The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 8

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 8
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NEW YORK )T Th stock ' market mi a shade higher at the opening today. Trsdlng u tnoderate. - Unlisted Stocks imi r a a Naars TW St n , a H Maes tt IS it Un nt m n mm ti a N Fatal a ft Baaa) S 11 Ml I l aT, mcM en i w a m n t n M 114 H im v ih sss.. - : osapa e an sit VatS w ln tit .4 1 oar b i ifi X a Km , B - a ttaaak I u Gov't B&noV ttnumn . uum to'ritaaw um J . i Meat, lM . I naxiaaat I I M, 1M4 I Pas, IM I Apr.. IM IM I atM. im i past, saw -a.. 1 av sis I Dan. IMS T Swas. IMt t Oat. IMT IM. IM t Saks, firm 1 OaU IM f Apr. IM I iWjr. IM tOtt, IM 1 KM US isit Itr 4v rvii , nn u leak, in I v IM it I Oac 1MB I S taa. IM ft' I Mar. IM Stall ktr . in t I Paatlata Hrrt ev uiim wmi ' B n as IM .l I ril t im? J tain MM at Mi I a Hall sar. IMT . f a ipt Maa. tM tm still aaat. im- . M MMMM IMM' 11 J 1 TM M n am mm Sa TV! Jaa. ttn r (Sill Oaa tan ii Mfiei n if M W M II ra I (I War. trrt 4 I Mtaj MW fee 4 f I raa,k tmi Z I mm . aa J I fca, feat, ..lM MIM M aa I Oat, Iranian qmaowwsat.TO aw aorraaua 1 t MK ItT .-.V1 tSM' M Ml rillaf..- IMt !. ... .tia4alM.w mm rnei itoi l ar imi i Mac im I aa aw mm . ami aae. wauwrem Oat. t Wat. tarn mm mm I Oai. Ian i MMIIMM . ea I li Harv TtT .iaM iMM I aa is I War. nm, -imwiii i I o. tim . n mm a a aiii i sat. ivei l mmi m aa aa I 111 Ma. IM -.1 M M ar, avnvl eiTa aaiH!IIM. wr tiMswiti w p IHIII Pak. nti pM it': li ism oat, mm Teeisjii war. ml E. fa. a l wa.. I..T , I'il 1 aaat. l Wa. H I ta, tayrt 7 4m IttJ I Sac llIS fa Sl I aa. IMI . aa ivfl I Ma. IMS BOT lU 1 Sas, T11 &a H? f Maa. 1 k a '.;! aa. M-aj aa"a a'a va'N MM MM a" Wal CMfS MMattafaaaWwrt a Oaa BaantT a WW On sa air 4 I an sis' (altal LaMtaa .. 1H taamw u . ... tm IM a mk tat af as i it Araal can Ol It IN Ufa .... it , IT, avara warraaw . la at t-4aa Ufa - t sa bmnkan WtO a rxva-kiana ., is im ifla Oaa Traaa It IS iiust sminul ., lis im f at ma aaa awaiaaaaaaiakaaiakaSaSaaiMaaaiaVakasj : Rrfancidl Column It's Your Business I M IM M I , MaaiM l 1 2 !S 22 2 IS 52 mut MM i mm) at aa . fl ttf MM tin) M Ti ,r MTM N il ... m nliM n , , , Kl tl'IM U , , , , M.miM n i lai iiMH I nM M M I ft af mm nM Mllai aa IMWIMM Im1, .tt a n MMMM - i 1 W M.t , lai main , , atl im ZZZZ . M Tal M M M.TM M M w - ti m km . n ai m m uum MMMM MM MM MMMM )a m m MM Ha M ISM MM ITU aoias M lata n M M) TU MM IT Jt III MIUM MMMM MMMM rn ll rak, IMI .n ca laJ i Ms. ia w !a I i tmm imi I aa 1 1 Sac. IM -J aa J I Am- ins -3 f: Unlisted Stocks ' f" at wssMra Cwaaas MS I na ;s H in MO Fswaas - 1 II', ak fa - a aav .. It aa ail . ,, ... .. M aa sm we ja asa Me. tm aaakwa . II IMs s i I Financing er' By JOHN BEUNGER Canadian Preaa Stag Writer Shaken farrestor coorxieaca ba-caaae af the Windfall affair will asako it teufher for some droa for small mlnint coaTpanie' to raise- money for axplorattceraTid daetopaat financial aaaiystij aay- -. . .