The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE,. PA. , MARCH 1, 191S. p : I " i. 1 (Emtritr. HEKRT JV'SNTDER, Youder aod Editor. 1T79-131I. m COCTUXB. COMPACT. E. at sxmEK. 7m , Buiweu Ma»«er. - JOHN L. GAJ«S. . City K41tor. 3O3B LTKNi: i'- *H«r ' oar Bur«au of Circulation, Axodaud Dailies. HOD--U ire employ our time, tal«BU ·awl energies in «nj[- other dinettaa than making certain! the achievement ot oar aims. - A cOTnurr TJUOH Th« plan whJell.tBe turners of Le- ilgji ooamtr Wm adopted, ol pooling their tods said working forces and buying tractors, as a means o( furthering an increased crop campaign dnricstbe coming season, mar well be considered by the farmers of Fayette county vrhea they assemble tomorrow for 'the annual meeting- of the Farm Bureau. ' . . -^Farming conditions in Fayette county do not differ so widely from those in Lchigrh county that the plan to be employed there could not, "with If'p»id tn advance, i certain modifications, be applied here. j We have tbc same shortage ot tann :-T*o ifiau jir copy, 'SOc' per'montli; II Per »·« b? M *eeond class matter at the Connellsville. Pa. 1918. Hoapltiil "Chit T^.U 3.-A..;Port McPh«rson, Atlsnta, Ga.. . EAI*H T. SL.1GEK. Company H^' 319th Infantry, -,.u: s. x A-.- ·' ' C«u»j ,Lee, Petersburg, .Va. labor, if anything more aGrtite than in the eastern county. "We have fanners who. are nuite a3 well equipped with farm machinery and just as able, financially, to purchane tractors. There 'is an equal-willijijiiess Jo join in a ·cooperative movement, whicli is the ·basis ot the Lehigh county,plan. For j several years the farmers of Fayette | - roa « ur c r . ^d TV. c. Armstrong, j county hare practiced a sort of com- retaxr. Five of the nine directors to be New Hvcn Lvlaen- rtnff Street Railway company deter- ·mha«a to sa^wtitute .regulation T ftjr the girder rail now In use. John Wallop and Ianel Catherine Winter; Chirloa B. Leisure arid Grace Bottonier, Connellsvtlle: Thomas H: BroTTji itnd CivHle 3. f Hawthorn, New Haven, eiope Lo Cumberland and are married. ru.Iuhael Platsco, miner employed a-t Gr^ce mine of TV. .T. RMney at lloyer is instantly killed when ho i« crushed antler a heavy slate fall while dra-ft-hiu rll^a in HIP mine. The Ccwinellm-JHe PumitiWB Carpet company is now known by Ute prttpri- etor's juvmc. I. A*ron. The TJnitea' States Kxpreas company opens offices in itorton build-ing: PHts- bursr street. r. juncn 12, inn'. Detailed .report of the Connellsvillc Cofcc trad«'for the weak endjnfr Mnrcb 7* shows 3C.500 oveos in t h e region, or which 17,XM are In blast and 1l..-iOn Idle, w^tii an r»Umated production ot 15S24 tonji. for the week agprog.i-tod Uows: to ' ft.317 cars, df*tributcd tMttsbnr;?. 2.970: to ool to points en«t -tsn an Increase of "."il cars over the previous w^ek. A Chamber of Commeroe is orsanlzeil McoWiX Tar AnotMei TT».«. Th« Aaisoelatcd Press'- !·' *K- clucivaly'. ttntkled to th« tisa Zor. r«pBb!tc»tioii ^ of aU news dispatches-credited 'to it or not othericlii: cr'adited in thli paper and ateo the local news pabllibeii hereii: --..'.". . :* " awe Jx .