 acres, bounded -Rochester, Balsam. Booth and Arlington. '. ' PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT The remaining 2.3 acres bounded by Preston, Balsam, Rochester and Gladstone will developed privately, with probably apartments and at least one building with ground flOOT Shops, v.yv, . j,,,:. The capital cost and ooerat-. big loeses of the public hous- Ing units will be shared 73 per am-' federal; I7H per cent provincial i , and ..TV, percent city.. 4 '-M - j This means the city will put up 1 1 28. 100 in capital costs and will pay a rental subsidy S3 a month per unit- Tarn la Page S-PIESTON v . i- 1 . 41. Tk tUmUckmttinl.cap it in britht . gretm -( ' wot U mmlch . ihe . ' , simple tailored nit ' trm tht Itmlian col' T Uetiunt for Foil nd .. Winter, iW. v Otter daytime fatkiong , v from the Earotan . collection on Pate It Caracas city of Hark ' , tentratti. Pate Profit . Motive to Aid yRattian Economy? I. Pafe I Billy Graham 1 . Bridge ,.-.. 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