-V- . " They slse say the avpaintniant lot royal tnmomission to took into tha atock dealing of Wind fall Oils and Mines Ltd. i companies in tha Tlmmlns area of Northern Ontario .will have a retarding effect oa tha raising of fresh funds. - One added: 'It's hard enough to gat snoney even whan things art, aping good, but thia) wil make M even tougher. Tha pub-lie often quick to forgive and target, out tjus aa snakea a great many people." . J. It Woods, aa analyst with Merrill, Lynch, ' Pierce, Fenner and Smith Inc. of Toronto, said: "It will be a while before we return to the tame level (of in vestor conndeace). -pataibly hi rOBUC GUN4HT ' ' Another analyst (ugtexad: "Lar lonas by imn todivi-daata hava Bud.tb public tnB- ihy. Ha tpok of tndmthnl taaaaa rantac a kigh aa tSt ata. . v A royal oommiuioal harbaaa apaoiatad by Pramier John Ro berts la look into Wiadfan'a af tala and tha Ontwis Sacnrltiaa Coannissioa) ' and tha Toronto Stock EadaUgf aio ara fcnraa- tifating c i r e aa atancoa aar roandmj tha atocki recent pt tacatar drop la prka (a M cants from a high of tS.M. Thr Canadian Wbaat Board has aaMuncad tha sa)a of Mat., tat bushels af trheat worth tit.. 4st.tat to Poland and Balsarla. with delivery scheduled to b completed by neat Noremben Polaad U'1,MN baobab) al Bolatvia ljat.iat. Tan per cent of tha payment due on shipment and tha balance t payable, tn qual bntalments Iplos interest: during , the next three Mars. V ' i ' Also in tha wheat fleM. a United States tntsriuntm for. caat asyr attflet' aMarnational compatitio b) to. tha ofOna Tha ajricultare depertment saya hi a ouarterly review .at he world .-wheat sltuatioo that Raoaia should have aa atrorata crop thai year, and so won't the aaaaart ihipaao ad ether- cat GOOD. CHOP... . Meanwhile, karvaits eli U wbcie) fKord and".' tbaa ' much sharper competitioo' ha selling. About l.Tat members of the United Suelworkers of Aaserica (CtC) went on strike at the la- arnationai nickel ca. plant at Thompsoa, Maa after neaotie. tiena ever wagaa and the length a new contract ctXUpsed. Tha union sacks aa 11-per-cem wage tacreaM during a two-mar period, compared with the last company offer of U per cent during three years. Baste wages now are SXN an hoori. r Oaa aim of the Steelworktn la winning a mtract that would eapfra about ma seme time as uiose covering usnon members lnco plants at Sudbury and Port coibrjrne. Out. t . Damita Mines Ltd.. which pro duced nt,aot.en worth of told during ka 27-year Ufa near Tim et in, baa Joiaad tha growing list of old-time mines forced to close because their ore la exhausted. Moat af tha z&t man employed absorbed in other nearby mines. Dollar, Exchange ; ' CANADIAN DOUAt ' :f4EW YORK ) Canadian dollar ap 1-33 at 9249-M m tarma at U. funds. .v -v . Pound atarling down I-C4 at S2.7S2342. I. US. DOUAst MONTREAL n The United States doHar la tanas of Canadian funds was ap 1-32 at tlJII7 13-IC . Pound sterUng was off 4-11 at $3.614. V "TntlSS EDGES CLARK . ' : ENNA. Sicily (AP) Joseph Isiffert of Swttierlanj woa the Madlierrsneaa Grand Prig eatoT race Sunday, beating chautpioa driver Jimmy Clark of Soot lead- by an tenth af a tecasnf la l7tJI-U . race. SiHer drove Us Brabham amend the tt tepa. one hour, IT mhwrtes, SI J