The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 30
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 30

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

w ni ip a. soae u t "' V.' 30 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Monday, auoust n. i64 tot aotos rot sale (Coal from Preceding Coiumal WESTERN CAR 151 ford, re- bum v-e. iw or Mat alter. Caa be Mn at Ml BIL WRICKING. UU CHIVROLIT. cylinder, rwondfiionws motor, all porta TTT-aatT. M at a na wnx but you a 1M0 VaiixhaU deluxe aedan. Owner transferred. WW eon- stoer on ar. Tia nr. 1M4 OALAXIE M FORDOR. DB-meeatrator. power equipped, 4.- ooo muse, Mara t M4S. evening 734-7143. KM PONTIAC PAR1SIENNE loo-Oce hardtop, V-, automa ta amt, equipped: vara a eeonad oar. Only J. 400 miles. Ownar transferred; (1400. jpt aea mm niT.A Yir m. l-DOOR , hardtop, equipped, trado aad . terme ecccptoa. lai-eoce. . - IM4 FORD UDAN. ONLY 044 aMlea. tailing prloa 43.400, ar (xaoO: lets 'pontine S-deor hardtop: ISM Poetise etattoa wagon, fits: MM Bulek -door kardtop. 119. I Chanter St, Ball. m-ms. MW4 CHRYSLER SARATOGA ' Boat offer. CE3-7041. MM VALIANT, V-100. FACTORY waiiemy. ww. rao-ian. MM FORD OALAXIE XL. l-DOOR hardtop, bucket seats, beat otfar lor quick aua. tw-mts. tan tu vebjv soon CONDI. tioa, oMt mast sell, f 40-0407. ion volvo lias, ivlly equip- ped. JPJrtoct condition. U 1M FALCON FVTURA. LOW mileage, secrinc. i.TUv rat. 1M3 VOLKSWAGEN, CUSTOM. 14.00 Bailee. 41.130. Pop t3-MOT office houra to 4; T4B-SSM 1P43 CHEVROLET IMPALA S-door hardtop. g cylinder, auto- - ma tic with powar steering, radio, whttewails, wbaai dteee, ate. Only 41.130 atUnlted Cr Mar ket. Ml Baak Street, HI MM. ltd PONTIAC. S CYLINDER, automatic and radio, S1.SM. SU- ihi, ixe coat. 1M1 OLDSMOBILB. OUN MXTAL , fray, automatic ctasitng. brakes, , trsaamsnttea. radio: excellent tondlttoa. SSa-orjeT-. T3J- aflar 0. . 1M PONTIAC PARISIENNE door hardtop, powar atoar aad bithaa. autoraatta, axeeUeat condition. MS Second Area C3V4-4437. MM PONTIAC LAURENTIAN. t- aoor naratop, good TM-MM after o. ISM VAUXHAU. 4 DOOR, wtrel oar. rottnntblt. TTf-eelO. 1M1 VOLKSWAGEN VAN. IX-callant condltloa. 730-4337. altar T 731-jeae. - 1M1 SPRITE MAR; I, GOOD conaiuon. aaoa. lia-apa Utl FALCON. AUTOMATIC. radio Excellent condition: 01.1 OS. ar boat aflar. TM-osit. 1M1 ' FORD SEDAN. ' RADIO, automatic, alaaa, - TSMMl. - " PRIVATE. MUST SELL IMI OLDSVOBILR. EXCELLENT a, n.uog aiiiai. uinri TS-221Z. MM BUICK, ' BODY work. txcpUonal lor caab. S35-SI 12 1959 CHEVROI.ETS. TO CH00SE JR0M "'The Big Dealer":' BELISLE Hsrs'i Oat Exsrapto St. ' f 'Bit 'snktK i ; 1969 CHEVROLET, ; Blscaym 4-Door Sedsn , Automatic Vtrs at mission, rsdlo, coQipiotoly ' roconoH Hon. 1 owner. Was SI. 493. "r 4$1295 BatStE uifvftwiiraj LPrin:D YvWJaf ' CHsTwIwrlfff, OwafVBiVa Oiiiatiiia, Savoy aad MONTREAL IAD, OTTAWA la-44H. 14MM1 MORE AUGUST VALUES ISM CHEVY D atatkak wafoa, aulppad, radio, baatar, " taSl $2495 1MB CHEVROLET I Soar Bal Atr. with radio, haatar. tum $2695 4 aad Chevrolet atattaa ( wastaa, radta. r boatar, . avinaMtia, powar brakaa,' . $I7V3 $2695 IMI PONTIAC Strata CftM . aatoaaaUa $ 1 8 30 IOCS CmVROLCT Vroa Pb-b-aVk - $1695 - " ' ; Ontario Residenti ' , Dq Not Pay " . " Ouebec Stitt Taxi, GUESTv. motors tm ' aatkartjarl Ctanrrotat. Comtr ' ; Ti IXDCC STREET - HULL 777Z735 UM tHMMOBTLS Buaor SS. (adia, haatar. aatlnaaatln. atoar , haaluM. - power Ml WTOS fOI Sill (Coat, fram Praeadinf Cohinal IMI CITROEN ID1S. IN GOOD oondlttoa. radio, front and4 roar haatara, dafroauri. Suparb eonv lon ana roaaaDUity at saw. aa-ToT. - IMI FORD CONVERTIBLE, BEST oftar, taka trade. I4S-40TT. IMI PONTIAC LAURENTIAN aedan, automatic. Immaculata aoadltiea larouchout, Caa ar rant a ftnandnf and will aacapc traaa. Taz-aoia- 1M1 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000, Sood pondltlon. S topa, in a By extraa. rza-twa. Tia-aaoa. 1M1 CHEV S-DOOR. V-t. AUTO- mauc radio. l,43, 4-mn. 1900 CHEV STATION WAOON. 4-door. V-t automatic, vary ciaan. ai.xva. va-iio. 1000 VAUXHALL DELUXE. GOOD , condition, ti.000 mllaa. MM. t- aasa. ISM ENVOY SEDAN, MINISTER'S ear. Excellent condition, will acoapt MS monthly. TM-M1. MM FORD GALAXIX SEDAN. V-4. automatic powarad, radio. T4a- 1M0 VOLVO. P.V. S44. ONE OWN- . iu-jtm eveninia. ISM PONTIAC LAURENTIAN aedan, radio, haatar. new paint. 41.400. SIS-IMS. evening!. MM FORD. S CYLINDER SEDAN. neede eome body weak. fU. MIS Portland Avenue. MM OLDSMOBILB M. FULLY equipped, wnnawau urea, par-lect condition, like new. Reaaon. company car auppued. taa-70as. ISM CHEVROLET IMP ALA CON- , eertlble. - 4. automattc. HM. VMMM,' . ....''' MM FIAT 12O0 SPORTS CON. reruole, rood cooxUUon. Muat at u. SU-1U3. ItSt PONTIAC. ; S CYLINDER atandard. rood runnlas coad. ttoa. stm. Tas-rros. ' MM FORD FAMLANE, I CYLIN-dar. rood marhaniral eoodltloa ' fM-4M.' MM CHEVROLET BEL-AIR EE-dan. 4. atandard tranamlatlon. Immaculata tnrouahout. TOa- 1M0 PONTIAC. VERY CLEAN car. ao7v, aaay Tarma. FA0-O742 IBM CHEVROLET AUTOMATIC, nana, new paint. TSS-TTM. ItSt PONTIAC STATION WAOOM orietnaj. iiaa new. aiur Moiore. 110 Rktaett treat. 134 1SS CARAVAN STATION waron. ruatad, out running. 1S0 or oaai oner, inia waeaena, ioi Manor. Rockcllffa. MM FORD 500, HARDTOP, EX- ISM METEOR S-DOOR HARD- toa. v-a, auteauua. Fully . aejulaped. .Saotlaaa Inside and oat. Will flnaaoe tfcmueh an bank for Mt monthly and will aceepi any traaa. TZt-atip. MM PONTIAC, S CYLINDER. clean, good running condition. eeav. isa-TTva. 1M IMPALA HARDTOP, t CYU uraer. Black with red interior. IU-4TSt. - T MM BUICK LeSa bra hardtop, automatic. t m Melon, ruiur ttoaad, Mnlahed la Kadiac wita contrasting $H75 " , mm:-, , " PONTIAC BUIOC- imr 424 Richmond ftl. ,. 728-171? COME 6iG IN OUR IRON. MINE ' WE HAVE A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OP RUNNING CARS FROM 1952. 1tt VAUXHALL. rwoon . atandard abllt. red . . aMuaaretta eaata, radio end clock, eery good ..!.'""';- 1MT VOLKSWAOEN Deluxe. . at wtMaeaal ' fjoe ea ...-rfJ' It's Worth Your WfcOs to Take Look. - . NO REASONABLE ' OFFER REFUSED - MORTON MOTORS Antaorlaed Volkswagea Dealer USED CAR ANNEX 684 BANK' 237-2442 MYERS . AUGUST-SELL-A- ; RAMA ALL UNITS REDUCED -IN PRICE..' -1961 CADILLAC , couptj ds.vms , lt . a-Door Itardtop ' Automatic trsntmiMion, cn-tora rsdlo, power equipped Including power wlndowt and -twwsy power tsat, darfc bin tn color wits mstching 2-tone & $3295 . - .- .