Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 50
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 50

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 50
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1211--July 23, 1972 Sunday GurtttMail ---eMrnrtwi. w«r virtwi ,., 'People Politics 9 Works, Jay Says Saying that the Democratic party is committed to peopli politics, John D. Rockefeller IV drew a contrast between the two political parties Saturday at a dinner sponsored by the South Charleston Democratic Women's Club. "It isn't a 'new polities' or an 'old politics.' There's only one kind of politics that will work, the same kind the Democratic party has used for more than 40 years. And that's tics,'" he said. 'people poli- ern nor his running mate will "fudge" on the rest of the Democratic ticket. He said the strength of the Democratic party was that no one man nor one small group ran the party. The Democratic candidate for governor said with the Republicans in the driver's seat for the past four years, "It's been like getting caught in a confused raffic jam on a hot, sweltering day on Patrick Street, or Calling for unity and support of the entire Democratic ticket, Rockefeller said neither McGov- Route 21, or any of the bumpy, JAY ROCKEFELLER People Politics secondary state. roads across the "Nothing moves. There's no change. We just sit there in growing impatience and frustration--waiting and waiting." He said the Republicans will have a lot of explaining to do this year. Flood-Ravaged States C7 Get Employment Funds WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. I*bor Department ha granted $28.5 million to create immediately temporary jobs for approximately 40,000 per sons who will assist in rehabili tating thft flood-ravaged areas of West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland Florida and the District of Columbia. The department is also work- ng to speed unemployment compensation coverage for the approximately 100,000 workers who lost their jobs due to de- truction from tropical storm Agnes, according to Secretary f Labor James D. Hodgson. Hodgson said his department's job-creating actions will upplement the efforts of the )ffice of Emergency Pre- aredness. The Labor Department made n initial distribution of $800,000 for disaster unemploymen compensation payments in the six states ?nd allocated an other $1.5 million to finance th hiring of more than 2,000 unem ployed youths and adults for flood cleanup work in the disaster areas. DE Aivarded Faculty Grant ELKINS, W. Va. (AP) - The V. K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Mich. has awarded a grant of $83,430 to )avis Blkins College to conduct a two-year program of acuity development. The college plans to offer a series of workshops and semi- lars to acquaint faculty mem- ers with new educational tech- liques and skills. Stronger Consumer Laws Asked MORGANTOWN, W. Va. -- Monongalia Couuty Prosecuting Atty. Joseph Lattrita saying, "West Virginia is woefully deficient in dealing with consumer fraud and deception," has urged the West Virginia Legislature to approve ;trong consumer protection leg- slation. In a speech to the Monongalia County Young Repubfr :ans here Saturday night, Law- ta said the power for enforcing C o n s u m e r protection laws hould lie with the attorney general. Laurita is the Republican andidate for attorney general. He urged that the attorney eneral be given the power of ubpoena and injunctions. M^* Custom Carpets JULY CLEARANCE It's the FINAL WEEK of Custom's July Clearance. Great Values, great variety and Grrreat Savings on thousands ot yards of Brand Name carpets and remnants that will be sold at reduced prices between now and July 31st We re ending our f.scal year and getting ready for inventory. Shop Custom Carpets today, where low prices make tnends and quality keeps them. Hurry and take advantage of the savings!! * * * * * Shorty Remnants Charleston Store Avocado tones carved 501 nylon $ I 8.00 Peacock heavy carved Acrilan $ 21.00 Cactus Green heavy carved Kodel $ 29.00 Citron heavy carved DuPont 501 nylon $ 9.00 Radiant blue/green heavy nylon loop $ 18.00 Roman Brass sculptured 501 nylon $ 10.00 Spruce Green carved 501 nylon $ 15.00 Olive Green Bigelow carved Herculon $ 39.00 Capri Green heavy carved Kodel $ 59.00 Ponderosa DuPont 501 nylon tweed $ 39.00 Saint Albans Store Adobe Beige Stain-proof Herculon $ 19.00 Two tone Green DuPont 501 Nylon 5 15.00 Carnival Red stain-proof Herculon $ 49.00 Capri Green heavy Kodel Polyester $ 28.00 Off White heavy nylon plush $ 39.00 Moss Green heavy DuPont 501 Nylon $ 59.00 Bronze Green heavy Kodel Polyester $ 15.00 Evergreen heavy Kodel Polyester $ 39.00 Green tweed commercial nylon · $ 10.00 Tabasco DuPont 501 Nylon $ 49.00 King Size Remnants 12x9'9" 12x11'9" 15x9 12x12 15x9'10 12x9'9" 15x9'2" 12x11 12x12 12x10 15x9 12x9'9" 12x9 12x11 15xl0'2" 15x9 12x9'9" 12x9 12x11 15xl0'2" 15x9 15x9 12x15 12xlT3" · Lucky Size Rugs _ . . Charleston Stor« Celery and Moss carved 501 Nylon Green Pepper heavy nylon shag . '. ] Roman Gold carved 501 Nylon Wedgwood Blue heavy carved 501 Nylon .. ..'