The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 20

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 20
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i . BaaaaaaBBnaaaja. 20 MONDAY. AUGUST 17. 19S4 COOKING ViVt Favorite Icebox Cookies l "-. J ' " ' tw m m mm yywwwwwwwww wmm t " T - i J...; : .. - 1 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL v.. Jl " BAKING LESSONS START EARLY ; At her bam on Shirley Aveattt. Mrs. R. p. Row is usuii the Summer months to tesch her two young daughters soim el the basic rules of tasking. She is pictured her with her two daughter. Michel. II. at left and Jocelyne. 12, as they try a new recipe for cookies simjiar to one of the sun pi recipe ia today's cooking cohuaa oa this I r Ann RINALDO HAIR STYLISTS Cool Summer v SHAPES ,f Soft Summer, 1 ,; PERMS , ' ly Our Staff ef Exptrrt ' AT BOTH SAUNS ss oxaaat at. j tss-ests l . SSS-NS 1919 . 1964 ' ; -"Only To The txttnt That W Serve Do Wt 9999199 m i - V Laadlnt hi MiM tor one 4 Taaia 131 Bank Street ' ' r i a . I AUGUST FUR SALE .7 fe In gvaammaW' " arwL-tJ. i '. I is i. H....-T 5 Landers MsVeWMI She-Likes a Deer Ana Leader My wife ' . has been bugging me, for the last year to let her dye my hair black. Marge used lift be' a beautician. According to har-t'd look at least II years younger which would help me ia business because the youngs, er men get the promotions: v 1 " I'm M and don't mind the irey in . my - hair at all; Furthermore. I'd be1 awfully sell-conscious about- suddenly SXEH LEGS .1757 Russell Road 731-3884 First la Fashioa by the yard! ':. THE Textils Centre 147 lM Macaalt (Kiel SU fal HM213 I G'E'U mivat aarr. sroaa ar covSiOffln , EMPIOTQJ 1460 Merktoi In. I 719-I44I . ; LJ The China Hall of Ottawa ' 2.7 11 S. 54E5-Jt ! r m A HWW6 MADfla! ' if THE WES , FROM YOUR ! SINGER ' snrsi (Efts Till III fii cin mi k III STTLEI fit JACKET 59s1 Dweucm ruu tnv: 2M ; ; v- CSI f) mmm. , Rtabat Ottawa . " " l -sural Phata by DamlalMi wi -v W- MjJii.w Grey l-;-v,TT'- turning up with coal black hair because all the people I work with know my hair ass been grey for years. . " j' You are a pretty sensible dame. and. I'd like to hear your opinion..' A yes- er - m from you could hava a tot of Wluenc on me.'- V -SILVER THREADS. ;. ' Dean Thrsadsi SeeM awa dye mr dear sM yeath'a saka i"ad aaly their bmheii knew nr Mr. Speaking strictly tor myseH, VYSkt grey to aua'i -hair. . . X. : :4 It's obvious that you'd "feel self-coasciou. turning up all of a suddea with coal black hair, ao tell your wife ix-nay. j if air i . . .; ' - Dear Ana land rat I have made at horn, too, by friend (?) who has been., trig a 'THICK starch and add-pulling a cheap little trick for. mg food coloring. Soma peo- am roea Ka ( of h. ' Whenever she awes me an ' invitation she invariably Invites m for aa evening when she knows tl'v beea invited aomewhera else. . . - ' I'm aura you'll . say such clods could hardly be con-;, siderad friends and they are not worth bothering with. Of course, you ar right, . but ' please prim my letter to they -will know they are not getting away with anything. Thank X-RAY EYES. , Dear Eyeet Her, is year Isttor and I bepa year aaeaky. acquaintance and ether who pal each sheaaaigaaa wll K and reabsa that they are net patting anything ovr ea Yaa'r COOK AND SWAY ;. ' ' MONTREAL (CP). Paulina Lttendr. who like "a deck under my feet while' I'm coo ing," prepares meal for the six-man crew, of a Montreal tugboat Bora near the St. Law rence river, she learned to cook