The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 27, 1918
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IT Connellsviile's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,533 VOL. 1C, NO. 92. CONNELLSVILLE, PA-. WEDNESDAY EVENING,] FEBRUARY 27, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. mm TOIL WITH MEN IN CONSTRUCTING DEFENSES ABOUT RUSSIAN CAPITAL Being Rushed to GOVERNMENT ORDERS Meet the German Invading Hordes. OSPiTAL SHIP IS SUNK ut oi Crew oi Glenwi C»stle Jure I/uae4 B»t Haoy Boaia .Vic Tet Adrift; Steamer Carried So P»- ticato at HIM Ike Bras Struck Her. Although Chancellor Von Hertling .s declared Germany's intensions in e east were not aggression and ag- andizement, German* military an- orities have declined to grant an mis-tfce in the ussian. front in. view the Bolshevik! offer to accept peace d the German troops continue their ward march. The Bolshexiki are w bringing every effort to save the Xutfon and Petrograd from the nda ot the invaders. Workmen and troops from Petro- »d and Moscow are being ssent to eck or stop the advance on Petro- ad. Hen and women are busily ilding trenches and defensive posi- n» around Petrograd, The Ilolahe- U government. It is declared, will .ire to Moscow If the Germans take capital. This agreement In th'e incil of Workmen and Soldiers' legates is reported and it is added it Foreign Minister Trotity will It the government. _ _ 1 provisional government has been | Bu i ne ss "profess'io'naTMen* ·med in Esthoma with headquarters | C]atiOQ wm not be held Keval and the independence ot Bs- CANNED GOODS TO BE HELD FOR WAR NEEDS Ordtrs to Canners Km bract", Corn, Beans, Peas nnd Salmon Stocks Xow on Hand. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON. Feb_. 37.--All canners were advised today by the food administration to hold for -war purposes until further advised all canned corn, peas, string beans, tomatoes and salmon DOW on band. , Reports of such holdings must be made at once, separate from those to be sumbitted belore March 15. Can- nerg who have no stock are required to report indicating this faeL" Quantities not wanted will be released promptly. Reassurances to householders that the government has no intention of commandeering any canned goods, preserves, home grown foods or usual stocks of provisions kept for family use was given today in placards to be distribnted to e*ery postofflce and public library in the country. The placards were headed: "Do not be fooled by the lies of the enemy." ma has been proclaimed. Chanlor Von Hertling said Germany uld give self-government to Cour- S and Lithuania, but it is reported m Switzerland that a Saxon jirince to be made king of Lithuania. Ich will be united to Saxony. 'SPITAt SHIP TALLS PJtEY OF jO.N'DOX. Feb. 27.--The British hos-1 al ship Glenart Castle was sunk I terday In the Bristol channel, it is' icunced. There were nq pejients j board. Survivors were landed, by American torpedo boat. The offi- 1 report foUo-ws: The British hospital ship Glenart ;tle j r all lights burning. There were NO EXPOSITION Htrcbaats Agree Sot to Hold Annual ExliiMtlnn at the Armory. On account of the war conditions j this year the annual exposition ot the 's SESO- year. The announcement was made this morning after the merchants of the city finally decided that it was not a necessity and in a way would hinder the war work being carried oa here. It is felt that the exposition conld be made the success it has 1 been 'in past years, but that !t would detract attention from the wort the women of the cUy are Joins 'or the Red Cross and would also necessitate the burning of, coal to heat the armory that would otherwise be ssved. CRAMER CASE Court Refuses to Sustain Verdict )· ..... n comm no i Judge Thomas J. Ford has handed Seats on boerd. Survivors have ' flown a decision refusing judgment in n landed by a?. American destroyer, i the case of Elmer E. Cramer, former West Peon.conductor, -who "was award- Tele- ed J500 by a jury as a result of the ph company 164 persons are miss-1 wreck of a car at Dickerson Run on ht boats are still adrift." according to the Exchange from the Olenart Castle, 'he' Glenart Castle. 