Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 30, 1976 · Page 118
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 118

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1976
Page 118
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Feminine Itching... A doctor-tested medication can now bring you prompt temporary relief. Many women think they are "alone" in suffering from external feminine itching. But this is an extremely common condition among both married and unmarried women. Now, however, there is a creme medication, called Vagisiir which is specifically formulated to help stop external feminine itching almost instantly. Vagisil leaves a cooling, protective film to help check bacteria, soothe irritated membranes and so speed natural healing. Doctor-tested. Vagisil Creme Medication needs no prescription. Greaseless and non-staining, it's also delicately scented. Available in feminine hygieljg, sections everywhere. Or if you would like a sample, just send 25e to Vagisil, Box 328PX, White Plains. New York 10604. 16 ORDERING DY MAIL? BE SURE TO: Include your own * 1 name, address and Zip Code Use proper address 2 and Zip Code of the advertiser 3 Send correct amount of money Then if you haven't 4 received your order write: Miss Laura Peters PARADE MAIL ORDER SERVICE 733 Third Avenue New York, N.Y. 10017 PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST SIX WEEKS FOR DELIVERY W ith more than 31 million American victims, allergy ailments rank as the No. 1 cause of chronic discomfort. Each year, they're responsible for children missing 9 million days of school and adults 9V2 million days of work. Now, medical developments promise better relief for many and, in some · cases, relief not possible before. HAY FEVER. While ragweed pollen is the major offender, other wind-pollinated grasses, trees and weeds also bring on attacks,for which victims spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on antihistamines, decongestants, other medications and injections. Is there another way? A four-months-a-year, 20-year victim, Dr. Donald }. Dalessio, a neurologist at the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, La Jolla, Cal., surveyed all treatments and arrived at his own. Each morning on awakening during his hay fever season, he applies a tiny amount of a potent cortisone-like cream--either flumethasone, 0.03%, or fluocinonide, 0.05%--with his fifth finger to the mucous membrane lining of his nose, then snuffs vigorously to inhale the cream farther into nasal passages. At night he repeats the process and adds a six-milligram bedtime; dose of an antihistamine, Polaramine, as a special aid during the night when pollen counts rise and the drug's sedative effects are not unwelcome. The results: gratifying--an occasional sneeze, sometimes a bit of tickling, but almost complete elimination of parox- . ysmal sneezing and great reduction of nasal discharge. · In reporting to doctors, Dr. Dalessio emphasizes there has been no large- scale, scientifically controlled study; his personal treatment just works for him; it may work for others. Asthma drug for hay fever Meanwhile, Mayo Clinic investigators have another hopeful findirig.- Cromolyn sodium, a new drug for preventing asthma attacks, might do the same for hay fever. Mayo investigators chose- 26 sufferers for a trial. Half inhaled cromolyn powder three times, a day; the others inhaled inert powder No question about it--especially in- the most highly allergic--cromolyn led to a substantial reduction in severity of symptoms. FOOD ALLERGIES. Many people thought to be "neurotic" may, in fact, be suffering from food allergy, according to a report early this year by Dr. Frederic Speer of the Speer Allergy Clinic, Shawnee Mission, Kan., in the American Family Physician, the publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Food allergies can produce such varied symptoms as constipation, diarrhea, diffuse abdominal pain, nasal and bronchial congestion, headache, foul breath, by Lawrence Calton Sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes are signs of "hay fever caused fay wind-borne pollen: Scientists are learning more about this and other allergies and are working on a .pill to stop allergies before they start. eczema, sweating, tension and fatigue. Dr. Speer reports that by far the chief offenders are:.cow's milk, chocolate, cola, corn, eggs, the pea family (chiefly peanut, which is not a nut), citrus fruits, tomatoes, wheat and other small grains, cinnamon-and artificial food colors. The v only. treatment for food allergy is avoidance of offending foods. To find out what they are, Dr. Speer recommends "elimination and challenge." If two or more foods are suspect, they are removed from the diet for three weeks. Then, one is returned to the diet; later, at two-day intervals, the others are reintroduced. If only one food is "suspect, It is similarly removed for three weeks. If symptoms improve with a suspected food out of the diet then reappear when the food is added again, the blame is clear. ASPIRIN SENSITIVITY. Valuable though it is, -aspirin is not well tolerated by almost 1 percent of the population. But if you're allergic to other things, your chances are increased. In a recent study, 1.4 percent of those with allergic rhinitis, or nasal congestion, also proved to be sensitive to aspirin. And the rate was still higher --3.8 percent--among asthmatics. Curiously, in asthmatics, the predominant reaction to aspirin is bronchial spasm, such as occurs in an asthma attack. But in rhinitis.sufferers, ifs hives. In the general population not otherwise allergic, the symptoms of aspirin intolerance are about equally divided between bronchial spasm and hives. For the aspirin-sensitive, trouble can be avoided by use of an aspirin substitute such as acetaminophen. THE CULPRITS IN CLOTHES. A growing number of persons recently have been found to suffer itching and rash .caused by formaldehyde used in crease-resistant fabrics. After analyzing 112 samples, Dr. William F. Schorr of the Marshfield (Wis.) Clinic has found that fabrics with the highest concentrations of free formaldehyde are 100% rayon, 100% cotton, 65% dacron-35% cotton, and 50% polyester-50% cotton. Those with the least: 100% polyester knit, and 100% orlon acrylic.- Rash from rubber elastic in undergarments is not uncommon. But physicians at the Medical College 6f Virginia, Richmond, recently were puzzled by-a series of patients with similar- rash but without sensitivity to the elastic. The solution was the discovery that laundry bleach action on elastic produces a chemical that may cause allergy. The cure' is simple: Wear underwear without elastic or wash without bleach. SOME STRANGE SENSITIVITIES. When someone breaks out with hives--not because of allergy to foods, inhalants . or chemicals--what can the problem be? Cold hypersensitivityis a possibility. . At the National Jewish Hospital and Research Center, Denver, investigators have found that ice cream may cause lips to swell and hives to develop. Likewise, hands puff up and hives appear when a cold object is gripped, or a swimmer in cold water may develop

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