The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1930. COURIER, CONNELL 3VILLB, PA. PAGE THREES SCOTTDALE COUNCIL WINDS UP BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 1929 A"(MV Body Will lk Rcorgrani/crt On .Hominy K t e n m i r , (f. STEINER TAX CASE HELD OVER i J o l u r i t The f u n d ( h e l i b r a r y M a n a g e r ( J i b s o n re- 'ivi't " n u n i l f p e had v;is dn'.ns; no an occasional SCOTTDALK, Jim. 3.-- The 1929 council last evening held Its final session Monday ovi nlng, January G, the now council will organise. Tlio Laughi-ey Sous insurance bill, that has b e r n argued over for a lout; lime, wa4 o -'Iprrtl paid, a ml another policy th:r had been ordered was; cancelled. Bills of t h e g e n e r a l f u n d and the ·{.irbdgc f u n d w o i o o r d e r e d paid, also the Way and ,(m o b i l l s of tho .West 1'ona Power ( or.ipauy for light. The othev m o n t h s w e a - * l c f t unpaid. The yirn of fl,S15 \\iis ordev3d paid from tho s i n k i n g fund for interest and coupon:; on boiuii,' niso $;iOU was ti'utiHferred ironi t h e pciipral fund to the water f u n d and a bill of $ 1,780.2! lor water was paid. Burgess Wai tr · I/, ^chaffer turned In a check for ?L'99 for tho receipt?; of hlb uflicp f o r tUe past month. Polo tux iiiuountiiiK to $93. H5 was, received f r o m tho licit Telephone Company. KcMles receipt;! for the month totaled ,?«7.J-0; garbage receipts*, $808.70. A c o m m u i H c a t i n was received from D. A. SUill slain s; t h a t he had put iu a sewer in Oak street, from Grove street, and t h a t lie would like council to pay for Hie m.inholi* covers, which totaled $11. H v. ns decided to pay for these. A t t o r n e y John ('.. Gaul, representing the Joseph Steii or bondsmen, Aaron 1/oiicliS, (.'. A. Colbom and It. D. Plough, asked' t'lat tho sheriffs sale planned for J a n u a r y ID bo stayed u n t i l t h e May U'rm of court. This was '_r;tn led. S n i v t . i r j '('. ''· liiboii w a s asked el tho u n s e a t e d lands d to tlic c o u n ' v t r e a s u r e r . sum of } (i ir ::; in Ihe- library .is u . t u - , orn '! t n i - ' , ' 1 ..... I'.f.rmm'i p o r ' t d l ! i r - 'ivi't laid on' i.'s n i i ' i ami w o r k except h a u l i n g toad of sla^. Tho lire and w a t e r committee asked t h a t the w.iter .-uinpany be asked to flui-'h h y d r a n t s , since- the lire-men at a recr nt lire had to put on tho p u m p to get m u d out of - t h o h y d r a n t . Tim, c o m m i t t e e also asked that the l i u r u u f J i n i a n a u H cluv k on tho prcs- ..uro ot I ho h}'raut.'j at. tho highest (d.icc In town. ', Tho garbage '-onimHtoo rrporled ' h a t more than SG.OOU had been collected by (he garbage department iu l i o past e a r . Two h u n d r e d lil'ty dol- lar.s \\,i a ordered tiMiisU-riTd irom the ·,'firbage i'um! to ihi; Karbj-jo f u r n a c e mud. UMiiam U'e.v. _ r , special polico otti- ' · r i , %»!!! lir I L . aiued on the police run !.· un'.i! t',u. aov ( u u n c i ! meets. To AHi'iiil Sen ic. 'I ic r.ii^iusi, d i n , I ' t t i b of the V. M. ('. A. N a At 1 to moe-i ;.t the V. M, (', \. (,n S.ind. y uionrns at 10:i;0 o ' t l . n k t n :a:i i it the M.I \ i c v s at St. Pan]'.-, I , U : ; H ''an C h u r c h in a nudy. 1'rt p H C i i l i i i j ScnU'i 1 . p.iri or -·!_ i v!rc w i l l bo hf-ld ' l i m r v ' i P U i r n u d C h u r c h this '( lot k. Holy Coiii- b - ' t w ' l b"th Sunday 'mi:'. A i Hi" m o r n - · K t i i !i i i.irl a flu t i s l l li I'i'-lal.'d. Siuiila.i. 'i i n m l I ' l i u i t h H ' d y 1 ) M i i l ' - t r s c d S u n d a y o' Im K. in i liai'KC il pa.slo;, l l e v . A. S. l . i n h a r t . At i i u cl\3( ot" t i e s e r v i c e a congrega- nonal uioclin;; \ \ i l l be held. Sju-iiKs to Uolar.v. Jiruest Over! olt adtJrcf-XHl ( h o Koa r y Club on nuances, bonds, etc., at Ha regular r n e n i n K tiiiH week. Ofiicci-b I n s t i i l l o a . Tho offlcers of. tho I'ythuiu Sisters \i ere installed I n s t evenins at its regular meeting. Tl e i n h t a l l i n g olliccr was .Mrs. Olive. Kon.'ifll. Tfio oificcr.s in- -itallc-d were: Past chief, J5cssl« Uolau; c h i e f , flora 1'ahel; mistvcsu o£ records, .Nellie. Lytle; mistress of fi- uaiico, Naomi i.!ricker; senior, Mary 2nana, r er, Irucillo Ilouali; Kdith Thompson; i»rotector, Piri; trustee-, Airs. Hough; loiiyo ropresentative, JIattio uUenu'tu, Olivo Ktiinell. At r!io ol l i e mee-tiiis thero was a g i f t exchange. Miner; suard, Bertha Ki-ahd Hurst; DONEGAL LIGHTS ON FOR CHRISTMAS DO.NKllAU J a n . :!