6.S07 j December 13, 1013. Cramer, whose I home is at VandcrbUt, sued for ss and 410 feet long, was built at fast in 1956. She was owned in ithampton. The Bristol channel Js arm of the Atlantic extending Into southwestern part of Great Urit. between England and "Wales tons 1515,000. The plaintiff claimed the car was defective when it went over the end of the line. The court bold that the burden of absolute proof was on the plimtifE acii that the jury should not t be allowed to guess. - FBOX HOSPITAL SHIP WANSBA. Wales. Feb. 2T---TMrty- r survivors of the Glenart Caotle e been landed here. The number persons oa boards is said to have n300. DR.DJXONDIES s Regarded ai Foremost Health Official ·( the t'onntrv. ·r. Samuel G. Diion. commissioner the State Department, ot Health. is credited with having placed -usylvania among the foremost es on public health matters and he treatment of tuberculosis, died he University of Pennsylvania aos- 1, Philad«!phia yesterday after a ; illness. He was 5S'years old. T. Dixon suffered from anemia, bad been ill since last summer and ·red the University hospital in the . lollowlag a blood transfusion op- ion. He seemed to improve uaul era! days ago when there was a r-se. HEAVY VOTE POLLED' 3fffB and "Women Asked to Rejcfa Preference on Red Cross Union, r Voting oa the proposition to have ] Connellsvil'e unite with other Red Cross units of the county under one general head will end tomorrow afternoon at the usual hour for closing headquarters in the old high school buildlns. The officials arc anxious that there 'be a large vote polled and aslt that any members, men or women, wishing to eipress themselves come MEMBERS OF CITY COUNCIL GO OVER PLAN FOR CONDUIT Will Gather Again Friday to Thresh Out Bell Telephone Proposals. OBSTACLES IN THE WAY Eren If One Company is Granted Franchise for Use of Streets the Problem of Caring for Other Wires TOH Sot Have Been Disposed Of. Accompanied by members oC the city council M. J. Bishop of Pittaburg, representative of the Bell Telephone company, went over the ground through which the company wishes to lay a conduit for its wires--from Or-j chard alley to Washington avenfie. An ordinance for the granting of the franchise to the company to pay the conduit system under the streets,! AUDIENCE LKATES WHILE STAR SPAK6LED BASSES JS .BEIXG BUNDEBBl). Much comraeiit has been. caused by the action of the audience attending the Navy League address by Congressman Bruce F. Sterling at the high school Monday night, in leaving the auditonum while the "Star Spangled Banner" was being sung. Oue man, virtually a stranger here, said it seemed to him a great disrespect of the national hymn, especially after Unrepresentative of tans district in Congress had only a short time before in his address said that he was,proud to have been chosen to represent ?nch a patriotic district as this. There were not more than a dow;n persons in the whole auditorium that Ptood at attention as the national air was played, and the ·words sung by Miss Mary Mc- Cormoll, TtJG FOUNDERS OFF DELAWARE; 35 ARE DEAD May Be aiissing of tlie Tortj Members of the Crew of Vessel. GOES DOWN IN A GALE Surrlvors nnd liodles Are Picked Up bv British Steamer Arriving at Philadelphia Quarantine Station; Kuro- bor of men in the (Iron is lit Ikn!)L drawn up by the Bell company hasi SHORTAGE OF YOUNG been submitted to council for con- rann «I/\T no ITT« wiin sideration. A meeting ot the council PIGS HOLDS UP THE with the city solicitor will be held on ntm w\mn nn T»n»TO Friday afternoon to further discuss) BulLDING OF PENS the matter. Some changes may b e j made in the ordinance. The Bell company wishes to have the franchise through any street alley or highway in the city and council does not feel inclined to go as far as giving perpetual privilege to run con- dolts through any part of the city to the company. | shortage of young pigs. It has de- mite not all the poles on Plttsburg | veloped u,^ j,^ ^ c S b 0 rtage in By AJjSocialcr! Prcs 1 ) . WASHINGTON. Peb 27.