The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 26
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Mans red hp Man trail Tnast If MONDAY. AUCftJSf 17. 1964 26 f miniiiitvtpvfrr1"" v-,, v ,..'.! v . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 201 APTU run to in; , (Coot, from ptoltng Column) ' IN SANDT BILL ' lit The Earey Cams la u iMk V Oral . . . tRP INTO A WONDBOU8 world of liunirv Slid color.; I -SEE THE MANY NEW FTATURES recently Installed. Including a swimming pool and palio. . BACHELORS FROM 173. ONE-BEDROOM FROM 31 IS. TWO-BEDROOX FROM 1130. " TWO BEDROOM, TWO - BATH- ixkmi from si?9. . 355 STEWART STREET. PHONE i ' 134-0750. Managed by-Ault-Kln-, ncy Realty Ltd: TBI SUMMIT, IM WILBBOD ULTRA MODERN All CONDI ttonod t-btdroom suite, 1 beth-room. doctor, laundry fscll- tttee, perking. Apply Supertn TUB EXECUTIVE Centre Town III HERE IS' A BACHELOR AND 1-fcadroom suite that la unq nailed In styls and design. Located on Metcalfe and Lewie Sta. just off Elf In. only minutes away from shoootne and transportation, sn- Joy wis quiet atmosphere ofjme of sytuvwa'et npeat swum,.. Equipped for your eomlort with automatls elevators, not top laundry and santhouss for your relaxation M-00. CAMPEAU APARTMENTS CHAMPLAIN TOWERS luxury 4-Bedroom Suites sad Beautiful Bachelor. 1 -Bedroom Apts. snd 2-Bedroom Apts. are awUable at Ottawa's most noteworthy address, the Champlaln Towers. Rental Office 745-6897 200 Rideau Terrace RIVERSIDE COURT TT-7 4 FURNISHED MODEL APARTMENTS Await your inspeetloa Bachelor, 'y and 2- and . S-bedroom. . C"7 Q Renu start at; T. Rental Office 733-2915 Open Daily 1-0 p.m. Sat 10 to S pjn. Sim. 1 toSpm, : ' '" KING EDWARD In the heart of the city 110 Stewart St, 233-3501 Bachelor and I -bedroom apts. Available (or . , Immediate occupancy. r-r $92.50 COtONtt. BY TOWERS Overlooattog beautiful Dow"i take, corner of Bronson and Holmwood Avenues, 233-5970 Bachelor, 1- and 2- bedroont apartments ' available tmmrdlstely. CBNTBB TOWN far' Adolf f Sl5 ' Ml 1 COUPLE WISHlHl emM, pleasant Uvtnst with close proximity to Bldat tt oboppmf - and transportation, plus the ao-. torment of tho Mints Pork area Vow wUl appreciate the oomfort room aulle with a fully aouspoed kltehom. ape el Qua ctoeats I aa-To-T. OOOS TALUS PRESTON STRirT. 4 t, and bath, roomy. S4S, BOOMS ., .. . . . sanot max ' - ! and t Bedraeeaa STaJS to SIMM UVTNO BOOM. DINTNO room. balcony, ( oloctrlaolly asutpped. .. nexauiis. Apply B. u Msey ana ' ton, -Realtor- snd Oeneral la-aaraneo, SSS tourlar Are. Bast, sn-isos. ' 1 "these are, the nicest we've Seen" This remark is often msde by people viewing the display 1- BEDROOM and . . BACHELOR SUITES ' In the Brand New ' . Extension of The Algonquin . 225 IJSGAR Peace Tower Proximity. y" 2324581 " MANOR PARK RESIDENTIAL AREA. I . BCD- l i rtu nns-n, m - a, mom duple apartment. Ur room with ftrepiaco, oeolpp llvlnf IPPoZ MANOB PARK, SltS t-BEDROOM APARTMENT. SE orato dlnms room, equipped and stmt month rasa AVAILABLE. CENTRAL. STOVE. rafnaerator, Venetians, paraina. . t bedroom, SM. SIS-IMS. NEAB OTTAWA CNIVIaUITT MODERN 1-BEDROOM APART-anont, bee ted, aleetrlaally ooulp. pod. newly decorated. T Laa- ' rier a-aai. or ni7-aajv. : . at the iFAlkCREST, - x OtUwajs Largest eod Finest enjon tho free auuflaar boa. to snd from ewnearai ana OTC Smyth Rd. at Rirerside Drive ''' 733-5911 " , 201 APTS, IUTS TO UT fCont front Preceding Column) TUB BNPISLD , . Ill ouateor CeavealeaUy Laaatad Near Bank SV IN QUIET SUBROUNDINOS. Brand new buUdlnf with parkins and balconies, all aultaa drapad. elevator, laundry room. Janitor service. TV mastar antanna and locksrs. Bachelors and ona bad room, 'from $90. Rental office on pramlaas, or phone 333-74. t-ll LBNOBB PLACE BEDROOM. SS1S0. MODERN, electrically equipped, laundry facilities. Janitor service, free Plug-In Dark Ins. also partly fur nished, M7.50. 