The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1918
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JCEBRTIAUY 11, 1918 rHE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE P\ PAGlI/ IHKKK. PENITENTIARY INMATE OFFERS TO ASSIST THE LOCAL RED CROSS UNIT A letter signed by Inmate B 8361 ot the Eastern Pemtentm/y has been re reived by J \Fred Kuriz chairman of the Councils-vine chap er of Jae Red pross asking if the men in pr son can be of assistance to the local unit m getting out Red Cross work Tbe let ter states that about 100 inmates of the prison have been it vrork assist . Ing units from all o\ er the countrv | f Th« letter Is written Tor the purpose } pf finding a market here for knitum;, noddies -which are mad" 05 Inmate Bf and other prisoners The receipts (Trom the pins are for personal needs. pf the prisoners The prisoner savs that more than j 100 members of the institution ire a t t present doing Red C-QSS work a.b soluteb without cost and feo far ha\o made up 200 000 bandages knitted some oOO do7en pairs of socks cut out ovei 700 bath robes and packed m excess of 300 bales of oakum If \on hai e anv mate-ia! he writes that ^ou would like to h a ^ e raide into bandars* or inv work I whatsoever pleast. ship samp to our warden and the *oik w i l l be done immediate^ and leturned w\th n 24 hours up to lo 000 biudage*: j The of'er is not made in a mercen ,erv spirit to stimulate the sale of needles th prisoner says but hi* ind his f e l o v « are sincerel} de-irous of helping in e \ e r v u a j possible Meyersdale. MEYYERSD U_£ Ft b 2o --Last Fndav evening the annual banquet of the Meyersdale Fire compan v, as held [n tbe firemen a headauartcrb and i* was decided br all prestnt tbat it was the most successful e\ei jpven b* tlie firemen About TOO flrenen and busi pess men were present The lunch was prepared and served bj the fire- and they did it in excellent sfvle JSV E DeBolt of CoonellsTilIe and \\ H Sharah of Braddock president and (secretary ol the Westtrn Pennsvl vama Firemen s Association were honor guests When all were «^ated lit the banquet table Re\ E D Burn worth was called upon to invoke the blessing Isaac Bradburn president of the Meyersdale Fire department Introduced R Harrv Philson a? | loastmaster The fir«t speaker call ed upon was Mr DeBolt who respond pd and gave a \erv goort talk Other speakers were George ^y Collm* £e\ J J Bradr H \T Cook and TV S I ivengood "Wilham Leckembj w h o spent a week, here with his mother Mrs Mice Leckemby left Sunda f ( r Carnp Han cock \ugus,ta Gi « icre he is i member of Company C 110th Jnfan with her parent^ Mr anil Mrs C P Baer John and Robert Boucher of Pitts- burs \vere Sundaj Js tors here with relatives and friends Chailes Q Griffith of Harnsburt, v-as a w e e k e n d % 3 « i 0" here at the home of his parents Vr and Mrs H L Griffith Head the advert jemtat* NEW RECORDS for your TALKING MACHINE I m of home I n d i a the Xo\notc of I P n tre«t sonps m i*hich the voices 11 Olmrh i artmts are heard The "\firch frroup of records contains Cirn. M Bar«. to Old \ irgmn\ aimg rn Lncy Cfito Dtir L itle ihimrirk ^ onon Stilt* Mt Heart" Tontp 1 in OM Jsev. Hampshire Canipho! ami Burr I m AJ Bound lici nd mt ; i t i c M ison Dixon I if M IiKon 111 Ti*e ^ M H-uk o I»i! / rom ficn. O La.r!