The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1918
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28,1918. ·THE DAILY COOTRIER, CONNEMSVUJLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. CLUB OF TEN IS MOST FORMIDABLE WEAPON TO USE AGAINST HOME CITY The soap you purchase from your local merchant will keep your house, person aad eonsciace clean, and put money in your purse to buy more soap. Soap purchased out of town does not possess such commendable qualities. The "Club of Ten" is a most formidable weapon to -wield against your home, your home town, your neighbor and your Irfccd Money forested out of town is gone torever, but money tnat is invested with your local merchants conies back to you in the comfort assuring pay envelope. The erroneous impression that larie corporative monopolies give something for nothing has a tendency to stunt the pay envelope by crip- pi-ing local commercial conditions. Before you send your next mail order to a "catalog-tie house" Just ask yourself the following question: 1. 'Where fiia I get this money? 2. Do tbe people to whom I send it contribute in any way to the. comfort or physical well being of me and mine? . 3. Would these people show a spirit of leniency with us if we met with reverses? 4. "Would they tide me over if iny husband was to be laid off from his work? 5. Would my fellow town folks think as well of me as they do now if they knew thai I am one of a party who are aiding in crippling the business conditions o£ Uiis community? 6. Are we doing right by sending our earnings out of the community wben such a course jeopardizes our home interests. 7. Do I save money or~ get better goods by dealing with catalogue houses? e 8. Am I going to prove muself an i ingrate by violating my reciprocal j duty to my friends and benefactors? j 0. Isn't this action o£ buying Iroro out-of-town mail order catalogue j houses one of perverted economy? j -10. Have not I an honorable obvious duty to render my home town by lending my aid and contributing ray mite for,its advancement? { The Courier has the best equipped Printing Plant in Payette Co., let us bid on your printing needs. FARMERS TO POOL LABOR, TOOLS AND I TO USE TRACTORS! I MUSING PIECE OF "NERVE" WHY THE GERMANS LAID WASTE TO BELGIUM AND TERRORIZED ITS PEOPLE "Was Part of n Systematic M»n to Jn spire F*«r ud PreTCnt I'prislns Against the Invaders. In the case of Belgium. Germany ' lias made her purpose so clear tta*. i the mere recital ot tie sequence of events is sufficient to reveal it unmistakably. In the first flush of the In- Says His Prescription Has Powerful influence flvr liheumatism Ptovr N'ot to T»ke n Cent of Any «» Monrr i:nl«-»i» AllevrliM Comple B«»lnhm all suffered- for ., Many times this terrible disease left him hftlplcaa ,Mr. James H. Allen yearn with rncumattsm., vasion the German soldiery, driven on ami unable to work. He finally decided, iCtcr years of by its officers who in torn were merely following the instructions ol sUH higher authority, deliberately set about to put the fear of the German in the heart or all Belgium within tbe pain of the invading army. The horrors ot those eariy day^s--ihe · c»imes of Ixravam. oE-TermoncIe. of Dinant--are "stfll fresh in our minds, says a writer ceoseless study, thitt ca.n be Ir*e , from rheumatism until the accumulated Impurities, commonly called uric acid deposits, were dissolved in the joints anil mtise'.es and v expelled from the body. "With this idea in mind he consulted phyrtclans, m»de exporimenta and fi- njtlly compounded a. prescription that quickly and completely baniihrd every and symptom of rheumatism from his system. He freely grave his discovery to others who took It. with what called marvelous Alter in World's Work. The object was merely to' inspire fear and terror iu the souls .of th* cit- »cu.» «.