The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSS ILLE, PA. FR1PAY, JANUARY 3, 1030. Basketball By JAMES 31. PB15GOLL. e/ues. flack' Bempsey's for Alimony Proteges of (loach Hnntsman Will Mutch Sldll With Coker Passers. GREENSBURG ON TUESDAY Basketball will b rosthned by the ConnoII-svillo High School team tomorrow evening when East Huntingdon Township will appear in what was scheduled ns a "varmine up" clash 'at 8:15 o'clock. Tho Colters ha.vo been working out in tho afternoons for th past week, being directed by W. L. Lewis in tho absence or Coach William B^ Dolde, who is vacationing at hia homo 1 . Kaat Huntingdon has an aggregation which hold!) lota of and tho boys In red and black wilt givo Connellsvllle'B contingent lot ot action. J. Owen Huntsman, -who flashed at forward for thi Unity Fraternity, Is coaoh ot tho township crow and ho has his outfit all "pepped" up Cor tho ConnHsviHe visit. The- team, although green, has le«n under the flre oE several veteran oom'blaatSons already, nnd tho youngsters ar rapidly steadying up. Many ot Huntsman's admirers will bo at the school to greot him again and to see his outlH swing into action. On Tuesday evening the Cokera opon' tho W. 1'. I. A. League season, clashing hero with Greensburg High j School. I Wealthy Sportsman Dies in New York Home? YOUGH MOTOR WINS 6VER ACCOUNTANTS i IN DUCKP1N GROUP! 5 Yotigh Motor won two out of three | giunos from the Baltimore Ohio Ac- | contents in tho-City ImlustrJal'Leogae j at the Elte Alloys. Howeer-was high scoror -with, a total of -ISO for throe g-aruce. The ecora: II. 0. Accountants Mullen ...,,__ "113 167 9 7 -- 4 0 7 McClelland 156 110 ..~._-- 2GG Fiorechnaller 124 105 140-- 369 Whlpkoy .__.- 133 133 164-- 430 Welsh 152 140 141-- 4-12 i Baldwin H-115 Dunlmr Travels to Alrerton And Hurst Plays at Perryopolis lloor. MOUNT PLEASANT IS AT UNIONTOWN Das-ktball coiutftats within close pToxlralty at virtually crveory com- otminlty embraced In -tire* W»«tetra iPoniwydTanla totaraoiKl'aatic Athletic League are on the'program, tor th-e inaugural'contests tonight. Co.nnelvHle and Scot-Wale- will -not be in. tiitkxn but the -sc-e-ne ahifte to Alvorton where ISast '%'UtitliiKdon Township will play Dunibar Township, li)29 scctlonitl oham/p. Alverton al-so is within dlstanco of Mount Pleasant and Hurst; botti of which are scluMl- uled abroad. Perry Township la ait homo, nte,r- tal-iifnu Hurst, w-hllo Union town playa host t-o Mount Pleasant Borough. Se- wickiey gos to B-ello Vernoii. Brownsville at German, South Union at Point Marion ami O««r«««j at North Union .ire the oonteatB in Se^Uon XIII. 3 tods-tone a-nd Carniichaels havo postponed their fray. SUPERINTENDENTS SWEEP MOULDERS IN CAPSTAN CIRCUIT Richard T. Wil ;on, member ol one of New Yo-k's most aristocratic families and a national figure in horse racing 1 and banking circles, died a few days ago; Mr. Wilson had. been ill of bron- cho-pneumonia for two monttis. He was a brother of Mrs, Cornelius Vanrterbilt, wifo of Brigadier- General VanderMit Superlntonden'tfi Ofllco won ·thr-ee fitraight f^mifls from tho Mould Shop in the- Capstan Olas» Ixag\to last r.lght n tlu Kl-fc alleys. Sheeniii; of tho Supc-rintendcnts was hi.uh for one Kaino ,vith 177 ami Sohonugo wa« IHgh for th ·«« gam«'S with 4-60. SUPERINTENDENTS. Duehaw 13S 133 14-1 R. YounX-ln ..... 