- W.Utt TUttESI ire will he- a certain Bieut over.;thfc. decision not to hold the {tnunity clubbing plan by joining to- j gether to .provide lafcor sufficient to jhandle each other's crops in ttirn. The j Lehigli plan is simplr reducing this to j somewhat of a system. ' Perhaps the only new feature of the Lehigh plan is the employment ot the farm 'tractor. ·.' CoraparatiTelj" speak ; ing, this implement is new to all farming sections of the east,-but its proven success and adaptability in sections farther -rest are assurances that its use on the farms of Fayette county would not be, a matter of doubt. It (would so facilitate farming operations jthat:it would..go..vory far toward solr- j i n g the farm labor problem -which Cf TO FIT j here! as elseirhere, is the one uncer- ! tain element in a scheme oE increased production. On the whole the Lehigh plan seems . merchants* exposition this year'ac formerly. Thislis a'young insitution in ConnelIsviHe.'biit one that gained' considerable popularity- aad .served many excellent'purposes during- -Its- 'comparatively brief existence, ·-Instead of abandoning the.'project! on accouUL.qf,war i conditions, could itj not be held-as^s-aaliand .turned to good account as an' aid in tlie *-ar? '.'·It designed with the end in view of educating the people to meet the 'requirements "which the existence of war are demanding, ia the matter of conservation of food stuffs, economical buying and the utilization of-" "wastes..; worthy of very careful consideration. News of th% Pftat Com- Sensed from tho Fll*» «f The Courier. FlUDAr. MARCtf S, 1SS8. 3. E. Hamilton seta 'am up to lh* boya of Frlenslitp Hose company over tho advent, of 1" 1-2 jound boJJerroaker, Paine pupchaae« the Frtem»n ·would not the exposition prove of lot in Apple street tor |70p. really greater value to the community- ppar! a "d -"ora, five and six ycsir old in war time than in peace time? Take' a * u . ffft "TM of Mr - anU irrs - J - McCor - mick celebrate cheir blrttxjay ann saries. '..- Works af the Conneilflvillc Fir^t-rick company, resume after idleness of three months. An additional kiln wtl! be built an*l improvements made throughout. New. Haven council organizes by cl«-tinj? Burgess Sloan president; "W, H. Thomas, clerk, and A. G. Fornwalt, tfeisurcr. I-Ix-president Allller treats members of tlie old council to oyster supper. - Set of chimes of three bells is placed in tower of the M. K. churcii. Miss Alice MHler will preside at the new pipe organ. . . v:.. The Pemickey is to be doubled tracked from PittFbiirpr to New HSiven dur- jing- the coming- suJirmer. Steps are heln^ laken aL Morrell to start-a co-operatire store with $2,500 capital. '. new. town .council comes to for instance the question of using wheat flour substitutes. There is an alarming lack of-informaiion'among the people generally us how best tp employ them" as the food conservation regulations have prescribed. Demonstration:* along this line ought to prove'of very decided benefit not alone to the people but to the merchants as well. ' · ' : · · - , .-!n Hks manner educational exhibits along oiher lines which^so vitally affect people in solving th"e problem of war time costs of living wohld have a verj: great .practical value. The whole exposition conld be piannod with the objects stated in view, be siven a "war setting and the proceeds distributed equally between-the Red Cross, Navy j deadlock over tbe appointment o' the League, Y. M. C. A., Knights oC Columbus, and Young Men's Hebrew Assoc-'- * ; ;m and other agencies that are providing for tne