--Thi.-ly- nvp officers and enlisted men of the naval tug Cherokee arc bclipvud lo have been lost vvhon Ihe vessel foundered yesterday morning in a fierce gale off Fenwick Island Lightship, 22 miles from the Delaware capes. The navy department made public the names of the 10 surviors landed at Philadelphia. They aie: Boatswain E. M. Sen- notr, Boston, Ma. s.: L. P. Aclccrman, H. P. Poynter, H. J. Hall, P. E Barker, seamen; R. A. Kovcck, P. R. Warmack, E. L. Dudsil. firemen: A A Wailim, oiler and B. F. Brurafield. radio-electrician. FRENCH SOLDERS SUFFERING FROM SHELL SHOCK ON WAY TO MAMMON, IS REPORT 'rospoctiip Pork Producers Find It Bard to jMctf Anj Little oxers. ·WASHINGTON. Peb 27.--The naval Prospective pig rs«,ers, who had ext Cherokee, formerly belonpng to p^ted to construct samtary pens u n - , l h c j, ackenback stcamshlp company. der the recent ordinance passed by council, are aow con/rented by a street will not be remoed by the use of the conduit system, every one owned by the Bell will come down. The light company, however, owns everything else, pigs arc exceedingly scarce, JStany persons who had intended to build the pens and raise porkers have several and the Tri-State company has j approacned Health Officer George string on the opposite side of the street. The telphone company figures that although the cost oJ placing a conduit is large that the gain, in the "long rur." will be greater than through the use of wires. The maintenance of a conduit system is low. Several ducts are Hetzel, inquiring it be knew where bicy could purchase young ones. There seems to bo a decided scarcity of young pigs through the country and Toundered yesterda ofT Fen wick Island lightship, 52 miles south of the Delaware capes. Survivors are being taken to Philadelphia. One report to the Nnv Department says that 10 snrmors already have been landed c,t borne on the coast. Normally the Cherokee carried about in men The tug i=i sup- THE RED CROSS AND JEWISH SUFFERERS TO SHARE JN BENEFIT Knmeroo-s Persons and Organizations If) Aid I'D Affair al I'nrHniouul Theater tfnrcb 5. Mrs. H. P. Snyder and Mrs. Morris Smith arc at the head of a. benefit picture, "Tho Auction Block," Rex Beach's greatest picture, 10 be sbotvn Tu esday af tern oon a.nd · ev emo s, iT,irch j, at the Paramount tor the "benuSt of the soldiers, sailors aad Jewish war suflorc-is. The proceccs will be equally dnided between the Rod Cross and tlie Jewish was sufferers fund. Miss Mary .VFoL'onnell, accompanied by Miss J Ida Soisson, will sing at the af.teiu.oon and evening performances. .Mrs Smfh is in charge of the tickets, which so31 at iv,enty-ihe cents each. Saturday she will be assisted by the Boy Scouts who u i l j canvass the c-ty in an effort to dispose of tickeib. .Mrs. Smith, has ai- rcad di'qwJsed of over JOG and the success of rhe benefit is almost aa- "The Auction Block," is tho lite his- torj of a beautiful girl who ib ra-secl by her parents for the specific purpose of being plact'd for sale to the highest bidder m Uio matrimonial market, Miss Florence Jones, who play the role of 'Adoree,' in this new Gold-wyn picture, comes from the greatest'traming scHboI for actresses in the world. She has played huo- of roles. "The Auction Block," L ' Bit * d Sfat " s Offifcr Arrivcs to i TROOPS COME THIS WEEK Commissioned Officer and S^oad of 33 lien Vim Ik; Stationed EefrnlarlT al Insfatniioii; 'urscs Also Due; Jlany Jteu Arc tn Be Treated, posed to foundered m the heavy gale of yesterday Later the navy department was advised that incoming ships were carrying four bodies lo Philadelphia and Preparatory to the reception of sick and wounded soldiers at ilarkleton sanitarium a commissioned, officer and a detachment of 35 soldiers is expected to arrive this week to take charge of the .nstjtution for the United States go\ ernm-em. "With tho devacbment will be a dozen or more trained, nurses. A federal officer from Washington was at tbc place today making an inspection *o information was available today as to the identity of the mea who are to be