^rn sun}, n Jj n ID/! King and n, fine rendi on 01 Home S^ect Home by the Columbia StJKr Quartette Mr Kate Hall tavs I h*\e kept house 15 \ am the mother of fou** children and I would uot \eep house w ithout KoIUstar s Km K\ Mountain Tea tl ise Woman w h j Drl\cs away sickness brings health and hip pmess to ube w h o e fam h Connells ll'e Drug Co -- \\ Son^ d of wjr nn ft i h u h hai c tlif real nnc of cnr^ on are Do SomcthinR' who've ippetl is "oundod in the nch barn ore of Anhtir PipUls I ifxrty Roll "ang b\ r Peerless Quartette That«. a Mothpr s J ibertj Loan Greptf FA an? 1 h*ro ·? a Grepn Hill Out in Hant 1 !" 1 C?mnl ell and Burr Fields hi? aln u unp 0 er fhpre and the po vr T and l o n t " lie puts mto the ^inn n s °f tn ° prc/ic war song arr re- md-lwili'o cir--;nnff hi 1 " \oicf clear and stroBR ihovp a imnp accompaniment o/ lile drum and buRic* THIS DELiCAK remained there for a few das Captain Myers Homer of W i l b u r bright Field Dayton 0 is here on a short furlough with hi^ parent^ Mand Mrs M C Homer Miss Ida Dia of the Brownsville high school facultv spent the ^eek end here at the home of her pa-ents Mr and Mrs C H Dia Miss Annie Kerrigan ol ConneUa- ville is spending a week here and at Sand Patch visiting rtlat\es and friends Miss Bernadette Crowe of Somer set spent several da^s here wi h her parent" Mr and Mrs C E Crowe "Miss Helen Bier retu-ned to the Margaret Moinson schoo^ in Pittshuri? Sucda alter a few daT; -visit nere And He Got Well and Strong, j That'a True JjJonaca, Pa--"My little boy -who i5 l tne youngest of three, was wcuk nervous and tired all the ture so he T*as most unfit at school and nothing seemed to help him. I learned of Vinol and gave it to him. It has restored his health and strength and he has gained in weight"--Mrs. Frederick Somme-s, Monica, Pa Vino] is a constitutional cod liver and iron remedy for delicate, vre^'c ciling children Formula on every bottle so you know what yon arc giving thc-n Children love it. Laughrev Drug Co F H Ha-men ing ConnellswIIe Da\id C Cason Dunbar and at the best d r u g store in e-veo to* n and city in the country A n ot^worth \ voca 1 record is th e Frolocue from Pftghacci^ sung by St-acmri On- Chicago Opcm bantone His ncrinmsnce s diffinp shod alike br the pa?t nnd ficxibilit^ he displays m the introduction and thp cinoUonal int-fnait\ wild whirh hr rndcfws the tngie c imix Tumaki Mmra, the lap- in^f opnno sines w th Theodore Kitlav Ihe l o ^ c Dti^t fi-otn Mme tcr'lv Other oppntic srlections 01 the month am tho waltz tntermezro irom levels of the Mvloana exquus- Jtcl\ pln\ed b\ uhc CIi fia^o Sv-rrphonv Orchestra and two croup* 1 of vlect ona from Tnsca pla\cl h^ the Columbia S\mphon\ Orchp-rtni Brill ant bit" of color arr contributed by LacallcH Spaniffa Orchestra, wbjch . lajs two numbers /rom The Land of Jo} " the Spanish musical revue wbirJi ·vored such an inslantaneoui hit in "New "5: ork One of these a Alegnas a nftti^e t-ible dance and the othp Loe Crotdlos a tambourine dance Another nucica! organization wh ic* makes ij* Columbia debut is Joseph C Smiths "Ounce Orchcstn. which con Inbutes Calicoco a los. trot and When You Come Back a one step Smith IP one of th( best-known stage exponents of soeietv dancing \nd his orchestra plays dance music under the baton of a maste- of rhythm Other eaptu alms dincc records are pla /ccl iy Handy t faz? Orchestra Princes Band and Joi 1m duo Jockera Bro her» piano-vio- Popultr V5ngs VP -«el\ "eprpsenbecl Sam A«h Tings Sa Imp; Around and "iock A Hilo Town Henry Burr gives the newest so'diet^s good-l)ye «ong 'Sweet Little Buttercup Collins and Hrtn arc heard m the- )asz song hit Darktown Strutters Bail and fcwo other sonRfl dealing with ja?? mtl od\ are confrbutwi bv Samue! Ash vnth Cleopatra Had a lar* Bnnd iftnd Gene Gre?n Ueianders Got a Jaxz Band ^ow Every great war Inspires some soldier goodbve sonj that lives in historv And 'f "Suect Little Buttercup" continues to grow *n QODulanty at the present ratc^ it is likely to be remembered for generirons as the favorite war song of 1918 Word no less than melody are of genuine beautv, and an exquisite \iolin obbligato is woven into the chorus A2477--75c Godoinkv appears m the March p^o- pmmrne with ft group of fo ir piano n mibera from Chopin I erchet irU Rubcnstein and Poldini all on one record Edo\ Briwn pla P u s "Onen itie ?infl 'he iin-Uc of Wienaw 1 ski a Concerto m D Mmor No 2 TlirV Tailor Tno--wllo v i o l i n and pnno-- and thp Hiwa in smtar* of Kakm and Kalpi are finel reprertpnt 3 d A new genes of records esppctajh for children 13 introduce 1 with two BH tme Storec told in tro roicr of their author Thornton W BiirRrw One i "lohnn; Chuct Tm^a the Bert ITiirc m thf World" \nd he other T 1 J Ch-utmaa Joy ol the Beautiful Pine"! Here's a record that sets the pice for "Cher 1 here " Arthur Fields the soldier baritone, has sung this famous war song; with the snap and dash of a baonet charge On the back 'Send Me a Curl " A247Q-75c ·*£-«,/ xseer-?*. -^ ^it|^V ' Dun bar. DL \B VR I eh -7 --The union i c \ i \ a l spi^ice arc h o n g held m t o p Method sc ProU h irch under tht, au'-pices of I R f \ C a r e m e foi Po tsiow i P i \ \ h t r tbpv h i \ e atccpitd l ) i n Mr 1 - Mar^df i M l i U n sppnt L in her w u h In r inotbt-r Mrs H a r j e r ( " Speer s Hill , Bor i --^ o M r snd Mr 1 - R.o\ U r I e c k f n b ope Waruer of Canrv. of the m^'-ic Ke\ yj_ ' o f the ^ r u a f a h ib I n s ti'V"*Vharge ^ I r s l t n r ! c n t * n anri N r ^ ' la nco I erKcn Snu ier n l r e " 1 lpl ' " ' * nm ls | 'Cleopatra Had a, Jazs If Cleopatra could hear this hn'-'atical fox-trot melody, she'd hop right out of he mummv- case and get into the game its a musical v/hirlw ind, played bj Prince t, Band and introducing 'Silh Sonnets, ' "You Stingy Bab},' and 'When There is Peace on Earth Again " 46017--$1.25 WtnrColumbi* Record* on SaJ« tbe lOtb and 20ib of Erory Month ^ va* 1 j forrier Di nl *· IJOT Herman Bonner a^d K ram PI loft ! I oid the afherti*; our so fonoh n h-s mbus Hu« e TJ er- ] S M C \. or COLLMiilA GR^PHOPriONE COMP\\1 NCVi \OEE R. DAVIDSON CO, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. , . New System of Merchandising to Help Reduce the High Cost of Living I'rues I mler tlip Old ^jstem Piiul loi and Carripd Homo 1 Peck o' Pot iocs _ r 1 "Hox Rollprt Oa" 1 I Cin Salmon _ n 1 Pound f rfrpr -1 J n l i e f afun _ 1 Prices Fnder Onr "New Paid tor and (arriod Home 1 Pnc c Potatoes _ \~ 1 Bert Rolled Oils _ --- - Ifi 1 Can Salmon - - f I Pound toflp -- 21 1 Bottle Catsup -- !