The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 2, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1930
Page 8
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f PAGS EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVI ^LB, PA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1930, Review of the Price^ and Prospects With Some Furnaces Out Of Blast Contracting For First Quarter is of Small Volume Renewed Between Same Parlies and at Former Trice of $2.75. SPOT MARKET STILL DULL , 'I ransacUons In Smwll lots at $2.60- 1 $2,05; Operators Hoping for Jfarkct Reaction; PIIlsiurgr Coal Is Particularly Dull Without Price Change. PtTTSBURG, J a n . 2.-- There was less contracting in furnace coke far HID quarter just begun* than for two or thr-oo procedlpg ciuarters, for' the reason that some of the furnaces with "xpivlng contracts are out of blast and dot-erred taking action on renewal. Such contracting as ha^ been done lias been between tho stimf parties as previously and so far as is actxio«l ly known tho former 52.75 price pre- v a i l s In thfl now contracts. The spot market in tho pa At couple months has l)ten slightly lower than the market p r e v a i l i n g when f o u r t h tiniirtor con- t r a c t s were made niwl accordingly ( h e r o is vootn for a little suspicion that somo concchsions may have been iimde in contracts, but a -9 f u r n a c c m s n are not f u s s y about a nickel or a dime tit* :hance-s are that contracts were renewed without change. J u s t at the moment Shenan;o Furnace Company is not operatiirj, h a v i n g blown out one furnace Tuesday of lasl week w h i l e the other furnace w i l l not come in for a few wefrk.s. It la understood this company will be in tho Tnarket for a contract before it blows In the .stack. The spot furnace coke market has remained q u i t e dull. Transactions as reported are for ·sery small lots and at $2.00- to $2.Gr, the sum* as quoted « week ago. There have been some loiis and n producer might $2.60 IT he could dispose of bis entire, a c c u m u l a t i o n in one .sale b u t Mint w o u l d iiol make a m a r k e t as Uio ptircbnso ronl 1 l i f t bo d u p l i c a t e d . Such opporlnnltic:-!. to sr»ll a good sire tl Woc!, have hrcn lacking, lint nw-an- wliilo 1ho o p i ' r a t o r s itn-olv-ed h a v e icon c u r l a i l l U t ; production and they liopo for lucre ised sales whereby the market may react to its level of around $2.7f. I.feating cokf is m o v i n g a l i t t l e nitVo f r e e l y and prices are averaging a shade better, .{2,25 being frequently obtained I'rom brokers, who re-sell :il say. ten cents more. Demand for foundry coke is a.s light ns ever hut has been no worse in the last week or two. Tho market remains quotable as follows: Spot f t i r n a p o .............. J2.0M0S2.05 Kpot f o u n d r y ............ $:!.7 Monthly a 1 eragcs of spot have been ns follows: Fur. J a n u a r y ...... .......... $'J.7. r . J.'ohnmry '. .............. ^.07 March .................. 2.tl7 ' A p r i l ____ . .............. 2.79 May .................... 2.77 J u n o .................... 2.77 J u l y .................... -'.70 A u g u s t ............... ... i!.75 ric'ptpmbcr .............. - 70 i ictober ......... . ...... 2.70 N o v e m b e r .............. ".GO J o o o t n b e r ............... 2 f t t prices Filry. $ 1.00 / -t.01) ' 4 2 0 4.23 -j.20 .1.10 4.10 4.10 4.03 4.00 4.00 4.00 1020 ". ^li.77 $4.08 is28 .