The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 33
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 33

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 33
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i'wiiMm Z t. L'i ii r - ' ii S tion which he (hied from in I The government' fiscal posl- tion hat improved considerably C with tbe Tis- In Us revenues. : h should have Improved tut- E ficiently to ' risk t reduction . without sriously risking an in- S creased deficit. He'll have, mi J well, better tactical reasons to i 5 MONDAY. AUGUST 17. 1M4 Case for Looking It's not too mm M uk II Mr. Cordon will Introduce into hit next budget the general ductlon in the rates of rte and personal Income taaa- tupport It. - The economy, lor all IU pres- ant vigor, could very wall- do with the fresh momentum that a reduction would impart to it about this time next year. , Mr. Cordon's Stated reasons for. shying from a tax cut last year had the appearance of being after the tact - There was, for example, the . persistence of the budget deficit which the Liberals bad corn- is mltted themselves to redi r In that stHI beady first year m office, nothing .continued to be mora sacred than the promisee made , from the election plat- form.' " i - i . . Mr. Cordon argued, too, that the deficit was tantamount to tak reduction, that the economy bad bad. the comparable benefits all jtong. In any event. Canadian rates compared favor ably with Americas rates even after the reduction in the (at let- ( V ';-'V.--vJ ' RtAl REASONS .'' '?- His further argument against , a general reduction that It ; would tend to -confer . disproportionate benefits upon foreign-owned industry was more ' suggestive of his. Teal reasons for avoiding It. - The discrimination' against foreign investment apparent in bis; first budget can be offered as supporting evidence for this ' ' view. His attitude towards - sign Investment and bis pre-dllection for the stick s-and-car-rots approach left very .little room to entertain the advantages of a general cut. , It . was argued : in these . columns at that time Mr. Gordon had taken the, proper ourse - for the Improper reasons. It is In line with this thlnk- mg that the advantages of a general reduction are now vsncea. ine economy last year was responding to push of devaluation and the strengthening putt of Mr. Gordon'! incentives. A general tax reduction, at that- time, would have b : overdoing it; far better to wait ' until the Initial Impetus ' was spent and Introduce the reduc-' tion when . its effectiveness would be more pronounced. 4 ine pace or tne economy nas steadied after the acceleration through the Spring. It should accelerate again this Fall in re- fronsv so wmn hih, wimvr building and the high level of f capital mvestment.' - GORiEN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. COREN . ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUI . 0.1-As South you hold: aJ4l9KII0T4kQTI Your partner open with en pads. What i your response? A. Tw TkSs kaa Is SWT's salt, wktok krlas M tartly wilkla Um Ussiu a a atatla raisa. O. t-A SouuTyou hold: ' A1CKM4 CKtteXlltltl The bidding has proceeded: West North . East Beeth . Pass . Paset Pass- I, pass 1? ' :- Pas f J , What do you bid sow? ' - i-VM aut a siicKiir " PMihu) M la Um fwrtk ssat aa. kavlns aesaaate Heart wsvari. ahaaie swm at tkl mHM.. Sum actMT filM ta JaiaK H smsm safe t assaiaa skat itm j aw at the o. s-A South yea bold: AAJIAII4t)i.MII The bidding bat proceeded Merth East . Saelh , West 1 Pass . 