The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 10

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 10
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fry or BMORSASBORB SmtianvtsSeenj t $ TUWAOON f ! CHEZ KCNKI HOm Salon d'Or ENTERTAINMENT, NIGHTLY DANCB TO 3 TONY O'ANGEIO ORCH. In the x RAINBOW ROOM Y ENTEITAINMENT " NIGHTLY -v : Cm Lewng STACDISIIALL r Z3 I tonmi tees a pm wen TS MtUtTsTT THAT "GO-GO" GUY ANO THAT "BYtBYE" GAL IN at HEFU CAPITAL UHritWUHLUl mm ' : w ELVIS FBESIEYI AIIIR1ARGRET 1 ii ia luaiit'li ami t.inl like and on the sir looks like the easiest part. But this isn't so. Somo of the biggest stars can shine only with, the aid of a script, which is non- tk kkts roa - - THS LIGHT OrBKA v WBBNSB BLtlf ' - Now oa tale at aU 1' . DAVIS AGENCY" STORES XSO 3.80 4.10 - B.00 SEPT. 1 and Z CAPITOL THEATRE " FOR BEST IN A CHIXESE FOOD TT ISC C . CAHTOII IN!1 ' 205 ALBERT ST. ' A COMPLETE v TAKE-OUT SERVICE OTTAWA HOUSE WTMoanx' " 411, THIS WtKKt 1 NEAL ' JACKSON ROCK . TWIST and INSTRUMENTAL nr. 'A ' , . exittent on bur thows. They go to pieces on camera when forced themselves; they lack 'the discipline a panelist must have to keep the game moving. . i: 1 According to ' Milt Kamtn, the trick for comedians turned panelists it to change their mental attitude from that of working alone to that of work' Ing with other people. ' He say the process can be difficult. The temptation on panels is. to try to forgt thead and leave the colleagues trail, ing behind- But this works against the success of a show. The trick it to 'blend in with the sceneryand still make an impression. v ,(Our panel auditiont are at ways crowded, and it t easy to tee why. Panelittt become nationally famous in less time than It takes to say "Pass word." An appearance on .1 "Password- or "To Tell the Truth" or "The Match Gams" amounts to money In the bank for a performer sway Over and above hit feejor that particular show. Arlene Francis, for instance, attributes the , packed houses ins attracts in 'stage shows "Kind Sir" and "Old Acqusin- lance," for Instanceentirely to the popularity of "What't My Liner" and Arlene like the other panelists and John Daly, spends less than an hour Sun day nithtt In the "Une" studio. Leas than one hour a week. Thes are still other advantages to panelling. It permitt AIR conomoriED IFOR YOUR f ..COMFORT l J '.anjjatAVj.'J ' TIiOiTnintr' "' .. . f Htm s tht Fameat ; ,- f j'" LEPRECHAUN LOUNGE "Canadian Ro om " : Fint Food Future for Tucsdjy Prime Ilibs ot; Dect : ; w ,',".v au Jus 1 x.i v ' 100 Rooms Tel. 232-3761 " Monthly Rafts HULL IHUItAVAl epnBMMwvwnnanveannnnjapennnai i .. t- ' av T.'