The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1918
Page 6
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to- F I PAGE SIX DULY COURIER OONNELLS\ ILLE P\ TCESDVT FDBRU \ H Y 2 G 191S. .RHEUMATISM SO HAD | "CONFINED TO HER BED Tried EtmedT After EeniedT mud Omlj After Almost Cinnir Up Hope | B«ard 01 Add Iron Xineral. I XHTW) BVT FROBICT OF OMB BED B1GA5 SHOTTDiG BESC1TS. fty Grtteftc Pew readers are troubled witti rheu xnatism so badly that they ai e confined to bed but many a man is onlv half husband and many a woman is only half wife because rheumatism keeps them In a fret and grouch all day long Rubbing won t do an} permanent go"d ·nd since the discovery of i medicine iron ore bed buned aw aj for centuries dawn to Missssippi, leads the wa% aon. to. Quick relief If, thousands oE ' teits. are to ha trusted "Where Is the maa'ar woman, who shoulda t uSS if . £*ot-lLke~radiiim which is beyond tlie · Teach oral] bat the rich. Ih'c natural ^ proihiot la cheap- A- twelve ovmca ' botile""highrc concenrratftd compound jnay-b« secured at most any drug store Read what one usrr says "f beard of Acid Iron Mineral hems a wonderful rheumatism cure and took it, and it did me so much good Sfi-.aujcMyJ -wish I could shout its praises from the house tops declares Mrs S H Petteroy, of 'vVest Point, . "Va I suffered from rheumatism m ·various forms for more than two years and would be coatmed o my ted tor_ weeks 'at^a time-and suffered T2ntold"tortuEe and agon I tried TcmedT_after remedy -with "but little ol and was-almost in desriaM heard of-- voiir wonderful "A-I-M_and sent for a bottle and before the first bottle v-as gone I felt u liae another ^person It began relieving -me by leaps and bounds after the third dav and I steEdily kept on improving, until now I cant say enouglt praise of it and vash ei.ery rheumatic sufferer would take it rsote --Lp until the discovery of ' the tee from which .Add Iron Mineral is made tinctures and ei»racts of iron -»ere used but they injured the teeth and caused all sorts of complications Now tins medicinal preparation Is available and bannles yet powerful and ma} be taken at hovie there isnt man or woman linns; who mav be suffering with rheumatism who cannot wisely start taking \c'd Iron Mineral Local druggists have iL-- Adv ' FIDO AND GYP ( F IDO an4 Gyp were two ailiy dose tU letot that wss whit oM 9hep thi Wjr dog; who lived, next doorto them thought. All day Jong Fido and Oyp d4d notttfm tout play or explore tha neighbors* .yardi for boneg. Next to bonfes there was nothing thej liked better than to chaae CJUA. " AH th« cats In tha neieiihorhood ran for the nearest tree whenever they spJetf either Fido or Gyp -ttltiln a block o them. One lav a 'Ittle sJ*a kitten ·wandered in o h« neighborhood and Fldo anfi Gj I F5- V Q.'U ftjinerrv chas* Ptwrsj Gra / ran down the pvtth n*iij Jumped upon th«i fenae and Fldo ane G\T sat doi\n on the walk and barked their loudcsL Puasj Graj bristled up her fur EIDC fluffed her tail three times its re«ra]a sire Go «fwtiyl hlased Pusay Gray TTn not harmlnjf you. j Run 1 Run Run*** barked the QOEH and they hopped ap and almost nippt,^ PuMy Gray'* tall j This tnodt. her anrry and she slice out h«r paw m'33«J Gyp s nose, loe* h« bal*Tic« atid [ell tack to the stdevratt on the other side of th* fcn^-e. But "before Gyp and Fido coold run down the walk and out o* the jrati Puaay Gr»y mada ft 3oab *or the- nea. yard but, dear me her poor little hoarl iLlmont stopped bcatinff *or there neoi j the porch sat a Jjre^-t b(E "hepherd doa Smithfield, 'SMITHHELB Feb ^6 --Jesse 0 Bowell Lee Clark Docald Baie and Ace "Walters, draftees of .o ' JDj*- trict, the first three named re. dents of Smithfield, left Saturday for Camp £ee Va James Moodv, who was here ra a. three-day furlough, returned to Oann Lee today Health Officer Frank Costello of Point ^Manon vas here "Monday -' lifted ttrfr 1 qTrarantme on Mrs Hanna^ 1 A^^aham's home f Harrj BosleT from out R D No 3 ·was in town Saturday and took out a license for a. ne\r au*o ires' G-3£_Grtmm h^-x. received froio ^Iver^so^, Judson Grismn a picture ot h^r%unent ~a£" Cami Gordon, Ga. '· *. taken" aa^thev were m line for dress- parade In a letter accompanying it ' **£Ji a Ts every member of the regiment as far as he knows, is f rom New York ; state except John Gocdwm anr him.. *elf Trho are from Smithfield. Th-er.e are a nambe*- of wortliless ; curs 8tUT"raiuug at larg^ here Sone with oiraerF and some with none ·without, the hcei se tflgs required -by : lawLattached ta their c«cks The mat' terliaSTfteen called fo tne attention of · theT^gh- coDstahle~but he takes no : -heetf "Oh dear' TVhat shal' I do* thoushl Pussj Gr,a\ "who htid never before sesn *o manv dogrs toother If 1 go out of the pate the nthcr two -will get me a id if 1 stay her* this big- fellow -will chew roe up sobbed PUSBV Gru But old Shep r*vcr moved--he Just blinked hla sreat brown e ea and wagged hU tail good naturedly