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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 1, 1918
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p? IlatI Gonnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,533 VOL. 16, NO. CONNELLSVUiLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 1, 191S. BIGHT PAGES. iONNELLSVlLLE RED CROSS WORKERS PREFER TO RETAIN THEIR CHAPTER IDENTITY eeline to Accept Consolidation Plan By Tote of i . 168 to 20. ..'· XECUTIYE COMMITTEE Action "Bj T»t» of Sbc to 3fuj Exprenfou «i Tiews at Lut digit's Meeting; 6*«4 Ttmfer *wt Spirit Are Shown. Fc«r; By a vote of 1SS to 20 ly the in- rtdual members and a vote of six to 15- by the . executive committee the nnellsTille chapter of the Red Cross 3 declined to join. in 'the movement consolidate all the chapters into e under tie direction of a county idquarters. 2hairman J. Fred Kurtz expressed nselt this morning as by no means satisfied with the result of the ac- Q taken. Personally he had favor- consolidation largely 11 because nana! headquaretrs, having a more in- late knowledge of the needs of the ;anizaUon, had requested, it as an to speeding up the work /as well a means of distributing'-tSa burden 1 placing somewhat heavier re- msfbility upon the chapters. The campaign," said Jlr. Kurtz, ill . produce some excelU-nt results. 2 big fact developed by it Is that members of the Cbnnellsville chap- are intensely interested in the · rk of the Red 'Cross and have a st commendable pride in" what the pter has done, both in quantity and Jity of work 'turned out. They agnize 'that we have a splendid or- Jzation that its heads of flepart- its are capable and efficient and t the work is running like a well ·d piece of machinery. The mem- 3," therefore, fear that any change ·break in upon' the HJC!] ordered rse which ,the chapter has beep. The vote'taken and the sentiments ressed show that there are well aded objections to making^ a age aside from any feeling that · eiiat in .consequence of the rival- Detween Uniontown ' and Connelis- 5, and this, after all, was. really leut'of ,,the treasons impelling as (he? did.. On the sr hand the objections offered very .good reasons why ·e .should be a*- central county or- Ization. One point was brought at the meeting which I am sure members, myself among others, never considered, or at least ?r with that attention its imports deserves. That is, with so many irate chapters the members are to become so absorb'ed in their fc that they, overlook altogether PEKRYOP01JS TO AUCTION OFF PIG FOR BED CROSS People of the Perryopoiis community will have the opportunity to buy a pis. as a means _ to boosting the Red Cross. Jacob Hough has provided the little porker. Tomorrow at 2 o'clock it will be put up auauction in the public square at Perryopo- iis. Assistant County Superintendent James G. Robinson-will be the auctioneer. The proceeds will be given to the Rcl Cross. MAYOR ORDERS PIPPTKEPAIR OF WATER LINES FOKJD5K Dl'S.BA.11 EOT IS OUlHiAJfL'E DEJ-ABT3DSHT City Will Hold Company Responsible for Damages, He . Serves Jiotice. STREETS BEING RUINED headquarters where they must te opened, inspected and repacked in cases suitable 1 for overseas stupment. Wiitli bat one unit ia the county the supplies would be sent by street car or automobile, in -hampers which could be returned to the local branches and auxiliaries. The supplies would be inspected at the county headquarters by experienced inspectors, packed in standard cases and forwarded direct, to the ocean pier ready for loading on board ship. This -would relieve division arid national headquarters ' of the enormous amount ot work now involved in the work ot shipping, and at the same time cut doivn the clerical worfc necessary in keeping the records of the work done by the several chapters. Sr. Norton also pointed out that un- 'der a centralization oC chapters it would be possible for much more work to be done in the county. There are scores oC smaller towns and communities that are doing absolutely nothing in the direction ot maKing supplies. These could be organized into branches or auxiliaries and soon become substantial contributors to the work. "In this respect," said Mr. Norton, "Payette county is woefully deficient in quantity production of