The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 29
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-MONPAY. AUQU8T 17, 19M 701 HOIKS fOt SUE stcBBLLAB PARK l, , HMtm Beagslew MM , , MMACULATS HOMI IN EXCEL-lenl neighborhood. It II. living room and ecperel dining room. California kitchen, good tilt 4 -bedroom, lovely fenced and lendereped lot, carport. For appointment call Rita Mitchell. Ill-till, or tan Wathen, Hi-1111. Roddick and MacO a I d. "Realtor.- 73B-1737, . NRW EXCLUSIVE, 414.44 SIMPSONS - SEAM AREA AT- trectlve SHMoroom dtkh ana engelstone . bungalow, p a a d any and oarport Snlahed ree- reetion room max una an eui. standing buy. Call Mra. Jooss fiI-7Jl. Mra. Scharf. tas-ltot. Katlr Jeoore. Ltd, rRealtort' 734-1001, . ! . 4 BEDBOOMI IMMACULATE TWO - STOREY, Mm fenced lot In raatdanUal Watt (nd araa. Cloaa to achoou and all fecllllleo. for appoint ment call Turner 'Raal Estete. Realtor.' Ttt-tllT -DONALD O. CHARBONBAU LTD. lt McLeod at. -BeaKer- ELMDALB AREA. FARADAY IT . a-badroom brick, family noma, etoat . FWwr Park High iohool and Rhndant Public School. ' BEL-AIR, SPUT-LSVSU S MB- attacnea rag.: ouni-n. counter-to tov. bnanv feullt.lna. Lara lot. USOAR ST, TWO - STOREY brick. Idaal family noma or boardlnf hones. Offers Invited all Mra. Anoerson. nmao ' tiM will svr BRITANNIA. '-' 3 . BEDROOM t- storey.' goon m, wnw Terms. MM. LJ A. McKinley ivIm -Realtor.'' 333- ssat. evealngi . Mr. O'Connell, THOi. IHIPMAN LTD. BEAt.TOR ,-Caringweed tbeppmr PMaa aeon u Veers 114-ltll FO TUB NEWLY WED OR RE- tired. ChOloe or lour a-ow " i. meat End. Dlf ' tereM area. . Price, term, all Biaiao afafkt. " . . itnvnui FOR A BARGAIN rartm oeelfnea wiwm w IamIv eeeuUtlon. Lara mitdeeaeed property. Slav and M f rtdae incKaaeu. "nry "J"-;... fl.jeO AND. Mt DOWN. BUYS awMMi miaM. n laraa oeorouoi heme. Sunporcb. garag. not wAavnanAU. SPLIT LEVEL. frt-excellent omnn, on tare-let. only mlnutaa from Ottawa. .Baal buy erx at ni nm ntAMI HOME, IN TOP a-wiiiiM roup . naflaaa neo' Sens, lovafar Rvll roam with oaiural mm nrenlaee, (araaa arfbMU. - ruiv sis MO liaM' FOR- WEST END DU- pm, good, eonoitio. rroco ' to a T 0U.CAN0WN j ;4-BDR00M " " ALL ELECTRIC Trend .:; H ' . ' -V r' "FOR ONLY. 1 I c $128 "fli THE AlX ELECTRIC " COMMUNITY OF. , Woodroffe ; - Only K mile touth of Bats-thy. Rd., on WoKxlrofftsAvt. Wt ";"C.' SALES OFFICE 722767?,.;:. A. -v I, .1," '. 'V... THE SMART- . ., HOME BUYER .''I'.- ;'a,CHECKS.;. - ... SATURDAY'S, tr a . . i " ' i innr ' nuvtc t ' ' BUYERS' i GUiDE ' 'THE JOURNAL " loiA iPUIIMOmfOtSAif LABOt 7-UNIT BXCBPTIONAIXr WELL LOCAT- v at In aaleot and eonvealant Con-Ira Town area, with In mlnutaa at -all uptown amanltlaa Thu fiSly raMod apagtmant la offered far gale be out of Ham owner, Aeklng only taooo. Thla un- ueuei opfwrcanity mama your tmmeeXate attention. A. a. Bey- man. McKeown Realtiea bat., IP! tang, evenfna Ttt tttiv kit PROP WTD. NEW YORK OP) .Sporta- ' tMttf Jack Whltaker reported the rasulu of the New York Yankees biitball gam en WCBS-TV Friday night Bflfl6T,'5; CBS.."- .ontrn Green 702 r HOIBB FOI tEMT AVAILABLE ., DOUBLE, 1 BED- rooms. ,noet.,l. gin, wa-aooa. AVAILABLE. 1-BEDItOOM HOUSE. Eumrala Aaraa. naar abopptns. achool. church, fiat, rnon ia-t7ti. BUNGALOW. WEST END.' t BED-room, dan. doubla aarata. tltt. at-4iai. BUNGALOW. ALTA - VISTA, a badcoema. Sraplaea. garag. large traad tot. Mual ba aara. Adulla pcalarrad. laa-tltt. CARUNGWOOD. I Oil I - BED- bungalow. garag. I a r g a lOt. PIH. 7 )aa-M. CENTRE TOWN. SINOLE. MOD misaa, raaacoraiaa, it naut-room. Exeallcnt for larga adult family, tint ' laa-IMT. CHILDREN ACCEPTED. tM. t bodrooraa, living room, ale o a a. modern kitchen, bath, all haat-ad. narking, all Murray. Apt. aU-Mot, 7-t. EXECimVE HOME, WILL 'SUIT diplomat. 