-.a '!.'" "-"o : i:-. . . , MYE ELGIN st CA 233-5658 233-8411 RS THERINE SOt AUTOS FOI Sill v (Cant, from Preceding Columai ISM CHEVROLET. S CYLINDER. ,, automatic,, paca, - TH-tlot. l5t '-OLDS MOBILE S-DOOR naratop. eery good anape. f7M MM FORD FAIRLANE STAN. dard S. smart looking.' priced , aaw tor quick aaia. 1U-71M. IMS FORD "DELUXE SEDAN, excellent body, excellent mech anically, new tlrea.. Moving. . muat cell at once. Asking aw. 777-JOM 1W FORD. RADIO. STANDARD wi, paw pilar. T77-xeeg. MM PONTIAC S-DOOR HARD-top. fully equipped. Beautiful condltloa. , Will Snaaca for M monthly. 7U-4JI7. ISST PONTIAC HARDTOP. NO run, motor, body, excellent Leaving cur, 0300. TS-4US. IHT DODGE . CUSTOM ROYAL S deer hardtop, automatic, good conoinony- eoue, or Beat efier. t-ao-aaoa. U37 VOLKSWAGEN, GOOD conoiuoa, ajoa or oaet oiler. 0M-493T.. lSIT PONTIAC DELUXE SEDAN, perfect condition throughout win n nance nr B aranutiy. TM-SS1S. v-- MM CHEVROLET. MEW VALVE U fieri and valve Job, SIM or 'baat oiler. 7X4-4747. ... 1- ARCHIE MCDONALD ttt Laarter Aveaaae w. M-t11t 1 Ut-4714 ItS MONZA CONVERTIBLE.- IMS Falcon convertible; IMS Chevrolet super sport convertible; IPM Sunbeam Alpine convertible: IMI Ford convertible: 1 90 Ford aedan: 1MO Falcon auto matic: MM ronttac paratop; lst Pontlae Lauren tlan aedan: MM Chev. Bet-Air 4-door hard top: MM Plymouth eoacni lotuj Bulck 4-door hardtop; 1M7 Meteor; 1B9C7 rard lllka newK LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS IMS METEOR S3. VS. auto,' malic, radio, bucket aeatt, . sr .$2195 IStl CHEVROLET 4-door ste-tlon wagoa.. automatic. . whltewalla. b 0 lutely ri $2295 1M1 FORD Falrlane SOS. VS. cundard tranamtaelon. .$1695 Its AUSTIN Cambria ta-dan. S-tone grey " and - white, exece 0 1 tOC CANA0 : M0TDP SMFS - (OtUws) Ltd. . PAUL CARDINAL limited 1259 Wellington St 728 1838 Austin-Rambler Dealer 1 (JJNVERTiBLES;., 1964 CHEVELLE Malibu con-1 avertible, equipped with . rsdkt, hester, sutotns-'.. tic trsnsmiMlofir V8 atotor, power windows, "V,., windshield wsshers, v'wtrsel discs,' whitewsU I". (. tires, psdded dash, ' 3JS6 miles. Finished In , trmine white , with ." . saddkt tan Interior snd " ' mstching top. Balsncs , ; of new car warranty. . r?.. $3395 1963 PONTIAC IHrijIenoe . ctrnvertible, ;f3uipped with rsdio, hester. auto-' , . v static trans mission. , power tteerrag, cyiin-' v day. windshield wsshers, -" wtied discs, whitewall , . tires. Finished tn tuxodo black, maroon Interior '' and whiU top, '23.174 S-.$2795 CAr3ELDU'S Yew Authorized Buickr Pontise, Acsdlsn, Vtuzhatl , and GMC Truck Desler ALBERT st BANK 235-4371 1963 PLYMOUTH S cylinder, automatic, radio, metallic green. ttOIOC matching Interior . I J PARKWAY - ; .rn Bright Spot" 7 1047 RICHMOND ROAD v 728-6131 729-8121 1957 r; ' FORD . ; 4 DOOR HARDTOP VS. power tteering. ' power brakes, radio, automatic transmit! ion, maroon, excel lent txmditioa A T4QC ml special .... ,'4T-' TERMS . AT JIM BROWN'S : ' Ottawa ; Motor Sales j ' YOUR FORD DEALER 1850 BANK ST. . (at Walkkry Rood) , . 733-6931 ' . PLYING THE WEAVER'S TRADE A young woman works, on a loom weaving - world-famous Irish, linen in a Belfast milL linen la one of Northern Ireland's three main induttriat. The - government is providing incentives to attract new . industries, snd up to the end of 1963 bed provided ', ' 49,000 new Jobs. But employment hovers around the : seven-per-cent mark, compared, with the national'' ' British average of about two per cent r ' - 801 . ilrOISlLr (Cont. rrora Preceding Column) MM PLYBtOUTH STATION WA . son. 4-door. s-asned. S3M er Beet oner. Tl-MTO. altar a. . IMS TRIUMPH TR I. VERY GOOD condition, wire wheels, (473. T33-31M. ' MM VOLSWAGEN. MECHANIC- iiv suuno, very clean, luu urn, aai aacamoaa fav-avei., MM FORD 4-DOOR HARDTOP. good motor. M-MtS. heat time trom a pja. to e p.m. IMS BUICK SPECIAL. 