The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Second Part . VOL. 28, NO. 45. GONNELLSVILLB, PA.. FRIDAY EVENIFG,-'JANUARY 3, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES, 'V CLOUDS GATHER AS TIME FOR LONDON ARMS km NEAR; Conditions P r o s c r i b e d ly France May Cause Failure To Agree. By RAYMOND CL/APPER United Press Staff Correepondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 3--As the new year opens the world Is about to witness tho third title in p-t by the United Stater, within a decade to stop the naval rac-o of the chief powers. Next Thursday Secretary of State Stlmeon, heading the American delegation to tho Ijondon Arms Conference, ealte on the George Washington which carried Woodrow Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference. Wilson's minion was to bring permanent peace to a war torn world on the basis of tho tour toon points. The mission which the United States now undertakes ie to prevent another such dangerous naval raco aa that between Great Britain and Germany which led to tho World War. In 1921, tho United States called the Washington Anna Conference and ueked the other four leading naval powers to join in limiting their uaviea. Franco insisted upon such a heavy submarine fleet that Britain refused to limit their cruisers, instating they wore necessary for defence. Tho rosult \v«« that battleship fleets wero reduced and limited but (ho power** remained free to build us many cruisers. submarines and destroyers as they win tied. 1 A cruiser building program by Britain provoked a strong dctmind in America for u big cruiser fleet to match. In 1D27, the Unlte-d States Bought to ward off this threatened race by calling tho Geneva Arms Conference. Both Franco and Italy refused to join. Tho United States, Britain and J a p a n set- led down to limit cruisers, submarine! ami destroyer fleets. But with Franco out of tho conference,, Britain to play sate, insisted upon a iieet of 70 cruieorfi. Tho United States folt that if thic was ar. low ati the- Brithih would go a limitation treaty «t that levc-1 would be a farce. The confer- once bvoko up. Tho United started to build cruisers. Coast Guard Chief Bum Smugglers A blunt statement that tha Coast Guard "means business nnd cannot stop smuggling of liquor with soft words and amiable gestures", was m;ule by Rear Admiral Frederick C. Billard, the Coast Guard commandant, upon being informed that three men had met death at the hands of his service while attempting to run liquor into Narragnnsett Bay. fin'enifUlonal Nowlirool) Fess Will Fight Attempt to Delay Railroad Measure WASHINGTON, F a n . 3--Opposition to the proposal for an i n q u i r y Into the j activities of railroad security holding JJaet year President Hoover decided companies by the Interstate Coiu- t o niako another--anl what many in I h l a country regard ns it final--effort to stave off a deadly naval race. Rant- Bay MoDouald, an outstanding British pacifist, became prime minister in May. Preliminary conversations bo- inorce Commission, before Congress acts on railroo.d consolidation legifila- t l o n developed w l t l i the return to Washington of Senator Simeon D. Fees of Ohio, a u t h o r of (he railroad consolidation bill now p e n d i n g In tho Kan, followed by MacDonakl's visit to | Senate. Hie United States. It was decided to hold a naval conference in 1/ondon. Creat Britain with cooperation of tho United States, aeked J a p a n , Franco and Italy to a t t e n d . All have accept- He declared he v oukl fight any attempt to delay th- seek action on it u* bill, and would soon ae possible after the train.' i« out of the way. Senator James Ccuzens of Michigan, chairman of the Senate committee on od. Tho conference begins lato i n , J a n u a r y commerce, las| 'Saturday said he pro' 'eio'uds arc feathering. Franco has | P° sed to eeek an in«*tlgatlou of euch down conditions which cause many hero to d o u b t w h e t h e r her de- holding companies «e the Allegheny Corporation, controlled by the Van maiKln can bo satisfied, ~She inslfits j Swearingens of Cleveland, and the f i r s t of all that any agreements at tho Pennroad Corporation, controlled by jxmdon conference bo purely tentative recommendations for the League of .