The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 18
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t. . "1" r 18 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1964 .' DONT GET SKINNED ; J. .Bad Dreams! When You Buy YouY Mink . . . 7 ) Know What You're The admoaitloa "caveat emptor" no longer has the ready application of yore but any woman with mink In mind should have some facts and figures before , making her purchase. Characteristics which can be readily compared between pelts in different m(nk garments are color, under fur, guard hair, .skin suppleness and to what extent they have been let out if at all. ' Because natural color fur' retains Its color longer, the finer mink are never dyed. Of the natural mink, very dark brown is the most expensive and the blacker It Is the better. Pastel or medium' brawn although currently la great demand It often not Sf expensive as the peler muta- , tions such as lavender, viol St. , bop, and sapphire. Whatever ,' the color, look for a consist-ently clear tone. A reddish cast, especially common In the brown shades. It a sign of inferior quality. under rim The pett with the thickest under fur, the downy fur that keeps In the warmth. It best. It should have some sheen ' and clear tone. " One of the easiest compart- sons to make between mink BIRKS BIRKS RIDIAU 17-Jtwel Rideau movement; yellow top, sttei beck; ex-pa a s I o n bracelet RIDEAU watchet am made in Swlt-terland especially for Blrta. 21.tS . VttU - 'Jadpet rem i .. iwiUaN ' 101 SPARKS STREET , ant v IIUINGS IRIDGI PIAIA BUY YOUR BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND "CHARCE-IT" . 3 CREDIT PLANS!. czic:.unspa Be yoe tenq tot nM Horn the sgs m of rtiwiKtle en erttwttle esiet 9oy fwfckw ' ' Dl M dull echee end iMM . Btttfhd) iaBfAOvCsB4 VVJII fteT iOsSeJdjsTe Tff TtSiPttTOW'S TW-C's.OntTSec ei q$tM M qtilH) 9sMB)tlfsl eWVfywReVeS Shop Friday 12.39 to 9- p.m. ' eflitfs 4m 9 .m. to 6 p.m. pelts is the -quality of the top or guard heirs. These should be vsoft, not course, with a high sheen, and even lengths not too long or shsggy. A poor pelt might have longer guard hairs than a good one, hut they are noticeably sparser and less even. As' guard hair protects the soft under fur its quality la most Important to the germent's durability. Durability depends upon the suppleness of the skins. The leather should never be allowed to dry out. . i .Letting out or "dropping" is the highly skilled process of . lengthening a pelt. The leather it cut Into a herring bone pattern, (two, rows of diagonal alits meeting at the centra line of the skin). Then me sain is ttretcneo to roe oesirea ltngtn and the cuts are sewn up. Simple as this. may sound It takes years of practice on the part of both' a cutter and a sewer; Thus mink garment prices vary : depending on tht degree of workmanship that hu gone Into them. ; - Top quality pelts are let out to show them to Jnelr greatest advantage. A full length stole, coat or cape requires completely let jut skins, but many of the small fun. because of their design, R AMO , V MISS OA Y.MORRISON ' . ' ', (Ptwte h Deuflse) ,' '..-,' ; :' ' . . yi.;., ' Career in the Kitchen Chosen by Ottaw'a Girl CEDAR POINT, Mich. (Special) A young Ottawa Woman. Mitt Cty'Morrilon, ki in charge of training the hundreds of girls end women who turn out 1.S00 tnetlt daily at this Moral Re-Armement conference centre on Macklnee bland. " Mlse Morrison, supervisor of cooking at the conference,' notes that "more end more women don't know how u cook and to many mothers leave the kitchen for obe." She feels It tnakee the fanv ily lose "its meaning and sense of unity." . : . .. '., ; ; "Mealtimes are often the only time a family gets to gether," ehe taya. , ,, , Miss Morrison, who often Spends 19 hours a day la the kitchen, did not start life this way. "Whea somebody first suggested cooking to me, I rebelled," the' says. "Then I decided. 'All right I will cook, and I loved R." ' Cay Morrison comes from a family long associated with die food Industry. Her father, Cecil Morrison, has had a bakery for SO years. He' is president of the Morrison-Lamothe Bakery In Ottawa which employe 1,000. tf U the largest single-unit oakery In Canada. ,'';,. . . WAITRESS "Since I wat 13 years old, t worked every Saturday la my father's plant," the says. "The bakery's catering service covert anywhere from M to W weddings on a Saturday. ' I was a waitrese at many weddings." - Doing require only partially let out 1 skins.,". vV'i. V" 'i The .Canadian ' woman should know that wild mink from Canada's Labrador and Mackenzie River regions were the origjnators of all the good ranch mmk now bred not only ' in Canada but throughout the ' United Slates and Europe. MISUSE LABEL4; : .