The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1918
Page 5
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AY, FEBRUARY 27 191S THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVB. SCOTTDALE CHILD IS KILLED PLAYING WITH A REVOLVER 3IissJe From Weapon Goes Entirely Shrongh Head and Then the Floor. THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS DECIDED Xfll low* Basketball Team i* Yictor OT«T Xoant Pleasant Superiors lor j the Supremacy 01 »*stmoreland Other ews of ^IIH To^n Special to The Courier SCOTTDALE, Feb 27-- "With a bul let wound extending" through her brain, httle Katharine Quilla aged 10 vears daughter o£ "Mr and Mrs Jerrj Quilla, who keep a «nall store in Bridge street lived from noun, to 6 o clock yesterdav afternoon Shorth after the noon hour Mrs Quilla heard a report upstairs and rushing un j found Katharine lying on the floor The bullet had entered between the ?yes and coroe out at the bick of the head passing through the floor IVo other ch Idren were in the room j Whether the weapon bad been p a\ folly pointed at the girl or whether she had been toying with, it herself could not be learned There weit, powder burns indicating the muzzle ft as close to the little face PhyOCo-Mes Champion-;. The Superjors of Mount Pleasant were defeated at the armory on Moa daj; evening by the local Phv Mo "Me club m the game plajed for the chain pionship oC "\Ves-traoreland counts Thf 1 final «K:ore was 3" to 35 Laneap an" score SCOTTDAUE MT P b E A S V S T Jetuines __ , __ F - -- Ciusii Freeman __ JF __ - -- Mille Porter __ C _ . Me tonne lister ___ G _ M Coog^n Might ___ ____ Q __ r-o\\ Snbstuutions Sv. anson f 01 Mr Kinney McKinnej foi Cru an Tic 1 goals Freeman 5 Porter 4 Humes 1 Miller 2 McKicney 2 and Sxvirson 1 Foul Goals Humes 9 out 01 13 Cru^a 3 out of 13 McKmnei- none out of 5 School Board Meets The local school board held a meet mg on Monday evemn? at th a schoo building The regular *nont'iiv bill'* were paid Tie co»*iitiee n prop- 1 eitv and operition \?portert h a \ n i c | been in coroniunicatiuu will a firm I uhicji ina*alls heating and % e n t atmt. i plants and that one \vculri likeh bo . installed m the Chestnut street build | mg some time next c umm i Th( committee * pnomced to t t \\ th Prof J Mden Ma-=-h on arrangements foi commencement was Dr O I H ^ 1 - ind J R tdinpbell The**? 5 ntlemer j will choose a sroake- ind ompleti a rr an gem en m Ttea-»nrer Charles Hall reported $14_3" 06 m th general fund ordeia pa tl out l 651 S3 leaving a balance oC *9 o"l ^ The disposing of the business and hearm^ and balance on *ax rh plicttps 22 Million Families in the United States 4 CUPS OF WHEAT FLOUR TO THE POUND If each family used 4 cups of flour less per week, the saving would be 22 million pounds or 112,244 barrels eueiy «?ceA. The greatest help housekeepers can give to win the war is to make this saving and it can be done by using this recipe in place of white flour bread. Corn Meal Biscuits ?f cnp »cmldMt milk 1 cup cam memJ 2 ubUipoona shortening % teaspoon Milt I cnp white Hour 4 tenapooa* Royal Biking PowJor S Sav* *£ cnp of tho measured floor for board Poor milk over corn me?l, add shortening 1 and salt. When cold add sifted floor and baking powder Roll out lightly on floured board. Cut with biscrat cutter and bake in greased pan fifteen to twenty inmates. Our new Red, White and Blme booklet* "Be$t War Time Recipes^' containing many other reapes for making delicious and wholesome wheat saving foods, mailed free--address ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., Dept H., 135 William Street, New York FOOD WILL WIN THE WAR rieislier'b 25c Shetland Yarn -1 OJL. all colors JL^i 2 $2 50 Voile Lace and a TM ·\\aisis The Sale that has proven quite emphatically the leadership of "The Big Store" for value-giving--and the opportunities presented the |last day will be just as attractive as those of the first day. Come today and save. On Undermuslins, Household Linens, Embroideries and New Spring White Goods. As an example of the Extraordinary Savings we I i mention. 9 i « SWITZERLAND NOW FEARS INVASION BY THE ARMIES OF GERMANY AND AUSTRO-HUNGARY COJtSFT 17c Fine quality regular J'j value 15c CHILT)I?EA»S DBAMfcllS Sizes 2 to 12 years regular 25c kind 38c fORStl C O N E K S Lace and Ribbon trimmed regu'ar 50c value $1.00 and $1.25 Muslinwear / Dainlv i\ight Gowns 12n\clone Cnemise Goret Coiers Diawens Combinations Ai\d Skirts of sott ,amsook and Cambric--a vude selection 01 styles embioiden and lace trimmed $1.50 to $1.75 Muslinwear Beauufi ] Niglit Gowns Envelope Chemise and Skirts elaborated \v itli laces medallions and nbbois or ernbroiderv tummed stales \\ouderfnl values await xou here Hundreds of yards of hme Embroid- j values to 25 cents, at The Thrifty Women of Connellsville will Take Advantage of This Tie massing of large ofhes of G e-man i d Vu -o Iltin., 11 tioop» ilon 0 the ·=? i -, Iront cr h c msed i Switze- and to fear that Hmdeibuig in tndt, 10 i n v a x, R t torj in i cif i t to t ^ r i tip r*~en u rJ 11 Tank ' Thr illustration s i o ^ s S\\tss mouo a TCGI t i o o ^ ui tne j it i lo ki. D pac enapi zo r n tb front c iud at the left an officei of tht. Suj^s arm^ w e a r i n g i rereulh icljp oj ^ eel ho 1 net «ind HI-ACS' Suit*-, up to $2.00 \nluf5 oo» $5.00 MomcaS anil MISSP^ Cojts upto $1S***0 values now $5.00 A \ o n u n \ and Hisses Suits, to $4s.)0 lalues «il $10.00 mon's ami fih:os' Coat**, up io §25.UO laluev at $10.00 Miss Regina \*i*-h entertained ihe :»odaliU at h t i Lr dpe stie^t horn? last eien iu v, i^ tl f i \ee] \\ kn i tin? panv W. I 1 l . i a t h ( n u . The ladies, n£ ihe V C T held i badness meeting at the hone ot Mr*. C "ft Stauffrr U«t e\onrg i d aftci ^am Small hit packed tlit t h u i c h if letters of thanks for the ton fm kit f-nm Tud \ an Ho P-ul S\ H a m - * o l d Phil c %\va"f% el ie t K e- idjiur^ od to ittenrt the pa r oi c I K ture °f bi nSmall that p u k o l thn ( h