4 oaoroom. plug pn-vata apartmant or maid i ajua-tar. raeraatlan roora, l1) bath. doubla car. (araaa. urpa jot. taso monthly, . arrrigemnu mad 11 furnlahlnga dcalrad. PAt-ana. i. EXECUTIVE HOME. WILL SUIT Diplomat. 4 badrooma, plua I vata apartmant or maid 'a quartan ncraatlon room, l'i batha. doubla car (araaa. laraa lot 1350 monthly. arranganaanta mada u rum tailing aaairad. PAt-aar. FARM HOUSE, 4 BEDROOMS, ail facuitiaa. atituviua aia-gou. FISHER PARK AREA. II DOUBLE. US. a badrooma. garag. Oct. I. T2-77M7 ovnlna. FURNISHED. I BEDROOMS. Me-Kallar, garag. Nor, -a, monlh. Boa E-414. aounial. . FURNISHED S-BEDROOM B U N- Salow. Urbandala Acres. $130. allabla Octobar ta May. 7U- 7373. FURNISHED. .J BEDROOMS. Ovarbrook. T4t-Sat aftaa t pm. HERON PARK. HALF DOUBLE. badrooma. tlU. 7U-7SI7. LARGE S-BEDROOM UPPER AND lower duplex, aaa-1144. LA ROSE STREET, I BEDROOM houae. available, now. 1125. nice laraa fenced yard. eM-ataa. NEW, t BEDROOMS. I . BATHS, apacloug room. Call or vtalt 14 S PouHa Avenue. tat-SMI ar 'm-m. . t OVERBROOK, SPANKING HEW S- bedroom bomaa. lift. a34-aat. fts-nts. . - . PERFECT HOUSE FOR , CHIL-h dren, ready for Beat. I. walfclns dlatanea from bua, aebool. and cburch, newly . pafnleeV : a ' room, eeml-dotached, Bmmala Aarea, rent SIM. - SU-t741. BENT t7o PER MONTH, t BED- - room pnea wttn tancoa yarn, ejulet aelghbornood. avaflabl Oct.' I. Empreea Avenue near Albert. Oil neat available. Ban E-431. Journal. RIVERSIDE PARK EAST. HOD- ; amamc aont-ievei. a run- oatn- rooma, carport, larfe yard. Oo wifiMM a aann - aaeaaa ROCKCLIFTE. t BEDROOMS, LTV- tnf room, olnlng room; pteca beta, aunroom, attached (araaa. all beat pnaaamlnn arranged Aaktna tsoa. By aopouitmaat only, M. Raaa, taa-a7l. Canada Permanent Truet ' Cam pany. SANDY HILU SEPT.-L t BED- rooena. amine ream, -nvina kitchen, electric etove. rafriaera. tor oil boated. , Apply 111 Dty or call lU-aoaa. between 1 and a. SANDY RILL, t ROOM. -BB- novatad L on neaunf. g Mbribe- rouan. anen. SEMI-DETACHED BUNOALOW. bedraoma, near Monlfort Hoa- Bltal and Central agortaaaw. ttaa. Available tat mediately. Da a. asa-Tavt. avenmaa laa-aioa. SEPT. ,1. S BEDROOMS, CAR- i port fireplace, doea to echoola baauUfuUy landaaapad ..and fenced. tat-Taaa. ' , WEST END, 4 BEDROOMS. HALF , double, I tb oatna. recreation ram, aeran. eiaw. fae-eiaa. WESTOATE, LARGE S-BEDROOMl aeml detached, axbra powder room. tlU. 7ta-aiK, tvanlaen TZJ-Mia. ''.-, . , I YEAR OLD. S-BEDROOM BUN. (alow near Engllah and French acnaola, beatnllut uaaatai view at the City at Ottawa and Hull. Large playing area for ehlMrtn, Available Aug. it ar aept. i. can anytime, aae-aam S-BEDROOM DUPLEX. UNEQUrP- peo. parting. Ttt-eMa. arter . a BEDROOMS. SEMI 4 DETACH- . eo. quiet roeioenHei area n , Weet End. vloe to aeboola. available aapf. 1. tiai. aaa-iaaj. S-BEDROOM BUNOALOW, LARGE m tor (aran, eieee va ecnooia. churcnea and chopping:. Children moat welcoroa. tae-ai S-BEDROOM BUNOALOW, PIRB- placa, carport eternity carima-wood ShoppMf Centra. Vl-aees. S-BEDROOM DUPLEX. LARGE. heated. HJO. nt-tlt4: argnlna 7ia-a4ia,. , available immediately'! f - 3 BEDROOM HALF DOUBLlf Nawty faoatad, lam tod- at ... 333 ZEPHYR ST. !4t aacarlhiy; which laaradaat kaat otarrrlctty.- waiar. -' From to S can 336-2319, -' Evtningt 334-S226 -" ENJOY A NEW WORLD OF - COMFORT -IN -A MINT0 T 6 W N HOUSE - i 1 -. Wonderful cererree HvK m a new a- or t bdraam "apart. albUIIF Enjoy the aolet, pre. vaey. and apaetougnem of a fine new noma and (arden -PLUa the eonvenlenee -at , apatunanl Uveas. PRIVATE COUNTRY 'CLUB .".i- oa' Indoor Pool . , btymale-SIa Outdoor. Pool . ' Regulation Qyiwaaelaea : Sanaa Batha ' - Rteraatloa Roama CMtdrea'a N unary. .