333-1344 after 5. 74-707. - , WEST END t-BEDROOM DUPLEX, SPACIOUS kitchen, choUsl of recreation room or separata basement, 911,5, heated, ua-eeis. Britannia Park Apartments ZEPHYR AND MARIE Modem, new apartments in beautiful park -like setting, plenty of room for children to play, recreation and entertainment within walking distance, convenient to schools and public transportation. Bachelor Apartments from ........ -. .$68 1 Bedroom Apartments from $83 a-Bedroom Apartroenla dkfpe Out1 Office Open Daily From 1 to 9 p-tn. , T 828-2144 CENTRAL LOCATION BACHELOR APARTMENTS. MOD- v and eosnrortame. . large S55 to SpS. Would fur-1 MADAME VOU REQUIRE A -bedroom apartment, electrically equipped and heated m a Janitor serviced building Only 14 minutes by but from downtown. Phono )M1M ay 744-tOO ALBERT KSAB BRONSON lull Biiriensg ' M I Sad I n.BCTRlCALLT 1 EOUIPPED. heeled. Apply 4 TO Albert St, I Apt a. or S, a Meey and Son. SOS Laurtor Are. East. 337-138 WENTW0RTH PLAZA LUXURY APARTMENTS' Private Balconies, Roof Garden and Swimming PooL v BACHELOR. 1-and 2-BEDROOMS $9250 up 259 LISOAR ST. 234-4063 TRB LEXINOTON SOT RIVIRDALE AVE. 1 AND Many TSS-TSS4, MANOB PARK t BEDROOM!, FUEL PIRHPLACB. Prry.aarrraailll aoiei sua m BOCBXRDOS TERRACS S BEDROOMS, UVINO. DINTNO mas, kitchen aloetriaaiiy equip. pad. eeramle tuo Dainroom PrlTSts baaamant with laundry tubs, hasted (arsrs. Hast, hot water supplied. Vhaonv shops. enurcaaa uoea oy. hi antu Drtvo. T4S-SSSL . C. THE . . Acadian . 153 NEPEAN ST. Just east of Bank St. Modern scren-etorcy, twtn-e leva tor bulldlns faaturlnjj bal- - dlshweebers, fuily apts., and many other features, asmi $87.50. Open for Inaoectlon daily. Mrs. Hogarth, SS7-4aoa, S3T- THE . ' Du Barry 800 ST. PATRICK ST. st' CHARLOTTE A modern one- and two-bedroom apartment building ariccd far economy anlnriad rpn people, from fOU Furnished ..I. $100 All eJTrtl beraAwarflsBfll Itl eWlta ' Mr. Pros ley, KASSEU REALTY LTD. Al Kasouf , F. Ells - COOPER STREET BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND MET- eaifa, for Oct 1 occupancy, v bediuoiii. SSA: t -bedroom wHI porch, M. 1U-S441. after f p-m. aau nu-aasa. . BEST CENTRAL LOCATION AVAILABLB SEPT. t, BPACIOUB S-badroom, - SlOSi 1-bedroom. See. inuiliin wall planned apartment. Bright Ursa rooms, alectrioally equipped. Venetian blinds. Apply Caretaker. Apart ment g, it rrana Driveway. SU-SSSd. CENTRS TOWN ; ' i ' ' I Biirum, sie CLEAN SELF . COHTATNTO ants, heated, -laundry taeiUtlaa. Apply rental of una, see auater HAVE CHILDREN, NEED S-BED-mom maisonette, electrically aoulntjod. anle M minutes Or bus , from down town. Phone T44-4O0S CP TeMiaa. . . - BRONSON APTS BRONSON, MODEM. BP A-1 oocneior, a asm a . wmr room soartmenoj. aioetncaiiy equipped. Wfthm aosy walking dletenoo of Parliament Hill. ess. By effeeMlftf ot9elraeg)l ltd) or apply building superl isaa. S54-S7S4. WABRRM ARMS, Stt MACLARSN RACHXLOR. t BEDROOM. EOWP- yar. Furnaiitad 201 ipts. Fun to in , (Cent tram' Preoadlrof Column) BRITTANT TERRACE LTD. BACHELORS. UVINO BOOM, taiaamd off asrtroom area. kltehao, eeramle tiled bathfoom. tors, retrlssrator, beat,, hot water and electricity supplied Tree .ear plus-la at your door. Modern laundry noma. EM Brittany Drire. T4S-SSSI. WESTCENTRAL Near Qoeenaway Its VERT LA ROE MEDROOM WITH a sood-iiiad workavinf kitchen, bis brlsht rooms, Indi vidual beet control plus odvaatasa of a front and rear, entrance. Utility room and private toraee room. Churches and ohopplnt aloes by. TU-XHq FRANKDALEAPTS. 