The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE PIVB. NEWSY NOTES TELL RAILROAD MAN WAS WHAT S HAPPENING ALMOST DqWN AND OUT IN THE MILL TOWN Members of the Christian Temperance Union Bold Institute. Triid About F.TerythUR But tji to Time He Took |.ldd Iron Mineral Henrth V»s E-rtrcmelv r»»r. REFORMED PASTOR! RESIGNS Fnnenl Services Held Todjij- for little Tictiit of, Accidental Shotting; SerricM fiiifj for Hint P»j«ttc Female War Worker to be Killed. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALiE, Feb. 28.--Aa institute o£ the members of the W. 0. T. U. of this district was held in the Presbyterian ctiurch here 5'esterday with Mrs. G. W. Stoner m charge. Mrs. J. E. Steelsmith had charge of the de- TKL1A VrOAT IT I)U. "My friends know the condition I navo been in for a Ion? time'. They I know how I've suffered with rheuma- ' jism. stomach trouble, nervousness and a_£cneral breakdown of my health,} and they know how hard I've tried to get relief and my old strength back , with doctors and medicines these many years," "I used to ache all oVer and with terrific pains; I couldn't rest for days and night at a time. At such times my whole system seemed to go wrong ' and my stomach would act up and , nothing I ate would agree with. me. Then one day I heard a man. telling about" this wonderful Acid Iron Mineral discovered down on a farm in i votions. A conference on educating I Mississippi which was just beginning ' public seotament was hold, with Mrs. to be successfully filtered, concen- Lucy A. Poole telling how to do this tratcd and bottled under the famous through the press. Mrs. J. E. Steel- \ -A-l-M" trade mark and I bought a smith, through the platform and Mrs. I bottle and today I'm praising 4. sky L. Alden Marsh thrpugli individual ef- I high because it has helped me more fort. Mrs: Harriet Brothers read a | than anything I have ever used. 1' paper on soldiers and sailors and this j haven't "been bothered with the old ' was followed iy a discussion and some ! ailments and nervousness and in fact of the women who had received soldier letters asking for good magazines and the ladies. resolved to send all magazines that they could get to the cantonments or to France. One of the letters stated that the magazines In France were an enormous price. Committees for this district were appointed as follows: Membership, Mrs. George McGoogan and Mrs. Josiah Reynolds of S«ottdale; Union signal committee, Mrt. Lobb, alverton: Bulletin committee, Mrs. William Burtsfield, and press Mrs. Lucy A. Poole, Scottdale. The noon-tide prayer was conducted by Mrs. Lobb. The afternoon session opened with devotion by -Mrs. J. Reynolds. Mrs. S. IMlmer of Jit. Pleasant, read a paper on "Our Tools and How to Use them." Mrs. James Poole gave a tajk on "Posters and Ho-w to Use Them." Mrs. ^ H. Spangler of Huntingdon ga\e an address and told of the work that should be done to elect men to legislature that will vote dry. Miss Marie Home and Miss Mildred Keslar sang a duet. Mrs. TV. W. Bicher conducted a question box. A motion drill nas given by a number of little girls \mder tie direction of Mrs. C. W. Stau'ffer. For Sale. Bight room house, 4^2 acres land, best of spring water, fruit of all kinds, an ideal home, for $3,100. Four acres of land. Hawkeye street car station, for |1,100. Six room house, lot 50x110 feet, knoira as the Davis property. Fifth avenue, for J2.400. E. P. DeWltt, Scotdale. Pa.--Adv.