122 1OT 103 M-aXasnara -..._ S4. 1,22 1-12 SO 135 Showing ... 177 ·~pH-E! record of Froft i- won nineteen games n.n lorf twelve for tha Cincinnati Rec i laa satuson, Is reiTHirkalilo v.'hcn It I i con alderoc! that lio labored for a si voistl place tcuni and ono of the wi ikesJ offonslvPly, In tbo league. Onb thre other National Icnsiic pltchci i «av inoro nc'tnal sot-vice tlian Prc- , wli» worked In 270 Innings, f'lurli. of tin Mobins, p H f t f c l 279 innings; E ot, oi thn Cuba, 27:!, and Bu«h of tin Cubs Draws Interest SCOTTDA-US, Jan. 3.--Considerable Interest is being manifested in Saturday's Independent basketball game at the State Armory when the Butcks and tho Semlers of Jeaimetta do battle, Th Jay» captured th recent game at Jeaane-Uo and the Scottiea, last year's charopio-ns of Westmoreland county, want to decisively trim tlWi Scmlera to strengthen their claim 1!or the 1930 gonfalon and a. merry tussle is anticipated when tho two cluba clash. The- Buicius will bo on hand with the Htrorigest combination for'hitoruat Is r u n n i n g high. A largo crowd ta expected lo bo on-hand for the fray. · SIDE CAERS ISSUE CHALLENGE; READY FOR ACTION 10 :i 11-t 11!) 127 IfMi 114 ·115 H i S -110 Totals 745 B9S MOULD SHOP. 730 2171) Totals - 708 604 657--2029 You git Motor Knyder -- 130 131 144-- 414 Snmll 121 150 128-- 399 .Moorman 0-1 -- ---- 84 Oonwiiy . 165 135 108-- 408 Howear -- 152 ISO 1-18-- -ISO rj M l _ 121 136-- 251 Totals 671 717 664--2052 BEARCATS DEFEAT WILDCAT BOWLERS IN B, 0. LEAGUE Tho Wildcats wont down to defeat at Iho hand.; of the Bearcats In a hot f o u g h t in the B. O. Depot League: at the Klkfi Alleys, losing two out oE thrco etavtfi. \Veleh was high scorer with a totnl ot' 505 for tho three frayn. Th» scor«-s: SHIPPING DEFEATS PACKERS ·IN DUCKS MATCH The Shipping I*epartirt*nt "won two out of three garn^s f r o m . t h o Pa^okinf; Dopartm-ent in f h o Capstan -CMARK Duck Pin Lagu-^ last nig^hit on tho Elk alleys. Frc-nok was tho boe« bowlor with 17L' !'r on-o game and 4!4 for ithr-ee games. SHIPPIXO. Swa.llop -.. _..149 SI 1GT 400 Hartley 104 85 37 ^SG Dushaw 12,8 104 117 370 Smith 12! 107 316 319 Hiooni .TM I'l:! 1-10 1-£S -J31 Fronek ,, ll 140 172' -154 Beiber 1.31 Amttrlseo SO Dummy S5 Jail .f; am 13 4 So!io:iago .... 15S Totals 92 110 121 SS U'S 3).'! asi 130 7'.! 13S sr 115 149 «8i S074 Totals -- Kay lor Mil lev Lander Celt McBlhiney King ,..Darbin Totals 783 609 847 229!) P VOICING. 1.T7 131 12-3 SOI - 77 169 109 S-(S TIGERS TRIUMPH OVER PANTHERS JN FAST GAME The Tigers took tho odd contest from tho Panthers in the Baltimore Ohio Depot Bowling Leaguo at tho Elks. Alleys, Shaw of the Tigora let! with. 233 for quo fray antl 477 for the night's performance. SCOTLAND YARD CONFRONTED WITS .ANOTHER MYSTERY ... Ry trn!U-l Pre.ia. .LONDON, J a n . a -- W i t h the "amaz- SiiK" rcoorl of i i i n n ui'solvml nxirtlers of 192.0 fi-tl!i c}iocki,Kl up against Scotkuul Vanl, tho pollco foui d thoni- HolvcH confronted wtt'i a ten h mye- tory tills early lit 1930. Tho body ot ti w o m a n knov n undr the nfimcfl oC Mrs. J5(! th Due; ton and Mrs. Warn \viia fouml Weclne ulay beneath a rn;; in «i back room i a «hop at Bradford. The body tvas · lad only In n i g h t cloiiiwv Tho Isead .ad been nearly severed. A neighbor'ti daug itor v ho had ·it«ycl w i t h Mrs. BucSrton Monday n i g b t rc!