The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1918
Page 5
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THE. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. WOMEN SHOULD BE LOYAL TO THE HOME STORES AND HELP CONNELLSVILLE GROW Past axperience of the buying pub- i upon Mrs. B. and soe how quickly she 1c demonstrates that merchandise | will buy his wares and pay exorbitant urcbased at horns from reliable mer- i prices. Had this vendor offered b-er (haula and manufacturers is more atisfactory than toe supposed barf\purchased from the itinerant ' groceries, she would bftve frankly informed him that hea usband was in nerchaat that cares nothing for the the grocery business, How often la the husband clamor- leifare of the community, but only ! ing for home patronage m nis particu- (fcsires to dispose of his often infer- ! lar line of business, while hia wife is , ir goods, leaving the community to iolve Its OWTI problems of financing tsejf by taxation, etc. Often Uiese )urcbasee are made by vrotneii un- liuUansiy from the itinerant non-resi- dint vendors, no't realizing that tireir iwbands are striving rtaily In advocat- int and adrertising to show the public the advantages oC patronizing home fcuiusiries'by: First. Retaining erery availalble rtotar in ConneUsrllle £*coaJ. By satisfjios the customer byeacb«ng8 oi goods. Third. By extending anoirnt of credit. fourth. By being a reliable home merchant and liable for mistake* ana misrepresentation. A point frequently OTerlooked by .he buying public is that all citizens are engaged in some business oc other, including laborers, mechanics, merchants, manufacturers or in the professions. To illustrate, a doctor's wife being called upon by an itinerant with a patent medicine for sale. What is the wife's first thought? Why, that her husband is a physician and their living is made by his practice, and that such imposters sfa.ould not be patronized. So it is with all other homes in the city. Mrs. B.'s husbaud fs a grocer. A non-resident vendor selling dry coods, furs and ladies' ready-to-wear, calls at home purchasing Worn itinerant vendors, sending her orders to mail order houses or assisting the neighbors in making up a mail order house club. Some persons say "we are unable to buy at home just what we wish." It is conceded that may be the case in some Instances. But, did yon ever call the attention of your home merchant to see whether or not he could not supply your wants? All this does not apply alotre to the consuming public, but is also applioa- wv*vi*Anp*mtjv 1 ^^ Special to The Courier, ilT. PLsBASAiVT, Feb. 26.--The ladies of the 0, O. oC A. of this place heid an open installation in. the rooms , in the Red Men's hail. The officers installed were Mrs, Lillian Greene, president; Mr. F. Eich«r. assistant president; Mrs. Elmira Sullenberger, vice-president; Mrs, Elizabeth Milliron, chaplain, and Mrs, Eliza Carr, conductress. Tho instalation was made 'by Airs. Errett the state deputy. You Get Better Cough Syrup by Making it at Home WTiirtNi more, yon save jibont 12 br it. Emtlly mode and eo«ui Uttl«. You'll never really know whut^a fine jujrf" syrup you can make until you ? rcparc this famous home-made remtidr. "ou not only BRVU S2 aa compared witli the re.idy-mado kind, bub you will also have a more effective and dcpcndalilo remedy in every way. It overcomes the usual couRba. throat and chost colda in 24 hours--rciievce even whooping cough, quickly. j Get 2"^ ounces of Pincx (00 cents' Fleisher's 25c Shetland Yarn. -| OJL alt colors, Ji.iU'Z reasonable i blc to merchants that complain of the Addresses wero made by Mr. Hoi. i J»th) l«mlany *oodUjng rt«re pour Grcensburg, and liov. T. C. Harper of | ^lik plai crajiulatcd BURW syrup. ML Pleasant. There wag a program Here jou hovo a fail pint^a Jamifv as follow: Sous. Morrison sisters; , gjrt^rf ^-rt^jfajh. co»«h recitation, Ruth Milliroa; duet, RuUi , ^jy 65 e^^ Q f j^ , jr fc Bt?ver spo ^ and James "Whetsel; recitation, Mary i The prompt and positivo results civcn Carr: song, Blaine MiUlrottt song. Jy this pleasant tascjma couph syrup ' - - - hive caused it to be uswxiin more homes than any other remedy. It quietly J looscnB a dry, hoarse or tight coush,!, Steals the inflamed mewbranes tbat Hne / t-ie throat and bronchial tube*, and re-; lief cornea almost immediatelv. fiplcn-' did for throat tickle, hoarseness, broa- i Morrison Jfilliron. I sisters; recitation,! Blaine j Refreshments were served j and dancing followed. I "yVastiinston Social. The jp. H. C. held [a George Wasb- ' numerous abuses of th-eir basiness. But oue might ask the local merchant "how much are you doing to make ConnellsTille prosper and grow?" Tou toave howled about patronizing home trade. Are. you doing it yourself? Be careful, now, of what you are going to say. Several local manufacturers and Jobbers say tbey do not get the support of the home merchant. "Why? Take an inventory ot yourself and see what .lines ot merchants* you are handling and see what proportion you can purchase from your j home jobbers, manufacturers or Ia- j borers. Let him who makes the first complaint ot not patronizing home in- 'istry see that he is doing unto others what he would that others would do unto trim. rt| ington social in tbeir'rooms here with , chitis. croup and bronchial aeth: a prosTM as fol.ojrs: Sextet, W ^«^£~X*%£*gZ Niion, Margaret Wiltrout, Mr. ana | ^,,4 na b em uaei j f or iterations ior Mrs. Ben Parfitt and Mr. and Mrs. throat and chest ailments. Ed. King; dtelosue, "The Tea Party," with Mrs. Eliza Carr as hostess, stnA] Sji'Hji-ectioBs,' and'don't accept _.__ Mrs. Wibam Huffman, Mrs. Elmer ! thinir else. A guarantee of absolute sat- \V~hotsel, Mrs. Ed. King, Mrs. John j Hawkins, Mrs. Harry Barnhart, Mrs. J N. M. Crusan, Mrs. Jake Miller. Mrs. j Margaret Wiltrout and Mrs. Maude | Parfitt as guests. Refreshments ·were served and Dr. Allen of Uniontown, the supreme vice president, was present and made an address. Mi! ton Jordan Hie new deputy reported toil j members. Son BOTH Mr. and Mrs. Charles H i J l . I The Sale that has proven quite emphatically the leadership of "The Big Store" for value-giving--and the opportunities presented the lait day will be just as attractive as those of the first day. Come today and save. On AJndermuslins, Household Linens, Embroideries and New Spring White Goods, mention. As an example of the Extraordinary Savings we P"ud parents o£ a son born at SHEEPANDHOGS Important in Farming Industry in Southwestern Counties. The south-western counties of the ! state hold a very important place in j the taiing of sheep and bogs. Washington easily led all counties of the EAT LESS AND TAKE ! George William trom Mill Run left | K M. Crusan nas sold his . for Camp Leo Saturday night. ! street home to John Brlercheck. , Samuel Miller from Rogers Mill is i · a business caller la Connellsville. Mr. and -Mrs. Walter South and son, ' Howard, spent over ' Sunday among J.UK6 a Giass of Salts if Yonr; conncllsville and Lciscnring friends. their East Main street home Sunday evening. Per-nnal. Ifr. and Mrs. Harry Cunningham are the proud parents of a son born at i the list with lint 0,59:! head." their Main, street home Sunday even- j Ti r ashington county aiso lod in '.he lng . i number of hogs, its total being 28 020. state with its 190,789 head of sheep. Greene came next with 15t,071. Westmoreland had 33,287, Somerset, 32,778 while Fayettc was far down, oa Vine Westmoreland ! A PHYSICIAN'S TREAT- i MENT FOR CATARRH, Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Miller spent | over Sunday among Ohiopyle friends. The I. C. V. Railway worked one crew yesterday placing empty coal cars at mines for loading today, i Prank Bigam ot Mill Run was a business caller here today. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Seniff from Take a (,'lass of Salts if Soar Bad lltrts or Bladder Bothers. The American men and womon must guard constantly against Kidney .,,,. ,,,,,, .,,.