The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 2, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1930
Page 3
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JHURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1930, v r.tllU ·JDAII/K UOOKIJIiK, CUiNTNTffiULSVTIjI/It!, PA'. PAGE FOUR EVERSON BOYS CHARGED WITH ROBBERY When County Detective And Stale Troopers Arrive ' A n d Are Captured. TOOLS FOUND AT RENDEZVOUS SCOTTDALK, Jan. 2.---County Detective Downing with several state trooport! came to Everson yesterday to investigate robberies of the night before and made four arrests. Tho Woods RyaH drug store was robbed again, not of anything* that would amount to much, but the door was pried open with a bar. Tho grocery store of Joe King was entered. At the Evorson School, pencils and tablets were taken. As the troopers and Downing come into B-vorson several boys wer.e loiter- in!? about. At the approach of the officers they ran. The officers pursued the boyj and rounded up Paul Banko and Eugene Plez of Everson and Dave Tlandoli)l and Ray Kelly, Scottdale. Randolph, after much questioning, was said to have admitted to the officers that tho boys stayed in a little old garage in a back street. 'A search n-as tnftde'of this place and a poker find bar were found. The bar had isreen paint on it, presximably off the drug store door. The boys had liquor on them and It is thought ran. to get away to dispose of the liquor. At tho Ryall drug store there was no liquor in ' stock but yesterday morninj; Mr. Ryall found that the persons wlio had entered hud left a bottle »[most f u l l of liquor, with a note, ' Happy New Year to Woods Ryall." The boys, it was said, are around 19 or 20 years old. They were taken to Uniontown, To Begin Fifth Term. Isaac Shannon, burgess of Everson, on Monday, January U, will begin iiiB fifth term as chief executive. Open House nt \". M. I'. A. Open house was held yesterday at tho Y. M. C. A, In tho lobby there was a hobby show, In charge of Howard Mclutyre. Exhibits were as tollows: New York City pre-cancols, Karlo Stoner; air mail covers, Harold C. Gordon; first air mail covers, Paul Stoner; ,U. S. Columbian issue, ISflS, Howard Mclntyre; relies, Murrell Ncz; old coins, Stanley Knblak; Boy Scout knots, Paul Stoner and Murroll Noz; ftnblems and awards, Robert Lindsay; rlflos and guns, Stanley Kubiak; old pnpr money and newspapers, Theodore Loucks; Nyatsa triangle stamps, Charles \V. Gordon; old badges, Kenneth Kuowles; coins, maritime instruments and Dutch apparel, A. \V. Fisher; badges and emblems, William Lytio; Y. M. C. A. emblems, Robert and V. Lindsay. An a ' u m u i tea was held from 3 until r. o'clock' by tho Hi-Tri Club for the students home from school. The Phalanx Fraternity held a business insetiug Tuesday evening and inducted the following officers: Primus, Kenneth Knowles; pro-primus, Walter Beutz; t r i b u n e . Clarence Kromcr; quaestor, Howard Mclntyre. '»3v Yf-ar Dunce. Keith and Eslhei Loucks, students homo ior the holidays, held a formal dance · on New Year's Eve at thulr homo nt A r t h u r and'High streets. Ton couple;!, students home for tlio holidays, wore In attendance. The old year \\EIS danced out and the new in. Miss Loucks Is a student at Ann Arbor, while Keith attends Pitt. Watch Party. The Pythian Sisters held a watch party at the home- of Mrs. William Ivonncll in PUtsburs street. S|x tables were brought Into play. Refreshments were served. Tho IIOUHC was decorated in kec-jiliK; with tho scabou. IV'cek of Prayer Prog-fain. National week of prayer will be observed from January 5 to 12 at the Methodist and Presbyterian churches, to begin at 7:30 o'clock. Sunday, January 5, will be Sunday School n i g h t ; Monday, January t, Women's Bible class night; Wednesday, January S, f a m i l y night; Thursday, January 9, Men's Bible class night; Friday, January 10, missionary society night; Sunday, January 12, young people's societies, at the Methodist Episcopal Church, To Close Business. This evening the old council will hold its last meeting. Monday, January G. C. F. Lewis will be sworn into olHce by tho retiring burgess Walter V. Schaffer and the new council will take i t s place. Ohiopyle OHIOPYU3. Jan. 2.