Red Cross supplies in proportion to its population.. It is quantity shipment U)at the By Continuous Flow From Broken Mains, Executive Joints Out in Formal Statement to Superintendent; Petitions to be Circulated at 0»cc. Notice has been served on the Connelsville Water company by Mayor John Duggaa*calling for the immediate repair of broken mains in the city to stop the flow of water which "is ruining'the streets of the City of Con- nellsviUe and has heretofore done great damage to such streets." The notice has been, served by Chief of Police 'W. B. Bowers. Water from - broken mains is running over the streets in different parts of the* city which would make the. thoroughfares impassable if the' weather becomes colder and a freeze resulted. A broken main in some part of Fairview avenue is occupying the attention of the water company today. The water has been flowing under the bricks and has 'undermined many on the north side of the street The water situatioa here is being handled today by W. J. Edmunds, -who has been named superintendent ot the local plant to succeed A. E. Halstcad whose resignation took effect yesterday. The new superintendent was formerly located at New Castle. The notice served on the water company follows: AMERICAN TROOPS MAY SOON AID THE [JAPS IN SIBERIA rresidciit Giving Serious Consideration to Hussion Situation. ! OVERSHADOWS ALL ELSE: Sidney L. Silvcrman, formerly oX Duntoar, but lately associated with his father, Sol Silvennan, in business etoograd is Mo«iacwl and American Consul,' Lust Official in UtCi CUy, Xejiv«s;'Norweirian I'tmsiiiulo Takes Over the United '.States Affairs. By . . WASHINGTON 1 , March 1.--Japan's i proposal for action in Siberia has! crowded Gorman Chancellor Von , Hcrtlin's speech into second place n the consideration of officials here, at New Kensington, has enlisted in the ana GTC *' cre indications today mat be left Thursday. Sidney is a graduate of the Dunbar and Connells-vilie high schools. Ordnance department and is now- lo- ; decisions were being formed which cated at the government arsenal at j so °" TM"i ^ow themselves m some San Antonio, Texas, for which place arrangement of an international character In prevent the vast stores at Vladivostok and' control of the trans-Siberian railway from falling into the hands of the advancing Germans. TZie expectation that President "W;l- son was planning to address Congress very soon in ruply to Von Hertling's speech was dissipated today by cvi- ] donees that the President is making 'no such plans at this time and proba- -- -j bly does not consider it necessary to fifty Thousand Soldiers tinard "Water!reply to the German chancellor for NEW YORK GIRDED BY BARBED WIRE FENCE 625 MILES IN LENGTH! M-:S M J J . L E A N IS J!JirOftTKI TO H.1VK J5SCOOTKUEJ WOLF A \vol f is reported to have been .seen In thu mountains near Jones mill. A story from (.hat locality says one O. B. Jones e.spi?d the animal which is dtsrriled as "ferocious." Some time ago wolves we-re- reported in Wliartor. township but smoc then nothing has been heard 5f them. Whether the one seen bv Jones committed any depredations is not. known, here. Deaths of United States Troops in Gas Attack Are Qdickly Avenged. PHOTOGRAPHS VALUABLE Jy Means oi" Thorn Gunners Get Exact Location and Range and CutiSe Complete Destruction of the German Batteries; Six JSt-n iie From (*as. Front, liobokcn is Deserted, tier- man Papers Tell I!*u4ers. By Aasociated Proas. NEW YORK, 3.--German newspaper^ have informed Uicir readers tiiat New. York city, for its protection, has girded it'setf with, a bar"To. tonneUsvillo Water Company:" \ bed wir c fence 625 miles iu length. "You are hereby notified that by rea-i The Germans also have been told son of bursting pipes constituting part ot your- water system, atj( i the continuous liow of water therefrom, is ruining the streets of the City of ConnellsviUe,' and has heretofore done great damage to such streets. "You are hereby notified and required to forthwith repair · the said burst pipes and mains, and stop the fiovr of the escaping water. national headquarters wants, and to · . "You are further berby notified that secure it is the object of centralizing | the City will hold yea responsible in th« chapters." "As far as being animated I damages