The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1918
Page 3
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THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 28, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVI^LS, PA. At tiie Theatrl es. Alice Brady, the captivating screen star, will be seen in "Her Silent Sacrifice," an attraction or absorbing interest. I THE SOISSOK. for today only the Manhattan Players will be seen in tic brilliant com| edy dra*aa "A Man or The Hour" -with :rs wonderful plot and unusual situations rivalling the Christian in every way. Tomorrow night Uie .Mnnatian Players will give away a wonderful Juwhen cabihet. It ia particularly adapted to the needs of every faouse- iiolG and someone ia the audience will be the proud owner of it Friday nistu. Next weak will bo ;he n i n t h and last of the Manhattan Players engagement. Three pto.ys will be presented including Bculah Poynler*s greatest success ''Lena Rivers.' 1 a brand new play by Harvey Den ton entitled "Fighting the System" and still another that will please the Manhattan ptrons. The Saturday matinee this week will have a b:g special feature in the Children's Carnival in which the best local j u v e n i l e talent will compete for a live dollar prize offered by Mrs. Eob- bins and Mr. Hillis for the most popular cbild artist. A similar affair last Saturday afternoon was a decided success. ed to marry by lauding at her Ceet ia "gym." tights and boxing gloves after knocked ov or a second story balustrade by a professional sparring partner. Determined to wm the beau- t i f u l Victoria, despite his poor start, "Monte" follows her to Yucatan, where he rescues her from a bandit gang and slips the aolitaire on her. Friday aud Saturday Paulino Frederick in "Dnuble-Crofised" a Paramount , picture will li shown. Jt is a modern \ play of love »nd intrigue, witn a trc- ' mendoua fctnpnhie appeal. Ft .a the j s t o r y of a young society matron who I discovers that her husband, with | whom sbe is very much, m love and whom shr as always set upon a pedestal, had in his youth, committed a t serious slip. winch the souvenir for the women guests are golden, meah-bags. One o£ the strongest impersonations in the THE ARCADE. TICKETS ARE SELLING For tTir BeiraGt Picture ,d tho Para- pjcturc , s Jjat ot Florence Dcshoa , a5 noant Theater, Bare., ... {thc daughter of pi ^ k . ^ ---; -- Movng picture patrons of Conriells- j er gone to tlie bad in Nev York. I t f Uckct in adl Ville ad vicinity will be piven an op- '_ , . . » M n . - V T Ut the Arcade. Hia name is Jaclc portamy to witness one of the most. THt V.UUJIOLT. ^ ^ ^ ^ mc of the sU , 3 elabOBte photoplays ever screened, L.,,,. y,,, 0 _., Little Bluebirds Yes- TuesdiT afternoon and evening of ne«! "THE DIVINE SACRIFICE"--A five 1 ' llh S ' le B!ueblrls - "^ "AT BLUEBIRD BAY"--"H you want 10 see the funniest man that ever had better for a seat weekjwhen the photodramauzation o£ Rex Wctt's greatest story. "The Auction itock". will be presented fy the Par^uount for the benefit of the soldier; sailors and the Jewish war suf- feres. the proceeds to be equally di- part \Vorld attraction in which Kitty Gordon, the celebrated star, is seen in _ i lerday seats were at a premium at all performances, including tbe matinee. the role of a sacrificing mother is he-j . The bill is "Ai Bluebird Bay" con- ro.e UL d. .«.imc, u g uiu"i el .s »e-| t a m a a morc Conai9 i cnt p iol than 15 presented today The part ,s one. f o u n d , n t h e Wg mus ,] a , produc : loDS , of the most forceful which lias ever ret been alloted to Mass Gordon and and it is presented with the aid of scenery, prbt^y electrical eC- vidd between tie Red: Cross and the she plays it m a way that will be rc-: f o c t ^ nov «lti«s. Both opening and closing arr unique, even the music be- Th e _atorj- told in "The Divine Sacri- i , ag mfec{My wri i ten tor !u The blg flee," is a vital and unusual one. It has scenes m Now York. London and Jewsh war safferers fund.