from her mother, whs ptepaied meals for eight children every day. 1 K:i:::ce Ailssat tea R-iaVacalica Cka s tsad, ate , c'Mnat-f var-li4leaM-aaa Sne n aa. to a Man attack 1 OttnOaa. a Sm-stCnim.Saw'a taete iani aa aM wnwjiiiiii-llt, FwMr's abaraWt 41 WaW MfftavtMPF' aaaMa. At kaa. aa trt. H a srast el was awawaany ea sane, ssa aov r. , 11 aa Aria 1 irUtt omit Fat 19(4 aa imTL ar met mi ,i i s a t mi. Ma mm ar SMSw IKal MTSikri aka ft-ami ia iiium s ra M Si owt saawr or, we a ssft w s"V ass WW Wat. BiWl Wa lauka sar aw- m,r. mm at i niil tmrtm. M wmm BMrrtoa Sim. II .sunt, a I to saw jut Lf ri: 1 -V A 1 a'- .yt .j.Artt-4jaV4fs. - X HOME IS A SCHOOL ROOM For tbapsst two years Mr. Philippe Foley, of Gatineau Point, has been' teaching bar daughters, to become helpful InNhe, kitchen of their bom, Lynn, nine, is shown hrex with her mother a (hey turn out a batch of chocolate chip cookies ready to be put into the oven. Lynn iss student a SL Francoi .. ; .-. rw. m : -dfrrrr-r wa Mm xuvuu . . DEAR HELOISEt When my youngster got bor-. ed with being indoors all day, I had a brainstorm ... . , : I made a thai pasta of flour. , and water, divided It bilo four howls, put a few drops of food coloring la each bowl, mixed It. and the young one wa all set . for "a,, painting .eeasloa. v fi ' : stay t Ryan ', , . 1 .mixed up.-your ' lormula ' snd . H's great for painting with a brush... ;. -: : Shelf paper or the back of wa ea wallpaper (buy broken rolls sale!) is good, and also to paint on. Colored finger paint can be pi aao oji m ciove to suae a smcu goou. ints mixnire may be- put la Jars, capped tightly." and refrigerated. ' - Or the bast yet Is to as wallpaper past bought at a wallpaper store. (It's the cheapest la the long run.) Mix with water according to dirsc- tions and then add your coloring. And have you ever tried adding vanilla instead of dovesT W usually hav that ia the boos. Smells UMPHY. And be sure to put tots of newspapers down before the kiddie start painting. But. I guess all you mothers know that by aowi . Hrkslae. a ; . 1 DEAR HELOISEt ' 'Whenever you have any hard to clean- oiry combs. Just throw them la the wash bowl, sprinkle them liberally with baking soda, and cover with warm water. After they have saaked. for IS minutes, rinse, and the combs ' are dean," sparkling, and sweet smelling. R.N. a . . DEAR HELOISEt ' J t 1 bad a blouse which was so short that It kept pulling out of my skirt v So I wd four inch strip of- nylon net around the bottom of the blouse and new have no trouble keeping . It la place. ' , t v v . The net I not bulky and clings welt. , When using tracing' paper to transfer a design to cloth, . I' f you put a piece of fine : . , - ...... , . i: x v. mwr sandpaper .under the doth I t I I I inch pan. Chill, (rough side against, the doth) Whaa set, frost with choco M won't slip and you can lata icing. Chill until king trace your patter . . BioreXftrm. Cut ia souares. Keep re-eaiily. Reader. . frigeratad. Yield: M square. ; . CHOCOLATE ICING DEAR HELOISEt Hare's a trick I picked up from' the Hawaiian to pro-vent garlic clove from drying 'out. ) ' . t . Buy several bunches of gar lie peel all the doves, put them to a email Jar (baby food ars are excellent), and pour tot enough salad all to cover all the doves. They will never dry out besides they are bandy and' already pealed and 'ready, to use. . ' If you don't like much garlic flavor. Just us a drop or two rot this salad oil fat whatever ... wirin. Garlic will keep for ages this way. Mrs, Arthur Peaa. DEAR HELOISEt , , ...i. ' Vniir He i I n 1 1 a . avlMt asm) I use a piece of the net for washing fish, both inside , and outside, befera frying or treating. Ruth F assets. ..