u r c h to the floors Small lectui e ras ^e"^ interesting The =p a! e v a brought licie b\ the Vi i Siloon 1 rai;n of P^cnsihania. I f i ^ nnU Mr J R IHin ant' l^u^htf r Miss "Virginia ha%o f f t u r n rt fror tfc»ir cottase at VumiMd C where the ha\e spen a frw m o n t h Mr^ M J Kenned'v who oas been \ siting at UiGin-n Ga ha^ leturned home ^^T e : Robert Morin leturred home- on MondaA f i om L niontow ]i uhere tp M«v.ttd ^ ia= C d i b i a I der- Mis^ Ldua I tetts is spend ng a fev das in Pittsbuig Re\ "U J Mm" of Allentowi it M* i L ing at bis hon e he e Mis Frank Pe?"-an c* -cottdalf 1 h is returned from ~\ sH ng her son V "V Reagau of Camp Sberr-an prjor tc bib departuie for Fort Ojlethoipe Ga the l n = t ipp i T Toir Ii\ T h e I ' X i n M O l N I. Blur dll of Perry opolis, Tne meeting of the Suffrage c'ub for Tuesdaj evening is postponed m dftntlv Twins have arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs Ross Sisley "William Baker called on fr end» at Connellsville Saturday Miss Sehna Pearson has returned 'THL TlGI-fTINC. U.RIN bird itLractiou the ^iiuat ons ilie cnmedv \irie \ and ^ selcctf (oned'. aie being p e*enled t da\ In The Pithung G t m I iankl^ i i sc-en n the leading role Dill Kent ed% has a rich fi h e r f i o n i ^ \ l n m it 1=. an eas^ I ti k to ibsti ict 1 ne^ I 01 pvamnle | one d i\ t i e ^ o u n _ man a keel foi $1QUOO \\irh w l i c h to *tart i taxicib co^pin I athet hand 1 , t \ e i the check and then requests the nane of j tht pltce uhere l i b ^on is n o ng to urt the busines* In s i i t r of =in,h ·^nng ng up E Vh h oort materal n^idt and w h e n he mils ib t Margin \Iererhths f t i e r is onpo crl o him |U1 U^ T f "1 f ff P th g 1 1 t l l l l IS uniitiialU alluded io a- a ^ ocl st ff m i l l b\ sportt ig tditors I l i b a d v t n tures bt,fo e ie makes Mirr t I i s \ \ i l l i L i n KfiiDPd t u r n hn n so i tramp anc* liin it i id f^t i b h o i t t i m e lea\c ^ n n 1 rhbuii, ibr t in h s B \ D s I ii tli Jol 11 on is p r f t t and \nacioiib as I irg L Tonioi ow Kitt-v Cordon the ^ or'd ^tar v, 11 bf featured m ^1 ^ F vine ^ it I K L i w h i c h Ur boil ful Mis Gnr ion s r ·! i*. « r i p a t t c « n c! f ceful and t( i she brings the can v \\ hich Ii is marit her faraotis Tndav md Saturdn\ A.Iate Bndj v?ill be featui o m Hor Silent Sacrifice the stnrv «f an un sophisticated counir gill %vho en'ei" into a bargain with an old oue of a prince bj ^-ich =he secures his n of i t e n n stii L ^ i \S cck T. w i l l A\-n e s ^ n ^ n Tom r ( A \S II mi P -^f ! in In I id M i Uus^cl » p 1 111 l i t \S ill Llii n tl II I CM11P f ins is t.* rta n to i c hai re i ri. Ii s m v. pla\ 1 1 \\}\ n lie pla^ t IP i n l t t)C a Inrimi ^ t \ in \ o u t h suddcnh onprcd t% o ous lo t iff in Tb \niin nnn f ds Lhp g rl unw tl n{ to fo ^ e an in t i o n o ions n t u IK tion b oimht it om qu e ice doniiHy jn w h i c h IH at PLC- 1 l^d onh n g^ii tigi u 1 t U i c her coldntr=s n e ^ o it i i de rn m 1 to \ ID c }· r ria% i n ! bannd \ Piul n 1 *-ed ( nrk is f it * d i« h^ P a r t n i o i n f \ i flu r i m t lioublt, ( ro '·tl RUB OUT WRINKLES KEEP SKIN CLEAR fit, 1110 del tte si- \sill qun.klv T -ncl t tht oothtne. md t u n i c pf crt-. u r Hotara w h e n ihi pu~t «5km Final Cleanup up to $5 00 \alue \\ ome i s Shoes $L95 Final Cleanup up to $S 00 value Women s Shoes !