- .Miss Mar)' ' membered by ail those who see her. i ilconnell, accompanied by iliss HU- daSoisson. will smg at all the per- fomances. ^Irs. H. P. Pnyder and 1£«. Morris Smith, are at the 'head of til benefit for which a large number o'tlckets, selling at twenty-five cents ech. have been disposed of. Mrs. pineas of the child. An interesting] Jjf otber Xarrow "shows it 's well Sl«h is in charge of the lickcts and .feature in cor.necU.rn with this pro- , t i ri?ssed . and has al ', toe components the appearance m the cast , o , R ? , sbow PICept a blg choru s. £tng features was a brand new novelty song "Let Her Go" sung by Billy Dixie and You", the Orient The picture tells tbe story I Kenloni of mother love so strons and pure | t ) V Nr , as clark; and M - Snead TheJ that it sacrifices everything for bap-! got four onc ores and a bow. Like a Saturday the Boy Scouts, will sell, duction | of. Vera Beresford, daughter of Kitty' as yood was the picture, "The Gordon, whose right name is Honor-1Signaling Gyphex," tUe tourth episode able Lady Beresford. Miss Gordon of "Vengeance and tbe Woman." The .ckets in all parts of the city. Rei Beach ado's the big element of .is to the presentation with his force- ul and appropriate sub-till.-, pictum- plays the role of June and is sweet | horsemanship displayed by the prin- 'd under th» direct supervision of the; and attractive. The picture has been cipals in this picture U amaiing. The famous author and -released tirough. staged in lavish manner and of course e ver- episode of this picture is more Goldwyn, this stirring drato\ of a mil- | Miss Gordon wears the most george-, interesting than the precedng one. lion girls in America's big cities and i ous uowns imaginable. That is one of i Both sbowi will be repeated this it- towns, is proving" a big winner. The thc reasons why her plays arc so pop-, ternoon and eevnmg. life action which has irade Hex ular with the women. The ladies know Beach's novels loved wherever books I that they will see the most superb are known ails over reel; there is a I sort of frocks when they attend a iSAYS ACID STOMACH ! I CAUSEJUNDIGESTION; ; F.Yccn of HjdrocMoric Aoiil Sours , the Food and Forms (inAes, ! Undigested food delayed in the | stomach decays, or rather, f c i m e n t s , , ihe samo%s toori left m the open a:r, | says a noted authority. He also tells · us that Indigestion is caused by Hy-, per-acidky, meaning, there is an ox-! cess ' of hydro-chloric acid in. Uie i stomach which prevents complete di-' geetion and starts food fermentation., Thus everything eaten sours in the stomach much like garbage sours in a can. fanning acrid fluids and gases] which inflate the stomach like a toy ( balloon. Then we feel a heavy lumpy | misery in thp chest we belch up gas,! ·we eructate sour rood or have heart-j burn,, flatulence, water brash or j nausea. i He tells us to lay aside ail digest*re aids and instead, get from any pharmacy four ounces of Jad Salts and take a tablespoonful in a glass of; water before breakfast ar,d drink while it is effervescing, and' f u r f h e i more, to continue th-s for a week. While relief follows the first dose, it i s j Important to neutralize the acidity, ro- movo the gas-making: mass, s t a t t t h n liver, stimulate the kidneys and thus promote'a free flow of p u r e digestive i juicrs. I Jad Salts is inexpensive and 1= made from the acid of graphs and Ifmon juice, combined with Ijiniii and sodium phosphate. This harmless saRs is used by thousands of people for stomach trouble with excellent results.