The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

ri"r ' P mgi.ejiiiaiigap-aya a . imiini THE OTTAWA1 JOURNAL 28 MONDAY, AUGUST 11. W V'f w '., 'R" 505 lUITKM " i (Coat, from Preceding Column) MATHEMATICS. CALCOLOS. I phytic, English. Fmnch end; onemietry, psj-xiox. svciytg. trench CONVUIATIOM RVENINO COURSE. PRIVATE tuition. email group. Part European College graduate, aaa- lilt 506 IABT fiSVKQ BABYSIT BY' DAYT MY HOME. Lyawooa village, gas-ass. EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL eiiad child, my boom, dally MMm ItiWran YAW UIT...BU I censed day-echool (or children of working mother. Open year-round. 5-dav week. TJO to (. meei auppiiea. xu-aioi. INFANTS GIVEN GOOD CARE. . my hats, daily, weakly. TiS- MAIN RIVERDALE. MOTHER will mind child my bom. 3M-1104. MIND OR BOARD CHILDREN, my ham, Gilmour, Percy, aai- aaag. . ORLEANS. WILL MIND CHIL-dnn, my noma, good car. 74- o Will BOARD NEW-BORN CHILD my horn, weekly. aaa-atOT. WILL MIND CHILD MY HOME. room ana ooara. ro-ov. WILL MIND - CHILDREN MY homo. 744-77P0. WILL MIND CHILDREN. MY home. Alt Vista area. Tai-SMg. WILL BABY SIT CHILDREN. MY koM, daily or weekly. Bastvtew: araa. T-ue. arter a. YOUNG CHILDREN. BOOM. board, my noma, aaliyt weekly, las-MTS. 507 ramoia VAUNT BOYS AMD OTRLS. BARN EXTRA monay oalltng now flags and transfer tut attar S-xhlbltiou. - 1-1. . LONG ESTABLISHED CITY CLUB olfar kitchen conoaaaion. October to April. Short order to banquet requlreeoenla. Excellent kitchen factlttiea. Ipereoa opere-. tloa. Lara memberahlD. Refer ence required. Boas E-47I, Jour- BJLLIABLE OLDER COUrLI wanted - aa enreteken 'lot (arm homo, close to Ottawa. Chora Include marntonanc. ear at horaaa. etelenaoes. Box B-474, COUPLB REQUIRED EDUCED RENT, POR LIOHT Janitor duties e-unlt aparunant building In attractive Wert End tontloa. Apply Bos T. SUtlon D. PHARMACIST MALE or FEMALE DISPENSING ONLY : - . . Excellent working conditions. Maximum opportunity. Salary $9,000 plui bonus. Replies confidential : BOX E-488, JOURNAL FREIMAN'S ,' YVESTGATE - ", REQUIRES SALES STAFF ' tf yo enjoy working ta plea, nt eurroundingB and eir-cca- - dltloBid comfort, we have full-time permanent poaltlon in eur Shoe, Sportswear and Man's Wear Department. S-day. 40-hour week. The rrrt-man employee benefit plan, j v. i," Apply ' . x CREDIT OFT1CE FREIMAN'S . WESTGATE ' f , PERSONNEL OFFICE FREIMAN'S "DOWNTOWN Ml ROOMS IP IH ACACIA, BOCKCUFFE PARK furalehed. parking, gentleman. . near Aehbury College, bus, 74- e vs. ACCOMMODATE LADY, CEH-teei. hedaittlng, Mlephon. ki ten- en. nnvuege. na-ina. ACCOMMODATION. BOOMS, weakly or monthly, eome with . running water. Vendoma Hetel, 40. eomereei annex wept. ALBION NEAB BANK. ACCOM-modattona (or l-l. Beard op- ' uonei. exs-iev. ATTRACTIVE BEDROOMS. TWIN had and etnala bed. clean, eplet SU-SISTt ATTRACTIVE. SINGLE. GENTLE men. Near Ottawa Vntoeretty. rrivaea nom. an. mo-ipji. ATTRACTIVE, NEWLY DECORA , d kadroam. eery oentral. EM- sin. - ' - - BEDSITTING. WITH KITCHEN prmiagea. e Daly. ro-4l&4. BEDSITTINO. PRIVATE EN-trance, tli Maeleren. U4-1714. uiin. BEDStTTTNG. KITCHENETTE. MS. ale etn la room, tu, eentral. ee e ran. BEDSITTINGS. LARGE. ALSO atnflea, completely, narntehed, newly decorated, auxra, refrlg-i wrator. raaionibU. St Marray. H-daia, BEDSITTINO, CENTRAL, ITJIt-ntehed, private entrance, refrlg-- orator atoeo, parking, sts-saio. SN-471T. . BEDSITTINO ROOM. WORKING 14 Central Am SU- BRIGHT LOVELY ROOM, PARK- ni, aeaieiew, ree-asva. BRIGHT PURNISHED BEDSIT- . tln(. prrrileeea. Huron . Walung- lon. ra-ia, rae-teeev CENTRAL. DALY AVENUE. PUR. niehed, uM t-S, prieUasa. SM- aiea. CENTRAL. ATTRACTIVE BEDSIT-. ting, own teleelatoB and grill. CENTRAL. BRIGHT. CLEAN PUR-nlahed bedaltung. MLod ktrwi. aje-eeee. CENTRAL, LA ROE. CLEAN BED-Mtttng. grin prlyilag, linen .CENTRAL. LARGE a HIGH front room, all prrrUaga. CE1- e'ue CHATEAU LAPAYETTE. 