comfort, moral, spiritual and physical -welfare of the soldiers and sailors." - " With the features enumerated, and others which r could appropriately be tdded, and. for the objects named, an exposition held at this tmie would have a greater novelty, arouse more interest and appeal -to 'more /people; and perhaps be of more dfrect benefit than when held under the conditions prevailing in" previous years. .Vies commend the suggestion of making the exposition fit war times to those who have had the management oC the former expositions Jn charge. T1I.WA5 IDLE -It has become to be an almost unprofitable waste "of time to give very much, thought or attention 10 the pretended peace moves of the German statesmen-^. Whatever they may have to; say concerning; the willingness of Germany to accept any of the fnnda- menia^. pilnciples^pf "peace, as eaun- cfriet} IbJgyesident Wilson in his of America^ war .alms',.are ·o palpably insincere' that no import-'", ance can, be or should be attached to tKeir utterances. It is KtilTinore uh- pjFotable for the Allied nations to de- bi$te, at_.lons. ( range .with Count yon Hertlin?.. tiie' "imperial ChancWlpr. "The .arguments that will tell^'with QErman and Austrian people,*'--'says ei-President TafV'are 'Allied "vicr tories on the western-front fronuthe. Korth Sea to the Adriatic, and nothing else. ..Let -us-address.our whole energies to achieving these. - £"\Vhat we must "steel ourselves against in Jjiis_c£U«tfyr: : coiitinues Mr. and choice of a clerk. Jtcv. Darjd,Williams, former Baptist minister of Connelisvillc and pastor at Pennsvllle, died at DeLela.nd, Fla., was 76 year's old. · Pipe FoumJry of Scottdale resume work after being" idle for .10 weeks. Fire breaks out in ITrriontown Jail. Before flames are extingruiShetl it is necessary to break down doors to ^et out prisoners. The Dairy Maids' festival is.given in Victoria rink- for tlie -benefit of the of the motft novel entertalmnonts ot the United Presby-terian church. It is one festival seowon. .· J. S. McHuffh of thU city takes charge of R, B. Wtgton Sons coke works at MorpiKda.le. ClearQeld county. A musical en-tertaimnent is given i° the M. P. church under tlie auspices oC the librarians o-f the Sunday school of that churoh. Frank. Bearl of the Hayden quartet, Piltsburg; assisted by Mrs. F. O. Good-win, Mi«s Ella Franks and -A."Jj. Dn,vies with Mrs." Henry Weihe at the piano arc on the "with solos ducts and quartots. FRIDAY. MARCH -1, 1S1*S. ^ report of Connellm'llic Coke .traile"'for the week-ending 1 February *^0'j*hows .a total ?£J18,G08 ovens in the ·region'of--wJiich 24jS.'l8 am in bJa«t aiw) "*3".77a*f(31e"..with;a*!total, esthnmtetl production Qf ty4.-i29;tons.- · Shipm«nta'-fo'r- th* wet SQ14..canC : tti*trfbute(I as follove; Pftta- burs; ,2,070'cars; points west. 4,4»3 cara; points ea*t, 1,440 cars, an Jncrftase PC ^57*'cars as compared with the previous week' · The ilarxJand, 'W-et yjrarinia Tele- .frra-pli Telephone, company obtains ;ihe right-.of way cyer the tracks of the Southw'e'st 'Hallroal company mid 'the companj'.Js'.now fUIe to cantfnottt the stringing o f - w i r e s ^ J t h o u t - I n t e r - ruption. The company lias placed 100 instruments .here a-nd aJiout the same number In Uniorttown. . -Borougr-h scJiool board dlscusces locations of a site for.the new Third ward