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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 28, 1918
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ConneDflville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,533 VOL. 16, NO. 193. CONNBIiSVILLE, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 28, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. OCULISTS IN GERMANY DENOUNCED BY BOLSHEVIK! AS BEING CAINS AND JUDASES icjr Are Charged ITith Responsibility For Permitting "Wart Renewal. VASION MAY BE HALTED rs Dispatch to London "ews Ag«n- 7; »t Same lime Slav leaders Is. ve Another Czll to Aims to Defend he Faikedaad; Cossacks Arming. HE COX VESTS PLAHTS TO PRODUCTION. ERNEST VAN SANT, WOUNDED, LANDS IN Is .First Conncllsrille Boy Suffer in Service on French, Front. to It is the job of George N: Peck, one pens who axe giving their services to the government for the duration DETAILS ARE NOT GIVEN FAT TAJfES OS HOMS THA'l| SO SORE ' ARE' IA' KXISTKA'CE. " By Associated Vr»«*. HALIFAX, N. P., Feb. 28.-Owners of the property destroyed by fire'Which'swept over an area of two and a half square miles, after the explosion of a munitions ship in the harbor here on December 6, must pay laxe^ on. homes which no longer exist, under a ruling 1 by the court of tax appeals. RED CROSS MEMBERS KNOW TOO LITTLE ABOUTUNIONFLAN To Vote Upon It Intelligently,! Is Opinion of a Number. ifiEXATOR OF CO-N^ELLSYJILE W03LUf IB Letter .Receive* by.Belatives H e r e Jn, A D D v AITTD T\D»rT Saying He is About Ready to Re-j yifURKI U f £ K UlyU'l turn Again fo the lanes; Kews o f | HOn/CC Dftf^Wfifin Bo Ta of Hie Regi.n in the Service, j UftlVtd KUUVWUUU MAN TO SUICIDE LACK OF INFORMATION Bater Thaw Unwillingness lo Join With Other Chapters May Cause IJeiettt Hen*? feeting; Should Have Been Held (4 Kxpluin Purpose. By Associated Press. -ONDOM, Feb. 28.--Tbe Council of iple's Commissaries, according to a 'iter dispatch from Petrogrud, has aed another call to arms in the .rse oC which it is declared the Gern invaders are arresting members the Workmen's Soldiers' council, ·oting captured Red Guards and ling German and Austrian prison- in the Ukraine. The proclama- i concludes:-May tie blood spilled in this un- ·al straggle fall on the heads of the ·man Socialists who are allowing German workmen to be ranked DUE the Cains and Judases." Inrollment of the new army is pro- ding successfully. Cossack regi- its in, Petrograd are being sent in direction of Pskov and other regi- _ its, formed.of mixed detachments, the war, to convert industrial plants marching to the front. Women, i to war production. He had been on dren and invalids have been given! the job only a few weeks, but the re- The first Connellsville soldier to suffer injuries whilo oa duty some- i where in Prance is Ernest Van Sant, son of Mrs. Rutherford Beighley of McCormick avenue. In a letter written b'y young Van Baltimore ft Ohio Telegrapher, ii Tears 01(1. Fires Bullet Through His Brain. .Carrying over tbe possibility of being called into the service of the mission to leave the city. Nothing been received in London of a r date than Tuesday in reference he situation at Pskov or a German ance toward Petrograd. suits of his labors are already apparent in the steady mobilization of the nation's producing power. HXAX ADTASCE ORDERED liTEB, SATS COJIBKSPOSDE5T ONDON, Feb. 2S.--The German :y bas received orders to stop its ince into Russia, according to the "ograd correspondent of the Ex- age Telegraph company, who has ·rmation to this effect which he trds as reliable. HIGH COST OF LIVING JUMPED 25 PER CENT HIGHER DURING YEAR Of .ttiiny Articles of Pood, PoUtots no Red Cross nurse to care for him a man attired in an olive drab uniform was nursing him. The letter did not state how the young soldier -was injured or how ser[ lous his wounds were. U was written I February 6, and at that time young Van Sant expected to be able to leave the hosplta.1 in a short time, having about recovered Jrom his Injuries. He stated that he was anxious to get back j ^ on the battle front as being ill gave | him too much time for reflection. Van Sant was with tbe Fifteenth Engineers and left Oakmont, Pa., for "over there" July 2, last. He enlisted In the service May 30 last Van Sant is one of the beat known young men of Conoellsvflle. .Tbe official reports given out in Washington have not contained the name of'Van Sant as wounded. His mother, who also received a card, believes he may have suffered from shell shock. The news hears out that published Aloire fieciined ii Price, Corera- went .Report Shown. By Aifsociated Frcss. -- · ' . j .WASHINGTON 1 , Feb. 2S.