The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE- SIX. ·fHE DAILY COUKIER. CONNBLLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 1, J.91S, SUFFERED 20 YEARS NOW FINDS RELIEF Tried Remedy After Remedy Without Avail Until Master Medicine Brought Relief. "Tanlac has done more for me than anytMug I ever used, and I have tried everything during'the twenty years I suffered," says-Emanuel G. Elchedck.. foreman 'lit Snlall's ^FIou/ '" Feed- 'Warehouse, "Yorir Pa. "t bad stomach. bo~\rel and nervous trouble," he coaticued. "I had no appetite and sot no good ont of my food. This down until my health ·»as-s.o weakened that I-was attjcked by neuralgia and oh! the agony 1 suffered :froin'^thoee darting, burning' pains thatTwouia 'shoot ·'through, every nerve in my. body. '.S« got", through, the day. "I tried remedy after remedy; I Cuess -I tried, about everything that held out the slightest hope of relief, -but none ~of them did me a particle of · good. I was .desperate--I fett that I could not much 1 longer.- One day I .read about. Taulac. . 1 said to myself--rve'ifiea' alT the' othersT'so' I'll see if ttus^Vill help'me""""'"".'"" : ''And it-did!- It helped me from the* very first. I-felt-better and-Setter with each dose-until today I iardlr know myself. · ·· ·· "1 am going to stick to TanJac"for already those neuralgic pains hare left me. My stomach is in such fine con- ddtion that. J. can-eat Anything and.. I feet well aid.-vigoroui.all ov«r," . Tanlac. the ilaaiter Medicine^ is nore sold here by "C6hnell»ville Drug" Co." Tanlac can also be secured in Dun- liar at D. ,C. Bason's Drug Store^adv. Jftitm Ton Wm»I Advertise In onr Classified Column. SOME REALLY NEED THEM. On Johnny's first (lay of school he .·was Riven a reglstratioii,sl!p, on wliich "mother was to write his birth record. The following day he came tardy and without the registration slip. His teacher said: "Johnny, you must bring an ex- cose for being tardy, and don't forget the slip 'about when you were born.". ' j . V. All out'of breath, neit day, Johnny rushed in. holding 1 out n note from mother.. ... - "Teacher," he gasped. "I brought nljout being tardy, but I forgot my excuse for being "born."- the APPROPRIATE. ....Special Writer--I hare an article on the Mud of mirk the farmers give the summer boarders. TSditor--Oh! condense It ' Lonely Eminence. "Did you ever try to uplift drama T , * "Yes," replied , Mr. Stormington B'ornes.. "I uplifted the dramn to my entire -satisfaction. But the public was so well satisfied with my attainments thrtf people didn't feel It necessary to come around and supervise my demonstrations." The Perfect rood. "There are flve classes of food--proteins, carbohydrates, fnts, minerals and water." "You get 'em all la hash." Bentnt ·*! hope you felt like a better man otter hearing my speech." "I did." I needed Just that two hours' sleep." Lucky Indeed. "Did you have any lack in your stock market speculations?" "Yes, indeed. I escaped with part of my money." Good Reason. Wife--.This article says that the ball li the oldest toy In the world. Husband--Yes, and a buldhend most be the oldest joke In the world. Are the Final Days of the CLOSING OUT SALE Don't miss these last days, of our' Great --it U your real opportunity for savings and there is juit enough L«oharid Stock to permit a few more/days' selling. :"" / . . . ETKRTTHIXe FOfi EVERY BOOM. !4 to l /-2 OFF LEONARD PRICES 15*158 W. Crawford C l e a r a n c e Winter A l l $3.50 Waists, $1.89. Georgette Crepe in all colors and styles, sizes to fit all.. Special for Final Clearance $1 Corsets 59c Good quality Corsets, Special for . ~~_ .. ,,. 59c Children's Dresses and Aprons 65c value for 39c $1.25 Bungalow Aprons 9c 85c Children's Rompers 59c 35c Corset Covers 19c Shoe Specials $5.00 Ladies' Shoes $3.95. 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Your Choice for IE T 'S WATS $2.50 values .'. $1.69 $3.00 values $1.98 $3.50 values ,, $2.29 $4.00 values $2.79 51.00 values _.,, $1.50 values . 69c 9Sc All colors, ?1.50» values, Special 9Sc. Good ·wearing qualities, regular $3.00 value, all sizes, last call $1.79 Men's Percale and Madras Dress Shirts. All sizes. .$1.50 value. Last Call HEX'S CAPS 75c value $1.00 value 79c DAY OF NATIVITY UNKNOWN Bridge" "Connellsyine. g Worid Has Only Tradition to Rely Upon ai to Date of the Birth of Chrirt. The tmdltionn] 25th of December as the ditto of the hirth of the Savior 1ms no historical authority beyond the fourth century, when the Christmas festival was introduced first In Borne (A. D 300), on the bnals of several Eo- nnn feiUvifls (tho Saturnalia, Slgil- laria, Jnvenalin, Brumalla, or Dies natnlis Invlcti Soils), which were held la the latter, part of December, In commemoration of the golden, age of liberty and-equality, and in honor of the sun, who In the winter solstice is, as It were, bora anew, and begins his conquering march. The only indication of i the season oC Christ's birth is the fact | tlmt the shepherds were watching j thoir flocks in the Bold nt the time '(Luke 11:8), and this fact points to any other season rather than winter, and is, therefore, not favorable to the traditional dote. Besides, the ancient tradition is of no account here, as it varied down to the fourth century. Clement of Alexandria relates that some regarded the 25th, Pachon (i. e., May 20), others the 24th or 25th, Phar- mnthi (April 19 or 20), as the day of Nativity. As to modern research, the only point on which divines generally, agree is that Christ was not born on Christmas, day, while numerous learned authorities put the birth on almost every date o£ the year. far less patient when peace returns. More food, not less, will be required In peace.