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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
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I rice Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advsrtising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 28, NO. 45. Tbc Weekly CouirU'r, I-'oundctl July IT, IS70. The l.UIr Courier, rounded November 10, 18fl» July If. 1020. Uereo*. T m r A r m T r » A -ir TyiTrrnvrTXTn T ^ \TTT \ T tr o i n n / - . jIjB, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, J A N U A R Y 3, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. QUIT POLICE FORCE; UNIONTOWN MAN MAY BE HIS SUCCESSOR ©- Resignation Presented to Old Council at Its Final Session Thursday. RUMOR NAMES JOHN WALL Oomnollsvillo will hnvo another chief of police when tho ne-w taketi oiTlco on Monday, or at least an acting head nnt(l a now chleE has beon appointed. Gcorgo L. Grubb, who has occupied that offlco for tlio past, four years dnr- iug .-tho term of Mayor J, I* Evaws, p res on tod uis resignation, effective January fi, io City Council last night and It Vfiw accepted. It WAS generally iiii-tlerstoort the chief would not be maintain-ed in his preswvt capoc.lty. KUnvor strongly f»vor% John Wall o£ Uulontown, a former clilef of that city ami at one time a State po Hoe/man. However, Mayor-elect II. D. Mluerd Is nou-com- mi'Ual aljout 'his selection, for the hlffhost post in his department. Although ho said thc-rr- would be no immediate ahan-ges, tho realKHfitlon ot Clriof Grulb will m a k e it imperative to oiither unnotioco tho now police head or name a temporary acting ehloC when tlw now a il ml n tat ration assumes control Mondiiy morning. Chief G r u b b did not discloe his plaiiK for the f u U i r e . ll said he will probably t a k e a short, rest and Indicated ho would continue* in police work olsowhero. Tho chief lias operated his office (ItiUHly. assuming duties, -which ve- fiuired his presence many hours longer lliua tho regular eight worked by patfolrneij. Even opposed to hini declare his disposition differs from that of nvcu w h o u s u a l l y become hiU-riozi-ed by tho responsibilities o£ the ifli(H, a n d liis w i n i i i i J K maiinor. baa made h i n t many f r i e n d s here. Council adopted an ordinance granting tho Stmtc Highway Department i h o HK'-it to tako ov-or a.nd luuin.lain I h o tbrouKh-tralfie A report from l''iro Chief \V. K. JDe- Automobile's Toll In 1029 Well Above That of Year Before * By U n i t e d Press. Death n-ntiidflen coniipan-Um of America on the move claimed approximately flve and one-halt per cent more victims in .autOMObile traflic a.ccidents ·during 19'29 than in the preceding year a survey of 32 representative cltios disclosed today. In. only eight /of tho rHies were fewer fatalities fi-om such accidents recorded. Increases in the other 2'4 ranged from about two iei- cent at Detroit to almost 70 per ceiiit ut Berkeley, Cal. Total auto accident dc.ith -toll for tho 32 cities iii-clu'dlng- such nvajor centers as New York, Clwcago, Detroit, Cleveland and i»t. Ixuia, v. as H.OflS for 1929 and -1.82.5 for 192S. The iucrease, HG7, is 5.53 per cent. -Now York, the largest city in UK ; Nation, led in the number killed, 1,262 during the year just, concluded, as compared with 1,030 in 102S. N Other larger cities showed decreases. Chicago's auto faita/lifles -dropped from 918 to 799. Cleveland noted a decrease from 332 to "7f) and deaths from this can-so at St. Louis were l(il last year, as compared with 215 in 1928. Yojjgh Boosters Called to Meet In Washington Representatives of the "i Hlver Im.p-rovemeu-t Association, wl-ll go to Washington again next week In the intonewt, of that proj i -c-t MiUter.s of importance have made it necessary far them to meet with the Pennsylvania representatives in Oon- gress in a caucus anid a request to IK ready for tho session on Tuesday morning has been received from the Colt was received. X'exf, Mon!