--Ad\. AFTER THIS TV'AK. "puxich" in every sce-ne. Among the more stirring moments is the overturning of a great pot of mnlten steel Kitty Gordon attraction. Supporting thc famous actress in this supreme play is a thoroughly adequate corn- in a Pittsburg mill and the engulfing j pany of film favorites. The outdoor ORTffEUX THEATRE. ·"IN" BAD"--William Russell is featured today in the Mutual drama "In Bad". Young Montague, a. speedy youth of the ultra modem school. of a score of workmen, the hivfsh ban- scenes of the picture are especially j with a passion for trouble, gets "In given by the steel millionaire at I beautiful. Tomorrow and Saturday Bad" with. th* only girl he ever waat- There fl'IH Be n Gi^anlif Conflict, l*\j.r seeing business aion are now making a careful study of the trend of commercial eveuts. They know that the man who desires to succeed must keep posted- The Monthly Tradp j Review, issued by the First National lot ConoeJLvillP. gives valuable information as to conditions in all lines. It's free. Send address to the bank, --adv. J. R. DAVIDSON CO. CQNNELLSVILLE, PA. Nev/ System of Merchandising to Help Reduce the High Cost of Living Prkes Under the Old System. Paid for and Carried Home 1 Peck ot Potatoes . 1 Box Rolled Oats 1 Can Salmon 1 Pound Coffee -1 Bottle Catsup Total Prices Under Our Sew System, Paid for »nd Carried Home 1 Peck Potatoes --~ · ·-- -^ I Box Rolled Oats -10 ] Can Salmon .20 1 Pound Coffee . .23 1 Bottlo Catsup .13 Total Prices Under tbe Old System, Goods Delivered and Charged 1 Peck Potatoes ] Box Rolled Oats __ 1 Can Salmon IPountl Coffee 1 BotUe Catsup Total TO OUR CUSTOMERS It is to the interest of our customers that a plan has been adopted which -we hope will meet with the approval ot our patrons to ivhose loyalty aad good will of the past we acknowledge our appreciation. To those who have dealt with us since we started in business, and to those who more recently have favored us with their patronage, we ask co-operation in this campaign which we believe will result in good to all our patrons. The government is not only requesting but demanding that the prices of food commodities be kept down to the lowest possible margin of profit and in order to compl;*, we are compelled to change our plan of doing business, and have decided to put our business on a strictly CASH basis. Under tho new system which has been adopted the Quality of merchandise on which we have built our reputation for the past 35 years will be maintained above all, altho the prices will be greatly reduced on our goods from prices under the old way of doing busines_s. Our plan has been carefully studied out but its introduction has been delayed until convinced that it would work no hardship but prove of advantage to all. THE NEW SYSTEM, FIRST--Material reduction in prices. Prices will be reduced and marked in plain figures, so the customer may see the price of every article. These prices will be net cash at our store. ( SECOND--We Deliver. Our delivery system will be maintained just as efficient and serviceable as at present, but will carry the small charge of uc for each delivery regardless of the size or cost of same. The new system will give to all customers the opportunity of saving the expense of this service if they prefer, inasmuch as it will be' to their financial interest to do M. THIRD--We Extend Credit. Our credit system is one of the big features of our business, and it is our intention to con- 1 tinue the extension of credit, but all accounts must be paid in full semi-monthly or monthly. Positively no accounts carried over 30 days, and for this service we will charge the small sum of one cent on every dollar or part thereof. This New System Goes Into Effect FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1918. v .New System Explained. In explanation of this new system of merchandising, and to avoid misunderstandings, we ciuote a few of the new comparative prices to show where savings are effected. You Are Invited to Call at the Store. If Any Further Information is Desired if Be Most Cheerfully Given. .55 .12 .22 .25 .17 -J113 .55 .12 .22 25 .17 Prices Under Our Sew System, Goods Delivered and Charged 1 Pock Potatoes --- .45 1 Box Rolled Oats -- .10 1 Can Salmon -- .20 1 Pound Coffee - .23 1 Bottle Catsup - ,15 Total Delivery Charging Total Please note carefully. -$1.20 the above examples This plan not only sares money for the customer coming to the store and carrying the goods home, out It also caves money to the customer deatring th« goods delivered and charged aa heretofore. You Trill note from the above example that the pin-chase