The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. UATUr COTTKriSK, FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1.930. PROHIBITION ISSUE WILL BE FOUGWIN HOUSE Numerous Measures Are Expected t o Involve Wets and Brys hi "Warm Debates. PRISON REFORM '.* WILL ALSO BE UP By KENNETH O. CRAWFORD, United Press Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Jan. 3.--The prolil- 'bition. tempest stirred u* by Senator Borah, Republlcaa, Idaho, during the holiday recess is expected to sweep into tho House wing of the- Capitol next week when Congress reconvenes. Several measures likely, to provoke a renewal of debate between wets and lrys are scheduled for early consideration., by the ltoxiH-3 and its committees. ' Chairman Snell of the Rules Committee plans to start early hearings on a Senate bill to authorize appointment of a joint congressional committee to investigate tbo advisability of consolidating prohibition enforcement agencies In tho Department of Justice. This measure passed the Senate almost without debate but is expected to encounter rougher going la the House. Somo ilrys there doubt the wisdom of disturbing prohibition enforcement machinery at this time, ' Tho five prison reform and extension bills reported favorably by tho Judiciary Committee and scheduled for consideration in the House next Wed- -iioscluy also may bo a f r u i t f u l source / of prohibition debate although the measures themselves virtually are unopposed. Dratted by the Department of Justice and re-ported almost without amendment, tho bills provide for construction o£ two new penal institutions at an estimated cost of ',57,000,000, establishment o f » a hospital for criminal insane, changes in the parole system and liberalization of regulations governing the administration of Federal penitentiaries. Representative I/a Guardia, Republican, Ne-w York, in questioning Attorney General Mitchell at hearings on tho prison measures, Indicated tho wet Woe, while not opposing the legislation, will undertake to use it as an. anti-prohibition argument. Tho real prohibition tussle ivlU start when tho House takes up the Interior Department appropriation bill, which provides funds for tho agencies now (-ntrusted with enforcement. This mays bo several weeks henco as the appropriations committee plans to bring out tho War Department supply b i l l next. Ordinarily the- Interior bill is the first considered but a fight within the Appropriations Committee over the sUo of tho prohibition enforcement f u u d is understood to be holding it up at this uesi-.ton. So far, Borah's blasts against prohibition enforcement officials have created but slight stir among House members. Weis arc not yet organized for their offensive and drys are ailent, believing they can help t h e i r cause most by a hutuls-o££ policy. Tiie wet bloc Is scheduled to meet January 0 to formulate- a program for the- session. PLOT AGAINST FASCIST RE BEING UNEARTHED By U u i l o d Press.' PARIS, Jan. 3.--8onsiU.iomil rlo- velopmcnls iirvolving ;m alleged terrorist organization wiiii ram.iflcalionK extending i.o all European capitals; and directed against, I he Italian Fas- ist government, wore expected shortly as the result ol' Use recent arrest of three journalists charjrod. with plotting against Beuito Mussolini. Correspondence f o u n d In the homes of the three men is bains translated, aiul Is said to giro Cample indication" that they had the assistance ot accomplices. A prominent Italian, whose check Cor a large amount of money was f o u n d in the pocket of one o£ the prisoners, already ha:' been questioned by tho police. Agents of the surcte gone-rale arc now seeking the man who furnished tho alleged plotters with quantities ol! explosives found at their headquarters, Tho arrests are- linked with recent anti-Fascist aetivitie iat Brussels and "along the Riviera, and particularly with tho recent attempt to assassinate Crown Prince Hnmlx rt at Brussels. While it Is believed the aim of the alleged conspirators \va.s to attack tho Italian delegation as it passed through Paris ou its way to the London naval conference, it is thought that Foreign Minister Grancli,. w! o will conic to Paris J a n u a r y 15, was to luiv-o been the special target of the plotters. WAYNESBORO MAN RUN DOWN, KILLED BY SON ON BICYCLE Spoclal to The Courier. WAYNESBORO, Jan. 3.