3(50 Frank SL off Bank 1 and t bedrooms, hroad loomed. drapes, alerator, parkins 1 BEDROOM . 2 BEDROOMS , $105 , S125 Daily s-s as-esT TURNER REAL- ESTATE REALTOR 7204117 202 iPTi. WAMTLO MOTHER. S-YEAR-OLD, 1 B ED- room m noma aua to proviaa evenuuj oaoysmms wnua or works. M-lo OCT. 1. 1-BEDROOM DUPLEX OR apartment, oiebe or eantral. s ladles. Bon E-47S. Journal. . VOUNO COUPLE, ONE-BEOROOM apartment, alecuicaliy equipped, residential area, preferably private home. Must bs wall main tained, quiet, pontini, sea. i 434 attar t. I 203 fWUm UTL APARTMTTfT. ALSO FLAT TO Tent, Sept. I, wouanston Street, West End, TZS-142S. AVAILABLE. SEPT. I. OCT. 1.1 oentral, snodorn. newly ruraisb- aa. decorated apartments, linen. orrar, persons;; oocwbsot. SM-SiUj AVAILABLE, FRESH IU-BED- roam apartment, nloaty appolnl- ao. ti A V A I LABLE IMMEDIATELY. etasmew,. i-cenroom apanasant. equippeo. parsing. iea-iaus. BACHELOR. FURNISHED, CEN- tro Town, heated. SM-0071. ovo- Ings St sens. - CENTRAL, FRONT, . SMALL apartment newiy -- rumianea. oqutppoa, nmnnos, sse-rfoe. COMPLETELY FURNISHES room apartment. Irving, g WeUtngton. tie-OSes. FURNISHED APARTMENT. ikiy. montnir, asoaa pan ma mclu uooa. , 74-47. OILMOUR HEAR ELOIN, CONVE- nsent to ovorytruag. garage. Door plus boaamont rafeiiitsh faemf lovoly centre hall plan, Irving R I K fuel Ureptaoe. bay vrtttdowa. dining trocH ork. room M at la. bedrooms 14 x 14. as a 11. u il. Hiionen ano - paaca petnroom. sito. SJS-seoe OLBBB, FURN1SHBD, BACHE- Ooor, parking; gad. loB-eTSn. IMMEDIATELT aTENTRAL STEW. ly furmsnea, ansruai apais- ment, washer, dryer, SSS-T4gt, LOWER TOWN. T ROOMS. FUR-rushad. balcony, haatad. squtp- peo, ass-oast. ; AMTIT HILL. IICHILO apartments. aMoerniy mmianeu. aaasa opvaonas. awwii- w5tk KLY. MONTHLY. FJEAUTI- fully rdyniahad apartments in over part at Sltjr. SM weakly. 71S-I7. BEDROOM APARTMENT, parkins, no ohildreni so.. Sg Laurence St, attac S. B3o-seiS. 1-BEDROOM APAjmOMT, avad floor. S1S0. Sent 1. I sat near O'Connor, m-5014 McREIXAR PARK APARTMENTS . IMl Carting Avonna orruj ruLA,T rvsnwiM it - rl maid required. aarvaca available Oardana, swlmmms pool, weekly, monthly, rentalt withont X. IM FOUR WINDS APTS. X UMfUlkf At A Pries Ton Can Afford NO LEASES REQUIRED FOB OUR ruiiy runuaneo oacneasr, a- S-bedroom suttee. Lsnena, dwhaa mKudid sna ahraTsuewAOtasaml aaff farP. - LOCATED AT 1714 AlBJ!lt EOM M nivWW gTlWTS. I daVI WaVOI. I NO LEASES REQUIRED j : Ottawa's Leading I , Apartment Hotel ' . .. THE SAVOY )40 SUter St CES-627S OFFERS: ' Fully furnished bachelors, l- oompleta tuny DATLT or WEEKLT r . 1 MI Ta tas Baart of Contra Town K ARISTOCRAT I IS! Cooper Bt at Elgtn , rURmSHXD 1-BEDROOM SUITES tan, $37.50 eeywat. WEEKLT . MONTHLY r YEARLY , Unftrmtshed Apts. AvsllsMo , 1 Xe-4700 Days or Sal-aiao ' PiACtTOWtB PROXIMITY iapaclous Whslcr, I-- and s Attractive ratea fat atiorl end Jonf tornmi j j ,., t I The Algonquin , I ' METCALFE at LISOAR '' 232-0581 ANYTIME, CARACAS (AP)-Horaeto Es- ttvM of Vanazuala equalled the world record for IM inetres Sat urday with a Urn of 10 seconds fist m the Venesuelan national track and Held ctiampionahlps, Egthres natchad the world mark held. by Arm In Hary Germany and Harry Jerome of ... I fa) a. Hi , .li i), J 'p '',. e, h, 4 . J j t i- v ' ' EsAf sa&h ty--n Yll.-ill.r. ., t I W.