The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1918
Page 7
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.TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26,' 1918. THE DAILY; COURIER. CONNEL.LSVILLE, PA. PAGE 'SEVEN. f e a n g Ttil« In Toor KltclSBT ' · , . · · UNITED STATES FOOD ·-.- HOME CARD 1918 Trade Wbers .Ton Ste This Emblem : Eat Where Ton See This Emblem WHAT YOU CAN DO TO; HELP WIN THIS WAR Oui Problem is to fee* the Allies and pa-- own soldiers abroad by sending them r;' -jucJi low nt we can uf the most concentrated nutritive value in the least snipping Viiaee. Teete fc-ods ire wheat tteef; pork, butter and sugar. Otll Solution. 1» to cat less or these and as little or all foods as ffil! Support a-£ltii aafl strength- All saving counts for victory. Toe Food Admln.stratlon.seks every loyal American to uelp win the war by maintaining rigidly, os a mtutmtat o; lanina, tne foliovtar program-. Have TWO-WHEATLESS DAVS (Monday and Wednesday) In every week, and " . ONE WHEATLESS MEAL la every flay. EITU:»*TJOX--OB "Wheatlea" days and In "Wheatless" meals ot other days use no crackers, pastry, macaroni, breakfast tooti or other cereal Tuod containing wheat, and UM DO 'wheat, flour 1n auy torm except tbe small amount teat may be needed for thickening-soups or gravies, or for binder In corn bread and otlier cereal breada. As to oread. It you bake It at home, use otber cereals tbaa wheat, and if you buy it, buy only tear bread'* Our object Is, that we gbuuld buy and consume one-third less wheat products we did last rear. · · Have ONE MEATLESS DAY (Tuesday) in every week and ONE MEATLESS MEAL in every day. Have TWO PORKLESS DAYS (Tuesday and Saturday) In every week. · Exn-ASiTios--"Meatless" means without any cattle, cog or sheep pro.ii- . ucts. On other days use uiuttou^nd lamb in preference to beel or uork. f "Porklesa" means wltauut pork, bacon, bam, lard or pork products, fresb or preserved.. Use seafood: poultry and eggs. As a nation »-e eat and waste nearly twice «s much meat as we need. , Slake every day a FAT-SAVING DAY (Butter, lard, lard-substitutes, etc.). EttiA3.»T70K--Fry less--bate, broil, boll or «tew foods instead. Save meat drlpptne;; use tBese and vegetable oihrlor cooking instead of butter. Butter . naa food vaiue« vital lo cildren; therefore, give It to them Use It only on the table. Waste no soap; It Is m.ide from fat Be careful or all fats. We use and waste two and a halt times as much fat as we need. Make every day a SUGAR-SAVING DAY. ^ BiTLASiTios--Dse less sugar. JJess sweet drinks and candy containing sugar should be used In war time. As a nation we nave used t*lce as much. sugar as we need. Use FRUITS, VEGETABLES and POTATOES abundantly. ' "" ExpLAXiisox--These foods are healthful and plentiful, and, at the sarna time,, partly take tbe place ol other foods which we must save. Halse aU you can for home use. * tlse MILK wisely. . _ EmiHATio*--Use nil of the milk; waste no part of It The children must .have whole milk. Ose sour aad ibim milk in cooking and tor cottnge cheese. HOARDING FOOD. Any one buying aod Holding a larger supply ot rood oovr than in peace time, except foods tinned, dried or preserved In the Borne ia helping to defeat the Food Administration ID Its attempt to secure a lust distribution of food and tbe establishment of fair prices. The food boarder ia working against the common good a o d e r e n against the very safety ol the country Hoarding food In households Is bom selfish and unnecessary;- the Government is protecting the food supplv of Its people. Loyalty la little things Is the foundation of .the national strength. DISLOYALTy fN LITTLE THINGS GIVES A!D TO THE ENEMY. SEEP TUE PLEDGE. Pruch and practice At "cnpal of tba elcal TJo B« limit thf foci ol (rowing children..) Eat «aftrt*o» food to miim»in health: itir Dittos · e*-d» Krone 3MD1*. Cooffr.if »ith jqar local ind f«d«Yl food «d- ·ininrntora. ' Tjlr* thtir «4rier.. Hooaptee-'pfr* sbonld b*lp th« itor« :o cut do»r» v dHf*»rie». ; Ult local iuppli«a; .hU »TM railroad tr»napozl« tten. Report to the nearer! ;oaa administration I'tlccr the name and address of onji person ^wovaointi the sroduction or tvvlna o; loo!. · PROMTES Don't make the mistake of thinking that all beers are alike I There's a surprising difference and you see it immediately 'm ^ GOPLLSVILLE Finer materials in this popular brew! Better brewing methods! No expense or'effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For Goniiellsville Special Beer, at Hotels, Cafes, Clubs ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME ITTSBURGH