-' BAYSH0RE, Carllnt Ave. or Richmond Raadi nut watt at the Pin-, treat Rd. mleraactioa. Dally .111 t t at Bundayt HI t. atav tl. , . the Ottawa journal 29 gg-.rf ,.rlX.t arlr-am- . r TlBaBjT I " fc ft 'Tl II I ' Ifl If I llll I ItMl rB TW ' -iyitjl ijl jk tJftH s , , .VILLAGE CONFERENCE - , LieuL Mike Perreten, 23, of WiUlamt Ultn,, BCi second from left, diacuisea . local problemt with Greek Cypriou In a cs ft In the village, of Avkav Crroolaoa. near the Kyrenlan Mountains. LifuL. Ptrreten is heaif of s 28-roan tktaKment of Royal , 22nd Regiment forcea serving wit, the United Nation peace-keeping force on ' Cyprui. Canadian Press corTeapondent Peter Buckley, left, accompanied Perreten Id , .the meeting. '.! J-, ft'ii.4'--j-'i;?! ? '-' , . . ... "i.v,,.-j. T... -,-,-,iv tcaairnal Photrt 702 KOUSQ FOI RLUT , (Cont. tram Praaadlna Columni S BEDROOMS. OIL HEATED, l atain nireet. Aytmer. occupancy Sept. I; at4r404l. ' ' S-BEDROOM IN ROW, tlot. SEP- lambar. uvernrooa. Tta-atni. - S - BEDROOM HOME NEAR R CMP headquarter. 1W. . T4o- 441S. 4-2g '- 4 BEDROOMS. WALL OVEN. Daeayarov uionwooo uomauM. ImmadlaUIy. aat-taU. . , . , 4 BEDROOMS. NEWLY DECOHAT. ad. Sept. I. CES-1713. bvanlnta. S LARGE ROOMS. UPPER. Du plex, Centre Towp, SM . 1X1-724a evening. . . . ROOMS. a BATHS, (110. ALSO a bedraoma. tiaa. 7-3aaa. ' I IROOUOlt ROAD 4-BEDROOM U DOUBLE. AVAtL- awe unrneoiaiejy. . i iB- o a i n e. : dining room. Attractively land- era pad. 721-4173, carport, racrea- anu iwh a oaaiww. . s-beoroom aroufE - NEWLY DECORATED. OIL HEAT- log. lla. 44 Third, Avenue. Appointment EU-taaa; &-! ..n.iu. M aaa' f - . TOVlX FIND A, HOST OF OOT- etandlns borne faaturaa. A tew ,. example: geramlr . tMed. bath- room with aapanarva vanity, pa. eleus planned work-aavint kit-,Cben-lata aba advantaaa . af a arparat dining room. A , full . lanaa. hndacaned erounda. Thla' aeml-detaehed Home la Meally s located with achool, ehurcbe , and Carting-wood Snotrnln Cen tra Ctoee by, Mr, .RotMcblldi FVBNISHED BCNQALOW ATTRACTIVE S-BEDROOM BUN- alow. AIM Viet, Octobar I. T3S-I ' CLOSB TO CIVIC HOSPITAL TWO-' COMPLETELY FURNISK- ad aparlmenta In aw order trt- piear. -an wtui a ova room, tne 'other with ' I. - Fully equipped i Vttb linen, dlahee. Ma. Van - pica condition, dean and. attrac tive, and available immediately, Suitable I nureaa wishing t ahara accommodation. youn( ; couple Enoeiient autrtct. No. lasa. Mr. i. Sharkey. Tte-StM, evenina. Rdellff BaalUas Lid. ' ataaJtor." a-BBOBOOM, WESTOATE, Hit NEARLY NEW, HALF DOUBLE, moaera aitcnen, large living and mnin(, ruu t fenced lawn: aardea. t Oct I. saa-7ett. ' . NEAR WEiTOATS BEAUTIFUL S-BEDROOM ROME good ilea room, well-planned kltahen. wHnbt walklna dlatance of waeagete aalapptns Centre tit. iae-eaai. Near Westgate' t bedroom attached kmaet. weed noera, paved yard, cloaa to all eervieaa. Immediate occupancy i, ' -j .-;. , " $105 ' From DALESVILLE INVESTMENTS 1450 MORISSET. 729-0734 ' t)elly, ' Evewmge, f Jt-t p.nC V .3-BEDR00M' ;maisonehes ; ' . $105 $110 . Ooae to RockellSe Air Rate. CM H C. aenoola, ehopplng, tranaportatlon. ; IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY . AVAILABLE . lJ 234-3228 235-l0 i t 4 ' 3-' CUMMINGS avenue i 'in.;.- . tie" - r irOWN';': HOUSES.. Eaat of St. Laurent Blvd. off Montreal Boa.' ,-e-eeamnm with private' and paved driveway large Live tot a park where few a-htldren ar aefa while plarlng an v convenient to gcnonl Eaceilewl treeaportatloav eVy . f mlnviae t Oowhtowo. vi (water lncliJled) ' 82S-2703 i T .x Evenings and week-ends i. 749-6116 Subsidiary of, Trendsetter1 T- '' ' n i Homes ' 102 , , MUJB WR UXtUl ICont. from Precedlna Colu.nnl ' BRITANNIA "' 1-BEDROOM tl DOUBLE. -It, batha. aeparate ' dining room, fenced yard, (araaa. til), aaa-tait. 4 BEDROOME, SINGLE BOMB OTTAWA SOUTH. S ROOMS AND bath, (round floor, a on aeoond. ISO monthly. McKeown Raal-Ue Ltd. 