-hr- I esasaaasaaoaM. .,:. : . anmsw-meanwaeasawV...' I il eaaoaMeswansWawsaOei It easBBawaeasBaeassadl This ysrder, worth (40,000, is partly meeting the demand by owners of plywood mills to hold down costs and increase production. Csrgsts Industries Limited has msde more than 20 since the company took over an Iron works. Ysrtters are the nearest thing to a product line made by the company. The difficulty In creating a product line lies in the demand for specially-designed machinery to fill every contract 20JA SURE ACCOMMODATIONS LADY. OUTDOOR TYPE, 8HARB lane eonaso. good oomm unity, any duration, unaa rusts Box E-444, Journal: TBI SHARINO BEOISTRT . SPECIALIZES IN MATCHING quality pea selectee people to enare llruid accommodatlooa atv oordlns to their Individual re auiremeau. Mo ohars or obll- sauon unisea an asreecnent to share is reached. Free registration or confidential information. SS4-MS, anytime. 301 tlinOB Rl SUE ACCORDION. HOHNER, ISO BASS, black, excellent condition, sua. Case included. 7U-379. ALMATEX FOR ALL VOUR painting requiremeaui wny aan buy at wholeeale prlcoat Wa sarry the most oosnplate Una of Super Sena La tea Semi Oloes. Var- niahaa and aatartor paints Laurenttaa Trading post. 1S5S Bank Street. Phone RB5-I5T1. ALUMINUM WINDOWS. 14, vmnous iisss, so oocn. tso-ssis. A N T I U E GRANDFATHER condition. 75-e54a, ATTRACTIVE. INDIVIDUAL models, bridals. . bridesmaids, knitwear, formale, suits, cock- taUe. - London destgner premisee for ntada-to-nvaaw By appointment. 71O-4S00. AUTO PARTS. USED, ANY MAKE. 743-7S47. BACHELOR. FURNISHED. Cl tro Town, neatao. sea sort, ovo- bmr. asa-eera. BAMPORD REOIS LTD. WHEEL- ahalrs. walk ere, ooaaosodoH Arth ritis chain. Rental or aau, I Kant Street 'CC5-4 tit. BASSINET. NEW, NO MATTBESS, sis; goon reTngeraiar, aew; Xroahlar ehaaterflald; flrl-boy bicycles, equipped: double bos. complete. vao-aiST. BBATTV WASHER OOOD CONUt- BED, SOFA. CHESTERFIELD. cnaoi of suvswors, sis seen, carpet gweepef, lownnsowar. SIO aach. other srtldea. 7JJ I ISO, BICYI CLE. SACRIFICE. HEW. na 10. a s, suiwielgh. gss-Tszs. g BICYCUS. NEW OB USED. ALL S3S-O70P. BICYCLES, MEW AMD USED Ton auantv at lowest OSS. Bysha, Roe and Company, SSS BOX STOVES, BRAND NEW, ideal for camps. atarunsT suae. Johnson's Furnltoro, 411 Murray. CASH FOR HOUSEHOLD, OFFICE stirnnwa, cornpssie seta tec. Ton name it, J oh aeon 'a Furniture, ill CHESTERFIELD SET. ELECTRIC- ai appliances, nouaahoM affacta, an line furniture, leering Ot tawa. sLna-a7iv. CHESTERFIELD, CONVERTIBLE set, SSS; several other llama of furniture. OJO-71QS. CHMTSJUIELD SET. CARPET ana oesar aonntis rurnsti Moriac. mtart sou. FAS-S34S eflor a. CHILD'S CRIB. 110: PLAYP B N, 47. i Manor. Roekctiffo. CHROME KITCHEN SET. TSS-tOM, CmtOME TAtTLR, s e-TfAmS. BED. ncoro caoinav lamp, gars anny. iee-sMev. CtOTHBS TO FTT "BARBIE dou.- sos eoon- uncrei eai. eea COAT. TEENAGER'S, WINTER. sis io ano otoor canning tsa- avts. COLUER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA, S4 volumes, to children's volumes. plus book 134-0017. I ue bookcaaa. S300 or boat offer. COME IN AND SES OUR LARGE sateeOon of un suppllaa. B. P. X3S-7SB1. CARPETLAND ; ' 721 Richmond Road -1 729-1469 .'" ' 600 Colors ' ' .. . , WOOLS ' , , ACRILANS NYLONS . TRILANS -V ' t BLENDS .t' r , : ALL OOODS DISCOUNTED TERMS AT BANK RATES ' Better Goods for Lass. CaU.Ut for Home arelos, ; 729-1469 ' ; , ' i - -i Open 0 a.m. to 0 p.m- i, T it Monday to Friday ' " r CONVEYERS Made to order. Belts, Chain or Roller, Conveyers. Hand end Power HoitU. . , -. , .. , i . t ' M.2AGERAAAN " 4 ca uu . ' 100 BAYVTEW ROAD OTTAWA, ONT ' 1 TELEPHONE PA9-51U ' MEETING A DEMAND 301 wncia pot uif (Cont front Praosdlns Column) COTTAGE TOILETS. COMPLETE with aaptic tank, a few left to clear at SI IS. regular gleet. Ot-tsws's largest es lection of plumbing. William's Plum bins snd Heating Ltd.. 104S Merlrale Road. 7U-4554. Closed 1 p nv, Saturday. DAN ELECTRO AMPLIFIER twin la-inch apeak era; bast after. TAO-S54S. DININO SET. S-PIECX. BBAND new. 7as-Taaa. ' DININO ROOM BET, STUDIO couch, motoriaea ttaroocuc, snoring. 