The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 23
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JO , ..'.. ,t. r.ty.wp V" 'if m1 w" I I I II i p miy r . T i. r i f i " r V.' p"?.'?.'!.?.'!, .T.TT ,3,7-''' ,' .V UONfcAY, AUCHJtT It, 1IU Journal XJross-Wcird Puzzle ' ACROSS I Cmmm guv T Meeataia mm. U br H pawa. . weellyv W ar "Warsaw." ' 17 IMWMtl. U Stmt tl AenaaJtam St -j&im M Sieiliaa lan U Make Hum. tf Handle: tt. ItimdM PWM. 8 "ringer" 'at fry. FnmMr el e ttCaiaa.' Japan; etc. aa Mseie , yny e-ssw T NettliM Csthai.', , 4 OVert Pii. 10 HtvtiUi wttii ' 11 Tale, el a east. , U Ebaiaere. A ' Platier Wfare See at Zeee. ' t Ammm4 put Met m7 II:" S 4 (well:' ' DOWN 1 Made ef iMM. ate. IMik relative. tUad HMMitr, 4 lathea r ate. I MUMf. Liu4 7 Seenta' peed.-. I Psrt at a rMi. Ssaia HOmImU , Caeae. II Inactive. ! It Afrieia part. v; Radio-: HighligKts ' b- MO - Yakoa Dkvl aavary Day. Ronald Hambleton raoortt oa thle yaar't celebra- eJemb atarkint the discovery of ttttd ttt the Canadian North. He interviews Mat' of Dawson's aid . timers, many of whom warn, tbara whan gold wat die- 'covered k IIN. ' ' I Ml CFMO-PM - Ceacert .'Man. Faatival Prelud lor or- ! gall and orchestra, Strauss; the Water Sprit. Dvorak; Introduc-ittsa) and .Allegro tar harp and I string quartet. Ravel; h Sym lahfrnv No. 4. MaWer. i- Mi CtO - DMIngaiabad fAftWa. Pianist William Stevens. SMath in C. 0. 1. No. I. hUe- rthavont tatermataa la. A. Op. .Ilk. No. 1 Rrehms. i leJa - 10 - Speaking Per- . iaanaBy. Rev.'A. C rorraat talk! about ravUM at tha Unit tad Church hymnary. . U tt.ll CiOP - Aandevaaa at tha Oaera. EMerptt from IWerther and ballet aiusic from 'Thaii, by Massenet. . ; ' BELLI CORNERS :'" ."jn-jfje aas. m le ast. ' V atmrA S aJS. ta a SB. T MUU-IU tddy . U Suadiaevlaa ' ' ' t'1'ltaHa. IS tsatftag.. Uhrtf Naples U CmiIt far. ' Caaera eriea. N. African pert. JO Pestie Um U wiener's farts. U Fnl ackMwl-edeneat tt tfMCt I ward. M Tewerd the treat, U Irritate. 37 Reeliasd. M Kt the mm. 41 Bant ef fight. . 41 Regie MttU at UAmtt. 44 Teeeakes. a Hrab: Cetlae, 41 NauM hymn wrtue. 1ft Varieat ef a lirl'l mm. SI Nana nit. M Rt-MliMt SUac. 44 Oa UuaaMa aTt - Pnfa. M Balacai "TT"!' II.'U ,11 II I V 11,11 lli 111 I a " T" "T T""" 1 TT" T" "" " iT iff?"" 37"""T""' i4 " " " ST jf 1 ' sttt"" "T""r'4i t" t r ji4 M ' . , 47 4t ST " "" " sS- " vi, 52 - 5T T T iT "T "T W 5 "T7""" S" T T """" """"""TT l: "rFl r I 1 i 1 1 l talutloa tl thl puma wta ba publlihtd tomonrow. YOUR HEALTH By LtuUr L. Coleman, KD tUAXT PEEOINO . : , What ara tha aaVMUtaa tt kraaM Itadist a a4wbora tetaatr r i - ' ; Tha graatact. aaVaaut ta faft ta Ua la tha aaycbalofkal afltet rathar thaa in tha at trttiaaal alu of tk4 avxkar'i Aim. A c Taa tntiauta comaet ha-twiaa ntothar and child oftaa rtaii a tatiafyMi Mtua at atavaattM to awny of ta "day"! 3fwn aMthar. Paatauritad and hMotM fcaal aahaal ntllk It aJmoat aJ autritiva and haalthful. ' . :-: a ,.; - ', HEAD DWJtY n It a child hum kit kad. how can pa rant tail If tt to larteui? sv j-1 Mlpful to. knew It thara u avaa a MOmantary Itariod of aneonaetOBtnaaa. Any tympttaa at Mvart hadacha, chantl la vUioa, or nnmual ahavtar daaarv tha immadi-it ittantioa of 1 ahytieian. U-yeu art conearnad. find dut doa'l guett. CVttTTM ,, What Ira tha raawnt for tha iktod ta ariMta trafuanv tyt -' '"! "'' ' ' ThM -mtj raflact tow grad Infaetiana tt taftartautiena at tha arfcury tladdar (eyatHU). ta aula, la aniariad araa-tata gland caa aauaa thto art. :! txeaaiat at alcohol, coffaa, ar aaa alata watarara Halnai-ad outckly by tha body and May ba raapOMlhla for tht naad. torn aMdieatiena eta aradoea tha aama ratuh. Dur-htg aragnancy ahara It a vary fraquant urga ta ' arinlta ba-oauM of amaura oa tha blad-dar from tha anlargad womb.. ' A physical examination, Including a aintplt urinalyal (txaminatioa of the urine), may aasily reveal tha cauaa and determlnt tha treatment While Dr. Catemaa cannot undertake to answer individual letters.