«v* (,»iui j.u w. ^ ^ e ciLJ , eu marvelous* suui^va. j izens so that tbere would be" no rear | year , O f unctng- h* decide* to let of a general uprising against tbe in- . ferers everywhere know abovi his dis- vaders. Later, when the occupation ] ^* r iiavm!? ! Dru ^atorT'hM "town 1?became an established fact and quieH P o| nn "ti*Xc*ni fa? Ai.enrhu in*" this had 'been J generally restored, the [vicinity \vith ihe understanding that atrocities ceased, and except for the exaction of a large monthly Indemnity tbe Germans made no deliberate attempts to interfere with the com- in'ercial life of the conquered state But later came another pnaee--events in the -various active military fields drilled into the German consciousness that a German peace was impossible. The fortunes of war had so inverted the German menfa! processes that instead of victory there remained only the hope of preventing defeat. When this v.-fs fully rec.1 zed *he German tactics changed. The- first evidence of this was the Belgian deportations. Germany wove the usual Dei work of lies in extenuation of th ; s crime, claiming that only the idle were dc- they will freely return the purchajse money to till who state they r«eelred no benerit.--Adv. WHERE PRICES FOR ALL COMMODITIES ARE VERY MUCH HIGHER THAN OURS What People of Sweden atid Di'niaark KnoTf Abonl (he Cost of AH the ·" Xcpssit» i b of Living. ', Sweden before the war used 10 im; port about 5 million tons of coal aud coke per year. This supply, of course, has stopped. One result is that coal ( i n Sweden now sells at ?30Q a ton, and ported. This was in a sense^true. But j \ s difficult to obtain. In Denmark, why were so'many men idlef also, the co^l shortage is acute. In How Cool Impudence of Young British Nival Officers Relieved Tension of Situation. In "Facing the HlnrJenburg _Llne," by Burrls A. Jentiu.8? may be fcrond a r c, ,. -,,·-,",, i: ,, _,,: number of incidents In which naval! In Speeding-Up Planting und men prore fielr coolness and neroianL j Crops County. PLAN WOULD WORK HERE Quite us tVell ai In Other Sections of the State; IVonkl Go Fur Toward Solviny tlic 1'roWpra of Farm Js Alrnaily Ileceivinjr t'onniil I personally know of one cmsc In the province of Hainaut, -where, in order to get around a promise made to an Copenhagen's finest department score clerks, wear Wg straw slippers md woolen blankets beifause there is not American commissioner r.ot IT deport} coa i enough to keep the place prop- workers, one factory was entirely dir.- er i } . jjeated, sayslos World's Work. mantled, all tbe machinery being shipped to Germany. Then the "Idlers" who had been, employed In Uiat plant were deported as an "economic measure." This is one of a great number of similar cases, until nou* there is hardly a factory ,n opcraiion IB Belgium, while all the able-bodied men formerly employe'. 1 ha-pa be"n sent into Germany as slaves, Tfce net results accotaplishc;'. itx Ee'.glum are: Firut--The topoveriEh'ni of the country through outrageous ievics of money. * Second--The economic ruin brought »hout through stripping all factories of their machinery. Third--The social and commercial destruction produced through the deportation of the able-bodied male element in the population. In brief Belgium is hut a shell. Its factories are but walls, its population composed only of women, children and old men. its past commercial structure but a dream on which they can eliminate. Economic dependence is absolute and will remain so for 50 years-for not in that time can the national life so crushed by th? German heel bz revived and reconstructed. in Samuel Clark and*Mabel Srhultz of Bullsfcin township; John A. Hiltabidei and Isa Myrtle Murphy of Dunbar: Charles L. Robertson and Sarah E. Automobile tires are scarce in Denmark and consequent!^ have skyrocketed In price. A single tire sold for $540 there last October. Tea in Sweden is $8 a pound. Coffee is practically unobtainable. Woolen ciot,hlng fcas increased more than 200 per cent, in price since the beginning oC the war. Chocolate sells for $3 pound; bam for Jl a noirad. Gasolene, likewise, is difficult to obtain, and the price of it as prohibitive lost October, H was $2 a gallon, T!ie leni^'-li of the midwinter day In Sweden is approximately four hours. Lighting, therefore. Is an ^essential. Kerosene is practically unobtainable, so the people have bad to depend largely upon candles. In August, 191-1, candles