73S-S455. DININO SET., WALNUT, S-PUCE. aaa-7S77, s-s oaynma. ' DININO TABLE. CHAIRS. SSS, EMctrie vtctrola conmonents. STAO. Floor lasnp, SS. SU-4eao, ere nl tags. DOUBLE BED AND DRESSER. mabogsnys troner: muunaatar; scout uniform. 744-10X0. DOUBLE BED WITH SPBINOS. mattress, good condition, gas. 7SS-471S. DRESSER, KITCHEN SET. BB- trlgerator imautan-ei. single cots, studv tables. 1S1 Hender son Apartments. MS ISSS lit- ELECTRIC EXERCYCLE. A GUIDE to physical l tineas, aton avais, Journal. .. v . FLOOR LENGTH WEDOIMO drees Evenings, PAS-177a. FRIOOES. STOVES, WASHERS. dryers; reconditioned, guaranteed. Appliance Berries Centre. J Somerset and , Jtocneeter. saa- ia . FUR JACKETS. COATS. STOLES. , perfect, waaa renin s-urs. PA-41. !. - OAS' LrCmTS ON SALE, SSJS; ranty. way now. M anion Propane Ues oemee, saw asentreau see, OENTLEMAirS SUITS. 4S. Sg. Par. fact eondluoa, neesooooie. w OOOD t.sjSED. BUILDING ma tenses tor psm. aee-seue. GUITAR AMPLIFIER. USED. 14' speaker Pianos, 1 SHS-7071. HAMMOND ORGAN. M-IOI. wnn ouut-m apmot sse-sies. HAT FOR BALK, ALFALFA, Timothy, , cwvor. straw, tos- isss. '-!- '' ? ' : HOUSEHOLD FURNTTURE, fthesterOeld, ette suite. mo nnors RRAlrlTFUL Its- proved "named vane ues. ruutt now. 7H-7U1, KITCHEN TABLE, S CHAIRS, arborlte ta S5S-SS54. ZAGERAAAN'S FOR STEEL - Save Money and Time Whin Bulldlns or Manufacturing CALL PA0-5U1 ",..,. For Ceurtoons, .;.. Efficient Sarvlaa. " M. ZAGERAAAN - , h CO. LTD. IBB BATVTCW BOAa " ' OTTAWA. ONTARIO , ;' Telephone PA0-6U1 : Demolished vr. Clearing Lumber .Yard ALL MATERIALS FOR SALE . . ...... Forced sir farnsoss, oO tanks, blowers, burners, space heaters, floor furnaces, doors, windows, stairs, bath tubs, sinks, bailnsv toilets, ihoet-Ing, plywood, 1,000's of feet of 2x4, 2x0, 2x8, 2x10, wooden beams, steel beams, alu--mlmmi doors and windows, bricks and blocks. ' Msny Other Items Too " . Numerous to Mention. . Osgoodo Lumber Co'. Ltd. . '- . . : Located at the end of the Albion Road, 1 mils south of Rldsao Csrieton Raceway. RENT TV, STEREO or APPLIANCES . , -'.232-6540 .'7: COAAMERCIAL TV . ft APPLIANCES '-' $5.95 per month and up " 190 RIDEAU STREET. ," Call Anrtlmo , a, and IS pa. , 301 Unas ni sue (Coat from Preceding Column) LEAK TL-10 MONO AMPLIFIER, toO. Pops HI 1-4007, office hours ta ei T4 ggl omerwiae. LEONARD REFBIOERATOR, good condition. 475, 133-7347 MeCLASY EASY RANOE, S4 una now, i ar. TSS-OSIS. MICROCORDEB TRANSISTOR tape reeorders by Websor, while they last tM 50. Valley Audiovisual. 1SS0 Wanington Street, f 1S-5SSS. ' i MUST SELL lrTDUSTRIAL SEW- Ing maehlna. evenings CEJ-S5SI. OFFICB FURNrrURE. NEW AND nssd. Popham's. 10-131 Albert Street 137-1111 OIL PAINTINGS OF YOUR choice, Venetian artist. CES- S15T. ORGANS OF QUALITY, CONN I naturally I. near them at .Ken Parisian Piano Studios,- SH5- ton. . , OWNER BOUGHT NEW KSM- for sale 14- Inch range, good candltlon. Artor e pm7 713-3447. OWNER BOUOHT NEW KEN- mors, baa for gala Oansral Blae- tno wringer vsaaemT with pump. OWNER BOUGHT NEW COLD- apot hat for gala McClarr Refrlg era lor, rary good cenditlect, 11 eu. n amy sea. Tgg-vieT. OWNER BOUOHT NEW KEN. tore Baa tor esle Waatinghouaa autemauc wasnar. s years old. excellent condition. PIANO SPECIALS. OTTAWA'S largest selections, apartment atze, uprights, grands, player pianos and rolls. Some new models reduced S0. Conn oraane. Ken Parisian pianos, 0S St. Laurent awuievara. near tl SH5-7071. PIANOS I APABTMKWT 3490 npc tornat. . Leusoa Piano and Organ Centra. 