school. Murphy -avenue hill, 'opposite t-lio Cottage ikitte'tooa^ttal, is augceat- ?d but Is protested byJDivS. D. "Wood* and Director-T 1 '. K. Markcll. a 3trs. Sarah"' Tialsler, Sff years old, -who _ _ . _ » L.neaab'wrTJtne "when ' she"falls against x of"Ufe~and the burdens of taxes an.fl 1 Uic door of her froroe, cutting and " · and' the occasioual-anfl- ^^"1 h ,7 heaa - / ' ' Stocknpiccrs ,oC the ^ipusluoeheny Crystal Ice cq-mpany me»t an'd elect tb« folio win f-.' offl'ccrs: lavf«l EvantJ, pcesl- dent; Joseph T. Johnston, secretary and treasurer: Joseph B. Bchard, manager, wlch th« following board of; mnangermi Joseph 'B. EXihard, 'Joseph T, Grassland inevitable;owd;up- ( on us..tfC the. proereSs-.ot.the' Wax," th«.: ' insidious pessimists, cJie treasonable, ; the. weak-kneed -pacifirts, the' seiash and^unpatrioUji .will.gravitate togcther :! and wfll*"scize upon peace discjiisions, i if- continued between the Potsdam cibal and the President, as evidence '· ^ thai peace is only a question of specfic : Haven icrmina! which · terms and of mutual concessions. The · burned. fitcl is far from this. The President and Pranl^ B. Shaffer. The- Connellsrille,',New.! Haven rots recently Oertruile keeper. Mlss^ ljucr nde^-. Mrs; traJi Mc- elected ore B. P. Wallace. H. T. Cr..-w- land. J. A. PeWitt, K. H. Homer and John Tuire*n. Arrani?emtnt5 arc made to occupy a sntte of rooms of tlic sixth lloor of the First National Bank b u i l d In*. Officers for tiip onsuin-s year are fleeted by tho ·"Ladies of t h n Maccabees a/t follows: Past comrmamlcr, sirs. .Tane VStank: r«cort keeper. Crpher; finance Siilwnstn : comft Conmiclc: mistren-at-arim, Mrs. Allro Prcttn; sen*lTi«l. Mr«. Ca-tharoine ra- ll»nl; MrceKnt, Mr». Alice. Osborn; ti«.pliiTi. Xrs. Sfiwr Bn.nfpa.rd. InTcatlBation i«' belny made In Con- nellarillo and New Haven as to t h e TVBJ- the doors of fine school ouUdlmrs swinir. It Is said that in the. Third Trard the doors on t h e exit s-winp In instead of out.- , Pr«aratlon« are. beinj£r made to launch the AVest Femn baseball iRatrHe. Repress ntatlvvvjt are her from Clarlss- burp, Fairmont, Uniontown ar.rt Cliar- Urol. , WANTBD -- TOUR business.' ttENDINE'S. BAUBBPJ.VO tf tTAKTBD--TOC TO XCVBRTISK »ur eta»lft«d eohjviw. WAMTED--COOK AND CHA31BER- miJd. AHilfiTRONQ'S RESTAUHANT WANTEE--T2CPKRIENCED PIANO player at McCRORET'S 5 A N D lOc STORE. ISfebtfd In drug- store. rTa MAN' TO WORK A/ A. CI.ARKK. i I m a r l t ·WANTEU--BOY TO ACT AS PORTBR tnd vrork in druc store, J. C. MOORE. ISfebtfd WAXTBD--SECOND HAND TTPE- wrlter. Call Bell J3-R, or Tri-State SS-TT. Mount Pleasant, 23tebtt TTANTED--MAN FOR CLEANING cars; n i n e hour shift, day turn. Apply WEST PEN'N RAILWAY SHOP. WANTED--'MAN IS OR NEAR CON- sell (guaranteed tires. Address, 10 Wood Strect.»L'njontow-n. Pa, ImarSt* WANTED -- CAF.PEXTBRS FOR concrete forms. A..G. MeKf-JE tX CO., Dunbar Furnace, Dunbar. Pa. Imar^t WANTED--GIRL FOR GBN'BRAL housework. Three In family. Will pay J5.QO a week. Board anil room. 70S McCormlck avenue. 28feb4t* WANTED--HUNGARIAN' WOMAN wantfi general housework, cleaning or laundry. Call MRS. BOBALY, House S7, box 166, LfliSfrnrinff No. 1. WANTED--A GOOD SIX OP. SEVEN room house. South Side preferred. Will leeae by the year or for a term of years. Address Y. care The Courier. 