The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 14
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 14

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 14
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WW " 14 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MONDAY, AUGUST 17, laW Rookie Stops SAVE -SAYE-SAVE s I iiiern frescott Mwy. at Oearvirw ; , S25-180S , Structural Engineers t Structural ' " - Draftsmen .rlredor Connlttng tnginttrf " - . X)fflc REICHW, ERADSTOa AssoaAns iro. . It7t Bayvtew As ; Toronto, Ontario JT- stattatu ar Cars . wbar B apartaHy an a Hii meat I fnaa ssraltBU-tn I ytaaranlead. "Stores for Men" lMiM)anai Welllngtosi at rloltsnd ' Rideaa at Stissex V. reurtb Mil. Pact: Jan Spang, ler. 4 40. St. 140; Bandy Dare. 3 SO. 170; Lynda Ada. 3 4. Tim. 10 3-., Juliana . Herbert. Ubby Lee. Arbor Roaa alao atari. Law mien. Buater Oretlaa, Mr. Bra. Fifth Mil mm rtHtawa C. Orattan. l . 1 00. I BO; Johnny' Cut, 440, 1 40: riaah fir C 3. THn. 1 07 S-S. Veraone Bur. Ararat Baas. Scotland a Van. Mer- rta Al al itarted. Lata aerate. Due A Bout. Sixth Mil. Pae: Attorney! Bob. S SO. too. IM: Canny Bud. 4.70, 1 10: Tar Chlpe. 4. Tim. 1 07 1-3 Sham Oalau Carol Kntaht. I Allan Wllmec Roman Olllard alao Mitat. Lata mien, Barney Diplomat, qetaella SI US. Seventh Mil. Spar: Lyndon Chief. IN. I 1. Lh John-eton. 40. 1 70: Armbr Adanac. S 40. Tim, t OS S-S Arawana Adioa. H(h Patch. Lady O. Irlah C finattan alaa alarm. Lata cratch. Patar W. . ' ieth I l-S mil: Bama Now. nan. 11. 440, ISO: Dlller A Dollar. 4 70. SS-. Johnnat Lair, tl 40. Tim. 1 17. Armbr Bart, Bora SpeedaWr. loo Kara. Haul Away. Pleealiwrton'e Batty. Belmont Fran, coa. BaSdell. Scrtbee Bodney. Jack or Tramp. Bt Herbert, K la-ear Kid ia aurlo. Ninth M1W. Par: Harm Bet. 1 4. M, 1 SO; Th McNab. 40. X I: ainala Cm iWaddelll. 40. ' Tim, a OS S-S. Count Marky. Olen. dam Mo. Eneltn Dillon. AdMa Dominion. Frttc Lo J. am Uru a. '.- Journal Want, quick result. NOW I: r, t' V7 In ! Ads bring PRECISION BALANCE DOUSLt-HUMO WOOD UNITS Now arailable trnry prac-ioivlanead, doubto-hunr window. Either aah la s)1y ra- Itxrred . . . aad onaily nnuead. Siatple tenatoVi adjuatmnt elim. tnata rattl. Adaptable to avion wall tfifclJi rally weathaT-etrinped and traatad with WOODUFK ataia, tot, and warp. ICXHALL L I M IT B D i lAYVKW aiHj SCOn STS. V 7224S48 . Varum- f Yankees ISlifle From Contention By GEORGE C LANGFORD ' UPI Sporu Writer New York Yankee farm has harvested In annual rookie "find" in towering Melvin Stottlemyre, a blond. 