secofxls, barely Raisbmg ahead of Cmrk'a Lo tus. His average time UTJt miles a Journal Want Ads -bring euick reealts. ... . p i 'I '. ' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL : MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1964 - B'A Oil Announetmfnf lAIATT'S AFPOINTMINT Will Mak Toronto TORONTO "CP) Slbcks opened on a higher not in moderate trading oa the atock market today. r INDUSTIIAISI t mm wlm --atHn li j r-b. - n nai aalaa Sntk aaa. ('aa IUS UK IM MH at AM ar iii ta a a m si a w at x N SOH CM SM V Als Caa win 1, MH lH . ' W4 T4 M , t 411 ni Sl tiki It Aaaa 414 ar IM tat 441 441411 ciTin aa an an tat a . a su n , a W irv ITVt ITUj ' ns t ii rrm tni nu Baik t ar m awn n ata Stl SH MH MH 14 4IS IM. SM . SC Paw. .SM 44 . 44 44 -a M44 Mta . MH t BCPk Ills IHM4 14SH IMH 4-tU Barrar A SH lltH tm uh u Cal Paw at KM IMt OH Caa CaaM r IS WH avi " C Braw l lilt III 1114 C Staw) aar IM i n n , - C Ckaatw SH SW (a U U C PaaM ar at titH m ITU i- cak O av IM Ml cih a c lao a C m M h an C ka Oaa II 1141 JtH 114 C las Oaaar a ll4 IIH Ir C ttaaa, - w U a W -W CPU KUS MTH4TV1 4TH 4 C ttS ar CWN Oaa C Wakw M IMIMrWIUt MIH. iKvwm w lira ith 1114 - IM S W M j, SW ivaat MW, MH- ?. SS Silt IIH ll4. . ta SITH TTH STH ' - I5t atr 43 41 . ' Cal raa Caa M a Caa Papa Cak Oaa IM IIM UH BH SW avt SH SH a sia" u ' is 1 IM 441 441 441 . 4 4tt ..441 , , ST. Ctaat L Ctasaa A . Omasa D ante 11 . IIS A a a ' ta II H lit 11W : im sis a a at tan m m- UM SM4 MH tH 14 M (S44I M4t S4H aa sm wn a H Pa Orata Plast Mfs tw w in r. in a a ... , IM IK4 m IH IM I'TH in IT) - a to a a . twttn m w a ta a - a tw a III II II a aH si mi H rJ ST1I4 SH IIH. IM III M M IM SMH MH MH 4 14 1M4 ITH TH TVS Praaat A . O DyaaM CMC CP Mfs A CMa A OL Paaar O L Paaar Or Was 0 A al III IS . II pt im sa a aa , ' Mara nac IIS tiaw US WW M SM SMH M't H, SU IM wh wh" SM I ' 1 w.s-a -Mt II , II II xi m - 11 IM. ba OS tM SM M M law Tak 1 SM Uw -IIH UH " Tak tV MS MW aw aat at Aaeaa Ml THH TTH OH 4 H lataaa O ar 114 SWH MH STH 4. 4 I Braaae ar xl I1M an MH IBM aaa 'il4U 4 4M ' MraaTi. a sw an 5H'. me tm H- nu nw tat uia ar m m m m . r. aar Pt, WV apis ar MS SM SM 4t C . MS 41 414 4M .Mrfc C ST i.. MS 144 MH ' - u . ... mi al at . . Ml M4' H SH UM CkM TM 111 HI W ! b O Caa, w dm JO -.41 41 't ar sm smh jaw saw i La rW , IU lltH UH .UH.4 M Lar B ar' aa H STH S1H ' Laaca A ' TM MH SH SH takca ' SB MH H H aa aaa aval apai al ISM nil WH IIH Corporation Bonds turn f ' laa tatM. Ills Oaa TU IH.-'St MV MH Als CAi KB, 1. Mat I, T M AW ataal Care, IH. H MH MH Tililfa. IH, M.-.IMH Tlaai H . Ml IMH itaria, SH. U - nwa TUkP. A 3 S i BaO snuak AMW OB. IH. TI .MH MH am cat t ihTWV w MH "s Baaaask H. is . ar a; aanaa. a. T3 ..V M MH Cda Br Anus. tH-JM MH I1H CM Cktwlaal. I. Tl . t4H IMH oak tnaaainaa. IV TT IM IM Caa pas ST. IH. Ort t, H MH MH naa h. mm. 4 -at . B4 C4a O.V H. -. MH MH aw Oaa OS. a "W . aaa ciaan. H, Wl ,aw. aaaj M M IH. Tt MH U1H Daw Tax Cham. H. "I M . M Orraaa Paaar. 