26febtf WANTED--MEN TO BUT S10 SD1TS From factory to wearer. Save the middlemen's profits and bay War Saving Stamps. Representative will take measures at Smith Honse all day Saturday^ WANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO are studying for examinations to ffet the best mining: book published, "Hin- h»sr in a. Nutshell." by JAMES WARDLAW. Scottdale, Pa. Price *!.2S. WANTED--EXPERIENCED, CASH- ier and stenographer for department store. State salary -wanted and give reference with application in own hand wrltinc;. Address X, care Courier. - - -WANTED-^WHITE AND COLORED ·laborers for regular work. Nine hour day, cime and one-half for overtime. Make twelve hours. MK5JPHIS STEEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Of PENNSYLVANIA, Creensbunr, Pa. 25foblfd WANTBB--ANY KIND OP PRINT- 'inc; whether it is a calllne card, saie bill pr tho finest engraved wedding We-prin», promccly Call the man at THZ Both phones. 2T-t£ invitation or announcement, anything--everything--do It and rto It r l R h t - - ·· ·· COURIER office. FOR RENT--SEC ROOM HOUSE, . STANTON SIPK Bell Phone. 28£eb2t . FOR RENT--GARAGE SPACE' FOR automobiles. street. Ill West Green FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM for gentleman. 216 Market street. 2Sfoblf FOB JUSNT--ONE 6 ROOM AND ONE thre*? room- house. Call Beil phone 408-R. ' ImarSt* FOR RENT--JIOOMS FOR LIGHT houtekcepinK- 11* South Sixth street, W«st Side. 2rfeb3t-eod- ,Ti«ot» C'l^QiQ")" StainbaAifru -'tcKnmits , . , . . . . , - -. , ^nettle in 'the Uappment of the Kronier made this clear m ais early messages;.; Scottdale by rtiootink him- We cannot and must not retreat from ; self f n - t h e head with revolver.' tc position that the defeat of Prus- Tiie remodeled Indian Creok Baptist ·ton ·"militarism in battle and the' con j. cfaup C h ai 3 * 111 Run Is finally re-openod . . . ·.. - * . -"[."f or "worship; Pastor P. S. ~tVortm*n dtf- asquent- ending of German plans for iiivsra historical sormon. Pastor TVort- World domination, by forcc-is our aim ( 'ma.n..ahd ,"\v. S. Colborn dsBirned the in'-thJa war t and we tnairbe'saiified .? lnc ;* lebl "!""* vt^h is P .-. , . . , , ., ! by th#- two men n»tned. with nothing else. Auy doubt cast,; lttLrfy Kln , a KCti( , tl band on (Jle upou ih)» ^ our purpose- Hrvakeua pur ! P.. tmd o. raiiroAd,.ia fd.tu.Uy i n j u r e d ! FOR RENT--ONE STORK ROOM, with' grocery and butcher shop nx- tures. Inquire 707 "Vine street. feb-25-26-tnar-l-2 FOR RENT--TTTO LAiiGS UNFL'K- nished Dffbt housekeeping; room£. No children. 509 Ei0t Green street. - 2Sfebtfd FOK ifBWT--ONE: DESIRABLE , store room formerlr ocupi*d by Mean» In place j jfc Murphy. Inquire FLOllKNCK SM.UTZ. The business of this store is to be thoroughly reorganized and enlarged. New connections have been established and new lines of merchandise will" be well represented in our showing for the spring and summer seasons. To complete the work of reorganization, it is necessary that we close^ out all broken lines and odd sizes and some lines in their entirety. To accomplish this in the shortest possible time we will inaugurate a five day Reorganization Sale, beginuing Saturday, March 2nd and continuing until Thursday, March 7th. Men'a Suits A large lot of Men's and Young Sieu's Suits at greatly reduced prices. Prices are constantly advancing. Notwithstanding, this