treated. Rumors are current that French soldiers suffering from ! shell shock are on. their way to the j qujet mountain, resort, and that they arc due to arnve this week. At the j sanitarium it was learned that about 200 patients will be accommodated I at the outset. The government is t planning to largely increase the capacity of '.be institution. Eventually many hundreds will be received for i For a. haven for sick and wounded ! no fmor location could be found. Ever No permits have as yet been grant- placed with manboles at Interrals | ed to raise hogs although quite a few through, the streets. Cables of 50 or people are ready to build as sooa as 100 pairs are placed through theltuey are certain they can secure the ducts, TV'hen one cable gets in bad | pigs. Unless the fanners come to the aid of the city pork producers there may yet be no hogs in ConneJls- wbat are for sale demand -- Some pairs run as high as ?12 ^ tte 10 aurvivora prpW ouBly referred to were- the only ones known and condltion. service Hs given, through another. To repair the broken cable, It is pulled-out through the- manLoIe and villa. The ordfoaiice Treat into effect last cable, asy official in the' office determines between which, manholes It is by the use of instruments for that purpose, and also can figure just how many inches from the opening of the duct is the break. Although it is the intention, of the Bell company to go ahead with Pittsburg street this summer, the underground system win be extended as rapidly as possible. The first addition to the PiUsburg street work -will probably be from the bridge on Crawford 'avenue, to PHtsburg street Council also wants the Bell company to extend the conduit as soon as possible to Peach street. After council talks the matter over at the meeting Friday afternoon, the ordinance be introduced at. the following meeting. locations for their pens inspected but no applications for permits have been made. LOCAL MEN SPEAK to the headquarters and cast their ballots. The executive committee or 'th6 cars in tuo cltj. The young men are FOUR YODTTHSARRESTED i South ConnellSTflle Boys Charged With Stealing Auto Eobes. Four South ConnellsviUe boys, Edwin Helms, William Stelley, James Smith'and Melvin Adams, will be given a hearing before Alderman Fred Muak today charged with stealing automobile robes and accessories from , At Farette County BducaUonal Meet- lag at BrownSTllIe. An interesting meeting of the Fayette County Educational Association will be held Saturda}, March 9, In the Central school building. South ] Brownsville, Among the speakers are Superintendent S, P. Ashe, Principal B. B. Smith, H. K. Smith, supervising principal of the Dunbar toxrnship J schools, and J. Buell Snyder. Prof. B. B. Smith will talk on "Physical Training," while Prof. R. K. Smith will give an address on "Industrial Education." President John S, Carroll urges that every association member in the count attend, as veil as the high school principals, supervising principals, borough principals and all persons including the grade teachers and tliose interested m public school work attend. out ot the complement of five officers and 35 enlisted men. The navy department made this announcement: "The navy department is advised that the U. S, S. Cherokee a navy tug foundered yesterday morning off the Atlantic coasl Ot the 40 aboard, five officers and £$, enlisted n3fln,-lO have been, landed at last accounts, these having been taken to Philadelphia Four dead WETC picked up by steamships." At nine o'clock yesterday morning a \nreless station oa the coast picked up a call for help from the Cherokee. The call was located at a point about 15 miles off the coast Immediately a. naval coast patrol crew manned a small cutter and started out in a 50 mile gaJe to seach for the dlstress-ed tug After'an all day huit the crew returned las-t night and reported that ACCEPTS NEW CHARGE PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 27.