The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAT, MARCH 1, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBI.LSYUJjB, PA. PAGE SEVEN. NO'BRIGHT MONET Mrt. BMop* Rises to Height «f Self-Sacitfice. Sk« Had · "Georf Tfclnj- In H*r Aft nmg«m«nt with the Partner «f Hw Jcy»: urtd "Sorrow*, but P»trl«ti4m Cwii* Firtt. · "Something unexpected* baa happened." «ald Mr. BUI top*. "Something quite naexpecteil. "Ion know, i«r jr**n Hia« been firing Mrs. Bintons all my brijht money. t a bright dime or quarter or bait I simply turned It over to lira. Billtop*. "There might be weeks when 1 would not get a tingle bright coin; bit there would be other weeks in which I " would ia change a considerable number. Altogether these bright coins provided for Mrs. B. a' tidy bit of revenue, and I am sure it was as great a pleasure for me to turn them orer to Mrs. Bllltop* as It was for ber to receive them, though once this bright money proposition did five me a little scare. "I dropped into a candy store one day to get some candy for Mrs. Bill- tops and there In'chonge for a $5 bill I received two bright dimes and four absolutely spick and ipan bright new 51 bills! "Well, now, there wai something to make you. stop anil think. Undor our understanding I wns to give Mrs. Bill- tops all 'bright money.' It is true that by that I understood bright coins, and I had no doubt that Sirs. Bllltqps did, too, but the promise -from me "was of r.ll 'bright money' and ob a slrlct Interpretation. which I did not desire to evade, there was nothing for me to do bnt to turn over with the two bright dimes those four bright dollars. Which I Old. "Bnt Mrs. Billtops declined to receive them. " 'No, Ezra,' she snld, 'no. We both understood bright money to mean bright coins, and we will go not by the letter of thj contract but by the E!Wt._ "Ezra, you keep the J4.' ; "Which I did, nnu I was always glad ·he settled it that way, for the oppo- ', site interpretation of my obligation might sometimes have subjected me to considerable inconvenience, "Suppose 1 should some day have gone! Into a cnmly store and laid down Prittstonm. PRITTSTOTKN, Feb. 28.--Neighbor A. O. lUdeno ir is opening UK coal- on the reir of his fana and will he able to produce some of the bwt on the market in the near .future. MrV and-li and Mrs. Bmanuel Dannacker .tie daughter, Gretchen Loraine, of Scottdale were here Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abram Ridenour . · ' .Benjamin French spent "Wednesday at- Butler on business and with; friends "William McMillan and sister, Miss Ethel, of . Pittsfcurg, were here a shora while Wednesday and spoilt a few hours at the. Ml. Pleasant hospital, with their friend, Charlotta Milligan,. who is a patient there. Mrs. Richard Grimm was a ML Pleasant visitor Tuesday. Roy Lindsay, of BUtner was here Sunday with friends. -Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mardis and children ot Pennavtlle was here Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mardis. Mrs. Susan McGary -of Uniontown, was hare several days last week with the family«bf her brother, Mr: D. W. Bitncr. ·Mrs, Jesse Kotfgh spent Saturday in Pittsb'urg visiting the family of her cousins. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Crossland. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. McBeth, of Pittsburg, was here over Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Milligan. Mrs. Campbell Dunbar and children of Garrett, are here for a few days visit with her aunt, Mrs. Clark Rld- enonr and- sister. Mrs. Henry Poorbaugh of near Wooddale. Miss Emma ones of Cherry Lane farm, near here has twelve fine young white Wyandotte chickens, almost a week old. The peeps arc quite strong and smart. The many friends of Charlotta Milligan are glad to know Uiat she Is improving at the Mt. Pleasant hospital, where she was operated on tor appendicitis last week. A DEAD STOMACH Of What Use Is It? Thousands? yes hundreds of thousands oC people -throughout America arc taking the slow tlcatn treatment dally. They are murdering their dwh stom- uch, the best friend they have, and in their sublime Ignorance they think t h e y are pufctinc aside the I«WB of na- rure. ThiK Is no sensational statement: it Is a s{artllne- fact, the truth of %-hich any. honorable physician will not deny. These