22-year-old righthandad pitcher from -Mabton, Wash. "Two weeks ago, Stottlemyre was putting the finish, rng touches on a 13-3 won-lost record and 1.42 earned run average at Richmond in the International League. He had never been to New York and had seen only on big. (eague game YANKEE STOPPER Today he is the Yankee stopper and a personification of the Yankee tradition. He has won his first two major league starts, come within one out of pitching twocom-plete games arid personally stopped the Yankees slide from contention in the American League pennant race, after ace - starter Whitey Ford was forced to retire to the . bull pen with hip mis' erics Stottlemyre. who beat the second-place White Sox m his debut last Wednesday, allowed the league-leading Baltimore Orioles .five hits yesterday en rout to 4 3-1 . victory which cut the Orioles' lead to 2 games over Chicago and 24 over New York. In each of the Yankees last three pennant-winning seasons their farm system has produced at least one outstanding rookie. TROUBLE-FREE IGNITION (not transistor Ignition) Better Winter Starting Eliminates Increase gas sating r ' capacitor. l t, DISCHARGE IGNITION SYSTEM 9 nlnf eyateaa ky an acar eieetreaues apeclellet kn la Ottawa. LOW COST. CAST TO INSTALL INSTALLED IN Vi HOUR !Hyland Ignition Sain' 821 Boyd Ave, Ottawa 72-7J7 l Last season, Al Downing was called up from the minors m June and won 13 games; in 1962 It was. AL rookie-of-the year Tom Tresh who batted .286 with 20 homers and 93 runs batted in and in 1961 hurler Bill Stafford (14-9). , In other American League games. Minnesota ripped Cleveland 13-2. Washington topped Los Angeles 4-1, Chicago shaded Boston 2-1 and Detroit stopped Kansas City City 11-2. CRAZY RACE What a crazy race they're having in the National League. ' Tbe Philadelphia Phillies suffer one of their worst defeats of the 'season at the hands of the New York Met of all people and thev till manage to pick up a half-game on their closest pursuers, the San Francisco Giants. The Mats, who had lost 15 of 17 previous games to the Phillies this year, collected 17 hits and took advantage of five Philadelphia errors in whipping the league lead era 12-4 yesterday final meeting of the Daien. Greenwoo Results , .... , . Flrat. Mil. Trot: Madam Samp-eon. 14. ss. SJ: n JS"-SH. 4 7; Willy T. 4 . Tl"-1 1 S-S. Phalli Brooke, Haaai, H.v. julo, MieriaH So. Whisby Pal alas atarar. , Soreod T fctrto, .ery Altera 1 1 . t:JtJIIJ.Tom Baker. , SAO -Poeta! Cb rur HaV sui show. bo atari. . Dally Oeaelel SJ4.Se. Third T .furtonsa. Pact: Kayaoa Hal. S4. in. ISO: Paulina Volo (Me'addeai. -S. 40; Waatflaia. aaa T til 3-S Dorana Grat ia a. Cobey Jo. Hrd Rainbow, Buth Hal a. The Milwaukee Braves, meanwhile, took a pair from San Francisco 5-4 and 10-2 to drop the Giants 4(4 games behind the Phillies. - Bobby Klaus, a recent acquisition from Cincinnati cracked out four straight ingles and tallied three runs jl-Ton Martin. (lHiT""j "n"Tr in tn7 Cf4(, Rdat1 k Tinman hln.l Mm' O Le (V-3. HRa Power (Snd), Klrklan (4til. Brinknian (7thl. - ATORDAT OA MRS . la Ansm 00 Ml l 3 t Waahlnirtaa Oil 113 0 t t MeBrld. Kela (SI. Oalnakl (SI. Dullba (SI and Rodrera:: Oataan. Kllno ( and Brumlay. WP Oataea (114). LP MeBrld 13-13). HRaa Waarirnaton: Brink-man r?. Oatorn (I). CTileaao ... 01 10 S Boaton 4.l 0 . I I . v Talbot, rtxkar (St.- Wllhalm tJ an Martin: Moivhmd. ItMfan .