--The .New Bepubllc. I Food--After the War. "Whatever other blessings pence may bring it will not bring Instant relief to the masfles who are now distressed by food shortage and its natural consequence, high prices. There will be as many moutha to feed when the armies are demobilized as there ore now. It Is true that the fare of the soldiers in most European countries Is more liberal than that of the civil population, but no statesman will take comfort in the prospect of masses of disbanded soldiers reduced to the level of civil undernourishment. And besides the dvll popnlations tlmt are now enduring semi-starvation uncomplainingly, recognizing thut no relief can be expected while the energies of their government are engrossed by war, will be Patch Skull With Patient's Own Ribs, The replacing of destroyed portions of sknll with layers of curtilage taken from the patient's own ribs Is one of the latest methods of healing war injuries. H. Warren Woodroffe, snr- ceon of the Ulster Volunteer hospital in France, describes the method which has been successfully tried on a number of severely wounded men- Cutting down to the ribs parallel to the breast bone, the surgeon slices off thin layers of the cartilage which attaches the bony ribs to the breast bone. These are held in the gap caused by the destruction of the skull after the scalp has been turned back. The scalp is then stitched back in place. Within a few weeks, instead of having no protection to the underlying brain, n hard layer of cartilage, ton though slightly elastic, is formed. 'As to Remarkable Longevity. TVe have all read of Thomas Parr, who lived to be one hundred and flEty- two. Likewise of the countess of Desmond, one hundred and forty-five; Margaret Patten, one hundred and thirty-seven; Thomas Damaie, one hundred and sixty-four; John Kovin, one hundred and seventy-two; and Peter Torton, who reached the age of one hundred and elghty-flve. But those cases of extraordinary longevity lack proof. In the days when those persons lived no accurate chronological records were kept, and dotes of occurrences were usually fixed by associating them in memory with other .events believed to have happened about the samo time. A man's Identity wus liable to be confused with that of n grandfather nf the same name. , Nowadays nobody lives to any such ages. Why Imagine that the extreme limits of longes-ity liave shrunk within the last two or three centuries? Case 172-- School teacher; RMldtnc(-KM- tiieky; sevons operation: loft her weak anae- mic.. nervous; low vitality. Phynlcian rocom- my mended Blo-fsrcn. Two wesks' treatment; Ebowed rena--l£abie Improvement. Doctor reported, "Bio-ferun hud done wonders for bet" Ajiothor case-- Pcnnjylviuilan. reports: "I have taken about one-hatt of tie Bfo-ferea pcjletjs and must confess that 1 feel like new." A K.ntucllan woman BO.VH: "1 have taten Blo-feren retrularl;- and fee much benefited. J can use ray arm« much better. However can not sec my hand, to my head mtfficisntly to comb my hoJr. but I feel tbat I will soon b« able to do that." You want the vigorous health and ruddy beauty that Is dependent on Btrensth, nerves and red blood. Everybody does. Head those reports above- acaln. You, too. If you are draes-ed down In health and su-enjrth because ot overwork, worry, nerves, and similar causes can rebuild your health and Ktrentth with Blo-Jercn. I t is not a stimulant. It to a. builder-- * builder ol Blo-feren contnlna some of the best Ineredlents known to the medical rv^ioS," -JS ln . dicatcd ' or "·* treatment of run-down conditions TM u e w KfcTF ?' H- °' anac TM la . melancholia, nervous debility, debility following ' Infectious diseases, convalescence from acute fevers etc. iuuuwina .[hero is no secret nor mystery about Blo-feren. Even* packsjrc ahowi ^ "' « ^ BE, ISB. Good Night. Mistress--So you are leaving to be married, Nora? Nora--Yes, ma'am; an 1 I'll be leaving now. Mistress--Well, I hope you are g:ct- tlBR n good husband. Nora--If he itin'c any better thnn the one you've got I'll be back. A Slight Error. Kind Lady--Uow Is this? You say you are deaf and dumb and yuur sign says you »re lilfud. HegKit r-- I'an'lon in P. m:t dn in. M? vnlet nmstn Imnp do wronjc si'^i on me this mornln'." Intellectual How often wi» invos Until sit l»5t we s O;!r grnmmr ctin't Thero oin't no jux Desperation. dly voyr. J»o kept it! pfr uor. unyhow! FLINTS HACXQ'G ST STOttAGE. Motor Truck Service To All Parts of Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTE PHONES. t] ^Jl-J-l' 110110 U« it).] to's dty»! """" K ' 7 5 -; I Want Ads. Ic a Word. I THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO., CINCINNATI, 0. ~ J PETET BEOf--TtiJSt Be T»t«"liror(. to Bv C. A. VOIGHT --^ES- IT . SODICE AND A TIGHT SATIW SKIRT \WITM TUNIC OP FtCSH CbtOftCD TL)LLT£. AMCEL Sleeves ,. ,oo,i?EuWor»ie "flfna NOOU ^ETtf :* J .-- OH Nes-rrs A SIMPLE "n-te SHoovoeiz. STKAXPS ARE. OF BRiLMArrrs Awt IT HA« A COTE 'UTTUE tOVJCU OF KO 6C S Cftj OV4E S IDS OC4WT TO iEE VIBVU \T'S

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