were 13 cunts a pound, in January, 3917, 24 cents a pound, v aad last October, 58 cents a pound. The scarcity and consequent abnormal prices of motoring necessities-- t'.ies n-u. g«£»nlene, for example--have necessarily affected th^ use of pleasure cars. Recently tfccvo verc only 17 taxlcabs operating In Stockholm. In the-spring of 1916 ordinary low- grade walking shoes in Swed*n has increased in price to 511 a pair. They are now §25 a pair. , Bnys P. awrson Froptrty. A. Wood, a well known L. E. fralgiit conductor, has Williams of Connelisville, were grant- ' boucht the B. S. Forsyte property in ed roarriaso licenses in Uniontown Bridge stret. Dawson. He intends I making some improvements on U and wi)l move into it in the near future. yesterday. If Ton Are Hnntins Bflnrsins Read the advertiseing columns of The j Daily Courier. You wiil find them. Clarified AdfijrtH-CTcr^j Brinj results. Cost only lo n word. Sick Headaches and Billons Attacks Yield to Bliss Native Herb Tablets "I have been afflicted Tor several years with Stomacn. Liver and Kidney disorders, and hu.v« us«d sev- al remedies 0-U of which were practically of no aitl. I suffered greatly with biHourf attacks, tli»*m»*s, hrdach« and restlessness at nights, due to th* inactive condition o£ the vital organs. Your Bliss Native Herbs were recommended to me. I purchased a box of the tablets and they have certainly made -a wonderful chanire in my condition. I can gladly recommend Bliss Native Tablets to thoa* who tufler from these ailment*. HSNRY THOMPSON. - - "Elwood, Ind." i : Th*»» attacks are usually the re!. suit of constipation, which !· th« | Most ea*Uy acquired disorder of th* human syo'tm. K is ihe hub around which nearly all liver and Kidney ^iseABcs radiate. Take a Bliss Herb Tablet at nig'ht. and you win escape Iron; :he many 111 caused Jiy this affiictioa. Bliss Xo- tive Herb Tablets are a safe. mild. laxative which grently aivd thor- "ougrhly expel all waste, tone'up the sysiam, sharpen the appetite, clear the completion, and give that glow' of health so much deal red, Bhsa XatJve -H«rb Ta.bl3ts are put up In a box of ZOO tablets. Each box bears the photograph of the fodnd«r, Alonxo O. Bliw*. and every tablet has our trade mark. Ixok for the money back euaLr- ant ec in every box. Price Sold by A. A. CJarke and 41.00. Ipcal Ijchigli county is preparing to opyr- aie a plan, to speed up agriculture which is worthy of consideration _ h y c; ery couniy in. tb.e state. It 13 tUc ring system of farming" supplemented by th e widest possib i e ube o t farm tractors. Under ihis systam faruiflrs agree to pool their labor and equipment, and work iu groups which permit of large acreage being rapidly handled. The groups are organized among farmers living OK adjacent farms, and lots are drawn to decide the sequence in which, plowing, etc., is to be done. Tbe same order is preserved in harvesting, .Natural!.,- the farm tractor plays a most important part. Recognizing that it Is aot always possible for farmers to invest large sums in sucu equipment, the equipment and supply division, of the LehigL County Committee of Public Safely is proposing to purchase tractors on a subscription plfto, funds to be raised by business interests and tbe tractors to bo rented to the farming rings. In advocating the plan Chairman Robert J. Wheel or and Secretary C. B, Huntress, of the committee, state that in Pennsylvania, especially in the Cumberland Valloy and on the great plateaus where the land is level or rolling, tractors can be used to great advantage. With these machines it U possible not only to p'sow, harrow, also be done, and tbe tractors can be committee is taking a census of town u=ed for hauling produce to markeu The Lehigh committe Is urging well- ·\o-do farmers to organize rings, buy tractors for their own use aud also rent them to their neighbors. Bankers and business men have also been appealed to for support. An educational committee has undertaken LO demonstrate the possibilities of the tractor aa a means of relieving farm labor shortage. A labor committee is taking a census of town aad city dwellers who are willing and