(SI and Niton. . WP Morahead IT-tll. Talhot H-K , HB I Boalori: Maalin (10. , Cleveland SO 000 Bl t Jrlmneaota tt 000 JO 11 Tiani. atecLrowaii id', ivransa (T and Aarue: BUrman and Zlm- New Torkr Jnl-a3 -! J1A taltlmntw Jrauton n Hi . aaiu.Mw i Howard; MrNa Vlnarard 4- anav Las, i-W Boutoa (11-10). LP McNelly (7-ri. HRa Haw York: Mara) (li. Lira (4); Baltimor: Bobla-aon (I). .- . ' - Detroit 100 00 30 .. 1 I Kanaaa city 01 o no 1 I - McLaln and Fmhan: Beaut. Rowan) (1). ludtn (. Wyatt (7). Meyer IS) an Edward. WP McLaln rS-3). LP . Beaut ft-IOl. MR Kanaai Cltyi vita (3). - NATIONAL LRAOCB SUNDAY OAMII Philadelphia ooo loo oil 4 B New York . SSI osi o u it a MahaJle. Roebuck. SranU (SI, Cul 11 an Dalrympkr: Claeo (S- 131 and caanluar. oonoer 11. LP Mahaffey (10-4). Hrla Allen First mil. Pare: Joyce. S3. 31. 3S0-, Utah Ellen. 4.00. I SO; Kay Mario. S IS. Tim. 11S 4-4. Abb' EnaMTA, Tempo Directly." Tripper Orattan, Stiver Crattaa D, alao atarta. QaUaellaj sis. a.i.ii.ia laiL. BW Tawnav Van. 4 5. .. ISO: Mae's Mary. 170. 14: Co for Broke, s i. Time. 3 0 S-S Bianal Vie. Beautiful Katy. Simmy ChM Junior. An-Uiony's Dream an Worthy Doll alao atarta. Third Mile. Trot: Cay tahan. dy. IB. 114. S0-. Caaa Hunt. 140. it s; Haamh Daaa. 170 Tim. 1 OS l-S. Twinkle Comat. Prmcalik Jr. Wild Indian. Joa. dai AUareo an Fador Dark ale tartad. Fourth a mil, race: atanie- wood's Chief. 1 SO. S SO, 1 TO; Fast Buck. 1 70 S 00: Kokarana. 4 0 Time. 1.1 4-9 Ik C, SplMr Oral-tan. Hy La Dean. Start Direct an atlaa noyal suenna also (tana. oalnaua: S4S.M. Filth Mil. Peee: Warn Brook. 11 SO. tM. 4.40; Oobblere Knob. IS 50. ISO: atari's Eratam. 30. Tim. 1 OS. Danny Hall, AMrdeea Frisco, atormy way. Hal u . Atom and redor'a Boy alas larta. Sixth Mil. Pare: Prim pica. 4.10. 1 40, 170; Billy Bhythat, 7.10. 4.M: Count Direct. 3 0. Tim. 10 1-4. Harry Johnawa. Jamie Herbert. Poplar Citation ana Baca Liner alea starte. 3.3. Richelieu eventh 44 mile. Para: swwwnv. ber Mora c 4 a. S 40. s .Ts; Doctor M Q, 0 00, 3 J: Winced Frelaht. I. Tim. IMS 44. for the Mets, who scored in six of eight innings against loser Art Mahaffey (10-6), Ed Roebuck, Bobby Shantz and; Ray Culp. Shantz, picked up from the Chicago Cubs only Saturday, gave up four runs and six hits in five innings. - Major Linescores AMERICAN LEAOVB SUNDAY OAMKS New York . 000 000' 110 1 1 1 Baltimor . 01 000 0001 0 SlotUemyr. Dow nlnf Hi and Blanchard. Howard (7i: Pappaa. Barber 7. Miliar and Brown. WP StotUatnyra rJ-ei. LP Bar. bar IS-S. Hlta B. Robuuon llOOll. Lopl Itth). Clland . OOO 000 020 1 1 Minnesota 001 300 4x 13 IS 0 Rianart. Abamalhy (7 1. Ramo (71. Donovan (Si and Aacua; Grant 1 1 0-1 1 and Zlmmarman. LP Siabart lJ-3 HRs Varmllaai (13th. Klilabraw tUnd), Held riAthi 0O3 010 41011 1 1 i mini Haaaatain (Sthl Mllwauka .. 00000300 t San Francisco ,111 000 01 4 f 1 Lary. Twtonaunr l7. and BaUy. Torn l: Parry. Durtalo ISi and Hallar. WP Lary l-3. LP Parry !-. HRa Maya t tSSth and 37thi, MoCovay tilth). Mallmwa tisthl. Capada (Urdl. Mllwauka . 