10 f Pes INT Pas t, What do TM bid now e-Tkrae ae tm Tke swiala In. -teal ae us la a tlsat. Parlaw baa a- ami SS slau wklck ntk ar U tatal kiat II. KroMi tka aaalvalMt Mak tar vakm, yaa atlsM kava eata sanafss la auka a alaas try. Q. -A South you bold: AQCAJtoqjilll The bidding ha proceeded: West .North East Soeth Pan tO DeeM 1C Past) Pass t What do you bid now? A-Oae aa-tnait. WkUa saa hsva a eatlaMtarr kaMlas wnk 'klefc la affar fHmt a raua, tkara wlU ka apurtaaMir tar lhal aetwa later aa skaal Ika earUaa liim . aawisMltlva. But stiwa Ikna aa . . tram aware raw kaat aes far a SMna eanirart aa tanaMOIata affati ahaaM aa auat la tall earuar IS( yaw kaa la srlmaHIr a kaUaea eaw wita satrv atatiaiaa vsiaia, ; o. I A BouuT yo bold: JeKJtlll9IOKtaKni Tax Cur Stronger 1 By next budget time, though. something of ' these , and the other sustaining forces la toe economy wlH have been spent and must be renewed If that accelerated pace is to be main tained. A general tax reduction. possibly linked whb tax reform, would appear the best prescrip tion, lis vaius,- inuvgn,. man depend largely apon the cor rectnass of its timing.. ' My. Gordon might, for example, Introduce an early bud get with tax reduction becom ing - affective at mid-year or even later. " ? He might, alternatively, mlro-duce late budget with the re duction -Immediately effective The choice would depend apon doaer readings of the 'acc my's position than cat) now be The manner in which the em phasis Is divided between corporate rand personal taxation would also have to be deter mined later and fust possibly by the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Taxation. INCENTIVES TQ BE v I AVOIDED i'.-zi Another round of tax incen tives, if Mr. Cordon Is still per- of their usefulness. should be Introduced only after the first requirement of a gen eral tax reduction hat been met - and then with caution. In deed, it would be mora to the point If the process of undoing them, as' with the withholding tax on dividends i of ' foreign-owned companies, or revising them, as' with those Incentives to locating In designated areas. were hastened. Tnelr disadvan tages by now are unmistakable. Take, as an instance., the Winter building bonus. Its Introduction brought Important new pro duction into being well In "advance of what otherwise could nave been expected. Since then, however, tt hat ceased to be an Incentive; it has become instead a requirement of main-taming that level. t If Mr. Gordon Is to avoid end less subsidization of particular' components of the economy, be really has no choice but to over take existing Incentives with a tax cut.. U of O Gets $2,500 Library Grant V ;The Jtfnlyersityof Ottawa has received a S2.S00 grant from the Canada Council to build tip specialized library collection in mediaeval studies. The university has agreed to match the Council's grant which provides for books and documents . that are rare or unusually expensive. .Journal Want Ads bring quick results. West:.. - North. ? East. Pss , 10 : 19 I t Whet do you bid now? ' lU-nw anew, u raa kM kul tana, aarlaae' wttk saaw weak aaaaa kaMiaf auv ke lirnS ta saal. sMUtjr ta kSS fratlr fear. saaaa saata a taasaaakla aaasrlsk aa rear saa seal ta sw . -As South yea hold: ' . AA0.IOAQ1 OJIttaAll Your right band opponent s pen with one dUsnond. What , de you bid?- ; .v j aV-Deakle. Tka earldaa Is tloaa j katwaaa tka IsSssat aawMa aa aa vanaU af aaa aa Iraai. . Tka tawae ta tka aw tka lattae far a rM aa tka aeat raaa. wa wlafc ta Stasia Hnl ta afftr aanatr aa la-euiitanat la M la Ma SHJars U ka kas aatrMes knatk. . . 0. t A South you held aMIlAOAKQIt aA9tlt The brddlnf bal West North .' East Pas Pes IV Pass 1 ,' Pass,,, .: - Whet de yet bid aowt . ' S To ktarla." TkM kaad vary . terlr BMatarta aa w Ikt raaura-eata rar aa kaaweitia-cua ate, a ' U WkWk arakaMr 'wavl kava kata rkataa kt Ik ka eaMUat aaatatr aaaat. strwM ania la-tktrarar rx '. H aaru . ear Ik4aa epam ra star r ' kka. H ka kaa a awaaaanr tauwr aaH k wui a bMtwt ta ahaw It aa. If k Mat aa traaa, raa at 0. -A South you bold: " diJItlltt CMOOHlaVKt The btddlaf ha proceeded: North Esst ,. feata West la Pats INT 'Pas . 