- . , ..... -.-t ? Helots welcomes all mail, especially household blats . which she caa 'pas aa to readers as spec permits. , However, because of the tro-; mendous volume of mail ah receive daily, Heloiee I tm-able to answer all indivtdua) letters. She will answer readers' questions in bar comma possible. INDELIBLY MARKED LONDON (CP)-Th ment should snake it mora dif ficult for teen-ager ta be ta- tooed. ssys Dr. Brian Russell of the London Hospital. In aa article la the British Medical Journal, be says: 'Too many teen-agers are tatooed.on Ira-pulse . and ' eooa '. change their minds, so a' coeling-off period should be compulsory beore the tatoo is made.' i. . I . ft I : ' .f 'BUND TYPISTS'" ; r Twenty blind typists, graduate of a course offered by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, work to regular busf-nesa offkee. i J t BE OUR GUEST THURSDAY, AUa tt . ' - ' AT TITJB v A MS ' " OPEN HOUSE; . Stt for yottrsalf why comptomarar oparatars art calltil fitnr work sptcialists. Qnalifitd '; Instructors and graduatas will b in attandanca ' to damonstrata various machinas and answar - any faN)uirits yoai may kgvt. ; VICTOH K"?TCmEir LTD. 227 Lauritr Wtlt - Room 22 , A Tim 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. ' ly NOKAH CHEUY i .-uicUy-nudi cookie UuUrequlre no baking art becoming Increasingly popfeUr. 8erre them with a hot or chilled beverage at snack time or, to irrAmiun frMh fruit for dessert. Tat refrigerator takes over Instead of the oveo. These ' unbaked cookies should be well chilled. Keen ta the refrigerator at all times. .. Let the children help make them' ea a rainy day when . outdoor play is taboo. Many of the recipes are s simple that they caa manage with-' out help or with only slight supervision.' ; ' ' With a supply of ready-toi'. eat cereal and packaged - cookies such as gingersnaps fand arrowroot blsculu and staples like sugsr, butter and , peanut butter, the cookies caa ' be easily and eulckly pre-psred. ' NUCCETS II large asarshasaDews Vi cap cereal cream K cup finely chsppid dates . leap Imely chepped wal-1 outs H cap sraihid graham waf-. Cut marshmallows ia smsll ; pieces With scissors that have been dipped la hot water. Pour cream over marshmallow: let it and ana hour. Stir in dates, V4 cup walnuts and wafer crumbs, i Roll mixture ' into small balls, then dip In remaining nuts. . Chill un'll . pet. Yield: about Je balls. UNCOOKED BROWNIES cap Heap rap '..legga ... I toaspaaa vastus I M arrow reel blscalta - ,. , , I recipe caacatoto kmg Place butter, sugar, cocoa and slightly beaten egge top of double boiler. Set over bat water. With heat set at medium, cook., stirring con- stantly until . thickened. Remove from beat and water. Stir ia vanilla and walnuts. Crush biscuits. Add to chocolate, mixture. : . . - Spoon Into well buttered I alftad letof vauula Melt chocolate vr bat but not boiling water. Creem but ter and salt until soft. AoeL king sugar alternately with vanilla and cream. Beat until emooth. Stir tat melted choco-' late. Spread "ever brewnia as directed. 