004 000 411 I -14 S. Francuc 010000100 3 t t CVoninacr (13-111 and Torra; Hand ley. Prafannr l), -PlfSt. Si and Craadall; LP Handler (10. Si. HRa CraodaU tSndi. OUvcr tlltht. ' st Lout ooo ooo oooo i t Lot AnaalM 000 031 BOX 1 Ktchardaon, Taylor 471 ..mZI. , a U.cker: Koulaa (is- and Re Wirkarahaw (14-Sl and rreenan: O'DonoaTtua. Drabowaky 141. May r rl. Wyatt 11 and Edward. Duncan (41. LP O'Donochua i-i. HRa Gantll t (isrh and 30Ui. Wert rithi. Colavlto (3Ui. Thomal (11th). . Chleass ... 101 000 0001 Boiton. ... 001 000 0001 SI Horlan. Wllhalm (7 and Cr- horo; LP Richardson 41-31. T Davaa (Sthl. -1 ' Toctor Brook alao Market Report. Eclina C Vole wt prln. Tim Btudy aoi Boranm C alao alerted. Qalneuat sz4.e. Eaihth Mile. Pace: Marie Handy, T SO, 150. 3 70: Gary Johaaton. IM, 10; Willow Brook Smokle. 4 00 Tlmo. 1 07 S-S. Adle Guy. Bunarmr Mary. Olendala Jerry, Minty sua. nia-ht and Bhadydala Xdwara alerted. Ninth Mil. Pncar Barbara Johnston. 1 SO. 3 a. jol HKhlan Girl. Hurh McLean. 00, 10: ParamowM Pick. - I SO. Time. 3 04 1-9 Claa Guinea. Lucky Stone, and Peter Bomb alao started. Tenth 4. mile. Pare: Mrrtle Gar Hat. 170, . 4 O0-. Bcettt Way, 4 4. 3 30: Lea Ana Direct. 1 10. Tim.- 11 3-S. Inea Biasa. DelU's Hal T., Lily Ajrwarthy. Union Chief an Mia Aiujue SUO ' tarted. ' ... . . . aactai tll.M). , . V '- r. . . , 1 , SUNDAY first Mil. Trot: Pan' OVrl. 7 4. 4 4. 3.101 Spu Ouy, SO. 4 S0; Armbra Nrbftl, 0. Time. 3 1 l-S Klmhermlte. Wlldwno Ruby. Gloomy Dey. Live rat. Can ! Deny alao tarted. ftreenn Mile, Pec: Allenrr. 10. 1110. S 0: Mr. Bouaettrher. 5 70. S 30; Doctor Kirk. 3. SO, Time. 37 4-. Mai iTTununon trlah Juellee. Bobby Larue. - Melody OPEN EVENINGS A MONDAY TO FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. HODGIIIS LUMBER HIGHWAY If BELL'S CORNERS 8284161, Bailr Dmrklet S1S1.S. HK St. Lou la --. 1000000 4 0 Los Ansel . 000 000004 1 immona (1341 and McCarver; L. Miller. . Millar 14). Ortea 11. Parranoakl All and CamiUl. LP L. Millar 13-41. PiitatMirsB eooieooas 4 t i (. cnicaao wvvwvu a i w Friend. Fac (S). Bork 1S. Oat-airavScBea iiul'Paaiiaronl: Iwkaoa, lUlon.isi-aad BarteU. WP hiMnrll.,LPMcBa 17-11. riavwr, aoa.wwM" , Chicaao. nJ.UlimU 4 13 0 Bllui. 'ork. l. .Far (Si and a rant; 8iiaUMv.-rBiirdatu linVrtft rti aawBbuiovaky. WP bum IS-7I. LP Slauahter 141, HRa Ckmdaaoa (Sth), Maaa. roakl istttl, ClBdnnaU 111001 001 S 11 1 Houston 000 000 101 1 S Jay - and Edwardac Johnatm. Jonaa (11. Raymond (). Coomba (7) and Crst. LP Jnhnaon (S-lll. HRa Ronlnaon (12nd), Aapra- (llthl. .. , tATVBDAT OA MRS ' Plttaburth 301 010 0014) It 1 Chicago OS0 400 000 4 0 SchwaJD.U 1U Baa) (S), Me-Bean V and PaaUaranii Jib worth. McDanml It) and . BerteU. WP M. wn (T-i; LPMcDanM (I. HJto Bajlex - 1 ninth i. Ciemente laauT,' WitUamt (SSthv, Cowan aaaLoul .. 