1134 Walling- ton street, tso-isbs. PIANO. 41301 STOVE, trlgerstar, fee. . B0 Avenue. ' eet bb- PlANCetl COMPLETELY TtECON dltlonad and tuned, from Sl3 up. terms. Lsuson Piano and Organ Centre. 1333 Wellington Street. 723-lt3t, Open Friday tut p. PIANOS. REBUILT AND O O A R- ajtlaed. Buy or rent with option to pur oh sea. Rentals from SS per month. Robertson. PI agio and Tlllay Ltd. SB Sparks Street and Carllngweod Plana, 331-13S1 or 734-3323. - . - j POOL TABLES. S a IS. 10, 4 It a S. 771-7144. BEFRIOERATOB. S P L A T E grUI. S eels laundry tubs, liks new. kitchen cabinet labia chair, at sss sr. ,Morins. . CE3- SSOS. . RETRIGERATOR. STOVE. TELE- viaion. faanerai rnectrlc. 411 Third. 134-3143 143. REFRIGERATOR, 11 OS. FT. food freexlng space, yellow and chroma kitchen sat, t,i REFRIGERATOR. WESTINO- house, good condition, s eu. ft, ft. 33 iba. frsxasar sompsr ment 74S-8134. REFRIGERATORS. VARIETY Or ataaa and aaakaa. trade - as combination fresxer - refrlg-aratora. Pmiieali" Food Sen his. 713-1S3I. CONDITIONED .-PIANOS ' $195 te $299 J. L ORMEO " '4 SONS LTD.: j , t 300 BAN1, STREET MOFFAT DRYER!.; Brand now. Door $139.95 SAVE I & A: COHENf . BANK at LAURTER 1 . 239-7451 I, , SALE ;! TEAK' FURNITURE ! " SB" FLOOR , ; BOOKCASEB ..... COFFEB . TABLES.. BHO ' TABLES $39 $15 $9 DININO $65 $10 4 CHAIRt ' MATINEE FURNITURE ' V 297A MONTREAL ROAD . . 7404280 - ' NOTE) Open Every Weekday ' , Evening UnUl 9 JO p.m. 301- MTKID FOR Sill' (Cant front Pieeeilms Column) RENTAL CHAIRS, TABLES, OUT- ooera minors, leievteione, recn-garstors, orlbt. Offlca. tmoouet, home furniahinge. Johnson's Furniture, hi Murray, SSS Bank. RENTAL. VACUUM CLEANERS. , SlmoMhly. Frao daUvary. PAS- BENTAL OP VACUUM CLEANERS ss lhly. day or sight. TAS- 16IS. REUPHOL8TERINO. GIVE YOUR furniture a new look. Workman- YOl ahio suaranteed. Proa aatknataa, - S-plaos set, davenport and chair from S7S.TC. caoieux ana xiii- ley. SIT Montreal ISM. RUOS, CHINESE. ALL WOOL, hooked. Aubuaeon design S IS, 85: Sarukhsn 4'4 tH 3S. , avowee. SECTIONAL SOFA. OREEN 8RO-eade, with gold motif, good condition. 719-793. SEW1NO MACHINE. AUTOMATIC Zlg-Eag. buttonholes, aews buttons, etc.. balanod owing sat 23. vPay for it by tho month. Call 155-71)00 anytime. ; SHOTGUN .13-GAUGE J" MAO- num alMte action, urana new. SSSM Sin lev It iSV till hunting season. The Hunters'l Supply Company, S70 Dutoasaar. Eastvlew, 745-aasS. SINGER SEWINS MACHINE. Au tomatic, fancy stitches, buttons. buttonholes, regular I14S.S0, repossessed, balance M4.17. Take over payoioBte. Call saS-1o anytima. SPACE HEATER. OIL. COMPLETE -With drums, tan, pipes ana une. Good condition, reasonable. S2S- 0353. ' ST KRUNO SILVER, FOUR, COSt- pieta place aetungs manoaeny cheat four sxtra pieces. After 5.30. S1S-05U. TELEVISION RENTAL. SI 1 DB- liven, option to puranaee. SB1S. S34- TELEVISIONS, NEW. USED. weekly, no i SS45. Excel, with iraoe. - TYPEWRITER, STANDARD. selling last at o nw " -Y ash lea camera, reflex, extra lenses. Private. 