.'t ' 1 ,.. a ttar to lead a normal bom life. Joan Fontaine says .that being on a panel . ia the first Job she't ever had where, she could tleep lata and cook dinner for her husband ell In the same day. -We're constantly searching for new panelittt because we cast more than one thousand celebrity "spots" on nine showt each year, and there Just aren't enough players in the dugout. That's why you occasionally tee Dorothy and Bennett "moonlighting" on other shows But we expect them to be our regulars on their own show along with Arlene and John for s long time, to come. I can't imagine "What's My Line?" without them, and 1 hope I never have to. ;v tcopyrleht tpsti PRINCESS IS 14 ABERDEEN, Scotland (Reuters) Princess Anne, second child of Quern Elizabeth, Saturday celebrated her ttth bftth-day at the royal castle of Balmoral near hers. She Is on vacation alter her first year at Benenden, a boarding school for girls in Kent in southeast 'England. '...,? ' ..- I t r er rr a w 1 'fSf t' " rc SOI R - l:-v;t. v'C3j n 1 j 11 j . - 11 - ,111V I -B -S I ? mmt "V- I v II V 11 n-j-nr.-Hrr--i j , - yj . MAUatlCI RONIT MONADOU la a ajaen uneesn l MAIN SOIR I Un fllat ne Oeerset lavtner I eneemnnkw Un lilnt de leels Mnlle Oielee.e de laelt Made liUstfl A - .. - Olalaeeei da Michel Aediard Dinsatxaei rrpreaenUtlon cantfamelle a satlr tie aildl Ireate, Autre (otirt otmrture det portaa B. tanBBnatnnnnnSjBBBSnnnnnnnnn PAIS OUT TO DAT! PAIR CHARGED BANCROFT. Ont (CP) Provincial police said Sunday that two Toronto men, Joseph Nel ton LaRocque, 40, and Herbert Frederick Wltkln. 12. have been charged with.srped robbery in connection with a holdup Saturday. They will appear 'in court Aug, , it. Police said Charles Maxwell, about (0, was hit on the head with his own rifle by two men who then stole the rifle from his general store snd service station. . - 4 ft t?,.,3 Join thisi two . T-N-TMnen . - astfisycrack up ; a king-size nut! fttk Jkts Oosysnr penaj 'Fcto Sellers 'a.. mo. .-a' . ?SWri l.40.S.4-.4a- 7.4 . tit : n IW AST) THE INkOCENT MURPHY -DRU ) 0 MM SAXON SAKXADU PROGRAMME POUR TOUTE LA FAMILLE " (En Cinemascope ct Technicolor) M'!l:-aU -J iL. c: .1 wwiiuiii unu ine 41111 ur eaofion.. svec mane roitKfcST at Mlchels LUPtJ ' DEUXIEME FILM EXCITANT '' - "TERRIFIED' V avec Rod LAURENT et Tracy OLSEN . SALLE CLIMAT1SE I ranis n Hitrrja msmtm 1 FIVE WEEKS AT RADIO CITY. NY MUSIC HALL' ' MMMMn i B l . ' ntaj ? HI III ISIIMI NOW. IA5-S.IS SJ974St.4S Except Sunday foTioaiY rmismtrra wosTtwaoi 'mmaxm ffibm.mxrmm: Ztikwm WIUtsnra ra1.(Mp)KUS eWlilUTBll (' ST Taraj tverf Tarirtrt . Aaoca reaiure ai ths Drtvs-lB : v Frank Sinatra and Deaa Martin a wwxti mar ji TSCHNICOLOB, . $140,720CJ T73T 7 l" net J $3,350'"' CONSISTING OF SI ,850.00 IN CASH rrf HOt 1 nWaaajn texBS fjf ' tSSO ju ano casarr awesaaas-; HELD OYER . . . TODAY & TUESDAY DULY! BltTY WQSK TO 0ltr : f!Ti aifll IOW TO OTUrtC r. OAftCS TO EXPLAIN WHAT MOTHERS AFATHtlCAirT,...OrJ WONT! mm OOLQRES PAITM ;; ' ; I ns4nnUialMiaanla, , . IIJ25J iraisTTBlnnlll-'' tsvt .-' ADULT jf flfMrii-gSl SKYDIYERS VallvveekVTO HCHrtlCaOSB ' 2ii frankk) AiaIm h , , rWI . THI CUJIUT- UkrAt' t TODAT TBI arJS TONY RANOAU. L. ' ! WTB. Atit V !V'aa-si ! I enn-e aa eelee ". : Tm 1 iaf i.TT- 11 tv ARTHUR LTC0NNELL -c .