The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 15
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MONDAY, AUGUST 17. 1964 BCr - Quebec Share Junior ' By JEAN SOUmwOKTH ' " of Th Jownal t - Players from British Colum-1' , fc,ia,Quebec and Ontario took f,th honor when all eight j, title In the Canadian Closed 'r Junior Tennis Championships .were decided before a large .. gallery at the Rideau Lawn ' Tennis Club yesterday after- t BOOK' ., ' . t i.,- Bob Puddicombe. a classy Vancouver player woo has , just turned 18, captured the toys IS title when he defeated Barry Shakespeare of . Halifax. 8-3. 6-1, 6-1. Puddicombe. -.who was seeded first on th strength of his showing in the Junior Davis Cup trials, held tie edge .throughout the match. He dropped his service only pnee when be was leading 8-1 in the third set fcEEDED 4TH . I Shakespeare, who- has another year In Junior ranks. seeded fourth. Earlier' is season he won the Van- ouver and District boys 18 itle. "t Two 16-yeer-old players . dree Martin of Montreal and Hancy Green of Toronto r-Mld Hhe apotlight In the Slrls' division when they met 'in the finals of both the tinder-lt and under-16 events.., .They were eligible for the Utter because they turned 16 during the 'present year. In both matches Miss Martin was the winner. She took the girls-16 flnsl 6-2. e-2 and then scored a 6-3, 6-4 fwm in the under-18. RICARDO TIPPED CIGARILLOS - T now with Futura - Ciflar Wrapper unique mildness L The future Cigar Wrapper nicardo's now velnless wraps permakee every Rl cards burn extra evenrf to echleve com plete mlldneee. Smoke onaand eee: the whfer ash Is your evidence. LIHOIO WITH NAVAR -1' Tll citaiiiiei i ear rerssMciasavatsaie . I rss eaiet atisatts ' V' ' ' PiesJualaf ' 'f "' CCNERAL CICAI COMPANY, UNITED t"1" t , it .1 : r a: -Era There were exciting moments in the second set of the girls 18 contest when Miss Green made a strong bid to tie .the count after, trailing 3-5. At 1-5 ShV overcame ' three match points to win the game. . Miss Martin finally took the deciding game after the score had gone to deuce sevp times. WON QUEBEC TITLE . - Miss Martin won the girls 18 and 16 events in the Quebec Junior Championships this year and Miss ; Green took two West Coast junior, titles. . :' ; i fifteen-year-old Chris Burr of London. OnL. defeated Stephen Vezina of Montreal 6-1. 7-5 to win the boys 16. title. . Burr, who won two junior tournaments in the Toronto area this year,, had to pull up from 1-5 to take the second set. 7 He was -seeded second. - Vezina, who comes from Dolbeau, Que., is playing In. major competitions for the first time this season. Seeded eighth, he reached the final by knocking out topseeded Dave Rollins of Vancouver and third-seeded Michel Leblane of MontreaL Burr defeated Terry Leach of Ottawa 6-2, 6-2 In the semi-finals. f The boys 14 honor went to top-seeded Roger Skillings of Victoria, who beat second- ' seeded Dave Berryman of Burlington, Ont... 6-3. 64). Skillings holds three West Coast titles in his age group a welt as the Vancouver and District boys 16 champion- Weekend Golf Roundup .. : -a) 1- Wlklrkk.M ' I Triritf lattrrV taf.rh ' Tony Perry with A pair of holes-ln-one high lighted the weekend golf news. At the Ottawa Hunt hud Bob Sully sunk bis tee shot on the 170-yard, par three, eighth hole Sunday Using a three iron. Bart Hazel ton. Bub Daveyand Steve Dlditch witnessed the ace. It was the second hole- ln-one In sia years tor Sully, a left-nenaea swinger, his score (or the round was 84. The other hole-in-one occii red at the Mississippi Golf Club in .Carleton Place. ' Mrs.' Stance,. of- Almonle. : ptaylng with her husband In iwe-ball tournament used at tnrea iron on the 133-yard fittn hole for her