41 YORK. modern, running water, atngl. pit weeniy, a aaity. CLEAN, .WELL PURNISHEDl . room. St. Laurent Montreal jtaeej. H-aja. MOW TOUT Coat from Praoadin Calueaat COSY BRIGHT ROOM WITH aunroom, CI vie Hospital araa. 72-ai7l. DOURLB HOUSEKEEPING. PRIO- Idalre. grill, linen, telephone, atudenta, panatonera. ebateinera, vicinity Normal aohool-Mueaum. 4 Waver ley, oorner Blgia- xta-nan. EASTVIEW, PURNISHED 8 ID- room, near dub, parKutg. ie-071. EASTVIEW, ROOMS POB RENT. all privtMgaa, private antri lea-aaua. PURNISHED BEDROOM, KITCH- en prlviiecea. a HairHlton Avenue. Tas-rMS. FURNISHED ROOMS. PARKING. kitchen. TT7-7B4. PURNISHED BEDROOM. WITH aitchanett. kefrtgaretor or rang- ette. eutt I. ioa ouiuee. FURNISHED FRONT BID- aitting. kitchen, aaicony. itg ntea. heated, electrically ealpped. 13V74M. FURNISHED. I BOOMS. REPRIO- ritor. atove, newly .aecoraiao, girl. 11S-u7. GLEBE. ABOVE AVERAGE BED- room, eitung room. pri4wgaa, gentleman. SM-M1. - GLEBE. SINOLE HOUSEKEEPNG TSIB. S3S-S4M. HERON PARK. VICINITY CBC, furnawion. gentlemen, latew HOUSEKEEPING, EQUIPPED. rurnuuied, near ciiy jtau. a IMMEDIATELY. PURNISHED. UN- iianeicg wu, tng. CESoaaa. METCALFE COURT, DAILY. weakly, mala ' aervtca, parsing. 13d Metcalfe. CEJ-0111. NEWLY DECORATED, PARKING. tranaportation at aoor, prm M-ioee. NEWLY FURNISHED BOOM. WardV Apt l. U4-4447. pnwru. AVENUE. BEDSITTINO room, aitcnea privileges, way aniy. aaa-jiua. PRIVATE HOME. NICELY P U R-nlaK4 eentlemeia mefelied. FA1 B4B1. BOCKCUFPB AREA. BACHELOR. (urniaiwd. baaamant, pnvaw entrance, bathraoaa. grllL. 4- 1T. . ROOM WITH KITCHEN. PARK- Ing pri vile tea i Hlh. SM-Wl. SHORT TERMS, MONTHLY RATE. luverasae nom Annnns noma. T4g-4a7S. ' SUITABLE POR S GIRLS. 1 FUR- nlahed rooms, balcony, aja-arp. WEST END. DOUBLE BOOM. powder room, twin aaaa, gnu-iutt I girl. TH-71M. ; 1 OR S GIRLS. LARGE BOOM. meant opuonai, cnua eat ens, .T33-gg. S ROOMS ' TO LET. S REGENT Btreet. aaa-sna. t ROOMS. WASHROOM IN BASE- menl, genueman. .Tas-asia. BAROAJN, 14 FULLY FURNISHED. BEDSTT- ting room. mt-prtvat. comma-1 nity aitcnea. equippeo. lalevl- ston. gin. su-Taa. . SANDY BILL COURT RENOVATED THROUGHOUT. new lurnitura. water an a a e a room, carpeted hall. Kitchenette. US Oegocde, SM-4SM. M2 tOOWWAlTD BEDROOM. ' SMALL KTTCHEN- ett. balcony, way panataaar. Wast EndTBox E-47. Journal. I UNFURNUHED BOOMS RBTTRED WIDOW REQUIRES anfur ioeatl urn lifted of Bank to Gilmour aouth. SSa-l 603 : . I00N AO I0ASB ACCOMMODATION POB t. LARGE room with twin aaaa. Eaavrww. T4-g03O. . ACCOMMODATION FOB IOIH-tlemen. English noma, ltd Car. tier. Ba-ia, ACCOMMODATIONS, HOME cooked meals, parking, cenatrue- uon CENTRAL ROOM AND BOARD for gantlanwn. St Frank. SU CENTRALLY LOCATED. EXCEL. . lent board, single room, genlle- nwo, perein. a JJ'vaee. GENTLEMEN. BIS WEEKLY, laundry. Dutch family. Someraat- Prlvewsy. n-m. GOOD MEALS. OPENINO N U R S mg horn. Bull pensioners, gag. in. LARGS BEDROOM. QUIET BOMB. reurtn. aa 1U-7M!. BOOM AND BOARD. TELEVISION pnviiesea, peraiag gag tjuasoor, CES-SM. BOOM AND -BOARD. gl GtL- nour near nana, aaa-saa. SINGLE, QUIET. CLEAN. GOOD meals, near bus, gentlemen. tvaw. VICINITY OP LEES AVENUE. atuoeni. nMlg. I GENTLEMEN TO SHARE ROOM, Carltngwood area. PAS-SS3S. 701 RS!C3 FC4 SiU ABLE. GRACIOUS AS8IBTANCB. Thomas Bhlpmaa Limited. "Be- aiwr'. aea our aaa. ALL STONE FRONT 4 IID- voom oangaww. aaipuit, ataa Mraplae. Dream noma, raaaaa-ably prleea. 