131-40 I7.M. ADBUNB BTREET S-BEDROOM. -SEMI-DETACHED - brick Sept. 1. Apply S. O Mecy and Son. "Realtor" and General lneuranc. aa) Laurter Avenue ' Baal. 131-19DJ. MANOR PARK AREA ' I and t Bedreoau - . - lu at ta llt.M TERRACES OR HALF DOUBLES' : adjacent to CJd.H.C two . bathroom in tome, large room, lull , baiement with an oil heating unit, ample parkins, two block "- tram Queen Elizabeth School. Rid ecu High School, tranepertt-. tkm and chopping. .Apply eel , Cummins - Avenue, ar S. 0. Mecy and Son -Real tar" and General lneuranc. aas Laurier ' Avenu, Seat. U7-l5 ' tit PINRCRBtT ROAO' 4-BEDROOM V, DOUBLE. lk . bath, epaeloue living room and kitchen, fenced yard, 1 block from achool and tramnortatlon, 'tiaa, .sat-aais. ' ' ' '" 1 - BEDROOM SEMI-DETACHED bungalow, for Sept In excellent location. Cloa CMHC heed orllo. Ride High School. tc. Good - alead room, well planned kitchen, landaoaptd at. Mr. Jurweia. Tea-wtaa . UNBBATABLB LOCATIONS iit-.-'--. '- t-ttja ttl-Mia Bvga. BAST END. SIS4 PLESSER. LOW. ar aupaea, a badrooma, laraa living room, dining room, hooted aaraa. 4144 WEST END. ttt CHEN1ER. NEW 4 cjodfoome. hvtn room, dlnrng room, and garage, (let. 71-UU. ' 3 BEDROOMS :' TERRACED HOMES, - $135.00 '- t ba lb room, beet, hot water, ten, rerrtgerator. -parking with plus-tat. - '- . 231 BRtTTANY DRIVE ' i '" 745-6MI ' Lincoln Heights Homes On The Terrce " f-.t ..--1 , S-4 ' hedromn Town ' raouaaa dcoratd your cbote of W offefi apacaeua mdoor and outdoor, bvln. private vbaae-anent. mam floor . -pve-v room A beautiful 1ew end many other little extra that make the difference. Located convenient to echoola ( tranapurtelloa) and thopalng. Z '5 VISIT OUR HOMES '(',: AND COMPARE - RENTAL AGENT 2592,RECINA STRErtf " -328-930S 823-6345 ' 705 ' HOIOES WAHTO TO IUT SELLING CALL THOMAS SHIP. - man Ltd.. "Realtor," ta t4t, , tM-17lL. ... , 70JA ROina WMTED TO KXl BUNGALOW.' SPLIT . LEVEL. ' t neorocena. amine room. play, roam, garage: majrimtnu, tm fai-euav, aee-eeoe, eSTVIEW OR EAST. END. t- equlpped.- healed. Ushted. (arege 7-1054 evenina. OCT. 1. a --BEDROOMS. PREPER- aoiy amaie. wiuitn g mile Commerce School, parkin, waah una. t adulla. tat-lltt or aas-t7oa. MODERN HOME. AYLMER AREA. maiiitam--tiow '. t 4-aot. RELIABLE FAMILY. . BED- rooma. Alia . viata. weet End. aepia inner. tX7-a4, RELIABLE FAMILY WOULD LIKE to rent 4-oearoora town houae. Relarancee, Rant aaar iHineMly 4I7J. lla-4179. estenelon 14. SUPERIOR HOUSE OR APART- mem la quiet reehientun district. One aehooi-ag child. Sept 1-lt occupancy, six roome preferred, five ui a pinch. Send deeenp- tton. full particular, to: Clem-re Brtmmell, Newa Ed Iter. The Winnipeg Tribune. Whmtoes. UNFURNISHED 1 . BEDROOM . houae with private warden, t. neson ia-aia I. extension ar. t OR S-BEDROOM BUNGALOW . Alta Vnta preferred. Oct I. tetania, dayai. 711-aiitI evenina aiier . , a-BEDftOOM HOUSE, (LMVALE Aaraa. Sept- I. RSl-elll. J journal Want Adi bring quick results. '..." '. tm omOlflORB W KIT APPROXIMATELY tM SA FT. at . off lea apace at blab clam miiming evauaoie. wompetiuve raie eor rigni pany. rnon no Thomaa. au-tiia for detaila. APPROXIMATELY taa BO. FT (round floor apace plug aqua I apace tat baaemant with plenty of .bead room, at Sta Laurlar W. between Bank and Kent. Aaktng aioo per montb. Formerly uaad aa reetaurant. Fireproof conairuciion. .aii jonn uowney for Inapactlon. Canada Perma nent True! Co, "Realtor", 13J- grati avemnga ite-oaja. , APPROXIMATELY 1.300 BQ FT. office apace, auitable lawyer. and specialty eh ope. ease month ly. B7 aaeioaua aarnar waier. Tjv-evrp. AVAILABLE. OFFICE OB STORE, 70 somaraet weet Reaaonabia. 7aS-tt41. . CK OFF RIDEAU. tOt BQ. FT. .fewly renovated. Reaaona b la oa-itat.. . CARLINO AVENUE, NEW AIB , conditioned of ttee butldln. aay arcm to Quae new ay. a lava toe, free parking, hydro, char eerv-. tee. Jack Aaron and Co LMU "Realtor " U 1-1741. 