The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 3030. ACEMTRAlmMAY TRAVERSING CUBA A \ GREAT UNDERTAKING So Regarded )y President Mnchado Who Views Future Hopefully. By t ' n l t e d Press. H A V A N A , Cuba, Jan. 3--=Completioi\ ·of a central highway through Cuba, marking the culmination of this greai- cot constructive effort over under-1 taken by that country, and tho do- j velopment of .-tviatlon enterprises to the- end that Cuba will become a center of univoraal commerce, are- the two outstanding alma of President Gernrdo JVUichnrto. .President Machado's views on the f u t u r e of his c o u n t y were contained j In an ansWfrr to ft questionnaire eub-1 mitted by .Tamos I. Miller, vice-president in charge of Latin-American activities ot tho United Press. Replying to a question as to tho "Most notable social, economic and diplomatic advancement d u r i n g his administration," President Machado said: "In tho social order, I consider the greatest achievement the u n i t i n g of the great majority of vital 1'Orcee of thie country in ono common effort replete with noble purposes. "Diplomatically, tho grates-t f r u i t of our efforts has been to a f f i r m our v'ety cordial relations ''.v!th other codntrlefi. i "Economically, I consider it a positive- victory for Culm to have weathered the general crltjlti prevailing among nations w i t h o u t eerioue revereeo, establishing at the same tlnv a firm basis f o r o u r f u t u r e prosperity through tht» construction of a central highway, 'the drafting of the flrat Cuban tariff, the dove-lopmont of numerous Institutions ot culturo and the ·notable improvement of, o'ur cjvlc cecter«. . "Complotlon of tho central highway," ho continued, "will bring the towns closer togotlver and link them to tourist, travel, afford greater circulation ot products and make the country more capable of becoming; a center for arteries of universal commerce." Regarding the f u t u r e of aviation, ho predicted a hrilliant advancement in tho near f u t u r e . "Thl« opinion," eald, "is eupportert by tho many enterprises thut have started bufiinecs in Cuba, and others that aro preparing to do so, IVom tho manufacture of pianos to tho training ot efficient pilots In regular poseenger and mail service, ai)d In the immediate poaeeeelon of raagnificient airports for civil and military emergencJcw." Tho President uvged complete dls- KOialnation oC no we betwoon I^ntln- American and other countries, saying t h a t the former "are perhaps destined to Ineure the etiuillbrlum botivcen ail communities which 1« equivalent to the Insurance of peace and prosperity.". Cuba is "too small to aspire to the privilege ot f r a m i n g her economic policy by herself," ho said, replying to a question concerning Cuba'e economic program. "I'ractlctilly at the crossroads of vomniorce," he said, "we cannot evade tho influence of evoute taking place even in remote countries. Our own structure.-} may bo affected by the more or lesf, brusque upheavals of others. "Cuba «rtilre« only to supply her people with docoroun means of lifo In harmony w i t h the necessities demanded by her c u l t u r e and her legitimate (ic«lro to forgo ahead. Wo will keep o u r doors opon to «!J mon of good will and to all legitimate enterprises." To tho direct question as to Cubn'e relations with tho United Statee and Kister republics of South America, Machado concluded: "Our relations «ro cordial and pleasant, and we hope that our geographical situation will be tho means of f u r t h e r i n g them ovon ruoro in tho future, especially if In general we give proper attention to tho problem of our continental communications." DAILY' CO LJHI i'ol}, 1 , CON NEL,J i'A. PAGE FIVFJ. Here's One to Add to Kracks of Kute Kiddies KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 3--In an effort to broak down the childiah ra- Borve ot ona at her 5-year-old pupils u teacher at an exclusive grammar Hchool here made a practice o{ coiiver- eing -with tho llttlo girl daily "Well, tny dear, how i« your father thle morning;," the teacher recently auked as tho little one came into the room. "He's nm«l as can be," replied the child. "He said terrible words be- wiueo he d r o p p e d three bottles ot gin on tho basement floor and broke 'cm all." Ohiopyie OHlOPYIjK, Jan. 3. -- Miaa Bema- (iiri-o O'Shea. of Bv«raoii is visiting -her Blstc-r, Mr«. Jesao Hall. Joscipls B'urnworOi was a .business caller at Dimbar Thursday. spent Thursday visiting 'h«r sister, Mrs. Jefferson Sbipley o£ Biclw-ol! Mrs, llosji Ijinderman. MM. W. K. .flolt Is confined to her b.oTii-o with grip. \Vayuo CbHesfer is on the sick list. MT». Hei-.ry Fullmer B-iMjtit Thursday shoppius in CoiiueI!svUk'. Miss -'Vgues CorrisUui u p e u t \Ved- n-oHduy in Oonmllsville. Mrs. H-t^vt-y Morrin a.s r turned 1,'diito f r u i n u visit .spent. In 1'Ht-Umr:. I r w l n \ V i I t l m u . s \vu- a vi.nlt \isi:tor tu ronliiK'-iu'o T l i u r m l a y . Alias C i i t i i i M itu- Hti;«s ir (..'u s j t n t T l i u r s t h i y in Ohiop;, U. Mi.-s .M:i.-y Kii,-!i.Vy .sjieuf "''' v ' ' I ! - v in; :'.-:.;:..!-i in ror rviiami Wear Mount Pleasant ; Dial Telephones' fly MME. LlSBffl'tt PICTURED \a tbo answer to 1 milady shouW wear at Pain .Beach or Miami this winter season It is a aports ensemblo o£ white ani vcllow pique. It has a llttlo jacket in the cut. -tway manner, nml is belted with l«tt-matertal at th-i normal line. The hat worn with it Is almost A poke in shape, a far cry from tin oK-the-faca model s that aro so popular juat now In tho north, whcrt funahlna Is the exception instead dl Vt rule, its it i* In the HUimy unuth. Use our "want" aclverti-semen/t. FOR SALE U. C. t'JMCK « : O H K MIO I'EHT Y T\."\omt)ut Houses Home Sites Factory Sitoa Farm Liuids Dsed Machinery, Shop Tools, Uu 11(11 11 £ aiid Mine Supplies Much oZ the property lor sale la advantageously located witU reaped 10 wator ''.acl sisatrio powar auppllea, railroad eidlugs and pay. ail roads, ·For f u l l l u f o n r j a t i o n lu regard to prices uud t«rius, apply to Superintendent ot nearest Mi u e o r Suott- dale Office. 11. C. Flick Coke Company, Scottcluie, I'cnnii. MOUNT PLEASANT,' Jan. 3 -- The Hell Telephono Company ifs fast preparing to infita.ll the ne,\v dial phonos tu Mount Pleasant and vicinity according;'to letters now being, somt out by "W. A r t h u r J u n k , manager o£ tho Greenfeburg District. It, is expected that t h e now system will bo ready tor use in a Cow tho latest, The following letter which is eelf- cxplaiuitpry is a copy oC the Jette-r that te being fient'to telephone-users in this territory:-"The demand for- telephone service In Mount Pleasant and- tho em-round- ing vicinity has necessitated tho building of a nw central office.. "Tlit! area in which you tiro located will bo served by the now dial contra! offl.oe at M o u n t . P.loa«ant. In order to ·make the most efficient ueo of these additional facilities, It w i l l be necessary to change all Mount Pleasant te-lephono nurnbera "at tho time the now dial central office ia placed In service. Within a few days, one ol'.our representatives will call at your prcrriHes to install a dial telephone, on which will be shown your now telephone number. The new 'number will he uli own in a. (supplemental issue of the telephone directory, to be distributed Immediately before the change to, dial operation, find also in tho regular. issue of tho directory, w h i c h will bo distributed in June 1930. 'Tarty lino telephones In thte con- jral office will have no letter deatgna- tlona, such aa J, M. II. and W, or combinations of lotterd and nurntaens, ouch as R-l or R-7, associated with their new numbers, Instead each subscriber on a party line will havo a.different number. For example, 27S1 and 27SG may be telephones on tlio same two party line. Aftor the change to dial operation, tho operator will aulc each party line subscriber for hifl nutnbor Instead of his letter whiyi It is necessary for her to know which party 33 calling. "Please do not USD tho dial tols- phono hi any way u n t i l you havo boon notified to do so. Full I n f o r m a t i o n concerning; the proper method of u s i n g tho dial will be g i v e n - t o you later. For the time bolng, you should continue to u«o your prctsont telophone and number juet aw you Iwive a l w a y s been accustomed to u s i n g them." IfJreiTorks on Pike's Peak. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 1. lied, grcon and yellow Hares which ouli'.inecl the summit of Pike's Peak in vivid hues, burst, over the m o u n t a i n at 30 o'clock laat night, giving assurance that members of (.ho Adun C l u b had', succeeded tu m a k i n g tho hazardous '-'limb, Home. you will find homes and homo Bltce advertised In our classified columns--road them over. Saturday---Great Fleductions in For the Wh F-a-rrii-i-1- Women's $5 and $6 Nev/ Winter Footwear Included in great event you will find the now- leathers aiifl patterns, in tho newcsi. colors and combinations --All heel styl?s. Alt si/cn. and Women's Folt Moccasiiu'. Men's und Boys' Shoes Women's Felt Juliets $1.00 Moii's House Slipper? Boys', Girls' and Children's Low and High Shoes Reduced In high and low stylos, made ot p a t e n t , tun and black leathers Every pall" guaranteed to wear or a new pair. A si/,e to fit every'boy and girl. Every Pair ItuhJtor Footwear in Our Store Itodiieou. All Now Slock. r'.si? roav.its whon pia«:;.| t u i/ho cc.4- '-r.:- ·'. Ti:^ l a i l y t.'our!-r. Men's Work Shoes Reduced toe or scout stylo, Sturf.y leathers. AH sizes. MOII'H Dress Shoes Reduced Tan a IK) Muck cult leathers. Goodyear welt soles. All sixes in :i K Values to $4.50. Mennen's Baby Talcum Squibbs Tooth Paste Men's Bravemaii Work Shilrts Men's Cotton and Wool Mix Hose Chiffon a.ncl. Service weight. A l l ' wanted BhadeB. Of Hundreds Have Been $100--Now 4 No Matter What Your Preference in Coli or,. Style, Material You'll Find It Here Tomorrow at Tremendous Savings! Strict adherence to our clearance policy is the reason for thib remarkable Coat opportunity. Orders have been issued to clear our racks--and fonJaer selling prices and costs have been disregarded (n our determination to make a rapid olearaway. The {-;arments are not undesirables or leftovers--they are in the height of fashion now. Women and misses who have been waiting for after-Christmas re- JuctJons should take advantage of this event. For such a Coat-buying opportunity may not be presented again this season. You'll find all the season's approved fashions -- silhouettes, Tvrappy models, coats with ilaros, fitted waistlines, dipping 1 hemlines, fltrnightlliies, shawl collar*, pouch collars, spiral cuffs, etc. f Beautiful Dress Coats in a. variety of rich fabrics, in black and the new Winter Coat shades. And clever new Sports Coats in attractive mixtures and ombre effects. Huge collars, cuffs and borders of fine fvrrs-- : Marmink, Nutria, Civil Cat, Maiichnrian Wolf, Beaver, Fox, Skunk, Caracul and others, in their natural colors and new dyed shades! Every Coat ia beautifully lined and warmly interlined. Tailoring ,-j in keeping with the high character of the Coats., LS01VS Eyorybo iy's Store^--_121 Korth Pittsburg Street Sizes for Women, Misses j Juniors and Larger Women Witneus in Mystery Death /i new woman witness who may aid the , District ' A ttorney's Office in its investigation of possible murder and forgery ·rowing out ot the death of former State Senator George Lafayette Finn, Iowa millionaire, · wi!l be questioned. She is Mrs. Pearl Crane, iv ho is alleged to have 'important information" in the Finn The Happy Warrior a Happy Man ' -* ·* *^ a. M. ·/ t · 1*t * yi '-· v x f ti v*?» f .^..7;-... .*^ ji*tv ww * i f ^ wj.. *;.._j Former Governor Alfred E. Smith, smiling his beat as he puffs a cigar to celebrate hia fifty-sixth · birthday, Tho happy warrior indeed is happy again at his lot in private life, going to business a.v usual despite having passed another milc'-stone.

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