1I WM. otto cUng- ... KHiior, iij aeea. ALT A VISTA. , BEAUTIFULLY landscaped, brick a badr a o m . i k oatna, oaa rwora, itrapwc. arage.Raduoad (or guick sale. ALTA VISTA. S BEDROOM ranch bungalow, fireplaces, gang, gM0g. Fred McCoy TU-M14. C A. Flttelramona Co. Ltd. asa-TISa. ANOELSTONE. BRICK SEMI, . bunaelow, s bedrooms. Hi bath. room. Hcruiiar rarn. Taa-aooa. ANY PROPERTY WB LIST IN th etty we feel we aaa Bali. Percy Karwta, Realtor,- M. ATTBACTIVB RANCH S ROOM bungalow. Immaculate condition, Beautiful Betting, well tondeaaped lot. 17 x 17, trait trees, gar. aenara pared lea. rue l flreolece tool shed, attached (arete. Pin Ulen area, handy arneola, anop- Pina. outstandind value, ai-loa 1.000 down. Edward Bead. -Realtor."' Tia-asaa. AVAILABLE, ELMVALB ACilES.1 rnvata g-sserey, a aegiaom. dining living and recreation room, large ailcnen. flrepieo BEAUTIFUL S-BEDROOM 8 B M I bungalow, on largo land a a P e d ' lot. Call (or appointment, Lara Osbarg. Broker. 71-M. BEAUTIFULLY KEPT S-STOREY centre door plan, t largo bedroom, graatoue tt ft. Irving room with (treplaca. aepar t a dining room, waU planned kitchen with eating are, finished recreation room, pawner tool end tare. West End local I ai Private eel. T-17. 601 CmlliMd on Neat Cnl'imai 7qi rousq rot sau (Cent tram Preceding Column) BETTER BUILT BRICK BUNOA- ww. wast End.' 1 bad roam a. far age. lander ap sd. tll.100. 71. , land sr aped. I IOUSE. RC- Brick house. rooms, good condition, sandy tuu, yard. BU-M71. BUNGALOW, BEDROOMS, landecaned terraced lot. near Rockcliif Airport. 74.-14M liar . BUNGALOW DUPLEX. MODERN. with revenue, wcatgata. at down payment, gxa-l 1 a. CALL THE OLD PRO" BILL Bavarldga. "Realtor.-' gas-IMT Raal estate Inouirle Invited without bbllgetioa. CALL S. AND A, OOLDENBERG, Broken, TS-tI0i lag-IMS aay CITY VIEW AREA SEMI BUNOA- low with extra tot. Excellent condition. Ckwe to all eenlcaa. Own. er tranarerrad. Apply Sf CUlra Avenue. 713-1701. COPELAND PARK SPUT-LEVEU ocarooma, aan, urapiaca. in- COPELAND PARK. LARGE BRICK n angaiatona, a baatoom. Ilk bathe, It. tlntahed recreation room, fireplace, garage, paved drive, fenced, extra. IftKMaa. evenings and wknda. ( ' DUPLEX. RICHMOND BOAD. Churchill Avenue, g yean old. a bedroom, red brick construction, hardwood floors, c a r p a t on main floor, awnings, private paved aide drive to a brick and block double garage, possession of mala floor, very reasonable. 3.000 down. 7SP-T1O0. EFFICIENT AND PERSONAL you are buying or Bailing. Call Hudaoa and Evan. -Realtor. 33-JUl, FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL Albert lisle a gene lea ua. -Realtor." lis-tseu, or 81. FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES. CALL Bert Kata Baal Estate Ltd, sag-Sit. GATINEAU. v MAIN STREET, 1-veer-old bricR bungalow, a. bedrooms, fireplace, play room, gang, lot N a ISO, tl.400 down. owner tranaterrea. a.. CLEGG STREET, 10. WELL bum -bed room stucco nam, ell haet. Offen eonaidcrad. T. A. Clark. "Realtor.- 134-770, HOUSE. S FLOORS. tt.00. !.- poo caan. aa cuniming A venue oft Montreal Road. IF YOU ARB THINKING OP BUY- Ing a eelltng raal eviete. ll Major Realty Ltd WS-SaaS. - LA RGB DOUBLE. PRIVATE driveway. g am mongsae saa- 141T.. - " NEW LISTING. CITY VIEW. D4 maculate, a-bedroom bungalow, angaiatona fireplace, many extras. Beautfiul landscaped lot. etas w echoois. only glt.PO Jack RothweU, -Real tor," Tat- S0TT. V ... OWNER TRANSFERRED. . BED. room, it, baths, a seam ant an ion ea. close scnooi. ww ssxea. 