--Mr. and /Mrs. W»H«- Wolfe and baby and Miss Vir- fitnla Wolfe, of Toledo, Ohio, arrived in Oluopyle Tuesday to spend a short visit with the former's parents, M.r. and Mrs. Bert Wolfe. Bruce and George Johnson -returned ·lo the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Johnson, after apond- infc over tho holidays with their mother, Mrs. AU-ccn Johnson at Cumberland. Wllilum Rankin of Uniontown spent i fow hours in Ohiopyle Wednesday morning on business. · Mrs R K. Bailey was a visitor In t'onnellsvil'e Tuesday. Frank Raffenty, Jr., returned to his homo at Uniontown after a week's ·visit spent in Ohiopyle. Jost-ph Nicholson, Sr., lui,s returned to Ohiopyle after a visit spent at Somerset and Meyersdalo-. Henry Davis was a reooui. visitor at Co-nnellsvllle. Misses CJraco and Flot-ence Morrison of Akron, Olo, were, among the ret tMit visitors iu Ohiopyle. H a r r y Tissue of Kaufnianu Wodintday morning in Ohio'pyJe. lxii,U Show ot Morgauto\vu, W. Va. .vpont oxer the holidays with his j.arc-n s, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Show. Mrs Aim.) Herrlck of Stewnrton ,irri\cJ in Oliiopvlo Tuesday evening to vi* t her d u u g h U M , Mrs Harry P u r n v o r f h , Jr K«- *» Morrison ^£ ContliwMu-o was s. viM'or in Ohiopyle Monday, SCOTTDAEjE ROUTE TQGRjtoSBURGWIH BE OPENED SHORTLY , GREEWSBURG. Jan. 2--Before the year Is very far Advanced the Green s- burg-Scottd:ile road!, known, as U. .S. piglnvay Hi', will b'e open for through, traffic it 16 indicated. The laet strolcii of concrete \vas poured Tuesday, completing- the. brido at Haydenvllle. A tow finishing touches are to be made but the roadway itself has been laid. When .the 'road la thrown open traffic -will go 'to Scottclale directly south on Mam street, through Haydenville and thrnce past the- county home. Tho new road will eliminate all street car and railroad crossings between hero and Youiigwood. Tho new viaduct which, connects South Greensburg to the new road hae been completed for some time. The stretch of road; In front, or the county homo also has been finished as has iho concreting between Greonsburg and Haydenville. With the finishing of the bridge It ie believed the road will le opened for traffic sometime before the liret o£ February. GREAT EVENTS CONFRONT BRITAIN DURING THE YEAR Indian Problem (*ives Promise , Of JBeing Vrpuffht With Danger. GORGEOUS GOWNS MADE READY FOR PRINCESS MARIE Roman Costumers Turn Out in Month Silver Train With Year's Work on It. CHOIR OF HUNDRED WILL SING CHANTS l.y United Ft ess. ROME, Jim. 2.--Roman coetuniere, working fe\ erishly night and day in competition with their sisters of Brus- ficls, have turned out in a month one (.)£ the most gorgeous royal trains and mantles ever created for a princess. It was ordered !y Marie Joje ot Belgium, a^ a jiart of her wedding trous- Bcau. The train now completed, ifi worked throughout in silver. Ordinarily a full year would be required to execute such a inai terpiece, and it was only because th- fiancee of Crown Prince Humbert d sired it that tho Roman artists extended themselves. The- i*res^ to which the train will be attached is itoelf in silver. The mantle ie purplish red in color and decorated in medieval utylo. Among other dresses ordered from Italy by M irie Jose w«is one of rose chiffon, a second of silver tulle and ;i third of sib er. The 6acn d vestments which will b£- need during the- wedding ceremony in the Paul^m Chapel are all jcold-em- broldered. They are tho property ol the Medici Kunlly, and have loen preserved in the Pitti Palace at Florence, whence th y have been brought foi tho ceremonial. Tho assi* tants to Cardinal Maffl, who will foolemnizo the- wedding, wll| be prelates from the various Palatine churches ot Italy--that is, churchy subject to 'he patronage of the king Cardinal Maffl'a other aRulatuntfl will bo court ch