-n. ....... , IfdJ-r" JOKI DIQOI , i , , 7 v V THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MONDAY. AUGUST 17. 1WV HOLD GAMES 1 . FERGUS. Ont. (CPr-About 10.009 persons attended the 1Mb annual Fergus Highland Gaines Saturday. Thirty-two bands, in cluding live (rem the ' United States, took part in the gathering of the clans in thu town, about 10 miles north of Guelph. The number n( competitors in (he highland dances has gron rom SO or 60 about IS years ago to more than 230. E ntertainment Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDUli AUMta -Viva Lm Vetes ': ;TwiliM sf Honor". Box offices! opens at 0 p jb. Show Marts at dues. Aitt Iky Tali Her Bne'e Mine: "Stunt Lenlsae". Bos offlee oneasat 0 a-m. Show starts at auik. Britannia "Go) Nelsnnor S.nTVMie Turn Over". Box offtre opens at 0 pm. Snow start at nun. Capital "The Carpetbatgers". " 12-33 tit - t.M - SU Certler "Goliath and the Sins of Babr-Ion", t oo 4. 07 - S47 t-M; "Terrlfur, t t.l - IM. - Centre -Tdivn-. li as . t ie J join "Demaaea Coons".' 1.4S -1 1 . T IS iii Last snow M. Clneata e Paris Te reu Poller', 1 0 a, -10 OS. but show t.S. -The World or Henry Orient", l at . 1 IS . t IS . T4S MS. Let show t ie. tifta The 1th Dawn", U tt - (.at . l ot I ts (.40. Last show 130. Utile (lata . Tn titenee". 1st - 10 -130,- tss . mo. ,. . rr . , "TM CasrUlan". I JO - 0 os. "Savase Bam". J so - s.11 . 40. Last ahow JJS. stapla . "Swnrd nt the Stone", let 1 It J 19.; paces at Dr. Lao". 1 00 - 1 30 - 1 40 IH Last show. a jo. The Pall at . re". 1 00 tat tie Last show way The World ol Henry Orient". "neraaants Three . Box ontce opens at t pas. Show starts at Suae. Betes -Cleopatra", -What Tounf St at pjb. I It to . tot. Biaita The Keetleaa Tears". 4 OS . I SS: "Summer Love". I 00 S SS 10 OS; .rrhl WIM and the Innocent". 133- -Good NMfnbor l - t oo. tar ep Sam", l ie I 3a ". I to-, "Pleaee Oear"r1 as urn C its. Turn to Go. "The Box office neene , anew starta at euea. "The World of stent Orient' 1 at . 1 It lis TJJ t.U. Lett that (JO. ,ji,,.r i -. y DauedM Floor tHATIAV LAtntmi -t. Danetnf , nUThtiy. entertainment at 0 sat. " and It pJn.. ,v. ..... ,!- BELLI CLAntS entertainment treea f p.m.. Cm srrttrtt ti the pelea a -Or. Entertainment . OATTfCfAO CLtrB - Dentate and two floor shies althtly. ., OTtL DUVtHNAT-hHtetna and entertauunent airntly la xecuUre Pent- i ana axe IrtTntraOVTNCIAL B OT I L Dtains aaa denelns aurhtly. . OTTAWA HOUII Mama hi the . OtiU. ST. LOUIS HOTSL Deneeed. - TAjrDtSrlALL Dancing and antartainment althtly. TALISMAN t a tart el a a en t aifhtly. Denting Prlnejr end Saturday Mania. TOWN HOUSB MOTCL entertainment niahuy treea tee. By town J Inn,fy EL 11' Lantrh IMS ' MS - - . a Dinner lit t im ; Dlninf Raaaa - Open Daily - . rrnaa 1 to SJS a andsy aJB. 1 U I tJS ' mam urn LOW M j. aww per person I Inrntdku mmmi 0CrltHw.a)i!M2J$-S151 DOROTHY KILGALLEN (Dorothy Kllg alien ts oa vacation. Her guest columnist