10 " .Pee-' t- ' What do yen bid new? ' , STkr ataaas Tklkakwa i'rlM la ktla a aHlv rataaata taHlaiur aaa taattiaias ata aa aa aaw sa aarract tka awtalKe IMrma tkat kas ktta artttt. kwias tka apaaa aaH la Jatl tha dm aua. If sartatr rtlan ami a aaa aeat akw tka klaa af tf ata rteM la fear elate ktta carat la kit ealte are , elaaa. rear f taiaetl M smm r a cats Sftaaa a raw . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL- .... ) .. Osa l Tr.i- T:1 A 7 i GONE FISHING sMssluck is expected to visit Europe and probably the Soviet delegation at the UN General 'i - r-vr ... . I'iA - More than 300 children joined a "small . fry" fishing tournament Sunday at Petrie. Island In the Ottawa River.- Patiently waiting for that. big strike are (left to right),' David1 McConnack. eight, his brother, Robert, nine.' and Eugene Benoit, president of Eastview's 800 Fish and Came Club, which sponsored the derby. i Journal nut by Donuatoa Wide) r ' " VISITS MOSCOW ' - . Ian Foreign Secretary Paul I IASEUNE ROAD AND W00DR0FFE AVL. QUEENS WAY EAST AT BLAIR ROAD v : ' , r- - i"1 '. . tM b i7j;o list? Tl4cSE LtilJL., AUTO SERVICE SPECIALS mm RUKEHT SPECIAL HEJUTS WHAT WE VX j cornet utr mni .aB-tkaut . V 1ST aVaaa-I "-TJT . M adjust toe-la and 't ..toe-out, a "t - , ) adjust front wheel bssrlngs j . . V ' '" ' adjust forshM bar a Chryslar producU ' complect safety pan bnpectiost ' . i - , Phone for brake ar frent-eM appoinunant V - Baadiae m-M0, Queesstway 74-437 A; DnAllE SEOl'ICE SPECIAL w t ej r sm V .1 I l A Install bonded nning e sjompsstery aaiust orajwa ta secure nut oawo . Repack front wheel bearings Check drums tor Inteaest " Check afl brake Una Ctuvrante ottr brake SHOCK I V. NO DOWN PAYMENT! USE YOUR FREIMAN U TEE mm-' (nit i. m SUPER-STRENGTH LiJ U POUND FOR TIIIK GjARTEED BY FREIMAN 'S AGAINST SUPER STRENGTH - .. X ls 1 Ja- I M mm au'fouk wheels y, (For Most Cars) . , - HERE'S WHAT V- WE DO: ,-. , - ' ' ' ' e -an four vrheeai , i-.' and cylinder Job for M0 miles ADSOItDEliS IA0I , OrigtiMl equipment ' t y p t, double action for comfort and nnfety with better tire mlleate. Fully guaranteed pin .type, ...'..:. .-:' ' . I-) , (.- Assembly opening hi New' York! in November. No. Australian. foreign' secrerary in t'office baa ever visited Russia. in? mm 1- -r-r ,- ''.---s'""j mm NOT ECONOMY GRADE tipfc -v " I -w -"r-r FULi?i4lAoH fiDAUTT 6SAM IRQ FOK I K3 TRACE l REQUIRED SimimmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmnmKM! M i U ........ 2 v 13.48 SMi)lL..-.2k 13.48 $MilsL....-2l"17.48 47pti:..i,2i&i48 750.14.:..: 2 hr 19.48 150 Vt4 2 hr 21.48 SJaaraatee lararaar asalaat Ul raaa katar. laela-1 ta .teae krahas, krakra s"e, paactaret, klawaaU. aiatwalk trraalaa aa nas rata. aaraatt tataraaa aeataat tts fcs trarksMMkip i f tke are a the Ura trta. Oaaiaal latBTaawa tar eaetBlets eattetatr saUafae-' Uaa. Blaramt naar. ktta a Ika rageta rttan artra. lata trae-la, aaa rata ar.r latart pat volt, 'Small Fry' Contest, Big Success People of all axes loined in the fun Sunday at the "small fry' fishing tournament held by Easttvew's Wt Fish and Came Club at ' Petrie . Island in the Ottawa River. . The competition was open to boys and girls under It. but their parents had as much fun try:ng their luck with a fishing rod, or helping organize foot races and swimming events. The club presented a trophy for the largest fish caught that Films on India Mark Nation's Anniversary The Canada India Associa tion observed the 17th anni versary of India's independence Saturday night with e series of films on India st the National Museum. v ". Five films, released by the Indian government.' covered In dia's long history, its geography. industries, handicrafts and way of life.