«y j n o r n l n g Council will j mwl Hw , ^ |n rwrwnrlM aliil throe new memTxrs , h canalization scheme. ,ih their scats. Charles F. \\hUo, Ins D. Y o u n k i n a n d B. M. Swartz- v v o i d e r will succeed C h a r l e s M. Stono. I t i i r r y y G. B r o w n and Charley V. TEN PERISH WHEN PLANE COLLIDE FILMING MOVIE. Kenneth Hawks, Husband o Mary As tor, and a Director Among the Dead. FALL 3,000 FEET INTO THE PACIFIC ^ B y U n i t e d Press, SANTA MONICA, Gal,, Jim. 3.--Film inig of a motion picture, with its climax modeled on the death a a.t se«a o Captain Alfred Liow-enstein, itbe Bel CHILD SAYS MOTH ER 3HOT TROOPER gian multi-millionaire, txxk 10 liv«a in the Pacific Oceiin off hero late yeater ·day. J'tist as tho scr-ee-n iparty was ·pre- paring to ehoot the Bceno in which Ivowenatein dropped mysteriously from his airplane, jribo tho Binglisli Cliaunol, two of tho three ipJanes -U4ec ·in the action crashed in mM-aLr aud carried a-11 himdB to death. Three bodios were recovered' shortly after the traric collision and a .gigantic search to find tho missing, including Ke/nineth Hawks, -dlrector-ilmsbaiw of Mary Aator, one of the screen's mofl beautiful actresses, was uiwksr way today. Coast Guard cutters, speedboats planes and P. lyiinvp hovered over the point whore idho two ships ·plunged into tho water. la adddLion to Hawks those etil missing w«re: George Bastmaa cam«raina-n; Obto Jordan, Camerman; Paul Bous and Ross Cook pilots, and Tom Harris and Hani Johanoss, prop boys. Tboso recovered wero lthro^v^l clear of the planoi! as they telJ. Thvy Max Gold, assistant director; Corvrac Wolla, camera-man, and Deoi assistant cameraman. Tho .party, lieaded by I-Iawfcs, an ari'ator and a promlaenl film colony figure, was about to take the final sliol of the picture -starring Warner Baxter. Tho latter was not in the party. Two of tli-e- motion .picture pianos carried UKI directors and iho camora- C o n U n u o d from Pa,go Or. 11. T). Minerd w i l l succeed .1. I,. Kvans a« the live. ·ity's chief exeeu- F. E. WEDDELL MADE MEMBER OF PITTSBURG INVESTMENT COMPANY to Tho Courier. SCOTTDALK, J..UI. -Announce- UK-lit of tho admission of Frank E. \Vodclt-ll as p u r l u r r in thy itrni of K. W. Tcdd Company, investment banke-'s, IMttslmrg, us of J a n u a r y J, was made yesterday. Mr. Weddell waa al»o elected vlce- protidont and a dii-ft-tor of tho tivm last week. The oldest investni'-nt and occupies tho entire -12th Hour of t h e Duunon:! I'ank Building, with brjuich offices at 52 \ V i l l l n m s street. N e w York City. 'Mr. Wcddell entered u p o n his now duties yc-stcrdiiy. at ft meeting held (!rm iu one of t h e hi Plttslmr 1 .' AUTOMATIC SWITCHES TO SOUND FIRE 'ALARM Three a u t o m a t i c - signal switches are being iutitalleti for the (ire eiren bv the Vninbar Volunteer Fire . De- p.irtnUMit. W i t h t h e n o w e q u i p m e n t in readincKs, it v l l l only rciiulre a . p u s h on a b u t t o n ut either of tho tiirtH- places to sound tho alarm, w h i c h w i l l work automatically. Heretofore it was necessary to notl- 1'.' a garagt by telephone or in some o t h e r m a n n e r b e t o r e - t h o siren was .Bounded, Much Unisi will be savad w i t h the Installation o£ tlie u u t o i n j t i c t witches'. SMITHTON SLAYER GETS LIFE TERM Jan. 3.-- J o h n Man- JIajor John K. Ulake and pasaibly Sta-to SenaUw Marry J. fk j l! aiwl Ile- B. IltMidei-Hon will this city. Cha-lw R. Shaw' of iMc-Ke-e-Sporl, presltlon- of the Hvor Improvement association and also pre-sidewt of the McKeesiiort Chamber of C«mmor««, will represent that end of tho rlvor; aiwl C. S. J-'tovonson and Major Monreheud will f-o from Wosl .Vow ton. The former is secretary- treafturor of the river j roup and t!h« latter Is a technical advisor. A conferonco amoni.', the officers of the river RS«oclalti'n. luid boon planned for Thursday afternoon, at McKeewport btut It w.ui postponed wh«a Che requost for 11.o presence- of tho sarno g-rou.p in \S aahington on Tftosday was received. Congressmen Koiulial.', Wyant and Ke-liy have been actively engaged In furthering; the. Youghit-gheny River project -evor since the .