--Merle SiH'onlUo, 35, a Carmer, residing near licro, died yosstorday as tho result of being accidentally run dowa by a bicycle rirldou by Iiis BOD, Junior, 10. He suffered a fractured skull and died while belug ttikou to a hoBpltal. Summit SUMMIT, .laii. 3.--Mr. and Mrs. I,erl l\lorrls and fmiilly of Murlainiu wero vlsttlng: rolutiv-oa liore. Halp-h Worthlngton of Union town was hero Wednesday cal!ln-g on li!« jiiiroutH, Mr. and 1 Mrs. James E. "Worth- ing'ton. Mr. and Mrs. Kvana "Wilson of near 'Sim Grovo wore guests o£ th-o lattet-'s afstor, Mrs. William Crago at Monarch. Benjamin i'arflnn of Lajwbert aii-d Cliarlea Ply'divll of lxgan» Crossing ivero recent guest of \ir. and Mrs. ('. I'. Upton, Mrs. Waik Ilensol and son, 1x3u, of noar LotsenrlnK, Mrs. Jacob liar- ford and dau-ghUir, Molda and Mrs. Kwlas Houfi motored to Carmichaols aad ftpont tho day with tho 1'ormer's daughter, Mrs. Kohl Colo. Tho YOUIIJ; Men's Olasa of tho Summit Methodfot Protostant Church hold a watch meeting at tho church of that .place and Invited tho Sunday school. After business at 11 o'clock t'ho youny niou served lunch. About 30 attended. Everson KVERSOX, Jan. a .--Mrs. Kdward A. Flora of Kilzabeth City, N. (.'., wliu hus been visiting with IHT paront.K, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Byrne, here for several months, Is a patient at tliu Mount Pleurant Hospital. Mr. Flora and tho children arc* guests at tho homo of tho Byrnes. Mrs. John Malik has returned to her homo horo after spending several daya 113 th» guests of relatives and friends in I'iUsburg. Mrs. Alviti .Htirshman spent Thursday afternoon in I'onnellsvlllc. MtK.'H's 'i'lielmu Doluu mid Iiu.?. Wlialoy wo.'e cutlers hi Couuellsville Thursday. Ueo our classified advertlsetnente. Mrs. W. (!, Shorriek of K verso n and daughter, Mrs. A. E. p'rlck ot Market street,, spent Thursday ul'- tornooa in Connellaville. I'Insslliod Advertisements YV'bpn {i!ac-:-d in the cohimns of The .Oouxtar br.Jii xoaults. Try th,em. TEN PERISH WHEN PLANES COLLIDE FILING MOVIE C o n t i n u e d f r o m Pajro One. men. Tho third h-l(V a parachute jumper who was to t o flfnve-d as ho foil to ttio water. Eye-witnesses sal' one of tho two camera pianos Kud-lonly sideslipped into the other. Th-ero was a cnmch as tho wings sto-nok and «trutn p.ive way and then an explosion. The two, locked together, fell in flames .3,000 feet to tho water. Three- men either were thrown or jumped from the ships as they foil. A lono burning wing tip staved abovt* water for a minute* ami -then went under. Presumably the sewn men still aboard v,ont to tho bottom tangi-ed in tho vrc, kage. T.hor© was no water tn tho lungs of the three- m«n who .vent clear, rmileat- ins they wore 1dlk"l by the fall. Tho nn?n held In tho :lanes might hnv died «! liner from the shock of -tho f a U burn-wl to death or drowned. Captain Roscoe Timuer, onc-t,inK: holder of tho t r a n s c o n t i n e n t a l speed r-ocord, believed the men woro dead before- they struck. Tumor piloted tho plane carryiir; the parachuto jnni'p-cM-. He and, flaw-ks -\vcro close frie-nds an-tl Turne: 1 wept openly attor ho landed iiis own party safely. "I didn't see tho actual crash," Tur- T3-M- said. "When I looked back the planes were locked and afire. Nobody could havo l;v«d in that crash." Hoot Gi'bson one o-f the lew licensed pilots in 'tho film colony, saw th-e collision front the be;nh. ".I t h i n k . t h e p U t a must have 'been l)!inc!*(l by the SUM," ho said. "I saw t h e m touch wing lips and then, swinjj into each'other. The explosion wan terrific anitT flames en-gulfed both ohip« in a second." Miss Afttor was In a slato of col- lap,=o today. At the time tho crash occurred she was on the stage at the Majestic Theatre, going through a m'atln-eo ··performance oC a play in which she was starred with. Edward Everett Hortou. ohe wa-s not told of the accident until after ihe show was over. Hawks and Mi; s Astor were mar- riad hero -three yiars ago. He first came t the lllms as a producing manager about four years ago. Later he started directing plcfciwea and tiien lie married Mias- Astor, low? a star, lie was lx«rn at GoBhon, ItwJ,, waa a graduate .