abel to help at agriculture. A Lran»- porUXicm committee has under consideration various methods of transporting workers to the farms. Funda were raised in the county to promote all of this work. The committee reports that iis plans are going forward and results are now appearing. Farmers of Fayette are convinced that tlie Ijehfgh county plan will vrork just as -well here aa m other sections of the state. Practically all of the tillable soil in tbe county is adaptable to the use of tractors. A number of farmers are known to be conaidermg the purchase of this iate?t addition to farm machinery. Tfapy are familiar with automobiles, and power-diven machinery aod believe that a tractor will be a profitable and labor-saving investment. WOMAN'S CASE STARTLES CONNELLSV1LLE A business man's wi(c could not read or sew without sharp pain in her eyes. For years her eyes were red and weak. Finally she tried pure La^optik eye wash. The rev.tU of OSE application astonished her. A small h o t f l e Lavoptik Is guaranteed to benefit KVE11Y CASC weak, btrain- oJ or infiiimed eyes. ONE WASH will start!)' with its riltick result:,. Aluminum eye cup FREE. A. A. Clarke.--:i»dv. FULL TRAINS OF COAL CARS TO COME INTO TH£ PITTSBURG DISTRICT Thousands Marooned ort Sidings tte- tfrct'o PiMsburg and PhUai!olphin t Are to be Xore«i Vrnmptlj-. Arrangements have beon made through efforts of the PUtsburg Coal Producers' Association to bring solid trCins of empty coal cars from the east to Pittsburg the latter part of the present week. It is estimated Uiat more than 2,500 empty coal cars are standing oa the tracks ol the Philadelphia division of ihe Pennsylvania railroad In and about Philadelphia. More than 4.000 cars--loaded and unloaded--arc standing on the tracks of the Pennsylvania between. Harrisburg and Pb-Uatielpnia. There are also several thousand empty coal cars standing on sidings wlth- fn less than 300 mites o£ Pittburg, So serious has the car shortage been throughout the country during tbe paat five weeks that 5,000,000 tons Nobody knows all the stories ot coolness and heroism among the naval men, says tlie juithor. We shall not Leara thorn Uli the- war is over, but here is one i-lial trt'iJj.itts tho censors { will allow to go by. R svas tolU by a , inetHcal officer who was aboard the; Francouin when sut v*,ts sunk acting as a (runsport. "We hud five or as u t ,vnl officers , ubonrd. They \v»;tv siibng in tlie sinolcing room--ryiiKiubfi 1 t!.. 1 smoking, lounge in the old Francoula? It wiis | \ cry Jong, 113 long as thie dmtriij room ' and twice us broaJ, Thry had just I ordered whisky sodas. Suddenly there , was an eiploslon aud thd etee! iloor of the smoking room .lu-rt buckled jp nnd burst apart in the mlddlo t f the sJiip. One at thost oft5c«iK c-Ail^u tj;' steward and said: U *I nsk yoii to witness, uteward, that we have paid for these whisky soilas and have not bad time to drink tJiem.' "Then the rascals weut below, 4 ;itt. on thetr li£el»elts, came back npuu.* nskpd tbe steward for a big shec: v£ , foolscap, wrote out a long, 'wt*. the undersigned,' setting forth that tlit*y had ordered six whfsky sodu*. for which they had paid nine shillings,' with n sixpence tip, and had not been' allowed to drink them. Tliereupou they . entered a claim u g u l n s t ^ t h c British government lor the nine shillings ami sixpence, with accrued interest t'rotn date. Then they wnlked in a body up to the brirlge ant] hnndetJ It to rhp skip- r per. The old man told me at'terwrtrd he aevor wus so grnteful to anbaOy us to tlcse c(xil young dc-rils for the steadying and bucking up Influence o f . their impudence." j Uuddy Cheeks--Sparldg Eyes English Major Has Machine G u n ( --Most Women Can Have CreW On the Jump. Says Dr. Edwards, a WeU-Eaown Ohio Physician. " » Dr. F. M. Edwards for 17 years treated About as Little Uncertainty In Hits (scores of women, £or liver and bowel Orders as There Are Po^ ite Phrases { ailments. During these years ha gave to} ' his patients a prescription made of a fctr i well-known vegetable ingredients nibred v in the Language He i Employed (n Icsuing Thgm, I raalre ray way through the £lilck.'