·essloa of the Uivors ITar.borB Corgix?s« on December 10 ami 11. A nuisfl of staitls- tlcs re-latins to -tonnage, water power and flood control lias been gajthor-ed togo-Uier aud It will be put into con- crote form Army for presentation to tho iri asltuig a r-evis-loii of the unfavorable rejiort marie re- cnnalization or tho stroann. T h a t hearing will be li-U! in the near f u t u r e and when it is conducted, tho Yough adherents will to r-oady w i t h every nocea:sary faot. BAR EXAMINING COMMITTEE NAiWED BY JUDGE HUDSON Special to Tlio C o u r i e r . "U'.N'IONTOWX, Jan. 3.-- J u d g e Thomas H. Hudson this mo-ruing announced the members of the i'^ayette County Lav/ Examining Committee for the next two years. Tt is marie u.p of Allan D. Williams, BueM .D. Whltehlll, H o r r y A. Co* torn, Jacob II. Sherrard nor! J-Ierbcrt B. Stauft. They will hold office until December 31, 1332. The law examining board docs not have the same burdens as it did many years ago wh-on all applicants for ad-' mittan-cc to the bar were examined ny tln board. Now all sturlen'ts must first pans the state law e x a m i n i n g commit- nio (if S m i t l U o u , oiivicted at the No- | ttx;. If -Uie state bar tests have beon successfully passed th.»n it merely -be- \einhi-r term of court h e r o of first de- murder. U n i f y ucntenccd to t.ervi 1 u HtY tuna in tlio Western Peni- r e n t i a r y by J u d g i ' \V. T. Doni. The .,ury had recoititnonded life imprisonment iu Us verdict. A l u n n i c wn« tried :n i - o n n c K - t i i m w i t h r!hoo:ins Adolpli iVilloliH' at S m i t h t o t i la»t .May after a iuan-ol. A m i s t r i a l was dcc-laml at tho ilrst t r i a l of tho November. · nd it w a s re-tried in A d m i t t e d Jo Uis|i»(il. coiu-e-s u matter of th-o county lx -to pas a upon the moral ntne-aa of. tlio applicant. Arrested on Girl's Thnrg-e. Ray Clark of Daws.HI was arrested ye»K»rday by ConsLabU II. Drown on ti serious charge pro''erreJ by a girl ait. Hanovei'. The young main is being held lu tho city lockup for the llau- ovor officers. Wales Off for Africa. SOUTHOJIPTON, England, Jan. 3.- Viola M i x of Klhvood C i t y n i i l - T h o Princo of Vt'ales l e f t for n South M e n , I'liorbr H r n e r of D t n i b a r hcivo been j n l n i ' t t e . l t/ r!n t ' o n n c l K s v - j l l o btato HotyitiU for treatment. A f r i c a n h u n t i n g t r i ; abonrd t h e s t e a m e r K e n l l w n n h C n p t l e u t 4:15 M. todiu'. Police Arrest 570, $5,626 Collected In Fines in 1929 A total of 570 arrests were made d u r i n g the'year 1929, according to the annual report of Chief ot Polico Goorgo L. Grubb, presented to City Council at tho meeting Tuesday evening. Tho total amount collected from flnc'H aud forfeita wafi $6,626, the report also added, Tho records show that ot the 570 rrreels ma«lo, 239 paid tho tinea Imposed, 265'were committed for failure to pay the fines assessed and 66 were discharged. Tho summary of the charges follows: Public drunkenness, \'AT. Uieorderly conduct, 57. Drunk and disorderly, 52. Violation of thu liquor lawe, 43. Violation of State Highway regulations, 21. Violation of city traffic regulations, 18. Gambling, eix. Inmates of bawdy house, four. Bawdy bouse kaotiers, two. Indecent exposure of person, three. Malicious R}ischief, two. Soliciting for alms on atreet, two. Street walkere, two. Breach of peace, two. Annoying femalea on public street, two. Carryinp concealed -weapons, one. Violation of health ordinance ,ono. Falsa fire altrm, one. Collecting garbage without, a license, one. . Miscellaneous, five. WESTMORELAND BOND ISSUE OF $600,000 APPROVED BY STATE By ' U n i t e d Press. UAREISBURG, Jan. 3.