4-DOOR. radio, uoo. aja-aoes. IM4 CHEVROLET. ORIOIN XT.I after. TM-M04. 1004 CHEVROLET SEDAN. ISM licence, ea la, TO. S30-S7ST. , ISM I FORD CUBTOML1NE. S300 w oest oarer. e-jeaa. ' MS3 DODGE COACH. VERY good condition. TtS-tlZS, ' IMI CHEVROLET, GOOD CONDI- lion, aeat otiar. xae-xaaa. , REPOSSESSION ISM FORD V-S. ' AUTOMATIC. radio, extremely good condltloa MM weekly. TM-437S. j CENTURY MOTORS 44S Ola Osteal at 'Heat ; . tM-4344 tJJ-1111 NO DOWN PAYMENT. ISM CADILLAC FLEETWOOD. Every poaolbla extra, 1 awa- mr B1 TM - IMI OLDSMOBILB HARDTOP. fully inwered. II. sea. 1M PONTIAC HARDTOP. AUTO- . . mane and radio. Ilka aew. 01 .Ttt. MSI CHEVROLET. RADIO, SPOT- jeaa. tuts IMI COMET DELUXE. AUTOMA-tie. perfect condltloa. tl 44 ISM PONTIAC SEDAN. EXCEL- Hot tranaporlatloa. S4M. -MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM. ., ,50 CARS ' . TO CLEAR - T FULL 80-DAY " ' WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE ' GOLD BOND STAMPS .RICHARD . - . AUTO SALES - -453 Ridetu St 232-S793 CABELDU'S DOWN : 'v . . PRICED 'SPECIALS. SAVE UP TO $500 1959 TO 1963 MODELS T itts FORD Oelaxw M sedan, equipped with automatic transmission, radio, heater and power .tearing and ether extraa. Finished hi tuxedo black with red pVKrtoD""$2295' OLDSMOBILB 4-door ea-daa. equipped with automatic transmission, radio, heater, . power etoscmc. power brakaa. Pmlahed m lovely Oliver gray metal-lie vrttk matching Interior. ST" $1695 CHEVROLET S-door aedan, equipped with radio, boater ami ataadard -transmlMloa. rlshed ra lovely horlaaa blue wi'h " matching Intertor. Down rr- $1295; COMET nation wagon, equipped with radio, heater and ataadard trene-: msKdon. Fmtshed m all-ver blue metallle who matraiag mterior. Down: $1195 BtrtCK LeSabre 4-door aedan. ' equipped with automatic tranamhaion. radle and heater. Finish In tuxedo black with match tne gray anterior, sr-rr $1095 PONTIAC 4-door sedan, , equipped with healer and atandard . . , tranamiaatoa. Finished In tuxedo black IMI IMI " 1 . IMI ISM with grey interior. Down $695 AT CABELDU'S ' "Your Authorized Bukx, , Pontlae, Acadian, ViuxhaD and GMC Truck Dealer ALBERT at BANK 239-4371 Ml AUTOS FCfSiU Cont tram rrecedina cohimm uai vvaa r ATsiaivxa .. IS3S FORI STATION . WAGON. sa 30 weekly, win cone! oar i TSS-03TS. ItM MO (TO) WITH GREEN TRIM IVORY accessories 43 000 arlalnal rnUce (verlftable). body and run ning gear- at superb condltloa. . Highest offer. Call Sandy tlt-tl7l between g30-t 00 evenlnge. BsTTTEr deal than dealer FOBCED TO SELL. Ittl v Mercurv aadasi. sfmwroont e a n dlttam, rally equipped, list over 44-504. mlleaee 14M0, Beat cash offer. Will easMUoar .assail trade. IMMBttt BamatB . 4-DOOR HARDTOP, FULLY equipped, au white, ss.tes art- Sina. mn. seeono ear. wtu nance eelt: best offer, private. ee-eu.e lor aaoouiuoenl. ALL MAKES OF LATE MODEL Pay each or .Century aae at Kant Motor. 