$·_'.ra $ (.00 The I'ittsh-iirg district coal market lias been particularly d u l l in tho past week. A d i s t i n c t in demand fo-r tlomclic coal which developed a f o r t n i g h t ago was short li\ed a-nd yielded to tho influence o£ the holiday last woe-k, w h i l e there is now no nm- lorlal Iniprovenic-ul. fUcam coal do- i t i f t n d seems if a n y t h i i i f f to luivo Klippoil farther. W h i l e it. Is commonly -expected tlmt iudustria'! op-orations will incroasi this month there Is no hotter buying of coal in anticipation. Coal -prices show no change. Good grade* ot domestic Itinvp are «t $2.25 to $2.50, which, has not boon the quotable range sine* tho decline a couple months ugr, and thoro is more business done at $2.25 and $2.33 than at ?2,50, -Jnifc t h e r e Is a fair amount of business «t that figure and some .sellers aro holding it pretty close-ly. Steam slack stays at a range of 75 to 85-cents w i t h remarkable constancy. Tho V n l l f y pig Iron market has been very dull Indeed, but has been In no worse position than for several weeks. K on ml r lea are r u n n i n g at low i-tites and they buy only from hand to nioutli. The u s u a l disposition to con- t r a c t for the quarter is practically a!/- t-ont. There aro no flocks whatever in vonsunhM'a' b a n d s , according to n i l account,-;, , i n d f u r n a c e stacks are not larffp. P i o d i i c t i o n is c e r t a i n l y \ cry moderate w h e n o n l y otic merchant f u r n a c e interest, Struthers, is operat- ins. I'rlcus are held perfectly ho far us can be oberved, ns follows, f. o. b. V a l l e y f i n ibices: J t * ' s s - w t M ' . . , . , , . . , ; . . . SI!) 00 a n d a n n u a l iivt'rugetc have · Hows: lli'»«. Ilnttr. 1'Mrv, .1 u i « . J,i'. A t t ^ U b ' t S , ' { t l ' l l c ' k't il't t I N I ! ) I S . 50 IS S I !!! OO !: in) J 9 01) .$ts 71 . 17 S~ 1 T OU !' Ht) i.s ,;i 18 ,"D I h .-(» 1^ ,~MJ 1 tS ,~»O I S M 1 S ."ill 17.0» USUAL SEASONAL GAIN IN STEEL PRdDUCTION WILL OCCUR IN JANUARY Month Is Expectnd to Show Output Increase From Lirtr December Rato To About 60-70 1'er Cent. Special to Tlio tJourler. NBW YORK Jan. 1.-- American Metal Market An Us -nook!;' iron atiJ steel review tomorrow will «ay: It la characteristic o'' steel to Itquld- ato its condtions promptly, and whatever decrease In demnn-d and production was called for b\ circumstances lias now been f u l l j accomplished, Nothing was left for tbo Tie%v year, Production -dropped. t- so low a level in December that the usua-1 seasonal increase will occur in January. Th/e dlrectiou of ascent ni \y be less stoep than ii\ some years and it starts from a particularly low level but Uw bad n-ews in stt'd is all o u i at leat for tho tlmo beliiR. W i t h sU ol Ingot produc- Statistical Summary. I W E E K ENDDfG DECEMBER 28, 1929. WEE}C ENDIJfG DECEMBER 1 21,192i). "DISTRICT Lower ConneUsrllle -.-- Totals ..... FURNACE OVENS ConnlIsrUle Lower ConnellsvUlc Totals . .--...... -- MERCHANT OVENS ConnollffTUle _ Loiter ConnolIsTllle ,, -- __..-., -- Ovens 14,010 j 1,81 8 26,888 10,796 2,714 18^01) 3,215 0,104. 12,819 In ·tor 2,2«7 2,784 SO BfH «87 2,310 OH* r 9,551' 25,09 1 10,7 1R 2,400 18,115 3,838 l),97l) Tons 4,7 50 28,400 88^240 5,25( 4,00* 27,901 Orens 14,010 11,818 25,828 10,795 3,714 18,501) ,1,21 r 9,104 12,81!) In 407 3,28V 2,754 80 B l l 804 J5S7 1,»73 2,880 Ont 23,071 10,715 2,400 18,1 tr 2,828 7,181 «,»«» Tons 4,830 20,700 nf,5flO 7ttO .»,r,ito 5,830 25,200 20,300 PROPOSED TO BUILD A TUNNEL-BRIDGE ACROSS_CHANNEL Submerged Tube on Tiers Be- twcon France and Is PLAN OF ST. CYR, FRENCH INVENTOR A tunnel In the torm fit a submerged bridge hi the Koipllsh hhannol Is the tion at between 50 ai il 00 per cent in December, January should show 80 to 70 PH - cent and f u r t l pr increases, nro to bo expected. March has usually been the peak month but this t i m e tho peak may come later Aill consumers re luced stocks as rigidly as possible for January 1st Inventory and a-1 read v orders have increased, the material not to appear in inventory. Consume s in general t a k e a more h o p e f u l vieu of their near f u t u r e than they dlil a mouth or two ago. The aittomobil · industry in proceeding very cautiously and will not be taking ^.teel at uty thing like its average rate before. February or March. The mills enter t v i e new year with a substantial backlog tonnagp in rails, s t r u c t u r a l ftteel ami frrittfu car stco!. while there la a. ;tuuly and large How to (ho f a r m mpletnctit workf.. Rail Ijonnapo ou lH»liK