BREWINP CO. Prices Will Go Higher, Be Wise, The best apvice that we can give to our patrons and friends is to look around their homes, decide what new furniture, rugs or ranges they'll need this Spring, and coine and select them without delay. Goods bought during February will be worth a great deal more than they cost before the season is half over, so that buying Household Golds now is a cracker-jack investment. Remember,- it's not necessary for you to invest voiir ready-money. Just select whatever you need and WE'LL MAKE TERMS SO EASY YOU'LL SCARCELY FEEL THE COST.' A Good Serviceable Rocker Jor $5.7? Very strongly built .and well braced. Solid oak. Nicely finished. Sauflle seat and high panel back. This is tie kind ot rocker that will give a lifetime of service. It's a good *$7.0Q value. We Are The Authorized Agents For The Columbia Double Disc Records A "umlicr of Special Values in Dressers Here's one. of them. U's a good' $89.fiO value. Special price only F.ASY T K H U S Sum I'.ISH, M.(K» A \VKF.K. Dou'i miss this sale. You'll iiml some imirve}oi:s!y yreat bargain.". This Handsome Buffet Colonial design only It's quarter-sawed oak very hlgbly finished and of good, large size. Fitted with heavy plate mirror baclf. Special Mid-Week Sale of Sanitary Bed Couches at - - - These are remarkable values. They have double drop sides. "rVith one side raised Miey form a single bed. Raise both sidss and you have a double bed. Drop both sides and you have a coinfortable coucli. Come in and See (he Ideal Gas Bange--It Burns Coal, Wood or Gas. It's the "OHIO" and ia sold in Conne'isville only ty the Rapport- Fc-athorman Co. Cook iviih gas in the summer. Keop your kitchen cool. Use coal or wood in the win- ler and keep it warm. Pre-Season Sale of Rugs It is our custom to hold twice a year, just in advance of the season, a Sale of Rugs. To mark the opening of this Sale we shall sell among other . great values a 9x12 Tapes- Rug fl?1 C 7K at only tP-LO. I tl Our Immense Rocker allies are the talk of the town. Thoy stand out above and beyond all others clear]}- demonstrating the truth of the old slogau "You'll Bo Better nt the Rapport- Fcatherman Go." Just picture this one- liy your fireside and re- niomber that you can have it there for only fiOc a, week and in just a few short weeks you'll have it paid for wjihout having felt the cost at our extraordinarily Io\v price of only $11.75 TYe Are Authorized Agents t For the Sale of Columbia Grafonolas And Columbia Double Disc Records This is the store to which you are invited in the Columbia advertisements to come and hear this ·wonderful life-tone instrument and all the latest Columbia Eecords. This Favorite Model with 32 selections on easy terms and no interest charges, for only $89.50 The Only Store in oCnnellsvillc "R'liere You Can Buy the Famous McDOCGALL KITCHEN CABINETS' Come in and inspect its many labor-saving features. It's tbe leader of them ail and we'll gladly put one in your fcome for only $1.00 CASH, $1.80 A -WEEK. CULTURE HERE BEFORE 1492 i Did America's Pre-Columbian Civilization Come From Egypt? l« Now Question. - Prof. Elliot Smith developed In tin extraordinarily Interesting manner the thesis that tbe pre-Columbian civilizations of America--or at least many Important leatnres In those civilizations '--u'cre not traly aboriginal, but come In a cultural wave from Asia ucrosa the Pacific ocean, the original starting point of the most remarkable characteristic being Egypt. .·Professor Smith believes, says Science Progress, tnnt the extreniely peculiar, culture of Egypt was spread eastward 'by mariners, mainly Phoenicians, for several centuries after ,B. 0. 800.' To qnote the author's own words, he thinks that "the essential elements of the ancient civilizations of India (the pre-Arynn civilizations), further India, the Malay archipelago, Oceania and America ivere brought In succea- Henry Clay's Diplomacy. . The following Is an Instance of Henry Clay's readiness In getting out of a difficult situation. On one occasion a vote he had given in congress offended ono of his constituents ·who unbralded him for it and declared he would never again support him for congress. ' Meeting tills constituent on the court green Mr. Clay said to him: "I am as brick and chinawarej prodnced b.v the fusion of particles under the acdon of heat are among the most enduring of known substances. WAYS OF KEEPING YOUTHFUL For Tho«e Fond of Parrots. The voyage by steamship Is. very hard on parrots, which are stored In j the hold, commonly in close proximity i to the engine room. Consequently they i are apt to