| brush, at Ctunp Upton $0 a raachiae! staccato chatter ou Cott and with, olive oil, Damin 1 * them £r. OJiyc Tablets. You xrill know them by their olive color. These tablets are wondEVfforkcrs on tbe that I'm not Uy any change wandering) serve of Shivens ange wandering "jf you ^ave a pale face, sallow look, dull on to the private reserve of any Imsy ''-eyes, pimples, coated tongue, teadaches. a ' bxiiiets, William Shivens itcJCutt' listless, no-gooi feeling, all out of sortv writes in Collier's. inactive bowefc you telre one of Dr., 1 eomD out of the woods on tbe renr ' Edwards' Olive Tagea cghtiy for a fc'raa, Of tfie glH flre a or inort ,Aiaei'i**nn ufi,cerp tafce'pr"' IUT grouped around two m;/.cliioe (.0111*1 'cessful substitute for calomel now and' listening to the Intrt'.u^Uantj of uu Kng- then just to keep in the pink of condition.' llsh mit Jot. 1'isu English offlrer is a , 10c and 25c'per box. AiJ diuggists. 1 ·hori, spare, pfppery vottfiran with a j -~- ~ ---i^ 1 ^^-;-"-- - ~ j raspy voice that he -RU use for the of L1 dejrrees. At Ibe ago of elrfit days j BSCRP pui'jtowc Uwt a .mu)e iHlclxmer usos f ^« »nk r le increase to -i't degrees, at a YibchHAi. ' the a«e of two weeks to C0 (\egrocp, j '"Burr-v/ufE!" Ue shouts. That's us f and ui the agp of three wr»f»Vs to about nc-ir us I cun"g«l to it pbonctlciiHy.' ""» de«rep, When the t*££ is more Two capons leap to thvlr pluce^ h y ' ilian a nioutli old it will flout perp^n- (lie tmu'hiny gun. The «ne Who Bl^hla Ulctflarly on its small onJ. and operates the piece thrown himself CAUSED BY WEIGHT OF SHOW Oar on Ills bnclc with hwul crn^crt on tho knees of lh« ni.m ffricSug. in some Blight delay nnd the innjor breaks inlo aoa^ "Gome, cora«! Curry «! WJmt nro wo waking for? You sbouJtl havu There Simple Explanation of Odd Shapes of Trtes, That -Has Been a Mystery I n hundred by now. What )s U? . Is H? My "word I Not sr» slow.' The ^x-Czarma. i I nob ray eyes when I read that the J C7jtrloa Is -a deeply scheming, Intrl- j guaute who had ambiguous relations ( with Bnstpotln and aimed at the sue-' cess of Germany over the country she J had adopted by marriage as her o^vn. i U Is only accessary to cast my mem-' ry back to the time when I was just) entering womanhood and Princess Alexandra AIlx \vas a gtrl some ten f years my junior. Certainly I knew) tbe shy, reserved simple child well enough" to realise that she had not the mental development for any form of Intrigue. Hesfdence at Bucking-; ham palace under the keen critical I eye of nn oupuHt graDdmother, fin eye thnt nothing coald possibly es- [ cope, did not nmbe for striking lndi-| vidoality, nor dltl the quiet slmpllc- \ ity of the German home, aad the prln-' cess grow ap beneath the donhle bor- deu of surrelllance and etiquette | sharing ,the qnfet intellectual life of [ an adored mother. Yet she had a cer-' tain meosnre of high spirits, lored j tennis and dancing, and having ttmed i her life to play its amali part in the great household orchestra, seemed happy enough.--The Bookman. To the .person who i* not versed In rept lore the grotesquely beul tree __ , , . » . , , . ^ ,».nn'*s ibat urc to be found in almost °J?n ta * n l tUn «S *°? Vj?^ 1 !"" ^o«3s an* mystlfyiag, and wonder we're killing Bocbx*. Wtait the bh n k.| j s often uroiisc / a ^ lo ^ e rnu , (1 , re . oty-blanka Jjrong *wl Com^, cowel flrks tbe p ,. ir gcje M Car y on) Curry cnU Foresters frill tell q«Pstiouors that in The irun sneaky juasruiRly. One side *i + , , , , , .. .. -- ,. l " e case °^ trees In mountamous coun- of the l»rr«l spit, a «tr*m of yellow | f ni)d , u . cnrtr!(]je cuaoe over flie Lreuat of tlie fa)1 , 0 hl ,., v ,. ,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,. ,",,,,,,,,. i" ,1 Uie Wude of bul-1 f?""' , moant the pi cce , go { anv B r,l at tbe ' , h Tf ? double-qniclt and set It up once more. ^, or ^ , "^ .,,,,!,. ..f ,.,. .^ --- ,TM n^ . m »- ~t«. |trec to tura «Pward and If if manages GrveHe. '.VHEN RAT SOCIETY TURNED . OVER A NEW LEAF. f~\ -"^ d i.v Blnck Rat ran into tli« 5 jf bsrp.. piclnvl D .