{KJrted (hat she ha. scan a man attempt ing to en tor the hop, u n M later saw liw fuc n-, the w ndow. · Scotland Yard is aiso Avf rlcing on the mystery ot ih" H/nppe ranco of Van Dyck'« noUM p.'iir.tiiig, "Concert Des Angofi," n o m n w h c r o bet^ :en Bru«- sels and lxm!o». Thoy an working on tho theory tho t h e f t was 00111- rnitt«-:l by an International g ng of art th levee. 1.30 140 !0 f i 112 17:i llfi 4K! .'... S3 113 158 :{'«3 Ill 111 118 :MO C(iS Sll 770 2.WJ I J a l d w i n Hood IHuuuiy Totals .171} ISO 149-- ti05 .... '.'. 11-t If,!! 1G1-- 428 gy ill 124-- 324 us 129 146-- 390 85 S6 93-- 2GG LANDLADY, 69, BECOMES BRIBE OF BOARDER, 24 Tiuilhers M u l l e n . . . . ......... ___ _._ 167 1!S 136--401 Q t i i n n ------- : ___ .'_ 12H 104 106 -- 33U Falco ..._ _________ 116, 12S 143 -- 3S7 Zinnna .. ...... ....... __...._. 82 120 133-- 335 Totals ,, 401 f,00 E1S--· 1509 'l%ors Shnw .... ~ _ 119 125 233--177 C n l t :.. S9 100 110--317 Pauitella -- 11.5 l.;i!i 124-- 37S Percy - _...._ ia« IG-t 120-- 410 Totale 453 527 596--1582 f82 6,1!) C75--1910 Wildcats FiersehnaHor 150 30 95-- 331 M. Lohan. S5 lao 100-- 311 Koegan 108 97 WG~~ all Brinker 110 100 109--384 140 89 100-- 336 'l, W. Va., Jiin." 31-- Announcement ·vvi'd made yesterday at Merra Alta of tho marriage Mori-day atterncxm oE ^;rfi. M i l l i e Wilson, 69, widow ot: David Wilson, and Marshall Zweyci-s, 24, both of White Oak, near thoro. Zwoyor had luul.becu boarding at tho Wilson hu;m. SELECTED AS HEAD Diminutive Snow! irrl Skims Over tae Totals - 60S 501 510--1C22 BALTIMORE OHIO ^ PASSENGERS SWEEP IPARAMOUNT OUTFIT Tho Baltimore Ohio Paseongors won thre,» etralghta from tlie n i o u n t artit;tts in tho City Indiititrial .LiowUiiK League at the Elks Alloys. Hob:ii t ;-HI wan hij;h scorer with a to'.al oi' i.'j.S for lhi three games. T h i-i.' 'I'ev:: i'arutnount. 12S 1R6 90-- 360 1IJ3 10- llli-- 351 117 121 S9-- 327 0-1 111! 115-- 355 ir.; 174 1-SG--- 442 Die In C'lair for Mnrdor. OSSIXJ.N'O, N. Y., Jan. 3,--Frank Kowajski, 25, ;uid A r t h u r Ui-ownv 3-1, \voro electrocuted at Slug Sing lato late night for ho niurde-r in a Buffalo saf-e robbory of . Polkoinan Harold Chiiltinun, on December 22, 1328. NEW YORK, Jan. 3.--Fordham University announced tlie ru-eiigagenient of Major Frank "W. Cavanaugh as head football coach for Uio WHO seation. Tho "iron major" who turned out an undefeated eiove-n at Fordliatn in 132!i sui-d two month'*} ago hu dki not oxpe-ct to re-ncvv his contract but university oJflclals yerstertliiy sall they liul no tlilllcillty arranging terraa for a new ttgroomeut. Polish Ace Trains for Debut K. N i x o n \'.-n 1 -'r.-:ki W a r . u e r K. .Nixon ? ; ) «·!! 5t2---1S35 0, 115 i:'7 1-11-- 42: i.... .115 l;'(l S5-- 320 ..." no ui 130--- sni l:;;i l O U !(!'