130 OD 3 Le AarlM OOO 10 30a 4 f Gtbaon. CuaUer (7thl and Me-0artwrrMrsUr, Parranaakl (3) and BoaancTovvamiiiia iwi. ar-mvmw r1T-Ur J othao. -(7410). llwatowMo OXOKXatra) 7 IS LafwcJaoa 15001 0B IS 1 'Ttacnwr. BiMtnsam tii,- uuwo (4). adoakl (Si and Torre; Herbal. Duffalo 141. O'DeU 141, haw 11 and Crandau. Hallor (i. WP O DaU IS-S). LP Sadowakl (-). ItRa Mathew (17m). Aaron 13111. Cepoda (33nd). Phllaaaipnui wawwi a w a New York . 01000 000 1 1 4 Cain, Booaar ill and Dairymen; rtahar. Lock ill and Cannlnaro. WP Booaar -!). LP ; isi. , s: Clndtmatt SO 4 t Houakm u oiosw T is i Nuxhall. Ttltourla (1J. Duren (71. McCaol 11. BIU (Si and Edward: Nottabart. Wenthick - Ki and Oral. WP Nottabart rS-SV LP Thltowrl (7-11. HRa Ptnaoa 3 (lath and 17th). - Rideau Carleton Third Mil. Pace: Jneeall B. Laird. SM. 10. 3: Cap Hanover. 4 4. ISO; Cindy Herbert. 0. Tun. I I 4-9 Mlrhty Moor. Analda Adioa. Henry Dillon, ma. cam Champ. Ceaaawan Frlls asm atari). 1 Fourth Mile. Trot; Cart Dot. It. SI. SS0-. Clark Harvaater. 11J. .: Tltaa Oalopbona. S 4. Tuna. 17 4-S. Settlor. My Ban's Dioraee, Aue una. nine awn. Billy C. Ouy aba Mart. , Maine ua: sil. Fifth Vile. Trot: Dark Mlaataa. 114. 4. It FlMhy Fraajhl. I SO, I: HI Jet. S.I. Ttm. 34 l-S. Bin Haarm. oraal TJuk Curly Lambert. Bwceeaj gorra Hanoear alas atarta. Blairt MM. Pace: Rein Riche lieu. 11. 3 7. 30: Warka. SS. I SO: Key Commend. S 40. Tim. 3 0 4-S. Sym Beat. Yank Doodle Boy. Sucoeea Brook. Little Keith cone, noma Hanover ale started Smnth Mil.' Pec: Caatle Leon. S 10. 4 30. 3.31 Dean Frier, 4 0. 1 40; Peter Hum, SO Tim. SOT 44. Homestretch Tree, Mua Trial, Marian apectal. torewood Merit, creacenoo ale atarta. Oulaeuat tl.- Eishih Mil. Pace: Cesaiiamllh. I S. 3 I. 1 70; Eeoulr Queen. 3 0. 10; Mlaau Darea, 3 10. Time, 1 1-9 Del' Boy, Me' Pint, Coeur D Lion. J. J Wann, Mare Hanover a la started Ninth Mile. Pace: Twnety Knlrht. 10, la. 1 30; Clover land Direct (MaeTavhml, I ft, 3 7-. Monsieur Richelieu. S l. Tim. 1 01 14. Blnsar. Benaiar Burton. Billy Bayama ales etarted. loth Mile. Pace: Odlaa. S M 3 S. 3: Peter On Top. 4 SO. I SO; aterlln wick. l it. Tim. 1 SO 14 Rafflea. Forsetful. Kay Dale. Mill. stream. Super Knlfht alia start. nxertai aiv.r. Baseball Records AMERICAN LEAGUE Sunday's Resuhs Minnesota, 13. Cleveland, I. Washington, 4; Los Angeles, 1. New York, J; Baltimore, 1. Chicago, 2; Boston, 1. Detroit, II; Kansas City, 2. Saturday's Results Minnesota, I; Cleveland 3. Washington : Lo Angeles, 2. Boston, S; Chicago, 2. Detroit. J; Kansas City, 1. , New York, I; Baltimore, t. W L Pet GB Baltimor ,. Chicago New York .. Los Angeles Detroit Minnesota ... Cleveland .... Boston ....... Washington .. Kansas City . 73 43 .tit 71 47 .M2 2 19 4t .tM 24 tl M .304 I3Vi 61 M .504 13M St tO .49 !4Vi 34 M .431 34 tS .454, 19V& 41 73. .402 2f 4) 74 M 2tt NATIONAL LEAGUE Sunday's Results New York. 12; Philadelphia. Chicago, 5; Pittsburgh,' 4. Pittsburgh. 7; Chicago, 4. Los' Angeles, 3; St. Louis, t. St. Louis. 41 Los Angeles, t. Milwaukee, 5: San Francisco, Milwaukee, 10; San Francisco, Cincinnati, I; Houston, 3. Saturday's Result Pittsburgh. 5; Chicago, 4. Los Angeles. 