The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1918
Page 6
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ilE PAILY COLRIER CONIxELLSVILLE PA Vv*EDNESDA.Y, FEBRUARY 2 7 , 1918. .1 i Spring Blouses Novel] and Eccentric | AT THE ANNUAL !$EET, THREE REASONS WHY TY COBB HAS NOT ANSWERED THE CALL OF HIS COUNTRY MRS. JONES O ASSES DOWN THE i R E C E I V I N G LINE. All sorts of eccentricities.and nor- elUes appear In the designs presented ia new spring blouses In order to meet that always Insatiable demand for something new, not a thing tbat coold be done to blouses has been left undone--eicept to lower their prices. These are high, when the more intricate model* are considered. They Involve a lot of hand work, so there Is a reason. Many -womnii will welcome the high- necked, fastened-la the-back blouse which appears among the handsomest lingerie trimmed models. Very with narrow. fine fine voUe, valen- ciennes lace and small handsome pearl bottom, are old favorites worked out in new ways. An extended front panel Is featured In these fine cotton bloogea a» -wen as those of crepe; this panel reaching several Inches below the waistline, wbUe the rest of the blemse terminates there In a narrow belt One of the voile models has a panel with row after row of frills made of narrow lace, across It. Ita long slee-v es flare at the wrist and are finished with many rows of narrow frills of the lace. Crepe georgette appears, somewhat less sheer ttun It has been, in the best of models made np with real filet lace and further adorned with sllfe embroidery in self color A pale tan color, with filet lace ^exactly matching it in color, employs a six inch square of the lace at the top of the front paneL The neck In this model is open nt the front like that in the blouse pictured Needlework, In which long stitches of silk floss, and beads, in rich combinations of color are very effectively used on blouses of dork colored crepe. Sleeves are very long, but the next excursion of the style reporter into the realm of blouses may discover shorter ones, there win be no telling what will be found then Out of the mass of new material certain styles will crys- tatlze as spring draws near She who chooses fine cottocs with lingerie laces and georgettes, la the simpler models, may select either high necked, fas tened In the-back blouses or those that fasten In the front and leave the throat uncovered, she cannot go wrong In either case. [And Strango to Say, Though There I Was Soiie Samcnecs In the Remarks, She Votes the Whole Thing a Bore Tbe Usher--This IB crar president, j Mrs S-ftitt, whom I thlnlr ou have met before Mrs Swift--I should say so, when ·we have been next door neighbors for eight or nine earsl Glad to see you Just the same "\\hat a lo^elj day tor our rcceptioon--lovely 1 You remember bow It rained ^hen we had our annual affair last year 9 Floods and torrents! Today i ao much better This la ..our flret vice president, Mrs j Todhmiter . Mrs Todbunter--Happy to see you Delightful day isn't if And so manj have come oat 1 t hope there v.\l\ be s refreshments enough Eh e-ytbing seems to bo going off so nicely 80 glad yoa could come L«et mo present yoa to our second vice president, ·whom you know, I am sure Second Vice Presldont--Considering I that we are own cousins I guess T*e 1 io know each other Awfully glad you j conld come May You said ast night ! that-- You really liKe my gown* Its sweet of you to say so You don t think it too much for an occasion like this 7 No* I am ao glad, for I felt a, little -worried, and-- You Know our ex- president, Mrs- Crozier, of course Mrs. CrozierJ--Ot course' You were a member of the clnb all the time I was president. How^Jo you do 7 What lorely day for ua 1 Last year It did ratal It mak« it BO bad when it rains on oar annual affair How lovely the room looks! And how charming the refreshment tables are' Of course, you know Mrs. Bsterham, our treasurer Mrs Eeterham--O, bow do you do? Bo glad yon could come. Were yon here teat year? Didnt it rain? So many have spoken about the difference between tbe weather this year and the weather last year I said last night tbat I was fare that we would have a good day today because there 1918 Come, to bee us and w e will see YOU about btartiug your new cai off equipped w jth Fire, Theft, Property-Damage, Collision and Public Liability Insurance As important oi gas but more often overlooked. 