74-170. PARKWOOD HILLS.' 4 YEARS aid. brick bungalow, g bedrooms. 1 1 bathe, with carport- r 114 Dear Park Road. TJ1-57JO. PARKWOOD HILLS. ASKINO SSI BOO. Hwdroota bungalow w 1 1 a attractive stone grant, carport ana pavea orrveway. immeaiete possaillon. MLS ai4B. Mr. Hart. lM-TlTT. evening U5-I704. Mcholaoa and Wyanwh. "Real- PRIVATE SALS. 1 BEDBOOM brick bungalow. KMgevtew. eioaa to school. S year old. guwt, SM-M3S after p jn. - , PRIVATE SALE OR RENT. PUR. nisnaa. tnawa aomn. tau. a-577. SELL OB BENT. SS HOLLAND, large single house, one, g Be in- MINTO Caneda'a Moat Honored Builder 1965 . MdDELS;i NOW ' ; ON: , DISPLAY IN FAIRFIELD , , TAKE ADVANTAGE ,. OF MINTO'S ' SPECIAL SUMMER t PRICES TO OWN " , THE AWARD HOME OF YOUR CHOICE IN THIS OUTSTANDINQ . LOCATION. ENQUIRE y ABOUT HOMES ALSO AVAILABLE IN 6ELLANDS AND UKEVIEW ' ' Drlv west aa RIchnmHj Rg , juet neat the Plnecrest nlr aetlon; T aa the Queeneway la Plnecreet exit. gl-g7tl. DAILY . IS - ' SUNDAY e ; svss.,vevrrWfr.,sr,r sRV .'Jf 'W.t, '.-. fa". ' , '.V VS.. t 1 J . "J-- t BERLIN WiLL STRENGTHENED Ths Berlin Wall near lb control point of Dreilinden bag bees further trengthened ss pictured. East German ton guards with police dogs pstrol the trench which has concrete reinforced walls and barbed wire enunglement. ' . .. 1 i (Peanawa Journal Photo) rot BoasaFCaUii (Cent, from pruimng Ceaaaat) SOUTH HULL BUNGALOW. DE luxe. large rooma. not water heated, with lovely fireplace, on I 7-acre of baautlfully landaeaped land, double garage, attached, 17 apple tress en the grounds tea- Stable priced at gel.OOO. R. ndry. T77-4071 er A. Dufrean. I17-13M. Duessult Real Eatate Inc. "Your Hull Realtor," Titan I. - TRIPLEX. NEW, LOW DOWN PAY. avant- T7i-as. UPLANDS. MODERN KITCHEN with fcuut-tna. g bearoonsl, raai replace. HM down. Plata Baal Batate OUawal. Ltd, TSa-4114. Evening. Isebel Hlna. gu-greg. H. VERNA COOK. -BXALTOR.- T27H aga with beana ana properoa tor the discrtmtnating buyer WEST END, LOVELY S-BEDBOOM atorey ana a half, wtta aming roam. Freshly dauontid. Beeuti-fully landaeaped with patio, ei green nd Sower garden, at) lane lanced lot. Gang. Low down payment. Blloo. row PA1-1M1, evenings. WKEN YOU NEED HELP IN BUY. Big or euing your noma, can Ceone a. Eadea. . "Realtor, " ass-eras.' S STOREY 4 BEDROOM HOUSE. modem conveniences, on large lot, S anile south of Ottaws ea Quma Road. .Fe particular. none as-!, or contact ear a4cdonid. Room l-xia, S Temperery Building. S-BEDROOM BUNOALOW. CLOSE Shopperr City and gaheel. gi,oo. Ta aaia - U-uniOOM RUNGALOW. PIN- asnad tecreesien rooaa, ruuy wndwaaag. large tress, atone patio, iimval sres. dowa say anem eiew. an lass 4-BEDBOOM BUNOALOW. S1V son. One block la St. Gene vieve Preach aapaial. Canterbury English aeparate. Arab pubtia school ana new ajappptng centra. Brick eaterter. paved drrve. top eendltiea, early poe- session avaiUbie. air. awn ass-Taiti evening TX1-4U Itagtonal Realty Ltd. 4-BEDBOOM BRICK, ONB-YEAB- e4, extra powoer room, real fireplace, fenced and landscaped. A beautiful family homer frig, atove end ether extra tachatee. U.SOO. gee Nssso, J. 1 Reel Eatat. Saa-aTSS. , fVa-:re lot 34wcJroorn hwrh. ' Only $15,000 for this well-kept, beautifully landscaped property, i .fL. ...,,,., ... i Occupancy 30 days or less ., t . . ,.