lot of Suits contains many that are reduced One Fourth and One Third. Come early and secure the best selection at $10.00, 512.00 and 515.00. Reduced from up to $25.00. Men's Overcoats There is" no surer way to save money than to buy an Overcoat now and lay it away till next winter. Prices then will be much higher. Some excellent values here at $10.00, $12 and $15.00. Reduced from up to $25.00. Boys' Suits Wise parents will take advantage f every opportunity to economize in tte price of Boys' Suits. There are values here that cannct be duplicated for Jong years to come. D. B. Knickerbocker Suits. S2.51, $3.50 and $5.00.. Norfolk and Pinchback Suits, ?3.7J $5.00 and $6.00. Reduced from up to $9.00. Shirts - Fast color Shirts, both laundered and soft cuffs. $1.25 Shirts, reduced to 95c $1.50 Shirts, reduced to $1.25 $2.00 Shirts, reduced to ¥1.65 Broken sizes of blue and gray Flannel Shirts at One Fourth Off. Hats and Caps One lot of . Black, Dark Gray and Brown Hats at $2. No more to be had at this price. Men's $1.50 Caps ....,.,, $1.15 Men's $1.00 Caps /oc Men's 50c Caps 35c Lot Boys' 50c Hats ,, 35c Shoes Men's Tan and Black Shoes, button and lace, Sale Price $2-45 and $3.45. Crossett Shoes, button and lace, black and tan, at the prices of two years ago, $4.50, $o.OO and $5.50. Today these Shoes are worth $7 and ?8. Stetson Shoes--not all sizes. Price to close $6.00. Today these shoes are worth $9.00 and $10.00. Rain Coats One lot Rubberized Rai Coats, tan color, former prie $5.00. Reduced to $1.35. Dark blue and dark gra Coatsi $8.00 and $9.00 values Reduced to $6-50. Dark Gray Rain Coats 516.50 values, Reduced t W2.50. Dark Gray and Dark Tan, $25.00 values, licilueed lo 818.50. Following this Sale we will make an important announcement pertaining to the future plans and policy of this store. Collars Discontinued styles of Collars, well known Triangle Brand ONE CEST EACH Nearly all sizes. orner Co. Connellsville, Pa. Sweaters A slnrJl lot of Sweaters. AH we have left. Not all sizes. $1.50, $2.50 and $3.50. At today's prices these are worth $2.50 to .$5.00. FOH SALB.--ADVERTISING SPACK In this paper. Ask for r»tes. P'OR SALE--ROLL TOP DESK IX g-ood condition. Call 398-J Bell phono. ' InmrSt FOK""SALE--4 "CTUNDEJR. POPE- ETa.rLford 1!!4 modJ. I n q u i r e MBS. A. M. ATKINSON. 107 "Wcat Apple. 26feb6t FO R SATjE--A SIX C Studebakcr, 1917 model. Inquire a. TVBBB'S RESTAURANT, Bridg-e street, Scottdalu. Imar'JL KQK SAL.K--TUB LATE SAIIAH A. Marietta residence in Johnston avenue. Inquire MRS. J. T. UA.VIES, Bell phone 75. Tri-Statc 6-16, Ur-iontown. Imarlf FOR SA^E--six ROOM: houati on the West Side, ISO foot lot, story stable in rear 2ix4S and wagon shed 12x2-1. O w n e r moving a\va,y. What do you offer? DORSEY REALTY COMPANY. Imarlt FOR SALE--FOOR A QUICK SALE I otter a modern houac on Watt street. Third ward, for ?£,3DO. Housre six rooms, Curnaco and btuli. large lot. W1H loan on this property 51,6 WO. MASON REAL ESTATE. Second National Bank bunding". 