IK a) leait as' largo as ott t h h d U-n i f t ,-irjv rocenl year. Sl.niolnrnl f a b r i c a t i o n pimps arc hookrii for ,ib ut five m o n t h s of operation at t l i o i r 7 went high rate. 1'Mnlslied f-teel PMCCH a r e rioaf (ou steady In several Lues. Blue annealed sheets havt s u d t k - n l j developed extensive shading- by $2 ;i ton and automobile sheets 1'avc dropped $2 a tori ,to 3.90 cents, h a v i n g opened tbo year A a t 4.10 «ents. Th» open m a r k e t on shapes and plates is u'nchauRud, but lai'KO lot concessions are urealer. Tin plate h,us hegun t - show some irrp- gularltie a . Inside- prices on Kirips are fi-h'en to smaller buyers than formerly. Tows ",000,01)0 Tons a Year. Tlio puts burg CVal Company 1s now towing coal at the rate of over 3,00.0,000 tons anmrally m the Monousahcla and Ohio ix:ve-s. the tonnage being ·made up c." its ow Ther m i n e s on f.h" AlonongaheJa and of t o w i n g c o n t r a c ' s with tho VVIerton latest to le advanced as a means of K n i f i n g Prance and Bnglaml by Tr«vo,t de Snlnt-Cv-r. Fi-oncA Inventor and m a r i n e engineer, has worked out this project and puts U forward ns belriK more practicable and cheaper t h a n (in underground tunnel. One ot ,ts m a i n teaturc-fi !s t h a t mos-t Of the construction work could be dono 01; land. Aftw a tlvorotujh «tiKly of oroaa currents and the channel bod, he hit tip- on the idea of stretching a cxntcreU 1 lube f r o m tho shorcu of France to the coa«t of Rnglaiw) on Ihe principle! oE bridje buildinK. The fubo would 1x3 sun); to a depth of 20 tnetors. leaving tho space above it fre-e fw nuvtRa- tion and l h a t bcl*)w H open to lh flow of currents. Thc tube, In which -xpr j RB t r a i n s could rrohs the C h n n i i c l in about -10 i, w o u i i i be Mipporlwl upon » n i l l r i r s of rplnforror! coiir roif. w o u l d lif fsuilK «}»rp1r H!!'T UlP bottom (if tho ^ f a . Thlh };i;iTil inhf would h« ron- s t r i i r N - d on hhov* f r o m rin forced ron-r'to. I I won!(i hf in nwtlona of .'fOO to fiOO inotwH, which would be heimctlcally 5c«loi! n t each end when canvploted. Th«o* would t h e n be to t h e i r positions above tho alrpady ^sUiMUibod in plac^, fmnk to tho proper level Ijy weights mi (I anchors. Tlfrht fltitingr t. low^rwl from boats o-n the complete t h e t pealing of tho Joints of tho v u r i o u a nections to prevent in- flltradon. Work-iuon would next. entr from the finished portion of tlu* tubo and comploto fch sealing of the j o i n t s from the Inside with concrete. To COKE F2LRICHV HATES, Tha f n c i g h t rstea on coke fro n the C o n n e l l s v l l l o dlntrlot, whl li I n c l u d e s w h a t Is offlclnHy k n o T n an tiia C o n n r l l s v l l j p reltl n { s o m e t i m e s calleil tho basin d' '- t r l c t ) and t h « 3^ower Conn«ll iv l l l e d i s t r i c t (olteii called t 16 K l o n d i k e and B o m c t i m c H t ,o Masontoivn dlelrlot to p r l n c i i il polnt.i of s h i p m e n t , are ft» £' 1- lowp, per ton of li.OOO poun. », f t t e c t l v c July ], JPi2: D e s i l n i i t l o n . Ka o. Baltimore ........... , ---- $ 3 2 3 Uliftnln ......' .............. 3 ' C n n t o n .................... 2 'i2 C h l c a K O .................... « 10 C l e v e l a n d ................. V 77 C ' o l u m b u t ......... , ........ " 77 T J e t r o l t ........ , ........... F 03 R. St. l.ouls ....... , K r i e ............. , ., ', '1 .,.,..'...'.'. · i« · TO · TO ; f.S 51 J\ir( H e n r y , N. V »« P o i i M a l t l a n d , O n t I ' a t U t i i w n J o l l c t K ' . u i s v l l l e M i l w a u k e e Ni w V ork P h i l a d e l p h i a . R i c h m o n d . Va (B. O . ) . . . . R i c h m o n d , Va. (I 1 -IS. K ).. . I'll 2S .28 ,.00 1.68 I. -'S V u l l c y 1'olnls -' "7 I-'or Kxport, F r o m ( , ' u n n e l U v i l I e d i s t r i c t : I'liiliidoiphlSL F". O. B, v c « - »«!