1 PEANUT CRUNCHIES v ' I eup buttarsaetcb mernle tta H cap Hasp S caaa brekea tola pretzal : Melt butterscotch chips aver hot. but not boiling water. Stir in peanut butter. Remove from beat. Add peanuts and broken pretrai sticks. Drop onto waxed paPr lined cookie sheet using teaspoon. When set. chill in refrigerator. Yield: M to M cruncbies. AAA,,A,: . ' CINCEK DELIGHTS 14 I I cap silted Ids eagar I U to K Crush gingersnaps Into fine crumbs. Beat together butter, king sugsr and cream. Work m gingersnaps and nuts. Shape Into small balls and roll in coconut. Chill until set. Yield: about two doten. DATE hT NUT ROLL . 1 tablsspiias mater - mr S . v 1 eggs . I m. dawe H cap Mti ' cap gland cherrlee ' - , , jf FOR TEEN DOLLS Most glsmorous wardrobe -designed for the teen model doU little girls love best. . Newl Easy - knit wardrobe for famous lift-inch teen model doll. Pattern TIM: directions. coat, hat slacks, hooded top. t-piece suit, skirt. ' THIRTY-FIVE CENTS (coin) for this pattern (no stamps, please) to Alice Brooks, care of The Ottawa Journal, Reader Mall Ltd., tt Front Street, West. Toronto 2, Ont. Ontario ,rsl daata add Ic aaiee tax. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME. ADDRESS. First time, three FREE PAT TERNS in big. exciting I9tt Needlecraft Catalogue) m de-signs mart stoles. Jackets, bats, toys. - afghans, linens, everything! Send He. . DELUXE QUILT BOOK! It complete quilt patterns pieced and applique, for beginners, ex-.perts. Send Wc now, - . .. tv .'! sP,uiM.t - CONTACT LENS SERVICE 17 METCALFE ' . awaJ ifiiEEZEn c;;ioii EXTEND THIS INVITATION TO VISIT OUfc BOOTH AT THE EX - SAME SPOT AS LAST YEAR BUT WITH MUCH MORE TO OFFER. OUR FEATURE WILL BE THE INTRODUCTION OF A NEW FREEZER - THE FINEST IN CONSTRUCTION AND WITH UNBELIEVABLE QUANTITIES. ; ; " A C Competttiofi of great advantage t anyone sincerely Intcnatetl tn ' ' hatrlnf bom (reefer program. Opportunity to participate TILL GX. TIME D DirawBi ma E KOKOMTJU. BUYING ' . , MOHiTUva , p resowuzo mnm , S savow wow , LI BTOU3 VAWTT ' Y .T-ArOLt OWI CHOKE OF FOODS - S Juvjci mo UTorooir .' . ; ' ' .. .' . ".-...'; PHONE PHONE 731-3884 Purchase Arm IA the ON For th sent ot call for food food business. NEW PRICES A FREEZERS benefit arid' better your bom and family, one of our well-trained consultants to, visit you. U . j I I. ? ' Wt cup ticsaat ; lVa caps crisp rke cereal I tiaipeea vaaiDa Place butter,' sugsr. beaten egg and chopped dates in aucepsn. Stirring conitantly. cook over low heat for 10 minute. StiMn nut, cherries, one cup coconut, cereal, and vanilla; ' . Form' Into two roll. Sprinkle with remaining coconut. Wrap hi waxed paper. Chill. 'Slice as required. Keep refrigerated. Yield: about N slices. PEANUT S0UARES , tt cup sugar . ft cap cera syrup U teaspaea ssh I cap peanut battor . S cap cornflakes Place sugsr, syrup and salt m ssucepsn. Stirring constantly, bring to boll and cook until sugar diisolved. Remove from best, stir in peanut butter. Beet until blended. Add slightly crushed cornflake. Press into lightly buttered I t I y inch pan. Chill until set. Cut In tiny squares. .Yield: shout three doten.' ' I STAUFFER SALON Summer "QUICKIE SPECIAL at HALF-PRICE! Be ready swim . . . to be slim 20 TREATMENTS $ 25 Woadarhd thlas haa- wrra stAirrsn: . 236-9105 11 ! aja. t 9 ps. Dally 112 Sparks Street. . tat aiiiwia's) ' HOLT RENFREW IN R. g. igaaj b TtW taTallM . . . kacka ay I. t'l atrlaH. rtpfcHia, at Uuk l tarraw br am 125 rn, .. 182 Queen Street lSTVJEW hopping; Cantra Montreal Rbd at P Riverside Driv Where something good ' is always going on ; 2U-42M 731 - 3Q04 Tom th I II year I 1 mi for thai I OPTICIAN 5 . .. ,v ., , ., , r your food from with anpailcnta. . - - -

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