-- The community i( DdiiPKiil received u;io of the best ( lirirslm:,« presents it lias had since do t o w us wa i started, w h e n tho \Vcst I'riiu Sji loin turned on the elrc-' t r l c l t y in tlio ( nvu on tlio n i g h t bet'oro Christmas. All houacti that were wlrtvl and ready to r e c e i v e electricity, w e r e ' flooded with li«ht und tho West 1'onri System i» to K commended for hav- iug Chrir,tinai3 light strung ciurom the Streets, and limiting them on ihis b ame evening. Tho rwiidfiitri for miles around share in I h o ji \ that hao come to this lorummiity tln.nish the Installation of e l e c t r i c Hy in Donegal. Thcrt- \\.ii o n l y one m e t e r connected in ' e t u w t i . Unit ol Mr. Hays at t'.ir m i l l , i \\ a'- .t\irnri Ho is 'to be t l u i ! k i ! :,n- li.iv-'n--; ( h e power i Liriu'tl on \\ In a :(. u a-). CoiKiplete Home FunrHers Since 1891 Newest Style Dinette Suite, Table and Four Chain; Just the thing for the small dining room! Extension lablo and four beautiful chairs t o match. Buffet may be had at slight additional cost. When you see the charming color scheme of this attractive set. you will be won over at once, and the price- affords a real saving. MiikeThatlfcur The Back to ;he Home movement is on. Millions now listen nightly to the popular "Amos 'n A idy" ancl other radio entertainers. The home has again become the center of the family's activities. That's why you should resolve for I 930 to refurnish your home. We'] e ready to help you with remarkable values. 3-Pc. Genuine Mohair Suite Here is,' -without any question, a sensational value with which to introduce the n«w year! Three magnificent pieces, genuine mohair all .jvor, pillow-arm sofa, reversible cuahlona that add double wear, high grade inner construction. 9-Pc. Walnut Dining Suite Determintrd to again lead In value-giving In 1930, wo are offering the most remarkable values in dining- furniture. Here Is a splendid fl-plccn suite In genuine w a l n u t in combination with other fine woods, Including GO-inch buf- tet, -ir.xb4 inch table, stylish r h i u u and six r h a f r s upholstered In choice of blun leather or jacquard viour. 4-Pc. Tudor Bedroom Suite Here' Is your chance to furnish your bedroom delightfully and in the height of stylo at a very low price. This very artistic suite of the Tudor Period in walnut In combination with other flue .woods, includes full size bed, large wardrobe, Hollywood vanity, roomy dresser with genuine French plate mirrors. All four pieces at this amazingly low price. Convenient Payments Arranged If Desired Walnut Cedar Chest $16.50 Here Is a, popular style cedar lined walnut chest at a remarkably low price. Mothproof, dustproof, "Soal- Ute" lid, double lock corners. Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet $39.75 l*ut your kitchen on an efficient basis for 1930. One of our Hoosier cabinets will freo you from spending many hours in the kitchen. All the new colors to select from. New Process Gas Range up Star! tho yeur right by having us install a New Process, one of the most satisfactory of Kas range?, in your kitchen. Choice or colors-. Most economical pas ranges ever designed. Wonderful bakers. NATIONAL COMMANDER LAYS LEGION PROGRAM BEFORE THE PRESIDENT Victor | Radios M o n t h l y I'nj ii GEO, W. CARROLL WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 3 -President Hoover':, support of the lil.iu ot legislation -which tho Ain-erl- utu legion hati se a5 an objective 1n !io present «oseic'U of Congrcea was u^Ui'l by National Commander O. Ij. r.odonh.uiu'r of Bl Dorado, Ark., when ho personally laid the program butoru the President at t ic Yvhite Hausu. IjCgioiiituli-cti i'l- in every corner of I ho country havo ·xprt'^-icd happiness over pafctsage of the h-rcpital moiibiiro whlcli authorized I.4JU additional hed.s dii;tributei in 19 dift'orcnt building projects, four of which will he hospitals lor men t a i l - disabled. The disabled of the 'ttor d \\'ar are increub- liig and the hoejiital i-egialatioti