In at the jfatevrj bounded the two utlly dojra barking- and yelping Pussy Graj turned to meet them and backed tight into Shep 3 bJjf paws She closed her eyes to \raJt the finish ·when old Shep growled. Tou ought to be ashamed of yourselves to chase a poor little kitten thin way' growled Shep. **We TV er«n t coing- to hurt her'**" whined Fido. TVe onl wanttd her to ran BO w oulfl chase her barked Gyp Oh I know yon silly dogs -wouldn't harm anything but what's the fun In frightening her 11 Does It tfve you any pleasure?" *aked Shep 1 Tldo and Gyp had nothing to j*y They huny their heads in shame. * If you were bJ« and ·tronjc like ma you d be aahamed. to ark at a poor Ilttl« 3ritt*n continue 5 Shep *Rnn home now and Jfr» t tease her any mor« ** * ;EMo and Gyp tfotted ont the rate, toon returning with two lovely pieces oft meet which they brougfct to Fussy Gray v aa pwioe offertngb Thej were both ashamed they had frJfffiUned the little Xit-ten and promised to b« more thoughttul next time If Pussy Gray would only for^ve therm. Of course she did and before Ion* they All b«c*ja« the very best of friend*. THIS VVR. « Thwe "mil Be a Gigantic T _ Conflict. ^ Par seeing business men are now l! Snaking a careful study of the trend * of commercial events They know ^ ^ that the man who d*-sires to succeed ^ * mu=,t keep posted. The Monthlj Trade ~ Keview issued bv the First Na lonal J of Connellsvine ^ive* -v-aluahle infor- ~ mation as to conditions m all lines i; ' It s free §end address to tiie bank v Ii lou Are Hunting Read the adtertisems columns of The Dail Courier "iou will fiad them f J. N. Trump I LINS? \ TRANSFER 6 TO SUCCESSFUL CONHEUSVJlLE.rVt (WCSTSIDC) a person is dependent upon his own efforts -- not upon the help of others Strike out now for jourself on the safe road of thrift Step into the "Union National Bank and open an account 3% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. UNION NATIONAL BANK Solid Oak Footstool Lphalslerediin Brown Art- Leather Special FURK1TUHE » » RUGS "The Big Store Near The Bridge." STOVES 5i§ Strong Folding Sewing Table ^ortli "52 75 bpecial rrr » I O f ^ The real Furniture values of the city are to be had at this Sale. We purchased the Leonard stock at a price that permits reductions such as are truly startling. there is a need for your that can be supplied during this Sale--by all means investigate. This is a rare opportunity. Don't let it slip. Closing' Out Everything for Every LEONARD DUOFOLD SUITES AT Big Reductions Come with expectations high for you will not be disappointed. Suites in all woods and upholstery--and every one at a saving. SEE WINDOWS. SEE WINDOW DISPLAY Period Bedroom AT Closing Out Prices Then step into our Big Store and look over the complete line of fine Period Bedroom Suites that are being closed out. The Leonard Furniture Company had an enviable reputation as dealers in the better grades of Furniture and these suites were among their best. LEONARD AT Real Savings There are still a few of the Leonard Furniture Company's fine Period Dining Room Suites left. These suites are now marked at final closing out prices. SEE WINDOWS. ZIMMERMAN-WILD COMPANY 154-158 W. CRAWFORD AVENUE BACK THE BOYS AT THE FRONT WITH YOUR DOLLARS SAVE SAVE SAVE In these war Umefa economy should be the watchword of every person Save and invest in your Country s securities Buy Liberty Bonds and buj War Savings Stamps Come to us and ·sve will help you Ytragh Trust Company CONNEULSVTLLD PA Capital and Surplus ?250,000 00 Resources $1 500 000 00 Having a Purpose A purpose for ·which to sa-ve--that is the reason why manj thrift} people accumulate much money Decide light now on some good purpose and choose the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsjlvan- la as your depository Tour account is invited 1% Intere^ Paid on Savings Aceoante. Try Our Classified Ads. It's Money Weil Invested PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTHPHONtS OPPMAM'STRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. The House of No Dust Dust and dirt have no more place in the well-kept house than old fashioned plumbing or heating methods. Let your home be known as ''The House of No Dust." One of the up-to-date vacuum cleaners from our bis stock will do it-An electric vacuum cleaner is easy to use--never gets out or order and cleans thoroughly and quickly with least exertion on your part. Ask your neighbor how she likes her vacuum cleaner and she'll tell you that she can clean floors, rugs, carpets, furniture more economically, and with less labor than in any other way. We have the most serviceable, tested makes constantly in stock. Why not arrange for trial--at our expense YEAR-TO-PAY. PETET DETK--Peter Atrrees Wifh Him Tor Once By C. A. VOIGHT -- No owe. AFFORD To OWE OF POUCH'S-- VJE Nou $ loo 99 A FOR Loot, KT CtAObi -- OH DEAR- Too HARD SEE SDCWA SWONDE.B-- J FULL "O-^Mise. ? --TOST

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