4H. Tl . uw.atH T Baua Attw. H. "Si ...IMH I1H T (ataa Raall?. I H - Ms MH aaa I n, , H tl Oaaarsl Wat la. SH, Tl 11 tM 04 Laaaa Paaw. a 7 M" I MH a Jl OS Laaaa Paw. Vk Tl It O Waa O. IH. Dm L "m MH 0 Was O, Hs, DM t TS MH r. lra Bar OS. 4, Tl ... Ml II H natkr oaa. in. tl M M Imparts! on. a. HS - MH " IkaSat AHII. IH.Jtl ...MH MH 1 Laaalt. 4. Ma 1. Tt - M IM Makar Clak. 4. V .. . MH 11 H Lakalaa Bat Oaa. ,' "SI MH IMH OreaaL H. -SI MH 11 H SWaxiaL IH. Ha 41 H MH B Oal Mat Oaa. ML H M IMH Bartbeaaura Ota, its. It . MH . MH Ost It OM OStP. IH, T MH SSS, Paa Pas, SH. Apr L Tl sw tM', lltH PhlBMa BMainaaM S. TS M t nai oaa. SH, a . M . SH . is, 1B ww -ial HS ITH M Bw SlaaaL IH, i raa. aH Maa. Tt M a-a. Lavraaet Cars, s Tl MH MS Bkatns WP, PH. Ii w.: MH 11 Shan O0. 4H. T IIH MH Mvta OH. IV TT. - IMH M1H iiiisi tas, IH. H IM IM Tsraaw star. IH, Tl ' TTH ' MH Tr-csa Plaa. IM, It ,. IM M1H Pwsnaw H. tl ITH M, awat Tt. IH. 1 IM IM raawa. Oaaraa. IH. HI MM i ''. - cwtaaiitaua; : 4 ' ma) oa u. m ti in Cak Dana) OB. IH. Tt IM Cak OtlUllaa, Ma, TT IM Prsaral Parwa,- 1, T IT 144 ' lit Baan CMa, IH. Tl J- .4 lltH I1IH LaMaW Orsaat. 44. W ' U4 Paa OM Tr, IH. Pa 1 , TS lltH UH Paaia Patraaraw S TT 1I1H 1I4H nuniaa naatnaal, IH, nassiwaa, a MH IMH I Dsu. SH. HI 11SH UH Tr-Caa PWt, 4. MM t, 1 111 Ml ' Trta Caa. 44. Tl .. MH .MH H. VNct Earnings v ' " By The Canasta Prass , Ahssrta' Gas Trank Lkta. Ca. LltLa. sis , months ended June Jt: IM4, II.pM.IM. Tt cams a share; 1HJ, tl.Ut.tS, cenii.h surgeons eorinected the veins L , Laa,. Mine. Ltd- . nine months eitded; Jan .J IM4, lUtLITS, 71 cenu.a share; l0, m.t, U cents. ' UaHad Caaaw Oil Bad Caa Co htne month ended June M: ItH U44.70 (net toss); 1HJ. SltttJ (net loss). . . .Stock Qu otbtions 1 INDUS.(citJ M 8 si m n a tan an an M Ual Stat M llH UH MH Maasr ... imi tan an wh taavr ... ijm im am axi isrc , ? TM W m an -S at Par . 4M 4M M 4M - MBI Mat MM-Wsal MMM a a Ian an an h a we m strm H an . IM tllH ITH IIH in itih -MH- an. a MH 41 44H 4 H n iii m m A TM tan MH WH 14 Pat Paw llll lltH UH UH - H . I s M M Paw carp M IUH UH ITH Price Scat at tH WH WH ON OM a IWH MH W4 ON OSap r Ullll I4 141 n a mih uh 11 vi in lltH UH IM 4 H Basal Baa la sTtH II i i. w iith m m aaa raa ' ua tn n h BkaB Is t a STTH TTH ITU, H Skaa i w - 4M 411 an ait . s Skap Sat ra IH IIH IIH maa car ' tM SM TM TM Haw IM tH ITH UH 4 H 1 . , n M1H IIH UH Waal Caa- a) Mt SMH ( - H era , 4is an . n : 11 T Z V- Twar MB SMH Mt NH 4 H IW MM MH MH W Till aa 11114 iih 11H Tr CM PL' SM MIH 4IH IIH H Traaa-Ml , Ml lltH .UH IIH I Titat rn, bIW MH H SH T, aaaa in am at avt VanaWa ' IM aw Ml TM ll Waktwr IM M M M 1 Waft ow im asH an mh H WaU PM a M WH H SH ITI IBH ISH 1SH H SIM S11H IIH "H . m tn n n ' OS 4M 4W 4W awaaUWBBBBlaBW wasMBSBWSSSSSSBkakl Aaaaa Oaa MM'U U tt .o;ti..; h Aw laWas SMS a it . u s H IH H as a at at at as Ml MS MS . 4M 1W IW ' IM art tan an mh H ai sw aw aa .- MS Mt MS SW T as uh uh "H MM H M a M-Z-i Wa4al ' wis cur aw Pata N Oaakw Mt V4I tl I 4rt a pns a ti MM 43 ' 411 . MS M M . M - SM M M 1 4l .'.mm u 11 n i MM 111 IU 41 . Ml III 111 U we as ta ta st ' MS SM sa SM stt IM US IM IM S ' ait til as 111 sa Prats TrlaS OS Predicts . a.