.''.'.'."." $ Spanish Copper Bigelow carved Hercuion $ Grecian Olive tones heavy nylon shag ' " $ Citron extra heavy tip-sheared Kodei ' . ' , [ ' , $ Pumpkin tones heavy nylon shag $ Autumn heather indoor-outdoor carpet $ Glory Gold heavy nylon shag 5 Saint Albans Store Moss Green 501 Nylon tweed $ Azure Blue light nylon shag .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' $ Rust and gold Antron nylon rubber-back commercial ! $ Laggon Blue Ve gauge commercial nylon $ Persimmon sculptured stain-proof herculon Moss Green 501 Nylon tweed Azure Blue light nylon shag .'.'.'." Rust and gold Antron nylon rubber-back commercial Lagoon Blue Jgauge commercial nylon Persimmon sculptured stain-proof herculon Glory Gold heavy 501 Nylon .'.'.'."" Beige tweed DuPont 501 Nylon '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 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TUCJ., Wed., Sat. 9 A.M.-S P.M. ACTION GRASS 12 Ft. 15 Ft. 12 Ft. 14 Ft. 12 Ft. 15 Ft. 12 Ft. ,15 Ft. 15 Ft. 12 Ft. 12 Ft. 15 Ft. 15 Ft. 15 Ft. 15 Ft. 12 Ft. 15ft. 12 Ft. 12 Ft. 15 Ft. 12 Ft. Chinese Lantern twist nylon shag $ Cocoa Palm heavy duty nylon shag $ Blue/Green tight and twisted nylon shag $ Powder Blue Mini nylon shag $ Olive Green tight mini nylon shag $ Green and Gold 4" Dacron polyester shag .' $ Radiant Blus/green heaviest cumuloft nylon $ Cranberry red Antron commercial nylon $ Chinese red Super weight Kodel polyester $ Roll Ends of Rolls Available at both stores Skipper Blue carved 501 Nylon $4.99 sq. yd. Capri tones heavy sculptured wool $6.99 sq. yd. Adobe Beige Bigelow carved Herculon $4.99 sq. yd. Autumn mist heavy nylon shag $6.99 sq. yd. Blue and Olive carved 501 Nylon $5.99 sq. yd. Cosmic blue heavy nylon loop $6.99 sq. yd. Real red twin tones 501 Nylon $4.99 sq. yd! mayan Gold heavy carved Bigelow Herculon $5.99 sq. yd. Eternal Fire carved 501 Nylon . $4.99 $q. yd. Sprite Orange heavy stand-up shag $8.99 sq.'yd! Fern Green commercial 501 Nylon $4.99 sq! yd! Evergreen heavy sculptured Kodel .. ... $7^99 $q ] v j] Serene Blue Embossed 501 Nylon ' $4^9 sq ! yj] Red Apple commercial 501 Nylon $4.99 sq! yd! Avocado Bigelow heaviest carved 501 Nylon '. $6.*99 sq! yd! Indian Summer heavy nylon shag $4 99 sq* vd* Capri Green carved 501 Nylon !!!'.!!!'.!. $4.99 sq! yd! Sutters gold heavy tip-sheared Kodel $7.99 sq! yd! French Vallia Bigelow carved Herculon $4.99 sq! yd! Ponderosa Masland nylon tweed $6.99 sq! yd* Almond Green heavy stand up shag $8.99 sq! yd" St. Albans Store Ph: 727-2948 St. Albans Plaza Open: Mon. thro Sot. 9:30 A.M.-9 P.M. Sunday 1-7 Action Grass has the a p p e a r a n c e of lush, thick well kept grass, but requires little or no maintenance. Rugged enough for putting greens, patios, boat docks, swimming pools, sundecks and many other areas. Come in and see it . . . our grass goes where Nature's grass won't. 4 99 sq. yd. SUNDAY FACTORY SPECIAL! 6 ONLY · MCLIMIt 3-pe, Modern Sofa-Bed Grouping EARLY AMERICAN LIVING ROOM SUITE 2 P ,'158" BEDROOM SUITE MODERN SUPER-LOW PRICED DOUBLE DRESSER CHEST--BED MIRROR dmiral Mark of Quality MATTRESSES OR 29 REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER 12 CD. FT. · SYR. UN) ffUMITr · IS LI. FREEZER · I COLORS BOX SPRINGS LINO RUGS VINYL COATINC · 9x12 $ · 12x12 .... $9.95 · 12x15 ... $12.95 SOFA BED AIR CONDITIONERS AT CLOSE OUT PRICES! Admiral* Freeier $ MARLY 50O LI. CAPACITY. CONSOLE MODELS 23" $ 359. PORTABLE MODELS FROM GIBSON I 1 ...AN 18 Ib. LOAD! Model WA80-111 Model DE 80-111A WASHER Pair DRYER BUY DISCOUNT! · 1 to 36 Plan · BANKAMERICARD · MASTERCHARCE AILITBISIHT TAKE A LOOK! COMPARE OUR PRICES WITH _ ANYONE. ANYWHERE IS AD ON SALE WHILE QUANTITIES SHOWN I mi D I S C O U N T FURNITURE OPEN OAKY TIL'9 P M. SUNDAY 1-6 P M PHONE 768-3815 522 16Th.$t. DUNBAR,W.'Vo. F5FE PARKING RIGHT AT OUR DOOR

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