-- Another Tien the Bolsheviki government ! tvo per cent added to the retail prices of food from December 15i 1917. to January IS, 1918, made a "total to accept German peace terms wees the commandor-in-cnjef. of ^ . . , "enewed~and' th~e German" invasion ed. · A dispatch from' Petrograd Inesday said that General Hoffman. German military representative at ?t-Litov3k, had replied to the Bol- 'ikl communication by declaring the German advance wonld con- · until a treajty of peace was sign- aad carried out along lines laid a in the German peace terms. ,T 3S OF 182 OX G1EXAET CASTLi: SATF.I) 3NDON, Feb. 28.--The British hos- 1 ship Glenart Castle had 182 per- ·. on board it is stated unofficially n she went down Tuesday in the tol channel. Three parties ag- ;ating 38 have been landed at nsea. Milford and Pumbrotae. ot 2? per,cent vrhlcli£ihe c latter- date. The bureau of labor statistics today announced that .H of 15 standard articles increased in price from December to January. Flour decreased two per cent and lard, bacon and cornmeal one per cent each. In tie 12 months from January 191? to January 3918 potatoes alone registered a decline in price, being 1G per cent cheaper. WOULD BAR ALIENS From CiUzonsUp and Deport Those Who Claim Exemption From DraiU By Assocl.ited Press WASHINGTON, Feb. 2S.-- The 30- cailed alien slacker bill, to bar from ntrea, .uuiuru «inu r (.'muii/iae. e of the others has been heard I ""^hlp and authorize the deporta- i. The missing include about ttol1 of ahrns of draft, age who claim n female nurses. Survivors of the ex TM ptt TM military service, and . .art Castle lanued at Swansea de-j autiorlz ' n s the- drafting of any aliens sd -the ship was torpedoed by a aarjne. .^"o submarine was seen hem, but a dim light was noticed ·.he surface before the ship was .en by an explosion. IX DAJRK AS TO PLASS OP ASHINGTON, Feb. 28.--No further ! from* Ambassador Francis "as to plans for leaving Petrograd bad received here today and Secre- Lanaing, when asked about un- al reports that the ambasador and i of the other embassies had de- 2d, declared the state dupartment no information -whatever. T. ATIATOK MEETS '· DEATH Ef FR,15CF,. ;W HAVEN, C!ono., Feb. 28.--A sage received at'Tale University 7 stated that Curtis Seainan Read. ; o! 1918, a naval aviator, with of ensign, flying in France, has killed. Read was assistant man- of the football squad last year had he remained in college would been manager this year. work, was passed by the House last night br a rote of 344 to 21. It now goes to the Senate. The Administration opposes tho bill on the ground that it -would embarrass the government ia negotiating treaties with the co-bell! go rents providing for the drafting of their nationals resident in this country. Sich treatie^- with Great Britain and Canada have been signed and those 'with Prance and Italy are about completed. Tbe bill is applicable .only to citizens of countries at war with Germany who are elfgibJe to American citizenship in the United States, b u t j they shall be deported as soon as practicable. o'clock. He was in Class 2, beir.g the [ support of bis mother, but tho fact i that he would not be coiled until ' Class 1-A was exhausted did not to seam to relieve him. DeHavcn had eaten hi*: supper and was ready to leave-home to report for work. He was a night telegraph and a few minutes later shot himself- The s!)0t-went through Uie brain,' and 2e was found dead by His mother a few minutes after the shooting. DoHaven in survived by his mother and three brothers. "The members ot the ConnelUvUle chapter of the Rod Cross do not know j enough, about tlie proposed plan for consolidating the chapters of the county, to vote upon it- intelligently, saJd a member last evening- when dis- ] cussing the question. "When the agent from national headquarters was here ;o urge tne adoption of tiie county unit plan, arrangements should have been made for a meeting of members at which Lbe jurictses, objects and advantages of the (MiiiolidatJon could have been explained In detail and tlie members given an opportunity to consider it before voting. las-Lead, the agent conferred wHh but a few persons