cpnld he m- creai«d to |2 withoat currying any additional coat ot charge under this system. Please remember that the above ia an illustration. Corresponding reductions are in force throughout the store an* win apply to all purchases. PAGE THKEBt It is our firm belief that we are handling the Talking Machine that you will like best--the one machine that will fill your Home with joy and happiness. Come to our convenient^' located Main Floor Pathephone Department and hear a few of the March "Hits" played on the Pathe--that's the best way to convince yourself of the Pathe Supremacy. The Pathe is ALL Phonographs in ONE! --riays all Uwords --"o Xeedles to L'imngc --Xo Records to Wear Out --Mo iScralohinjr "Surface N The Ire Ball- $79.50 See TIiis Popular Patliephonc Outfit _ The favoriie ?7n.^0 Model and your choice of 6 Records (12 Selections) Convenient. Credit, if do^ircd. ,r;i(lii Records (e Id $1,00. 1'atheplioDcs $23 to $22.'). --does not ^cratch or wear out the records-brings out ihe full, clear tone--makes (ho voices of the artists sound natural and life- lilte. ( Thai'? why P.i;hc Kcconls last a lifetime--the longer j o u play t h e m i h e better [hey got. Come in and hear : e CO\FS Campbell find Burr sing "\Vaiv Till Comp Home Harry McClaskey sins; "There's a Green Hill Out in Flan fie r.s." The Pe«Tluw QuarieUe sing "Yock-A-Hilo Town" and "Give Me ihe Moonlipui, Give Me the Girl " Henry Burr sins "They Needed an Angel in , \ Heaven." Thc American Jlopublic Hand play "The Wild. I "Wild M omen ' and "I'm Gomins Back to You, Poor Buucrfiy." Connellsville's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 Cough Nearly Gone In 24 Hours Xh»t thp ti^iifll «xTicrlen thin homo-rim ile remedy. JJttlo--try It. Anyone -n-ho tries this pleasant tasting iioinc-raado coiuh. syrup, will quick!v- undoretand wjiv at; is used in, . more ncmcs ia tho United HtaU's und I Canada than any other couch, remi'dy. j Tho Vf t iy it takes hold of an obstinato couffh, jrivinir immediate relief, will make you rofrrct ta^fc you never tried it before. It 15 a truly dependable cotiffh, 1 rcmcdv tlmt should be kfpt handy la .every Jiorai-, to use at thc iirsfc si{.-n"of a { cou^h duruijj the nisht or day time. I Any druggist can inipply yo.i with, S 2H ounces of Pinox [BO cents worth). Pour tlus into a piiifc Iwttle nnd £11 the bottle -with, granulated sujrnr eyrup. The iotal cost is about O. 1 ? cents and you have a full pint of tlic mobii euoctnc remedy you. ever usocl. Tne quiet, lasting TelioC you cffc from this eicelit-nt cou^Ii syrui) will reaily Burpriso you. It promptly heals tho inJJamod rorTOhram.'S that line the throat and air pasra^ea, stops the annoylnjr throat tickle. IOOG^HS tho ·phlegm, "and soon your couirli stops entirely. Splcn- Sld for bronchitis,crou^ wboopm^ cou^li Bad bronchial a'-ihicti. Pinex is n niitlilv tonoontriited compound of XO^TIIV pini- cvcracc, and ia tumnua tlie v.-orld over for its lioalinK- efTeot on. t)io monihran^s. To avoid disapuctintment nalc for "2^* ounces of PJnpy' witli full dirrctions and don't ace/-Tfc anvfcliinc pla«. A guarantee of ubsoiofp eatiKfactinn or monev promptly rpfuadnl pots with tin-* preparation. Hie Pinti Co., I ? t Wajue, Diclcerson Run. DICICERSON JIUN, Feb. 27,.'--The EaM, LJcrty Faocy IVorh f l n b will meet :tt Ihe honn 1 of Mrs. J. L. Jacobs Thursday c'.'-r.ui?, Pobruary 2S, ISIS, Mrs. TLouJ.ns Si.JoL'n has returned homo a£ter rpendtug a, Cov. r days' visiting her daughter, Mr.7. Bert V»"aic of Second avenue, ScotLda'o. Albert Guth of Panyopolis vras a business callo;* here ye iLiirday afier noon. Mr. and M"r- John Habci have returned to ibeir home at Curricc-rland, rd. p after a very nleitaat. vi,=it with the latzer's jnrp-niy. Mr. and -drs M. J. G-ibbons of Railroad street, Dawson. Daniel Bailey or VaudonttH was a business c a M t r here yesterday. J. \V. Grlffy ot Ciimhc'land, Md , was transacting business here Tue- ·Jay. M"rs- Lillu-n PLrickier of J. K. Block'h clerical force ha.