thousands of people are swal- lowinff daily hu»:c (tuantlties of pepn!n "other" " J ' " J -J " sLrcmjf digesters, made especially to digest 'tHe food in the atomach without air aid at ajl from the digestive merrtbrnHe "of the stomach. Ml-o-na !tom«ch tablets relieve distressed stomach in live minutes; they do mure.. Taken regularly for a few weoks tht'y build up the run down ptomach airl malte It strong- enouph l" own food. Then Indigestion. sour stomach and headache SHE GOULD NOT STAND OR WORK But Lydia L Prakham's Vegetable Compound Restored Her Health aod Stopped Her Pains. Portland, IncL --."I bad a displacement and suffered so badly from it that 1 , 1 at times I could not I L j be on my feet At all. L_J I was all run'down and so weak I could not do my housework, was nervous 7 and .could n o t l i o X down at night I took t r e a t m e n t s from a physician but they didnothelpme. ly Aunt r e c o m 'mended Lydia E. P i n k h a m ' s Vege- 'table Compound. I | tried it and now I am strong and well again and do my own work and * I g i v e .. Lydia E. Pinkham's V e g e t a b l e Compound the credit." --Mrs. JOSEPHINE KIMBLE, -935 West Race St., Portland, Ind. Thousands of American women give this famous root and herb remedy the credit for health restored as did Mrs. Kimble. --Forhelpful suggestions; in regard to such ailments womeivare asked to write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result of its long experience is at your service. For Skin Soreness of infanta and children you can find nothing that heals like Sykes Comfort Powder Leading physicians and nurses have used and enJoraed it for more/than 25 yean. £Sc at".the Vlnol and other drug stores The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mass. »^ ffltoncru/ 8it«v rated ly Grutlle, not kf $5 bill but a $1,000 bill and re- 'ceived In change $099.20 all In bright money, which by the contract I should .hfiYe been required to turn over to Mrs. Eilltops. Why, I have seen the time .when h«nuiny ove^ that amount of money in ihat way would h a v e j cramped me quite some. "But never have I failed to band over nil bright coins, year after year continuously, until yesterday, when ;tbnt something unexpected happened ·when Mrs. Hilltops srJd to me: | ptomai '·.'Ezra, no more 6r!ght money. I ' tf'ee»t .hare always been glad to get !t for | J,* 1 ^"^ ,the sentiment of It and for the tise I | .Mi-o-na stomach tablets are s-ohi by could ffiRke Of tt, but you need tlie ' tlruprRl.Ms 'everywhere and by A. A. ^juoney more now and from now-on you | Clarke ^rho .guarantees them.--Adv. _ : . keep it r.rlfl use it as you would any 1 ' other money and I will deny iuy9elf . Dun^JaT. ' that iniury. No more -bright mbney, ! . j Kzra ; from now until the end o£ the j . DL -; B AK. Feb. 28.-The V. E. C. o r ! W "." f1a ^ rrt «* n ., - f ,, , , , J . :Uie Dunbar high school met !n room I on^acil it certainly was but , at 2 p M Wednesday afternoon. I Ethel Moycr. Eva Tressler, Pauline Groff, Sara Jacobs^ Wilbur Warne and Gcofgetla Scott Each member of | the class wrote on the same subject, "The American !Flag." This club meets oace a week for-English w.ork tagen from late periodicals. It !s hoped the class *JU he the slrongesUin English that ever left the high school. j A free delivery system is now in effect, at McGee's cash store. For money-saving prices sec page 5 in this paper.--Adv. I Rev. M. .'I. Barker and Rev. Albert [ Anne of Uniontown , spent Tuesday 1 evening here. i J. V. Slaughter of the West Side I was a business caller here Wodnes- Tho»t Rope-FHIed Smoke*. Bill--Give sonic men rope .enough ·nd they'll-hau^ themselves. Gill--Oh, I don't think'it'a as bad as all thiu. "What do you mean by bad aa all that*" ' "Why. you've sivof me a number of thost* clears you smoke and they've mnde ni« fe^l bad, but not bad enough to hang myself." Hard to Suit* Reporter--She's hot nround the collar because .we said she was en- HOW DICKY USED HAPPY GIG'GLES'S RECIPE. O H, dear!" exclaimed Dicky one daj 1st* last spring "1 -wish mamms and Dotty would hurry homo. ] sari't play alone. ** "Tw, that 1* hardt" lauarhctl * mftrr? roles, .and Dicky's llttlo friend. Happy GlRftles hopped from the roaa bush in front of T31cky. "Oh. Happy Glgglest" «xctalm«d Djcky, "I'm BO -glad you've come, for I'm £ read fully lonesome without Dotty." ' "Thlre'a only one -way to ffst over Jon«9oraonona. you know," laughed Happy GlCfrlca. - "I know-- to ke«p hu«y, M replied Dicky, 1 ''but there't no thin jr to do. I can't play fry myself." "Well!" exclaimed Happy Giggles, "It {you can't find anything: to do Cor yourself, why not help «frno one else?" "But mamma's awny, too," laughed plchy. 