-- 458 Po/ancT's .,,,,,., : ; famous f^^ track .star, and conqueror of Paavo Nurmi, the Hying Finn, about to make a sprint at 102d Engineers A rmory, , New York, where he is training for his first American appearances. The fleet- footed Pole is considered one o! the track sensations of recent years. Nowsrcol) 'Little Karen Lloyd, fi daughter of Mr, nnd M est Lloyd, of 18:i6 K St ; ington, D. C., is ono c ardent enthusiasts of w' ; at Laku Placid, Mew Yr a tiny but highly popa of the large winter 1 co has alrcttdy assembled- /e-year-old ra. Demar- eot, Wash' ( the rnoft ;iter sporta rk. She i.i ar momber ony which Soviet Air Ace Offers | Aid in Eielson Search' Boris Chulchnovsky, , and hero of tho sea Genera! Uniborto No! the North Pole region; Ilia services in the sc'? ]3un Eiclson and Ear! J two American fliers missing for several they flew to the aid fur steamer somtiw! Arctic regions ussiun flier : -ch for the ile party in . has offered -.·ch for Carl ·orland. Tho have been weeks since ·f a stricken ere in tho Tho W-osi. Side bji.sket.ball. coached Ijy A t i B t f n AV'IHs, in J^w ready lo' !«k g-anrea wi-tb, any llrsl; class combination in or o n t o E tho city a« tho makes preparations for 11 coiwiertfrd 1 drive to a d d the ohani'plon- shtp laureia to its :ollcc(:toii. Th-mnn-aRein l .iTt, in annoiin«in:g th« challenge which 'bars no outfit, cited, tho Koagy Cornrrrs aa ono ot tho aggregations that is expected' to bo en- ooantoroti. Any team wanting: to n\e«t tho West SSlor« siioiild call ISS't ani ask for "John." BERUN CAGERS WHIP SOMERSET WITHDRAWS FROM SOMERSET LEAGUE Hooversville and Cairn brook New Members of County Basketball Loop, SEASON WILL · OPEN TONIGHT Salisbury High School's withdrawal from competition, the addition o!' Hoovcrsvlllo and Cairnbrook an new members, and tho divfeion of Uio cir- c u i t into two sections aro tlio changes rnadc In tho Bomoraol County High School Basketball League. o£ Pennsylvania, for t.Jio 1930 season,' which opeiitf tonjg-lit w i t h Meyersdalo oppoe- Ing Wludbor on the lattor'u floor. Salisbury has announced Ite withdrawal after being a mcmbe-r of t h u circuit since it was formed a mini her of! years' ago, du« to tho fact that the ne-eestj.'iry material efiscnUal to huild- I / I K a team which could malcc-at Icafit a fair (showing against other J-eaguu clutxi waa not. available. Salisbury threw up tho epongo after its; tea:n had fared too poorly in ji«j:-Ioagiiii Mrs. Jack Reams, wife of Jack Dempsey'a former manager, is suing Jack Kearna fur $500 a month alimony, which ,iha says ha a|*reed to pay her in 3 924. This legal battle ia Intensely interesting to friends of both pai-ties, Jacfi refers to tha plaintiff aa "Miiss Edith Angel," announcing that she never was his wile Beriitj Collegians defeated Somerset at tho Somerset Armory Wednesday night by a .scorn or 39 to 25. Driggfl, JjOlchliter anrt Zimmerman wltli i'our fiolcl Koals each led, 1'or tho Berlin Bcorers, Livelihood scored six double-deckers for Somerset. SPORTS GLEANINGS CJiissiliiMl A d v o . t scments Bring results. Try .hem. Tiio orlpplod Piralo hock«y' team l a s t uSght rtofoateii Ottawa, 3-1. * * t I'll.? suprcm-acy of N'otro Damo sus tlifl o-iiamplon'S of football ha.s been n«flnitoly established by the. defeat of Pitt by Southern California. * i* ' Stanford University's board of aihlotic control has spent $1,S95X)00 on extra projects, ss'wjniml)]® pools and tho like. Tho football gfl.nn» also pay tho entire coat of