- . Telepbon 728-1382 722-o053 J -T22-7a23 ' 7 QUALICUM The Prestige Community a Superb : Design Achievement: by. TERON 828-2343 " end ot th a(f Wih- bay I. EDSTAN t HOMES within the tnr " ON VALLEY DRIVE, OFF PLEASANT PARK POAD IN THE ALTA VIST A AREA $16,68,0 u $20,345 731-4415 , . (CWtta ffTOni sTl'vJTeWlTB( OtniaWHl) - ''Vr wns-ea y av "" 1 . , , , 701 RCrUOS rot SUE (Cent, from praeadlng Column) 13.BO0. S-BEDROOM BBICK. DEN, racreeuon room, extree. ei.wv down. outstndlngly attract I v a. must be seen. i p oraonning, Hull. 771-17. 117POO. CRYSTAL BAY. 1 BED- room. lib oaiaa, lirepuaee. a rags. gi-. . BOW'S LA KB AREA 45 SUNSET BLVD, BEDROOMS, Smahed basement, garage, sept. I occupancy, glTJOO. H. E. Brown. Broker, U3-OT7S. ' .WEST BNB COMPORTABLB S-S BDROOM bungalow, ttrapiaca, IVj hath- : rooma. landaceped. saavanlaotir located. Easily ilnaacad. SM- aeaa. ,r PRIVAYB SALS CRESTVIEW PARK, a . BEDROOM bungalow with carport, i year old natural atone fireplace, bay window, walnut aitcnen. run uie bstbroom, lot Tt a 100, fenced In. Meny extras. Must Bell. A real chance, 17.oo. ST Alder. eraet urtve. txs-i. WEST END BODBLS - 1- i a txaju old. basembnt entshad win powoer room, nam ed ataa aecn aioe. i iiteu ev aan. L Tbompson Ud. -BeeHor." IM-aM. Lee Weed TlS-SMt. EVERY LOCATION OFFERS A DISTINCT BUYING v . ADVANTAGE SINCE. ' ; ' INDIVIDUAL . , TASTES VARY, ' NEIGHBORHOODS APPEAL DIFFERENTLY TO EACH FAMILY Your personal desires cmipled with tbs - ' educated opinions of 1 experts are your ., , guarantee of Mtisfsctioa in obtainlnj tb right location for your , family's next borne. QUEENSW00D PARK . , ,. , Just past Otieang and 1' look for Capita Sign , NarsaMri ' (call collect) " ALTAVISTA ModeU located on ' Ryder A vs. at WaOcley ttd. ' 733-17M . ' CAPITAL, QUALITY HOMES MUST BE SOLD : .$14,500 ; : f 1.000 down - a-bedroom hamgalo Imn dial acoupeney, Rideea High School least I an. excellent neighborhood lor ehlldrea. MERVIN GREENBERG LTD.' REALTOR SaS-lSlI -T" 'Si - I 701 BOtCn FOt SAL! . (Coat- (rem Praeadlng Celusna) f BBDBOOMS, I DSNS LOVELY RURAL SETTtNO WITH aiiracuve vurw. eugnitgne nu lovely nous wita so many tin feature loo numeroue to men-tloa. MLS 4714. A. O. Bay. man. McKeowa Realties Ltd. aaa-4og, evenings Tag-Sell LOUIS TITLE Y LTD. -RSALTOB" ITS Rideea . gia-llSS OTTAWA SOUTH. Hi -STOREY rooming hause. tuny gurnisnea, Immediate poaaaaaloa. 113.900. U.9O0 haadws. Meal Potvln 134-HM STB. ANNS PARISH. CLARENCE Street, modam stucco duplex. S- rave apt, racreeuon room, ga rage wim pave artve. terms, aaciusiva. aoger niiay, aea-aiae, SECURITY REAL ESTATg (Ottawa) Ltd,. ' 111 MacLarea St. uiia - Aay Tlass I0S MEADOWLANDS DRIVB. plit level, brick and aluminum, hvmg room, angalatnna kreplaot. boa room. S gaiH bathe, double carport., eariy aomaiMiin. only aiesnji , - INCOME PROPERTY. LOW PRIC- w twn, woat sna. monthly aiaa i..-. sma ALTA VISTA AREA. BRICKAND anaewien oungaww, atUched garage, g bedroom, recreation room with bar. near ell eebeols. wy well priced at only 11M0. ALTA VISTA DlgTBIC THIS MOUNTBATTEN WO W a with large living room, dining room, kitchen and S bedreoma plue 4-pteoe bath and powder root", nice lot and dure. well a exit tor lgM. Owner traaa. L',7M: ,riM osll Fred McCoy ;-ee.e. m. aoasM 7 II -4404 ? sMS: eag-argg C. A. Pltislmraon and Co. Ltd. Reeltore" end lnsursace. Mort-. 