-( Y-alo and was a inenvbor of the United Bta'toB Air Forco in tlic World W.m He did not go oviM'Beas, Jioweve:'. His broth-or, 'William, was married only a week a.go-t Bu»slo 1/ove, scrouu across, and awtler .brother, Howard, la the hus-baud of Athole Shear**, Bister of Normia, Shearer, also of the tUms. Sol M. Wurtzi 1, general auperln- teutd of 'the F-ox 1'llm Oonupw-ny, Itimiod a B'ta'tcTneut after the , tragedy, tn which ho explained the purpose of the flight was to photograph the plung« of ·a 'parachute Jumj'or. · "Tho two upper iplanea carrying cameras Budd-enly collided," his- statement 2 p ea'd, "Th'rea of the in*n were thrown out, eith-t-r .by the force of toe collision or becane of tho force ot t'he explosion which followed. · "The plajie» bin-st liuto fla-ni-es and loll into tho oce;ur.- The boat we had prepared to pie): xip the parachute jumper put out immediately and : recovered the three bodies that fell from ·the -pUunea. "The aviators ^mployed' In the piloting of tho eamera planes were compot- ent arid experioni.-eti who had lon-g and various exp rlenc-e In p-hotogra-ph- ing motion 'Picture scenes." LAKE ERIE RAILWAY CARRIED PASSENGERS IN 1929 pirra DC/KG, standing t h e fi; oE anloinobiii'S i Us local pii.ssen; burg' Ai JLnke K inK with Us lo, lias mahuainod ot passenger ti to and from r; trains pur day. During tlie y Lako Erie I.', rled over its ]i: Jan. S.-- XotnrUh- 't the Increased urn) ma muU'.r tally itl'l't'cUul or revunnt;, tin* .I'ltts- .'le Jlullroud, hi keep- as e-atiibllshod policy, its usual largo fleet .iin service, operating lHsbiirg 70 ;ir li.^S) tlic P l t t H b n r f e a i l r o a d Company cur- i;s a total of 4,1529,061 ·Pfaone 889 Saturday Sellibg o f Wotaesi's and Misses Late Styile In Two Groups Nice fen- street and afl ir- noon wear. Canton crepe, Georgette, a n d , F l a t ctvpe Froo.ks . . . long si irt stylos in graceful lii es. Early-spring prints · nd bright plain shades. Crisp New Early Spring Felt Hats Just what hundreds have been waiting for . . . .soft, close lilting felt hats for now and .early-spring wear. Some are trimmed w i t h ear-bobs, some with straw treatments. Best} shades. (Hat Shop--Second Floor) Women's and Misses' Now you don't h a v e to wait until the!-eason to save money on a b e t t 3 r coat. Late winter f a s h i o n s arc yours at generous reductions. Black and brown broadcloths, chiriaHy lined w i t h satin. Also a, few sports Coats at this low price. Extraordinary Savings on Boys* Wool Suite $ 9.85 Values ........................ $6.57 $12.50 Values . ....................... $8.34 Good patterns in gyey and tan mixtures of fine quality, sturdy woolens. Foil r-p lew: style. Sizes 6 to 12. (Boys' Shop -- First Floor) Specials on Toilet Articles A Real "Face Value " Get a 50c jar of Armand's Cleansing Cream a -id a 25c package of Kleenex Cleansing Tissue, Both for 50c Regular 50c pkg. Wilclroot ( ocoanut Oil Shampoo Your choice of Squibb's or J 'ebeco Tooth Paste 38c 32c (Troutrnan's--First Floor) A Very Good ·at the Very Low Price These Rayon Bloomers arc tailored to Avea.r . . tested for l a u n d e r i n g , made with high saddle seat--double stitched casing'. The elastic at the l o p and knee can't; c u r t . The crotch is double fabric. Pretty pastel shades. And No extra charge for extra sixes. L Men's Early Spring Dress Shirts, $1,35 Men! You'I! Iik the neat patterns of these New Emer ' made dress shirts . . . cut jjood and fu 1 with double pleat · down the front . , tailored pocket. Collar attached sty e. Sizes 14 to 17. You would ex poet t pay $1,95 for this shirt. Fuli-Fashioned Pure Thread pair It's no wonder so many pooplr like this stocking. It Is made in just the right semi-service \vei^ht with a three inch lisle top and reinforced foot. a complete assortment of good colors and in ail sizes. passengers carried one railo, During tne year 56,000 passengers were bandied ofa. over-Sunday onivday-ex- cursion trains to OloTcland, YoungB- town.'Ne-w Castlo, Toledo, Detroit, Cliicago, Indianapolis, at. Louie, Buf- lalo, Niagara i'aUs, Erie, etc. Iron Bridge IRON BRIDGE, Jan. S.