--A British steamer anchored in Philadelphia this morning at the quarantine station at Slarcus Hook. 17 miles below Philadelphia, ~ reported over the telephone that the steamer had signaled as she passed op that she had on board 10 survivors and the bodies of 10 of the CTCTT of tho foundered tug Cherokee. chapter will meet tomorrow night at the Carnegie library to count the vote. HUNDREDS KILLED When Stand Collapses at Ktte Sffct at 1 Hong Kong, China, By AHflocIatftd Press, LONDON, Feb. 27.--In the collapse £ixon was appointed comom- of the Chinese public stand at the| charged with taking a robe from the automobile of Alva 3Iooh when it was standing at th corner of Pittaburg street and Patterson avenue. Tbey are also said to have robbed Harry 1» Carpenter's car. MUST CONTINUE WAR Says Father Burns in fila First Voar- Jrtinutp Address, .Rev. John T. Burns, pastor of the 1 mmacalato Concept ion Ca LhoUc SCHOONMAKR_CHAIRMAN Tice President of THOc Giant to Head Board of Directors. like other major portions of the New Yorlc Central system, the Pittsburg bake Erie, is to have a chairman of the board of directors. While no formal announcement of the creation of 'new office or of the name of the incumbent has been roado it became known yesterday that Colonel J. Al. Scioonmaker, who bar been The youthful robbers were appre- O ut!in,ng reasons nrhy we the bended by City Detective 1. V. Mitch- ] trv stlou]d continue in the war until ell. It is thought that the eitent of their robberies may eiceed ?IOO. isr of health by Governor Penny- ker in 1903 whea the department created aad was renamed by each seeding governor. He was born in Uul«]ph!a, was privately educated for a time practiced law. Dr. oa was clo3e personal friend of late Dr. T. H. White oi Connells- TRAIN BUCKLES Hong Kong jockey clnb races Tuesday 100 women and children were trampled to death, according to a Rcuter dispatch. Fire broke out aad several hundred others wer« burned to death. if ORE AHYi: FLOEIZEI/. Can rite Cp at l'c»ns.TlY»«i],. Xcflroad Crossing. r-Sc on North Pittsburg stree'. tied np at the Pennsyh-ania rail- i crossing Tor some time last it -when two freight cars buckled. te their trucks and tumbling orer i the platform. The platform was ' ed up somewhat but no one »as j red In the accident. | ne buckling Is said to have been ied by tae sudden stopping of the it engine to avoid rnnnlnj; Into iT train anproachins in the op- te direction. Itescne Vessels llnsli to Scene lo In- iestig»te Reports. By Associated Preai. ST. JOHN, N. F., Feb. 27.--Rescue steamers were ordered today to investigate a report received here that signals from the ed-Cross liner, Florizel wrecked Sunday morning, near Cape Race indcated that persons were alive on the vessel. T1UCES MC1DO5 "Strictly Fresh'' 1'roilact is Down tn 65 Cente in the City. Eggs in the Cormcllsvllle stores ieundting "Stacker Eegiment 3p;utment of Justice agents are taring to send a "slacker regiment" | the Pittsburg district to Camp have dropped 10 and 15 cents in the Jast few days. They were selling at 75 cents a dozen but are now selling at 60 and 65 cents. Appointed Corporal. Mrs. 0. J. Sliger received a letter It will be composed of men who i from her son Walter,yesterday saying ·d to register and those who did j he has been made corporal. Sliger is aa^rer the summons to service. now at Camp Gordon, Ga. TO GO TO FRANCE Kay King, Nephew o/ Local Woman, CHosen to Lcae Soon. Mrs. C. H. Jobos of this city has received a. Ifttter from her nephew, Ray King, who is iu training at Carap Sherman, Chillicothe, O., saymg tbat he expects to leave soon tor France. The soldier is with the 332 Infantry "I am out oi the hospital now and au feeling fine again," be writes "I have been selected with 10 others to go to France and I am not allowed to leave camp, as we expect to go any day now." He tells his aunt not to answer the letter as he do^e not expect to remain in camp for any length of time. c'durch, delivered His first four-minute vlce pros idenfc of the road since 1896 address last^evening at tns communilr , n -, d a tkrector siDce its tnception had been selected for the p]ace The choice was made at a meeting ot the \carcl on February 39. singing in the