=. ^^ u , o-^.u. ».«»» -- u d , 3h( , rt b u t stc trouble, because we eat too much and | Roge rs Mill are calling on Councils- i treatment /or « »Wk or 10 day* ' - ..... ----- " ----- all our £ood is rich. Our blood is filled with, unc acid which the kidneys strivo to filter out, they weaken from overwork, become sluggish; the elrm- inative tissues clog attd the result is kidney trouble, bladder weakness and a general decline in health. When your kidneys feel like lumps or lead; your back hurts or the urine is cloudy, full of sediment or you are obliged to seek relief two IT three times during the night; it you suffer with sick headache or dizzy, nervous spells, acid stomach, or you rheumatism when the weather is bad, get from your pharmacist about tour ounces o£ Jad Salts; take a table- spoonlu! iu a glass ol water before breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine. This famous sails Is mate from the add ot grapes and lemon juice, combined with Itthi'a, and has been used for generations to flush and stimufcite clogged kidneys; to neutralize the acids in the urine so it no longer is a source of irritation, thus ending bladder disorders. Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot injure, makes a delightful effervescent lithia-water beverage, and belongs in every home, because nobody t an make a. mistake by having a good kidney Hushing any time.--adv. friends-and shopping. j_ M . niig was a business caller here today. j^ o jj ler mA ^o^, Benjamin, were business -visitors in Unionlown today. ' TERRIBLE SORES Simply obtain a small ja.r of Korlt- oU Jelly--all Kood drugplst.s have it.' and allow about on*--qunrtor of a tea- j spoonful to slowly molt m your m o u t h ' In a few minutes a ger.tlf plow wil be felt and all that hard cliokinp:. miatur will he easily couch-1 A short but steady! H fore\er. i was becond with 26,- 1 1 \ '11; Greene, third with 22 201. Next in ' order came Somerset with 1!),576 head, and Payette with 17.030. ( Jn the state as a whole tlicie nrc j 820.705 sheep, valued at lfS.717,2H and ! $19.766,751. j There was a small increase m tho ! number of siie-o-p and an increase o f , f6,750,000 in value over tho previous' year. Hogs decreased over 300.000 in i nuraber but increased ?5.75f,000 value. rid ypu of Don't knock Cnnnellsvillc by seu'l- ing your inon*y out of town for your j fe WQrk wbcn Tho Courier company a n e JS r a n d o i t hon*. Let u s ,,« small piece of Porkola Jelly on a | you prices. piece oC lUjsrorbent cotton Into the ear. Do Lhia at bedtime and see how- a tovr ni(?ht»' trcahtment will rolve you. Thore's nothing Uiat will ao quickly! plvc relief to catarrh sufferers a« Ba- i corn's Forlfoln. Jelly. Every drueirlM I j in thw country suaranteep it on the i money back it dlssatisned plan. -- Adv. COBSET COVERS^.. Pine quality, value. 17c regular 25c CHILDREN'S DBAWEBS 15c Sizes 2 to 12 years, regular 25o kind. 38c CORSET COVERS "Lace anrl Ribbon trimmed, regular oOc value. $1.00 and $1.25 Muslinwear Dainty Night Gowns, Envelope Chemise, Corset Covers, Drawers, Combinations and Skirts of soft Nainsook and Cambric--a wide selection of styles, embroidery and lace trimmed. $1.50 to $1.75 Muslinwear Beautiful Night Gowns, Envelope Chemise and Skirts, elaborated with laces, medallions and ribbons or embroidery trimmed styles. Wonderful values await you here. Hundreds of yards of Fine Embroidery, values to 25 cents, at The Thrifty Women of ConnellsviUe will Take Advantage of This "o JUtter How Chronic, the l.aDi;hreT Drnu' Company Guarantees San Cora Ointment to Gire Kclief and Often Permanent Core. 