for all injuries done to the by a streets by reason of the premises, as spirit of community rivalry in Ibis -well* as resulting from Improper ex- work," Sir. Norton said, *'it is high Red Cross is strictly and undenominational. time for us to put it aside. While the non-sectarian, its work exemplifies the spirit of Christianity and that should prompt those who engage in it." To the claim that an amalgamation of the county chapters would remove cavations made In the streets, and the replacements thereof. "You are further notified that the City will hold you-responsible to further indemnify It for and on account of stilts and actions that may be brought against it arising from injury to either persons or property on account of the matters herein mention- that* 50,000 soldiers are guarding the port of New York, that rigorous mea- the present at least. Outward indications today were that the President was studying the question of American participation with the Japanese in Siberia to the exclusion of other subjects. tfBV. KCCKA'EJC SPEAKS. .Minister Asists in Tanderbilt JRcyial. Rev. G. W. Buckner, pastor of the Christian church of Conuollaville, preached Thursday evening at the community meeting held in the "Presbyterian church at Vanderbilt A large audience was m attendance, Tonight will'be school night and all i By Associated Press. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMIES IN FRANCE, Thursday, Feb. 28.-Swift retribution has fallen upon the German batteries which ihis week, bombarded the American trenches northwest of Toul with gas shells. American heavy artillery concentrated, its fire on. the German minenwerfer batteries.and in half an hour today obi iterated the positions. Thuff far sir men have died from the effects of tbe German gas shells. More than SO arc in hospitals suffering from gas poisoning. Jround abotlt : German bat- the pupils and teacher* are requested , teries was CQU rned upside down and to be present. Saturday night Rev. Russell. · pastor of the -Presbyterian church of Laurel Hill, will preach. B. 0. SAFETY PICTURES FREE HASP FOR JATAN IS TTBG.BD. LONDON, March I.--Japan's proposals with regard to Siberia and sures have been taken ia Chicago and their reception in TVasbington have elsewhere and Uiat Hoboken is desert: brought the Question ot Japan's active ed. | participation in military operations to Under the captain "America Has j the front here, the_ developments War Fever" the Cologne Gazette of j dominating the news columns of the January 16,'a copy of which has been, received in this city, describes the situation in American cities in vivid language. the stimulus to contribnting financial ed." aid to the Red Cross Mr. Norton said: Petitions which will be circulated "If we gave to 'this cause during the last drive more than we would other- outlying communities as sources | wise have given simply to beat Union- .elp. With a county or janizatiou town, we were wrong in our giving be practicalble to create iches and auxiliaries in these comities and gather many workers ther who would be glad of the op- and we gave too much. But whether we fall behind our earlier record 510,000 or. more on the next drive, the amount'of our-deficiency wiil be' but unity to become enrolled as such, a drop in the bucket among the gifts would vastly increase the coun-j that will come from 100,000,00 people output of Red Cross supplies j in the United States. Wiat we must :h was really the chief purpose .e'movem-en.t to enlarge the organ- on's membership, iflith a' county organization the c places could he strengthened, Tork'stimulated and extended and *i larger results be-obtained. If chief objection to consolidation' j removed--that of destroying the ;ity or interrupting Uie smooth. ress of the Connellsville chapter im convinced that the county unit would meet with more favor. "We know what are the objections to id Viso know lhat · thty are^ not rmountable." e balloting by members, which a on Monday/ was concluded yes- vy. The count of ballots was throughout the' city are being drawn up by Assistant City Solicitor J. Kirk Renner. They T,-ill then be sent GAIN 165 MEMBERS Knights of Maccabees Hold Class Inl- atfon And Oyster Supper. At a class initiation of J Yough Tent, Knights of the Maccabees, 56 