714-113 COMBINED OFFICB AND APABT- mant or efrlcea only, prominent centre town corner, ground floor, epetlee eoavdllloa. 74-10. oventnaa.' '5 - or meeting hall, aa a 1 ft, well Ughted; privet office and waah-ronma, 4 IS per month, aas-7 11. . - r . v - - ,t , ELGIN STREET STORE. S.500 SQ. it. ju-oxai, evening Tga-ruae. MONTREAL ROAD. CLEAN AND renovate euueing, gee gaontaty. 14S-IWI. - - NEW OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE or workeho apace, ao k a n- l paraing, mt alia aza-iaea. STORE, LARGE, IMA ELGIN ntreet, tmawa. eel eeoi. WESTBORO ON RICHMOND Road ator or office, ir I rr plua tiaeamaat reeaonani renter, auitable for any "bualnam Park ing Oaytlma. tlt-saii or Set- 1141. evantne 7; BICHARDtON AT CABLINO 40 TO IM SO. PTj SUITABLE for any pi utraatonai oriice. new Duiiaing, irom a'v neama, a 1919. ' . - . . - . 70S nOPOTTFOIUlI BLOSSOM ' PARK. BEAUTIFUL CYRVILLB ROAD. LOT 10a a 44, wita fownaetaan. neent -- FOR ANYTHING ' CONNECTED wiui neat neteie. cau nun nin- ney Realty umrted. caa-eeea. LOT t. ltt, tOt MATTLAND. MOUNTAIN LAKE AND tt acre, rood, a aanea: B7.aoa. Tarma, SM-ST7I. MM PRIVATE SAL. AYLMER. MAIN sweet, one nouee. a apart- profeaelonel offieaa. good condi tion. -ie. - SUMMIT. NEAR ALTA VISTA. laree tot 75 a 114. gla.eoo. Ceora Howrth. "Roe Hoc.- In- urence. Mortgagee. 74-TI a-UNTT DOUBLES, A L L IN Ex cellent condition an Meat i n. WUI eell individually ar I par cel, ree-eee. 11.00 DOWN. ST. LAURENT Blvd.. commercial alt wire mm. Iv ermi duplex onlv - tl30t Speculate. Tho. Shiaraan Ltd. neener. xaa-enaa. 7051 YmMDrr noporc CANADA PERMANENT TRUST Cat any in-lftt PARK AVENUE, S-BTOREY brick Mnswr. room, - near Elgin - street. Aakkaj aii,ooa. atfjt R-aaaa. 1 CARLINO AVENUE. 4 - UNIT apartment conversion, an equip ment - in- excellent condition. Gram tS.40t. net 43 4t Aeklng 437.000, rtnenelnt available. LAURIER AVENUE W. REVENUE n-oaucmc arore. rrent, new eaoi-lon. Muet be eold. Asking 470,-no MLS K-OB7. TRIPLEXTFIRST AVENtm. GOOD condition. Asking- 410.00. It-ROOM BAY STREET HOUSE on corner lot (oad cononion 450O down payment beta ere t-UNIT CONVERTED BUILDING . en Metealfa aa Monktaa. tuny rented. 4 unit fumlahed. S 000 down, call John Downey, x- (74, evenina its-vela., , . ATTENTION! "ASK OUVBR" TO I let your property, w nav xa-tereated eitenta- for home and biveetmeht nronertlea at all ra, Dent watt, call' Erneet Oliver Realtiea Ltd, 'Realtor.'' 1M-4IM. evankaa D o e g acnarif , .7-s. . BUYTNOt CALL THOMAS SHIP- man Ltd. -Reoltor.- . aaa-itTi ai-eitii A WISH TO EXCHANGE VtLLAOE term wttb labia Par leree farm on paved road In North Oower area. Claude Thooapioa. Metcelfe la. 707 o-ji-of-Towi norama D, M. CAMPBELL, "REALTO.' , nut of towd piupimi. Iltat - Teiepnon ajamnw eeo. . J. H PATTERSON. -REALTOR." new horoe. farm and villa! property. Kemptvute lss-S3oa NEW JtOMEB. AND OLD-. ALSO Somkrvlll Iroaara, l -vtlte. Brokere, Kemptvnv -SaM I 707 ooi-of-iowi noraiD 1-ROOM HOUSE. St MILES FROM utiawa. ou neatea. not ci. weier. bath, paved road, laraa lot. Alee (area, a p n m p a. aall eeperete or toaetber. For Information call Ottawa. (34-470 aa- Kempt vUle 111-aM I7.JO0 COMFORTABLE - BED- room farm nouee and outbulld-tngs. with hydro, preaaure aye-tern and I acrea. wlthm at mil of Ottawa, ta JO down, antra land available U required. North Gower taa-SUa after I. WINCMEBTBB. ONT. Blgkwar N. at MODERN GARAGE WITH SUPER. teat Service Bull nd Caae Form Equaymnt anwnelaa. I -acre lot and town aarvkea. Prlaad to ecu at 449.0- Only part eaeh rrqutrad. Krneat J. Oliver Real. tie u.. -nee nor. New EO. MLB.. 701 f ASKS FOI UU UO HIT DAIRY FARMS. BUJLDINO LOTS. Broker. Telephone Metcalfe 1. PROPERTIES. H. D, Dawar, Matcalf 1tR4. 