ace, Mr. and Mrs. D. Mac-Dowall also witpessed the hole-, aacviiej. . . , m r HUMT CLUB Following are the qualifiers IV the Robertson Cup, the B Class club championship at the Hunt Club: H. Morrltt, B. Westhe-don, W, Kennedy. C. Hopkins, P. Zanirk; R, Dnvey, A. Martel, C. Hetherinston, A. Blyth, A Rice, W. Britton. H. Sell. G. Jaycox, p. Raymond, E. Nicnolson, A. Conrad. Qualifiers for the . clau C club championship and the Comber Cup, arte F. Feiff er,' 0. Clarke, A. Walsh. A. Mullen. L Mepurran, G. Foures. W, Schewchuk. U Wlckwire, D. Komesch, a Ray, B. Nixon, C. Watson, F, Anthony. 0. O. Brady, L. Lais b man. G. aatiaa nwtMtre Ssir FUEL OIL Raslaxenliel and Coeamercial 2M2 BasHbie Rd. '828-1731 4 MlWa Weal of PtaecrvM OPEN SSS.-S a .SB. DAILY ., . For Summer Homes f AO-Seasoa Vacatioa Homes' r lHrmaneat Homes ' -1-S ' ' , viart . ,' V : ADVANCED PREFABS LTD. ' 'lU Bays Ave, Ottawa J . ' .. 722-63C3 i .; Mortrate ftaaacrat Avattakte i i - asi v... COAL-COKE OIL i HEATING EQUIPMENT. , CALL CS TODAT ' - ' 235-1439 y f j'" ... ,. iraT 287 Laarler Ave. W. r!t and Ontario Tennis Titles A few mstches were played ship. ' Scott Dunlop of Ottawa, lost 6-2, 6-4 to Berryman in the semi-final. " . In the boys 12 final John Davis of Montreal won 6-3. 6-1 over Billy Shakespeare of Halifax, Barry's 11-year-old brother. Davis is slso the -Quebec boys 12 champion. , ANOTHER TITLE Susan Eager of Vancouver, who bold three West Coast titles la her age group, took the girls 14 honors with a 6-3, 6-1 win over' ' Janice Tindle, also of Vancouver.' Karen Will of Clarkson, Ont,, beat Vera Komaf of Gait, 6-2, 6-2 to win the girls 12 tlUe. Earlier this .'.season Karen took (he girls 12 event In the Quebec i Junior Championships as well as In two Toronto ".' tournaments.. ' on the weekend In the open championships, which were to begin in earnest today An Innovation this year is a con- : eolation round for first-round losers in the open singles event.' This. competition will be held at the Ottawa New Edinburgh Canoe Club. ' Weekend scores: . . OIBLS II SINGLES Bmi.naii: Karen WUI. Clark . Burkara Lvosu MontraaJ. S-O. s-0: Vara Komar, Call. daf. u.i awaidr. London. S-i. 6-1 j final: K. Will del. V. Komar. s-i. a.j ' GIRLS 14 .'-SINGLES iMnLRnali- Janice Tindla. Van. eouvar, del. Michelle Carey, Van eouvar, S-l. S-l: Susan Eaeer; Van. ,4-f Donna auukaaoaare. Halifax. S-l, e-t. ' ' final: S. Baser daf. J.' Tindle, 4-J, S-l ntnff.d la dlNrils Ouarter-Snaki: Nancy Oreen, To. ronto. del. Janice Tindle. e-l. S-S; , - 3. R. Johnston and L. Egar combined to win the Dennison Trophy, a men's two ball com- petitloru . The winners defeated T. Rice and C Roy 2 and 1 in the finals. .' Ball sweeps: Clau A D. Ledingham, M. tnnes; Clau B H. Morritt, A. Markey, R. Cor- rigan. E. McCarthy, T. Rice, R. Dnvey, S. Nicholson, B. Westherdon: Clau C F. Feir-fer. J. C. Clarke, J, Brady, A. Walsh, F. Anthony, D. Ko mesch, ' U Leishman, L. , H Wickwire. , L McGurran, G Ray.. i, . '- -'i MVERMEAD Tollowing are the qualifiers for the clab championship; O Arcy Boucher, A. McClel-land, E. T. Hickey. W. J. Oris- coll.. Andy Nezan. Watty Masters, Ben C h a b o t, N. Schroeter, Glen Seely. H iodoin, F. desRivieres, R. D'Avignon. G. E. Fen wick. A. Morgan, Dr. J. Laurin, A. W. Larocque.. - ;.