- ha wiU uta readers' quaations in this column whenever possible and whan they Ira at general interest. Ad-dreas your letters la Dr. Cola, man M care of Tha Ottawa Journal. ' - AY Yl ANSWER ' QUESTION: Please tell m what to da ta Kara to mM-tau? I aava triad, all kinds of things but nothing seems to work. I am always distracted.,' !iX'?-h K.V - ANSfERr Madiutton la not eomtthing w coma ay atsity. It it aa acquirad art, but wall worth the effort tt requires. First, don't be in a hurry. Ta meditate with tha Lord on cannot b ruahad. Make a data with God. Sat a lima when you can commune with Him and never break thJt appointment I find that early morning u the best time for e.: " .,;.,.. - Nit. clear your mind of all au. Learn tha art of concentration, at fixing year mind on Hka. Shunt out ell of the darner , and din of the world, to that nothing can detract from your meditation, i ' . Than, beg la with thanksgiving. Notice the Psalmt how, filled they ar with aratitude. Nothing catche tha ear of God like note of praise. Then, listen for God's dlroc. -fion, Perhtp g trait of character need to be' strengthened, or an unseemly on taken away. Listen, . He will probe your heart for the things hat hamper and defeat you. '' Last, prey. He hat taid; "Ask end you shall receive." Share your, aecdt .with Htm. tt dahghte Him to bear and answer our prayers... t journal .Want quick mult.! ' ron ONt-T lea at ery fit'"'' Ada bring S2.50 n Ma fiM a ate I m. OttlwS't laaeue aMa. aaarataa ery iwtm , M taei ' ' till wmi.twa It. (at eauria) , east tut; (4)aana at autf fit. , tntrl Tawnr ' I 111 Lttsu IttMt at Baal ' ' brother jvsmn 1 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ! "With our baMbatl racord I think wa oughu point for footbtlt.' " v ' . ' 'tell Me Why . vi ' Why Are Rain Cloudi Black? ( Win the IS-voiam grttannica Junior gnegciopedta or ecnoof and home. Send your quotient, nam, age, ad&rtti to "Ttll Ut Why!" ear of The Ottawa Journal. In case of duplicat qutttUmt, tht author will decide the winner. Todaft Srtnner it: Karen sTam, 12, Venice, Calif. By A. LEOKUM no longer be held up by th Left., surt by finding out ,)r' currents, tbey fall to th what clouds themselves . are. ground as rain. V.IOUOS are lormeu oecause iwo different procaaacs take place. evaporation and condensation. When the sua beau bodice of water en earth, the water turns to water vapor and becomes mixed with the air. This is called evaporation.. Warm air, being lighter than cold air, rises. It takes with it the water, vapor which his evaporated from th surface of tha earth, and car ries k up into the atmosphere. Now this water vapor in the ah ia a gas, and therefore in visible. But suppose the tem perature of the water vapor ' TVN TIME . Tha Riddle Box I.' If April (bowers bring May fiowera. what do May Mowers bring? 1 What did the farmer aay when tha- cows came up the hill? I. What did the bit chira ney tay, to the little chimney? . ANSWERS 1. Pilgrims, z. Hare come the 1. You're too little to smoke. . a . a .''.-. ' I THE PUZZLE BOX falls below a certain point CtlCMT Itu l as might happen If-It riaea to-',",. . a higher altitude where it's colder. Then the molecules -draw together and form tiny droplets of water. This process It called condensation,' and I fust the opposite of evaporation. Since we no longer have gaa in the sky but a mass of tiny droplet ' of water ' we can see ft. We have a cloud! And by the way. if tha cloud were to come Into contact with a mass of dry warm air.'ava poraikm would take place again end the cloud would disappear. This ia why clouds ara always changing . form evaporation and condensation may be going oa all the time In different parts of the cloud. " : Aa we know, there ere various kinds of cloud. Some are high up and thin, soma are low and thick and dark. 