and the membership as a whole has been left in ignorance other ihau bavins fietiricg Official Confronted With Situation Such as Never Before Existed. MAYOR DUGGAN AROUSEE Failure to Take Adequate Steps fo In sure Supply is Declared to Be ai Outrage; 5ew .Superintendent Will Take Charge of riant Tomorrow, Discouraged by lack of assistance i and cooperation on the part of thi j genera] officers of the Connellsvill* j Waier company, it is said, Superin eudent A. E. Hal stead, of the loca plant and veleran in the service o he watfir corporation, has quit th job. His resignation became effec i live today. He quits the service o the company entirely and has not an uounccd any plans for the future. To morrow he will be succeeded by W. .1 Edmunds, formerly located at Nev Castle. "Whether the transfer is torn pcrary or permanent is not known. Superintendent Halstead would no make public any reason. Tor his resig nation. It has been said, however ,, . Q Jo ^ F - Nugent of Boise has been i jl)al be was thoroug u]v discourage. been Informed in a general way that appointed United Stales senator b y j o v e r aeing handicapped, as Mayo the merging of chapters is sought i the interests oC facilitating the ad- Governor Alexander lo fill the vacancy caused by tbe death of Senator Brady. miniatration of the affairs of the Red JThis appointment will hold until a suc- j cesso iu eiecied in November. Mr. .Nugent is a lawyer, was formerly Democratic stave chairman and also Cross. "I^ack of mfonoation," continued. ! tnis member, "more than an unwill- LOC4JOYS DINED ingness to join t,he other chap- Duggan. put it, by the "picayunisl policy" of the water company in tli matter or the repairs and improve ments to the water system during tin worst winter in a half century. Superintendent Halstead has bee] Baying tho Fifteenth Engineers regiment was well up to the front SAJt M^TCTTSLVKKB, E.TL1STS Dh HOSPITAL UNIT. Samn«i Brown, watchmaker and engraver !or A, B. Kurtz, the /West Crawford: artnne jeweler, enlisted In a hospital .-nnlt and last, night, left for Charlotteitville, "Vai, .wfcere-Jie was orr ai^A^^^^^^!^^^^ Louis and A, L. ODD en Are 130th JU-ginjfcnt t»" Hospital Corps. .Louis Cuneo and son, A. L., who have been · visiting John Cuaeo in Camp Hancock, Augusta. Ga,, returned -home from camp Tu'eeday niglit. They 'spent two wecfes in the soiUh and nay that they were royally treated j by the boys. -. ^ j A dinner for Conellpvillf persons j visiting In August was given by the ] Hospital Corps at that camp Sunday. Those in. attendance at £im dinner were: Mrs. T. E. Miller. Q^ Marietta, tens of the county, is causing many I eTM Federation of .Miners. Senator members to rote against the conapli- member of the coimwl for the West- , confromed with a si [ u:iaon ia Con i Nugent is a brother of Mrs. A. A. man Dranpsey oE Augusta; "Mraf James D«mpsey of Auguftla; sbrdlu ahrdluu Pratt of plttsburjEj and .Mrs. Hoary JIARTUf : REJECTED AT CAJHT LEE. Martin Mclntyre of Lcisenring No. |Muth, mother ot "Buff' Powell. I. a draftee who left Saturday night' for Camp L^e, Petersburg, Va,, bas been rejected on account of physical disability. dation. Others arc refraining from voting, feeling that they do not know enough about the plan to decide iu merits. Had we been fully advised as lo the matter I am convinced thai many members would have voted differently, while those who are not vot-. Ing would have taken part in settling the question. It the decision ot the Connelterfile chapter ia against the consolidation, it wjil be mainly because the. members did not consider themselves sufficiently informed to vote ID its favor. Rather than commit themelyes; i;0 v a proposition.; they- Straub of ConnellsviUe, nellsville this winter that, the AMERICAN General Pershtac. Howover. Cases to Jr'or NOT A SUBSTITUTE LOCAL SOT KXLISTS L\ COAST 1HEF13KSE. John T. Kennedy, son of Mr. and Mm. James Kennedy of Trump avenue, enlisted in the coast 1 artillery in Dniontown yesterday. Kennedy will leave for Columbus Ohio, Monday. NOT QUITE OID .B50UGH FOR SKRTICK, Jatnes Strawn, who has recently enlisted in the medical corps, cannot leave Cor camp Friday on account of hife age. Strawn will be 18 years old Monday and will leave for camp oa Tuesday. PoUtoes Cannot HP l*i rbe*i Flour, Is Ruling. County Food Administrator Charles Davidson today ' requested to be announced that potatoes could not be purchased