«) : 3.02 H n l i l n u i r e CK O. B. l e s d c l s ) 3 OU' K r o m Ijfl.troljfl district.' I ' h l l n d c l p h l n (F. O. 8. i es- B C l i i ) 2.82 B n l t t m o r e if. O. 8. res-Hfls 2.82 RAILROADS TO TAKE UP MOST EXTENSIVE RESEARCH PROG RAM Eleven Separate Tests of Major Importance to He IMade Year 1980 TO EVOLVE A POWER BF AKE uio lonnaee t»inir f f t c l ! i u t o iMs wo*, rnfrkeratorl nlr the American Railway r n coal production aO wmil(| 1)0 uec(l l n t h e f u t t ' r t o r l[ U l f r | "i'e now engof^l In the i . « \ronnne-4hfli!! ·,,,! tube to froe/e I h o wiilor outside wlillo . Bcart li w.tivity dcelffrox! Stool Company ai.d the Davison C-oke Iron Company. . Three Jllllhm Oven I'liuit. Plans are n«ar!ng completion for th-e erection of a coke ovon plant for th-o Dominion Natural Gas Company at Port Stanley, Ohio. The cost is estimated at $3,000,000. Construction will start In the spriiu; as soon as weather conditions will p e r m i t . The rallroadn of th» U n l U - 1 States, atul collctlvely thrroug-h As octe-tlon, gr-i /M tet r6- ixl ' o bring tho conorete sealing would Ix; hi p r o - j a'lout u still f u r t h e r Increas-e In safety cess. The tee formation is to prevent j u n d ulllciency ever undertk -n by tho leakage. J r a i f carrier^ of this conmtr?. Tho pillars on whicli thla b r i d g e - ! \ v h l l e - t h e - r a i l can l«rs, pa-tlcularly tunnel would rest aro to bo b-utll nt lu , b u past sll; y6a r«. hava aede tro- in »ea by filling moulds sunk lo tho bottom of tbo Channel, a«cordir,,g to Siilrit-Cyr's plans. Tho concrete- would Ijo ·plp.ed out to t!«3S' moulds from the shore. Use I'lasslflod AdH. Cost Is small, neeults are biff. LIST OF COKE OVENS IN THE CQNNELLSVILLE DISTRICT With Their ^ \ \ n o r s , Address and Ovens in Blast Corrected to Ovcn« I n IN'umc ot Oprrnlom. Atltlrrtn 100 I b l 100 1U Atlelaido .... Be my B u n e r ......., ,.,.. ljuvicl.son .... K l i n U r u v e .. l«'trt Hill ..,. i-'iTKUSiitl il i i D p n r t e a .. Ait. in-uddock Ail. l j leaatiat. i i j e r a N t l l l e O l i v e r No. 1.. O l i v e r .No, a , , O l i v e r Ko. a . , i ' l t l i u U I i i , M e w l u l K uou 4UU IM C i l u m e l ..... C i l l i u r ........ c u u n i e n l a l 1, L. n i u i i e i i i a i -. , l l J l ! ( f 1 . J uHH Js'o. ]. No. ^. ; ,'iu 1 1-. .'id 1 s r,u IT.Oi IDU air, 7l)U -ID! OU 10,785 w eal l T r o t t e r U n i t e d \ V U U n e y W y n u . . . . . . V o r k r u n Y o u n g s t o w n OVJflNK. CorraUo Coal CoKe I n t . . . ConnellnvllU Ml. i*luaiiaiit Coko (Jo U r e e u a o u r g B u r l a i n u i c a l s . , U n l u u U i w n , CurraUu (joul A^ Colct! int. . C u i i n o l i b v l l l e ( J u i r a d o (Jual at U o k o I n t . . C u t u i B l i s v U l o K i m U r o v u Cual Coke (Jo. Cuimclisvlile CorraOu-auhuncli. C u k u Co.. C u i m u l l B v i l l e (Joiuiellg'vilie C. C. Ou. ... C u i n i e i i s v l i l B U u m y n r c y Coitl 6s Culiu Co. U i u u u a u u r u \V. J. iUilHoy, luu J S u w i o r K .. Ait. -Fle^sant Coke Co ,. \ j r u o i d i u r j j Bi-owunoltl Cual t Coke Co. U i u u i i l o w i i . ixtlllu Cokn (Jo c o u u e l l f t v l l l e U l i v m - AB ouyciur dteel Co. .. i'utt.uui'if .. Uln uj- fa.iyd^r s t e u t Co. Oliver cc b u ^ U e r toiuui Co. \V. J. ituuiey, luu OVENS, 11, C. Frit-It Coks Co. . 11, C. Jj'i'icit Coiio Co. . jti. U. i'nc-iC COKC (Jo. . il. J. i' - J'lClC (JOH.U CO. , ii. C. i'U'lCn. COfa.J CU. . -11. C. i^'llcK. Coliti CO. . Ai. C. i''ricit CoKtt Cu, . a. C. j.' i ii h. uu. . ^ I. C. 1 ' l l t f i V^i^ivtt OO. . -t-l. L.'. l l ' l l i / ^ C U K O Co, , 11 C, I M I i l i U u j v u L.O. . U. \^. 1'1'llK L u t v t ! CO. . U, C. JM'll-K L.OKIJ bO. . 11. C. JTriUi Uoh-o Co. . li. C. i'"l 11C CoKl3 OO, . il. C. li'rickt Cuive Cu. , 11 C. I I I I I . K . Coi^u' Ou. . U. C. V I U K COKU Cu. . il, C. V r i c k Com; Co. . 11. C. 11U;K coite Co, , 11. C. i-'rluk C u K a Co. . ii. C. i-'rlok. Coke Co. . 