- at Clau championshio Quali fiers: E. J. Slvyer. J. G. Girard, R. C. Fraser, R. Bonnar, E. H. Jones, C K. Stanyar, M. For-man, V. F. Smith, M. Atkinson, E. Davey, G. E. Durocher, W. K, Bauer, S. R. Berry, Jack Kmsella. J. Calllngham, W. O. Hanson.':: - CtClsst qualifiers: ft. Doug, la. J. Woodward, D. O. Mc Lean, Jr Quintan. F. Amyot, Q. G. Greene, J. Brady, W. R. Edmonds. Saturday sweeps winners: A Clae Dr . John Laurin. A. McClelland, Glen Seely. B Clau R. a. Crain, R. C Fraser, f. F. Smith, G. E. Durocher flsst two ton). C. Class J. Wood- ROYAL OTTAWA Sunday ball sweep winners: H, r. Cotton, G. K. Finnle, C. S. Kotze: Ssturday tweeos: W. D. Sttisrt, M. M. Derrick, M. F. Kogers, v. Keitn. ' -, ' " ' AT CHAlDIERt Third ' round , of the club championships wss played Sun day and after three - rounds FCI mi nor wun rout . ui Eva mo CAH WASH 270 CatJierlne at Kent COLF BALLS ; 39 -iS-A-L-E - : i - i :' 500 . DICYCLES ; ' . New, 3M-up . ' . Second Hand, $ig np . Bkt fBim m row i saiis in oub old Biaa OYLES & Co. S0M07 Bank St. 2364611 iivmn SosasrsM anal Marts ran streets. 7 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 15 Virion Ifunrb. -London. Set Theodora Booker. Victoria. -J A-l AnriMa Martin. Moantreal dsl Michelle Care. -0. -l; luiu law. Vancouver. ew mwa ror-tart. Saskatoon. 1-S. ' eral-nnaLt; N. Oraan daf. M Munra. -l -Il A. Martin dal. B. eater, s-e. al. Final: A. Martin N. Oraan S-S, S-S. 1 1- CIBLS 1 SINGLES -" Beml-nnats: Nanr Oraan del Maureen WatU. Vancouver. S-S. Andrea Martin daf Lindsay Waits. Vancouver. -, S-J rtnal: A. MsrUa' dal. M. Craan. S-JV S-4. BOY It SINOLBS Second round: Blake Dunlop. Ottawa, dal. Hank Bei. Montreal. s-i. s-i. Quarter-ffnaU: John Darla. Montreal, del. Murray riock. Smithamp. ton. S-i, -l; Martin Oateman. Southampton, del. Blake Dunlop. S-4. 4-4: Harry Mlkauna. Toronto, dele. Rick Johnson. London. S-l. S-i: Bill Shakespeare. Hainan, del. Gordon Mitchell. Toronto, SMI. .S-e Semi-Snals: 9. Das-la del. M Oateman -. S-S; B. Shakeepeare eel H Mikatana -i. .. rinal: t. Davli dal. B. Stiaks- apeara S-S. S-I. - BOVS 14 SINGLES Quarter-finals: Dave Berryman. Burtlnfton. dar fed Kaplan. Van-eouvar. d-T. B-X Scott Dunlop. Ot tawa, del Racer Thompson. Winnipeg S-S. I-: Borer Skllllncs. Victoria, del. Bill MacDoneU. To ronto. S-a. S-o: Kevin page, Montreal, del. Jim PUtt. Toronto, S-I. 11-lS. Ss mi -Ana la: D Berryman del. S Dunlop -2. S-4: R. Skiltlruje del K. Para -. -e rinai- R Sklllingt dal. D. Berry man -S. -e. BOYS-1 SINOLES Qaarter-nnale: Chris Burr, Lon- doai del. Cordon Gibbons. Scar horouch. S-I. t-1: Terry Leach. Ottawa, daf. Geoff pyer. Wlnnlpee $-. S-S: Btephan Vezina. Montreal, del. Dave Rollins. Vancouver. S-I. -. Mlchal Lanlane. Montreal, eel Dale Power. Toronto. S-7. e-4. -l. SamHInatr . Burr del. T. Lasch S-I. S-S; S. Vezina daf. M. Loblanc T-5. S-s. final: C. Burr del. S. Vestas S-I, T-. BOY IS SINOI.BS Semi-Ana ta: Boh Puddleomha del. Dave Brown Toronto. 4-0. s-4 Barry Shakaapeara. del. Bob Mol fatt.. Vancouver. S-S. S-S. - flnsl: B. Puddicombe Sal. B. ahakaspeare 4-1. 4-1, e-. 219 ' leads followed by Joe Galon at 221. In third piece is Stan Cooper with 228. RSlif rmlM laarta lha class with 243 followed by Leo Hunt, 252, and Frank Ellis 253. Fred Gough leads "C Clau with 284 followed by Peter Heinrkhs 288 and R, Lafor-tune 291. :. The final round will be played next Sunday. a a ' RIDEAU VIEW Following are the A Clau qualifiers for the'Loeb Trophy. club championship with handi cap, at Rideau View Golf Club: Herb Saslov, Lou Goldle, Matt Ages, Maq Loebel, Ken Mirsky, Ralph saslov, Maa Koffman, Sam Report. B Clau, Alec Betcherman Trophy, qualifiers: Stan Arron, George Freed, Sol Carlofsky, Larry Arron, Gordon Caplan. Art Skolko, R. Molot, Dave Cohen: C Class, William Holzman Trophy, qualifiers: BUI Allow, Martin Ginsberg. Jack Aaron, Harry Brown, Lou Kevanstein, Joe Schmelzer, Al uiioert, jaca vinoaur. - - . a . a, , . GLENLEA Following are the qualifiers ror me George Booth Tronhy, the Clan "A" championship at denies: Jack Bingham, Jim McLaughlin, Frank Becker, Lorne Leuge, Lou Da gen Is, Steve Slater. Paul Belter defeated Bernard P. Davis S and 4 in the 18-hole Anal for the W. H. Stewart