iphyaicai education for men. » » · Jewel Ktis, who has le-on a resident of St. fxiutu, expocts to establish' a permanent r-wsidonce In. Pittaburg, now tiiat ho -has b-een rnado tbe manager ot tho Pirates. * * * The New York Qianta hare already scheduled 23 exhibition contests to bo played prior to tho opening oE the major Je;ignt basobal) season. « « n Mike O-onzalea who 'has served 14 yoara in the 'major loaguea, and for the past tlve with Chicago, has been handed his unconditional r-kase by tho Brul n.s. Michigan Slate Boxing Oonimis- ion has suspnded Art {Tho Ck-'Oat) Shires from lighting in that State. It IK r«iWTted h-o ondoavo-rotl to gxs-t Battling Ci'iss to "Jay down" in their light W-eUnemlay nig-ht. ror Bargains T Road the advertisements lu Tho Daily Courier. Use our olassifiod »(lverlisemont8. MAJOR RALPH SAASE NAMED HEAD MENTOR OF WEST POINT GRID ICANSAS CITY, Jan. 3.--Appointment of Major Ralph tiaaeo as head cone)) of football at the United Staiefi Military Academy to st cced Captain "Bon"" Jonw next f a l l officially was confirmed 1y General 'William U. Stnltls, superintendent of tho academy. PENN STATE QUINTET RETURNS FOR TRAINING STATE COIJjEGH, Pa., Jan. 3.-Penn State's basketbalJ aquad has resumed training for Ihe opening of tho schedule here this wa»k. Tho training season, interrupted by the Christ- mag recess 10 days ; go, is about finished. Bethany Colic-go v.-tll opon the schedule on Saturday night. Following this game there- w i l l be three others within the spaco o£ a weak, with Montana State, Western Maryland and Carnegie Tech appearing hero in, that order. With the exception at Captain Neil Stahley, \vho jilayod lit the East-West football game in San Francisco on Now Year's Day, all o·'. thu first string man have returned Stahloy had originally planned on r e t u r n i n g to State College by plain iu time for tho ganio but later fount I that ho could not make it. ItuMo Leaves D-tro!l Hotel. OBTROIT, Jan. :;.---Ortiz Kubio, presdd-wut-sleet of Me^-ico, hia wife ami -two children i-eft their hotel .hero last niffh/t ami tlrovo nwa.- without tellfn-jf anyone tlioir dostina.ion. Pr6riot:sb r IK; had aaid that demonstrations against, him by radicals "were oi! no ianportance-." Wlion \'on V/ttnt Smncttilug Use tho Classified Advertls-einenAa. From Diamond lo Ring Tho trend of baseball players toward pugilism not caught Regan napping. Tho star second busemsn oi the Boston Red Sox is shown wrking out on the punching bag in tha Keystone 1 tlttetic Club, Pittsburgh. Kis admirers claim that' '·n would put ip a brilliant fight with any of tha other Diamond men who believe their fistic -owess can ba displaced to advantage in the fig hi ring. N'oiv«real) (luteruutlfllil Tho withdrawal or Saifabury will be fsad news to the fans of tho Ponimyl- vanla town since it was only a few years ago that w i t h niich .stars ae the Lichllter Brothers, Young; EnK'e and Uvengood, Salisbury High captured two league championships. Tho dividing of tho league into two sections places Somerset, Wlndber, Berlin and Meyersdalo in ono eection. Tvhilo Boswell, Bock wood, Cairubrook, Hoovoravlllo, Stoyestown and. Fr^edens will comprise the other. The. teanw in the respective sections will nloy honie-aud-homo