· r ta ions ind xe j._ I cream or after slm i ^ d rtoio\ ng ad r ruak u^, Uie skm o/"t CROSS SHIPMENT iiirvni fluential to further the careci of her starving arn^t lr\or Till- TILL CHTIISTI X\ --\V ith ibc pro lick I uq iai. and / irro\v 3 L i rle ilu hird c o i i p m } * o *M! l u t l r r hi it thf* "iit-il \ f * ti 'av in i p prr s o i it n r Off f r tht Prom ! u ]L i^ s ormi d soiifc M nimv i e\.crp loral piece o lajrin e 1 IUP nio oil-v Vn 1 h s utjmi? or gtmi aK Mis-, C H f h s r'H-k v i u a rpmaikal ^ p n \( r t.antui f the si igi" niiiors i f i l u e\cnm I . I e hi ! nr x! u m 1 t n orrow t \ Phi t r "-n °n or nil ni i ' P I ' in n i 0 t o i ti ni L 1 c 1 to 1 c ! Ih is no i c; j K d i\ hill 1 i \ 1 (01 T in n v t I l^i uir 1 t jnr 1 f rj i r " b f r «P 111(0^, f fu ] 1-1 or 1 r i r t u l ti r-irt- The p c ure trr ma i\ t id t u m n i n w is 71 f Si en 1 n^ f f ( Ihe ft urth p or't of \ t D f - e i n n l i e ^\ormn fn L M m Hill )w it i-, « n 'ill f i n m i c iff 110 f rt hi"h i ht PR m m i res 1 ^ nrcnt f mv i cojrp ] i hoist ir lo p fm- l cl ff i n t o a r i v e r Tne p r u f 1 is 1 o n i a i x e l by J lie ilmoM nf e IP if \ n min nult* nr o p ti-e lar ii Tl is piu rn \vss i n to j for reJ Mon G ! Xi'-cr nns wa lo\o r\c teiroru nd a f H c n t u i pph a little to the Land or face a it: v^aahirg aJid -urpr se v. til lit dt^id si in tka. COUPS o r f Hokara is ihe onlv mtu»cptit inah s gt. trcain and ill =km blpinish*. ojn v,'ien it i^ u cd V l t 10 igh far s iper ( or 10 iht ordi i a ma sage t n a m s and *-f Id ou a t n r n t t o of oet 3 0 1 o v e r u»t.d H i ilit prin, K a. tnfln e\ bit k T, IL for ·*o i or d i bora 1 j i r larp: I \ X f 1 u k Ohicpylc. duction of The Christian the Man hattan Plajers scored the a iatp«!t home after spending the past week (su « cess of lheir engagement at the i Soisson before audience^ that ta\eti ! th* c ipacitv o f the pla^hou*c \est^r day Hill C me In" p r o ' d * d t ' t h a t aLoids food fo- ictlict on bo^e v tin w'th relatives and fnends in town PatroaUe those who f OPEN NOSTRILS! END ' A COLD OR CATARRH ;; 1 · How To G«t Rehef When Head I ; and No*e are Stuffed Up Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets The plot is ernwnunL, and full m little touches of human sen mem t h a t ai \va^s ung true The stoi\ of the oun n cler^toan in 1 In^ ac los sweetheau 1 old-, the audiui ( in ft 1 - gtip f i o n hf - \ t r \ iifac 01 he t u i t a m i That is the ]0jfal crv of tl ousanda until t i e end of the hfth ut Tin ! smceDrEd\ TrdsiroducsdOLveTablets, ^ !nm l Manhattans made a p t a t s e w o i i i n t the subsdtui.c for caJomJ _i irtri scenic p'induction »hitU was il vis L 1 1?D / n £^f .