1ST Spark Street, u. f 1 99. TBOS. SBIPMAN LTD, REALTOR ae aeat at, 111-1111 Opea Bvealag TU1 g PJ. WEST CNH .nvrkAM m torey, attached garage, un- ' rg tot. nae- w ires . Aiiaonea garage, paved drive, petie, re room with -bar. colored hath fixtures. A treat to aaa. Prleed at only Sla ana Mtrianary J nrna m. rns wrive, ssiraasa, two aioea from ehopplng centre. Low DUPLEX. CENTRS TOWN. S- evarwan m eea doubl garsge. plumbing and wh-ing. Only MMLARKN STREET. SEMI-DE- -saonaa. a-oaevooaa. brick: a000 dowa able at BIS numthlv. THOS. ' BHIPMAN LTD. "REAL- -. opea gaaains : tin S SSS4SSI. LOW TAXES MOOERN BUNOALOW WITH carport and many added fee-, tare mc had tng local tmprove- menta peia. Ideal far eha aged children. Asking Sia.soa. Wast End. Varna Cook, -Real-ler." TiS-eSM: Mr. Otld TM- eeen air, warn TU-lua. EXCELLENT PAMtLY SUNSALOW Pi nut Rlghway S ACRBS OP aiAtrrrrm .v treed grmnsa. with apacloe Si usuiuumeu nam approximately S00 ft. er at of river frontage, en meln channel of Rideea River. If yea las privacy and eeemtry Btmoiphme. we racreianeiid you hs eeaatafal home. Asking Was, Call Roger Saraaen. SM. vaoi. ar evenings TU-sooi Rhodes Baal . Eatat Limited "Realtor." " RICHMOND ROAD NEAR CHURCHILL-$45,000 miUiiiI lacalloa. Vendor 1 dew.U aan M. Ieorkm. TIP. Ut. A. S. MePhaU. aa-UTl ar DavM Nelali, ill easy C A. Fitzsimrnons and . Company ltd. , "Aealtort" and Insurance Mortgagee r 107 Spark Street 233-7183 SAVE $500 on ; SUMMER v CONSTRUCTION RIVIERA .-.V 771-6694-,; NEW v DESIGNS FROM MINTO IN PARKWOOD HILLS Mlrrwl Ha . , . tnaplrad new -be room gaml-deuahed daatgng with a rrfraahlng dnTenaa. YmU (had a delightful aew with leeno evident ha aeary u rata nd tng f e a I a r e. MintoT, gaalitjl aonetructl-m and award-wmamg deelga to bow offered at a truly aeo-anmlcal price . . aa a lovry hillside petting la OtUwa most eon van lent omm unity. . DOWN PAYMENTS PROM $795 PARKWOOD HILLS Vntft ear model a display every avanlng flnoladlng Satufv Say) HI S. Sunday ta S. OTP PI8HCR AVB. fUST : BELOW BASBUNB BO. " 728-5837 1 . . ' 701 IfviBO nt SALE ICont. from Preceding Column! CANADA PERMANENT TRUST Company "Seelteri" 1)1-171 (11 MUTUAL. a-BEDROOM BUN. aalow. aeer Rideau Hiah School. Asking tll.&OO, dowa paymaat i.OOO. MLS K-UM1. ITILLA CRajbCENT. BEDROOM hunaalow with X-csr attached faraga. eeraar lot. located Bear log's Back. Priced 1U.000. OTTAWA SOUTH ON BARTON Street. 1 -storey single brick veneer, S rooms, corner lot. Ask ing 913.000, immediate noesea-alon. Call John Downey, SU- ULAND PARK DRIVE AREA S-BOOM BRICK HOME. LIVING room with fuel A replace. Screened porch and recreation room. Close to Public. Catholic and High School. OaU O. C Edward. 3-M!; evening. Taa-- otas. Rhode Baal Estate Limited. "Realtor-. URBANDALB BUNOALOW. S BBDBOOMS. fireplace, carport. Near school, transportation, shopping centre, church. ait.Tpo. Taa-asa. ... am Biaf BUMS l-orey. l-bdroom. -piece cera- en. aeperate dining room, plsater a Ir atf- aan lent Ban. B 1 BP T I m . mmim. tht- -- RADCLIFF REALTIES LTD. "REALTOR" . , 236-9401 VSS OUR SOUS riKDSR'S StRVICt Sivtrviete Near ihopplng centre, Transportation, both English and Trench schools. Oa a quiet pretty street, en U brick storey and a hell horn with a large bedroome and a den. fireplace In a specious living room, good slaed family kitchen, aaved drive, and a lovely Urge treed lot. Juet 1100. new MLS hating. No. ISM. Mr. W. trachea, 711-111. evening. McKellar rark An KnplUh garden ..rk--n,lf1l- k nt and It beck en to amen park. Clot to both Broadview end Nepean, to St. Beau and SI. Joseph schools. This at a large -bedroom bungalow la really fine condition, fireplace. waU to waU steer loom In living and dining room end en bedroom. Immedlet pommatnn. No. 1PM. MLS K-aeo. Mr, W. traehaa, 7U-1M. avenings. ReveUloke Drive