bign school auditorium there is a decisive victory, Th.e nation, cannot go haif way, he said. It ntust overcome the menace to everything Americans hold dear. STRUCK BY C-Ut. Former MeKecsport Slna is at Hospital TOH SHfffit Hnrts. E. DickerhafL", 42 years old, waa struck by a West Pean street car MARY PICKFORD Jfo« Hononvry Colonel of ft John J. t'. Enntdn's Regiment. The appointment yesterday of Mary Pickford, the movie star, as honorary colonel of the 143rd Field Artillery, was made a trre^t occasion among the soldiers at Camp Kearne, Cal. Mrs. Percy Improves. Mrs. William Percy, who underwent an operation at the Cottage State hospital, is getting along nicely. la her condition continues to improve she will be able to bo removed to her last night in front of the Yough House Tho exercl ,, cs mc i ud «l the formal and slightly injured. Hb was removed | aiioptlcm of ^ regiment by Miss to the Cottage State hospiuU and today was able to walk about Dickerhaff formerly resided it Xc- Keesport. Undergoes' Operation. Harry Smith, 36 years old, of the West Side, underwent an operation for appendicitis this morning at the Cottage State hospital. finely equipped. Besides offices and the necessary departments there are _ 1 150 bedrooms. ,, ^,. ^, ,, , i r ± i Opened originallv as a private san- Former 3H Pleasan Paster to Ixx^te ' itonum Ma ^ toa wlthm f s hort time a* -Nest Middlesex. , ^.^ repumion that vas almost Rev. D M. Lyle. a former pastor of naUoa ^id e About 10 years ago the ths First Presbyterian caurch of manag . e ment added a hospital depart- Mount Pleasant, and a brother-m-law j ment m caar g e ot Billed surgeons of Dr. W. J, Bailey, has resigned hi? l a n d lralned nurse s. Of late years the charge as pastor of the First Presby, I slate halj made -unnrt appropriations. ;erian church at Colver to accept a Mlsg M ^ B _ B^mett, the efflcient. s«- call at Vest Middlesex. On Tuesday -p erijltelldeat of ^ e institution, has evening. Fabruary IS, thero was^ aj.^^^^ ^ o plaC6 ovfir t( the ^ OTerD - ·faraTeUiTeeeqjaan. ia Ule-clRrrch and !ment bnt wl , remam 2t Markletoa -Bev. and Mra. LyJc were presented , for lJ]B present _ with a purse of ?100 in gold. The La- j _ dies Aid society presented Mrs. Lyle . with a silver set. Rev. Lyle has been at Colver tor rwiTIATKrVM CLASS INITIATION nearly five years, locating there when the' Town just started. He has seen suceestul m building one of the finest stone churches in tbat section at cost of nearly $20,000. WOMAN WORKER KILLED Is First War FiOaiitr of the Sex in Fayett* County. The first fatality in Fayette county among womea war workers occurred Tuesday afternoon when Miss Laura Cadden, aged 23, died at the Union- uywn hospital as tae result of injuries she received when run down by a lar- ry at the Fhiliips works of the H. C. Frict Coke company. Miss Cadden was employed as a machinist's helper at tile Phillips works and was on the way to her boarding house at Phillips for lunch Tuesday at noon when the j resided at Staccaboi'S Will End yational Membership Campaign Tomorrow. | The close of the nation-wide mem- I bershlp campaign of the Knights of i tie Maccabees will be celebrated by ·_he Tough Tent No. 159 here tomorrow night with a c5ass initiation and an ojster supper. Tie junior degree team will put on the degrees for the first trme. It is expected tbat a class of more tian 35 men will be present for initi- The Yougb,tent runnisg Mount Pleasant. nack and neck with Tent No. 46i of. Ooio for tie national sitter loring cap to be presented to the leading tent in. Class 7. At last reports the Ohio tent bad initiated 116 men in the campaign, but by tomorrow night the local Maccabees expect to increase tie number initiated by them to 150. Su,prem« Commander Marker -mil present the national loving cap bore if the local tent pulls it down. Thft state cup bas been cinched. Tho Mac- cabees are also planning a public meeting at which a service flag of 37 stars for local Maccabees in the ser-' vice will be GOB AFTER THIEVES Men Charged With Stealing Aatenio- bUe to be Brought Here. City