^Pi^T:?^! 1 ^^ treat to tht e\e The leading char icter 11 \ v e i c assuinori b "\\ Jameb L«icH as John bit un Bnrri each giMnj, splendid interpie ttmns c' ihei p u t * . Maoel l e \ e i 'contain calomel bat a healing, soothing ton plajwl Mi Callcidc-r and her ( vegetab ejix uve pcrtormince \v \s one of tho distinct successes of the occasion Bet^ ecu O H I O ) U I I tb t \mo 0 uo t h w e i in t o n ell v i l l i ba.uird i\ 1 1 n ^ to ( Lli % j i lo aim I tttic M^. b \ JH i \ a» o i Oi»- i L m i i^ \U Ra{urL\ J o h n l i l t Uo 3 t LLIIU Ic- 1 U \ II I ^lu r \ Oi uif-t ibtrtci I o-is \t L in L I iiiL ^ )uciitii,n 1 w iti Ht -, arid L iff t ornsian I rod ItalTci t\ i r w i u liaikj f aw PDL Uurkt Mrs L '"ai ia btiaw «nd dautihti r s Itoa^io ana L^. ni P pen bunda he t Mr an ( Vrs I n "-H Hcih.btrgci ind t vo c h i l d i t i i ot Coi i UUuIIe are PCJ t int A sboit Mill ti Mi c s Lt a Conibtau itLurLt-d. o he home here b uurda\ ift i the paL montl '-pent i i^oim I K v i l U Mi and \ i r r John bLc«i t s p i n L ^ a t u da\ v e n i n i j n C cneli \i(l Mi ind Mrs j omas Si st, sptnL ^ in L\ and b in li. ill ns m fr Liuls in t "J n i M l i t i i(J SrolLfJ ilf M Doi ii l i c i sc of Lo nr 1 \ llf ^pen i ju MM d-i Re \ K \M bir f c i He lul 1 . r Ch 11C.J. Si Uf 1 \ M l id h w m i l l b( -, a n ID,- M a i c i lunik rljill Scuds Smators and Vrist- k l s t^i Iltiulin»rters \ \ n d c r b i l t Kcd Cross officials on Saturday sent (o headquarters a good- 1\ i-onyignjjeiH of Untied, irticles Thc\ made bv the following pe-^ous West S dc L i n -- Sueiterb Mi^s [ hyahetii Madf* n Mrs Mohio T o n is l « o M i s Moliie I Ii ton t w o Mr 1 an* MairVn u o Vrs V( lliim Tl iLiipson t«o Mrb H D Shallen 1 ( rgt r t w 3 Mrs t lari Biker M i s I I [x)ie Mrs Jo 1 TM \ \ a l e r = M-s I ' C o l l m md Mis l l r i b e t l i l ( » u . 1 t Mr 1 - G t o i ^ e suingrooui Mrs I I Knigh t w o pair* and \mabel M iddcn pai r soc^s i l i a Bikti tliKi p a r s M r s \nson pan % rs \ M Sr\ (,,n p ir M i s s ih C^mi )i. I p i r Mrs l u l i i I t " s U o pairh and Mr« V v i l l u m p ilo pjai I i Side l i l t Sfteate s Mrs f 1 Vrnu 1 tw M s 1 I rov,nsTMd M i s t a r l MclotmicX N rs u B Ho Grandpa Is Sixty-four Today and la tbe best of health Hale and heart?, with, flood, z*d biood, eoofi appetite and *ood digestion Qrandpn's rterrM \\ i -9 pan M i s Mrs VIt l, are itMLd? 1 too He takes care of hlmselT He keep* hims«!f Ot. Ha BC«» tfr U 'Uu.C htx nerr«s nod tlowi are in irood shtp* When he Qnda that he i« Mutibif Tcttlicut -elUU. (·*; InC · Uttte deprocHed. and cro««, Kleepr aJ] dmy ye eon not itoep at dirbt he btMClna his tr«*ni of Bio (erer the nerve t«d blood tenlc Bio Ceron. a compound of l*e!thln Xron PeptowUe anfl o-ther \*altiable tonic eleraejiUt in titblet form U just ezactly what the avems* Ured busl neaa mu the average housekeeper a«ds M.I thte BAuron c' tha yeaj It tcmwi (he oerrti «ad P«t« view UK» tnersr