as wheat flour substitutes. Several merchants have called Mr. Davidson to whether potatoes could be sold as wheat flour substitutes, consumers having picked up tho report that the adcaiaistratiou was permitting It. Wliile potatoes arc not allowed (o be sold as a wheat substitute, h is j due to overwork, reported that in West Virginia they; are being used for that Voting is still in progress at iiead- quarters and will continue until Uiis evening. A count of the ballots wilJ he Diad* by the executive committal? at a meatiag follcwiag cbe closing- cf (he polls, and action taken in accordance with the result shown by the count. OVERWORK FATAL WASHINGTON, Feb. , 2S. -- Four company has never before laced 1 Mains have frozen in the hill distric in innumerable places, and after mucl ·work in thaving them out it develop ed that Uiey iad sjtJit. In additioc the 16-inch main feeding the Wes Side broke recently cutting off thi IXTP city supply for almost 36 nours. Mi ULuj Halstead, without practically any as j sistnnce from tbe water company ha- struggled to remedy the situation a- best he could. The only aid given hin was hy Superintendent Angle or th- Fayetic County Gas company wh» spared alt the labor poBsible, ' " " Bpeafefng" tbe failure ol the water company ti SHLLEDFARM LABOR Placed in Deferred Class by Order o! Provost Marshal General. A ruling has JUKI been made by the Scotldaln Engineer Collapses mid Dies i provost marshal general on the re- at Mttsliorp Hospital. James L. Hazen, 30 years old, of the firm of Miller, Hazen, Mclntosh Carlisle, mechanical engineers with headquarters ScotWale. died this STAMP SALES GROW Almost $2^00 Worth .Vrc rnrchuscd by Suhoiil Children. , To date the sales of War Saving ice, has been ordered from San An- , suimps , n th( , ^^^ oC ^ city tonio, Teias to_ New_York^ Young ] amouat to ?2 .-l07.02. On Tuesday a gain was shown in every school in the f city. Almost every child ir. the grades is saving pennies to got a quarter for the next "banking" day. A total of $S03.43 was collected Tuesday. The amounts tor Tuesday follow: Fourth ward, ?BOJ7; South Side, $145.8!; Third ward, $186.07; Second SXALL.XAY BE OX TVAT TO FRAA'CK J. E. Smalt, who ia with the mechanical dei£xtment of the aviation serr- small' is a son of 3Ir. and Mrs, James 1 Small of Ogden street. . morning In Si. rrancis hospital. Pitu- burg from an affection of th,e heart Hazen collapsed last Friday on the completion of_a plan at which ue ht.d been engaged. He waa taken to tlie hospi'uil Monday. lie was a son of tlie late James W. Hazen. His mother, a sister, Lillian, and a brother, Eugene, live near Unlaatown. The funeral will be from the home Sunday at 2:,')0 o'clock. SLIDE^NB. 0. ; Boud Track is Tied Up Above MUu Creek; So. 43 Delayed. Kimore Ohio train No. 43 was up for two hours this morning l a slid« from the mountainside red the west bound tracks be- n Ohiopyle and Indian Creek. It necessary for tae passenger train ick up to Confluence aad go past ·-lide on the east bound track, .e train was transferred to the bound track at the H. K. tower, e Indian Creek. Aliboayh the bound track was completely tied raffle was continued orer the east d rails. BOMB PLOT FATAL Corporal Killed and Others Injnreil in Blast at Honolulu. By Associated Presa. HONOLULU, Feb. 28.--Corporal Jolin Simmons, Piedmont, S. C., was instantly killed. Captain Peter Sorenson and Lieutenant "W. Hanaa were seriously injured and three other officers received slight hurts from the explosion of a grenade at the Scho- fltld barracks today. N The explosion was said to be due to the presence of a live bomb in a boi supposed to contain dummies. BOUND FOR FRANCE Qnay Tlcnvick, Local Ayiator, at Eastern l*ort Awaiting Transportation. Quay Hcrwick, who has been in training at Wilbur Wright Field at Dayton, O., has been transferred to the 172nd Aero Siiadron and is at an Eastern port awaiting orders'to leave for "Over There," according to a letter written by young Herwick to his mother, Mrs. David Berwick. The news comes as a grea't surprise to the many friends of Herwick as he only enlisted the latter part of December. MEXICANS -Feeling Tine As * Fiddle." liter Porter of The Courier job ;s has received a letter from Har- liger. now at the Union Printers' j s, Colorado Springs, Col., convey- he cheerful news, that he Is 'Teei- iae as a fiddle." He has - gained unds since arriving at the home In Uxdianse of Shots With Meiicwis on Texas Border. By Associated Preiw. EL PASO, Texas, Feb. 2S--A Mexican federal sergeant and a private soldier were wounded late yesterday by United^tates cavalry patrols in an exchange of shots across the Rio Grande east of Tslepa, 12 miles from here. The Mexicans opened fire on a patrol party of eight cavalrymen who returned it. Fonr Hinote Speech. Hev. J. L. Proudflt, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, has been scheduled to make a Four-iTinute talk aopes soon to b* back in tie cote I at tie unfurling ot a service flag in try. ' I the Odd Fellows' temple tonight ward, 560.92; West Side, ?100.