- s :r Mor6 Votes In South ' WASHINGTON (AP)-Sc4jth arVvsrs probebly wilt cast l.t,- Mt raora votaa thia year than In last and Republican bans tor Barry Goidwster will pick ap moat' af them, .tUymonsV V. Humphreys, a Republican campaign strategist, tab today. Humphreys said In aa inter view he thinks n.ttt.tN ta TT, OBS.IOt votes wiO be cast in the prasrdential election. Nov. 3. t In IMt,, tot votaa ware cast, llM.tat hi the II states that fonned the on woieoer. acy. - ;n -. : . v , For the first Urns. - Hum phrey! said., the see in every 'state for success." Republicans Ma He said CoUwatST baa vote- puHIng strength tn s ea t a e r a itates that until now have bean wrtttea eft h the Democists. For -example, be said, , Cold-wster could carry. Georgia, a tradirlonally Democratic state. .Humphreys conceded the Re publican, nominee hai "prob- tems ' In : New England, but said the party is by no means writing off ki chancea there. ; Boy to Get "ii ' ' "- fNewArm Operation BOSTON (AP) - Everett (Red) Keewles, the spunky youngster who made medical history more than two yean ago whan hit right arm waa re joined to kit body. Is back la hospital for more surgery. Tha 15-year-ofd former Little League . pitcher will undergo what doctor! at Mssss chusetu General Hospital call "major corrective surgery" to n greater flexibility to his arm anaT fingers. Red ia expected to be la hospital for two weeks.. Red's arm waa severed from Just below bis shoulder by tha wheel of a train May . IMT The young iter was wheeled Into the hospital without his tight . The mangled arm was carried In aeparataly swathed In lea. and srterles then rejoined the with a steel rod. They used skin grafts to close the gapjng bole to his shoulder. Young Knowlea la believed to oa tne nrst 'person ta nave a limb successfully rejoined to his body. bm IHar Bala - ca PM , C Oaa C J OM Oak Bap 0 Caa Dal Pars OtarM QrakaS I I MINES C tail Bart SM ae Baaxs lis Aaaa - MM) Srtas - IM Anaakl ' Mt M C Caa Ml 4T 4T 41 , v. U II tt v . I I 1 n ti ti si wt tJ iw . l t I I H 14 M 14 4l I I I a i h i tn in tn - an a i v IT W M . wh an an j1 at Mi ai il Sal- 11 SM n a a - H 4U 444 444 II in ia in "-4 Arba-aw . awe a-oa , . mt IM MS Star Bap um Sralaraa . Ml B r N . IMM Cam Cask SM C Draa M Osk KatMp IM aH n a H MMM ItH UH UH - H Ckaaklrk IMM II ll .11 UH H IIH TM Ml Mi 7. a a a at a a a t a a a -. in in tn M Ckaatar SM CackWW MS Caaa BraW MM CO Arrsw 1414 C Hiia C Masw IM Caa Nasl MM Oa Nickel ISO Own 471 Craisar - IM 1 UH it . u ll H II lit , IT lH MH 4 It - II T 11 II II 4tH O 1 B'Artfaa I ll a H IIH 14 l'H H 171 n 471 - SMH MH MH H IM Ml II It . M, sw sa a -t UH UH H im lit at 41 PVsat T P Mar , ISH UH MH H 44 41 41 -4 til I H tt 14 ' I1M Ulaat YK IM OHs tl i TMI u it or stkssw a 1. 1TM tl- vV Tl ' H M 111 IU III 4M t a H TM - tas m '- a -a- -I 'J N ' 4MB II ITH 11 Ml Tl tW TM . m Hail ia ' HI MUM t KM MM MM ITH ITH UH It saH sth an IIH UH UH H MMM M M II SM SM TM 4 1 tn tn -a MS SB iii IM, in l TT ff 4k ra oaa , IIH MIH Maraws Marekaal IIH 14 l ne at iw st I M V4 4 H M M M UH IIH ll M . T a M n 41 tt ii .it Ah t 14 14 14 us im ra at a : a a IS ITH U M IH H H M M M . M M ' M mi-it at sit 14 ii u IH ISH UH MH 4 H ' IM II UH 4 H U U ' U . ' IT f IT ,11 N U. M ' mrtatui'41 , M . If . 