\alioiiti' effort to achieve world disarmament. The Unlte-d States pro- fens to work piecemeal and take "what Penneylvariia Railroad officials, before the Senate acts on tho Fes-ij bill. He favored t u r n i n g the investigation over to the Intorstate- Commerce Commission, which lias asked Congress to car, DO had now w i t h o u t waiting for | lv °. U control over the holding eorn- I h u League w h i c h luw made littlo pro-1 l-'anies. gress in its disarmament plan. . Kven it' this difficulty can be adjusted by contingent arrangements, Franco is still expected to insist upon such a large submarine- fleet as to causo d i f f i c u l t y similar to that which frustrated the Washington conference In He effort to l i m i t cruisers and other minor cixift, The h o p e f u l factor from the point of view of the United States ie that there is substantial agreement with B r i t a i n . These two governments are w i t h i n 30,000 tons of agreement on cruisers. Inasmuch tu* the Anglo- American d i f f e r e n c e over cruisers broke up tho Geneva conference in I92T, tho fact that: this conflict la now practically settled has removed one i n a j j r h u r d l e in advance. FEWER MARRIAGES IN SOMERSET IN 1929 SOMERSET, Jan. 3--Marriage 11- concf« issued in Somerset county d u r - ing tho year of 1929 took decided d r o p , i; compared to the figures of 1!(^3, according to an a n n o u n c e m e n t made here todny. A total of lifrt per- "I very, much di -;like Senator Cou- 2(Mii3' plan," Fees eaki. "It would Indefinitely postpone legislation, "VVhjy, the Interstate Commerce Commission might lake 10 years to make tho investigation. "I am going to push my bill as rapidly as tho situation will permit. I would be in favor of putting the holding companies unier control of the Intere-Uite Commerce Commission i£ we coukl llnst f r a m e a Katiefactory definition of j u s t w.'iat a h o l d i n g company is. Such a definition svould lo something entirely new, for we never have had to deal w i t h this situation before. "Most so-called holding companies have littlo to do w i t h railroad operation. The companion uro a good example. They have tremendous hokl- ingB of railroad securities, and yet are not interested in railroad operation. Many universities,, large and small, hold railroad stocks. If we are to place holding companies of this sort u n d e r the s u p e r v l i - i o u of the Interstate- Commerce Commission wo might destroy the most desirable luurkets for railroad securities. "I favor appoin'.me'iit of a sub- c o m m i t t e e of tho c o m m e r c e c o m m i t tee for hearings w h i c h we could mils to wed wero g r i i n t w l d u r i n g 1029, hear men who can speak w i t h a u t h v v h U c ( i i o n u m b i ' i 1 w a s -175. .More estates were settled than d u r i n g t h e - l a s t year, according to Uio figwoe of .Don JM. Kimmel, refcifi- ter of wills. A tola! of 1M." estates of licensed in l M 8 j o , . j t y oa uie Hnlijc. t and could out- l i n e to us jiwt what sort of holding in AOIIS corporations w h o i r W lit; plncod under were setthxl in lOL'S, 2.15 d u r i n g J!»L",'. tho j u r i t i d l f t i u n of t iio Intcrtitute Com- nierco CommiBsion. "On tho babis of t h e i r testimony, I Pittsburg Plans Fight Against Ohio "Dead End" Canal r.'TTSUUllO. compared to j would d r a f t an a m e n d m e n t which | w o u l d doline a h o l d i n g company and which would place those which come uuder tlwit defintticn under the cou- trol of the lutersta'o Commerce Commission. J do not oiipose the principle ot such supervision, but 1 certainly don't want to wait for years before we take action on consolidation or I'lttsburg !c;uk'!S plan u vigorous light asainst the propostMl "ilt-ad end" w a t e r w a y to ccnnect t!ie Ohio Hiver w i t h Voung^, Ohio, and renewal of offortrf to i-iiiu c o n s t r u c t i o n of u canal iwtw^-iMi t h e Ohio and f / a k o Wrie. A meeting has lx:-cn called for ue-xt Tuobday a t w h i c h t i m e p l a n s w i l l b o uiiido for u c L i ! i i ' ; i - ~ ! i . A cana.1 to Y o t i n g s t o w n w . t b o u f . t i n ' \\\\\\ to t h e !ak! would g i v e : t h « Voiui;;siowji d i r f - triot grtat a d v a n t a g e in n u u i u f a e t v i r - Uuc, it is said. unification legiulatlmi." Senator J'es« i;ii't hu would confer v.cek to aee it they i-ngnim upon which w i t h Couxens thk win work out a tlicy can agree. ALTON, Eng.. J a n . 3.