(J9; high, school, 5249.69. DRAFTEE SEHT TO CAMP. PJUSOX GUARD BOMB. Is Stalibcd to Death and Three Ms- oners Esc*pu. By Associated Press. JEFFERSON CITY, .Mo., Feb. 28.-Eli .Jenkins, guard at the Missouri State prison was killed this morning by two convicts, -who with a third whom they released scalod the prison walls and escaped. 'When Guard Jenkins opened the cell door to let Convicts Kenneth Brewer, aad David Bartlett go to work they seized and bonnd him and then sta.bbad him to death. They were serving sentences of five to eight years. I. C. T. Buys Coach. Another coach' has been added to the passenger equipment of the Indian Creek Valley railroad. Only recently a combination passenger and baggage car as purchased by the valley road. · Rifle Club Xceting. A meeting of the Connellsville Rifle cluJ. will be held tflis evening- at the armory. last Han of Saturday's Contingent Jf«w in Training. Kostus Bachekostus of Dawson, who had been called to go to Camp Lee with, the draftees Saturday, left this afternoon on Baltimore Ohio train No.'16 for the camp. He liad changed his residence aud did not receive the orders for going to camp in time to report Saturday night. ' "With the appearance of Backekos- tus every man called by ttie No. 5 board, for entrainment is listed as reporting. U. B. Revival. Rev. "W. G. Albau, of Bverson, preached last night in the revival services, in the "United Brethern church. This evening Rev. T. C. Harper, of Mount Pleasant will be the speaker. . . Probably rain tonight and Friday; colder Friday is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature fiecord. '1918 1017 Maximum 56 . 49 Minimum *i 23 Mean __-- .-40 39 The Yoagh river fell during the night from 7.2P £et to 6.50 feet TEACHER'S BLOW FATAL Coroner Investigating Cnae of Tunisli- mt'ut in Westmoreland. CREENSBURG, Feb. 2S.--Coroner James Harkius has ordered an investigation of the deatll of Esther Holmes, 1'1-year-olil daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Holmes of Pena township. According to J- F. Lonff, the a:t*ndiiiff physician, the child died Monday aright from a blow on the head. The parents oC tbe child assert that the blow was struck by tbe child's teacher. District Attorney X. A. Cort -was notified of the case and will make an investigation. Margaret Smail is t'.ift teacher of the room which the chald attended at Claridge. doing sentry- rhiiy in the first line trenches have been sentenced to | aid Mr. Haletead'in the matter, thi death. j morning said: "I think it is an out General Persons, although he has i rage. Mr. Halstead was too good : referred their cases to the war de- I man tor the water company to put ii parlmenl for review. ConnellBville. He has been doin; everything possible to remedy condi lions and then the water corapan; 'calls' him for his efforts. The idc; ol trying to handle conditions hep with two men." .Mayor Duggan saif he was going to find out if there wa not a way the water company cou]i be forced to put more men on the jot of the Secretary of Agriculture ! ".lust look at the water running dowi that skilled farm laborers will he \ our main sreeta," he said. "If i should happen to freeze, the street, 'would be impassable." When asked this morning the rea srn for his resignation Mr. Halsleai said he wished to engage himself else where. He said iio handed ia hi resignation last week, to take effec the last of the month. Before com ing to Connellsville, Mr. Halstead wa. employed at Racine, TVjs., and befor taking charge there, was superintend given deterred classification in order that the Tann labor in the country tins year will not be ciit down. Farmers are assured that, they will he able to retain their labor and are requested to KO ahead with their plantins- ' The