--ApprovaI of a $000,000 bond Issue for "Westmoreland county for road and bridge improvement wee announced today by Secretary of Internal Affaire* James F. Woodward. Hereto four-y«ar-old Donald Set feeder, of Ben wood ami Wh^ollnig, W. Va., who told nolle© his mother, Mrs ITOIIO Snhroeler, young divorcee, "sliot a poltooman." The wornaai is wantc I in cornneottcm with the fatal Bhootin.g of Corporal Braidy Paul, of tho Pen isylvania State Polioo, on the highway near Butler, December 27. The ehll is shown hero wiWz Chief o-f Police Frazier of-Wheel hi g. Fire Loss During 1929 In City Held to $20,145 By Chief DeBolt and Men Greek Catholics Observe Christmas Tuesday, January 7 Santa Clmis w i l l make his rouo Is ngaln next week in this locality f ir hundreds of persons of Ihe Gre :k Catholic faith w i l l c e l f b r a i o Chri l- mas on J a n u a r y 7, Aside from the d i f f e r e n c e ia da'SB the Christmas festival of UK- Cfrc 5k Catholics -on the one h a n d , and 1 10 Ionian Catholics and 1'rotestants n .he other, differs o n l y in details. On the m o r n i n g of J a n u a r y 7, tin r« will bo C h r i s t m a s trees in tho hon es jf many of the people celebrating ' Uo festival on that date. At the foot of he b e a u t i f u l l y decorated trees so tie straw will be scattered, if tho f n n i . l y ceeps up t h e old custom. The Btr iw s to remind overyono of tho sta ilo u which the Christ wan born. The Greek CathoJic d e n o m i n a t on adheres to the Gregorian oaleii' ar which is .13 days beiuucl tlie popu ar Julian caleuilar. Nt-xt Tuesday \ ill jo December 25, according to he 3rcgoriau calendar. Easter will fall upon April 20 'or both tho Roman and Greek (,'atho ica his year. It is raro "that the ca! HI- lars thus coordinate. There, will be a p p r o p r i a t e Y n l e ' i d e erviees, at St. Stephen's Greek Ci th- ollc Church at JbeiS'jurlng No. 1. Tl'-jra vlll also bo special services at Sc itl- lale, Perryopolls and all ot le-r churches of that faith. CALLS ISSUED FOR BANKSTATEMENTS By United Press, WASHINGTON, Jan. 3. -- Comptroller of the Currency Pole today issued a bank call as of December 31. HARRtSBURd, Jan. 3.--A call for (statements of the condition ot slate banks and trust companies was ia- suod today as of the closo'ot business on December 81. The call was la- sue:! by Peter G. Cameron, socrotary of (ho S i n t e of B u n k i n g . The call is to bo p u b l i s h e d , H is -jocl- ' - UNIO^'TOWN, Jan. 3.--A deed for ipproximately 700 acres of coa in ho Indian Creek t e r r i t o r y passed thin veek from the Olymer National I iink ·(. Indiana county to the Spring lold ,'oal Choice Conipciny, At the F t m e ime the deed waa recorded a a ort- gage on the property for ?JG(),000 was lied In the records at the courtln use. The Springfield company, it is -aid, s composed o1 Indhina t-ounty i api- alists who were former boiidho/ lors f the one-time Saltlick Coal Joke Company. Tha bank, as tru^teei for he boudholdors, took tho plant aud La coal reserves over in forecU sure rococdingg. The bondholders are prepartn ; to renow operations of the plant, ; long Indian crncic, it Is said. The p r o p e r t y Is valued at $1,00 ,000, Garage Blaze During July Made That Worst Month of The Year. FIGURES SHOW EFFICIENT WORK The fire loss In ConneUevilJe 1929 RUiounited to $20,145, which ie coj'.'sideraWy lower than 1928, the Bailtimoro Ohio Railroad roundhouse was wrecked, by flames and a score ot locomotives damaged, according to "the report of FireClrtct William E. DoBoIt which Tras submitted to OHy Council at if.a meeting Thursday nif.'nt. 