The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILiE, PA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28,1918. FURNACES CANNOT MAINTAIN r PRESENT RATE OF PRODUCTION m:: TJmloss ShipmeMts of Coke In- ere»se Soon and Very Materinlly. DRAWING UPON STOCKS Were"Salt" JkralhUe »y Clear- t*f of Ceagestion ol Leaded Cars Xuoite; Sloiroeu im ·T SttouUion Proves Disappointing. ·-· · Special to Tl» Toikly Courier. SjjP"- .P1TTSBIERG, Feb. 27.--Blast fur- 1?; nacea operations .continue to give a ^-".yfarrly 'good account, production of pig ^'·'"Iron""in "the central west being well |g;" "above 75 per cent, of capacity, this /-eoatraBtimj"witli operations below 60 ^-'. p«r cent, during Jarmavj and the ^- " : early part o£ February. «The National |Si Tabe company is operating nine of US'; its 11 stacks, while the Carnegie Steel §, company is.operating 42 of its 53, hav- g:' ing at one time been down to only 29 S." : furnaces in operation. The Illinois ^;;' 5teel company, which was harder hit. If;"._·'.!· sow up to 14 stacks in. operation out ££.' of 29. xbe merchant furnaces in the ?;' 'riiraUeTs, Western Pennsylvania, and'the gV -lake fromt district are operating at F»; better than 75 per cent , ' K ' . ' The better operations, however, are |j'' "due chiefly to the recent clearing of j." congestion of loaded coke enroute, ';;.' and furnaces are. drawing upon stocks ]f.'. . then, accumulated.. The rate of operar ^ -Uon today, and for the past ten days, ;Vv~"ls higber .thait can be maintained by f--. "the rate at which coke is now being 1 ^shipped. Last week's car supplies were distinctly disappointing to coke ·''operators, as on the Important drvis- .; . - io»» they did not average up to 50 per :j; _ ceat. ot ratings and old not show the £. ^/improvement orer the preceding week ;·;· _1iat had been confidently expected. ·]·"· i.Tbii week opened with supplies lower, i'.v ..".on an average, than at the beginning ;7/!:tf laat week, so that the augury Is ^-*~Xun£aYorabte for this weei and the con- £·' dttion can only be improved by the |.', Zwetk Tnffrfr'c a ataong finish, f-. " Coke producers and coke cc ^7' 'ar« alike beginning to dis -ing ot impatience at the slowness of ~tb* improvement in shipping condi- : tons. Today begins th« fourth week Si':-£of quite f*»o»able railroad weather. a"';';"Po» the first couple weeks It was rec- S. ^ognl»d the railroads would have to §:;^h« busy in clearing away congestion, £ .:but by ^ia time it is heki there ought r; . to be better retnrn of empties than is £.. -'disclosed by the curreat car'supplies. FS-Th*r« is a disposition in some quar- .-;. : tK»- to cbarg* the, railroads.. with 5;'"' making insufficient effort to. supply ^ caw. for the pcrpoee of holding down ·;'; th« TOlume of freight that must he ;'·· moved. These observers hold, in other f.:' word*, that tire railroads act as it the p--., avoidance of congestion was the final 'v;: end for which they are striving. {i '. whereas absence of congestion is but ft:, a m«an« to an end. the-real end .being, $'.'. in tact, the movement of freight. . $: The amount of free coke available K in tl» open market remains very ?--' small, bnt it is increaaang. The chief available are loads in Pitts- bnrg.and lake Brre cars, Pennsylvania .equipment being extremely scarcal The number of possible borers of coke in Bttsourg and Like Erie cars i* quite limited, as the cars are not allowed. to move oft the road. ' but the oflarmgs are generally absorbed to short order nererflieless. Transactions are an at tho set prices. There is no interest in contract coke. The market remains (jootable at the Mt price*, as follows: small turnover in prompt lots, generally single carloads. 