iplalns 'ot the royal church, the "Sudar o." The cere nonial during tho wedding will be conducted by Motitjignor Tizxl, who is ma ter of all religious cere- m »nies at 1 he court. Singers, who will ,bti in tho choir 16: t of the Pauline Chapel, will bo drawn from various choirs of Rome'n fajious churchwi, end will numher 100. Tl e mueli al program will largely consist of t hanUs by the famous priest- composer, Don Lorenzo Pcrosi, honorary director of the Slstine Chapel Choir. Ono of them hae been especially written for the occasion. NEW TAX LAW ADDS PERCENTAGE MONTHLY TO UNPAID ACCOUNTS Word lias been sent to all la* collectors in the State that Act. No. 541 passed at Hie last session of the Pennsylvania Legislature must be enforced. This act provides that in. addition to the regular five per cent already provided bv law, a one per cent penalty will be added to all delinquent taxes on January 1, .1930, and thereafter one per cent the beginning oC each month until pay:ment is made. On the ilrst day of May, 1930, all unpaid taxi\s must be returned by tho collector lo tho county commissioners and properties will bo sold by tho sheriff on Vugust 1, 1930. Confluence OONTT/TJKNCS, Jan. 2.--Harry Bowlin of Carnegie returned home after a visit with iriends here. , Work on the new Christian Church is oeinig pushed rapidly forward to convpletlai) and will soon be ready for ·tor Mra. HiiMge-H Younkin and two children of "W ilson are visiting Mrt. Yonn'Uin's father-in-law and mother- iu-law, Mr. and Mrs. ,1. C. Youukin. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hayman spent New Y-eai 's Day ' with the former's parents at Hyndman. L. U. Vought of^ Fort Hill was among the business visitors here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Uaybeck have returned a several days' visit with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and M,-a. David McClain and their son, Jarae' Raybeck of Gary,. lud. Mr. ami Mrs. bowls Uninger and daughter of Connellsville were visitors jes-tcrdaf vlth Mr. Ijlninger's brother- iu-ltnv am sister, Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Bu-l "\V. S. J owei*,. who rec-eptly p u r chased the late M. B, Mitchell proper! v is making »ome interior before in-o ing in. NAVAL PARLEY COMES FIRST By United Press. LONDON, Jan. 2.--Six momentous events Involving 1 the Internal and external peace and security of the British Empire, and each of theni constituting 1 a possible turning point In the nation's history, will take place in 1030. ' First comes the five-power naval conference in London, opening' January 23. Limitation oC armaments ami- freedom of tho seas, two vital factors In the empire's life, are to be considered at this parley'. The second event, is the imperial conference at which representatives from every dominion will discuss »uch important quesUona as the position of tho privy council's judicial committee as the empire's "supreme court of justice," free trade- within the empire, Imperial communications and emigration. Then, comes the Simon commission's report on India,' a supremely important affair in view of the independence campaign furthered by the Indian national congress. Fourth in the Hat is the report, of the Palestine commission on. recent riots in tho Holy Land, and the future status of the Palestine mandate. The next important event will be the .Egyptian Parliament's decision on the Anglo-Egyptian treaty which, thus far, Egypt has refused to apcepl. Finally, tho British Parliament reconvenes January 21, facing a year of potential difficulties in connection ·with the budget, unemployment, and much unfinished legislation. In church matters, one of the outstanding conferences of many years Will be held in July at Laniherth palace, where 370 bishops will discuss the Church of England's doctrines in their relation to modern conditions. And in this year, Great Britain and South Africa will bo linked together by wireless telephone, a new airplane service and dirigibles. Tho airships R-10U and K-101 will he flown to South Africa, India and Australia thia yoai. COURT DECLARES CAUFFIEL IS NOT JOHNSTOWN MAYOR JOHNSTOWN, Jan. 2.