41 U UH U -IIH UH UH-H 47 tl er , ea an. 4a at tn aw tu X '. ' SM M in - trr ut in u u ti ' N CaMatra M kM . SM aasu ' IM a i a a - UH la u UH a . w UH U IIH 4IH w i a . Barrack M M M M UH 1SW UH u a s , caa UM UH u a at Si M stv , awe a or we ta ra at 4M 11 WM IT at M a ia l w IM Ml 1 as a I I 4-1 I L I Traaa Ca - H, TrWas MM TrklCaSk MM us ut u m as V Asfcaakw t M TW TW Vt 4 OCL MM STW w a as . Us Pan mm II ll . II IH Para MS a a tl s Vaaaa .... WW tt - M M -4 H IH SH TH TH 'H H Willrar Saw WWW I a . a . sr ' a M U n H BSM fes tt S.S4.I MVM : '',' " j 1. v J . Gdbias Says He Will THREE RIVERS.Que. (CP) Yves Gablas, OtikM Nationata mtmber recently tuspended for three years from the Quebec legislative assembly, says be will be back m his near, repre senting the Three Rivers rid ing at the start of the fall - ston. - . -.s Mr. Gabial also said in aa hv tarview Saturday night ba will contest the party leadership of Daniel Johnson at the next Un ion. National convention be cause be fee It the latter ia i tufficiently a g r a s ifve and seems to fear tha Liberal gov. ern merit. - He aid he wHt show the as sembly . committee on elections and prtvlleges k made a mistake July St ta impending him for accusing AUorriey-Genersl Rent . Hamaf of ; bribe-taking. then falling' to subtuntlsta Iris charge.,; ..; i .. Following hit suspension, Mr. Gablas said ha would resign h bit electors so desired. - ,. "I havaa't mat one of my vot engine who asked me ta quit my seat and but sad waa gr their full support to my fight to oenoune the secrad cows of the party." ka said. . atw MM a XM , . M Gsaj l. iw n tv si Osstwr ' . SM a miXmb HaUsar , M tl Htr-MM . M ' HaaUsas ...SW a HWkBaa ! M Mat Bar ' M laa . TM I KtarrUla D. L. CAMPBELL The Board of Directors of the British Americsa Oil Company Limited aanouncea the sppouit-meat of D. L. Campbell, Kcu-tlve Vice-PresideBt aad Director, a President of the aeTrly-fortned British Amerksa Resesrek and Development Company, a division of British American Oil Company. Cre-atioa of tat new division further indicates the Company's eon timiiag expansion in tbs fMd of iwaareh, msrksd moat recentJy by esmpletiow oi the new Ks-sesreh and Devaiopment Centre, aad integration with the research TjroiTams of amliatea. Mr. CampbeU wUI direct the , reemrch and (Mvelopmrnt operation! of British American Oil and wUlTw the executive liaison oa raHwreh matters for 8hawink- ftn Cbemieais Limited, Gulf Lesearch anil Development Compsny, and Spencer Chemi eal Division of Gulf Oil Corporation. Hs will also be B-A'a, executive contact in the Aths bases tar aands development in which the Company holds an mtoreat through Royslite Oil Company, Limited. In his new post, he will eontiaue as a Director of British Americsa Oil aad oaawmigaa Chemicals. Montreal; MONTREAL CP) Mercury Chipmsn Mined climbed 12 cents to 93 cenlt on block of up to 380,000 shares to highlight opening trading on tha Montreal and Canadian atock exchange today. Austrdlia And Swedes Advance Xf' in laswaitm rreaa Auitralla and Sweden sd tn Dsns Cup imersene play