4M CLadstona aia-tiia. IMMEDIATE CASH FOR tloa. IM-44M LET MS SELL YOUR CAR FOR we. i aave ta nd can emnee m financial transection. C all Jot Marqoaa. SU-TM4. ' STEED CASH HIGH PAYMENTS Archie McDonald wUl buy your car far tap cash price ar trade down, tor choaaag ear and and part credit ea ear at later aate. Arc me McDonahl, Ls urier West, S33-07M. PRIVATELY OWNED AUTOMO- ue. en pen cot condition. Pay cash PAt-SMO. PRIVATELY OWNED AUTOMOJ eiMa la pertect caadlUce. Call rae-IBBT, ... f-RIVATKLT 0CD c&tut tin. i..0" Cak IMSilS. vee-siwa. . i WE BUY LATE MODEL GM AMD . tw. a a jav-eiee- WE BUY CLEAN CHEVROLETS ana ronuare, pay top eaah prices er trade dowa at Demlalea nmomooiiee laet caruas Avenue. 714-3407. 7; WILL SELL YOUR CAR ON CON. clgnmeat for .top price. 114-4471 t-At aieas lrt waa.,aBS CAHS ANO TRUCKS WANrED , for wretklng. all lull.. Atbiea tea niwuotuuLas t FUEL' OIL' TANK TRUCK. IBM wmv, inrw motor, i compere- eee. iJJ. ganone. aae-xaa. NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES. Elliott Motors (Belleville) Ltd. Belleville. Ont, Phone WOS-4M4. NEW AND USEO SCHOOL BUSES. barae atock ea nana rectory diatribe ten for Blaeblrd hue Co- Brsntiord, Oat- See us aeiore yea mry. anepM M-xors, Auaxandrla. Pnone 77 TRUCKS. PrCBT-irWH ALL BTINDa una maeee, Liu aea a e y mour Motor Salea. KeaaptvUie. S0t- eee. CHEVROLET IMI. S-TON, STAKE Body, eetue track, aarfect. tut 44-1141. IMI CHEVROLET PICKUP, LONG oox, very xooe ressBitioa. at T43-3404. MM GMC DUMP TRUCK. ASK ang 44V). Alee ItM OMC 1-ton with Woods type body. Asking eoaa. aaa-eaia er aaa-eari. t04 ixusis OARAGE' WANTED. VIUNHt t-aruer bubcu n4-zvo. .. . 105 r'..?:..:liWI0iI.- ISM HONDA, 1M CC. PERFECT BVLBS sVNB CO- WE SELL AND SERVICE HOlf-da. BS A. aad aarley-rJariasoa MSU I I 3U7 Bane Street. Sat Mil. 901 UtUl NOTICE TO CREDITORS la the Cetew of LtLLIAH MARIS McKKMNA. lata at the City at Ottawa, in the County of Car let on. Widow, finliil, AO peisowa having claims agalnat the Katate at LILLIAN MARIE Mc-KI.NNA. late of the City at Ottawa, In 4ne County at Cerletoa. who died on ar about 17th day of April, IBM.1 are berebv aotifled to send aartaralara of same to the undersigned ea er before the nth day of AafuM. lee, aner wtiicb date the Estate will be distributed with regard only ta the claim, of which the emdecalined shall have notice and the undersigned will ant ha liable ta any person of whose ctatm the- sfaan mot then oeted at Ottawa rati ttk day 1 Au"V EA HEN and COLLiOAN. BO Sparka Street. . Ottawa 4. Oatarie. ' for toe Adminwtratrtx will 11611 THE HYDRO-ELECTRIC POWER COMMISSION OP ONTARIO CONSTRUCTION OP A SEWAGE STABILIZATION -,r - POND v" "' AT ' "'''' MORRISBURG, ONTARIO SEALED TENDERS, to triplicate. mreeeeo w tne UBderaigned, ose Unrverally Avenue. Toronto 2, Ontario, aad clearly marked . TENDER FOR CONSTRUCTION OF A SEWAGE STABILIZATION , rUKU AT MORRMBURO't will he .received up at 4 00 aaa, DeyUght Time oa j TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER l. leas for the construction of e 10-ecre eewasa ttahllimlioa pond raqulr-ilag the excavation of about M.0M cubic yard, of toll aad the con- atructioa af eppmtmataly 1.430 feel of competiaa earth embankment Installation at tad feat of St-inck diameter concrete sewer papa aad the construction of a concrete outlet ohamber, - Tendering