The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1918
Page 5
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, MARCH 1,' 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, L J A- PAGE FIVE. OVERLOADED COAL CARS ARE CAUSE OF DELAYINMOVEMENT Hundreds oi CMS Being Held in Tarts Uatil loads Can Be Itednced. ENDANGERS HUMAN LIFE H« Less Tfcu Cripples Freight Scr- Tiee; XnibM* CmMeriig Cittiig Off Car Soply to Tk»»e Shippers Wi» 1'ersj.t r* tW Bad Practice. Victor Records for March Railroad men declare that overloading is one of tet cause.', of delay in prompt movement oC cars. TbM has became so ^seriO1ls that the railroads arc considering the adoption of stringent rules tp check tie practice. Statistics ol 43 cars in one yard show that these cars had excess lading ranging all the way from 3,000 to 2-1,200 pounds. All the cars are being held tor lightening, either by the railroad or for return to the mines it the j shippers elect to accept the latter coarse and do their own reducing after paying the road for getting the cars back to the initial point. An overload of 10 per cent beyond the stenciled capacity oC a car is permitted, bat that above, vralws the excess is so slight as to be negligible, paring down most be done. The overloading practice became especially serious when cars became scarce. Shippers, "when they receive a car on their sidetracks load all in HI that it could pocsibly contain and trusted to luck to get the car through. With a shortage of coal cars came the use o£ bo* cars for the transportation of coal. The temptation to overload these was too great to be resisted, railroad, men say. ' The car noted as having an overload oi more than 34,000 pounds was described as a^60,000-pound capacity box car belonging to a foreign road. The shipper loaded the car to the roof ^with coal and then billed it out. The' car stood up under the burden long enough to teach a scale track. When it was run on the scales the eyes of the scale cleric bulged as he recorded the weight The car was promptly sidetracked and the shipper was notified. Danger to rolling stock is not the Daly question involed. the coal freight agent pomted out. as there is the added danger to human life from wrecks due to breakdowns in transit. Bailing sides and broken iixles under overloaded coal cars are by no means uncommon, railroad men say, and nothing is more dreaded in a moving freight train than a broken axle. Railroad officials are considering cutting off car service from such coal concerns as deliberately overload cars placed at their disposal. There are said to be hundreds of overloaded coal »rs side-tracked in the Pittsburgh listrict. Most ot these hav« been left o the railroads for putting in shape "or transit. The railroads with a serious shortage of labor in their :laseiHcation yards, ha;e been un- iblo to keep up with this extra work ind, as a consequence, the cars with surdens too great for safe hauling are iccumulatmg. While no estimate was" made of the imount of coal prevented from reacb- ng the consumer promptly as the re- :ult of overloaded cars, the quantity s believed to run into thousands of ons. FIRE TJtCCK JDA3UGED. V.tle ou Truck. Xo. 1 Broken 1»U1!(- JusvferJai; Cnll in Soilom. · Running through, a dark section of "ork avenue vTednesday nipht in re- ponse to an alarm from the Con- ·ellsville Foundry, Machine Steel 'astings company, near Sodom, Fire 'ruck No. 1 struck a deep ^ut and he front spindle was broken off. The pindle of Truck No. 2, identically the ame, was placed on the big truck. at the shops did not cause mch damage, only window frames. burn.ns a few Henfl*rso»-I,enh»rt. Announcement has been made of no marriage of Miss Kathryn Lenart and William M. Henderson, son f Mr. and\Mrs. Ralph Henderson of ixth street, McKeesport, solemnized anuary 2 m Conneilsville. The mar,age was kept a secret up until this me. Mr, Henderson and his bride re- iraing to their work as usual. Mrs. 'enderson is a daughter of VIr and rs. O. P .Lenbart ot Pennsville and as been a stenographer for the Union witch Signal company in Swiss- lie for the past year. Mr. and Mrs. enderson are well Ttnown in Con- jllsvillc and McKeesport. HUE-QUICK MFINOK : Soothes and Relieves Like a Mustard Plaster Without the Bum or Sting Mostf rote to * dean, white ointment, jdewith the oflo( mustard. It does all ie -work of the old-fashiooed mustard aster--does it better and does cot Hit- 'r. You do not bare to bother with « oth. Yoa amply rob it oo--and usually j: pain is gone! Many doctors and ntnwt me Mncter- e «nd recommend it to their ratifntfc They win «lad]y tdl yon «nt telief it ita from Kre throat, bronchitis, croup, iS neck, asthma, neuralgia, cwceXion, ·urjey, ihernnati^ro, hunbaco, pains xl aches o the back ortoina,»pr«in». re