new members were initiated on the closing night of the nation-wide membership campaign. The total of new members ! secured was 165. ington is given great prominence in I Ohio Teams competing for the Thomp- typo and position by the mc-ming pa- ! son and Davis Cups," "Fire Fighting pers and is commented upon exten. i at Locust Point," and "The Rule of press. A Rcuter cablegram quoting an Associated Press dispatch from Wasb- I'nblic In-rited to Free Exhibition Jfext Wednesday Bvening. In the interest of safety the Baltimore Ohio railroad company has arranged to show some interesting motion pictures bearing . on safety first in the high school auditorium, CoiuiellsviHe, on the evening of Wednesday, March 6, beginning at 8.15 o'clock. Employes and their families and tbe public are invited. Admission will bo free. Kiferle's orchestra will play. The pictures are these: "New Coal Piers in Operation at Curtis Bay," "Championship Baseball Game Played by the Baltimore sively. The bulk.of the opinion favors Japan's proposed action withont qualification and the plea is made in some qbarters that she ought to be trusted and given a free hand. AMERICAS'CO.NStl QUITS RCSS CAPITAL. STOCKHOI^M, March 1.--The Amer- In the contest between the Blue and j ican cons" 1 has left Pctrograd where Red teams, the Reds won, having 95 new members to 70 secured by the Blues. The degrees were put ou'by the junior degree. tea'm for the first time. A pig roast offered ".a the lodge not lose sight of is the fact that national headquarters eipects hospital supplies, knitted garments and surgical dressings in 'increasing quantities,' and we ought not to set' pur- j _ _ selves tip as bigger than headquarters | contents of the'petition recently' flied when the request is made of us to ! wlth y o u r Honorable Commission by adopt a plan that will insure larger I the citj . of C onnellsril!e against "tie production of these essentials and Connellsville Water company, a cor- promote the efficiency of the whole in to the Public Setvice Commission by William Stillwagon it ISO to show that the citizens of Councils-1 members were secured in. the cam- ville are_ back of council in the recent | paign Trill be served soon, petltioa'tbat was filed with the commission against the water company. Tbe petitions read: "To 'the Honorable Public Service Commission of Pensyl-vauia: "The undersigned, all of whom are residents and property owners'pf the City of Connellsville respectfully represent: That they are familiar with the organisation." P. E. Markell held to the view that if the spirit of rivalry which has existed between Uniontown and Con- nellsvjlle is removed through a. chapter consolidation it will be difficult if not impossible for ConncH.svHle to attain its previous record in the matter of giving'and will tend very much : at a meeting of the executive' t o lessen the interest in Red Cross nittee last evening. After the re- | work generally: He referred to tho was announced expressions of j successful efforts, o f ' Uniontown to on on the proposition aod upon I nave U* e contributions of Dawson and ituation, as disclosed by the bal;..were invited from members of hapter who were present. _ .· ;se expressions, and the notations. on 20 ballots which had been deed in the ballot box-by members had not voted either for or st'the consolidation, indicated plainly that the proposed plan viewed with disfavor by a large rity of the membership although was manifestation of an earnest 2 to do what was considered to r the best Interests :ol the chap- other remote points included with Uniontown's quota in order to swell the total.. This spurred Connellsville to greater activity to surpass Union- towu. Without 1 the incentive of such a ^rivalry Mr. Markell was confident we would fall down badly on our next money-raising campaign. Mayor -Duggan agreed with Mr. Margell, pointing out that the existence of a healthy rivalry between the towns was a good thing for both as it stirred people to action who' otherwise could not be stirred. This rivalry, the mayor agreed, had not always to After a^scussion, 'covering the ,"? "^ ur .^^ aa ** .sttion. from .every standpoint, rfTM the '°TM «"? ,TM ^"»«-- - ,,,,,«,,-,!,,* mtn in ,.