dooumenta may be obtained at the office e the Coa-aulUns Engine era, .amea p. Mac-Laraa Limited, 311 Bloor street Eait, Toronto S. Ontario, oa or after August IS. 1M4. A depaelt of SM.M win be required for each act of eocumento and wUl be refunded ea their return la good condltloa., within twa weeka . of closing date of teadara. Tat loweet or say tender will no aeosaaartiy be accepted K. a. EAsaoN.. FAIRFAX, Va- (AP) Two sums collided in heavy traffic oa a rain-slick highway Sunday night and started a chain reac tion series of crathes that sent 3 peteOfts to botpiuls. Most of toe injuries were reported not to be MOTS. The accident in volved tifht moving cars, two parked autos arid two Ohio Val ley Bui Lines' buses... tl.1. SERYU SAYS: - - - - I 3 4ocetor TRANSISTOR IGNITION Maaottck Motors ispertg Car Spacudlatal. S33-3MS. , , .... a ,;... PABTS AND SBBV1CB AH Eatilsh can Eaglleh Meters Ltd. 117-dtM AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERV- orria, tu, Busy ana wot- PBAtTPBB AUTOMOTIVS , tn OladeUeM. til-MM OPEN DAY. NIGHT. ALL EXCHANGE UNITS AVAIL- ahie. Also foreign parta, service Welding, gat.. oil. - .,: ,. dUlinntgni FRONT END ALIONMENT. brake special lata Koffmea Brake sUMlAllgnment, 330 kUng Edward Avenue, vaa-aaia. Radiator Servic FREE TESTING. FREE ESTI. ma lea. free checkmg on the vehicle. Hya Badutor Co.. Clean- mg. repairs, recorea. tee wsi- lirigtoa. PAg-MM. (7pc4ttgry BEP AIRING ''TRUCK SEAT raaninne. comncr auio Top upholsterers. 343 Quota, CE3-1343. .'ii"( ALL CEMENT WORK DONE "BY Tarry Contractor., guaranteed S te S year. Always check with a , reel. tared contractor. Free eeti- matea. 34 taoatht la pay. S40S. i.e a i i ' - AlX TYPES PATIOS. WALKS. curtjtng, guaranteed.. rxe-aiaa. . CEMENT WALKS. STEPS. PATIOS and ataeoa. Free eetlmatse. 714- trtk general r-spttifB. ih wooo RECREATION ROOMS. REPAIR, garage, tree eatlmatea. A. . fcensoa Limited. RE3-033S. , .. C A. JOHANNSSN aad seat Ltd. , 11B-44M tllgfUU. ALTERATIONS. store rranta ana txmiuona. re-eeira. recreation roosna, rooting end ehmglea. Yoa name U, wbat- I la and we u ao n. uet dial the BIG st today. J" aad wall tat EAVEirrROtiomNO. r t A s o N- amo price, rree eaumaiea. e. u. Omin Plumbing aad Heating. 1317 Bank. 733-03M. EAVsWTROUOHINO. SATT8FAC- ttoa guaranteed, fret B. OraveUe, 333-7403, S A V E STROUOHINO SUPPLIED ana tnstaiiedi toiaenng joints, guarantaod vrorkntaaahlp, fret HUGH M. GRANT 322 Catherine St. 236-7103 RENTAL SERVICE . i i FLOAT SERVICE tfi ' . FILL FOR SALE FRONT END LOADERS ' - COMPRESSORS i DUMP TRUCKS , SHOVELS BULLDOZERS Ml .1 IICU THE ROMAN CATHOUC I SEPARATE SCHOOL BOARD, OTTAWA, ONTARIO Sealed tenrfera Will i.i by the underelgned until I o'clock September 10, 1PM. for the wnnnmiai or a ao - .ummmm echool. link, library and admin Is- oioca at aeron Bead, OU lawa. Ontario. General Contractors may i obtain 6 lane end epeeiftcationa trom T. V. lurray Architect. 1041 Merlvale ""d. Ottawa 3. upon a of tlOO.M to ho reimbursed when documente are. returned la good condition within one week follow ma closing sate at teadara. oue-vonirecuare for ai Btumblne. neall bl cleculeaT work must enter copy of then- tender lo Ule unoaralenea mat later than t o'clock p.m., September t. loot. L4weai or any seruy eccepura. lUIkunD WIOVL3. Admlaittratar, Ottawa. Ontario. IM Cum bartend Street. 