mnKk«, trunes, chilMaimi, f mtnl ·t, aids of the chart {it often pra Dear Music Lorer: Dance enthusiasts may now enjoy the identical dance strains of the world's most palatial hotel! "May Time Waltz" is the first Victor dance by the famous Waldorf As r toria Dance Orchestra. The second, Victor Herbert's "American Serenade," is the fox trot reverse. Tou will want this new March record. No. 18432-- 75c. · There's peculiar syncopation, unexpected bell notes, and other unique effects in the Peerless Quartet's bit of rag, "Liberty Bell." It's clever; it's catchy. It will take hold. Has an excellent Shannon Four reverse, "There's a Service Flag Flying at Onr House." No. 18434--75c. "Jack O' Lantern," as recorded by the Victor Light Opera Company, is spilling over -with the delightful song hits ot this year, the year's most popular musical comedy. With the "Leave It to Jane" reverse, this record easily becomes one of the musical gems of the Victor Catalog. No. 35666--$1.25. "Homeward Bound" is an unusual thing by the Peerless Quartet--serious, but happy, cheerful vein--noting the return of the boys from "over there." Watch this song "catch on." Spencer ^ind Shannon Four reverse, "Sweet Little Buttercup." No. 18427--75c. Heifetz, the great 19-year-old vit lin marvel furnishes the spectacular feature in his remarkable "La Capricieuse." Remember, too, that Heifetv ' appears ia Pittsburgh, March llth. No. 64760--?t.OO. Drop in and hear the new March records--while they're brand new. McDonald Music Company Royal Hotel Block M NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Methodist Episcopal Standard Bearers Collect Fund for Service Banner. FINE CONCERT IS ARRANGED Scottale and ConnollsTille Talent Will Appear iu Jtnsicd K\e»t in the FrenbTterian Charch on Xeit Monday Jiveniag; Other Sews of J»T. Special Lo The Courier. SCOTTDALE. March 1.--Mrs. Margaret East, assisted by Miss Jennie Bast, entertained the Fourth Division of the Woman's Missionary Society of the United Biethren church at her home .here yesterday with a knitting party. Service Flay O'rieted. Miss Jessie Brown entertained the Standard Bearers of the Methodist Episcopal church at her home on Arthur avenue last evening. The girls spent the evening knitting. Money was taken up tor the service flag that the Standard Bearers will present to the Methodist Episcopal church. This flag has been ordered for some time, and when it arrives, there will be a gold star on it for Thomas Llewellyn, who lost his life in the torpedoing of the transport Tuscania. Sirprise Party. A very enjoyable surprise party was held at the Homestead avenue home of Mrs. J. C, Echard when a number of friends and relatives came with well filled baskets to help Mrs. Bchard celebrate her 32nd birthday. The following persons were present: Mrs. I. 5 1 . Bowser, Mrs. Kenneth Fox and two children, Mrs. S. B. Trout and two children, and Miss Carrie Stoner of Alverton; Mrs. W. R Hough of near Cunningham Bridge, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Mumaw and son Martin, and Cecil Echard of Scottdale. Qaffla Chad's FmejmL The funeral services ol Rachael Quilla, the tittle daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Quilla of Bridge street, who shot herself on Tuesday, were held yesterday. The two Italian bands and the Italian lodge accompanied the body to. St. Jotm's church. Concert ArrugeiL There will be an orchestral concert in the Presbyterian church on Monday evening at 8.30 o'clock when a silver offering will be taken. Among those who will take part in it are Miss Lorna Atwood, soprano soloist; J. Prank Hardy, director; Mrs. W. F. Alguire, Jcjn Passalacqua, F. B. Golde, Gerald Evans, Joseph E. Gambles, Joseph Sherrick, Byron Porter, land Paul Behanna, violins; E. I. Eat- McGEE'S We wish to announce to the people of our vicinity that we are taking another step farther on reducting the liiglv we are taking another step farther on reducing the high still at the old rock-bottom prices. In these days of high prices you should certainly buy at our cash store. We save yon from 15 to 25 per cent on your purchases. And now--FREE DELIVERY. Dunham's Cocoanut, 8c pack- ago, 2 for - 35c 2, ISc Cans Tomatoes - 2Sc Large 20c can Kraut, (best) 1 lc Peas, per can - 9c-13c-15c Pine grade Corn, can __-- __ 15c Large cans, Baked Beans ___ 10c-14c-17c Rincy Large Dill Pickles, doz. ___ 22c Fresh Creamery Butter, fb. aSc 6 cakes To,let and Laundry Soap --- 2»e All 7c Soaps, per cake _ 6e Cleaneasy Soap, 2 cakes -- lie Boi of 60 cakes 13.00) Sc Cleanser, per can -- 4c Magic Yeast, fresh daily _ Jc 3 Ib Sack Salt, each __ _5c Large Package Mother's ,0ats ___ 27c Five Brothers' age Tobacco, pack- 9c Pure Loose Pffpper, per Ib. 39c Brooms, special, each _ Gflc 11.00 Brooms, each - 79c Canned Mackerel, special -- IDc Small cans Salmon - 12c Rice, per package - 9c Big special on Fancy 1'eUtoen, new supply ju»t received JOe Peck $1J Biuliel Bread, fresn daily, full pound loaf 9c Satisfaotion Coffee, whole or ground »lc (Sold elsewhere at 30c package) 15c Pancake Flour, per package 2, "c Box Matches, large _llc Quaker Corn Plake. package iC Robs Snredded Wheat, package fl c lac Puffed Wheat, package 12c Large Cans Milk, (all kmds) 13e Smalt Cans illlk (a.11 kinds), 2 for 13c Large Hebe Milk, per can --lie 2 Small Cans Hello lie Syrup, per can lie Small Cans Syrup lie J6c Molasses, 2 for 12c Vanilla, per bottle Large 50c Vaailla, special . 