Trophy,."" club championship wiui Handicap at the Glenle. ' OUTAOUAIS ' t. t. Field successfuly de fended his seniors' chsmpion' ship by defeating H. R. B. Mac tnnes in the final. Mrs. Roger Leblane and Mis Luclenne Gsuthier defested Miu Rot Isnde Duchesne end Miu Alice Proutx, one up, to win the flnsl of . the ladles two-ball chanv pionship.. . v , .i ., Mr. Ray Hainea and Rav Ledue advanced to the final o the mixed two-ball handicap championship when they d-J feated Mr. and Mrs. Roger Leblane," one up,' after 19 holes of play. Miu Bertha Therrlen defeated Miss Nancy Field to advance to the semi-final of tne ladies' Clau "A" Championship. Mrs. Roger Leblane and Miu Joan MacMlllan will meet in xthe other semi-final thatch. ; ; '. .' a ,' v ' .: TECUMSEH Following are the 16 quali fiers for the Club Championship at Tecumseh: B. Pennett. H. Dagenaia, R. Pike, S. Chambers, A. Mason-Rook e, R. Nadeau, H. Dery, A Perron, R." De-lauriera, R. Boucher. W, Ack-land, J. C Daigneault, J. C. Seguin, J. Prevoat, AJowtey, A. Angus. Finals to be played Sunday, Aug. 30,1 '' J n Ball sweeps: H. Dery, J. Uurlsult, ' W. Ackland, , H. Dagenais, A. Jowuy, F. Chambers, J. Prevoat; J. LeRsult, J. C. Daigneault, R. Pike,' A. Maaon-Rooka. NEWPORT. RI. (AP) - Kur- rewa V scored her ' second straight victory over arch rival Sovereign Sunday, wlrtning ' by St seconds over a 34.1 'mil course on Rhode Island Sound Grants Lead Hugh M. Grants shut out Interprovincisl Paving 4-0 at Larocque Park Sunday to take a 2-0 lead In their best-or-seven Senior Sportsmen's Soft' ball League semi-final series. Lynn Dewan pitched the shutout triumph for; pennant winning Grants. Doug and Ron Cassebnan bout banged out home runs. , , JU, The other semi-final series between Oltawe Gas .and St. Joseph's la tied at 1-1. ' Gas won a carry-over game 4-J from SL Joe's Sunday at Hydro diamond but St. Joe's, came back In the regulation con- teat for an identical 4-3 win. The first contest was called after '4 innings last week with the teams ded 2-2. Gas won It with' two runt in- the ninth Inning. 2 nnn UlUisl'J LI U2KJ Series 2-0 Grants Paving Lynn rvwsa lee 1 and Frank Sber- man; Ctllaa Cots HB OranU Oae ' 10 10 es I t St. Joanna I a eie eel a S Doug MllUnore and Vson Merrier; Guy Borer and Maurice La lebvre. 81. Josephs . SOI I0 e 4 T 4 Oaa aoo so a f a Ouf Rarer and Usuries La-lebvra: Keeta MaUsnf and rvon TOPS TRAPSHOOTERS L'ACADUE. Que. CP) Robert Howaoe of Valleyfield. Que.. won the over-all Quebec provincial trapshooiing champiorrship Sunday. Howtoa saeiiered 1M out of a possible 40 bird lor a one-bird victory over Harry Wllltle of Montreal, winner of the title last year. " 1 I 1 B-si 0 KM ItJUU - - .1 ' , - ..;!'' j mr, . J - -Jf - A .- tewrl, . .: 1 This is beer At beer should be! Labett ' Gold Keg com. bines the very finest In imported hops with a special malt blend created by skilled ' , brewmasters. The result? An exciting new, deiiciously smooth flavour no other beer can match. Celebrate Labatt's 1 1 am I uf ' ' '' ENJOY CANADIAN PRO FOOTBALL ON II. J. tlcFARLAND CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. J t COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL PAVING PROJECTS PARKING AREAS SCRVrCI STATIONS SHOPPING CINTRIS MCODIE DRIVE, BELL'S CORNERS Tdephont 828-5135 kal li " Ml . I af&B: Summer Festival of Flavour with the one beer with the new distinctively different, and decidedly unique flavour. Try Gold Keg one of four ' great Labatt brews for summer "do's"! For the greatest taste variety in beer, look no further thari LabattV I )1 . ' TV BROUCHT TO YOU BY UBATT' V 4 K CONCKETE CURBING and SIDEWALKS EQUIPMENT RENTALS CRUSHED STONE V f( - K 't ' V y XT'

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