4 St. Louis, 1. San Francisco, S; Milwaukee, Philadelphia, ; New York. I Houston, 7; Cincinnati, 4. W L Pet CB Philadelphia . San Francisco Pittsburgh ... Cincinnati ... St. Louis ..... Milwaukee ... Lo Angeles Chicago Houston ...... New York .... 7t 43 .IM - t7 SI Mt 4 O $3 J43 7Vi t4 54 J42- 7VJ a S3 J3t It St 317 It'J U 31 JM 12Vi S3 tl .471 It SO ft .430 22 3t 12 J03 35K INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Scusiay's Resuhs 'Toronto, 4; Jacluonvjll. I. Rochester. S; Columbus, 4. Columbus, S; Rochester, 2. Syracuse, t; Richmond, C. ; Syracuse, t; Richmond, 4. Buffalo at Atlanta 2. Satatrdajr's Result '; . Jscksonville. I: ; Toronto, 1 Columbus, t; Rochester, f . Syracuse. 4; Richmond, 1, Buffalo at Atlanta, postponed. rain. 1 W L Pet GB Syracuse '. 71 41 .tlJ - Jscksonvllls ... 74 31 .597 1 Buffalo t5 54 .54t t Toronto 15 5t .324 lt4 Rochester a St .521 UVi Richmond S3 ft .433 ltV4 ! Columbus ..... a 73 J93 27 AtlanU ........ 44 M 055 32 ! London Team Wins Bell Ball Tourney, - A team .from London won the first annual Belt Telephone Softball Tournament and the Marcel Vincent Trophy held over the weekend at Brewer Park. - ' London squeezed by Montreal Sales in the overtime nalsfl 6-5. Th finals lasted nine Innings as the club were deadlocked after the regulation seven. ' . Lea Healy was the star of the piece for London, pitching k total of 28 Innings for four Victories la th tourney. Lon don shaded Ottawa 2-1 in o semi-final bracket while Mont real , advanced to the finals with a 3-0 win over St, Cath arine. , A total of nine Bell Telephone teams from Ontario and Quebec competed. , : TIME CLOCKS Solve Payroll Problem ATTDfDAJCf IICOSDQS JOI (07 IKOaDBS -. (ONTBOl TIME SYSTEMS ' CFnCEPPUAKCES UNITED 268 . 176 QUEEN STREET ' 2M-728I (4 Lass) ; y Free Parking en our own lot at Kent and Queen ; ' Open Saturdays until 2.00 aooa ; ' Barbara Johnston Boosts Win Streak to Seven Barbara Johnston made it seven in row Saturday night at Rideau Carleton. The four year old brown mare, owned and driven by Gerald Johnston of Dresden, Ont., covered the mile in 2.04.3 to win the featured invitation pace for purse of $1,000. , In 10 starts this season Bar bara Johnston hat hit the winners circle eight times, the last seven times in a raw. TIP- w - V GERALD JOHNSTON Two newcomers to Rideau Carleton provided th opposition with Highland Girt second Perth Golfers Win Mixed Two-Ball ll-'r " - '- ' PERTH SpecUI) Charles Montgomery and Mrs. Gwen Robinson of Perth, combined to win th invitation mixed two-ball tournamenu at the Links OTay Golf and Country Oub on Saturday. Tha winnert bad a low gross of 81. . ; j Th first of 114 couple teed off at 7,43 a.m. which was on of th largest fields to. play in th annual tournament. Light rain fell around noon but did not halt play for too long. Other prize winners wart-Second low gross, Elmil Graff and Mrs. Patricia Rutherford, Perth, 85; third low gross, A. Richardson and Mrs. V. Weiss, Smiths Falls, 85; fourth low gross. Ken Bums and Mrs. Maud SiddalL Perth. 