*u,,v th.!1116 ^latenance-of the most friendly between the two towns, cit. football game between 10 .tive committee.took a secret bal- MS result of which was recogni- f the sentiment expressed by. the ·ity of members who .hacV voted adquarters. , T. Norton, when called upon tor ews upon the question, declared ;lf as prejudiced in favor of the lidatton, his information 'of the oJ the national headquarters g convinced him that it was in way desirable to simplify the 'aa.mnch as possibTjfe in order below' on the 5th. Last year the highest was 70. on the 27th. and. the 2 below on both the 5th and lowest 15th,. Connellsville and Uniontown ; nigh j F. W. 'Wright thought that. if the j members of the' Connollsville chapter j were satisfied with conditions as they i are, and the vote indicated that they ! were, it would- probably not be ad' visable to make a chanye. He recog- ,, , . . . nized certadn advantages to'he derived teacher ' to(la v filed a clalm Ior work " from having a single chapter in the! mea ' s compensation. She is the first county but against that there'were de- I teacher ln the count3 ' t o - d t so ' Sev - poration. . · ''2. That they hereby affirm the truth of the statements set forth in the'said petition and respectfully beg leave to join in. the. 'prayer thereof."-, The petitions have not yet been placed in circulation but they will be put out as soon as a number of them are drawn up. ? · BIG FREIGHTERS'SUNK- Manhattan and Tiberia. British Steamships, Victims of L'-Ilout, By Associated Press. AN ATLANTIC PORT, March 1.TM The British freight steamship Alan- hat tan,' of 8,04-1 tons gross, was tor- ; pedoed and sunk while in convoy of warships and within hailing distance of an,American merchantman, it was j Brumbaugh Proclamation Calls Upon he remained after the embassy's departure according to information reaching the American legation here. The consulate has been taken over'by tho Norwegian consul. This hare report appears to indicate that .the situation in Petrograd has the the Reason." SHERRICK RESIGNS if there were any German soldiers there they certainly suffered death. Aeroplane photograpos aiddd the American gunners in their destructive fire against the German batteries. The photographs, yesterday, disclosed the exact location of the min- cnwerfer workers with the reeult that it did not take the gunners long to even, up the score with the enemy. Late this afternoon the Germans attempted to retaliate for the destruction of the batteries. They bombarded the American heavy artillery v:iTi their biggest guns, but their shot-*.:UK: had little effect. American patrols were all ovcf No Man's Land last nigbt but did not encounter any Germans. Tlie American sector is now an ocean of mud and constant work is necessary to keep the trenches, gun pits and dugouts free from water. CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY KnJglits of Phrtliins Also Dedicate Honor lioll. The Fayette Lodge, No| 239, Knights of Pythias, celebrated the 54th Steward of County Home Quits Month ! anniversary of the founding of tbe Early for ..Another Position. | order at the Odd Fellows' hall last Although his term docs not expire ] night The honor roll containing until April 1 Dick Sherrick retired to-'names of members of the lodge who day as steward of the Fayette county j are in tie .service of the United taken an unexpected turn for worse; in view ot tlie fact tha latest previous messages from the j Jeffries. Russian capital said that 'the American consul would remain there after the departure of the ambassador and his staff in order to keep in touch with the American -legation here and with the State Department. home in order to take charge of a coal works near Connellsvjlle. T. Springer Todd, the recentry appointed staward, is in charge. Retiring with. Mr. Sherricfc is William Liston of Dunbar, assistant steward. Hugh Lytle of Vanderbilt was' named to succeed him. Charles L. Davidson became legal advisor of the poor board, succeeding George B. GOVERNOR URGES SAVING FEBRURAYWARM Figures Show That Month in 1918 »'as Wanner. Than in 1917. Figures computed by C. " A. Purbaugh of the "Went Penn company show that the month of February, 1918j was several degrees warmer than the-same month in 1917. The difference in the mean figures are 2.7 degrees. The mean for 1918 is 36.8 and that for 3917 is The average temperature for Febru- learnecl today on tho of an American oil tanker. NEW YORK, .March 1.