--Joseph Cauf- flel is no longer mayor of Johnstown, Preeident Judge John 13. Bvane ruled in an opinion ftled yesterday iu the Cambria county court at Ebeueburg, Tho court'e opinion, definitely disposing of Caufflul'ti chUm that ho was still mayor and-his insistence that ho wou.ld eontiiuie to ui't as snch even though now nerving two years iu the county jail, wne handed down by Judge Bvniifi In 'disposing of a petition" filed by City Solicitor Tlllmau K. Say lor. Tlie solicitor^ petition, asking the court for a writ of peremptory mandamus against City Treasurer W. Wlneon Davis, directing that Ds.vla pay city warrants elgned by Councilman Calvin Overdorff, acting mayor, and City Controller W. H. Dawaon, waa granted and tho cofits aeeessed against the city. Tho court also holds in ite opinion that it hae the inherent right, by reason of the provisions of the state constitution, as part of the sentence inflicted upon J lay or Caufflel following conviction of misdemeanor in office, extortion, perjury, conspiracy and keeping a gambling house, to remove him from office. WOMAN BECOMES NEW POSTMASTER AT INDIAN CREEK M,rs.. Sophie Colborn has been appointed postmaster at Ind'ian Creole, Payette county, succeeding George W. Shoemaker, deceased, according to information made public at Washington, D. C. Mrs. Colborn was appointed at. the recommendation of Congressman Samuel A. Kendall. FOUR CHILDREN IN SINGLE YEAR FOR OHIO COUPLE LANCASTER, Oliio, Jan. 2--For the second time this year Mr. and Mre. Vincent Kemp of thie city are announcing the birth of twins. Jaet January 4 Ihey hecame Lho parents of twin boye. On Tuesday another set of twine, a boy and a girl, were born. All of the children are living. Summit SUMMIT, Jan. a.--William Dennis of Mariauua was calling on relatives here. Miss Geraldine Morgan o£ Uniontown is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bwhig Hess. C, Van Frost and daughter, Buth, o£ this place and Ralph Burkey of Trotter were among those who attended the funeral of Mrs. Hazel Strong McCracken. Mrs. Sadie Bell of Kansas was here visiting her sister, Mrs. A. S. MoirriB. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Traft of of rittsburg were here yesterday visiting relatives. Uea our "wam-t" advertisem-eari,. ..,.. a coffee Wth i Rayor so good you can even boll it and It won't be bitter. T! .e vacuum tin sealf in the Fre hness ... right up to the mom :nl of use. Aflc your grocer tor Royal Sc*riet Coffee. It's j oodl ,. R. C. WILLIAMS J. CO., INC. II TMMINAL WAV -- tTTSMOH, PA. Point Marion Defeats (lasey Club Dribblers POINT The "Casey' 1 Club v to 17 by the Point'M last night at Point MB that went into an ex the end ot the regul tally stood at 37. The line-up: Point, Marlon--20. Hoffarth F. Miller ..._ *'· Rabbins -- -- C. S. Conn - Cl. RlUgeway IT. Substitutions--K. C- Costello for Ridgewi Schilling, AVilh! Cor P 1 Field goals--Miller Conn 3, Fereivuha, S' Phillips S, Dfrclementi FoulB--Hoffarth, 7 1 out of C; K, Conn, J tello, 1 out of ·!; Schl! as defeated 20 rion AH Stars ,-ion in a game ra period. At ition time the Cnseys--17. Ferenchua Schilling Phillips ,,.. DeClementi MeCloery ·nn for Miller, y, Brown for imps. Rabbins, S. hilling, Brown, 2. N it of S; Miller, out of U Cos- Ing, 1 out ot 1. DickeicaonRun ruCKBUSON RUN, Poole and Mlaa Vlrgli dluo E'oole have retu homefi at Morgantown very pleasant visit he Mrs. .T. C. Stlckel. Mre. "Wilbort Mick* Billy, Mre. Ccor?o x 1 Orover Allen /uid ec-r Oglovee, Mre. W. A. and Mre. CharlcK Gut ping in Conn-ellevllle William Wnlknr o was the guest of fri-eii' nlng. Paul IJuggan of Coi Inifilncte csUlar here It Mrs. Charles Wile her home nt Greensln after epondlng the du. of friends. William Harbaugh, been 111 at his home weekfi, ia improving. Mrs. Gcorgn Levot day vlsitinB h t r paroi Wilikuu Holland at T fan. 2.--Harry la and Berna- Tjerl to their W. Va., attor a e with Mr. and r, Thelma and tathhUrn, Mrs. 