fe part «f the Legon'a permanent program to meet laid need. The President tiigned the bill In timo to make It a Christmas gift to tho disabled. This la the first of the Legion's hospital bills requested of this session. In presenting the Region's program to the President, National Commander JJodonhamer emphasized the Legloifs ^conviction of tho Importance oC the legislative) action embodied iu Ihe Universal Service legislation. He urged tho President to exert his in- f l u e n c e to this ond. In t h i b connection the Region eeclcs ])Ht;6,ago in the present congrebti o£ tlio i i c w l - \ V u i n u r i g h t resolution, which I wan indorsed by i h u national couvon- ' tiou of tho hcgion at Jyouiville, and is in keeping, with tho Universal Service legislation the Legion has bougi t during the ImU seven »yeart. The Rcixl-Wain w r i g h t resolution is pending iu boLli the Senate and the If. provides a commission, .vhlch la Ill-partisan and composed j£ four members of the Senate, fou · of the House, the secretaries of Wi r, Navy, Agriculture, Commerce and L vbor, and five other persons not holding salaried governmental positions. T! e latter will be selected with a view o representing In a general way the views oC labor, Industry, capital, agriculture and the profeeekms respect' voly. If tho resolution le adopted by 'ongress, the eommieeion will meet in Vaehlng- lon and report 1o the Prcs dent not l a t e r than November 1, 19SO, the- form thai Universal Service !· gislation should lako. Tho Prc«ldcnl I n t u r n w i l l truiiHmit t h i s report, ,'ltli or witli his Itidufbenic-nl, to C'oij ;ro«t( Jiot iitoi 1 ilmii tli» flret Monday ju Do- cembcr u£ 11I3U. Thrt Legion program call , among other Ihingfi, tor i m p o r t a n t 1 -gislatiou affecting the disabled. It fee site elim- inatioa of the time Hmii; in \ hiah evi- dence oC service connected disability may be submitted. It eeeke dependency pay for those Buffering permanent disability. It seta aside certain ! classes of disabilities in which service connection ie presumed. The Legion seelte increased appropriation for military naval and civilian aviation, development and tho completion of the five year air building (program. It advocates appropriation sufficient to maintain a forco of at least 25,000 in the naval reserves and an adjustment In the pay of officers and men of the various services. Ruffcdixle Jan. 3--Rev. Barrows o*£ Manor attended (he Chriet- ma« entertainment given by the Mission Sunday School in Hethuny school iKume, Sunday. Harry Suter, Karl Aruholt and Donald. Houeor atudoulfl, tuo theiir vacations at their homes here. j William McNancy and harold Shipley were business callers in Greene- burg Thursday. MIEB Jean Sharp eptmt the week-end i with friendc iu Wilklnelmrg. John Storey wae a business caller in Pittsburg Monday. i Mrs, Sarah "Weightmsn moved last week to the home of. hor niece, Mrs. Sara Moore, of Tarr. I Mrs. Rachel Myers and family inov- td totho tenament liouet of Mrs. M. S. Husband Saturday Mrfc. S. S, Brown an 1 daughter of Traufjer visited her mother, Mrs. Jennie Null, Thursday. Oscar Cook, a student of Taylor College, Inri., Bpenf, (ho holiday vaca- ', lion with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. I O. G. CooK. , J. J. Houser was a ))U6lnee6 caller in Grecnisburg Monday. I (Jharleii Mull of Mount Pleasant ! spent aoiiday a£temion, with hJa brother, Hay Mull and family. Mre. F. M. Sloan and Miss Ada Camp ware shopping in Pittsburg Saturday. Mre. E. V. Pell visited relatives in Hunker recently. Mr. and Airs. Harry Sc-cee and children, Annabello and Edviard. were calling on (lie former's parcnte, Mr. and Mi'i5. S. of Summit. Mrs. Mary Itial spent a few daye with her daughter anil family, Mr. and -Mre. Arthur Young of L'nlontown. Mr. r.nd Mrs. .lohii Ksllngler ami daughters of Smock and Mr. and Mrs. Winfleld Hljsen and family of Harrison City spe-iit Chribtinas with Mr. and Mre. Harry Jlireen. Mis*, Ijiicy Bowm/ui of Akron, Ohio, snout tho past week with, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank iJowman, USD our "want" advwtis-emout. Looking for Haricnlns J If BO, reati the adv-ortisiitg colonma of Th* Daily Courier,

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