Into UM fymtoxo. Thora la au royartety fcbornt Bh- feren Erer pftekce aowa haat Bxactlr tha oontant. JUk rovr aoc- tot about Bio foren. or tf roa wisit ·end u* hia nma and w« wffl forward him th* oomplvt* £ocvnA«. Giro Blo-ferw a ffclr trUL 1C It Sao t nok« good rcmr money vfU b* pleOJWUitlr returned to 7*U. £tttr- eatlDsr booklet will b* Kutllad yt« «« requ^ot. . dnJg-ffiJit* or diraet U roar drantet don t hftnfils It The S«at»n«l B«n- edicj Co. CtnctMtl. Oblo. Mr M i r t a a 1 Mrs H L l u r t 11 i t Mri 1 L Dunn Miss Lift l t o s i , i o \ c Mibb C o i a rir(,tiili Miss sa ill rrei J Miss M uido Murtu t w o ind Miss Jessie Lnns V istlet^ \(-s J h Cooper two p i r s 'Irs S \ 1 rv\n tmr Mrs C S FietJ pair M l = John n i a u % p-ll il.nd M s \Hi ha)l DL.JI two paiib bockh Mi O t a c e Moore two ]a rs Mrs Dianl Ilig^eit^ air Mrs J L Coopei pair Mrs J ji IKndi- =on fo n pairs tnd Mrs S ^ Brjan pii- LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL D R U G G I S T S - L A R G E PACKAGE 4^3 \ i d t s B OV, Ts- I apt fat !' imioum \. 1 I1H t t [igS [ an i M! a i c STOMACH DEAD, , ,N STILL LIVES 1 Vanderbilt. i VANDITRBILI Teb J5-- Mrs ]^arl 1 \c^ and c h i l d r e n of bcottdale ^pouL Lt week end, iMth her parent^ Mi 1 c -it % l ffer fi m our tormch l u i d f t i i s William Means r r p m i i n o£ fw l oist *. f ^r c i J ] irl^ Eoberfs of Bro^nsMile M j cr ind f d ». i n i n l sr I _ h i i u ,] ],!-, p irn us li am Mrs C 5 Roberts n ^i ui A^.\ cJ u n l L ir i l HI t) t~ l lull nj, t t r m a t h s I i i I n j . ^. , , , s j r \ h i f i l i n of i r l in is Mrs AN i K 1 \ M i ^ Bert Mr nd i u i - t i r p « i J adphlni Mr Hi r\ B Reed A to veicd (.re lorr'^la lor c neTablets . Mujjo treat nr^ patien s f^r cliro-ic coa and Dorotln 'stipa^on a-d torpid ' vera. i)r E d w a r d s ' Oh »* Taolcts do not No c-ipng is tin "keynote" of the^e Count fiftj' "iour cold m head or catarrh disappears "iour clo ged nos tnls ^ i l l open the an pa sages, o f your head will clear and vou tan Ureatiie ireelj No moio n [fins haumg mucous di cnarge d"utji3 01 headache no trusrglitig foi oreaih at Get a small bottle of Klv Cream acts the enlarged orchestra rendei ed ' normally "rfcy ne'ver*'Sce"l2ieni"7o Balm from your drug^^st anil applv a a repertoire of delightfu' selectioiio j unnatural action, little of this fras;rant: antisep ic cream The Christian is i pli tnai w i l l ip If youhavea'dari brownmouili"now in vour nostn 1 3 It pene raiev thro\igh peal o auvone who ib a lover of good and. then -- a bad brcatii -- a dull tired tverv ai passage or tht head *ooih pU%s and ir is piiuoulir % w U i o n n 'Deling--sico. headache--torpid liver and ms anU healmg the swollen or in a* a 'Ht at, lenten ^ u r j f t i o i . tljui^d T nuco i meiubrje g \ i n ^ i*ou --*---- -- u l i n i I t l I l e u l c ^ l d a I t - s i i l i O R P U P t t l i l t M l I \ t I M t i~ i I f « » i l I U I U ( 1 d t d i l l (l i i I'M i f l ^J C t.1 I I D I t i l \ D 11 V t h i l l