deferred classification will be ' granted not only to men who are grad- i uates of an agricultural school, or who have a scientific or highly technical knowledge of agriculture, but to the farm laborer. The defi'inition of a i e nt of the water works at Sioux Fall skilled farm hand now includes the j Soutb Dakota. He has been in Col labornr that is skilled in work about tbe farm. A communication received here liy the Connninee on Public Safety says it seems settled that the next dralt will not take effect until May or June. nellsville since October, 1916. Superintendent Halstead has beei held in high esteem here erer sincj he toot charge of the plant. He ha: rounded out 21 years with the wate com pan y. PETTY THIEVES AT WORK TAFT COMMITTEE NAMED TROOPS 60 THROUGH. Are lionad fer 1'rance, Ofiiew in Command Makes Known. A troop train of 14 cars passed through yesterday morning over the Pittsburg Lake Brie and Western Maryland railroads. There were 700 oC Uncle Sam's boys, just enough to all the 14 cars which composed the train. Toey were from Camp Ouster, Michigan, and were enroute to Camp Greene. The officer in charge volunteered tbe information that they would soon be ia Prance looking for old Kaiser Bill. Purses and Oilier Articles Taken! From lifd Cross KtKms. ' Several petty thef".s are re-ported as ; having recently been committed in i the cloak rooms used hy the ladies j who form the sewing, knitting and i surgical bandage classes a', the Red Cross headquarters in the old high iicbool building. In one instance a live dollar bill was tukeu from the purse in a handbag which had been left in the cloak room. At other times overshoes have been found missiog. Yesterday the purse which a worker j had placed in her handbag and carefully concealed under her muff was rifled of its cash contents. It is sup- I ixsed that the thefts have been com- [ mitted by some person who visits the ! isloak rooms while the workers are j busy at. their tasks in the work rooms j adjoining. TO JiOLI) LV.W. AKNUAt ELKS MINSTREL. Event is Arranged for Tuesday and Wednesday, ipril 16 and 17. The Elks are arranging for their 11 ti annual minstrel to be given Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, April 16 and 17 in the Soisson theatre. An excellent program will be provided.. lOSfccr Prom Camp Sherman Will ! Come for Leisenring Soldier. Attorney J. Kirk Renner recived a wire from Camp Sherman, Chillieothe, O., last night to hold Charles "W. Lynn of Leisenring who was arrested by Constable Frank McLaughlin as a deserter. An officer will be sent from the training cair ( p for him and will ' probably arrive some time today. Local Men ou the Receiving Whei Former 1'residunt Comes. A number ol Connellsville men havi been naJ^aed on '.he committee ou reception to former President "Willian Howard Ta£t when he visits Uniontown for two addreeses nezt Thursday, March 7. Judge J. Q. Vai Swearingen is chairman of the committee. The men from Connellsvilli and vicinity are: Dr. L. P. McCormick. Frank W, Wrigit, E. T. Norton, H. M. Kephart W. F. Soissou. Charles Davidson Worth KilpaJrick, I. F. Ruth, W. D McGinnis, A. B. Kurtz, John Duggan Rockwell Marietta, Rev. John L Proudfit, Dr. Harry J. Bell, Harry Me- Donald, R. D. Henry, Henry T. Coch, ran, 0. F. M. Nicolay, Henry Lander- berger, Rev. H. A. Baurn, Dr. J. R Cogan. George Strickler, W. A. Cosgrove, Philip G. Oglevec, Frank Galley, Bwing Oglevee, John L. Keffer, D, C. Foltz, G. H. Swearingen, R. J. Jlc- Goe, Hev. D. E. Jfinerd, jonn B. Senor. John Dnggan, Jr., E. C. Higbee, S. R Goldsmith, H. C. Hays, Logan Rush. John S. Carroll, "SV. H. Raukin, Jokj L. Cans and Joseph J. Thompson. OFFERED HIS BLOOD. I Governor Brumbaugh Kadi; Tendw ii a Personal Letter lo J»r. Diion. intend 10 desert "French leave." Measles Reported. A case of measles has been reported to the health board. HI TTith Pneumonia. The youngest child of JTr. and Mrs, W. R, Long of Race street is suffer imf iii=t tr«v ' m a lctter written by hand to the late but just took a Dr Samue , G Dilon to UI](iergo , blood transfusion operation in an effort to save the life of the state commissioner of health. The letter is treasured by Dr. . Bison's family as one of the finest ex- ing from an attack of pneumonia corn- Ipressions of ' appreciation ever" replicated with laryngitis. i ce i ve d by the doctor.

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