DetccHve .1 TV" Mitchell went _ to Pictebnrg today to bring Robert ,, - , - «_.,,,. Th ,, Tf r. Summorsida, William Joker and KcConmct Wr, tcs That It Is James Ward, who are charged with Wfly ltt Frai » ce stealing the automobile of Mrs. J. M. ( Reid Sunday night, here for a hearing, SPRINGLIKE In a letter written to C. Roy Het- lj- Arch McCormicfc who js with Information against the men has been made before Alderman FreS Munk. Company C, Fifteenth United States Engineers in France, he says that tha . It is believed that the names given weather there for the last three weeks by the men to th« Pittsburg police are , has been like May and that he "hopes false and that they may be wanted on , it will stay that way." McCormick other charges here. The Keid auio- ' says he is :0 miles from where mobile will be driven back to this , "Casey" Joues is stationed and is try- Cltj - ing to get away to see him. "I would like to get to see the new high school." writes McCormicfc. Ho said lhat "it will probably be a year GIRLS WOULD E.VLIST. SmitlifleW Operators Offpr Services to the (Jmernmciit. Pickford. speeches by herself and officers and the presentation of a silk Sag to Uie regimcat by its honorary col-[ onel. ' John D. F. Rankin, forme'ly of Con-; nellsvilie, is a member of Battery D oC "Marj's Own.' or two" beloi e he does. McCoraiick inquires ot the AUe- i gheny County General Hospital unit Miss Ruth E Ewng and Miss Mary I an(i wams to Hnow the number of it. E. Wise, both Tri-State operators at ] evj domly tlnnk'ug that the unit is OK Sniithfield. have applied for positions in Uncle Sam's telephone service. Miss Cwng is the chief operator of Ihp Tri-Slate, with Miss Wise as an assistant. home in Eighth Uus week. street, Greemrood, Infant Dies. Florence Haymond, 24 days old, infant daughter of Albert and Catherine Swink of Mover, died yesterday. Funeral services were held this afternoon from the residence, with interment in i Mount Olii'e cemetery. "CASEY" JONES IN ITALY \Veil Knov H f onn^JIs-killc Aviator TruiiM'fcrTtMi !-r«in France, Lieutenant B, C.' Jones, whose friend-s call him Ca^ey, is on his way from Frauce to the Italian front, ac- clay~pVo*b~aily 5a'and~c~o7der ls"cbe j cording to a letter received by his L HffiP Uiai side of the water. He also asks w h a t regiments of engineers "Bill" Ball in. Fair and slightly warmer; Thurs- 111 ttith rnenmoDia. Mrs Thcma^ J. Brennan left yesterday for Chicago on receipt of a message saying her litUe granddaughter, L eanor Hose Brennan, daughter of Mr and Mri T. H. Brennaa, wa i)I TV .th pneumonia. The ch.ld is five years old. its condition was reported to be serious. noon weather forecast Pennsylvania. Temperature Becord. 1018 1317 Maximum .,, 46 70 Minimum 29 33 Mean --.--_38 51 Tlie Yough river fell during the I night from 10.60 feet to S.80 feet. for Western mother, Mrs. B. r. Jones of Coniiells- j ville. i "Casey" vU be in the Eighth Aviation Center, ithc letter to his mother bays. ! Ill Mith ToasUitis. J. Fred Kurtz is suffering attack o£ tonsilitia. Feu, Out of a totai of 117 ca^es referred to the Fayette count} medical adusory boaid la£t week cm3 19 reg strains were given absolute clischaiges because of deficiency. A Lot:il or 46 w e r e found qualified foi all kinds of rmh- tary service and 35 foi lin_itcd service Seventeen cases were he3d under advisement. SALARIES HELD UP Controller rtefnsrs to Approve En. primer',' Jiuiuar) Warrants. John p Gephart, county road cn- Binec;; Kdward McCollough, bis as- s.biani., and Etisar Powell county draftsman, have brought mandamus i proceedings m tile Fayette county j c o u t t against County Controller IHa-ry Kjsiager, following Ktsingcr's 'alleged n.fusal to sign their wago warrants for the month, of. January. The county commissioners have an. proved the warrants, but Controller | Kisinger refuted to sign them because of no work being done on the county roads daring that month owing to inclement weatier and the war. Judg« J. Q Van Swearingen set next Monday afternoon for the hearing.

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