'Phero wero no Josses by fire In May aiutl Aufiitst and duilug tho latter month only one \vus turned la, Hint being a false one. There were two false alarms in May an-d four chimney fires also were res-ponniblo for the firemen turning out. A. perusal of the report shows that there were 16, false alarms during year. Nino out of town calls were answered. There were 11 automobile fires amid 31 chimney blazes. The other fires numbered BO. The month of July led- In loss, with, ·a total ot $6,070. fimliracecl to this w,a» the spectacular blaze which d^sbroy-od a garage and a nuTaler of automobiles In a truct-u-io In. Eaist ClHjrcli place. Plr-Q Chief DeBolt made 300 1'napec- t!ofn». The lire company used 1 509 gallons of ga*oliiU' and 20 gal-Ion's of oil during the year. A total of 8,500 feet Continued on Pagro six. FIVE BOYS ENLIST THROUGH PHILLIPS FOR NAVAL SERVICE John William Philllans, son of Mrs. Mae C. Philliaus of Unlontown; Harry W. Mitchell, son oE Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mitchell of Somerset county, near Hock-wood; Alex Kovach, Jr., son of Alex Kovach oE/Brownsville; Joseph Settle, sou of Mrs. Josephine Sefiic of Vestaburg, and David^ Wassil, son ot e Wassll of Vestaburg, were enlisted for naval service yesterday by ChlefS. S. Phillips and l e f t for the Great Lakes Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, 111. Yomigstown Banker Pcnd. YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Jan. 3.--A. K. Adams, 62, First National and Dollar Bank presidents, and national figure in business, died at his home hero today after an attack .of pneumonia. Adams bad been president of Youiig- stown's hu-BeaL ban king; i n s t i t u t i o n for 15 years. Roundhouse L ost-Tsme Accident The rounclliouKe employes o Pittsburg Lake Brie Ra'llroad the© Com- The Weather Snow flurries tonight, much c Saturday f a i r and colder is the weather foiecast for Western ay Ivan la. Temperature Record. 31)1)0 J 2i) M a x i m u m C t I Minimum 3S 8 pany at Diclceraon Kuu have rounded out 941 consecutive days without a lost-time accident. This department ia establishing an enviable record on tho YoujjhiogHeiiy Division. In 1D28 tho Yough employes lead the entire New York Central Lines · System in safety work, having but three lost-time accidents for tlto ;n- tlrs year, A meeting of the safety committee will be held In the nanr f u t u r e a! which time a detailed rnport of Hit; s a f e t y work for the year 1929 w i l l be Attends Sunday School i'or JO Years Without Missing* Single .Day Mrs. T. U. Wilmaii of North First street, West Hide, a member ol the First Baptist Church of this city, has attended Sunday school every Sunday Cor 10 years. On one S u n d a y of tho 10-year period sho was out of llv; city but kept her attendance record perfect by going to Sunday school .vhero she was. France Seeking To Dominate Hague Reparations Prley By SAMUEL DASH1KW, U n i t e d Preen StnfE Cori-cstpoii-ient. THE" HAGUE, Jan. 3.--Representatives of every nation concerned in tho payment or receiving of war. reparations and in liquidation of the vast war debts t h a t have upset the economic equilibrium of Europe for 1 years were at The Hague today for the opening of tho second Hague conference. The main purpose of th9 convention is to set up Hie f i n a n c i a l machinery hy which the Young- Plan may d e f i n i t e l y become operative, after it has b'ien approved ny the delegates arid accepted by their reepectlvo countries. With the arrival of. Premier Andre Tardieu of France, at the hear! of the largest governmental delegation l h a t ever left Parle, it; was believed that France's uncompromising attltrde will be crystallized in. Tardiau'e insistence upon the enactment of (sanctions which may Include re-oecupalion of German territory if Germany fails to live up to the terms of the reparations agreement. The French, recalling the Jicerbity of Philip Snowden, Brttteh chancellor of tho exchequer, at the first Hague- conference, are prepared t3 enter any political or financial duel that may arise, particularly over the