11. C. l-'nck Coke (Jo li. C. Knck Coku Co I L . C. i'"nok Coke Co, .... H o h t o U e : -C'villo Coke Co. 11. C, Pr clt Coke Co 11. C. Fr L-k Coke Co ii. C. i-'riek Coko Co 1'mt.burir. I ' l t i n b u r t j . I'ltlsbui-ir. l j l t l » b u r i r . mtMulous atrWeft forward in both safety anrt efllclency, th« T-ork now under way Is loslgn«il to tetermine what additional linprovemeo c.s in rnll- operation can b ma » looking to that e-nrl and sn-pplemon .s Blmihw activity on tCia part ot U e various Individual! carriers. The member road/i in ad ptlng t h e report approved approprlal ons by the Board of Directors f.-r'the carrying onit In 1!)30 by tb« American Railway Ass-o:iatian of I I sepa/rato t«sts -each of iiva.jor Impoi tflnoe and intended to deveto'p irapo-tant im- 'pro^eunentn In railroad op« -atioii. Research work which I» now either nn- dor\vay or will shortly be j tantc-d, follows : 1. Elaborate -experiment , uncl-er actual operating conditions t- dyt3rniln-o what improvements should be made to the present system of alrb) alces in order to better meet wesont lay operating conclilions. These tesu will (have coat the railroads of this « ouwtry and Canada moco I h a n $20,00f 000 by tho Hme they aro compl-e-te-d, lite In 1930. 2. Invostigatlon of aU dvlco-s for tho automatic connection t air, -signal and steam hose between r itlway cars. Teats tlrt will be IveM In aboratorlas at Pu.rdue University and In codpe-ra- tion with the Buroau of Safety of the Interstate Oommerco Oo; innlssion to cle-ternii-iMi which, If any, show suffi- ci3iit merit to warrant ro ud tests under actual service conditU n. 3. Tesfcs to determine I i« caai'para- tive merits of ballast mat rials. Tliis Is imiportant not only be ^aiise of the high coat, of maintenance Uut also because of lha necessity of ke-eping the roadbed In prim-o condition to withstand the strain of the leavy traffic th-e raflroada are now c r l l e d u p o n to transport. 4. Study, in cooperat on with rail manufacturers, designed to reduce to a m i n i m u m defects In s eel rails. 5. Tests to d-etermin-e live caut«3 of defects in car wheels w Ui a view to maintaining s,pc:lficatloi 3 for wheels BO as to insure, the IXJB servlc-a and s a f e t y from this part of lailway equipment, · 6. S t u d y of ih'iit't gears (the mechanism ]ehiiKl -the couplers ou cars thut reduce i the sh ck resulting froni ( tlio starting and stopping of (rains in order lo dete-j 'jiino what, it any, changes should be made In th«ir CUititJLtilitul nu noz t. THERE WILL BE MUCH DISCUSSION BEFORE ROADS CONSOLIDATE Railroads, Hankers, Shippers And Districts Will Want To Ho Heard. A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF TALK The '1'ransportajion Aoi of ary, in^O. exprfv^d (ho hope- of Con- KTP-SS l h a t under tho Kiiidancfl of (ho IntorAUUo t'onnncrco t'onimlsalon the w o u l d ronsollualo Uie-m- I n f o ,1 few !arg-t -compotlng nyfi- U»ms. Tho popiilaT Impression has Ix-en t h a t q u i t e - a constdvrabie length o£ time w o u l d bo allowed, and that if tho railroad; dirt not consolldato of Ihtiir f i w n i n i l l n i i v e , ronsolidatlo-n should ih-en IH-. foicod. This no doubt wonki .requlrp a d d i t i o n a l r n i l r n a d e hove l/oe-it di«- upon n .scheme thy commission was frxptx;ld to prepare, ob^orves tho American Metal M a r l t o l . That ioini- lar lnviross!on is not a l t o g e t h e r ror- ri«t, however, f o r the l a n g u a g e of tli« act Is: "Tlio commission shall as soon as practicable prepare ami adopt a plan for thfv consolidation of the roll way proponles of t h e continental United States Into a .limited number of sy.s- tcnw." ? One would hardly Interpret t h i s !«ni!Uape :LH r e p r p c f r i l l n s n porii4 of noarly 1fn yt.irt- iiiii il^ oinimn-slon IR h n r d l y of M'/-il '-'n'«j!UT how t h e w!io!« n \ a t t c i - 1 = , niit! perhaps t h e onm'mfmion plait. MOW ,'if Insi published, is no) BO l)f'!