reach their final destination i most faithful supporters In his candi- sioQ to each of these places, by mariners, whose oriental migrations began j """"· *» 111 as trading Intercourse between the | dac ' Ior ' «Rstern Mediterranean and India some i time after 800 B. C., and that'.the ; Man Has Copied Natur«"a Work, highly complex and culture j Marble, In nature, owes Its crystnl- ·which they spread abroad was derived I line!structure to volconlc heat. But largely from Egypt (not earlier than" |. ingenious man uses heat to counter- the twenty-first dynasty), but also In-: foil the volcanic rocks. By^uc-hmeans, sorry you will not again support me | i n a sickly condition. One should be for congress because of a vote I gave on a certain measure. When your rifle misses flre do yon throw it away?" "No," replied the constituent, "I do not throw it awny." "What do you do with it?" asRed Mr. Clay. "Why, I pick my flint and try it again," replied the constituent. "Well," said Mr. Clny, "are you going to throw me awny because I have missed fire once? Won't you let me pick my flint and try again? "Won't you treat me as you do your rifle ·when it inisaes flrc7" This ready reply satisfied the constituent and completely won Win over, and he was ever after one of Clay's careful to make sure In buying an .African parrot that it is a healthy bird. There are hundreds of species of parrots and the most beautiful of them all are the cockatoos, native exclusively of Australasia. The giants of the tribe are the American macaws. Neither the macaw nor the coekatooq is ordinarily much of a tnlker, but occasionally specimens pre very clever nt conversation. How Would You Tie a Camel? Because of Its peculiar swaying rnn- tion in wnlklnp the camol 1ms boon culled the "ship n.° the desert." Tin's title may also have some rpferonrp to fhe extreme stupidity and passivity of the, which submits .to great loads, which it will often carry for days at a time without stopping; for food or drink,, with .no more urging than a ship would'Tequlrc from rile ; bunds of Its pilot, soys the I'opulnr eluded many important accretions : with suitable materials, he makes (Science Monthly. The v.-hlch from other sources, and that after tra-i bricks and crockery, which are artl- the drivers hobble the camels when versing Asia and Oceania and becom- j ficial stones. The processes employed they stop for a rest is interesting. r Ing modified on the way, the stream | in the manufacture of chinaware are They do not depend \ipnn stamps driven anally "continued for many centuries I merely workship Imitations of those j in th» deep, yMciins srmr), but simply j to play up'on 'tbe Pacific littoral of j used in the laboratory of nature. I double back and tie one of t h o fore- I America, where it was responsible for · Volcanic rock--granite, trap or what jleES of the animal,, so that .ir cnh lie. 1 | planting the germs of the remarkable j not--Is the very symbol of imperisho-1 flown or rise up, but cannot move from I im.-Colnmblan civilization." ' ' bllity; trat the artificial stones (such j die spot Man Who Is Determined Not to Grow Old Really Has Only to "Mak*: an Effort" · ~' . I in my chansringr hair, '''. I see It in my'grovtiuK litiir, My growing^ thirst lor early nemb .. It is a-iscCl Jun growing old. j And so growing old is just a case of i finding what one's locki"ng"f6K observes I the Minneapolis .Tournal. A man de- j cides that the time hus come for-him to : be ola. and so Inst'elid of brricing up, , ignoring the symptoms and finding some other explanalion for the change in the color of his hulr, he neglects his j dress, walks with a stoop, uses a cane, i stops taking exercise, eats top much, I indulges in reminiscences, retires from I business, a n d - i n general acquires the | foolish hnbit of growing old. i He should remember that it is POPK!- ' ble to keep a youthful spirit, an active ' mind. uii'iinerGst in current events nnd a pm'poso io serve his ff-ilowK, and that he whn does these things will alway? . be voun£. . The fact that \vom»n cenerally de: dine to contract tlm olil-nse habit and th:it some mpu have iilpn resisted the temptation to full into It would seem ; to Indicate that if those who do yield 1 to It would only tnkc- iho. advice of j Dpuibey to his wife, ond "nuilce an ef- ; fort," then- v.-oiilr] Irani how foolish ; and how unno.vsKury H \x to ;row old. i ; An Odd Storehouse; i "'!'!.r fniwt ::; ili;- c-U:|j ' seasoned ·f-'vilh irx.wi-ll-Unuv.Ti Allii; sa!t". "How queer.'.. We kwn. ours in the l:it.c-hcn."

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