- Only the best of the Cans-. , dian ranch bred mink pelts, i approximately M per - cent., I are allowed the Canada-. Majestic Mink label by the auction houses. However, there are instances of the mls-use of the Canada Majestic end other leading, fur labels. . ' Mehy.womett art unaware . that . (n Canada we do not have lawt requiring every fur to be labelled as to Its true name and country of orltln. Nor do they know that In. the past yea there hat' been an Increase la the number of hv ; ferior European mink pelts coming Into Canada. , t Their average 9ki per pelt J to the fur manufacturers It lets than half that of a Can- . ada Majestic pelt. The Can ' ada Mink ; Breeder recently expressed considerable com cern about ' the number of ; mink garments being advertised at low prices yet deslg- nated as Majestic quality. - f" - Morritott-Lemothe is rep . Idly expanding. Last year the hsktry . sold two' million . frozen tweet pies to Britain.. It packages ell types of freain foods,' Including brownies. They use 1,000 -begi of flour per day, j . Mist Morrison hu tied practical experience in at meet every aspect of cook big. She managed a restau , rent for a year, received diploma In hotel, resort and : restsurant ' v administration from Rytrson Institute of ' Technology in Canada, then .' went to France to study .French cookery. '. ., While there she decided W .'attend a Conference for Moral Re-Armament. Since 'ISM, when she began to work with MRA. Mist Mor. rison has cooked in confer ence centres in Frances ; Switzerland, Germany, Brit ' sin. Canada and the USA. EXPECTS PERFECTION , In the kitchen Miss Morrison has a vitslity and hv. ! terast in her work which Is .' contagious. She expects and ' gets hard work and perfec- tion from the girls the trains. . She says, "You have got to c keep the pace end your mind ; on what you're doing. Other-. Wise you will have a burned" finger or a line of people standing tray out the door waiting for their food." Miss Morrison wants Mr Mackinac trainees, aome of whom "have never used a knife before," to "make the kitchen the heart of the borne agam." -x ; ... - ..s ts At; . V f DREAM IN MINK v r N ; ' '.Thit boiero Jacket of Canada Majestic Mink It ' cut with a graceful stole effect in front The color of the jacket la one of the lighter, natural brown muta. tlon shades currently la fashion. ; ' f Course in Practical Nursing Means Year of Hard Work .By JIM BISHOP . The building was tubdued and almoet empty, thinking of ill pett The halls were thick with old paint A few . light bulbs eured with Jaundiced eye at what Was left ' of. glory. Five young glrle . thin, fat Ull and email ; lounged on ' their ' backa ttudylng a television screen. . In a week, they will be Sractical nurses. They will , gin to devote ' their Uvea .' to healing. It is an almost., holy calling, and yet K re-'. , quired only one year of study , to do it There was nothing easy ' about the year these.,; girls gave up. The dates were few, .the classrooms were monotonous . and, in term in-able; the night work, sitting in pajamas on a bed beside a stuffed panda,' trying to recall whether pregnancy ' occurs in the Fallopiat tuba or the eustachian tube; was a chore. s . , -, Danclngf Young feet can ache aa hard at old ones. The girts lounged, watching the new, and the commentator said that the Surgeon -General of the United States wat alarmed because of the short age of nurse. They eat up. Five nurses will not assuage the government. A half mil- ' lion nurses RN'i and PN't are needed desperately. -NOT ENOUGH 1 ' There ere 700 '.practical hurting school In the U.S., but only SO ere associated ' with hospital. Tht rest are : in high schools, Thirty thousand young ladle ere ttudylng to be practical nurses. The number should be 300,000. In schools for registered nurse,; 123A6I are studying. Not enough. - -v . 1 A registered nurse gets 130 a dsy. She earn It end more. The doctor rnay tee the patient once a'tley,- but the RN eeee the sick ell the time. The practical nurse is paid SIS a jiay and she I more available to the tick than the RN. The PN does everything but administer medication. ......The pity is that to tew girl want to spend year to become PNs. Most good ' nursing, schools divide the' curriculum into three parts:. the first four month are pent studying the human body and medical termlnol- oxy; the second four have. , r . urv u Big uivwcv u- tween working In the hospl-tal. and ttudylng at the . nursing School! . the third four month are spent (a . much ten hours a day) working In the hospital, getting practical experience. ' HOUSE MOTHER -The five girls watched a . little more television, and then went to their rooms. , They Hid goodnight to Mrs. Pauline MacFarlane, the , nowy-halred house mother .