-;itc(; a f t e r nil. There w i l l now be the* btp:K'st con- tost about railroads that has ever oc- otrrod. P r a c t i c a l l y every.boiiy is RO- Ing to take a h a n d and H beoms like a Knf-o PU-C-PH t h a t If a n y final decision «vtT is reached it will ive Congrresh that dow RO, w i t h tbo advice of t h a coTtimisslon. That is, t h a t would !o fln«l u n t i l the (' pot U tlm laiite-i! Stales Supreme Court, it being a. pretty f a i r guefcs that t h a t would occur In addition. Railroads anil ban'kprs aro going to ha/ve a great den! to ,say r aJso shippers and districts. H v ^ r v district \will wnnt to hold w h a t tho eomimisVton, plan gives it a n d try to get somthirtg moi'e. Somo d h ; t n c l s will claim thoy got very little, i h e i r fe-eling- being that other illslrlclK KCI u urea I deal more ihan they. llow strong f u e l a i s between districts can run is illustrated, by a piece o-f history now l a r g e l y forgotten, but quite dramatic at the time. There C o n t i n u e d on n e x t pagr. Production and Output Reduction of Production Continued Through Last Full Week of the Year ~® ANOTHER DECREASE IN PRODUCTION SOFT COAL WEEK OF DEC. 21 Total, 11,150,000 Ket Tons, Was Loss Of d37,00 Tons, or 3.8 Per Cent From Preceding Vecfc. WASHLNUTON, Jan, 1.--Tho total 'Production of soft coal during the week ended December 21, including lignite and coal coked at tho -mltios, Is estimated by tho Bureau ol Mines'at 11,1613,0-00 net tons. Compared with the output In the .preceding week, this shows a decrease ot 437,000 tons, or 3,8 jr cent. Production Uurtng the \TCek in 1928 corresponding with that of December 21 amounted to 11,066,000 tons. ·The cumulative production ol eoft coal during tlie 'present calendar year, to December 21, approximately 301 working days, amounts to 613,632,000 not tone. In 192S It wae 482,637,000 tons. Th-e total production, of anthracite In the State of Pennsylvania d u r i n g tho week ended' Decom1er 21 is estimated at 1,858,000 not tons. Compared with tho preceding week, this shows a decrease of 136,000 tone or 6.S per rent. Production during th^ Tveok in 1028 corresponding wlt'i ' that o( D«com5)cr 21 .amounted to 1,493,000 tons. Tin) total production of bituminous coal lor the county as a ^hole during (ho month of November, with. 24.8 working days, is estlmnlel at 45,577,000 net tona. This is In comparison with rl,23r,COQ tons for t'lo 27 worlc- ,hig days in October. Tho average daily output in Novemb-ei -was 1,842,000 tons, a decrease of 56,000 tons, or 3.0 per cent, from the -dally rate of 1,898,000 tons for October. Tlio production of Pennsylvania ftnthra.clte nnnouuted 1 to 3,042,000 net lon.s In November and 1 ?.332,000 tons In Oototior. Tli« average dally r a t « of o u t p u t in November was 252,0-00 Ions, n decrease of tiS.OOO (xjnp, or 21..1 prr "ront, from Hie tUiily ra-te--320,000 tons - -- I n Ootobor. West Va. Coal Land Appraisals Upheld An appeal of tho Htrth« Coal Coke Corupany and (ho Adeline Coal Company of Marshall cr-unty, a«atust valuations fixed upon thotT lands has !een dismissed by tbe '.Vest Virginia Supremo Court. In il smiBslnif the ap.pea.1, the court cited a law which prohibits- an appeal from the findings of an equalization boa"d unless the sum Involved is greatei than $50,000. The combined valua of the properties In t h i s case was $47,420. Tho Supreme Court vfltrmed a. de- cifiiori o£ the Marshall 'ounty Circuit Court In placing a valuation on "front" and "hack" lai da of 10 Marshall county coinpai 1-es. "Front" lanils wero describetl ts thoso accessible to transportation by rive-r and nil! aud "back" lands as those- not easily accessible. Va uatlons estab- liishod by the court were ?2D an icre for "front" lands and for "back" lands. The convpanler sought valuations of |15 and |H respectively. LIS'L' OF COKE OVENS IN THE LOWER CONNELLSVILLE DISTRICT With Their On-uers, Address and Ovens In Blast Corrected to Saturday, Hoceniher 28, 1920. lu Work* of 140 142 2-K) iiLi"J US ·JUi 100 1ZU 182 U-i I'M 11U you i'M i!lU 1UJ auo 04 iOU ·laO 8U J U 4 4UU 4 I J U ;t:u ·too ·lull ·M- 4OU 400 2,7 14 A l l i s o n No. 1, . AllJsoij No. '2. Allison Mo. a. A m e r i c a n 1. , . American V , . , ·18 