1 "There's no one else to help) ·uccept oM John, and he's busy making itarden." · "There you have It!*' «n4d Happy Qlr- FTlea. "Help John, and before yoa know it the folks will b* home again. Busy hands mnke time fly." Dicky thanked Happy Gtge\es and ran over to lh« rnrdeti patch where John WRB hard t wor'ic. "John, do you think I could help you?" asked Dicky, timidly. "You certainly can!" exclaimed John. mopping his forchiad. "I've been dylns for a d ri hk and didn't want to take tho time to get it." · "I'll bring you one." cried Dicky, and when ho returned with a Email pall o! water John drank every drop. City Editor-- My boy, some women divorced.--Judge. v Dail} . j in ConneflsvH Look and Feel . Clean, Sweet and · Fresh Every Day Drink a glass of real hot water b*fof« breakfast to waih out poltont. . a business caller ( in ^onnensvllle.yesterday. | 'The teachers and "officers of the I Presbyterian church Was entertained "Wednesday evening at the home of G. W. Greenwood. ; · Lite is hot merely, t'o live, but to Hv» weH; eat well, digest well, work wclL sleep well, look' well. What a glorious condition to attain, and yet how very easjy it is it one will only adopt the morning Inside bath. Folks who are accustomed to fee] dull anit heavy when they arise, splitting headache, stuffy from a cold, foul tongue, nasty breath, acid stomach, can, instead, fef-1 as ,fvesh as r. daisy by owning the sluices of the system each - mornig. and flushing oiit the whole of iho internal poisonous stagnant matter. Everjiooe. irtmner ailing, sick or well, should, each morning, before breakfast, drink'a glass of real hot water with a teaspoonfu] of limestone jAcspuate in it to wash from the . stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels the previous day's indigestible waste, sour bile and poisonous toxins. The action^ of hot water and limestone' phosphate on en empty stomach is wonderfully invigorating."-: It cleans oiit all thes our fe.rme'n'tatioris, gases, waste and acidity and gives, one a splendid appetite for breakfast. "'Tne millions 'of people who are bothered with, constipation, bilious spells,:stomach trouble,- rheumatism; others who .haw sallow skins, blood jUsorders and sickly complexions are , Breed to get a-quarter pound of limestone phosphate .from the .drug store Trcich wilf dat iferjr little, but is sufficient to' make anyone' a pronoumced ·crutk «DL tbe subject of Intern*! s*ai- CATARRHAL BRONCHITIS BRONCHIAL ASTHMA DlMple. Harinlewt Remcdr Olre* dal^k, flnrc Mcllcfi . Many cases of font standing with s-rnptoms oC dcejj-semted throat and lung trouble have bcch cured by a few doses bf Forkola Jelly. Half a. tenapoonful of this pleasant, jelly allowed to dissolve slowly in th'e mouth quickly releases the severe muscular constriction of the Bronchial tubes and by Centering 1 every crevice of the irritated membrane opens Up the air passasea allowing the p*t)enL to expel with esuie the hard, .clogging matter that causes so much misery and distress. . Hundreds at sufferers can now lio down, breathing" easily ahd naturally and enjoy a rood nteht'd restful sleep, as a result of a few days' treatment. Get-a. small jar' today from your drag-flirt and try It tonffht on a guarantee of money back If It fails to relieve you.--Adv. Dickerson Run. Dicky Returned with th« Water. "That was fine!" he laughed, smacking-his 11 pa. "Now, If you really want-to help me you OBJI drop one or two grains df .com'into the little hole* I've rriafle, and I'11-sprlnklo In the fertilizer-then we'll fill up the holes with dirt." : "Wfiatfs the fertilizer for?" asked Dicky. "To enrich tho soil and to make the corn g^trw fdsfor," -replied John. "After 'the. holes are Ailed with dirt wo'll go tack and press .the dirt down real hard eo the rains -won't wash the grains of! 