* Total - n Prices 1 ndn the Oi( ] System. Gooil^ Dclnered nnJ Chnrprcd 1 Pock Posaloc 1 ^ 0"^ 1 Bot Rolled O-UR ' 2 1 Pan ^almon -- __ 22 1 Pound CoT^c _ 1 Boit e Catsup -- 17 Charged TO OUR CUSTOMERS It js to the interest of our customers that a plan has been adopted 'vinich ue hope wilj meet w i t h the approval 01 our patrons to ·whose lojalty and good will of the past \\e acknowledge our appreciation To those who haie dealt w i t h us since w e std£t»ri in business, and to those who more recentlj ha.'ve faioied us w i t h their patronage we asK co-operation in this campaign whidi ·»e believe ·will restilt in good to all our pations The government is not onlj requesting but demanding that the pricec. commodities be Kept down to the lowest poss'bl" margin of profit and in oidei to comply we are compelled to change our plan of doing business and have decided to put our business on a^trictlj C4.SH basis Under the new sjstem which has been adopted the Qual- itj of merchandise on which w e ha^e built our reputation for the past 3" jeaTs will be maintained above all altho the prices wril be greatlv reduced on our goods from prices under the old wa - of doing business Our plan, has be«n carefully studied oat but its introduction ha^ been de|aved until convinced that it would work no hardship hut prove of advantage to all THE NEW SYSTEM FIRST--Material reduction m prices Prices \\i\i be le- duced and marked m plain figures so Jie customer ma\ see the price of ever article These puces w i l l be net cash aL our store SECOND--"We Deliver OUT dehven sjstem \vill be maintained ;just as efficient and serviceable as at present but "will carry tae small chaige of 5c for each delivery regardless of tbe size or cost of same The new sjstem "will gnt to all customers the opportunity of saving th,e expense of this service if they prefer, inasmuch as it will be to their financial interest to do so THIRD--We Extend Credit Our credit system is one of the big feat\ires of our bus-mess and it i^ our intention to continue tbfe extension of credit but alJ accounts must be paid in full semi-monthly or monthly Positively no accounts carried over 30 days and for tLis service "\\e will charge the small sum of one cent on everj dollar or part theieof This New System Goes Into Effect FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1918. New System Exnlained. In explanation of thin new svsteni of merchandising and to avoid misunderstandings we quote a few of tue lew comparative pnces to show where saving-, are effected You Are Invited to Call at the Store. If Any Further Information is Desired it Will Be Most Cheerfully Given. Total Prires Tnder Onr ^oi\ ^ood- I)oliorpd 1 Ppp Potatoo 1 ? 1 Box Rollerf Oat'? 1 Cat) Salmon Po nd ( offe° ToUl Tot 11 SI 20 imple*? Pleisp noto thp alien G r i r r f u l l i T h i s p H i not ni h sa\p^ mono-- fo" r h e c i^tomei co iing to t h e stoic and -arr\ n w toe goods hom h r i t aHo ^ ^ e ^ m e\ o t h e r n t - inmer (Jf 1 ir ng t h e poods ( eli\ i cd arc! chargpij is hcrotofore "Von % i l l nntp froTi (he abo\c nx imnle (Hat tile p u r c h a s e could he ir crt as o d to ?- witbont can \ mg \n* ..ddiLiouil i ist of chai ^ iu] i this avstetn P e a s e r e n u m er tha the i l j v e ti in illn-^i ition Coi respond n,^ redn tions ire :i force throu 0 bont the s ore and u 11 ni)plj to ill purchase" Confiuence. I I \ I i b -f M . V ' IL Ul \ f i a n o n] ID 1 11 HMMI I d. v.! ere Ii i l l k».fp hou i ) iier daugbui Ma o! \ ho s u cb i^ ' school l ier M a r i l M i s C K M i U o m l d a^ iei i iad f in M i t -ou r- H ^-i «lie i, ihi ^ bad ! i n o id ^ l I U I K ral ( f i f r i e n d Mrs H V e \ e i au t ( 3 i ^au! . \ s b o b i d K b b ( n i l l ire i i n j i v i n ^ dl l l l l S W I I U [ M r b Pirani t m w o i t b ha 1 - ! ei u i d o her 1 unin 133 I n o n i o w n t t i it v i it i sj er dd.u e bt t l i b J II Ljilt an i Umil s e ^ ^ r ^ l C^,N D J H L( tlesh i\as i prof ssioi j.1 uuor to bonusfio! 