- Among the films-was en account of Mrs. Jacquel ne Ken nedy's, visit to India in IM1. .The Canada !- India Association bring together persons from India now in Ottawa. the India Students' Association will sponsor the film "Go-Daan" at Ottawa University , Medical Auditorium next Wednesday, OPEN 10 kM. TO 1 0 UM e flit oatai m t aid raaa? m iw POUND - STRONGER THAN STEELE ; BUT I. II black tub , I I S c guarantee. Installed free. Fishing day to Don' Lachance, M, 'of i . . ... Eastview. for his one pound. It ounce catch. Another trophy forthe' Jargest number of fish caught went to I year old Denis Vachon.aio Orleans, when the boy hauled in M fish at the outing, Eugene Benoit. club president. ssid the tournament en annual event. The club was formed in May, and at present hasJ7J members. Ottawa'Men Injured In 'Copter Crash Two Ottawa ' men are in good condition today after they narrowly escaped death or Venous injury in a helicopter crash on the side of a mountain in heart of Vermont's ski country. Norman Birkler, of 157' Pal- sen Street, and Brian McGarvey. of IM General Avenue, were trying to implant a utility pole when the aircraft plunged 40 feet and crashed near, Waits-field. Vt. . The men. employees of Dominion Helicopter Services, wer taken to a hospital in nearby Montpellerr Birkler suffered hesd cuts and McGarvey teg in-Jury. Cause of the accident is under investigation. . ; fM. DAILY SATURDAY CHARGA - PLATE Leu m ' -"- 1 .: : ' '. . , ALL ROAD HAZARDS : : maQJ3MUa!dattlMfl, NO TRADE-IN . REQUIRLO Wkr atttM far aaa-1., . aaantr iraea arw tlrn i OM LOW Mllf;li;VH . sua to ni nas cuts Bukk ... Edsel .; ' CadiUse ' -.' -Falcon ' . Chevrolet ' ':; 'f r" X "' ,, Volkswagen T Mudsoa -: "' " Chrysler . , Mercsirjr ' ; Comet Nnsbyt 'V . Corvsir , J -' tMdamobO . ; De Soto - Packard ' Dodge : ' -. Plymouth . . Panda . - C sUaibter Valiant ' Stndebaker AND MOST rOBRION MOOtt. ll- rrtcta UUrk Taaa-Tra . takrlaat aa WkUwu SUilHljr. INLAND , BATTERY - J EXCHANGE 6.3$ Economy prietd .. for boat or car. t . noun 1, 12-ntonth y The biddlni ha proceeded: 7, 4. saaakla taartaaia. Claims1 Terrorist Landings KUALA lUMPUR (Reuters)-The Mslaysian government today announced the landing of M to 41 -Indonesian terrorists" on the west coast of south Mi- lava. It proclaimed the mobili zation of its territorial army in response. ' Deputy Premier Tun Abdul RazaX said that by noon today 13 members of the landing force had been taken prisoner,, -They included , members of the Indonesian navy 'and Malaysian citisens, both Malay and Chinese. One- Malaysian serv iceman had been wounded, be In a speech in Jakarta. Indo nesia, today. President Sukarno reaffirmed, bis country's determination to crush the Malaysian federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and- Sabah (North Borneo). la Singapore, a British forces spokesman said ne British forces were involved 'in today's operation. , J'i CAIRO (AP) Eleven Arab states . have, signed an' agreement for co-ordination, of Arab radio propaganda. They are the United Arab Republic.: Jordan. Syria, Libya, Sudan. Tunisia, Algeria. Lebanon. Iraq, Yemen 'and Kuwait. m . -r..." 9 M kM. TO 10 P.m... , m rvt f--, . Vab mrW-m a 1 ROtATION ANY SIZE 6.88 IE! pi 0) fm m i J y7! t gggStejaTaTaVaSJgajBB IK I lr . I FREE TIRE fill mm A ' Sles to fit all Cher.; Pontine, Dotfsre. Plymouth. Ford. Meteor. Mngle exhaurt. Fully guaranteed.' - Installed free In 15 minutes, i Replace that .. worn out muffler now with our quality line' . at this low price. ....... V y.'- , , : , t ; ' .!

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