'White furnaces are behind in contract deliveries they can generally find an extra, carload for a regular customer who proves to be greatly in need of the iron. The market remains at the sct.prices: Bessemer 136.30 Basic »33.00 No. 2 foundry J33.00 Gray Malleable' JJ3.50 Gray torse .....J32.00 These prices are t. ,o. 1. furnace, irrespective of location, freight from Valley furnaces to Pittsburg being 96 cents. GAIN SLIGHTLY, BUT ARE ONLY 65 PER CENT OF CAPACITY Railroad Conditions, Not Devand, Bold Xovemert to S»all Tolune; Activity Expected In April Special to The TVeekiy Conner. NEW YORK, 'Feb. 27.--The American Metal Market and Daijy Iron Steel Report will review the steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows: SMM mills have had greatly increased shipments.of finished steel, in the past week, others Jive experienced little improvement^ shipping conditions, while a tew have encountered sued a scarcity of cars that their shipments have slightly .'diminished. The general average may be estimated at shipments of 65 per cent of capacity in the past week against 55 per cent of capacity during the first five weeks of this year, when the worst weather prevailed. A misconception as to supplies of finished steel has arisen from reference to rates of ingot prodnction. By reason of a great deal of coke, stalled enroote for a long time, having moved, forward to blast furnaces, the production of pig iron has been zn.uch heavier in the past fortnight, and steel mills have as a. rule preferred to carry the material through to the ingot form, the ingots .being stocked. Thus production of ingots has increased much more than production and shipments of finished steel. Shipping conditions at steel mills do not reflect in large measure the improvement that has come to railroad operation with good weather, for two reasons. First, the railroads have addressed themselves to "clearing the conger-tion of loaded .freight, rather than to the furnishing of more empty cars to shippers in general. Second, there has been brought about a particularly heavy movernent of foodstuffs to seaboard, engaging more railroad capacity than will continuously be required. In the circumstances, a sharp increase in the production and shipment of finished steel products In the next two or three weeks is in prospect, barring blizzards and floods, an.d the farther sighted are beginning to realize that perhaps-in a short time there will be a plentiful supply of steel in many forms. The scarcity of steel has been so prolonged that many find it difficult if not impossible to realize that such a thing may occur, yet it is a distinct probability for the month of ApriL The country's finished steel capacity is nearly if not quite 3,000,900 gross tons a month, or 15 to 1? per cent in excess of the actnal production in 1916. Foundrr. Tl-bonr Crashed; . wrer 1-inch ------- . . . . . i . "Thin is a wliJespresui demand for foundry cote, suggesting that shipments again*- contracts are quite be~ . Fmrtbermore. there Who to Merchants who advertise their good* Tbe Daily Courier. appimr to he many consomers, par ticularly small foundries not provided wHh contracts. : There is rery little »pot foundry coke available and consumers are seeking such coke 'as a ^ Tor. . . . - Eatfcuates in the trade are that ahip- nmrti of Cc«m«n«»nie coke between STSOOO and 400.000 toius a week are requisite in order to supply all furnace and foundry demands. TMs is niaterimlly less than the average ship- , menta in 1916,- which were about 421.- j 000 tons weekly, but since then there i aas been more buiWinj: of by-product j coke ovens, than there has been of ; ; blast furnaces. . ; . j The pig iron market remains prac- I , iiealiy dormant. Occasionally a foun- | dry iron cqnsnmer desires to cover ; lor deliveries wrerHhe second half of (j^ jmx, on the only terms available, the present government price, subject to.ierisloa to any new government pries in force at the time of .shipment, »«t at present not mocii. of this. sort oTbusiness is being done. a DAUWltME AGO) mm YINOL Now She is Strong and Better Every Way Pitman, N. J.