'My daughter was troubled for over a year with a fever sore on her leg, and "was helpless in bed for three months. To the great surprise of all, including the four doctors who had attended her, San Cura Ointment healed tie great sore in less than six. weeks." -- J. D. Hood, Townville, Pa, Karl C. Banks, of the Atlantic Refining Co., of Pittsburg, had a sore on his ankle for a year. He doctored, and tried various remedies, *rittiont relief. He' says: "Sai Cura Ointment worked like a charm; reduced the swelling and healed the sore in two weeks." Bear in mind, that besides sorea. ' PerryoRolis. SUIT NEW BUT SiOLE IN SHOE Women's and Missed Suits, up to 825.00 values now $5.00 Women's anil Missp.s Coats, npto $1S.50 values now $5.00 Women's and Misses Snits. to $48.50 lahies at $10.00 Women's nud Misses' Conts, up to $25.00 values at $10.00 i PERRYOPLli. J L. ;. 26.--Mr. and Mrs. Fopple of Layton were guests oC town friends Sunday. Luther M. Cope o£ Scottdale spent Sunday with relatives of town. Miss DusciUa Piper spent Sunday at her home near Layton. Braden Uorwick of Connellsville spent Sunday with his grandmother, Mrs. Charles Martin here. Registration day is Wednesday, February 27th at the H. S. building. i 15 The Foreinn Missionary society of SenrBCO TOOul Paste rOWBT- j j the M. E. clmrch was entertained Sat- | " " ~ urday afternoon at the home of Mrs. I H. H. Slocum. I Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH iul To Save the Teeth and Prevent Diseases Filial Cleanup up to $5.00 value Women's Shoes _._ $1.95 Indian Creek. INDIAN CREEK. Feb. 2f.--Dlmer Hayman, a private trora a camp at Long Island, N. Y.. is spenUng a 10 day furlough. Mr. and Jrlrs. Hayman. -pent a few days with -Mrs. Hayman's parents, ilr. ac'l ifrs. A. B. Kern, near Aiill Run. Mr. Adam Ohler received a. telegram from his son. Jacob, at C;tmp Lee, statins an ivell and doing fine. C. P. Newell from Mill Run is transacting business in Connellsville. George Arzbacher from Mill Run left for Broad Ford today wliere he is employed. \Villiani Hewett is transacting busi- r '··--. ^ Cn^rn-Iisville and Broad Ford. Edward Fullem is a business caller it', .vi L. urauuocit. J. Prinkey from Younjfwood spent over Sunday with his family at Mill Run. Ralph Hyatt from Coiinellsville topent over Sunday among Mill Run friends. ^IJss Frances Kern from Connells\ ille spent over Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Kern near Mill Run. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Port' of Nor- maVville are spending today among Connellsville and West Newton friends. O. B. Jones from Indian Head was a business caller here today. Daves Kalp from Davistown is a Business caller in Connells\ille. Bert Williams', son of Mr. and Mrs. San Cura Ointment is used with great success in eczema, boils, carbuncles,, isalt rheum_, tetter, also itching, bleed| ing and protruding piles. In cases of f burns, scalds, cuts and onuses, San | Cura is most valuable. The price IB ' only 30 cents, 60 cents and $2.20 a jar, j and the Laughrey Drug Co., Connells- viUe and Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale, who are agents in their respec- tlre towns, guarantee it. '. AN EXCELLENT KIDNEY MEDICINE COMPLEXION SOAP. If you want a lovely complexion, with soft, velvety skin, free from pimples and blackheads, usu San Cura Soap, the great antiseptic and skin purifier, 25 cents a cake at the Langhrey Drug Co., Connellsville and Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale. If you can't get it at your druggist eend to th« Thompson Medical Co., TitUBTille, Pa.--Adv. A DAGGER IN THE BACK No Raise I n Price O f T h i s Great Remedy CASCARA^pUININE Tbe itaad^d eokfcore for 30yeatt-- ia Ubkt fo*M --s«fc. lure, no apuitn · cold w 34 boua--trtp j* 3 That's the woman's dread when che sets up in the morning- to atajt the day's work. "Oh 1 how my back aches." GOLD MEDAL Haaxlem Oil Capsules taken today ease the backache of tomorrow--taken every day ends the backache for all time. Don't delay. j What's the aao of suffering? Bepin taking GOLD MEDAL Haarlem OH Capsules today and be relieved tomorrow. Take three or four every day a.n-4 be permanently tree from wrenching, distressing back pain. But be