--28-3t. Party for SoMicr. Miss Beal^h itsaour entertained at her country home-- last evening for Rosa Brothers who leaves Monday for Fort Ogletliorpe. Dancing and games ·ere the amusements of the evening. Among the guests were Ruth Mackey and \V". Steelsmith, Scottdale; Byron Loar and Paul Doncaster, Ml. Pleasant; Alphetta Brothers, Morj,-antown, W. Va.; Elizabeth Dodson, Alverton; Ora and Marie Detwiler, Pennsrtlle; Mabel Freeman, Connellsrille, and Verne Mardis and Roy Rlteaour, of Overton. Skootiig: TicUn Biried. Racheal Qullla, the little daughler of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Quilla who shot herself on Tuesday afternoon at her home, was buried in the St. John's cemetery today after funeral services at St. John's. JUss Cadden's Funeral. Miss Laura Cadtlen, 23 old, who was killed at Phillips worKS on Tuesday was brought to the Ktnsview home of her mother, Mrs. Isaac Burd, yester- I am practically a well man now," declared D. Dawson, a well known car repairer with the Norfolk Western Railroad, Roa-noke, Va. , How many men shuffle down the street, pale, peeked, and halt nourish- , ed looking who simply need the bolstering and up-building help of gflod old natural iron, and here it is, cheap as dirt, powerful, yet harmless and what a great big change it does in a man's^feelings and looks, j If your druggist axsn't it try the I one listed below. The Government First! Tremendous u is the present activity in the marshaling of men, food and munitions for the conduct of the war, the placing of the Bell System unqualifiedly at the disposal of the Government has relieved one paramount factor of preparedness. Yet with the growth o£ our military establishment, the demands upon the Bell System are bound to magnify. ' Increased activity in commerce and industry also means more need for telephone service by private business. But there 'must be a careful weighing of lite importance of the two. ! Every American who wants to help win this war should bear in mind that -private service must give way to Government service should emergencies require that fverything be subordinated to the telephone demands o; the Army, the Navy and other representatives of tht Government. . The Central District Telephone Company E. F. Patl.r.on, Local M«n»f«r Unmatown, Pa. J THEY DO NOT FEAR GERMAN POISON GAS Smithfieid. auiTHFIELD, Feb. 27.--Alex Black ' of Ruble, was a business nsitor _Mon- I day. i .1. A. Rankin from out R. D. ]., was a business visitor Tuesday. Miss Bell Olitthant returned from a visit with Conneltefrllle friends Monday. A hook agent drove up to the York Run bchool in an auto recently, bust- ^ led into the house and in about three J shakes oC a sheep's tail had the order j of four of tbe young teachers for J2-4.7S worth of books each. One of them said he just hypnotized them and had them sign before they Juiow where thiy were at now they are all going to send the books back by parcel post. PROVEN SWAMP-ROOT AIDS WEAK KIDNEYS The symptoms of kidney and bladder troubles are often very distressing and leave tbe system in a run-down condition. The kidneys soem to suffer most, as almost erery victim complains of lame back and urinary troubles which should not be neglected, as these danger signals often lead to more dangerous kidney troubles. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root which, so many people say, soon heals and strengthens the kidneys, is a splendid kidney, liver and bladder medicine, and, being an herbal compound, has a gentle healing effect on the kidneys, which is almost immediately noticed in most cases by those who use it, A trial will convince anyone who j may be in need of it. Better get a ' bottle from your nearest drug store, and start treatment at once. However, if you wish first to test this great preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer Co., Bingbamton, N. day. Funeral services will be held j V., for a sample bottle. When writing Friday afternoon at two o'clock and interment will follow in the Penns- nlle Baptist cemetery! 