JJunaUl J -. .Donald U Kilna bO JiU V, u u J Cirlltin N u . U r l l t u i Nu. H o r b u r i .. iiope ..... Liitayotte AH. J l o j j e old lloiiie ... . Ui IL-III i'uriiaj! .Nu. 4. l j u i i l a i i -No. j. J ' u m u u I~L. 0. UiL-ii H J l l ' loo JO 1I5D J b l DO DO T o w e r UU1 'J u w iir l u l l V\ a 25-I A l i c i a BultlngrLon . U u u b a . . . . . . L/eai-th l''oatcdale ,. U c n p v a . . . . K e p u b J l c . .. T h u m p a o n 1. MBJIOMANT OVKNS. W. J. Kalney. Ins. .. ...... , N'»w Y o r k W. J. Halncy, Inc .......... N-iw York W. J. Jlainoy, Inc. ... ...... Now X o r k . Baton Coal Co ....... ...... 1' ttsburg- Baton Coal Co. ... ......... -PiUsburjf Century Coko Co .......... l l r u ^ n s v l l l * . HcclA Coal . Coke Co. ,... I'lttaljurtf W h y e l Coka Co ............ L n l o n l o w n . W b y e l Coke Co ............ L ' n l o n t o w n .. Waltcsrsburg Coke Co ...... U i i l o u l o w n .. Siern Coat i Coke Co ...... U n l o i i t o w n .. South F u y u L i e Coke Co. , ... U n l o n t o w n .. ilepublic Coal Coko Co. . Connollavllls Aeina-C'vllle Coke Co ..... Coanellavliie llecla Coal Coke Co ...... I ItLaburg ... lleula Coal At -Coke Co ...... l-klsburu ... C'villo C u u u u i Coke Co. ... I'Utslmrjy ... Hope Co lie Cu U i i j t u a e l - S e n j a n a C. C. Co. Un Ion to'wn". . lie-jlu Coal As Coke Co ..... t , n l u t i t o w n .. Atlaa Coke Ca ............. I f j i l o n t o w n . . Wheeling, Wieel Corporation. . Jioleii Liiiicyln Coal Coka Co ..... .'icoiuialo ...' C'vl.'la Ceniful Coke Co ..... J'lWrftmrg JjU^erne Coal CoKe Co ..... /''Hlsbuj-jr .."! t.ouUiuru C'vllio Coko 'Co.. ,. C o n u e l J a v l l l a .StiowdoJi Coko Co. ........ U u l u j i t o w n W. J. Balney, Inc. ......... U t i l o n t o s v n .. A m e r i c a n Coko C(jrpotj,Uon U i i l o u l o n i i .. i ' u r U a n Coke Co ...... ..... U n i o n i u w n .. i ' u i i t a n C u k e Co ......... ., U n l u i u u w n .. J J i i r i l a i i Cuke Co ........... U i i l o J i L o w n .. I'Liruaii C o k e Co ........... U n l o n t o u n .. I J c/land Cua.1 Co ........ .... f'ltLbburtr . HlcJi 11111 Cual Coke Co... outcrop U. H. tiackeu C u d l At, c. Co.. S i n U l i l i u l d .Ujurne-l u l l m Coke Co ...... U i i l o n L o w n .. i'tiyetle C o a e Co. . . ; ....... U t n o r i l o w n .. C j n s u h d a t e U Coke C- ...... P i L L a u u r i f Thompson C'ville C O K O Co.. P i L L a b u r g ,.. lOaatern Coke Co. , ........ 1'n.iauuiB 1'jwer Hill C ' v i l l e Coke Co. U n i o n l o w n .. NYasiilmjTLoii Coal Coke Co., iJawsun , VV aauinijt.oii Coal ii Coke Co.. Lu.waon FUliMACK OVENS. Coal Coko Co... Alicia, Fay. Co. H. 0. Frlok Cokm Co. ; P l t t s b u r u Hellanca Coko Furnace C . P l t t s b u r II'. C. Frlck Coka Co J.1', C. Frlck Cok^i Co AlcKeofrey Coal Co. ..,'..,. Keiiublle Iron dteel jo.. K c d s t o n a Coel Coka Co,, PHtaburg ...., Plttsburs ..... Leetvnltl, Ohio' PHtaburg- , VlUsiburg- . . i i ! a 14 Aided by Christmas Observance Which Took Place Usual Lay-Off Day. LOWEST POINT REACHED With Regional Output Brought Down io 83,210 Tons, a decrease o* 69.3 I'er Cent From Maximum t Yeart T u t u i Jluy Be !t,1)80,000 ^ct Tonn. The last CuM week of 1929 wituefised a continuation of the reduction policy the coke operators have found it necessary to apply lo co-ktng operations. They were aided to somo extent by the recurrence of tho Chrtetmaa holiday which always has been observed no matter 'how urgent the demand may bo for coke. Wlion. tbls demand is lacking the day jnst takes the place of the usual weekly layoff which is employed to keep pro- el tic Mo ti within the limits of consumers' needs as near us may bo. The week was very nearly without change except that a further curt a i l m e n t of l.MO tons in output, took place with reduction to a regional total to 38,240 tone, the extremely low point of the year and the consummation of the decreasing rate which.has persisted almost without exception in eiicli o£ the weeks since J u