90t led tenders addressed provided by The St. Lawrence Seaway Authority which are marked TENDER FOR CONTRACT NO. 443'' which are With respect to , . THE DEMOLITION OF THE SVPEBSTBUCTUBB , , : : . . - OF BRIDGE NO. t WBLLAND CANAL ' '. . will be received at the office of The St Lswrence Seaway Author. try. Maiettle Building. SM Cooper Street. Ottawa 4, until IN pat. EJB.T. Wednesday, Sepaimher t. 1004.' Plena. Specifications, Forms of Tender. Labour Condluoni and Fara at Contract may be obtained by application to the office of the Chief Engineer. MM Ferrler Street, Ttk floor, Montreal, P.O.. or the. Secretary. Majeetio Building. 3M Cooper Street. Ottawa 4. Ontario, or the Project Director, Weiland Canal. 144 St. Paul Street. St. Catharines, Ontario, ea the payment at one hundred dollars (S1M.00I which will he refunded imum (Ha mum atf the annua documente in good order witnln thirty day of the data fixed above tor. the return of tenders, if not returned within the above period the-depotit wlU be forfeited, , ,,, t. ' i Tender deposit tor a turn of not lees than ten per sent (10 of the tender price muat be provided la accordance with the term, of the Form of Tender;, or. la lieu of a Tender Deposit, a' Bid Bond In the amount of 10 of the Tender, conditional twos entry into a formal contract In the form exhibited with the tender documente and upon furnishing security acceptable to the Authority, ahall he provided.- - . , . - OrJy tenders submitted In accordance with ear specifications will be iionilileicti. ,t . . L : ...!iLA,'U,"rtt" " ot wp the leweei'tir 1 x '! "' ) " ' THE ST. LAWBENCE SEAWAY Ottawa, Aagast 13, 1444. f . r - W1 Mmn ont,'n of reut!le. trualified busirwisM Sjuluk mapak MaJu tiaa aaakaa. a.... ffh J.t tl . . ww F"u v fiw. I SBSSSSMSBSSBJ ROAM RUBBER AND POLYFOAM leoncoiing. -Heottle Foam Rub-bar, 433 Roosevelt. PA 4-1003. I'll'J.' McBVOY BROTHERS -. 113 Beat Itreet 111-4111 . . ESTABLISHED MSi.' PARKING UP TO 10 YEARS TO PAY I or me ont m warm atr heating. call Hubert stave aad Furnace . Ltdv 7M-37ta. . ... .. 11 tlj'di TOWERS PRODUCTIONS. aparxa treat,, tte-eju aaturday tor August. OINZRAL REPAIRS. FOUNDA. tiona. ps in ting, excavat I n g. ween.- rret estuaatet, 745-3747. . .. DISCARDED FURNITURE. CLEAN up refuse, removal to city ' Sumo- Moderate rates. , RX3- eiea. . McELHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP- er. garden loam. Free of aod. Jjj-Jr easy. -nmuxs acuvary. TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. Ite . - a ' ii . xv - - MANDERLBY SOD ' TOP QUALITY MIRION BLUE grese end mixed blue erase, aur-tery tod, S33-MM. FIELD SOD. ioePER YARD, aver 100 yards. 131-3040. TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. IS a cq. yara eeitvered. Pheae emieet Hemptvuie 130-3113. SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REGULAR toe. reduced lac. Cedar t yd t A a ' '''' '' WEED KILLING AND FERTrLIZ- mg. Realdentlel. Industrial. Gen eral Lawa Spray Service. Phone , xxt-aiTO for Ottawa, Huu area. BARN'S NURSERY SOB ' TOP QUALITY MERION AND Haha'a Blue. Alto No. t Nursery Sod st reduced price. Pheae col led. ureeity loo. . BALe5 PATIO STONES. WHITS, red, greea, alack, rejecta. 