300 . ACRE FARM. St UNDER cultivation, modem nouee. e x 100 barn, milk houae. ta elaet etande. Could ba bauaht with or without etock. Char la Hewvel. SMnatoa. Owt. 7W FiJUfi WaITO 100 ACRES APPROXIMATELY. . within St mil aouth or weet at Ottawa. Boa E-411. Journal. 710 COniGQ FO! UU ARMITAOB LANDING. S5 MILES. a LOT COTTAGE ON. GATTNEAU. fumlahed and roomy. Ramaay SUMMER COTTAGE SAFE WA- arfrnt ceaiip lately turalehad. ' It mil from Bmltha rail, an Baaa Lake Writ PO. Box 114. amitna raua. ont VIMTrRirrn mmr.r .wiiw S Bailee from city. Asking at.- vwv. ra vora awoaer. 721- 4504,..,,. i NORWAY BAY 3-BEKKtOOM COTTAGE. WINTER- laad. S-ptaaa hathraem. lars living -oimne room ana kllcnen, fully fumlahed. oil heat g araaa dote to water, laraa fenced lot. A akin oo Phone aaa-taoi. MACINTVBB RBALTIES an -411 , OUEEN-S PARK. AT NICELY with S taadreeata. bathroom, fireplace, lerge acrand verandah, kitchen with s and apace neater 11 ta en g acrea of land with frontage of 35 feet en tne ottaw BUrer. On of our beat lutings at 411.000 complete . PAN ABODE ' MODEL COTTAGES FOR SALE , Large 3 Bexlroom vAt Big Oiacount .. REGAN'S SUMMER HOMES Richrnond Rd. at Athlone 4.y lignum, -v. ..: 710A (onA6aroi5ni At CONtTTANCB BAY. S PUB- -' - aaa - eaA. .a AUOUST-aEPTEMnxn mm waiaerroai. sat beach. Plumb- ana, rao-uae. COMFOBTABLE. a BEDROOMS. vv vonvevtiencea. tammsc. available Septambat. 417-1551. CONSTANCE BAY COTTAGE FOR rest or lor aai. TZSenc. CROW'S NEST COTTAGES. SHAR- ow Mat area, rumioneo. m- eoor gaatiitiea, eere aaady beach weekly. (15-Mal FULLY EQUIPPED TRAVEL trailers lor rant Cook vow-own, and anloy home comfort your holldaya. 44 Kent J tract 313-371, after- 4. 71- rURNUHEO RIVEllPSiOirr COT- beach, t available from 1Mb en. Car It. ar epply BhaB Btatioa, HEATED. WELL FURNISHED. Ju"5 cottaee, ruu bath HOUSEKEEPING COTTAGES. sore asnn aisc a. eaani for fent-t'le, awinunlng. flahui hunting Mentwaki area. 71-ll. ot, tACSIMON. ELECTRICALLY "vvvu eaveeemippan. wen rur- e, awu sere sxnvan. 311 al7. IS-4. McGregor - lake, water- srait conaa. rtmnma water. alectriaeUv equip adTXt, SIS- TRAVEL THE MODERN WAV EN joy roes- notioaya. an tne while aae money. Rent trevel trailer. Apply HolUnp-Taaeel Trail-ar. lt Cerllng Avenue. 721- eieo, wear isv-isee. 7101 COTTAGE 10TS FOI Ull AVAILABLB ON LITTLE BITOBI use. a, a aao, aoe lift oorveyen. aara sonny hydra, paved road. Open yea sjexe eonnecteei wttn term. mteraat 115-011 BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE LOTS. BIG RIDEAU LAKES. t MILES Ottawa,. awe read,-hydro, excellent docking, erutetng, water- nan rai-exun Biter x. CANADA. THE RIDEAU CANAL. 1 . .exerustve waterfront lota. Twin ValNye-i-the-Rtdoau Con. mrvailon Rsemia.- Band Lake act week jtmee ralla and CTtaf-teya Lock. Elm. Ont SOt-oera aetata, iteferesice reanired. uterature. Boa E-a7a, J CHOICE LAKEFRONT LOTS ON Mtaeiaeippt Lake, au year-round. 4 mllea from Ottawa off H lab- way T. Hydra, terma. Col bar nrtoree. Txa-555. , ... COTTAGES AND LOTS. NEW De velopment. . usee nwctaanan, taood ran COTTAGE LOTS ON P B I V A T eke. mile from city. Good riehms. 414-13 Canxebeil's Bay. Ou. COTTAGE LOTS. PRIEST LAKE. a miiee. Electricity, w t a cot tage tram 413 monthly. T7I- eaiv ' i.. - LARGE LOTS, LAKES OR rlvere, (it monthly wp. Lttera-tura.. Keltb Jlavalnpiiienta. 733- lT. .; . OTTAWA RIVEB. at MILES BAST at pambrok. at Bead of Coulee Lake. Part f too era Met, ta mil af eteen. wide. saf aand beach, to lota 140 ft. beach tromsge. IM ft or mar deep WaU treed. Nvdre nd good roam. Excellent bunting, Sahins. swimming end boat-Ing Prtoe Sit t 411 per foot froniaaa. O. E Heooer. PO Boa IT.