ganicts with each other and tho champions of eacli section will meet In a ee;:ict5 of three games to decide the league tltlo as well an tho championship of District V. of Pennsylvania. Then the titl«holder of DiBtrict VI will be met in a state elimination contest and the ·winning team will compote In the stale championship tourney which w i l l likely bo held at Harrisburg, There are eight districts in the titato and four tcaniri will eventually fight it out Cor stalo honore. "fell" Fuller Will Get Service Cross Formally Jan. 16 UNIONTOWN, Jan. 3.-- Tentative arrangements for the official presentation. o£ tho Dlstingulehed Service Cross recently awarded Smith "leh" Fuller of 43'^ Soitt.Ji Bceeon IxnUevfti-d by tho War Department for valor under firo iu Franco in lius, w-eru ma4e yeetorday by officiate o£ Iafay- -ette Pout No. 51,, American Legion. The tontotive date e«t for tho a f f a i r is January Hi at thcv Gallatin C-arrlens. Uude-r tentative plans a public affair will oo made of the presentation. I t is expected that tho crows and silver etar citation accompanying it, will, be preeentetl f o r m a l l y by an officer representing tho Commanding- General, Third Corps Area, Baltimore, Md., amid full military settings. Arrangements for formal presentation of tlie cross were be(;un yasteiN day upon receipt of a ietttr by "fan" from Mnjor Ooneval C. H. Bridges, Washington, D. C, the Adjutant-General of the U, S. Army, Informing- him the' Quartermaator-Generai had beon authorizci to a w a r d the- ero-rii after it had/ been suitably engraved. "leh" wlio served In Company it, 110th In- f a n t r y , 2S1h Division, in franco as u soryeant won tho honor in action when be juisuiued command of members of his u n i t after all officers ha; boon either lulled or woumlel while altucldng tlie Bote-de-Grimpettee. Through hia dovotion to duty and dis · regard for yeraonal danger, Sorgeair; Fuller wa« able to maintain th: morale of the men w i t h him and p r e vent recapture by the Gentians of tin position held by hki u n i t . The citatio.i accompany i n g the crews (states P u l l e r remained u n d e r heavy Jiro with ])i rf nn?n for two d.-iys, before being r - lievcd. Tho tenttttlva arraiigemonls are 1).ff i'orwardoj to the Third Corps ar-a miinHjiclor f«r his approval. It fe not expected tliat (.hero will bo any chan; o lint, u n t i l official notice of is received, Hie plans will roma n teu-tativo, post officials «(./itod. LEFFLER IS AGAIN HEJ BODY J l A R R l B B U l U i , , f a n . ;5. IlosH L. I j e f f l e r of MoKecKport y-c^t.orday v a n .T«-el«t:tc(l presid-ent of tho Sfcifo H o a r d of fianse Caamifsstoners. llv 1ms ixKMi pr-e.sideal. sinci) ,Inn.e, l'J27 J. :\i. 11. I'l-eis C New CtwstVe v,-a« again chosen vice- I n d i c l c d I!iiulvf»|){ Suicides. Nl:}\\ r YO-H.K, .lan. S.--AbraTam L a u t o r H t « i n , 44, ot U r o o k l y n , in-dit tod witii i i i u u l.liera on char-sos of fo:-jn- iiiff a " b a n k r u p t c y rniK" (o cngi; txr' tho $5(ifl,0fo f a i l u r e of tho National Homo O i i U i U i n g C o m p a n y oC p:lt»- b u r g anil Now York, hil-c lost irglu w-as found a siiioitk* h.v luniging in Ills i'urnitupo store.

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