--Tbe British merchant steamship Tiljoria, of 4,880 tons gross, owned by the Anchor line was sunk by a German submarine about February 27. while bound for this port. DESERTERNABBED local- 3fan Front Camp Lee 1 rears DIES AT CAMP GREENE ful and consume vastly more food than is necessary to nourish our bodies." He urges everybody to save provisions of all kinds and asks the newspapers to publish articles as !o what Citizen Clothes Over Uniform. ! constitutes a reasonable diet ana phy- \Vearing citizen clothes over'his tin- 'sicians to advise people as to rational iform, Thomas Williams, a deserter from Camp Lee, was arrested this af- trnoon at the homo oC Charles B. South ConneHsville. He^is now in .the lockup. , Clarence Smith Transfemjd. Clarence L. Smith who lias been in training at South Carolina, has been transferred to Fort Omaha, Nebraska. People to He Patriotic. HAREISBURG, March 1.--Governor Martin G. Brumbaugh yesterday issued a proclamation calling upon the people of Pennsylvania to conserve food as a patriotic duty. -,Tfce governor says: "We are'even yet prodigally waste-' ed by spinal meningitis. The body- States was dedicated. The meeting opened with prayer by Rev. 'W, J. Evernart and tbe Baltimore Ohio band played "America." Rev. J. L, Prondfit gave a four minute talk on food conservation. The proclamation from Supreme Chancellor John. Brown vras read, by A. Chapman, keeper of records and seals. Solos were song by Alfred Chapman and Charles Bailey. Rev. 'W. J. Everhart and Mr. Chapman made addresses and a reading -was given by Miss Rhodes. Tho members of the lodge i^bo arc in the service are: E. W. Douglass, Eoclrwood Touth's Is First Death Be- j R. E. Slanghtenwhite, C. A. McCor- ported From This Kegion. I raick, Ralph P. Sliger, Paul Evans and August A. Engbert, 29 years old,)^ 'W- Sloan. son of Mr. and Mrs. John Engbert ot New Baltimore, died at Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C., January 20. So far as is known Private Engbert is tlxa first soldier from this section to die in camp. Ha left Hockwood with the first contingent from Somerset district No. 3, last September for Camp Lee and was afterwards transferred to Camp Grei;ne. His death was caus- flry this year were maximum, 48.4; ; Smith is a member o" the observation minimum, 25.2; " a n d mean, 3G.8, as compared with the following, figures for 1917: Maximum, 45.2; minimum, 2S.1; mean, 31.1. The highest temperature reported during the past 1 month was 69 on the 13th 'with the lowest recorded as 6 Teacher Files Clim. Miss Lottie Reynolds, Uniontown cided disadvantages, not the least of ts efficiency might W Increased. Thich woald ^ ,,, interrupUoll to »n be done best through rednc-| tne progr(!£s of ^ interest ,,, ^ .e number of units wJUch it VOTk ^ ^ connellwille members. esswy for national headquarters I Xlra . j. rrencll Ker r. *ho just re- J. Thus, the combination of tbelcenUy returned from a conference at ibapters'of P«yette county Into | the state headquarters m.Philadel- ·ould rednce the clerical »ndip W », eipressed herself as very much ng recordi »t h«adinarters from | i a favor of the consolidation. While At present the supplies Jin Philadelphia she was . shown the sever*! chapters afe sent to 1 Continued on P»H t,trn. . e/al days ago Miss Reynolds, on her way to school, fell and ankle. broke her S*k Stolen Property. The boys Implicated in the theft of automobile robes and accessories were given a hearing* before . Alderman Fred -Monk last evening. They are still'being held in the. lockup until' the material stolen is recovered balloon corps of the army, and is a son of Mr. and Mrs. TV. IV. SmiiS of Johnston avenue. rationing. · " never be said," he concludes, "that any one in Pennsylvania has by prodigality given aid and comfort to the enemies of Ihe Republic." was interred at New Baltimore. DUQUESNEHERE WILL SELL STAMPS Sconts Are Being Hold Up in TPork By 5on-ArrlTal of Bed Postcards. The Bor Scouts have not yet commenced th'eir ·war savings stamp sale on account of tho feaulure of the red postal cards to arrive. The boys are preparing to make an immediate start once the cards are here, and some- have