1'ort.T-ftTc Enroll. Forty-five men have been legister- ed by William Ferguson for shipbuilding and the first ones that registered are coining back requently to see why they are not called and seem very anxious to go to work. Pmstor Krsigris. Rev. S. U. Waugaman, pastor of the' Trinity Reformed church, has resigned as pastor of that church, the resignation to take effect March 15. Rev. Waugaman has accepted a charge at Xukon. Grandm* Never Let Her Hair Get Gray Sh« K*pt Her Lock* Dark and Glecsy, with Sage Tea and Sulphur. When you darken your hair with 3ag,e Tea\and Sulphur, no one can ell, becauB it's done so naturally, io evenly. Preparing this mixture, .bough, at home is mussy and trou- »lesome. At little cost you cxn buy it any drug store the ready-to-usc jraparation. improved by the aildi- Joa ot "other ingredients called Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com- ound." You just dampen a \ponge ir soft brush with it and draw this hrough your hair, taking one small .trand at a time. By morning all rray hair disappears, and. after an- tther application or two. ^-our hair iecomes beautifully darkened, glossy jid luxuriant. Gray, faded hair, though no dte- .race, is a sign of old age, and as we 11 deaire a youthful and attractive (pearanc«, get busy at onct with be sure and mention the ConneilsVille Courier.--adv. Meyersdale. iffiYBRSDALE, Feb. 2S.--Jlr. and Mrs. T. A. TVeller acted as host and hostess «n Tuesday evening at a 6 o'clock turkey dinner given at their home on North street. Covers were laid lor Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. F. N. SbJpley, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hosteller, Miss Helen Collins, Jlary Blact, Lucille Lint, Heater Meyers, Edith Gurley and Messrs. A. G. Smith and Samuel Hosteller. Jliss Kathryn Frtebee of Coonells- ville is visiting Mrs. A. H. MacLennen of tbe South Side. Mrs. Belle Savage and her sister, Miss Gratia Halley oC Pittsbu-gn, are guests of their brother, Samuel Hoover and- family. Misa Emma Bro«secker ot near Berlin visited, at the home ot Mr. and 'Mrs. Glen Crowe during the week. Miss Lottie Williams lias returned to her home in McKeesport after a visit here with relatives and friends. Mrs. Matilda Ben ford, who spent the past sil weeks visjtmg friends in Washington, D., C^ returned home Monday. Charles KaEer, proprietor of the National hotel in Berlin, was transacting business in our city on Wednesday. Mrs. Mary Baugnman of Sand Patch was shopping ami calling on friends here Wednesday^ Miss Alice Webreck ot Glencoe spent day from sevecnl weeks' visit with relatives and friends m Norristown and Ph-.ladelBhia, These American soldiers are wearing the man.elo«s nevr gas mask adopted for our army. Each man in tbe ^roup sent homo a copy of the photograph, jubt to show how our fighters have bunk tbcur individuality in the combined fight tor human justice and liberty Fleisher's 25c Shetland Yarn, -| S\ 1 all colors, L 2"C $2.50 Voile Lace and Lawn Waists .._ The Sale that has proven quite emphatically the leadership of "The Big Store" for value-giving--and the opportunities presented the last day will be just as attractive as those of the first day. Come today aind save. On Undermuslins, Household Linens, Embroideries and New Spring White Goods. As an example of the Extraordinary Savings we mention. ' 17c CORSET COVEKS ...... Fine quality regular 25c value. CHILDREN'S _ 15c Sizes 2 to 12 years, regular 2 5c kind. 38c COVKRS Lace and Ribbon trimmed, regular 50c value. $1.00 and $1.25 Muslinwear cents Da'inty Night Gowns. Envelope "Chemise, Corset Covers, Drawers, Combinations and Skirts of soft Nainsook and Cambric--a wide selection of styles, embroider)' and lace trimmed. $1.50 to $1.75 Muslinwear Beautiful Night Gowns, Envelope Chemise and