Colonial l-ttorty Oa a nelly magnificent lot. beautifully awdseaped. . ems-menial lily pool: a tan and brick home edferlng luxury eo-eommadatiesi for 40O. Vary lara. entertainment alsed Uve . Ing room with atone (treplaee. asperate dining room, dish-washer in an efficient kltcb-aa. laundry. S big bedrooms, meiter nee U own batlweom. S other bathe, flrepUce la the weU finished roc. room, attached gang. No. ISO, Mrs. MoKcnn. IM-SMd. evening. Trent Street "-i DoBbI miotmmU When yea own this excellent -bedroom brick double ea e eery good street of atbrectlv komea. la lovely, condition with private garden backing aa th ExpertmenUI Farm, both tide are weU ranted. May bjaur. chased eeperalery If .deafred Asking 11M par aide. Ex-Biting ', mortgsge. wa WIU Brrange new financing. Me. ITSS-s. Mn. 1. Sharkey. Aim Viita Brand iMaT Iiittn Of a vary special S-bedrnora gray Reman -brick bungalow, oa a eeautltuUy Varraoed end hedged lot. shaded by tall old traee. Lovely home surround tt. Piufamlonally flnlehod nc room with rtreplaoe. ear. tHtre HI wail, taundry and 4th bad-room or daa downstair, a aoe down. Asking PITO. Na. la. Mr. V. rroman. na-Sia. Oteb Dvplsx UfiOt damn IrnmediaU poeeeatton tt the ewnare lovely lower S-aea-reom agarlmerrl. occupency el upper -bdroom apartment, sow well rented. eauM also be rranged. Excellent eondltloa throughout, hot water eU heal, naved private drive, garage, aew wiling, copper plumbing. Asking gltJOO. No. IS4T. Mr. B. rroman. TSM1SS. avening. 8. stir tartt ?..';:s Wtra M excited Over (hi oaa,' tra fa such lovely condition, that we love snow It. A terrific bay a SI jog, a d year old all brick a-aadiuom bungalow, with arise delightful ladplag of ahrub and flower, awalnga tt wta wumwa. tire. a pretty living room. selW finished re. room, paved drive. los to aU cheek. No. 1P4. Mr. H. Pre aaaa. IM-aiM, evening. Clmvols 4ere Don't look sny farther We have tt right her. A popular area and a line house la s reelteUa price range. WeU kept, S bedroom brick bungalow, attractively lend scaped, close to II schools tot a complete ry finished end Battled are. Attractive brick fireplace, lie baths, prof sea tonally finished wttn nuiiLma, evour closeta, carport, pe Just Siaoe. ReadT opening. No. 144. Mr. Pyaa. RivafvtW , . . It't not run-of-the-mlU nt a particularly attractive . bedroom bungalow with a "different" layout, of Reman brick, beautifully Mndaesped , la a very ale aaction of attractive home and backing ea to a small park. Dramstie iirv-plac wall, delightful dining room, pea through to the intimate breakfast room, gay, bright kitchen. Plenty ef room for a basement roc, room, Aaa tng aiTjae, No. less, mls aai-B, Mr. Oordoa, 4-L, Wettgate - Yon'U never bill Kg . ' Til yea a K ... 4 big bed. room, 1'k bsths. big living nom, aeparate dining room, wall - planned large family kitchen. 4 a IS ft. family room, laundry room, with one bedroom dowa aad 1 apauttr. Broad loom hi the living nom, ' dining room, hell end atatr-way. Juet gsi.oooi Of brick, ht lovely condition, ale garden, aand drlv, en a pretty street. No. ipsa, new listing, Mr. Kehoe, Taa-SlSI, even luge Service U our butintu, end we or hornet for evert bud get; caU Rg ( any time, our vell-tralned and experienced agents art alwayt at four 236-9401 OWNBB PAID HUN YOUR PRICE gllJOO. JUST S' yean old. this duplex ss In wonderful eondillon. 1 -bedroom apartment for owner slue income Acre Realties and insurance, SM-saeg. anjrtime MUST SELL S-BEDROOM BUNOALOW WITH ear port, stinte, crystal wearjn, 1000. 