even, begun to solicit so that they witt have sales ready for them when the drive begins. A scout makes a canvass in his dis- Fast Fltlsbnrp High School Five to j rxict and succeeds in getting subscribers to take the stamps. Theboy places bis order for the stamps to be delivered. either daily, every other day or weekly, just as desired. The stamps are delivered by a city mail carrier, Locals at S;15, The high school will face the fastest team iu the FiUsburg district when the Duqiresne high plays here tonight Tho team has defeated some of the best aggrega-tio-ns in. this end of the sLate and has already won over OFP1CERS ELECTKD.. j the local team once. j expects to hand i j ton-igat, however. Coach Alderfer lesne a surprise Mrs. S. W. Bryan Heads Tturterbilt The squad held a practise last night. Representative. MOUNT PLEASANT, March 1.- Aid Society. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Itf. B. church, of Vauderbilt held a business .meeting at the home of Mrs. G. B. Roberts on Wednesday evening and elected the following officers for the I ensuing year; -The; President, Mrs. S. W. Bryan; name of Mrs. 3. C. Stevenson has been. prcs ident, Mrs. J. B. Henderson and suggested as local representative for the National Defense Society. find much hope is being placed Lyons, who has been doing good his floor work. PEKBTOPOLIS W05CK.V KKGIS'fEU. who collects for them. After the scout secures a buyer iD sends in a red postcard to the postmaster, bearing the name and address ot the subscriber, and, signed by the scout After a scout has sold a^ certain number of stamps he is awarded a medal by he government. INJURED IN MINE Trotter ifan at Hospital With Broken Leg. Paul Stisak, 34 years old, oT Trot- Grajited '5farriage License. John. Pietro and Mary Maslco Dunbar, were granted a marriage license in Uniontown yesterday. of f- · · · ~\ j Wefflftfer F®?£caist L ~_j Fair Temperature Becord. tonight and slightly colder; Satnrday'fair and warmer is the noon\ weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Maximum Minimum Mean 1918 -.69 -.39 -54 1917 55 39 47 Mrs. J. T. Beatty; secretary, llrs. G.j B. Roberts; treasurer, Mrs. A.; Mvely Interest in Wftr Work Shorrn in the TownslUp Also. Women of Perryopoiis are registering for war service. Up to Wodnes- jler, was caught by a fall of slate yes- da}' evening 75 had api?pared at the ) terday in the mines of tbe H. C, .Prick high school at that place. Red Cross i Coke company, suffiercing a fracture Cosgrove. Th^treasurert. report was hEa j QUarters is open for tno enroll-i of the leg. He was admitted lo the njent of all who are willing to do their ; Cottage State hospital for treatment. read, showitig the : sum of $00.10 was realized from the magaxiue campaign, which .the ladies' conducted, this win-j ter. Several taken in. part in -winning the war. Din ItcCanley, 45 ypars old of the new members were, mlt Perrv townshp. The registration is gong on through- Balt3inore t Ohio camp train, is receiving treatment for a fracture ot the left anile received when he fell from ~ ! Titlow Goes East, i a car. Prank Leonard, S. J. Dicker- To .Camp Lee. j George F. Titlow went East yester-j liaff, Mrs. H. B. Burkholder and Mrs. John Durbin of Dawson and Wil- j flay to confer with Federal Food au-j.lohn Brubaker, the latter two of Ber- liara Durbin of Dickerson Hun have i ihorities. When he returns Saturday, lin, were discharged yesterday. gone to Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., ] no w i;i t, e able"to give full information j to visit the Jailer's son, Clarence Dur- i on any situation which may arise in| Hospital Deport. bin - · ! Fayette county. i Miss Fannie Dibeler, superintendent j o t the Cottage State hospital this Stevrart Township Sale. Martha Gorsuch has sold 17 acres of land in Stewart township to "Wil- Ritlemen Practice. Tbe Connellsville Rifle club held its regular weekly meeting at the armory ian Johnson for $500 according to a las- tevening. Teh evening was spent I deed died la Uniontown. lat rifl le practice hospital morning submitted the following report for the month pf February: Number of pattens at the beginning of the month, 30"; admitted, 47; discharged, 4O: died ijbxee: remaiuinr "34,

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