--While a ; w h i t e t e r r i e r was in the witness box · of tho local police - - o u r i to prove t h e ! iiwiH-r'B a i U ' g ; i t i ( i n t h a t it li;ui been i n j u r e d by an m i M i l y .Alsatian, the-1 ·itteiulancv tt. o o u r i was i u c r e u s w l by ; the m'ri'a of a l i M o r of lerrier p u p p i w . i ··nKHnVHHHUMiHBBHBBHHBHBHHiBgl Grocery Sale Friday and Saturday ,* C 0 R P 0 U A T E J Highest Quality LontrJjorn Tomato Paste, 3 cans 25c Dromedary Dates 19c Salted Jumbo Peanuts, Ib. 23c Start today to buy ^he Penn Store way. 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His father says the book clwon- si rates that any child can find docs use the materials of his' own experience "to create his own philosophy of life in his own gcrs -na) ·way, and not as a parrot nor as an adult echo." MODIFICATION OF Hoover's Liuv Enforcement C o m m i s s i o n Will Make On Subject. liy U n i L e c l Prc«s. WASHINGTON., Jan. 3 -- President Hoover's Law Enforcement Commission, is not concerned with tho merits of f h o 18th. Amendment, according to Senator Jouee, Republican, Washington. That information,'-quieting the fears of Congressional dry and routing the hopes of wete, ivas contained in a statement issued by Senator Jonee, who baii been c o n f e r r i n g with comuils- oion meruberfi. "I am glad to learn," lie «aid, "that the commission is uiuinimoue that tho wisdom or unwisdom of tho 18th A m e n d m e n t te not involved in their w o r k ; that, it is a p a r t of the Cons t i t u t i o n and that the f u n c t i o n of the commission lo d e v i u c ( h e best means possible I'or its e n f o r c e m e n t . " J o n e s m a d e no m e n t i o n of t h e Vol- H t e a d Act w l i i c h can'iori on!, tho ISUi A m e n d n i e n i : f i x i n g the one-hall! of one per cent alcoholic cuul.out. Hie sUi,i;i*~ meiit wae accepted hcru, -uowovur, aa definitely ending any hops of recom- mendatione by the commission for its modification. One revelation regardi.-d as significant here was that tho commission agrees with Senator Borah that the industrial, alcohol situation if; one of the most difficult an-1 important phases of prohibition enforcement. The commission already has made one report to the President, Senator JonMi said, and will i::riK others soon. Tie Haiti II. expected to oowplote ita prohibition work at least by July, pos- eibly sooner, Jonca advised tho crmmi'tnion it Bhoukl complete most, of itfi work by thta time, advising -them not to attempt too much detail. President Hoover win .submit tho report already made to him t o the joint congressional conhnltlce on Federal i'Q-oi'ganizatk)n as rjoon ae that committee is created, Jonas riakl. The Senate has appnn od this committee and the House w i l l t a k e up authorization resolutions 130011 after it reconvenes. OVER 400 RECOVE COMMUNION DURING SERVICE Soviet Film Bun. MOSCOW, Jan. 3.--To :;uanl minor« against the contagion . £ oourgeois manners and ideas, clilklrun under 16 years of ago here are i ot p e r m i t t e d lo see certain foreign motion pictures. C h i l d r e n iro barred f r o r i 1ho perfor- manceri C "Don Q, San o ' /.orro" w i t h DouglaH F a i r b a n k s u u w in-awing large audience*) of adults in Moscow. Patronize thcwo who civortiso. More t h a n 400 persons participated in the confctision and coumiunion in connection w i t h the Forty Hours of .Devotions hold nl. St. SlephonVs Greek Catholic C h u r c h at LelHenriiig No. 1, Rev. Pathor Cornelius (.iribovKky, the pastor, a n n o u n c e d . The Forty Hmin-' of Dovotkms, tho firrat ever lield at the I / p i « c n r l n g c h u r c h , which is nearly ;',; yours old, provel very popular and every oven- ing found the snuciotiri edllice iilleU to capacity. Hev. Grilx)VKlty wari u:-:«:··!ted by S number of out of t o w n prlcfito including Hev. A n d r e w Komhiftki of i'erry- opolie who was in attendance for practically all of tho aervices. The dcvo-llons period do«eii Wexl- nesday m o r n i n g w i t h the biiihop'a blCSriillg. Rev. Father Xichohw S/.abalos of Jolniritown, H e v . F a t h e r Anthon.T .Mhlfv of Now Salem, Kov. Father V a l e n t i n o Halogh or M r u w n s v i l l e cvatf ; Kov. Father Hafilf Ivuiu-'no of Union-- · t o w n ai-dcd in t h e ttervicru. F a t h e r f . i r i b o v s k y irunouni.Td that I approxinmioiy t f t n i)irr,ons p;n'tii;i-] pate-el in cnnffii-ftioii and efimninniun ab| Stotltlalo.

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