- WmUimth. Ont Aran Cad 13, telepnone ten-atM. 7101 (OmGE LOTS FOI SALE ICont from Pieced lag Column, PLANNED, SUBDIVISION OF cottage lota at Constance Bay. 923 down and Ml per montb till Kid. No tntereet criargce Can-a Permanent Truet Company, " Realtor .all John Downey, zaa-S7ai. evenmea 74B-0411 SMALL PRIVATE LAKE. It Ilea peat ah. 401-3 Thureo. 1 10. 000. half -5534, -I- 711 A mm CONSTANCE LAKE LODGE COT- tag far rent, boats. Tela phone Carp 440-R-M. 712 ostiEU tmmmma AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM, OF. 1. gqiilnenent, euateic c e r-. I SI 4 Bank. 711-1411 HAWKESBURY, GROCERY etore. abowtne annual -t u r n-aver of 4144.000. Asking price 414.50a Leo Brule. Real Estate Broker. 711-5544. evenings 733- 374. I HULL. HARDWARE, OOtNO CON-cem. eeteblniied recently, excel lent location, parkin. Rcaeon for eelllng 111 health. 777 1504. 771-41. IOTII AND RESTAURANT equipment and- aupplla. Oval Bar and Fixturaa. lot home reel West CE3-4144. MACHINE SHOP. 11 IRVING Avenu. building, machinery. aioca ana tools, neaitn reaaona. 7W-1104. c4-7741. NO CAPITAL NEEDED. GREAT oppori unity for anyone Interested In starting own buamem. Store plua living quarters 333- anv, evenings s3oss. SHOE REPAIR SHOP FOB SALE. After a. 771-3051 SOFT ICE CREAM MACHINES. electric fine sc. new and uaad. c. bureaux. 771-OI4. STORE. RIDEAU STREET. oE- tween cumDrina-e.ins coward. 133-4303. evenings 733- aaaa. " - 1 NURSING HOME OPPORTUNITY Busy a been tee owner ha larfe 3 bedroom hotel, ta mile -from Ottawa. Ha laraa dining room. Would make' excellent nerving horn or hotel for . aentor cfttsene. Will rent entire building taoe plus heat, taxes and Insurance. Only those bl to make 41.00 or collateral deposit aa rental curly need apply. Apply I L KAPELLEK. I . .- Wlncxtaater. or 1 ' H. BESSIN 1 Michael St. Ottawa 713. . nUKUL CONSTRUCTION AND CONVEN- ttoaal loeaa. Qualified anprale- ers. urewtore neeiiy. umitan, OE3-al. CURRENT MARKET RATES ON let and and mortxaa. residential, commercial, city or out of town. Private hand, awn 0434. Journal. FIRST CONVENTIONAL MORT- Isgs loan available. B 0 r q u lort(aga Placement Agency. 73 Cork Avenue. 713-4aal, su ites evenings. WILL BUY AND LEND SECOND mortgagee, at j. panne. - las- area. 1ST AND 3ND MORTGAOE loan. I will buy mortgagee or lend money on them, hi 00 toco, Sll Llagar Slret 315-177 r 733-4741. t FIRST AND t SECOND MORT- sr 10c a. Don a. tone, eow - MORTOAOE LOANS ONE ' Btt MORTOAOE ONE low monthly payment Flret or eeeond mortgage, mortgage hmujbt loene an all typos f amcertbis at lew current re tea. Phone 711-3740: evening 711-1 4014. National Capital In vest- menu. look-.,.;. .I -,-. t ' Her BS ',-' ,., t CHOOSE YOUR OWN MONTHLY renevnaenki an flrat ana green a mortgagee at no extra a es t ta yen. u uua augpsm a eotwinm la pour money problem, atva I' ouraslf a wolcoro braaa. cai. aa-osp. - eamaa- , w 1 1 a m First, Second and Discount ,. MORTGAGE 10ANS FROMOOO TO $25,000 , 4np b tC- apprsbwd veiutl TO HELP TOv BUILD BUY SELL OR REFINANCE YOUR HOME FULL PREPAYMENT PRIVILEGES .. ...,. -, ALSO a--H ?. Royal Trust-Niafjara COMBINED MORTOAOE LOANS - -''-UP TO 41V, q, ' OF APPBAISID VALUE -. ' AT f 44 1NT1JII3T ..' NIAGARA REALTY LIMITED tf METCALFB ST. . j 1 1 sum rti -... V, PHONE 235-1426 .. Membar at OMMJi. , MORTGAGES On SINGLE HOMES v ' MULTI PAM1LY . UOHT COMMERCIAL , - Cell ev Write ' ; - Tht Ontario loaq . ' ;and Debenture Co. Bull toot ' 77 bteteelle 'ii - ' ' OTTAWA -, i 'TEL. a-T7tt ' - MONEY TO LOAN "!,' !' .'. ' i ' ' '-..;' . On be proved city aruaartla at tarreat ma. ' :T Guaranty" Trust Co. ' T of Canada 109 BANK ST.. j ' 332 2601 714 ' WABUlOini vta ACQ. It OR SEPT 1.4 JOS BQ. n., a antraneea, nxsams r. vee-eiee, rae-uiia. BANK BTREET. OTTAWA SOUTH. t JO oaua re lee. 14 ft. eel ho. Dave, 734-743. . .14 TO IM SQUABB FEET AVAILABLB Cltt fJtJNTRB. LO- aaied less than aae mile from Parliament . Hill, aartb at , Oueenaway. - Featuring railway . siding, aptinklered. watchman, free perking C were nee 14 aa 17 Peel.. With your wn front ' door and ktentirtcatlon. Rental from aad. CUP Centre De- ..mpi-... iwwwir ao- mf S344. Evanlna Lawrence Freed l I, - 11. 