l y 1. Th« extent oC the shrinkage is best shown .by a com- ·parison between the maximum of 10S,- MO tons OD, J'une 1 and last week. The falling off within the Intervening- period has been 75,150 tons, or Ott.3 per cent. Contrasted with the corresponding week of 192-8 the (last week showed a discrepancy of 23,060 tons or 40 iper cent. The year is closing with a total' tonnage of eip-proxiniately S.flSO.OflO, or about 1,370,000 more than in X02S, an increase oJ about 34 per cent. Tho estimated production of :oko during tho week ended Saturday, De-~ Tn.ber 25, was 33,240 tons, divided between I b o two districts as follows: Connel-lsvlllo, 4,760, a. decrease of Si), tons; Jjower Connellsvillc-, 28,49i, H, teareaso of J.2IO -tons, or a, tota.l *lo- creaso of 1,290 tons, an coui'pared wlto/ a total decrease o£ -1,870 tona during^ the precedjng week. By interests the producttomwaa mice, 5,25J, a gain of 20 tons,' chant, 27,900, a loss of 1,310 tone* as compared with losses of 22ft and 4,650 ions respectively during 1li« weele ended December 21. There was a reduefioii of 20 la tfe^ mim!)«r of ovens la blast, thte change having taken place at tho Mount Bop^ plant, a merchant operation. IVc-dis-ettai by tike, mercb-aaut BttJKj furnace interests and the total oom- pared with tlie conreapou'dl/os week! in 1928 is shown !herewlth: Week Jan. 5. Jan. 12. Jan. 18 Jan. i'O Feb. -2. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar, Ma r. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May J u n e J u n o J u n o J u n o J u n o J u l y J u l y J u l y J u l y Aug. AUK. Aug. Aug. Sep. fo'ep. fcicp. Key. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec, l!l JJ-CO. L'b 31!. 10. 20. 1). 10, S3. 7, J t Mcr. 30,700 7.510 47,370 40.030 00,320 D3.TOQ 5o,iyo 50.0JO BO..MO 01.4UO 03,350 01,140 D0.03 DO.Ii-'O I,CX3 50,203 05,^71 61,820 D«,S75 58,300 07,354 50.4UU 00, MO 60.2SU Pur. ia,ioo 10,100 1C,GOO ij.aoo 0,800 10,100 10.HOO 11,000 17,700 17,100 18,100 17,600 17,130 14,030 13,010 1(5, lino 24,070 32,430 30.U18 Total «2,800 03,040 62,070 03,850 00,120 63,800 00,380 07,040 7S,L'.'JO 78,500 81,450 78,040 73.7lj, 72,830 GU,085 71,453 TO.HIJL 01,250 05,703 1028 45,700 47,30« 40.220 ·38,'JOO 40,020 53,70(1 47,860 4-),100 01, 020 oa.aao Oi.OiO 50,000 4UJ10 ·18,785 ·10.U30 4U.S70 40, 570 42,^40 ·1U.500 ·I7.7UO ·IS, 730 4S.O'M 43,030 ·11,700 ;)s,.s'w B7.20U 30,700 ^7,090 45,818 303,1)73 47,028 104,-SSU 51,900 ICIS.IIUO G3.070 X10.1UO 154,170 110,150 03,280 10'J.IUO r.ajso 101,110 J 8,780 0.'..07U OO.U20 101,840 4!»,4^0 301.010 00,010 l(j3,OKU 50,010 100,730 ·17,140 0«,S50 81.2SO 04.7UU 05,570 01,170 00.704 7O.570 72,500 CO.S50 OO.JUU OS.UoO 5i,2SU 58.USO oa.Tsu 43,7UO 44,120 40.0UU 30,420 38,'J 10 37,300 35,10(1 20,600 47,9-10 io,oyo ao,7ao 42.410 ·10,500 40,300 ;io,ooo 23,100 -'0,800 O.fiTO S.OOO 7,7,")0 7.00C 7,530 r. 150 0,000 r,4'M C.'ISO fi,2SO f),a,JO 00,725 05.0UO 80,000 82,000 82,740 83,470 70,070 70,820 70,800 57,300 5G,75O 50,070 33,230 4!),200 4.'1,050 42,200 42,120 30,400 B4.530 33,240 27,330 20,030 20.73U 20,040 31,233 31,500 33,100 32.850 38.320 44,830 03.U70 02,830 83,000 67,4oO 03,720 03,070 58,400 60,030 00,100 eo.ooc 08,SOr 1920 to Date lO-'S to JJate 3,072,010 2,000,841 I n c r e a s e o v e r 1!)2S 1,1)73,1(K 1J. 0. (.0 Spimd $16,000.000. Baltimore Ohio Railroad director! contemplate snbetantially inorcasiin; capital expenditures for coining yeai. Including uncompleted items to b carried over from 1929 an.d nev authorization definitely in siglh't otal capital expenditures budget for 1'JSJ is liltely to aggregate'alwut ttS.OOO- 000, which would be roughly divided between $32,500 k OQO for roadway and structures and $15,500,000 for equipment. Kcceh'crsli!i for Coal Co. The Charters Creek Coal Company with general offices In Pitteburg, a vd a. mine at CanoiiBbtirp. Wiishlns-Um county, has b'een placed in receivt r- ship. Jaraes G. Gcegaa was named as; the temporary

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