2fl "White House Baking Powder, 1 pound can 2\c Tetlcy'a Tea, per package _9c Good Loose Tea, per pound 35c Good Loose Coffee, per pound lac High Grade Loose CoQce _31c All package coffees at cut rates. 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They are quite the most superb group of new Coats shown anyvi here Come in today and see tbpse new coats priced at $12.75, $15, $19.75, $25 and up to $39.75 Fashionable New Dresses $12.75 The most authentic Spring rarKl- els for women and misses. These would be wonderful values at a third morf\ High grade all-wool Serges, Sauns, Crepe de Chines, Georgette auJ Silk Combinations in novrlty stripes and checks- Even wanted color Other i'cw Dresses $15.00, $19.75, $25.00 up to $39.30. Beautiful Spring Hats Now Shown in Connellsville's Foremost A wonderful collection for so early in the new season--more -wonderful because each Hat bears the authoritative stamp of fashion, and it's needless to say that ''The Big Store" maintains its reputation as the leading Underselling Millinery Department in the city. ^Ve are particularly anxious that you should see these extraordioar Trimmed Hats Tlia* We Are Featurinc: afc $4.95 Thej include the smartest of the new SprSng shapes and coiormgs. Only one of a kind in. Georgette and Fruich Crepe and handsome braids. NEW HATS Of Satm, Stiaw or Georgette arc all here, showing modified poke shapes, tooues. Continentals, chic small Hats I'.at show fbe military influence in helmet crowns or % isor fronts and smart sailor models are prominent m the new millinery, ·while high crowns and flat trimmings arc dibtinginsbing features. Priced $5.50 to $12.75 terfield, viola; Howard H. cello; S. E. Coriatner, baas; Taylor, J. W. Gerhurt, oboe; J, F. Barry, saxophone; car 'station, lor ?1,1DO. Six room house, lot 50x110 teet, known as the Davis property, Fifth avenue, for J2.400. E. P. DeWitt. Scotdale, Pa.-- Adv.-- 28-3t PeruoMl. Jtrs. Lacy A. Podle is spending a few days in Pittsburs. Mrs. Hersbohel Merntt is visiting m Younswood. Miss Penrl Long of Masontown is visiting her sister, Mrs. Sobert Moran. John Lyons of Columbus, Ohio, is visiting friendn here. Perryopolis. PEKRYOPOLIS, Feb. a.-- J. W. Bunting of Dunbar was guest of I. M. J. W. Hamilton and Joseph D. Hood, flute; B. C. Burkhart and 'VT. F, Alguire, clarinets; Joseph Zaroin and William McMurrmy, cornets; I» H, Fuller and W. J. Jones, horns; R. B. ! Barkell, trombone; Vincent Bonati, j euphonium. Mrs. L, G. Hoover will I day- j be accompanist. 1 For Eight room bouse, V-a acres land, best of spring water, fruit of all kinds, an ideal home, for |3,100. four acres of Land. Havkcye street Hodgkins Tueeday. Hisses Anna Duff and Fern Carson spent Sunday with friends at Scoct- dalc E. K. sad Chads ChaUun were bus- Ines callers at TJaloatown Vednes- j Mis. Frank Stewart and Mrs. Stewart Martin were recent Connellsville shoppers. Mrs. Fisher Donham, of Star Junction, Mrs. Lydia Hair and Mrs. S X. Galley spent Thursday with relatives at Dawson. -" Patronize those who advertise, Vanderbilt. VAXDEKBILT, Feb. 28.--Walter A. Freed and son, Christian, were recent Plttsburg callers. Mrs. Ophelia Koous and Miss Elsie Edwards were shopper in Connellsville yesterday. Miss Elsie McBurney of Franklin township and Mrs. McBnrnney attended the Red Cros meeting here on Wednesday. Dick Davis Improves. Clerk o£ Court Richard Davis, of Uniontown and iSverson, is rapidly i e- Mr. and Mrs, J. D. BuUerinore were ! Lowering bis health at the home of h.b Pitbsbarg callers Tuesday. , son, Holmes, in Washington, Pa.. Mrs. Walter Hisbwk and Mrs. Ar-j where he was atrkketi two weeks thur Esans of. Star Junction were'ago. Mr Davis is now able to he guests ot town relatives and friends | downstairs and is well on the road to Tuesday. ' recovery. New Spring Blouses A noteworthy collection of beautiful new Spring Waists for every occasion--styles and colors in a variety to suit every taste. Made of Georgette, Crepe tie Chine, Satins, Pussy Willow, Voile, Lawn. Batiste and Linen, to which charm is lent by bead embroidery, drawn work, filet and Irish lace. 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