ai n- r 1 in i rf i h e t y l d f j i \\ ^-t 1114rk ^ i fa lie 1 dl h ( cul nr i lias i u n nu IUIL n C o n n c l s ^ l l l e if (.r 'to is h ^ r i f "i iiut-t, Mi^s \ u n i i accom ai u cl her to pi-Ud a "cw \ P I J nt.r^ 1 \ \ h i tl Cr i ir d j. script on t, I L in t i I i) kc it Lurd\ i n Ut,li to flij^e l J Uc irt i ic U \ s i t t ut a r t i j A L o ; r i r \ e in M i s J i li atlnU Ildil I h e old I a^ket iill hall t Lnion o u n i^ec. foi three \ears is i stor igc roon bj [ on 0 fi Ci nas ueen of crrd for sa e and w Ji us pa-ising the o\ l a t n t n -rnoiies of leigii basket T i l l in IniontottTi w I ml ml ob uf r r i (He;, \b a. ^u i i c ^111*011 tvere Conn Hsnlle shoi pei l bui l ui 1 s « t t m ISituidav C L V . f . i, ^^ e commtmit meeungs -\ Uic)] hive been m progresb for the pa t w weel s ^ ill continue du i ig ih b \ LCK Hit. I P - ^ I pr scr piion foi mdif,esT on j ThcT lore Blaclcsto'ir' of Pretd nn ° £ n i " ' S ^° Id OaXo^fnd 1 s H b i d l ° l l l ° ' ^ rc!atlTC " a n d f r end ^°' c ] g - u a r a i u u t b u i l d u p Ihf i o n ch j last week n l *uf md j, ti or monej hicK f ^Jiss Miry Freed 135 od ^frs A i t h u r Tiu, prebu u t i o i is ni nc l Mi o na | Freed nf Connellsville Satulda^ SV! fC1 l«" ld fir OS?'! £ Jr it° rm i '" ^ and Mrs. A. Rl Snrder and soil r" n^bor the rtime, ^tj o n tn L i w e r e ConnellsnUe shoppers on Sa ur- vlle't'i "lu never -- \ 1 ia\ Eases Quickly When You Apply a Little Musterole. And Musterole Vron t blister like tha old fashioned mustard plaster Just ^Dn^d it on- with jour fingers. It pene- tratcb to the sore spot with a gentle tingle loosens the congestion and draws out the soreness and pain. Musferole is a dean \\hiteojEtment naoe wifh oil of nustard. It is fine foi qjick relief frc-c sore throal; bronchitis ""^ilitis, croup, sbff neck, asthma, neu* r 'sia, headache, congestion, pleurisy. rheumatism, lumbago pams and aches a the back or joints, sprains, sore muscles; u uiseo, chilblains, frosted feet, colds on he chest (it ofien prevents pneumonia), Nothing like Musterole for croupy did* iren Keep it handy for instant use, 30c and 60c jars, hospital size «- c constipated you II find quick, sure ard only p'easant restilcs f^om ore or two Ut- tle Dr EdsrmL'OIKe lao cts at bedtnne, Thousands idV n one or two every night Advcr ju«t to Kt p . ht TO them. 10c and umn 25c per box. AH Cau^i^tt*. i h You Want Mt i tor it IB our c a^sified col- UMQ cent a -word _ rtratdr for ifilecUaai ot thfl ttti^ary truct Pumlfst Aon palwnou* *nd Will ooC rtrictara. E«][ftTM In 1 to 4 tin*. »T~ »WD*«WWI :el Po«t ir det rrd --Price « or 3 bottlfi «' . rtfCEl fotl it aet rro -- rnce « ui j »«.«»«· " , , , . * j THBBVAMCMfflEiSfS.eNMHATI O « ^4^"° "* lMMM - "' ^ S ' VC Patroinxe those who atlTertise Doa't fenock Connellsrllle bf eeu'l- mg your monev out of town for ^our jol work whea The Courier Who Merchants who adveroie their good* hfl DftUy Couricr-

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