1700 dowa. tas-flpn. TBOS. SBIPMAN LTD, REALTOR tMB Mala tre at, i- Ope Bvealag Till RrVERDALB. DUPLEX. BEAUTT- lul terraced lot overlooking Rideau Oardena, fully equipped; U0.JO0. HINTONBUBO. g-UNIT. WELL rented, excellent investment fSMJOOI. - II ,aog DOWN, a . BEDROOM , family home, doe to Bri taunt Park, krvsly garden, asplenia, pn Ion. Asking 1.700. 11100, PTTH gl.000 DOWN. ' Ottawa Beat noma, plus Investment, asaed for apartment; wall rented, lavectlget. WEST END, S-BEDROOM HOME, fruit traaa, garden, garage. Asking i wle down. Flexible. GLEBE. TRtPLEX. FULLY' euuippeu. pervMiix urnianea, excellent eondltloa. wall ranted and reduced to only gig ta. . with tlJoa dowa. COUP. TLA NO PARK VENDOR aay reduce hut eeu. a large bed rooma, large dining room, large living nom. fuel fireplace, den. sunroom, attached, gerag. beautifully landscaped. Offer Invited. , 1 WITH SHOES AS EXPENSIVE AS they are, let am go banfeal and buy thai ee-acn farm with a S-bednom house, at 10 00. with SLOoe dowa aad ay term. HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL. TOTAL price for two . Ottawa homes. gll.POO. Both weQ. tented. .. Land Boned for apart- RENT HIGH? DO NT CRY. BUY! Can aag-eiH: t language eooken THOS, SHtPMAN LTD, "REAL- tor-, opaa avaains mi p. aaa-eiss. ISLAND PARK DR. BUNOALOW cxcrriNfii mtamvM home. designed for entertaining aaa lasting charm Living room Is ( U.4 a 14S1. dining nom (1 4 , 141. Warm and dureble. good look add feminine 1 flavor e the well-pleamed kitchen with double stove, dlettwaaber, gar-, burator. auperb bulhVtna nd dinette ana. Maater bedroom hes'll-foot wal af elothe aua-boaraa, ceramle bathroom aa suite. Second bedroom heat built-in desk . and beokoaiei . Main bathroom la richly tiled from floor is celling. Baeutl. fully enlahcd recreation ream. Many detailed extra. Archl...n teeturaUy dailgn'd. Built by . Stpoltn. Prio esajee. Tana. To see this Ane property, csll Mr Edith Mslot Sonken. T33-eadSiiMr. Pournlap. eUMl. Leslie Woes Company Limited. SU-40S4. '; OPEN BOCIS 111 Lmdsay 8 tree e.a a. -1 aa. ALTA VISTA. S-rfTOROOM BRICK nom. wall lanuecapvu bath rooma. . recreetlen room, near echoola, laoepin eantra. oe. cupaney. Per aukk akv fit JO. TM-eaatv.. ' QUALICUM PARK PRESTIGE HOME 23 Okanagan . Lovely padoua bungalow, ail bceodleamog wlU asaay sua-' ttrlea extrae. Cijatal ankn ' atlas pool, a fun throen with dremlng room, mealed aa apeciou treed ground. In first hems af eeanpenbie vafu at hettar. Asking PM.POt. Call, at bo oblicstioB to yon. 236-9531 iv V RHODES Real Eatat Limited . "Jttol tor "Inturance" CHOOSE YOUR CAMPEAU HOME o from 3 CHOICE LOCATIONS LESLIE PARK ' . MODEL HOMES AND SALES OPPICE LOCATED . OPP BASE L1NB BOAD ON OREENBANK ROAD AT TMB WEaTERH CITY LIMITS. sas-eit Queensway Terrace " West . ' . OPP PINECRCST ROAD. ' NORTH OP THE QUEENSWAY. SALES OPPICI AT UIUI . PARK. . RIVERSIDE PARK sales oppicb located on p1eldino drivb off" McCarthy road, south o walk ley road between bank street i . . and riverside drivb. TSI-S1T : , v,f CAMPEAl "Your Key to Better Llvlruj' Outstanding Valu.: $14,200 ,",,"Mr. brMt aollfii eondlthm. Ieig. b..utlf runoonaM Park. Separate living room, dlnlns ' room and kitchen. 4 bedreoma.. 1-piece bath, finished ettil, glaesed-ln aunporcb, gang. .; Tlmken ell burner, low tea as. L'.,Bf!,", r Madlly .vtll., bla . U yea da not want ta.."' V lon Ibl xceptionel buy, U 236-0305 today . - i . MONTREAL 1RUST ?ei COMPANY ' : U' IConiinued oa Hex! tnsjSTV T- .. . . .,,r i i i.jSi 4 A.e a d,J.

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