27feb3t FOR SALE---TWO 191-1 FIVE FAS- Sftnser Fords; two 1917 Maxwell Demonstrators; 1 one Wiljys Knight five passenger; one 1914 MltchcH tive pas- .sender car In perfect condition-, one 1917 Give passenger Faipre. W i l l demonstrate. .Call 3S Tri-Statc. DCJKBAR AUTO CO. aOfebtld FOR SALE--109 ACRlfl FAJRM TJN- d«jrl.iid with f o u r veins, coal. Near Connellsville on a groocl rood. Two houses n.nd Kood barn. Coal aloud irorth 5100 an acre.. Administrator ot estate for quick j*alc authorizes us to sell for only 57,000. .Half cash, baJancu on terms. Sec DQRST3Y REAJ/TY Co. Inuirlt Found. FOUND--OV KAST CUAWFOKD avenue n. p u r n r c o n t a i n i n g sum of j money. Owner m a v hn.vo by ea.H- j inx at J. C. HEFPLEY'S residence, 22fl ( Queen street. · t m a r l t i Tailoring;. WHY WORRY BJSCAUSE UNABLE to fir.d the s u i t t'o suit you a.t the sture. Order it hove, tailored exclusively f o r you and made t h r w;iy you, want. Wo only make M i j j h - o J a F R jriirmenLS. La Chirona, "09 TMttsburs street. Con- nGllarllle. Pa. ^ G f e b c f FOR THREE DAYS ONLY Thursday, Friday and Saturday Feb. 28 and March 1 and 2 Clearance Sale of Broken Lots of Dependable and Stylish SHOES AT REMARKABLY LOW PRICES One lot Women's Colored Kid and Combinations from $6 to $7.50 at $4.85 One lot better Colored Kid Shoes from $7.50 to $10.00 at only - $5.85 One lot Women's Patent Leather Lace and Button Shoes, $3.00 to $5.00 at $2.65 One lot better grade Patents from S5.00 to ?7.00 at onjy $3.65 x One lot Women's Dull Kid and Gun Metal Laee and But- toa Shoes, from $3.00 to $4.00 at $2.65 One lot splendid values in Bull, Lace and Button, from $4.00 to $6,00 at ' $3.65 One lot Boys' Shoes, § tan and patent, lace and button, $4.50 values at $3.15 One lot Boys' Kid Shoes at only $1.65 One lot Men's $4 to ffi Shoes at $2.95 C£U4«. . ' . , - ':GrrmaiL- hopes to wenkeii our eiwsc by leadiug us away from onr ·vrar aims, well airatt 1 of her certain threat if we ad-here'io them. It la ;wfa«i he falirt frum Che O. i B. tr«*cle i VOR RENT--F«OKT "OKFICBS O.V at .FaytLte. While dr«.wi!,*r Q'.«piUo on ?*« OI|U n ° 0r of , I J, un i l rt * *?*£* bu!ia " the trftsUe v,1U» a crowbar, the »pUce ! **t. Inquire of HAitaY. ^UNN. lo.«« hj« balance »nd topple over strtictur* to Hie ground below, a , NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT a petition' was presented to the Honor,able ,the Judsu oC tiie Court of Quarter Sessions of ilic C o u n t y of Kayetto, February ",. 191$, at No. 177, D e c e m b e r ] Seasioiii;, 1VK, C. l\ unit ordered Jilod, 1 urtiying for a u t h o r i t y to proceed w i t h J the recjonstruction of :t d w u l t i d t" foot ' span reinforced l i o i i c r c t w lifGli y v e r j Htdstuiifc CfbeU bmweeii Bcdritoin: ucid ( Jefftfraon t o w n h h l t i r f to replace old i lirldffe No. '4 w h h - i i !a unsafe, of t n - S sulBciout width an riilovs hot c u t i t o r m '. --: ~ i w i t h ihe lines oC Uit road. Said ap- ; FX?K KENT--NTC'BTjV FURN'ISHTSD | plication -w-lU he hud before tlie Grand roonnr- for lipht hoiisnkceplTip. AU I J u r y on Friday, March S. Hits, at 1.30 W)tir«nienc«s. SIS East Cedar . i o'clock- F. X. LINN V, PHILLIPS,; zirebtfd 1 Counir Solicitor. feb-15-22-mch-X | Hooper Long do not often offer cut prices, but when they do the prices are low and the footwear reliable. This is your opportunity to save Dollars. . Hooper Long 1O4 West Crawford Ave*, Connellsville, Pa. DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our otfice from the visitingj card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127^ W. Main St., ConnellsviUe, Pa.

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