*. the best hole In ( v 3 '.Xirtr, n.Tb.t under old gray n vx' 1 ; "tall, matif his home, and Iwrnn Thlr, impolite w:jy o' gettllny tfown c..ttiw3 ialh amoiy? the other raU tn u.i. i-o;ot.y. and they put Blade lUt fiov-n :'_i vcrv i^Kle, and avoided bfm. «' J.:« nccn h .r coAt is shiny J* nfl sit''* b 1 '- 'ti'.\ belter than the rest of ·js '.·!··..·] iln nrown R=t- T;|7 dci'.sn'l ujak'o the rat by * lonK ' o t ' " c^ci.i -r-j Mamma Rat. Tve f)'nftM"n r*iv t'i.'-i-jn to hav« mytlnx to flu -ill" U - · "A \-t.ij ;-(.-! I'feu," Eciuea^ced GTJIT r f "t "II \.- Io \\o know who or wbjtt ' 1 d^DiSu a mibcr." squcakod Ininpy Jl.'Lt. ' !h y sa-. he's hoarding corn ami oil n his .louEe " · It.h^ im'! -. '-imily It would be dlffor- oi' "· «xc'. in.-a (J.i.y Itat \v n-' ^ )-,(./ ' · jii.;ehe4 Gray Mare. "^nt- 'Iji'jj/ ^iv. ):'s up tcforo any of j'-i ',n t h i mo-c'.-if:. ancj never one* ha* bf venlun-d I'I'G mv etull or even «*ked .^ ot- uutrlit h.-ivi.- Oie grains that fall at ,: r leet." 'i'hp br.rn 5oor opened and the rata jfv-lripoitd b.iclc 'o their homos Lite that ·[.'"'tfrnoon. when Mconm% iv:ij". little Micky Sfcvt de- clncd it Yplorf the I arn. l^u fotz# A nfrf JjUJp fa-.rv casU** all mads of wfr». i^nd f^ ''-e i-otitrr Jay a j?r«at ffolden'ball of ch^se. V.' l." 'T* sirrfrrf around until ho '"'"nii t ij'.'tle runwny lenrtlnij to thai (my n!nf-,rr' Tp ihls MicJO' »tart«d| uhen -)»mi.' lin^ grabbed him by hia k.H^ ^t 1 Tn/: r . ' -0 him DacV JH ; t'la: Ml*i-\ :'. 'I ^cui"ilt*«1 in fright. .. , Tommies Surprise ftnly. Whole bartalloDB of Thomas At- feinses, now " that the long-expected sooirfoH hag buried the Austro-G«p- roans in deep Alpine drifts, have been paying Ylsits to the Milan opera ftoose and receiving iinmense ovations. By way of acknowledgment Tommy gave tbe ltrar**-crowned 'fnpperary," and created a sensation, as wet I he might, ·In that sacred roeccn of Italian opern. Flowers were showered npon him In most embarrassing fashion. The ren- rfon of thie delicate attention may be the kllta, at which tbe people gnze In undisguised amazement. One veteran peasant exclRlmed: "Fancy, women n c well as men go to war in that country, and yet tbcy look as though they would rnflke raincemcnt of the Gerranos." L-li- tle wonder that somo of these Wltnl "ladles" received not only flowers, but equally oaibarrusiiiK kisses.--ChrL tiau Science Monitor. think you were »n adwrttaement for ·oniethlnff. Jou're not trying to sell , BECOMES I R K S O M E AT TIMES the fa to the Bodies, JOB know.' Standing there ffMn? away tbe e u a J N o Matter What the Nature of Ona's position I Kaxt Umo find cover twenty Occupation, Its Routine Will Oc- puces to the right or left nnd toy to I caaionally Weary act llie a bit ol mad. res!" . Are there times "when your work be-1 H»d Been Through Hell. cotn«s intolerably Irksome? Tc«? We!!, ' Lonin Bnemaekers, the famona aontt Jump nt tlie conclusion tliat you j Dutch cartoonist, now In this coun-. ore in the -K-ronff plnca Then this Inp- i try, whom tbo London Tlms has ' pe na once In awhile.. That will be truo called "the only great jenlus brought , whatever work rou choose. No matter out by the war," won unheard of be- , hoir we ii adapted you are to your OCHI- fora the war began. On August 1, ' patlou. there wii! eorae Unies when 1914, he was living quietly with his | your thoughts will wander, and the family, contentedly painting the talip i rontjQC wm weary yoUi aod you 1,-iU aelds, waterways, cattle and windmills txl that any other work would be of his native Holland. Four daya later ; preferable to that which vou have ' he drew the flrst cartoon, "Christen-; chosen. One of tho best-known womnn' 1 dom After Twenty Centuries," of a , wrif er5 O f the last generation wrote ' series that was to reveal him as a . an impassioned warning to llterarv as - i champion of dvUteation and make his P i ran t 5 . telling them to do any work, i name a household word In every coun- , OV en scrubbing floors. In preference to i try. Baemaekers personally invest!