question of deliveries In'kind and the problem of the functions of the projected international bank. Tardieu. is backed by repeaUxl votes ot confidence from his Parliament, and has assumed a virtual dictntorehlp over t h e negotiations. Aristide Brland, foreign minister, on tho other hand, appears to have taken flecon-1 place, which is in strange contrast to his previous dominance at international conferences. The United Stat,e« te unofficially represented by Edwin "Wilson, first secretary ot tho Paris embassy. While forecaets were made that the conference would be- peaceful--per- liaps uneventful -- some observers were skeptical, arid profesee-l to expect fireworks from Snowden and Tardieu. If the conference is sncca.sful, it will create a general agreement on all questions affecting German and ·noji-G-ermau reparat!ous,anl subse- q u e n t ratification of tho Young Plan may be anticipated. The conference .hus provides the means for making ettective tho 58-year agreeme H of the Young Plan, -which ehould completely liquidate, and terminate the Central Ppwers' indebtedness to the .Vlliea. IRENE SCHROEDER IN BANDIT MURDER Admission 'Made at Wheeling During* M#hf in Police Grilling-. E. M. Douglas Saves West Newt on People From Death in. Fire WEST NEWTON, J a n . 3--The shrill jlast ot a railroad whistle probably saved several lives and thousands of dollars in properly damage when fire destroyed (.he confectionery and f r u i t tore of Harry Gar-ber here early to- lay. The loss was estimated at $1,500. While piloting his shltlliig engine Da the Baltimore. Ohio tracks, buck of the store, J3nginenian 13. At. Dongas saw f l u m e s shooting 1 rom the building, a two-story sI.rue'.ure. He itopped the (rain and pinned down ho whistle, awakening the neighbors, "he residents af adjoining buildings led to Iho street and Elmer BurKet, Ireman on the train, t u r n e d in an ilann for the West Newton in re Company. Only the shell of (lie building rc- nainc-d, the i n t e r i o r being suited, tarber lived alone on t h e s e - o n d iiooi. Sir. Douglas is a f o r m e r Connells- lle man and is, a n i o m b r r of Iho Brotherhood of locomotive f this pluce-. FRIENDS CAUGHT IN PITTSBURG Jl- U n i t e d Preys. PITTSBURG, J a n . :!.--Developments came r a p i d l y today In iho search for Sirs. Irene Sehroeder, YV'heuIiui; (Hondo, and two companions w a n t e d in connection w i t h tho k i l l i n g of Corporal Tirady Paul, highway p a t r o l m a n , on (lie New Castle- Butler road last Friday. The latest bre'iluj in tho, casu x were: Arrest of a man and woman In ,i house in I'Vu-hes si root for t[u,".ittoit- Ing as 10 (he whereabouts of U e b u n t e d woman. Reports t h a t Mrs. Sehi'oeder had slipped in and out of P l t t s b u r g as line as Tuesday. A flash f r o m a North Hide cabaret that a woman and a man believed to be those s o u g h t bad offered $1,000 for an a i r p l a n e f l i g h t , (o Now York or Cleveland. The pa/r arrcKtcil won being questioned today ut t h e Slate Patrol barracks at Grci.'iisbin-f; by Corporal Hilclobraiid, Mij.-h ollicers of tho patrol wera h a s i o n i n g from New Castle to interrogate tho prisoners. Highway p a t r o l m e n refused to make public the names of the prisoners. WHEELING, Jan. 3.--According to an exclusive i n t e r v i e w given to a Pittsburgh Press reporter, a Wheeling policeman said today that John Crawford, b r o t h e r of Irene Sehroeder, hud admitted a f t e r hours of questioning- that his ulster wan one of the bandit trio who shot a n d killed a Pennsyl- v a n i a highway patrolman. Albert Mepale, motorcycle patrolman who found the stolon automobile in which tho trio made their escape a f t e r - t h e k i l l i n g and who arrested John Crawford, disclosed the story of. the holdup and the escape of rr«n» Schroeder, Thomas Crawford and V. Glenn Hague. Police claim John helped his