'corn out and the Wrclg carry them away.". Up on* row anfl down another they went, old John humming and whistling as he worked. Dicky following after until all the corn was jplnnted., "When mamma and 6 Dotty returned from town John and Dicky were sitting :ori the porch steps playing Jack stones. · "Finished planting- corn so soon?" 'QiOced Dicky's mamma; "Yes, indeed!" replied John, "but I'd, neter Been through If Dicky hadn't helped me." "Happy Qlggles say* If you're lonesome to firid vomethlng to do," laughed Dicky. "«o I helped John." "HflpprGMSElcs Is right, dear," mamma smiled. . "Busy hands tnako time fly,.and one who is busy never has time to grow lonesome." Then she handed Dicky a nice bcnc of. candy and they all had B. feast. : DICKERSON RUN,' Feb. 28-^Byron Leighty. truant officer ot the Diinbar townsHip public schools, was here yesterday rounding iip the truants. Mrs. J. D. Myers'and Mrs:' N. M. Lint were shopping in Coimellsville yesterday. _Jotm Ankney of Star ^Junction was a bus mess caller here yesterday. ·Max Joseph,, who has: been on the sick list for the past 10 days, is able t o b e about again, - . . ' ' , ' T. D. Schuyler was"a : CpflnelIsrille bus loess caller yesterday. ' William Galley, son of MrV and Mrs., Ewing Galley, left yesterday for Camp Lee. · . .. - Don't knock. ConnellsviUa by seu4- ine ybiir money out oC town for your job work wbea The Courier .cotnp*ny can do It here at home; I^";UK felve CONNELLSVILLE BUSINESS MAN'S STOMACH SMALLER 'VMy much" distended stomach is greatly reduced. Doctors wanted to operate and. tap my stomach but I happened to see a newspaper ad. of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and after taking 3 doses I have had no more distress or bloating and am eating things I have not dared to eat for 6 years. I am confident your medicine will cure me." _ I t . i s a simple, harmless preparation % that removes the catarrhal mucris; frpmVthe intestinal tract and allays the. Inflammation which, causes practicallr aSl.stomach, liver and intestinal .ailments, including appendicitis. One dose-will convince or money- refunded.--adv. ' Hunting Barifaln? T Ton will, find them'lnAour id. onlumna. J. R. DAVIDSON CO. | CONNELLSVILLE, PA. | New System of Merchandising to Help Reduce the High Cost of Living Prices Under the Old System, Paid for and Carried Home 1 Peck ot Potatoes -1 Box Rolled Oats -1 Can Salmon 1 Pound Coffee 1 Bottle Catsup .55 .12 .22 .25 .17 Prices Under Our "ew System, Paid for and Carried Home J Peck Potatoes -1 Box Rolled Oats _ 1 Can Salmon 1 Pound Coffee 1 Bottle Catsup Total -- $1.13 Prices tinder the Old System, Goods Delivered and Charged 1 Peck Potatoes ---3 Box Rolled Oats .-1 Can Salmon -] Pound Coffee 1 Bottle Catsup _ .12 .22 .17 TO OUR CUSTOMERS It is to the interest of our customers that a plan has been adopted which we hope will meet with the approral of our patrons to whose loyalty and good will of the past we acknowledge our appreciation. To those who have dealt with us since we started in business, and to those who more recently have favored us with their patronage, we ask co-operation in this campaign which we believe will result in good to all our patrons. x The government is not only requesting but demanding that the prices of food commodities be kept down to the lowest possible margin of profit and in order to comply, we are compelled to change our plan'of doing business, and have decided to put our business on a strictly CASH basis. Under the new system which has been adopted the Quality of merchandise on which we have built our reputation for the past 35 years will be maintained above all, altho the prices will be greatly reduced on our goods from prices under the old way of doing business. Our plan has been carefully studied out but its introduction has been delayed until convinced that it would work no hardship but prove of advantage to all. THE NEW SYSTEM ·FIRST--Material reduction in prices. Prices will be reduced and marked in plain figures,, so the customer may see the price of every article. These prices will be net cash at our store. SECOND--We Deliver. Our delivery system will be maintained just as efficient and serviceable as at present, but will carry the small charge of 5c for each delivery regardless of the size or cost of same. The new system will give to all customers the opportunity of saving the expense of this service if they prefer, inasmuch as it will be to their financial interest to do so. THIRD--We