--"I Buffered from a weak, run-down condition so I could cot get around to do. toy usual light dutiea, for I «m 73 yean of age and past bard work. My daughter Drought me a bottle of Vmol and aiked me to try it, and after taking i two bottles 11 hive a good appetite, ' Test wen at night and am stronger and better in every way."--Mrs. F. Andenoa, Pitman, N. J. We wish every feeble, aged man and woman in this vicinity would . juit try tbi conititutional cod liver and iron tonic on' oar guarantee to return their money if it fail* to benefit. Formula ui on every bottle. Laughrey Drug Ctk, F. H. Harmening, Connellsrille; David C. Bason, Dncbar, and at the beat drug store In every town and city In the country. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY ·WM. A. 31RADT PRESENTS KITTY GORDON IN "THE DIVINE SACRIFICE" . A miRLD PRODUCTION IN 5 ACTS. ' ALSO "UNIVERSAL .WEEKLY" SHOWING THE LATEST WAR NEWS. Friday and Saturday SELECT PICTURES PRESENT.ALICE BRADY IN i "HER SILENT SACRICICE" A SPECIAL PRODUCTION IN 7 ACTS. \ * ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. --cosose-- MABEL TALJAFERHO IM "DRAFT 258" Special Introductory Display Boys' Wash Suits for Spring Friday and Saturday Perhaps it might better be called a "Wash Suit Opening' 1 for it is our first complete and specially arranged presentation of our entire Spring stock. A gtwdly section of our Men's Clothing Department IMS been reserved for this display with the big Ublcs carefully nrnuigtHl to afford easy and satisfactory inspection. Most mothers with little fellows to dress will be here, eager to see the pretty new things on display and to enjoy first choice of the entire collection. New Wash Suits Will Be Shown By the Hundreds Dozens of cute little styles, two of them exactly as illustrated. Made up in linen, galatea, madras and other good washable mzterials--· in all white, or white trimmed with dainty colors. All sizes 2% to 10 years, at prices that go from JL50 to $6.00. There Will Also Be On Display fresh new stocks of rompers, overalls, slipovers, union overalls and everything "busy little youngsters need for rough and tumble ·wear. --Wash Pants at BOc'to ¥1-50.. Khaki Pants at 75c, $1.00 and $1.50. --BOJ.K* Blue Sailor Suits, long pants style, at $10 and $12. --JuvenDca' Cloth Suits at $4.00 to $5.50, with a good blue serge frail featured at the latter price*. --liarly Spring Topcoats in blue. Shepherd checks, grey, tan and fancy mixtures, sizes 1 to 10 years, at $5 to ?7.50. Only a Short Time Remains to Take Advantage of The February .Sale of Aprons Aprons -will be bought by the score between now and closing time Saturday night when this unusual display and sale -comes to a close. Purchases of an -entire year's supply are the rule rather than the exception for no housewife can help seeing the wisdom add economy of buying now and buying all she will need. For Older Boys From Six Years to High School Age Spring Clothes in quantities and varieties of assortments seldom equaled even at this foremost boys' store. School clothes, dress clothes, play clothes -- the best money can buy. -- Spring Snits for boys nf 6 to IS years, fancy patterns, tailored Norfolk styles, with fnH en« pants, at $4.00 to $15.00. Best Bine Sertres at $7J0 to ?15.0fl. -- Odd Tronsers, to finish ont the winter coat, all colors, siies 3 to 20 yeam, at $1.00 to -- Sew Hate, Spring styles Is clotb and silk, al Mh- -- Boys' 'Cftps, a Wg assortment, of styles and patterns, 50c to SI. -- Boys' Corduroy Siritg, fl to IS ycnrs, special vnluo at $6-50. Extra Cord Pants, $1.2» to S2.W). -- Jwy»' School and Dress Shoes, complete stocks at moderate prices. Surprising How Many People Are Needing Traveling Bags And the nkm.ber buying them at this store speaks well for the styles and qualities we have succeeded in providing in spite of the scarcities of leather, and everything that enters into'the making of a suitable case. --There are Fibre Cases in a variety qf. styles and sizes to sell at ?1.60 to 57.5Q. --The leather cases are In splendid assortment, with prices beginning at ?7.50 and going upward to 530. --Matting Cases