Skirts, elaborated with laces, medal- Hons and ribbons or embroidery trimmed styles. Wonderful values await you here. : Hundreds of yards of Fine Embroidery, values to 25 cents, at --· The Thrifty Women of Connellsville will Take Advantage of This Women's iind Misses' Suits, up to 823.00 valncs now $5.00 Women's and Misses Coats upto iflS-SO values noiv $5.00 Women's and Misses Suits, np to S54S.50 raines at $10.00 Women's and Misses' Cont.s, up to $25.00 values at $10.00 Final Cleanup up to $5.00 value Women's Shoes -- ± $1.95 HAARLEM OIL CAPSULES IF YOUR BACK ACHES Final Cleanup up to SS.OO value Women's Shoes 1 $2.95 Do you f e f ! tired and Arc you n«rvius and irrituble' celeeu woll at n i g h t ; Ha.vt a " out" unrested feeling w h e n \ u t l Ket up in the morning? Oizzy tpclls'' Bilious? Bad taste m t h e mouth, bn-ck'iche, pain urn-out"' I sernwj, which are ' thf or sorenea* In the joins, and ibdomtMiV Severe distress when urina,tinu. bloody, cloudy urine or sediment? All these Don't , Inflammation, are imnediattily attacked and ch^aed out of your aytlem without inconvenience or [mill. , Ou not delay a m i n u t t - Go to ydur .lid iT*,u.t on h i u B u p p i y l n K SLPERYISES WELFARE ! OF V OMEK IS ffiAK PLANTS. Indicate l or 'Uone in the bladder, or that the poisonous microbes 1 , winch are always in y o u r system, have attacked your kidneys . you wdh a box of GOLD MEDAL H*t Jem Oil Capsules' In 14 hours o u w i l l feM r e n e w e d health and vigor A f t e r you have cu-ett yourself, continue to take one or two Gap.«ules each d.iy so a* to keep in first-class condition, and ward off the Uing-er of. f u t u r e . You ahould use GOIjD M"EDAJj I t a c k b Money refunded if they do not lem'Oil Capsules immediately. Tlie oil | help you AB!C for tl.e original im- s'ew-ks Bently i n t o the walls a n d _ l i n i n g ported GOLD M U D A L brand and thus of the kidney*,, and the litUe poisonous be sure of p e t t t n p the ffenuine.--Adv CONNELLSV1LE PEOPLE SHOULD EAT PIE DAILY Pie is wholesome, combining both fruit and grata. Those -who have trouble digesting pie should take ONE vyetfc's Sage and Sulphur Comaonad. j SPOONFUlj simple buckthorn bark, ad look years younger. This ready- glycerine, etc . aa" mired iu A preparation ia a Ueli^htf ol toj- This , the ENTIRE bowel tract, et STUDENTS OF DUNBAR SCHOOLS HAVE NAMES ON THEJONOR ROLL Ktport for the Flitli Month Sho-ns · ef Then IVcre Perfect in Attendance. The following js the perfect attendance record of the schools of» Stnart Speor, Mai Lizza. Paul Specr, David Mcrarland, Clarence Gibson, Maude Hay, Hazel Provaace, Virginia Ellenberger, Evelyn Young, Sara Jacobs, Margaret AtwooS and Sara Speight. TVomim's Derotlon to Home. Home duties to raan women appear more important than health. No matter how ill they feel, they drag themselves through their daily tasks. Dun-bar borongh foi the fifth month: overdo and pay the penalty in head- First and Second grades, Ada Car- i acheSi backache, draggins-down pains roll, teacher: James Malloy, Ray- and nervousness; they · become anil not a lt.feiuoM.-s roul_matter-which poisoned ·» a»t intended for The euro, piitiga-i your stomach for months and relieves ion or .prevention of disease.-- adv. ANY CASE sour stomach, gas or con- I stipation and prevents appcadicit' IThtn Tarn 1T»«t AurtUng · I.eaifi, s-tomach in condition to dige in, our Ctuaticd Ccliuaa. i A.NYTHI.VG. A. A. Clariie.