Extend Credit. Our credit system is one of the big features of our business, and it is our intention to continue the extension of credit, but all accounts must be paid in full semi-monthly or monthly. Positively no accounts carried over 30 days, and for this service we will charge the small sum of one cent on every dollar or part thereof. This New System Goes Into Effect FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1918. New System Explained. In explanation of this new system of merchandising, and to avoid misunderstandings, we quote a few of the new comparative prices to show where savings are effected. You Are Invited to Call at the Store. If Any Further Information is Desired it Will Be Most Cheerfully Given. -J1.20 Total . - _J1.31- Priccs Under Our "ei¥ System, Goods Delivered and Charged 1 Peck Potatoes .45 ] Boi Rolled Oats ] Can 1 Pound Coffee 1 Bottle Catsup Total Delivery -Charging Total . -Please note the above examples carefully. This plan not s only saves money for the customer coming to the store and carrying the goods home, but it also saves money to the customer desiring the goods delivered and charged as heretofore. Yon will note from the above example that the purchase could be increased to ?2 without carrying any additional cost of charge under this system. Please remember that the above is an illustration. Corresponding reduc- tjone are in force throughout the store and will apply to all purchases. Haviog a Purpose A purpose for -which to save--that is the reason -why many thrifty people accumulate much money. Decide right now ori some good purpose, and choose the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your depository. Your account is invited. i% Interest Paid on Sayings Accounts. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. West Side Department Store Smutz Building "The Neighborhood Store" West Crawford A?e. at Sixth St. ConnellsviUe Tour Wollar Buys More Here Than Elsewhere, and Yom'ie Sure of 100 Cents of Value, "We have confidence in the future of the West Side and for this reason we started our business here. We are in business to stay and become YOUR home store. Our whole life work, our whole aim and ambition is to grow np with .the West Side and succeed by deserving your patronage. Our.prices are right, much lower than elsewhere, as you can easily prove by shopping here. The week end specials are "taking hold" and making new friends and customers. This week's Specials should appeal to you. They will save you money. Remember, too, your children can shop here "safely" just as'Well as yourself. Come! JTB1V SPRING SUITS Offering the best Suits obtainable. . Al! the new shades. For Friday and Saturday (PI O Kfl Special tpl.-6.UU KBITS DRESS SHIRTS Xew Spring styles, $1.50 values at . ·,, XT2TF, SPRING COATS AH the leading P-| ff fUY shades at {JLU.UU SETT SPSnrG SKIRTS In Silks and Poplins. Special for Friday . . and Saturday JtE-TS ASD TOinre JCEJTS STJTTS Latest styles, valued up to $25.00, Special for Friday fl»-| {T (\f* and Saturday ipJ.D.UU JCE3P9 The newest shades, · d*" $2:50 and $3', at ,«P HATS Ask For Green Trading Stamps Eyery Time Yon Spend a Dime. :::-"-:* TRANSFER LI.NF- Ju MOTOR TRUCK ··) WAGOIVS. MOVING ADD SOMETHING TO THE NATION'S RESOURCES You can do it and at the same time add to your own savings-By buying Thrift Stamps By buying Liberty Bonds By opening a Savings Account By paying,your bills by cbeck No matter what method you select the facilities of ibis bank are at your service. Small checking accounts arc ivel- come. Liberal Interest on Savings. i The Bank that Does Tilings for ton .,,, Capital »ud Surplns $300.000. A"! not the cheap kind but the good kind done here. BACK THE BOYS AT THE FRONT WITH YOUR DOLLARS - ; SAVE SAVE SAVE 1 In these war times economy .should te the ' ·watchword of every person. Save aru? invest in your Country's securities. Buy Liberty. Bonds and buy War Savings Stamps. Come to us and ·we will help you. Yough Trust Company CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Capital and-Surplus $250,000.00 Resources $1,500,000.00 J. B. KURTZ, ;* NOTARY PUBLiC £ · AND REAL ESTATE; \ No. 4 South Meado* Lwi* £?, Cannallivltla Pa. C « ' iooocoooocoooeraoooexx^oooon Classified Advertisements ic a Word.

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