today It BUI Todroan, co-producer with Mark Good. toa of "What's My liner and many ether popular television programs.) By WILLIAM S. TODMAN NEW YORK Goodson-Todman is on a talent search. We're looking ror new game show panelists. , Our object It not to replace any of our permanent panelists, but to augment the supply of transient celebrities available for the various Goodson-Todman shows. Mark Goodton and I work' principally through Bob Bach, associate- producer of "What's My Line?" Bob arranges regu lar group auditions for new panelists in one of the conference rooms m our offices at the Seagram Building. These auditions, held for almost a year now, have flushed out a number of performer-panfiisu yaeWfTT Loctton 'iffrtlV To Serve ilvlil Youl RldeaaSt. adandipaiiim I Trvey'rt) AJ1 Hsrsl All Th Scntl f All TrvaSrvsck...' AN Trvs Angry ' Stcis Talent Search cn!rj-n almost totally new to tme programs. including Joey Foreman, Darryl Hickman, Nancy , Dussaut, Joel Gray, Corbett Monica and Marty Intel.. 1 '.' , The first requirement for any panelist, of course, is that be be a celebrity or st least s performer with celebrity potential, in contrast to the man- on-the-street contestant. The celebrity's background usually is show but mess, although Dorothy Kilgallen and Bennett Cerf, with their reputations in journalism and publishing, are outstanding exceptions to the rule.1 i " w Secondlv.'a nanellst mutt be- in the words of Bill Cullen, "Someone who can think on his teat." He mutt be able to ad lib with the best of them, and. above all. be able to pity the game. ' Playing the tame sounds - TONIGHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK , .r a ' .JDSPHLlfVr--. Days in a a -sp r Urn. -Ths - tl-JJ : l. u mAm M - wsay I. ,M (ADULT) SHIRLEY MacLAJNE PAUL NEWMAN ALWAYS A CARTOON lit GAPne 'tICHNICOLOR EOS wsmb him n nniJiJiiiE. Featurrs at 12.25- snanyeArnne IS COMFORTAIIV All CONOITIONfD LrmA aun m Deluxe niailm - RANK and QUEEN m-un . Conllnuout 1 . r, 'a onowinsa ni Willi, tf 4 ACADEMY AsTAIDI ' ' ' MS . b REGENT THEATRE aaas at srasu ST. m-un Xilalt ateruiaaient , 'A "famous rMayers Air Conditioned Tfceatrt f. - SltPHEN BuiD ALEC GUINNESS JAMES HOT CHR5I0PHER PLUIIMB, Meltneet , Stan. tie. Atnlta tt . - Brenlne ' . mm .-nr.i.. iWr.iif-t 5th WEEK! SEE IT NOW V KEVER BEFORE A SPECTACLE UKEn - h . SAWJFL RROflSTON TITrfl -.TZa " ' Urn LUntN Of tiav V lev..ewl atfJ il4 M . DaOy i Ind sub. re tl. Aanhi I S . gnaVaenfeTanaannBBnl , . . Ckiiarea tee aatlaie tioituar miiow . ct stoi J-W! Dally (Incl Sunday) at 1.303.30 Sio'. 7.3$ 9.40; If ( rl Third Week! II i.'M.'i.uii'i.uimiiii 1 I ' I. f I JcPrrVvs. la -tit 1 t'iiiii47KMinnirunirflur , .1 aoutr ' "p in ' 1 tltiilTn I I ". r , - I e-ne-swaai 1 V 'KK '-v Vn,::::u ?vaa rr '''!. ; rttstSia j hlit ' tatpaiaa- a - YhLUAM SUSttsXAH " IL: (11 v Dadr (eacent Sun.) at: I2.4S.SJS .as : 7 I M " a. v.- ,'v..' V----: W

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