sure to get GOLD MEDAL, Since 1696 GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil has been the National Remedy of Holland, the Government of the Netherlands having granted a special charter authorizing Ha preparation and sale. The housewife of Holland would almost as soon be without bread as she would without her "Real Dutch Drops," a* she q u a i n t - ly calls GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules. This is the one reason why you will find the women and children of Holland so sturdy and robust. GOLD MEDAL arc the pure, ordinal Haarlem Oil Capsules inxported direct from tho laboratories in Haarlem, Holland. But be sure to 'get GOLD MBD- i AL. Look for the name on every box. {Sold by reliable- druggists Jn seafled packages, three sues. Money refunded If tney do not help you. Accept only the GOLD MEDAL. All others arc im- ttatiuni "We wish to speak a good word for Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. During our experience with the remedy we have found it to be an excellent seller and we, always recommend it "where a preparation of its character is required. Tery tnily roars. BRAGDON CO. April 16th, 3916. MIddletown, Del. Fiwve Th*t STramp-Eool IVflJ Io For Too. Send tea cents to 3r. Kilmer Co, Blnshamton, N. Y., for a sample size bottle. It will convince anyone. You will also receive a booklet of valuable information, telling about the kidneys and bladder. When writing, be sure and mention The Connellsville Daily Courier. Medium and large size bottles for sale at all drug stores.--adv. ·*rri _^k. VfVM IUX P^K _ £A,IVJTJ\11 J. M| alcerbj It taken In time FOR SOUS this Calcium corapound . All tbe romedUI and tonic qual ities are combined in this Calcium com pound. Ho harmful druca. Try them, to^ 50 cents a box, including war tax Far »le by an dnurrivta Eckma* laboratory, l'titladcJphl» ceaaiJM box with Krd top and Mr. Hiiraj^cturtMit. Cost* less, five* more, javes money. 24 Tablet* for 23c. , Gatinrdi Transferred. Joseph Gatiardi, who was located at Wright Field, ^airfield, Ohio, has been transferred to Garden City, L. I., with the 166rh aero squadron. He asks to have The Courier 'rewarded to that place "as it is qnite a treat to read of happenings in Connellsville and vicinitr-" DocforPraises , Eczema Remedy The cure of Stcia dbewe* (eczema) sad di- e«sa of the scale i» kncnYn to be difficult even ·with tlic bot efforts of intelligent and dincrim- in»tinr phytictmni. However there IB one remedy tlut ia entirely dependable in thin dmtrecv- ii4E»ndtroub)eiioroedifieiiw:, th»Li« D.D-D.Pre- KrtptioQ. manufactured by the D. D IX Coim- p*ar of Chicago HI. I take much pi«nure ia reroiameadinx tt to the entire confidence of U ! KuKcrcn with wiy form of fkin diwwie, u H 1 medieiae Ibcf can rely upon vutb perfect COB! "**"*· y. L. RANDOLPH, Ma. D«c. w, 1H7. Oukbunt. Texas. Come in tutd we will tell f ou something ftbotit what D. D. D. Prescription has accomplished in your own neighborhood. Your »ton*t/ back nnlesa the first bottle relicTCs you. 3.3c, 6W: and 91.00. J., C. Ifoore, JruEErirt. W-.-iter St., Connel!gville, PA. "All "flresaefl up -with a , hold In h!s »hoV vim a hit of saj-ca*m a M tlunc at a young: man Xriond 1 wbo*e entire ^.outfit -WUM new except hU puno- tured nhou. lUght enougb, too.' Klthar to mao or woman a shabby pair ol}Sbo*B -Rrou]d apoll tho s-ppearanca of the jnost cl«£%nt ctLnnenU nrw ^rom." What about th* teeth? Dres» In all rtEa^flnory jou plMui*. 1£ you op«n your month ·xpocicg' a d»ca'ad »et of te«th rotir^attracUTcncaa end« riffbt thor*. That'* m. hole in the «ho* for you, Thu appllM both to m»n -women. Olrlc, and youcif men, yoa lo»« half th* admiration which irould b* fiirpct- ·d toward you i£ you hare b«d t**th. Tou can't be p.