Sunday, completing series sweeps -and setting the stage for their Aug. 2MI meeting to da-term Ins the challenger for tha United i at ueveiane, sept. 24-M. Australl Fred Stolla and J a k a H ibe eliminated their Ckl opponent . In straight tat mth fmal two singles match Sunday, after Stolle and Emerson .breexed to a straight-set double triumph Saturday. ' Jan-Erik Ltmdqulst and Ulf Schmidt of Swederi also, won straight-set single matches In their wtndup against The Philippine Sunday. The Swedes, like the ADstraliana, ' had alraady ft ctoaMM win stturaay. Tosmah Wins t ffi' tj-i" - . a ' Matron Stake ;fEW YORK (AP) Tosmah, urae-year-okJ filly, woo the ni.Ut Matron at Chlcaso't Ar lington Park Saturday By about one-half length over Old Hat Tosmah ridden by Sammy Boulemetls, raced the IH miles in l:4t-. : ' '- i ' Tosmah returned M M,' UM and W.t. Old Hat paid UM and tM while Nubile was U Ml aSrtw."'" ' N ' ' At Saratoga springs, Miss Cavandiih. tha 'pigeon " toed It.SOt yearling' bargain, " came front far off tha pace and won the Mth rurmmg of the tM.2M Alabama Stakes Saturday to ce ment her claim to the trrree- vear-oM fttljr ehamptonihlp. Engiand's Batsmen Need Big Effort:': LONDON (Retiters) - A big effort will be needed today by England' batsmen if they are to have t chance of beating Aus tralia tn the fifth and final cricket test at the Oval here and thus drawing the series. Three of tha previous tests were drawn tnd Australia won at Leeds. "'' ,;. England resumes its second Innings at IH for two, still ts runt behind Australia on a1 pitch that, it beginning to take spin. Norantja Boosts Price of S TORONTO fCPi Noranda Sate Corp. Ltd. today raised tha price of It copper ror domestic as to 33 cent a pound from 32 X cent. ':''''. '": DAVID S. RUBIN .. The Board of Directors of Woodvale Investments announces the election of David S. Rubin as Vice-President, with headquarter In dttawa. Mr, Rubin, who Is -well known in construction circlet,, brings to the company a background of over thirty-'three years In Industrisl, commercial ' and residential construction and land development. Interrupted only by tig years', service with the Royal Canadian Navy, from which . he retired In 1946 with the . rank of Lieutenant Commander. The first project of Wood-vale Investments in Ottawa will be the development of the recently purchased parcel of 110 acre of land on Woodrofle Avenue, Knoxdale Rotd and Greanbank Road. Construction wil, start In October, including homes and a shopping centre."' Mutual. Funds " ..'.i.. .- BAV POP All CtSttU 9 .1:.... Sll ITt ctastwa r ii ii .u-i-r-t wa n a - n it n a CSa Os a4 BktttJ ... IB IM caa tkiwiwiat ,.....,' 4 41 4M Cansfaa ' tl M MM CaaasS Oravtk .V---- III' IM CawajaavaslUl ' 1141 11 41 Corparaw . . II a U N CTTP .- IU IB Drtrfvs ,oa . mi a a Baraaaaa Orastk 111 TM BSM Paa twin Pint OU ss OM 1 11 I II Oraap Ian an Ill III tsnalan Oraank - .. in III Inrailan taU Orastk .... IM I U laraalan Mklasl II U 11 n Umat IM IM MvtaiT ArrswatSlkss 4 11 1 14 Malsal Ban .. IM I IT Malaal Baa TBSMM .. . IW I Maiaal birama - " I a U Rank Snarlras ' ... 