135-i47. TWIN CARSXAOX. LIKE NEW. 74S-1W1. UP TO HALF OFF! MANUPAO toxor's elearanet. xtronen tines of high quality bedroom rurra-tore, ataid rubbed, beaettllul w-lnut veneers. Solid Double dieessrt. with heavy mirrors, rag. Slid SS. from ses ss Triple dresser with mirror, rest. Sisea. S6. Master dresser with mirror, reg. eieSSS. 410SS4 oacloua 4-dnvsrsT eh sat. Reg. S7SJS. 447 44 Bachelor cheats, seat. Sas as. 13734 Corner cttaata. rag. Siese. eie.M. Studenfa desk. reg. 434, Steg. Pt, S4" ttookeasa had. srat 4414. SSt SS. SS". 34". panel bad. rag. S4S.SS, 43434, Night Tablaa, rag. I eitas. Mix "n- match, a eulta, as low as 114104. Slmpsona-Seara, Slag CarUng Avenue. For further fSS-SSIt. VSED FURNITURE. DESKS AND chairs at van and Bart Ltd, 133 wuean. . USED HEFRIOEKATORS. HOUSE- hold appliances, linoleum ane carpet remnantg. A. J. Fretman L tdT Werehouee. MS York Street, USED CLOTHING. HOLIDAY RE opening sale. Put TT Take Shop, 330. Wellington. Txa-gasa. VACUUM CLEANER, EXCELLENT condition, 73-oi3s. VISIT OTTAWA'S LARGEST FUB suturo and appliance trade-in de partment. Always an anteresllnd tour. Johnaoas Furnieura. ill Murray. VOtOTLAirOEB BESSMATrO, . as oomplate with 133 mm. aartiiiut aaaa. sutara. e. Vsrue 33eOi aaart- 743-47 13, altar 4. WANTED. SOMEONE TO TAKE over Da is nee or per men as os Singer automatM sir-sag aewtng tachmo. Original S44. yon may have machine for 441 or 33 monthly. Desler writ Boa B 43. Journal. WASHER. CONNOR. OOOD CON- anion, mexpeneire. taa-eaoo after . WASHERS. STOVES. TEL rialona. rtr, ma. trado-i tinned- Weat End ppllanosa, 101S Wellington. 71S-4113. WASHING MACHINE. INGUS, perract running conamon. a years eld. 4 Frontensc. Hull. " FARM FENCING GATES POSTS ;' ACCESSORIES M. ZAGERAAAN j ft CO. LTD. tee BAYVIEW ROAD, OTTAWA, ONT. Telephona PAK5I1I FIRE SALE J .SMOKE AND WATER J . . DAMAGE ' ) ':. CONTINUES WITH ."t ! OUTSTANDING VALUES I AT BOTH LOCATIONS Sunbeam Uwn 1 OK." Bprtnklara ' r'f vTjrnw-$ 12.95, Arborlte Coffee ar 7 OC , Step Table u-. ? ' sF J ! t Bullet Polo e0 O1 i $4.95; SO Mattress ... 04- Spring-Filled Mattras 5- Plece . Davenport . Odd Chroma ' Chatrs. each 1 $ 17.95 s $84.95: $3.50, MANY OTHER ITEMS AT EQUALLY LOW PRICES Take' Advantage of Our Loss ' and SAVE J S ..ROTHMAN'S , Furniture and TV Centres 329 Bank St ... . ' f 'Open Sslty S-S p.nt ' ' , Frldsrs 111 S pm. HITS SHOPPING BARM , Corner Lower Ayhnor i and Dwchane Road Open Evvrungs t to IS pet." TANKS ALL SIZES - Prom 200 to 12,000 gtllons. tultabls for on, water, see. OO Tanks, Hot Wster Tanks, , Watering Troughs, eta M. ZAGERMAN A Ca LTD. 100 Beyvtew Road. , OtUwa, Ont i FAs-aiit : 301 1ITKIES rot SilE ICoat Front Preoedlng Columal WASHISO MAOBIKEB AND tovaa. roouim gusraaieea, rroaa SIS up The Service Depot Limited. MS Baasarar. CES-OSM. BABY CABRIAGB AND PLAY-pen, sood condition. 771-704. . PORTABLE BAR, ABITIBI piste wood, mahogany; 1 stove., 34 -Inch Beach, good for a o t-tage; 1 RCA 11-Inch TV console, radio and record nlayar. 131-7471. c,: BOUDOIR AND BED LAMP ntenne, 15S Rl- asta. 115; indoor TV antanne, Robert deau Street Electric. EAUTtrt ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL FUR-nlture. S31S. Never used, mutt be sold. Kxeiuslve Biiendliigsian Uvlng room est I eseler a o f a and matching arm ahalr. Ganutn walnut coffee, 1 and teniae, lamps and picture Rich Scandinavian style wslnul finish dlnetta table and 4 chairs. Bed-room set. whits and gold provincial design, consists of double dresser and framed mirror, single -aonunode. double bed. spring snd mattress. See it nowl IMS . so mo Is la 3-roora grouping. Convenient terms SSTA Montreal Road. 743-48177 SOft OFF ISM LAWNBOY POWER mowers ureen vauey lAtmoor. 