*a*io£- with a mouthful ot decay. You can't bo hoalthr *lth«r. The · condJUoa of the to*th hara a teUto* ln- ftu*nc« on other OTfftnB of the body, Bad Ueth alt*at th« it*utln«K, «om- aoh, heart, and «TB th* eyes. Medical aoJeccv jpbow* that bad teeth pro- duo* tmlMaltay oondiUons all over th* ^ CUnreco Tooth Pa*ta wet you* ·clentldoaUy prepared prt- Pyorrhea -- there's no a«d pr«y lo the** Uhi. No inc a mouthful ot i«eay0d teeth. Uoed rtETUlarly on a aet of oofl teeth the deadly rcrms hT* little ·ehanos to enter. If they should »nt*r [thty can't exist lone under ita thorough otaaniinjT properUw. Am a cleansflr and pr«Tentive of tUiease «f the t**th it la positively reliable. .Advanced caMa should b« treated by your dutlsL. LTs* S*nr«oo Tooth Pasta as pre- friantaUvt* Asfc your dentist If you Should not pay ail attention to your teeth. Of court* we won't .my our Tooth Fast* will cure Pyorrhea. If you already hare It, your deatlat is thft doctor. Even If yon are ·ufflictefl with his terrible dlseaee Sen- jTaeo Tooth Paste will help you to get [rid of It, with your dantlst'a assistance. But w* don't want you to con|tract any ailment of the mouth and it*eta, nor does your dental doctor. X preventive Is far better than t« nave to go through the trlaJs of a our*. Bave your teeth by Senreco Tooth /Paste and the probability la that you (Won't have to deal with foul and pain-' ini dls*a»os. By taking excellent caro 'of your teeth you mar nave Btomach, Inteitlnl, heart and eye troubles. Tak* all precaution to heap the teeth ' and do It with 8«nr*co Tooth the latest discovery of dental , Bampl* of Senrcco free If you iwlah It, Seareco Tooth Paste, Ciacla- 'naU,_Ohlo. EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BRBAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious, Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. H ntlT* of P fallinr rd of bavin a * a 'clean (Paste, vclanea, F. T. EVANS K BOTH PHO.VES FOR SALE 300 TCCTS 25, 30 AND 35 POUND RELAYING RAILS IN STOCK. Prompt Shipment. GEO. P. 0. Box 305. CLARKSBURG, W. VA. The Reason Why Everybody wishes to see the Sherman. Stiveson Tire Rubber Company's tire model, because, ii is puncture- proof, it has a removable tread, does away with the inner- tube, and will give the same ease and comfort as the tire now in use. They want to invest their money with us because they know tzff'tv f 9^ fs Millions of Dollars have been made by the automobile tire industries of the United States and paid to their stockholders. They know our tire will be the one every owner of an automobile will want, and that a block of our stock may mean a fortune for them. And reader, you will want to come with us too if you see our tire, which you can, and not obligate yourself in any way, by mailing a postal card to our office. DO IT NOW. as we still have some of the $1.00 a share allotment. The next will be much higher. Our factory is at Scottdalp. Come and look it over. Write or phone. Bell 321. E. R. SIMMS, FISCAL AGENT, ELKS BUILDING, SCOTTDALE. PA. Final Cleanup up to $S.OO value Women's Shoes $2.95 FLINT'S MOVING ABD STORAGE. Motor Truck Service To All Parts o! Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. OOOOOOOOCXXXX3020OOOCOOOOOO J. B. KURTZ, NOTAR1 PUBLIC AND REAL ESTATE. Ka, n South M«ad»» l-saio. Conn.ll«vl!l« f*. Eczema Remedy TRAO MARH is a prescription compounded expressly and only Tor the relict of skin diseases. It is invaluable for the treatment of eczema in its various [onus and is intended to destroy the eczema germs, germs which multiply very rapidly and arc scattered over tile body. There are several species of eczema germs causing th several diseases known as eczema, riugworm, dandruff, itch, etc. Give this remedy a /air and honest trial and an improvement may be expected with the first application and a continuance of Us use according to directions will give von entire satisfaction. Price, trial size 50c, large bottle Jl.OO. LAC6HEEI DBUU COMPAST. CKxxxaoooooosooooooooooaoooc THE JOB DEPARTMENT OF THE COUEIEE DOES ALL KINDS OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING.

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