'Actually, clouds era divided into four types, de pending on their, height, from the earth and shape. The rat' i rein clouds are dark ta: simply that they contain mora moisture more droplets of water. ' .-r m ' But this moisture doesn't ap pear suddenly. In, fact, the first sign of a storm It the aooear a oca of certain feathery clouds called citrus clouds. Later, as the storm comet closer, then doudt thicken into milky-whfte clouds, then become still thick at - and lower, end t finally the dark rain or snow clouds appear. :.;; ,v. v.. When the drops' in a cloud; become ao large that they can LOADING " A If you add the letters shown to each word, and rearrange the letters, you should be ebla to make two new words. See norrow't paper, tor the, an swer. ' Win the arifannica World Atlas or yearbook of tventt. ' Send tour tiddlet. foket to: ' Kiddleti Joktt, : Tell Me Whyf Today's trlnner tt; l8rtS flarnard, tfood Jtfper, ft. "S-tt'r , ; ' " ' SVFPERS ATTACK i PETERBOROUGH (CP) - Clarence ' Boarman,' S. mayor of Peterborough,' waa admitted to hospital Saturday after Buffering a heart attack at his horn. Mr.-Boorman apparently became 111 while driving his car home end , took the aeixure shortly alter arriving at hit ret- Unca,s (,.,. ,-jv: - :T,'i:'- I ill ,.: .. ik' '",sr ?! ii.. .s-;! INSVn TO PRTINS fflXU srTT I ? F ItiTisij IE 15 IT 10 r SPECIAL SUMMER DEAL ON GARAGES v. sv-i; ir i If Economy Garage, only , S362 r Block for foundation " Duplex undersheathing mwmmi aiitm. - ' PfmnfcturM tor Pin bevel tiding - easy erection M . .SMtb. No. t ahlngl aj Gable or cottage roof 48 OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE M 36S7 Richmond Rl 1EU1 CORNERS' ' XI828-1451 Ottle BaaMt tlaai: ia I eat . t em. av ... j tatarear IM 4 em. -V . c TRUDY : , ( OTHER Y e-Vaanw fMOC 19 -fA CHPONT rr can't BH LOST ARCHIE vxi aw jLj'Wr IK eeny n a vnarBatr and am arm nyptf aMte leaeeeBVdr afJ KKRRY DRAKE aeccvBoe stovny mcm'p isuunH iO IN A MOANO-MM ACC1CHT,..a TMB SUAACM Km THB UMCNOWN DOJveA WHO raucK mm coKnNuaa. . . APARTMENT 3-G sSiiil 9hc wem (WAoy ' I f-vCtl'iS-' i H TO0OFAaW;(tYr I A .';. ll Ptout moop9wino V njy 1 ? lev I ,; STEVE ROPER v l: ' Tut ft tk on, Om Pmkkut to goinf to ptk r HI AND LOIS I U MR. TWEEDY o CrOP AND THINK. VVWERB PIP YOU TAKB IT 0w I NkSHTT wuxr hr4D cm D tMSTCMfNOj b CAN DO Koh. MHtainuiac JlfeTTMCONelWA) vaaec MAvaoou rvCAN HHLMa. y ' ' ' '" f HAVE A vfRV 1IIEASANT r stive -THi wwry ) munch, wke ..-stas saa CoS ' oo vju f hot Ko a&e to meah ; l . "W - A . i- i A. LAtrry lITTUt M 7 CO TO XNOW ty KE SPENT TWg I MNn) WITH MAAttO? Ht ASKEP he; a maucn ouesnoNa aout ' aei -L "oo euwiso to V m NOT M AO A JUMO) IT LOOKS HKE TMSf w "J a sraoNS amazcM AmO AND Lt r fl af ai. n a. ( 23 byNolUidU opooo ooo ooo oo o o o o o o "Wa'ra eloiing tha rh4r today and 4tt nwtppfi ' want to do featura ttefy abovt our last nntofnar." MAMA M TO llSVg TMSt WMU TMB MrrtffS) CW w CAKHMa BOCA.' ' -ai r j A 5 JpuMClfiiM?ttKi rsHsit nai-N what a J-J.fx tat u- TjaeP-T-ewsMuvwo culT:'f r t T9eoai anta iwwt" what ha- JKoamjt liSJ fV llfeRlC-"" TteiKX. A alAtevoou k- X Hjnep I srgtjT py-j "jnifrl KateMnfJjgmiff.' WtJrTT REX MORGAN, MD lASeONWU. V JULIET JONES , BaiVtS INTO THE 1 Vt' . i JA a HeoeTsnrroAM JI'Altfw Tl b AiTiitorriON stl l La tLrl whk.m he has At L:vUyT' Hi a I it at i a t ini 1 1 r .-rs jsaw i i i J i t I I MltJ'SUia m i IwAMrweTaoMrtMNa , c xxst Tt. wru. Navea ee Aax n fAy Mm, na im i hi in, tmi m AaaeeciATiON mtana i .fhi: n t I . II eyaawewa. all 11 I atrmn ooeawT-. , i'. , " .t lAN.swe J ,4. ft" ' f ,"ARAi aurmn ooeawT-. iMCAMaxen I ewavUHtAeseo MtAHWHKE, Afl MAaMO t llAVa THE OTWCt.. wi')' "i mv 0 aaariETT ma 1 .ayaa I STEAK TO WJU 0 A W I2vV MJNOrE AAOUT T-Siai l was a e,c STA6 ace Kr Ttej HAO-40ME TO WU WHAT W CTWFvinnu , TDn)DO10 AT TW1 nCTTAi, A I'M i, ! i-

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