- iM ng «p a Jlterary career. Cndouht- ! gated tha Belgian horror, and though , ed , y Kbe m . rote at a ame whra h(?r , » hundred of his early cartoons hear cho .; ra , vork sccraed tinspaikably irk- I witness to the burning impressloa , , omo- ,,,,; If she laa been coraEr(;di made upon his mind, he has only once · Fhe wonld prob!lb i s h!1T( , ndcnowledced brought himself to speak publidy ot; lhat the profession of authorship has this eiperience. It was at a dinner ronsidrrnble to commend It when com- Micky Rat Sniffed Around. "Slliy little rat'" exclaimed Blatic Rat '"Don't j oa Itnow that'.-! a trap to eau-h fooHnli rats* Once In there and yo:. d ci.b*"- t.tnr'.e to death or elseaome one Tvculd drown \ou." | B t h i T t,n:r .-t jrcat crowd httd CflW- Wcd. an! whfn tney Icarnod how near llcky Mat can)e to falling into tha trap tliey all aquealird in excitement. "How can I «v«r 'hark you for aav- ,fnj, r my b«bv" rrtetl MaTOma Rat. ·-Tlhafs nil Hs'il'" replied Blacli Ha*. "Yon see, I ha^e a family of my own. and IM hate vo s«'e any of them In a ,t-ap." flni iir\!«shiig hi* jjhiny e-jat he left the barn. , "Tbat's wby he's bern hoardtngr tho fooi 1 .!" f x c l a ^ m o d ilrs Brown Rat, "VTeH:" =quyak'jd !amroa Hat. "Ripht bcre. before you U, I weat to say I'm «orry for' tvery jneaa thine J'Y* said nbout Bl^nr Hat." "1 sho'i'd think 50"" neighed Gray Marrt "Jt's baO business Judslne folks before you fcnou- them " ' "It's a poor p l f n to Judt;^ at all," replied Mamma 1'zL. "and I'll never do it ·gnin." , Wlien Black Rat returned with his ffmilv e'-«-ry J" 1 * ' n tlte bnrn was out to meet them. And from that time on they nil li^ed happily together In the Ittlie rat colony under the barn floor. given the artist at the Savage dab, London, and, pointing to the portraits of Peary, Shott, Nansen imd Shackle- parpd with scrubbing floors. This occasional Impatience with onr vocnfjon is inei-Itahic. No matter how Heals Skin JX D. D., the Rr«afcwt of si io icmedlei, will rcmore tliot* skin aB)ieU(Xi« iIwt Kate made your life a burden. That in- toleraMe itclunff, iNirn-iig- and dt«con- fort will diiatppear under the reacic of tins remedy. HuRdf«d« teettfy it hu circd C*»CR pronounced incurable. TV« pvarantre the fir*t boillc io linog you , relief. Try D. D. D. SSc, 60c and $1.00. Japanese Tifler Hunter*. Tadasuburo Yamamoto, one of Japan's most wealthy men, who has immense shipping interests, returned recently trom a tiger h u n t In the Ko- renn mountains. Jlr. Yumnmoto hod wilh him a)0 frienJs nnfl professlonn! sportsmen who are experts with tlia rifle. They left Tokyo on November 15 ana established headquarters ut Geusanff, a »m«II port on the northern coast o£ the S«a ol Japan. The DX- perlcnced sportsmen u-ere dlatributerl among the amateurs In the party, so that everybody was given an opportunity to bag what game was encountered. Mr. Yamamoto and his party re- tnrned recently from the hunt after several succeBSful weeks in the Korean mountains and has been feast- iug his friends on tiger steaks and ton, Rnemaekers said: "I, too, have congenial H Is. there ure times wtorn It been an explorer, gentlemen. I liave w i u B e*m a bnrflen. Tbe peoplo who explored a hell, nnd It was terror un- cbange tbejr occupatlan every time it speakuble." Raemaekers is in bis for- , bcgin8 to ^^ thonii ore ^ ^,^3 ot ty-eigbtn j-ear. ' - - the business world. other from the, game brought , home. -- New York IJprnld. I Weekly War Story. ' From one of Hie training camps full of Ohio soldiers comes this absolutely veracious story: The compuny cook went to the commanding officer and respectfully asfced when the soldiers were to be supplied ' with gas masks. The officer answered , that he did not know. A week later, ' the cook again expressed his desirp for a gas mask. This time, the officer hup- j pened to have a sample of the lutest ', contrivance of this nature, which will i probably be used by our soldiers in the ; trenc,h«s. He showed it to the cook, who immediately nsked to borrow It In«niry revealed that^he cook's idea was to put the mask on before he tackled a WK job- of peeling onions. A Easy Solution of Difficulty, pompous old gentleman upon reaching his home one evening found tho street blockaded nnd « heap o f , earth piled against his doorstep. Observing a workman wielding his shovel J In n nciirby ditch, he nccosteil a pass-' ing policeman and complained that the · laborer v.