2nd Vttional H.iuk Building. Connells^ille, 1'enna. The celebrated Tyros Baymond Cobb and his three reasons for not joining the army TV plays baseball for seven months of the year and the rest of the time he devotes to his three handsome youngsters This photo was made at the famous player's hone in Royston Qa On the left is the eldest Tvrus Haymond Jr The little exemption is Ros- wen Herachel and his daughter Shirley Marion Cobb is seated in the hammock with her dad. Cobb Is reported to be anxious to enter Uncle Sam's service but it IB not to be disputed that there are three strong reasons why he should not. ~ft hpn 1 on W a n t Insurance Phone 760. Giving Her Time Mr and Mrs. Nubbubs were not QPfRTQ i wa y 8 oa £° od torniB- It was rather a ] OrUrl I O I S ore point with Mrs N that he- huhby seldom took her out, and It rai_ ·* f | The other evening however b- was such a nice sunset. Every one ( YoUntJStfiTS Taking PlaCG Of V0t" | bubs arrived home very elated and erans Who Are at War. / ^ **Bre«k r * on the Two telegraph operators were seat- i *d in a downtown cafe recently when an athletic j oong: man. and an exceed- j obligation. Tbm, we ignorance of e neither tt« nor the prln- tor ^ ^ Ing3y pretty girl entered They worn placed at a table opposite the rapine, permit a nation to despise ita engagements. It there could be a rea- .,, urrectlon from th» foot of the giiHowa, i ] - a position facing the girl As ID the custom of tbe craft when wishing to discuss someone In a public place tbey telegraphed to each other, natng their knives on tbx plate "PeacheriDO, isn't she?** on* dcied. io the other. "A tre« fall/* came b*ck Qie tapping reply "Wonder "who tho sack IB with. herr ciflty, th«r would, borrever Joath, soon find theznsAr«fl obliged to mak* Jaetlre, that juatloe ·under which they fell, the fundamental law of their state.--Fisher seems to be having a good Unao Well that Is what wo came for Let m« j present the chairman of our board of director*. Mrs. Baukum. "ttn Bankuxn--O, wo have been Ljld friends for ages I But I am glad to see yoa all tbe same. And on such a beautiful day I So different from last' year You recall how it rained 1 Aren't th* decorations tasteful? Pink and Never before in the history of green, make such a pretty combination American sport has the youthful begin to get ready at once'" Leet year we had violet and white, but sportsman and athlete face opportuni- i I like pink and white better I want ties Sllcll as he ^ fac iag m these par- , AWO*O Commercial Instinct. to present you to Mrs Hlllobran, who loag aiaes of wftr | It IB a sad biow to faith ln human JB president of the Progress club over W|tn thousands of college athletes nature, says tho New York Tribune to Haa Not Yet Reached HEe Majority Finds Himself in Position to Ru/e in Nearly Every Branch --Some Instances pleased "with himself Mv daar," be remarked, I'm going to take you to the theater" Mrs N rose to tbo occasion and expressed her pTeasuro suitably Tea I've got the tickets, and it's a fine p'ace Next Tueedcy week's tho data" THow splendid t" echoed the lady, 'Yes" he chimed, "and von might in Spriagdal*. in the service and otber thousands of learn that the reirards offered for dead Mrs, Hillobran -- Happy to know you, young moa O f tbe nitt'on under arms ' Com**rtlal Politic*. Commerce form* a numerous dasa, of external peace and Ictemal 'Search raa -- loofca His boob tied \ tranqnllBtj, wbo attach thexoBetrex ta up Tfith. ^rren llie her "Bet they ar«n't married. H ti«r are, H eho needs to do to get a divorce is to exhibit tbat map of hte In court.*" in two men wcve enjoying a laugh over their Bflent joking they irtre mrprtsed and somewhat alarmed to Iracr come more "table fctrffa tatogmpliy.' The -peacberlno" ww doing a and she did not look at all pteaaed, «Hhctr. "Ton two TfonJd better look out the e0tabliahed goremment. It createi great fortune*, -which la repnblicm become the origin of the moat forceful-aristocracies- AB a rul» commerce enrich** the cities and th«ir inhabitant*, and increases the Mm--Wrs--I don't just get the name Jonesf 0, I thought U sounded a lit tie Uke Johnson. There la so much talking in the room We have a Mrs. Henry Jones in our club Is she a relative of voura 7 No 7 As you say, Jones ia quite a common name They t«li me that it rained terribly last year when you had your annual reception ^\ ell yon certainly can t. complain of the weather this time *or It is ideal j simply IdeaL So glad to have mat