300 Montreal Rose. SI-INCH PHILIPS CONSOLE. beautiful condition, sag east. 1.000 MATURE SCOTCH PINE Lnristmaa traeo for, sate est me Stump. Hodgson, RR S. Jaspor. BRAD LET PIANO ANO OMAN HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN WITH bench, tone ceninet. rereroe ration unit complete. SSPS: Hammond Spinet M5. gavorbsrstlon unit and presets, para S'0; Baldwin demonstrator, ears $300. T1S-14S1. WILLIS AND CO. LTD, PIANOS: ALL CANADIAN WILLIS pianos at consioaranie savings. - Used snd reconditioned planos front 173 up. ottawas nlenn and organ WaUlngton. 713-lrSO. BICYCLES 500, NEW, SSS.SS UP. SECOND' hand, gis atyiaa sno wo. ew 307 Bank, between MacLarea a Somerset 134-34 U. Opaa Friday till S pjn. LEAVING TOWN , HOUSEHOLD FlNrrURE AT sacrtneo pneas. nam owes eawra. pi oca sal ona i racing tncycas. one iric lawn snowor. after 4 pm, only. BSXTTNO .-.--.- FLAT RUBBER OR LEATHER. V belt drives, sen lacing, pulleys, and all trsnsmlorlon, gup- ?Uat. M. Zaeerman and Co. Ltd. oe Bayrlaw Road, phone 733- 111. EXHIBITION SALE , TV21" ' $59,;p ' - COLONIAL FURNITURE CO. LTD. ' Trade-in Dsvartmant 4103 BANK Dial 238-9411 CEDAR FENCE POSTS FENCE BOARDS : ;'. " PICKETS Low at Pries Fast an Servl M. ZAGERAAAN ftCaLTD. 1 100 BAYVIEW ROAD - OTTAWA, ONT. Telephona PAS-SIU 3011 ISAILERS CITATION .11 FT- TRAVEL yrt iraiMr, isrii, sleeps 4, 1730. 733- - OLENDALB, 1 BEDROOV1S, COM- , paataiy furnished, clean. In ex- -sellout condiilon. Sell raaaon-: able. Bob's Oaa Houas, High-ways 13-3. 1 atlla south High- , way T, Carloton Place. . HOLIDAY TRAVEL TRAILER umpany. sales ana rentaig. leas -Carllng Avenue. 7X1-4741. Ite-j, nings. 730-733, S1S-01I4 tW- - HOUSE TRAILER NEWLY DEC- ! orated, completely f a r n 1 s hod, - raasonaois. nppiy ataiiaviow : Trailer Park, uriaana erentngs, i MOBILE HOME Hit REASON- aaiy prieea. Apply ttauwooa Trailer Park. IS , Doll, Bell a , Corners. - ON DISPLAY AT OUR LOT. ' rally equipped travel trailers lot" Hons now a tinnHnsn axe going ' fast Also semis or lea, hitches, aide mirrors, stacker Jacks, at. 711-47, sweminga 73-7, sss. ; esse. TENT TRAILERS APACHE R Et uis, Tag-g-leans, uvoruner.' Sale and renuat. Everything for In camper at ABC Camping Equipment, Almonte, Open daily till IS pm. - TRAILER. SINOLE WHEEL WITH tarpaulin, lights, rss-ieil, 333- issi. TRAILER BQUIPWtNT AND AC- sissonss. equetlser hltobea, side , tnlrrora. ax tension cord, stacker , Jacks, eta. Its Carllng. 713-4744. TRAVEL TRAILERS. GET MORS ' for less, fast ananclng; s quality lines ta sbosea frees. Rasas axle kltek avnleuya, mirrors,' Complete parts department,' Sea Travel MoT Trailer Salsa, S tniias south eg city on Highway Si. r- : .' TRAVEL TRAILER. SLEEPS 4, equirpea rxs-aue, IS FT. SHASTi, OOOD CON Dl-tlon, sleeps eTsi-000. S1S-US1. , ST X IS FEET MOBILE HOME, t bedrooms, private. 31 son. 771- , -0- 41 SS, 1-BEDROOM MOBILB ta. fullv furnished. wLn tar- teed, esrcellent condition, laau-. Utad oabonna. SI3-I004. v WEEKEND SPECIAL ,. TRAVEL-MOR DTD IT AGAIN. 1 New soieopar tent trauac. only S3 go, with aanopy. Sao ft now vu- at Trarel-Mor Trailer Sales, a miles sooth of lty oa 1 HlgW way. no i 302 unaawixrai CAMERAS. NLAROERB. MICRO. - scopss. wnoculere, pbotoarapmg equipment would s, ss Street. - CARPETS FOR PRIVATE BOMB, ' I I IS. Caah. T3S-S4I1. , HIGHEST PRICES PAID, USED office ivgrnituro, rypspwrlters, ' , steal Sling aabtnats, dupilrstnra, , adders, tape rsesrdars. sss-lls. . PIANO. CnAND OR UPRIGHT, urgently nssded. oeeh, 777-3001, Vancouver. oveningt.

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