-as trespassing upon private ! property. of bituminous'coal have been lost to j "What do yez mean by throwing production. The loss in, tbe Pitts-} dlrt on th ' Kintleman's steps?" demand- burg district alone is estimated, at 2,- TM 1ho ®cer. 000,000 tons. I "There's no other place t' throw it!" replied the workman indifferently. "Well, thin, in that cnse. yez" Imil bettor dig another hole an' throw it In there:" I, An Incompetent. Freshman--"What made you vote against Jones at the frut election! Soph--Oh, he'll never amount to tmy- thine; nround college. He never dops tiling but study.--Life. Got Cold Feet. Sirs. Xewedd--Oh, James, I've fallen in love with thnt beantlful necklace. Ir. Ncvvedd--Come on; you've no business to fall in love with anything --you're married. » Force of Habit. "The man" you sent to wort cere gave me such pointed replies." Record Price for Rembrandt A work of Rembrandt ("Woman Plucking a Towi") recently, sold In Paris for 505,000, appears to hold the record price for that artist's work. The eame p'ofjie was pold in Amsterdam in 1734 fit was probably painted about 1640) for 370. In 1845 in London, jt brought about ?1,625, and in 1S84 was ·old in Paris, to the family which has now resold it, for about, $2,800. Tfle previous record price for a Rembrandt was that paid for the "Girl Holding a Medal," In the Hoc collection, »old "Well, yon see, he used to be a knlf,, here lut year SOT 570,000.--Now York grinder." f . I Press, Will Soon Have Sea Mastery. E. G. Grace, president of the Bethlehem Steel corporation, told the 500 guests of the Allento\vn (Pn.) chamber of commerce at its banquet recently that th« submarine destroyers which the Bethlehem corporation will build for the government ar« more tlum '.ill of the Uebtroyors now in the world. Mr. Grace salfl he regnriled the- rapid construction or destroyers as the solu-, tlon of the submarine menace. Beth- iehoui plntits no\v employ 30/100 men as compared wltli 0,000 five yenr? ago. Churles M. Schwab, who nlso spok, 1 , Mid 'hat the jay roll or ihe Bethivhero ' plants is now .^.Oo/i'Kj.CGO a jeur.-- Iron Ago. Winter's Discipline. He who marvels at the beauty of the world In summer will find equal cituse for wonder and admiration in winter. It is true the pomp and pnzreantry are swept away, but the essential elements remain--the day nnd the nlghr. Die mountain and the vulley, the elemen- tfll play and succession, and the perpetual presence of the infinite sky. In wiutw the stars seem/to have rekindled their flres, tbe /tpoon achieves K fuller triumph, and the heavens wear o look of more cinlted simplicity. Summer is more wooing, . . . more versatile and human, appeals to Hie [ affections and the sentiments, and fosters intiuiry and the art impulse. 'SS'in- ter Is of a more herqic, nnd addresses the intellect. The severe studies nnd disciplines come ensiur in j winter. One imposes larger tasks upon ' himself. J C. Moore. Water St.. Connellflvi!.«, Pa. BEAD TEE COURIER. Procrastination is the thief of health: -Keep yourself well by the timely use and help of How to Tell Age of Eggs. Thorp is n simple jijci^ad of n twlttiii^ the cpe of feg^s. Ii.v.- j fJ upou rhe face tlw :iiry space at Ibe broad pnrt of the egg JucruJisca witli its agp. Xow, wjien tho egcr Is placed ia u tumbler oC wnt?r in fthich «ny amount of common sou i5 dissolved, it wIJI, \vllh increasing age, ttiid ever more to iis-sur.'c a positioa \UU Its longitudinal nsis in R perpendicular direction. A fresh Inld OKS will lie horiiontiilly on the bottom of the vessel. An egg Ircun three to_four days old will rise with Its broad end, so that its longitudinal ails forms ·with its horizontal axis an angle tu,«t S.I. of Anr Mtdirin. J n if,, W.. F. T. EVANS 1;ST ' 4TE BOTH PJJOXES BACK IFST FAILS SOU3EV»Rl'SSIS7SEV£8TOlff8E HA 1115 G -USD STOUAUE. [Victor Truck Service To All Paris or Kegloa. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. Harncr's Ootiiiag

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