at $1.00 up to ?7.00. --School cases in a numher of sizes, all at moderate prices. --A grent number oC Fancy TVliite Aprons--plain or with lace and embroidery trimmings. .A good assortment of. pretty styles. Regular 50c values, special at _ -· --Another big assortment o£ Fancy TVliit*. Aprons of most excellent quality. Some are plain. Some have beautiful lace or embroidery trimmings. Regular 75c to 51.00 values, Special at---A limited number of Cover-all Aprons of light percale, in stripes and figures. Three styles to choose from. Sizes 38, 40, 42 and 44. Regular 89c values. Special at ,--. --360 Percale Aprons in plain colors or in light grounds with multicolored plaids, stripes, and black-and-white effects. New Spring models in sizes 3S to 44. Extra Special ---120 Vercale Aprons of excellent quality. Plain colors, or ligat grounds wibh plaids and stripes. Sizes 38 to 50 bust. fl*1 OC[ Extra Special at . tpJ-»««J wss SAVE«JSERVE wnr ma mm TOUTS Women Are Buying New Spring Underwear --Ribbed lisle combination Suits with low necks and no sleeves, lace trimmed or tight knees. RegTilar sizes at 85c, $1.00, $1.50. --Fine ribbed Cotton Vests with ·low necks and no sleeves, are 25c and 35c each. The Accepted Modes in Early Spring Are reflected here in the largest display it Sas ever been our pleasure to offer at this season of the year. Their charm, their skillful designing will be best appreciated when viewed at first band. The entire assortment is moderately priced with feature values at 54.95 and J6.95. Spring Styles Supreme in Women's Suits Almost every woman welcomes the season when she can don a trimly tailored suit--the basis upon which so often rests the smart wardrobe. Certainly the pleasure of selection is added to when one has choice from assortments so authentically styled as these, when examination reveals tailoring so good and colors so desirable. Styles in Vogue Smart models designed to give tho Eton effect; styles modeled closely along sports lines; many odd and altogether charming waist coat effects; and lastly those pretty, noat plain tailored styles. Materials and Colors One may have choice of serge and gabardine, of popl5n, tri- cot.ine aud veJour. of checks, of jerseys, BureUa and silvcrtone. Choose any of these and know it's correct. Colors are eualJy diversified--with navy and copen. tan, grey, sand, taupe, clay, Sammie, rookie, Pekin and infantry blue, all claiming your preference. Prices Begin at $25 and go to $69.50 The United States Food Administration Says We Must SAVE FATS New Spring Line of Kayser Patent Marvel Stripe Silk Stockings Has just* been received and placed on sale. This is an ingrain Silk Stocking of quality,--the "marvel stripe" being a. series of little knotted loops that prevent runs or tears. ' ' May be had in fawn, Russian calf, castor, grey, black and white. All sizes 8}.£ to 10 at $1.75 the pair. Black Cotton Stockings Are realizing a new need of usefulness ncnr that high Shoes are so universally worn. Women's stockings "with ^ctra spliced toe and heel are of medium weight, in sizes S : /4 to 10, at 25c and 35c the pair. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. SOISSON THEATRE TODAY, MATINEE AND NIGHT The Always Popular MJuVHATTAS PtATEBS In the Tremendous Success "A Man of the Hour" SPECIAL ATTBACTIOSS Friday night a splendid Kitchen Cabinet will be given away- Saturday, matinee $5.00 to tie cleverest local child in the big Children's Carnival. NEXT WEEK:--LAST MANHATTAN WEEK. lOTTEE TIOOB 85c. Big 15c Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, I ! Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAY JJfl) TOMOKECW-- AMERICA'S GREATEST 90-POUND COMEDIAN, Jack Fuquay and Zarrow's Little Blpe Bird Co. In the Musical Novelty "AT BLUEBIRD BAY" On tue Screen--"VENGEANCE AND THE WOMAN." FEATURING THE BLUEBIRD TE.IO MISS LILLIAN ZEIGLER BILLIE FENTON . THE IRISH TENOR. ' SNEAD CLARK BLUEBIRD BEAUTY CHORUS. 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