you. Mrs Jones--Thank goodness that s over withl If there is an greater bore | than gotng along a receiving line and, being presented to a lot of people you have known all your life or a lot you | lfld hft , D0t et nl8 310s over In Flushing have Induced the youth of the land to take to breeding Sncla himself in a position to the buazing pesU to gain wealth the j n- e In neariv every branch of sport quicker And ho is rising nobly to the occasion,' -_U the close o' the recent football Protecting the Bank season mnnv nf thf plmers whc in-| The p U hMn entrance doors of the \ndrtl tho rani os of stardom were yet Rlinli o f i ntrlnnd nre so finely brl ,n their teen" Ralph Flo-ven of ( an ced tbut i clork merely b% pr^ Da\ids ( n coUtgc, a vouth of "even-, a Vnob under his desk can close them BACK THE BOYS AT THE FRONT WITH YOUR DOLLARS In these war times econonw should be the watchword of e\erj person Save and invest in jour Couutr s securities Buj Liberty Bonds and buj War Savings Stamps Come to us and we will help vou CO\M 1 I^MLl F PA. Capital and Surplus $250,000 00 Resources $1,500,000 00 tten jears, Is carrylnp the honoi tLat oomei will bc'nfg chosen as in nil I Southern ha'fba k Cvorett Struppor, sta" of the jrreat Georgia Toch eleven, who °»enUoned by many critics Insti ntl^ Tiiis of course has been rtesifinied with n v'ow to prevent rob i berv by mo^s But inside the building inpohiou*. nit-c 1 morv his nlso bo^n set np to pi event robbi.r\ hy pcrsonb who old timber. Is only twen- I IT cunning have R nin«.d access to the rn the boiln ^ world a seventeen- havent the least wish to know, I don t M r o d lnd w b o boiei) undcr tho know -fthat tbat bore is and never Eame of Baltimore Dundee rtc«ntly want to--Puck. Gold Nugget Punctures Tire A pancture H your automobile tiro tent always a misfortune At least Joseph Kneebone docsn. t 'hlnk so, and he will never kick again when a. blow out delays blm on the road Tbo rea surprised the fistic public by knock- premises nt nl^ht or bv dish/onebt nf flcials Tbe bullion departments are nightlj snhmertad m stvoral feet of wtiter t\nd ^\hPrevr tlie monov !· sto-ed in ing out an old Imer in tbe Oriole ^.cnlous alarms hive been fifed up If city find is nov, bailed us a coming 1 champion Jark Dempst^ tbe nt.w hiring tho dav laboring and mechanical clauses, in son for Mr Knecbone B philosophy opening more opportunities for the I may he explained in the fact that acquirement of richec. To an extant while driving to Grass Valley Nev, It fortifies the "Democratic element i a day or two ago, with the thennome , L , , , _ , . _, in giving the people of the dtlea ter at 90 degrees, he si ddenlj- heard lcmD h n s stnrt!etl ^ cw Y " rl dur ^ ng ereater tnfhienoe In the government a report which caused him to lose hla j t h e " nkLr wlt!l n i s wonderful phn. ng dl«ho r ?^t person sliould tukc e\en «o much is one from Utte psninnt from the Q heap or a thou*i\nc! s,overo[gns in the 000*31 ts just of age ' "ife tHp whole pile would inmiediateiy Grpenfpuf tin, Elinois pocket sfnfc rmcl i pool of \vater occiip\ Its billiard wizard, Is just a lad under plnce b=ile-, lotting e\cn person In RKP yet he plnyed Frank Ti-btrsUi for the establlshinout Uno^ of the theft. the title in Milwaukee recently and | made a £-ent showingr Welkor Coch- j ran th^ balkltni blUiard prodigy from SOMETHING TO THE NATION'S RESOURCES "ion can do it and at tbe same time add to -\our own ;a\ing^-- BA bujing Thrif S amps I3v buving Libem Bonds B^ opening a SaMns^ Account 3-\ paving o ir bills b\ check No matter ^ bat method \o\i sc'oct the facilities of this 1 ai k are at jour serwre Smill checking accounts are ivel- come I bcra! Interest on ^aungs It arrives at nearly the none Tehfl* yo« ar« an together," carelessly . by Inrpoverlshlnff the peasant and hmd tSck«d her ttnlte blade whtla ehe list- owner, by the'many new pleasures of- ened to something ber companion was f ered him and hy displaying to him the ostentation and Toluptaocumese ot luxury and eace. It tends to create bands of meroeoarJea rather than, ·those capable of worthy personal service It introduce* into the nation luxury, «aso etnd avarice at the same time as labor--Barnw* "This sack and boob, as you called him, *rith the divorce map, is my hnsbcod--boilermsker by trade H* «at» £r«ea little boy ft." Something happened to the Nrirefl^ aixnt that time and all comnnmlcation ( City Journal. Lmv of Good r*ahh. the* fa paid among