801 AUTOS FOI Ull ALLSTATE LIFE. AUTOMOBILE, noma Insurance, aaontbly nay-menu Charlaa McBrld. CE5- ANTIQUE CAB. 17 DURA NT aad eondltloa. 41.000 original miles, lota at extra pan. Asking 4150 7ta-tin. BARGAIN, last VAUXH ALL. 4500. 4-door. very good c n d 1-tlon. cream, no ruat lennbtgs. 3-331l eVaytsma. BEST OFFER wen awe taa IB It s t s a d a r d I immaculate vauant laviua BUICK 1451. ROADMASTER SE- I -1 eoMmeue, new sue, radio, excellent running condition, one owner. Ideal car pool trane- pxwuei HV college atu eat eeet mier. Tie-eoz CADILLAC IMS. SEDAN. GOOD condition. 1U-7S1U. CONVERTIBLE. PjONTIAC. It44 custom sport, tuny equipped. 7U-1 11 evenlnaa. DODGE. 134 SEDAN. GOOD running ardor, minor repairs neeaea. Any rfera. a 38-705 ENVOY. tt, GOOD CONDITION, tst Catt after I. T33-e4tt. FOR THE BEST DODGE DEAL IN tow cau ten oeuii, 7aa-a7a. FORD 157 aTATION WAOfjN, 4 cylinder, excellent condition Muet be eold thla weak. Beat oiler take. 734-705 NSORI YOUR (CAR WITH F. Norma MeFarlane. CE3-4454. JAGUAR XK130. FIBREGLASS hero top. 711-7013. LEAVING CITY. MUST SELL It5 Ford. A-l condition, clean, beat otier. rTTxagi. METEOR ' 1L STANDARD,, t cylinder, a-door clean. 334-3434 MINI MINOR . latt, DELUXE, good condition, 470. totl Bloe-eom Drive. MORRIS MINOR CONVERTrBLE.t let Donald, after S. MUST BE BOLDTlMMEDIATELY. Its Poetise Lmtrentlan a dear hardtop. Immaculate condition. fuUy equipped: ha bean privately owned. WIU Ilnaace by month'. 713-4317. OTTAWAe LAROEST SELECTION of English cars and sports eon-vertlhie. at I choose from. All reconditioned and la to eondl-U.X4 throughout, rmm Mat and .' up Percy Cerrter. 4 Moat- rear noaa. T4-iae PLYMOUTH Ittt.l NEW ENGINE. ewe owner, axaai PONTIAC lST. 4-DOOR, t CYL . standard, arfet condttioa tm-- maculate. Beat offer. 73-Taot. PONTIAC 1441 WHITE. 3-DOOS, automatic M-l MnJWlM tire I am. ar, Private. May 734-174, 4-4 pjn. STUDEBAKER LARK. IMS. t cylinder, automatic, radio, excellent condition, clergyman owned ti.50 ar beat offer. It Blackburn -Avenue, 315-4471 TED RICK EH MOTOR BALES. Best velum. IT air mend Bead. 733-3473. VAUXNALL VICTOR. 1MI. EX-celUnt condition, ana war. 40. U3-0eia. VOLKSWAGEN. list. NEVER Winter - driven,- avtatuuueally perfect. .Gains aita 315-751. Locel at. VOLKSWAGEN ll. OOOD CON-dlHoo. Call Rorklaad M3-4t7. VOLKSWAGEN. It, ONE OWN- er. perfect red 10. enow. una. VOLKSWAGEN.' Itt. DELUXE. warp (ood condition. Mat . swains. 74 4117. TODAY'S SPECIAL 141 DODOS . power steeling, redle. nig- : ZZ r.4 $2195 CAPITAL - DODGE CHRYSLER , .LTD. 1554 CARUNG AVE. 'T2-3lia , NEED CASH FOR . ', it , . A NEW CAR: OR ANY OTHER MAJOR PURCHASE? .SEE ROYAL BANK " FIRST AND FINANCE IN . ADVANCE VilTHrV. LOW COST, LIFE INSURED, ; termPlan " loan v 4 a te mewtae ta sap 4 east N eea yea ureal Bey el . , GUARANTEED USED;CARS , ; Tsks Over PeyffHhV , ..'. - . All Cart Whnleiale. . .-: ' All Cart ReeOnOltlOfrril. y. eM MrteM BeWixtlxrVrexM . 4Wtat SI Cemrt. au tern tie .... K Envwy asesn i (St '. ' tl lions. S erUlai $43 . ponttsc. ant.', 443 Falnm wacon' 4tl " M PtmlU amtan ...... 441 'SS Otevassbile 3 dear RT '444 at Chavruktt, S door BT Ml ' tt Chevrolet etatla weaon 74 -SS Butck converttble .,i. SSS MChevrolel sedan , 434 . fe CXevrelrt Imp hi aonv. ttt 'tt Chevrolet 4-doer BT sat . 1 i ", ..... Many Mora to Choose From. " At low M S10 Dowr. : . . -LABEILE . . AUTOMOBILES ' toonx) af Ouarantoed Car 3M RIDEAU ST. (st Frfcl)' , 235-iaa. ,

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