86; fifth low gross, J. Crawford and Miss M. Robinson, Napanee, 86. -First low net, Charles Boyd snd Miss Marion Wright, Perth, 64; second low net, James Rutherford and Mrs. Donna Crsin. Perth, 68M; third. Mr. and Mrs. J. Cross1, Ottawa Hunt, 69; fourth, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Somerville. . Perth. 69 Vi; fifth. W. Leclair and Miss J. Burns, Tecumseb. TO and Paramount Pick third. Gerry Johnston, a double winner Friday night, also had a second place finish with Gary Johnston in the eighth. OTTAWA WINNERS Two Ottawa area horses collected wins on the program. Maplewood's -Chief, owned by Adelard Lamarche of Limbour took the fourth with Fast Buck, owned by Yvon Arbique of Hull, second. That combination made (or a quinjlla return of 346 00, the best of the night Myrtle Gar Hal, owned by the Cameron Stables of Van-kleek Hill, took the 10th with Scottie Way second. The ex-sctalheVe was $33.90. A- To) o $375 :S$275: Sedaa CL011BI l - J v 192 RACING TONIGHT Racing continue tonight at . Rideau Carleton .with another 10 nice program including two feature race for purses of $750., The first feature will b trot in the eighth race with Doris Giers. Indiana State, Seatle D, Donny Brooke, Happy's Jack, Roger Locust, Judy Burton, Garry's Girl; Pat Rid-dell.and Royal Todd entered. , The ninth Is' another trot with Ben Away. Bessie Flicks G.. Meeza Belwin. Misty Wick, Stevie ' Dares. Alayne Scott. Titan Scott, Do Tell and Priace-like Jr. th starter. Post time will be S p.m. SO THROOOM BCTTCR .'y-V' OUALITV A N O VALUt . ',-VXf SnpefMy Wmprprotfytcd and Shockproteets -'wow atl;! People Credit JeweDen jnhr Grand Prix'r'f STatMt Btetnert hi y lYll -1 ' HM-nr sine Uaa; ' A watch of distinction superbly ttyled for the man of AsliiKtiest. . with clear perartratin cJecp-ring--ing Cridtt" alarm: The longer , you own your priekeT. the :' more mdsperaable It win ba- cotne .fvio wata you, ram ma yon of appointrientv warn you ,A of .approaching trart or plane times . . , or to snake that iro- nnrtaal tla,fjwwh re tit Its uses , . its accuracy and dependability are iHrurmaerJ.. ,ii tl weekly or $8 a SBontb , : ' No Money Down , iy-i-'. ' 100 Sparks Street Open Daily 9 to. MS Friday night til 9 I00 23S-7M IS THE TIME re 1C32 ITsrcsry 1833 Poctiaa $325 1831 Ford fJ 0T0E2S AUTHORIZED FORD ' DEALER em f fttliabl Vfi Ctrl ? Trmtki 98 Montcalm Sh. Hull 5 All at Reduced Prices U31 Aostia. ASS. Sedan 1 SSI Chevrolet 1257 Ford .' '-i! I V ' 't . .V ... 1C57 Fori! coach 1SS1 Uercurf - . Sedaa Fully Equipped 1S53 Ustsor 1553 Ueieor KC3 r.Tclecr $250 $275 $975 $2C3 $2C3 -. ' $1275 ) 18S2 -Cfeiirottl e tm 1SS2 Pcsgect C3 152 Skoda ,11(53 Yaarfsaa Coarrertabes VsosJ $425 ;n:3 $2175 1832 Peatlae $1575 $1375 THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF OUR MANY EXCELLENT USED CARS. ' QUEBEC SALES TAX DOES NOT AFFIX TO ONTARIO ItESlDENTS, LTD. ,1 rf. ;pR7-52si:Vv,.,v; s. - ':' ..4 ,.. ... j " ' A

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