334- vm. - ' ' GI.EM ACRES SOD '"" USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION Blue nursery aod and aur Glea- acree arena, axeiaeo. INDEPENDENT TRANSFER, 34- hour service open far month ly contracts. Also piano avnrini 'iSt mny anaavea, aaa-aoja or ABSO UTE ' SATISFACTION- poprrhangmgl Inside, outside pemtlng. leesonable. McCallaa Bret. Cr.1-4113 CONNOR PAINTTNO AND DEC-aralmg. Interior exterior specialised and equipped tn bouse repelntlng. Quick, efficient serv ice, rree eatuwaiaa. a-Ao-veoe. ! ' . P. MacKAY ('"''' INTERIOR EXTERIOR PAINTTNO. peperhahtlng. Free eatimnlea. workataaahip guaranessa. 137. ; . 1 ' I " for Information on r.IRe SERVU call TTT 1 V A au e,A.,.a-A.AelJ 901 l:LiimX- NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Estate of PAUL L. RON. CAHI. late at the City of Ottawa. Ib the County of Cerletoa, deeeaa-ad. Alf pcrlkma having claim! agalnat the Estate of PAUL L. RONCARI late of the City of OtUws. In the County of Carleton, who died oa er about Ittb dar at May, 1104, are hereby notified to end partleulara of aama to 'the undersigned oa ar before the MM day of August. 1M4, after which date the Estate will be distributed, with regard only to the daunt of which the undersigned shall have notice, and the uitdaraicaed will not be Uable to any paraoa of whose claim they shell -pot then have notice. T ', Dated at Ottawa true awl Bay Annul IBM: . REAHEN and COOUGAN. BO R parks street. 'j Ottawa 4. Onurw. -Solicitors tor the Administrator . with will annexed. Journal Want Ads bring quick results. KOTICETO C3MTRACTCRS the andersimed In envelopes ", '. B. BELANaV, t .... secretary. ATJTHOB1TY i .1 : ',)''' : ''4 zevce AT YO0I ' WF V9nf ,a3iy cm Taaiy. Ml:. J NeTTONAL' PR1NTBRS LIMITED. '" line quainy conunerrlal pr kiting 401 Prctton. CE4-744ir LO-MOR PRINTERS SOCIAL. Muunercui printing, photo, eft- weridine inviutlona.. St Gloucester. CI ! HZ ALL PAVING JOBS DONE. BY jssTy i-omreciore, guaranteed I to i yaara. Alwaya check with a registered contractor. Free ea-Unwteaf. S4 4nontht to pay. 333- PAVTNO DRIVEWAYS. PARKING ereee, psiemng. : work guaranteed. Thibe.alt Paving. t30- F OS EST BROS. PLUMBING aim . neeiing. rree estlmatec work guaranteed. Time pay. mente. Repalra our specialty. REFRIGERATION. SALdS AND "-"e veil eranenca ator . rieon t. Sit Preston street. 3J3-. A.L ROOFING AND REPAIRS done by Terry Contractors, guar-I"?!..!0 '" Alwayt ' T,h registered ten.' tract. Free ' eetlmatea. 14 taentht to pay ,i 333-3404. QUINN INIULATION COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICES, ell work gveranlaed. Free eatl-matee, Telephone day or eve. mgt. PAS-3333. , , " ' CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY 031? am. Umlld, RE3 WJtLAJtCONCRETE LTD- u. i.buuivto poois. aaiee aad ewrvice. 73S.B4ta, sm-mm. BLUB LINE TAXf. 14-PJOtIB prompt tervice. Call CE0-S33. ED LINE TAXI LTD., S4-HOUB van aea-eati, . , . l. tool mmm TOOLS SNAR-T.NTO, CIRCULAR and Hand tawt, lawnmowert, Ieeiaioa work. Guaranteed. 334- 1 I ELECTRIC, STANDARD AND portable Renuntton typewriters, tale er renui. X hL Hill Son. ill- OCenaor, CU- Memo fo businewmeii Mr. osrtm wUl go m work . ' or jr. for rnodstt $3M . per s-et. r-Mtntmsm it word ad or or, mort oonucutlv daytj 5 Fop'' fwrthtr ttorntio phone U$-itit Bitd Mi i 236-7511

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