1 1'a. (.1 dij Mr 1 - \Dd I L u u i t t i i l h r Job sjn C h a p t l Pd baa Lh m i s o l u n o o i d l l on tbt ice at bei honn. i u r^ ·-piaiiiing hei ank.1 \ i h i ! 1 LI list i c A 1=; 1 e u is f- [ n-a l(jn^ Eanl\ L\\ H M JUi nun si !» rn n it i I gonr n n n r i i 1 un ol il i o tttrt I I la. i pb T i bii. nc b I I [I \\ at=o b us i u n M /i \\orl i l i t Idotk P i I i \ i inm ln-5 lam 1 h i o ate \ dt "\ i ind Mi Pa i l } L I I n hi o c t i i r n I to be n ii c n I MO n P i iFie \ a i i IriPii T f c i n t M s v 11 P i \ I L n i i luirn (.i CTI \ ( t C 1 1 0 n l C " i J HC 1 ! · mm r i n I c. mi t L i n S in u ran hmch i i · ^ t \S i da\ t \ u i b i- i i nl i n ci om it-jiu e ! M U I \ \S AS Ii. «. Ml i 1 11 b t M t 1 1 Ul( U l S % l j ) ! [ ( . I l l ·M d I l V M ^ I L . U I I t I 1 anios V ^w " i ri s n 1 I)fi i Lnd XiJ 11 v\ t c* \ 'r r H burs ^ ll!) J l \ L I I U 1 H l \ i I 1 111 V v\ a i i L tiu \ U ) ^ i t l i h i i Mi and Mrs I H B u i n u o i t John Mi an 1 \lr a F T tiuff o Hum er were iu tow ieccnil\ a'! D a on friends BELGIAN WOMEN, BOTH WELL AM) ILL, FORCED TO LABOR FOR CERMAWY IF YOU HAD A ftiEGK HPI if 1 nt t i ! t S V \ i n » i 1 s u n s in 1 E i ( i d \tiili M! t i t t ! r h m'\ i » n i i * m r-. r U i i i d n F t j n 1 1 ne^ \ i n 1 i i n ) i c M 1 1 I nt r ) ii n o-xod t -,! u mi b i f i i na. L li o 3 situ t i is ind n . J c i ! tl n o i il ij 1 i it I 1 t i d i ^ dot] u e 1 I M j i n 101 iho trin U MJI -, i i n. WOULD QUICKLY RELIEVE IT. '"'\ % S5c .id BDe. HeriH^f Sin. |L ALL DRUCCISTS ] i tl i jj» b«i onl fuspl in I \ \ t i I 11 u p n i h ( J l 1 n j , t t J P J C v\i w o i k I c \ c d L \\lrn i s i \ \^ i r ] ( ti l di \ v i h his iand«5 A h t J i l ( i n j i i i n l i i I [ , ,1 MI \ i^ t o l d M: w i l l in w I L ! 1 I I ' ^ v j i ,, c u i i c - O m 1 mi oiiPd a _ i n i 1 i t u \ n 1 IH 3 n s \voik P i *· \ n t ib (1 i f i i i i u n n i t i i Dud/cclc /ep' - i in rdr \ r I i | , r i ! i i per i! t ol i b r lmui-"5 D u 1 I i ol i i b I 1 =i rroundod tnd 1 1 r 11 ^o i s) fi i ( u i \ \ l , , j oncr ^ Tiind n in i h f 1 j j i n i I rnsos s lin^u o 1 i j t. 1 i nl iclom I h i J IS l l i- t f r \» f I iJ i / r t t r n t i i t ! i! ! i! t i ( ! n n I c m minitn n?l r i r t f ci j n ft i i f i i u 1 rfbor ] x u i t m i l s h i ! i **il 1 M 11 Ui « t \ ln( ti «- d m . ! i 1 i \ ind may mean "weak lungs and need more thorough treatment than mere syrups. ^K ics QIC sdmularts. 1 I oc un ! 1 1 1 '-pi t t on corrects ches cuicis b/ strength io the Koou aid \varmtli \\orun \ to the bodj while .*" i i amod physicians for ieLev r»g hard coughsand soothingthe *u throat and L^oachial tubes. Scot it Bo me ^ ftj iadd J 17-32 i 1 ti U of lohor per r i m IS p nco office iJi i i i onco (in i M l Utcd nn j ( i \\ il i ot ho L * ) t n i h 1 1 i t n uici- de- Jnd i i i ^ th IM r ai o to t ]Mr i t i i o r e o \ r na-, i h ] v lb« t in t!o\ j t u the ocrupuo * f advantage for i i n t The dennnt fit n tbe meialhirgical j u d u ^ i r v \ 3 is m chemical and j f plosut ndi ^ nes ib \eri great and tbe p upp]\ iccording to tie fitjiires 14 btUl diminished i 011 ·nun i Patromne those Trlw afivertlst.

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