brother, Thomas, escape on a westbound freight .last Friday night when he r e t u r n e d hero after the alay- Ing. Mrs. Schnpotlor and her swi^l- l-eart, Dague, former Wheeling sales- m a n , escaped in an automobile they had kept in a garage here, Megulo said the b r o t h e r told police. The finding- of t h e stolen automobile Ju a garage brought about tho disclosure The car was found In a garago owned by Mrs. W. J3. ubcr. The garago was m an alloy t w o blocks from the home of John Crawford, who MogaJe said k n e w the e n t i r e story of "career of crime" of the three. Ie said John had a photograph of his sister w h i c h lie kept, hidden from the police. .Mogalc in tclli"« of the finding- of the automobile, sto)'- on from n. C. Horton of Now Caatl- said ho had been Investigating Die garages in the neighborhood for BOIIM days. "As 1 walked through the iii.«- trict I noticed there were four brick garages and one frame," he said "Thoro was a w i n d o w in ihe rear of the frame garage but it was covered with n e w s p a p e r . The door wts locked. 1 (alkcd w i t h Mrs. liber and she told mo sho rented the garage ij a big fellow and a little b l o n d e woman. That was enough Cor me;." gale said he broke Iho lock aa* f o u n d the car. It was covered with d i r t and appeared to have been drivt-i hard, he -mid, f l n d l n - g t h e maohlms he re-arrested Crawford and if was then he a d m i t t e d t h a t h j 9 B | sU ,,. ami brother wpi-e with Daguo in tbb c:»r. UK- PJTTSBt;nu, J a n . :t.-A man and a Author, K d u c n l o r Dies. BtJVIflllLV, Mass.,' Ja;j. {.--Heorg-o id ward Woodberry, 74, a u t h o r and xlucator, died lute,- last night. He was especially notei! for his vorlcn on idgar A l l a n Poe and N a t h a n i e l IIuw- horne and his "Americans in Litera- ur-e.'" g i r l were a r r e s t e d hero today by S t a l e h i g h w a y p a t r o l m e n who took the pair to Clreensburg tor q u e s t i o n i n g in con- Vienna Jobless Increase, VIENNA, Jan. 8--Dunn;; the first! ialf of November the n u m b e r of job- · ess in Vicuna increased by 4,664 and cached the figure 60,862. That is 1,012 more jobless than during: the same eriod of last year. iicctkm w i t h tho k i l l i n g of Corporal Brady Paul and w o u n d i n g of Priviui} Ernest Moore, h i g h w a y patrolmen, oil the B u t l e r - N e w Castlo road December 27. Police believe the two aro friends of, I r e n a Schrocder, divorcee, of Wheeling, who wag accused of thij s h o o t i n g by her four-year-old son Donald. ' Mrs. Schrocder and her t w o companions w c i*e s t i l l at large, although W h e e l i n g police yestei'dny f o - i ' i d tho a u t o m o b i l e in which ( h R t r i o niticlo. t h e i r escape f r o m New Castlo. According to the- t h e o r y ot' Ktaia Police Airs. Sehroeder had been in anil out of PiUsburg as r e c e n t l y as Tuesday and had been l i v i n g in a house or, ·1(520 Forbes street with W. ' f i f c n n D a g u u , her a l l e g e d areoniplt; t ; . Tho house had bui-n w a t c h e d for sevftral days a n d w h e n detectives closca in today t h e y expected to Jliul the alleged slayer then;. Instead they f o u n d tlio girl and- man t a k e n (o CrciMiKburg. Police said (he girl fldniHtwl she k n e w the pair sought. The two said they came here f r o m Akron last Friday. Christian Bible School Treasurer A t a m e e t i n g of t h e cabinet of the C h r i s t i a n Bible. School ''Wednesday n i g h t A, K. D n m h a u l d was elected sk ("ongrpss 10 a p p r o p r i a t e for c o n - t iron s u r e r of t l i o Bibif school to suc- t r u c t i o n of the darn e a r l j in Febru- eeed J n m e s J.. K y l a n d , who moved to , today. [ PitUburg. WASHINGTON. J a n , 3.- -Secretary f I n t e r i o r W i l b u r planst !· siRn con- r a c t s f o r n o u l d e r VJfim powisv a n d t o

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