-, resiitncd her position with that fum a.nd liaa accepted a position \v ah the Pitisbiirg and Lake Brie Railroad at Pntsbur^. Miss Stricklrs resignation nttect Thursday, February 2S. , UQirnniaii thosn tfho advertise. Special 'o Thc Courier. MOUNT PL15ASANT. Feb. 2S-- (Friends gave Mr.s. Cora Skyles a vary | pleasant evening on Tuepday viheu 1 they gathered at her SnnUifield and ( St Ciair street home. Games \veit 1 played and refreshments were ser\ed. ' Vines Go Up ^Vlso. Patuck Kirby and Patrick G-ibnfy were arrested charged with hem? , lirnuk and each left a $5 forfeit with 1 Police Officer "Ulute. Kirby did 1101 j come for a hearing but Gibney appeared and Burgess Stevens informer him that there was nothing coming hack In h n r ; that war times ha\ . ra.beU the prire.s so that Uie lowest. chargo for bc-iug drunk is ?5. Patrick . i n q u i r e d thc cost or a secnnd offense ' a n d -\\hoa told fins was .$10. he told ' the hurgess tha the thought he would j stop dnnkmg. · Senior llecitiil. I Miss Leoua Siohl wil! give her Senior retinal at the Institute March 5. She \\ i l l lie assisied bv Marguei^te Hciituuu, reanev. A nice pro^i'aiu iias been arranged and one that promises j 10 be imercthig. J Oilier »Tr*. I The executive coininiilee of the j K i g h t h Sunday school d i s t i u t w,Il hold their rcgul.u mooting in the Methodist episcopal ehurch on Friday e%e- nmg. Mrs M. 0 Hop\\nod p]ient yesterday with Conne\1fcvilU' friends. ! Mrs James Robe'ison «pent vector' d a y with Connellsirille fneiid?. Mi 1 "} Almcade Shirey and ^irs. I Frank Carbaugh sppiu ;?.·*tcrdo.* 111 ' Grepnsburg. RES \\ ren.i postcard wiJibrinK free samples GUT1CURA SOAP and Ointment which give E quick TcJieS f and point to sfjeedy heal- ment. Bathe wrthCmicura Soap and hot . . w a t e r a n d = follow with a _ gentle a ppH. cation of Cmicura Ointroeni. Tills relieves itching, burning; tczemas, rashes, eic., and points to speedy liealvr.L-nt in niost rases oC SC\'CTU skin trov'jles vlien it scorned noth- inir would dp any £Ood. The mission of Cuticura is nut only to soothe and heal but to prevent skin troubles by" keeping the pores free from impurities by daily use in the toilet Sample Each Free by Mail. Wi'h 32-p. book on the skjn. Addrese postcard: ."Cuticur*, Dept. 9T, oo«U»n." Sold everywhere. Soap2oc. Ointment 25 and 5Dc. VanderbilL. AGOOT 35c**aia on m$ k p a in "··: r body fni yfars, .1111] r-vS'il o j i ' y l"j nry rtllff from othi-r p-vpiif.'U.p-JS. 'only a mould sJi i-i* 1 cLir'wl t't PiSTlSKSON'S OINTilTNT. and tlif no Mfjn of l7cut.i or U filing. 1'oa refer to mi. 1 ." -- (!·. C. T^Ibye, 2i pc St., Buffalo, K T. ' from f my S., I've Peterson jy»t i one. Year* affw, out Pirn:us(jN n:'nd t =lii.ioninls, sin**pi*** a*i»l hmirsr 3 ln-u J fir-i slarU'i] t 3 tl.ii o put price, and I'm suit lv\ !,t it, us tvery i gist In the t-ociitry knoxra _ because? I know tluu Jt** m i g h t y . POV.I.T is martr-Iouh. 1 *=.$ 10 uvory one \\ho buys R boT t h a t il is rit;i(Ily snaruii- tfsnl for Ecaciaa. I'iinplcs, Salt Uiicuiu. Old Sores, B l i n d , Bippilliijr uul Jitinaj; Pi'M tHcprF, Hkiti Di5*^hes. Oiiaiinir, Burns, Sold to A. A. Clarke. VAX1KRBILT, Feb. 37.--Attorney H. 0. May of Connelisvtlie, was a busiuess caJIer hero las: evening 1 . Mr. and Mr.x Alva Beals of J u n m t a arc the pioucl parents o f ^ a baby boy, born is'inday o\enmg. ^IrF. Beals was fornic-rly .Miss Lirmie K\ans of this jjiace. Airs. "\ViIJiam Tbompsoa is ^jsiuns her daughter, ,A]ra Dn\id Hcrwick, of ConnulhvUlb lotiay. Mi=5 Mary Henderson aitendod a musical at Couiiellsullu Ian evening. The funeral of Mis. Rafbael John- ion \\a Held Tneatiaj afternoon from il\i' Pro-byunan tiinrc-h, llev. D. C. .^UHf ana Jlev. J. j: K i d ^ p J l officiai- Mig. lii'enuent in the DLck-ersou. Rua J. E. Hrndeison V.HA a biiJ-jnest eaU- er at Pta^kUu yesunlay. Mrs. Jo-i K'.ans visited her daughter. .Mrs. Aha laN at Juui;tia Tues- da Don't knock ConneUsvllle by seul- ing your money out of town for your job Trork "wbwi The Courier companv can do it hero at bomc. Let us grvo li'ou prices.

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