- who checks them In at night gives them passes to spend : a weekend at home, and tistent to their personal MR. JACQUES and hla STAFT will style your hair to flatter your facial proportlona oval, .round, square or heart-rriaped. You'll love this personalised aervicel . j" . fHelcne Curtis ' JUNE'S BEAUTY SALON 10S RIDEAU ST.. above Reltman'a feajgaejiifiatjji t - from the first ' final hour, assurance SPECIAL yf .95 PERM I sUealat lie treaie Of ttelette CartiS CeM Wave , OPEN tVENlNOS 232-4039. moment to the fc - and understanding . 1098 Byros Ave. . 728-1761 isimis WeadraMe aad . CllKItBalWirIDCr'TriC ' 315 Mcleod. SL. .: 2311143 C liaise Ism mm CrCoaaort T heartaches. It ttnt admiration -the lrlt feel tor this woman; It't love. . ', . . One student hat a sign over her bathroom door: "It It Illegal and unlawful for miim 1M more than U persons to ee- ' tupy thit bathroom." In an anatomy class, Mri Gutter-men wat discussing the' human stomach and asked a student . to remove . the ptattit organ from en exhibit The young nurse took it out in her hand, opened it and a hamburger fell out ; Twenty per cent of all We have S LITTLE SJJ (V ' gggWHfeet )J( Qr '' I I i ! famous orana nam rounaauont irom a iuu tiocn. Damage Is slight, but the savings are tremendous thit is the time to build a tremenaoua xounaauott wararooei s 4, Sorry No Exchanges or Refunds . ' ' FAMOUS BRAND NAME CinCLES COHEELETTES ir JL By MYRTLE MEYER ELDRED It seems hard for parents.. to i ma la e that ehifdrea . dream. But children do fro . about the time they are three yeari old, Sometimes they cannot tell their dreamt, but they wake tip crying loudly for no apparent reason, and one hat to suspect that tome dream hat frightened them. By four or five they can usually relate what they have . dreamed and the chances are good that they'll make at ; good a story about their . dreamt at their Imagination , will permit. Mrs. Be -. V. s Writes: .; - . "Dear Mrt. EldredY - "My boy it just pett five end he wakes up to many nights crying and saying he hat had a bad dream. Sometimes he It hardly awtkt and le not coherent about what he hat dreamed. But when' he does wake up be says beers-were chasing him. or a snake came and sat on his then or other fearful things. Do you think' thit It usual for young children to dream thit way What should I do about It?" . The child who It five or elderli ctptble of being reasoned with as the younger i child might, You can I explain f about dream being ; part of hie, imagination which ' makes pictures in his mind. No dream can hurt him and b he feels frightened a ad . wakM up you wilt be right there tt comfort him. - -- It It possible that he it being read te at night a be at wild animals which then people his dreams. He may be played with until he is highly excited and overwrought and to dreamt instead of sleeping .. soundly. '. - . . ..' You may he untwtre that there ere events m hit own day which Inspire fears or anxieties end these turn late terrifying visions et 'night . : WAKEN HIM .,' . If h Is not awake whert he cries out H may help to take him te the bathroom and sponge off hi face gently with tool water. This will waken . aim completely and then you can-tooth him and put him student -will uit ' They have , family problems, or they have no true motive, tlon to heal the tick, or a .boyfriend tires of the cut Iron rules of behavior. . The five glrlt walked down the hot htllt to their rooms and I asked them If they had decided on a class motto. "Yes." the little one said. "Enter to Learn Go Forth to Serve. H ' v Copyright IBM. be has calmed down. " ' If he te awake, then ulk quietly to -him; Remind him .'that you are there to protect him. Suitest that ha lie down and think of something pleasant, a nice picnic in the back yard tomorrow, or having one of hit friends over to play. This, you assure him. will make klm forget the bad dream. At five be wiU be able to accept these comforting thoughts. t ' t you have questions about child ctre, or advice to share with others, please send your letters to me. I'll try to print tt many as I can. If you wish' a' personal reply, please Include a stamped, self - addressed envelope. Send to Myrtle Meyer. EWred. in care Of The Ottawa Journal. GODfVAS SHY MARL0W, England (CP) -Thit . Buckinghomshirs town could not find a local girl will- nivsa up mm bauy uouiva ia a ntsh-colortd, skin - tight costume for a carnival. Eventually the council hired a profes sional model. help you select 17, Street back to bed when V j i-':- ( IL m cr-l DMOKd OAMACC profeuional coraetleres to niilllai (...llbetial I I SMFLE3S fJ ElciiO DRAS . AUD E.GGG! SCIENTIFIC SUPPORTS Pri-Natcl end Nuntng Crct end Girdles Scientifically Fitted 285 All Drastically Reduced lr:ri:rAy Between Bank and O'Connor

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