'L,eeter, Oliver tonner «nd Mr. Sck were Btfop- n Saturday. Oon nolle villa s here last ove- nellsville was a st evening. · n returned to rg la«l evening here the gueat Sr., who hais or the past tew ;ood' aponi the is, Mr. and Mre. otter. Ruf fsd ule , Jan. Arnholt, Vector of Church, held a Christ o'clock Christinas mo well attended. ChWw school rendered a ni day evening. iWr. and Mra. Joli nounco th-o birth of a Memorial Hospital at Monday morning. Mrs.' Louie Snyder funeral of her slat Burn worth of Ohiopyl Mra. Mary Hhutt r home near Greensbur several months with Mre. Sara Weightnmi Mrs, J. J. Huebam funcixil at her cousin, of Young wood. John M u r r y of Eve ness caller here Thu '.--Tlev. AV. B. Zion Lutheran nas service at G ndng which was a of the Sunday ·2 program Sun- i Bennett an- fion born in the Mount Pleasant , ^ attended the ir-in-law, Mrs. · on Friday, turned lo her ; after spending her daughter, attended the Mra. Ellen Ixmg son was a buei- sday. ,' Results ! Sure ! W'hen you uee Olaseifled Ada. in T-h'e lally C nrier. Tlie cost ia aniadl, results aie big. PAINT UP! A dollar's ^vortl of satisfaction for eyery O'B e you spend. Call FOX'S And You'll Get Itl Phone .'!«. Concrete Blocks We have re chased concr plant i'rom S. located on Met West Side, C Pa., and can fi grade, all size i building block? ently pur- jte block M. Grimm, son Street, nnellsville, .rnish high ·, concrete Consolidated Goal Supply ( ompany Phone J700, ftt'l food, third vail. If you order groceries, meats or produce from the West Side Market you will benefit in three ways. First, through the always-excellent ^quality of the Second through the; prompt delivery^ A n d by reason of the especially low prices that pre- We list some our our extra-specials: FRUITS VEGETABLES Cooking Apples, 4 Ibs 25c Cmnberries, per Ib ....25c Grapes, 2 pounds 25c Florida Oranges, large, dozen SOc and SOc Catifornia Celery, 2 stalks 25c Celery Hearts, Ige bunch 25c Head Lettuce, 2 for 25c Somerset Potatoes, peck ...49c Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds ...25c Pa r snips, Turnips, Carrots, etc. Brookfield or Cloverbloom BUTTER Print or Rolls 47c Ib; Sandwich or Potato Bread 3 loaves 25c Wisconsin Early June Peas, 2 cans 25c Arbuckle's Rolled Oats, 3 boxes 25c American Beauty Baked Beans, can lOc La Premiata Tomato Paste, 3 cans 25c Snowflake Powdered Sugar, 2 pkgs ~.23c Crisco, pound cans ,. ,....25c Kippered Herring, 8 oz. tins lOc Libby r s Apple Butter, ! large cans !..45c "Our Brand" Coffee, per Ib 33c Neighbor Seedless Raisins, pkg lOc Neighbor Pan Cake Flour, 2 pkgs 19c Van Camp's Hominy, can :. lOc Komo, Sweet Cream and Pillsbury FLOUR $1.10 Monarch Catsup, 3 large bottles SOc Hogsett £orn Meal, 10 Ib. sack 38c Pillsbury Flour, 5 Ib. sack 29c Hogsett Pastry Flour, 15 Ibs 25c Sunbright Cleanser, 6, cans 25c Friendsville Buckwheat, 10 Ib. sack SOc Friendsville Buckwheat, 5 Ib. sack 25c Neighbor Milk, 10 tall cans 98c Gold Dust, large boxes, each 25c P. G. Soap, 10 cakes 37c Chipso, 2 large boxes 39c We Sell Mrs. Gibson's Home Made Pies Government Inspected M E Eor Stewing or Frying C H I C K E N S Full Dressed 38c Ib. Sirloin! Tenderloin, Round STEAKS Breakfast Bacon, 4 to 5 pound pieces, per pound Zoller's Sliced Bacon, per pound Chuck Roast, per pound Zoller's, Whole, 8 to 10 Ib., Skinned Hams, ib, Liimb Chops, per pound Pork,gausage, loose or link, per pound Pork Shoulders, whole, per pound Fresh Spare Ribs, *}(}** per pound Veal Roast, home dressed, per Ib Leg ot Lamb, per Ib Rendered Lard, per pound Pork Chops, per pound m 25c 25c Fresh Hamburg;, ground, per Ib Pork Loiu Roast, pound Veal, Pork and Bee..', ground i'or meat loaf, 3 pounds Veal Breast, ^^f* per pound wOC W m '9 f Rib and Rump Roast, per pound Neck Bones and Fresh Pigs Peel, 3 Ibs Skinned Fresh Hams, -8 to LO Ib. average, whole or 'half, per pound 30c 35c 15c SOc Plenty of Parking ,Sp'«ce at the West Side Market 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. We Deliver. 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