--Mr. and Mrs, George- Mluhaels nuci uo-u of Groensburg wero ealloni hero on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J, Weaver of Iixn Bridge arid «lator, Mica Juuultti l-lOBteUr of lOvorisou tittondtKl the pUiy, "Bpewllng," ut tho MUHOH Theatre in Oroensburg ou Tueaday a von Ing. Albert Tamonek of Mo'unt Plonaant waa hero Monday with hiw mother, Mra. Mary Turaoiiek. Mr, aud Mra. l^rank Dulllnger ami dftUEhters, Irene and Verne, of Mount Plonaaiit were liure Buniiay with Mrs, Dullinger'e niece, Mra. Hurt Bauman and family. Mre. H*iiry Baainger of Stautter wua here Monday visiting her Jriend, Mrs. Roy H. Miller. O'tiai'lea Bnyder 'was a buslneue visitor at Scottdale on Tuesday attor- iiooa. Hari'y Hhome of near Mount Pleaa- ent deliVBred a very interesting aer- mon tn the Iron Bridge School House on Sunday afternoon to a very attentive audience. Mr. and Mrs. George Orotaby aiwl daughter, Helen, of Morgantown, 'W. Vu., were hero Sunday with Mr. Cr-oa- byY, parents, Mr.' aud Sirs. Ell H. Groaby, Sr. Billion Bchai'd and daughter, Ruth, of East Scot-Wale were hero Sunday w i t h Mr. Echard'a daughter, Mra. John Crofiljy and family. Miss Myrtle Crabtrec returned to Indiana, Pa., Tuesday utter spending the Christmas vacation here ·with her mother, Mrs. Lizzie Crabtree ami family, and slater, Mra. William Ollnger. Herbert Vunco, who ivt employed at Akron, Ohio, returned lliai'o Saturday attdr cspeii'ling a week hero with hits parent, Mr. and Mrs. Jesss Vance, Sr.. and family. Mr. and Mra. 0. S. Weaver, daughters, ttulh and Lillian, and son, B e r k e y , and ' Ear! Ho'.jU.ler, all of .SC'jtidale, weru here Now Vear Day wlh live [tunily of Mr. Weaver'.; sou, filtflfi i Seek Fame In Native Land Petite Ruth Sato, Broadway's only Japanese chorus girl, is planning to seek fame ?nd fortune in ·er own native land by producing an · American musical comedy, in which the entire cast will be composed of Japanese actors and actresses. (International 330 miles off Cape- Ftettory. The 'boat la carrying a crew of 4 ; 5. Cutters Hushing to A d Craft. SEATTLE, Jan, 3. -- Jiregard'iivg storm warnings two Coaflf Guard cut- ws late last niglM were r icJng to the) disabled freighter Callfo -nia, which j Thoso who advertiao In ihe Dailj bfttteretl 'by 'S.-mdJe (gale | Courier, Who to Wo enify yen tlie privilege o£ listening to "My Fate is in Your Hands," G-eno Austin's newest Victor record, just; out this week. It'll got lota of sentiment, lots of color, lots of everything tha J only n really great record can havD. Give tiiis record a bearing and you won't want to be without it. There's a brilli tilt galaxy of other new Victor records you'll nlso enjoy listening to. The High Hatters, for instance, offer a couple of steaming cSanco numbers from that talkia of talkies, "It* -3 a Great Life." Then there's a bracket of fox trots (by Jackie- Taylor's Orclieslra) from the William Fox success, "A Song of Kentucky." Come in mid hear ALL the now Victor re-leases on our Victor lladio-EIcctrola. i ."·,, My Fate is in Your Ifanda All That I'm Asking is Sympathy GENE AUSTIN No. 22223, 10-i.vch My Fa to ia IB Your Hands -- Fox Trot With Focal Refrain NAT Smrjcju-rr AND THE VICTOR OKCHESTHA Melancholy- ^Fox Trot With Vocal Refrain HOUA.CK HEIDT AND llis CAuronrfTANB No. 22322, 10-inch Sitting By the Window-- Fox Trot (from William Fox pictsire, "A Song of ATetttoctv") A Night of Happiness -- Fox Trot (from William Fox picture, "./J Song of Kentucky") With Vocal Refrain JACKIE TAYLOWS ORCHESTRA No. 22217, 10-iuclx I'm Following You I -- Fox Trot (from Metro-Goldwjn- Mayer picture, "Ifs a Great. Life:") With Vocal, Refrain Hooaier Hop -- Fox Trot (from Metro-Coldwyn-Mayw picture, "It's a Great Life") Wilh Vocal Refrain No. 22218, W-incli TUE " IG " HATTERS Lady Ltick -- Fox Trot (from Warner Bros, picture, "Show of Hiows") Witli Vocal Refrain JOHNNY JIAMP-S KENTUCKY S Siiigin' in. tl -.e Bathtub-- Fox Trot (from Warner Bros, pictiu-e, "Show of Shows") With Vocal Refrain Mo. 22219, 10-inch THJS UlGlt Next to Orphetsm Tkatre, Connelisville, Pa. New Orthophosiic

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