nations to the law of good faith. If there arc cases in this ezUlghtntted period when It Is violated, there are none when Jt is do- cried, it Is the philosophy or politics, the religion of governments It is observed' by barbarians--^ ^whlff ot io- Cftcco smoka, or a string of beads, gives not raerely binding force, bat sanctity to treaties Even m Algiers Helping Ttrrtdaii Women. £ see no exception to the reepefit' Dr. Mary Mills Patrick, president of the American College for QirU at Con-, stantinople arrived In New York a few days ago on a short visit to her nativo country. At the present time there are 250 students, Bulgarians, Armen- temper i and is being moat oucd as Willie Getting down from the seat ho looked upon, the spectacle of a punctured tire, and proceeded to Us it During the course of his labors he had occasion to stop near the little stream of water that was close by and which la Inappropriately named Dry creeK His eyes were caught by a sudden glint between tho rocks, and stooping over he picked up a gold nugget that proved to be worth $70 The nugget exactly fitted tho cut In the tire, and hod cau sed the puncture Gol In « socn some yonthCuI spring to the forr* In pi st ytirb and hundreds of youi R Kolf of the pres ent do arc risir^- ro fnmc The mo^t vouth ill of all the oung slnr nf to dnv Is Georgo vnn Flm "who hut Ju^t tnrneil fifteen summers '"'on Elm is the stite c h i m n l o n of Utah In San Francisco 'Teen.' Grlffln bos a brother uho ifts ulreudv taken bis Birthday for Moakley Conch 1 R! M o n ! ! \ of thy Cornell n n U o r s t i itlilctic teini recr-nth celo- | hratnl his flft\ **uuith h m h d u Monk ley has coached team 1 * rim h u e cap- hired «cven imercolKUa o o-hck nnd f ield cl fimpUnships ti 1 lif " i intei o]lef,iate cro^ t ountrx · liumpion-^itps ' h t f i In cba-^,L of. it LCL LOlicso quads Having a Purpose A purpose for -fthicli co save--that is the reason \\h\ many thrift} people accumulate much money Decide right now on sono good purpose and choose the Title Tiufat Comparv of Western Pennshan- )i as \oui (lepobitor\ \ ori acco int is in- Mted 4% Jnterpsi Paid on Sin mgri Account'.. 120 Vt. Cravviord ivc M CounUlsuIlc "Tlie Bank tbat Dors Tinners for Voti" Capital and Snrplu W(m^MMi measuro on the tennis courts, while | One of ttoffldal of government was ta sne an order tor tho resamptioa of lans. Qreeia, Peraiani, Turks, J«w», ednoatii-nal work on a modem and unt- HtmgarlanB and Oermans, In tile col- ,'°TM tjae lege. These girls all Hv« to donnlto- | rle onflt after American plans and mostly Trith American money lira. Record Elevator Trip. An. electric elevator In a New Yorh -a trace may be bought for money, bet, Russell Sage, MIw Helen Gould and office building that travels to a heir/ht ·whan ratified eren. Algiers Jm-loo vise John Du RockefeOer hare given larg* j of K6 feat on each trip Is believed to -or too fast, to disown and annul Ita sums to Dr Patrick for ber work. i bold tb* world's record Far From Ideal 'Tears idle cars mjimured Flnb- dub ' X h - t c n n f pn slblj Allude to proflt- B H HoruMckson, national junior ia- «^ . Blared Womb it - Loul* door tennis champton te still too 70110? Tllle ^ouner Journal to voto, but hns been mi-ntinneo as a likely candidate for the national singles cliirapionshlp this jear If he Is ncrraHted to enter On the racecourses IB a BKteen- j car-old daredevil nitraed Goorgle Walls who has rldrten a number of wlnntrH, and Thomas Hitchcock, 7i vonthful polo prod gy of the Meadow Brook clnb, has brought do^vn a Boche nlrplano in Franco at the ngc oil seventeen READ TES COURIEE Shy on Pitchers The enlistment of Win NOTCS find the srlc of Toe bush t ) thf 1 Red Sox will l o a \ p tne Athiorfcs a bit shj on pitching rniuerJiiL More o* Same Goods Wanted Tnu arc chnrged w i t h V sfng the unfi ladv iiood Id IKo to h i \ e he rlmrp account kept open indeliri Trump ITE LIN TRANSFER MO' T1 On Itll/CK nnd W A C W N MO V I N O AD HOIS-J IVO MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTHPHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. 103 K Gr«r* . 1* R- R nepnt Both F*lic °"" B 1 READ THE COURIER '···"*·«·/·!, P3ETEYTHOT--That Letr-JPetT Out B-r C. A. VOIGHT -- NOW UKKHER£ i.- 2O6T SlM OP FK. A --pOMO t KWOW t C/=,KJ CAUD SOME MOKE.-- Ai-' t MEE0 i s A CA=E I LI. HELP "You ALOWC THAT'S T^E- NOW I'tu AND -- THEN OP \f- vou DID . ABouT 1V1SORAMCE STUPP

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