11 M 11 It Orastk 101 - I VI It 14 Sartnt sa lav. las i at Talarltlaa Mat Ill I TVaa, r.a.rf. T tt 4 DklW AacssMwm T M I 11 MAT tit aaaM aalaa: POP aasui searwe ItlaS. ...... Going to Toronto? Montreal? ' call -233-3204? Now, yU caa locally re- s ' aarve quality ttut-ef-towa ' arrnmmniiillnia aad gat ' tauasdiata eoaarmatina. , .. Ia Tatwato tha saodsra V Lard Siaseae Hotal ia Meatreal, the faaoua ,'. , Wakoaor HotaL , . Bath affer cavaiat . awwwtowa ksmtioaa, ICXDSIMCOCHOTa a , - - IWJf ,ltfIMDSOnj4W ft ? '..:!' , f- !V .. .J.-.t. TIME EFFORT MIPNEK S -W LMJ ( . - I IRUCI 0, IUIOT Mr.' J.'W. Murray, yice-President and General Manager, Labatt't Ontario Breweries Limited, announce! the appointment of Bruce C. Elliot . at pirecior of Marketing. Follow-tng graduation Oom the 'University of Wet tern Ontario B.A. (lourmliim) Mr. Elliot joined Labatt't psrent breMtry in London a Public Rctationt Msnsgtr in 1954. In 1937 he wis transferred to tha Ontario Marketing Department in Toronto and tubiecjuently held the positions of Marketing Planning' Manager, Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President, and Attiilam Director of Marketing. Mr. Elliot' t assumes his new, dutiei immediately. $ . t". "J ' si ' ? . '.-. : PASSE1 BILU BEUi , HORtfONTP;- Braiil (AP) -..'Mors than $11. WO In counterfeit US. CI billt have been. passil ia - two. jewelry stores here. , A -UX consulate adviser . said - they were well made but . printed on inferior ptpar. The pesser waa said to have spoken fluent Portuguese with a foreign acceru. FRENCH SPANISH f - ITALIAN T.FUArJ , ..: r WaBai ra sw a w . .,, . . EEF.UTZ SCI'.CCL t?mzutm 31 h'W.'rSrsW' 5100.000 $500f000 Loan Required . for Caribbean ; rt ' Development. ;ipt -EsUibllshed cempnri aeeks development, losrwf fully secured, for resort ' and residentlsl project In stable British Blind. Will ', pay good Interest rale plus substantial block of ' share a bonus. Director ship svsllsbte. ' Company and project wtA . stand detailed investigai tioa.- Principal' srriving Week- of August 17. . ' For confidential meeting write to ,.'. -1 f Ben E-498, Journal ' I -I W f- 4.'- .tf. .f , -,, , 1 ' iWkB 5 CTfMSt ,;.-,a .: .'"-'. i ;-5A,4 ,.,. '-l ,; a ... y, . i DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED be located at - '. - ' I mmm,, I I aarw- rtm-rtr a .... I I "-.' AU three are needed when -. hiring qualified permanent office ' ': employees. Drake's long list s, vivl . V ' or applicants arr pre-tested,'-r; .I'i.'T highly recommended, and avallntiin K Immediately.- YOU SAVE ' ' -. r-r ' '.- TIME EFFORT MONEY! ' ' ' ' t .' Phons riaJMSji , . ,i i- ' , ANNOUNCEMENT Effective Immediately; GENERAL MUTUAL '' FUNDS " UMXTED, distributor of Alt-Canadlaa Dfvldeod pand; and AD-Csnadisa Compound Fund, will be" known . AU-ONADIAN GROUP ' - -. . and will Btill '-"f; 4SS MacLarea Street, Ottawa, Ontario. " . , Tateptrotie: 33.a3g . , 'r '." Attention PROFESSIONAL .OFFICE SPACE , - . ... .i New air-conditioned building . v Rideau and Augusta " .) t'.!' $3.10 sq. ft. par year ,,:y .. ' , ' 233-3611 -749-7248 , ' ) 7 5, X

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