--Act. raond Provance, James Seaton, William Gftptm, Robert "Wiilson, Americus George, Fred Grass, Mildred White and Lena DeMott. Third grade, Elizabeth Ferren, teacher: William Herd, John Euse, John Robbins .James Greenwood, Elmer Anderson, Viola DeMott, Nellie Stutler, Emma Joe Stevenson, Alien McGruder and Laura Seaton. Fourth grade, Daisy Trombley, teacher: Inez Provance, Carolyn Mover, Joe Ruse and William Grass. Fifth grade, Lena Dearth, teacher: Kathryn Eason, Dorothea Driscoll, Emma Corngau, Harriet Nemon, Lena George, Bertha Greaves, Myrtle Robbins, Edward Greaves, James Scott, Adnon Moyer and Henry RaupacK Sixth grade. Alma Tennent, teacher: \ Albert Bufauo, Eugene Ciawford. j Earl Miller, Walter McMannis, John Misko, Earl Moore, Omar Morrison, Gustavo Raupach, Beth Bobbins, Cecil Stnttler, William Stuttler, Paul Wi!helm, Edna Mason, Virginia Foltz, Gertrude Gilmore, Jennie Mannio, Carrie Provance, Elva Rodkey, Olga Morrison, Madclirfe 1Vam« and Harriet Blacka. * Seventh grade, Fearle Eicher, teacher: William Bafeer, Cemlyn Jobes, Hayward Stuttler, Eleanor Rodkey, Mary Grass, Adele Scott, Nellie Gilmore, Grace Frost, Elsife Forman and Grace Grass. Eighth grade. Lulu Sba\v. teacher: Ethel Wilhelm, Albert I/zo. Lloyd Baker, Farland, irritable, and anally discover that some form of female complaint has fastened itself upon them, When a woman gets into this condition there is one tried and true remedy made from the roots and herbs of the field, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which for more than 40 years has continued its great work among women in restoring health after many other remedies have failed, If Ton TTunt Something Advertise for it in our classified column. One cent a word. SURE CUBE. Duncan, Praiik Mc- Francis Wilhelm. James Costabile, John Dunaway and Ralph school, Ota Baker and S. L. ait. teachers; John Qraziano,! Miss Mary can Kleeck, in charge of , a new women's division in ihe war dc- i partment, wiL be responsible for the | maintenance and housing of women j who work in Uncle Sam's munition*, plants. In fact, hei supervis.on extends to -women workMlK in private plants a? well. Women super,isors w ill be named for each district where | , women wor 1 ;, and one of the inuo- j a- i tions which will add to then well-be- | ang will be the establishment o£ can- ! '.eens, where they :nay obtain, whole- ; The Reason Why Everybody wishes to see the Sherman. Stireson Tire Rubber Company's tire mode!, because, it is puncture- proof, it has a removable tread, does away Tvith the inner- tube, and will give the same ease and comfort as the tire now in use. They want to invest their money ·vmh us because they know Millions of Dollars have been made by the automobile tire industries of the United States and paid to their stockholders. They know" our tire will be the one every owner of an automobile will want, and that a block of our stock may ;aean a fortune for them. And reader, you will waat to come with us too if you see our tire, which you can, and not obligate yourself in any way, by mailing a postal card to our office. DO IT NOW,- as we still have soifce of the ?1.00 a share allotment. The next will be much higher. Our factory- is at Scottdale. Come and look it over. Write or phone. Bell 321. E. R. SIMMS, FISCAL AGENT, .ELKS SCOTTDAXE, PA. some food at reasonable prices antes vqu JB^JXT me." Save By Buying Ever Reliable CASCARA 0 QUININE No advance in price for thia 20-year- old remedy--25c for 24 tableta--Some cold tablets uow 30c for 21 tablets-Figured on proportionate coit per tablet* you xavc 9^c when you buy Hill's--Cures Cokl in 24 hours--grfr in 3 days--Money iutckifitfaili. Z Tablets for 25=. At any Prug Sior* HOT CHOCOLATES Served in the Collins Way Surely do bit the right spot. After the movies or some other entertainment, drop in and enjoy one, served with delicious whipped cream'and assorted cakes. There's nothing better on. a cold night. Collins' Drug Store, South Pittsbnrg; Street, WE SERVE REICK'S ICE CREAM. Classified Advertisements Ic a Word.

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