The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE D.aXUT CCnjKIEK, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 2C, 191S. SaUu uitrirr. HJ5NKY P. SNTOEK. ar uxt Editor, US7»-131t K. SL SNTOEE. Prwldent. XAS. J. DR1SCO1L, rer. Suiinou -JOHN I^OASB. Man»Klnc' Editor. : TTAtTBK-S. STDOOtL, City Editor. ' . 1USS tTNNE B. KINCKli, ·' Society Editor. MEMBER OP Associated Prc8«, Audit Bureau of Circulation. PennjylT»nl» Associated Dailies. Two cents per copy, Sftc per m o n t h : :»3 »er ySar by" mail !t paid In advance. "Entered as second class matter at the postofflee. Connellaville, Pa. Guard or PennsylTani*. At tbat ttare there was no sach a draft upon the TOQUE men of the community who irere eligible for military service as there is now, but then still remain many who should 1e prompt, to apply" tor membership in the present temporary successor to Company* D. None con tell to what extent we will be obliged, to provide soldiers for overseas service before tbo war closes, hence those wbki have a desire to be of that number, .but arc now now eligible for call, wift find training In Lht militia an excellent schooling. Moreover, it "will be a form oC patriotic service for ihe state of Pennsylvania has neer] of men jut as has t'.ie Ur.i- ted. States. r TCKSDAT Mount Pleasant is developing a n u m - ber nl dislov-aj citizens b u t the are applyms eftfcctlve methods in deal- ins \\ ith t h e m . tTve a tcrm.- w*******'**'** 1 * 1 * 1 *******'****'**'*'''''? ' Tlio Wvs arc l^avtnfr uarrrp cwry «. ft.--**^ V*». ' S^^J^rSVuH,?'«l"Em£ TMAS ·· 2 "l l l l ^ c ^ t h e - b o y n .u e j?oi-- Hospit^l'mi U V: . A . "Fort * - MQlthereon. Atlaiym (ia. Z l i tl"' ».ir broad m.ulc .L r c t l u c t i o n o f . ]* \iypH K. SLUJKTl, I , -" P 1 '" cont In pr!-** as w*il RS m floor H, s'lSth t n f i i n t r y . ? content, u would gntn .ibotir-JO p e r i L" S. X. \.. * Cfiit in f a \ o r .met a I mo*.' as much in ' . - Camp 1c#, Petersburg.. Va. ? fl \\or. ' of Tb ' The Associate*! ?r* fl» Is "S- clusivcly entitled to :li* use £or rejmbllcation of r,1! "news- dia- patcfca--crjeilited . to. it or - not othfenrlne credttrd m this paper and also the local n e w s published herein. N.iturally -wr- all consider htcf the me..! of de:id cattle-, but the Health Board insists that n cow dymff a n a t u r al lftuh due^ n u t maJie be?f. CONNELLSVILLE EVIDENCES ITS INTEREST IN WARl ; COJIPI J.SOKV .SAVI\«: 5KXT. '· ^oroc persons, m faci {[uue u aum-' .ben are inchupd to tie belief that ' Food Administrator Hoover is o^er-, '. stating the facts ot the food situation; j Cnnnnucd from Page One. \ that he is placia'g VmSue emphasis I ln ti 1Q cantonments in the United ; upon the necessity for stjli further · states, there were 350.000 on the Eu; conservation of supplies; that he i ropean battlefields. "We are going m- 1 agluns;peop.le to submil to economies! io this war. not for the purpose, I which -are verging npo'i hardships- j hop?, of this 'government in- \V'e do not believe so. rather are «-el ! o a military government, but for the! inclined to accept as conclusive upon purpose of destroying a military ma-1 this niatu-r the confirmation s»cn | ( p -hme that threatens the peace of all. Administrator Hoover's statement b! i i believe the purpose ot our President the report of the Hoirc Agriculture ^ I3 to demand the disarming ot all Committee which declared that. "The'nations." food situation afa r. affect.s our allies is Speaking of renditions at ihe can- becoming so critically serious r.s to! toriraems. Representative Sterling ·»;arr^nt the-committec in the belief. 5au i : -Qf all tile nations in the world ; taal.tie irrcesbity'lij iip.m us ot adopNr s.nce the'begiuiung of time, none has inx Compulsory rnethods-of conserva-| called its' joung me'n and siirroimd- ! tieain certain well den.'ied directions."; ff d them with the social morals and It is to be presume j. in the first, medical protection as the government place, that Administrator Hoover has by which we are governed. Don't correctly informed himself of the food worry about your boy. His moral THE DECOY KltS. GJUFT 8 Ifappy Affair i resources and .requin ments of our ' welfare ls WO I1 cared for. allies and that his aupe ils to American | don't believe me, ask him." If yon consumers are based -,ipon the needs j as he has found them to exist. "We "I got a letter somo time ago from a man in my district," said tjjc coned me to demand road men be sent rations for the past nro years or back from the cantonments to their are veil ayare of tin fact that the gasman, "who ask European nations have Seen or. short that the H.OOO raiir Arrancpd for M u r a n n Scuttilalr. Special to The Courier SCOTTDALJO. Fi-b. 26.--Friends and, neighbors gathered at the homo of ~ I:I:ST -- .\[i;Bi.r Fi~nxisni:i. fur l i p l i t lH)»wkPf [unt; All ' Mra. \V~lHiam Grjtft near Scott dale and helped to ceJcbrate Mr*. Graft's -i!Oi ; anniversary w 1th a surprise pan;. i All bad a jolly ttmt: and d. nice luncii was served. About 60 persons attend- [ 1-UU i:!?M*--ON'W STUKK I'.OOM. nth ^ r o ' - ^ i y a n d b u t - h « r altoii 2x- u r ^ o I n j u r e T 11 " Vine street. KOIl TiKN'T -- ONE Ffl'.SlSHED oom M*i 'i:l.t mu^ekoijimir rouni^. I n q u i r e at JO J 1. vs. Cr.s-wforrt avPnuc. ed the affair. Muiy ot them brought ·~^7T.~T7;^mTiTTT^' aJong useful gifu with which- the lady for Yrhom the party was arranged was literally showered. '-ill: I ' . K N T -- I H R H 1 C .V1CKLY K l l U - h t d rt",jn . '" n J i j r h l hou^ekecpinj.'. ii us«. .ji t i l t h .NM c h i M n n i r r properly .iuthcnticat»d for ^ U l r m o n t JAifKS 1. COCHRAX, A d m i n i s t r a t o r o t ,1. C o n n c U s v i M f , !'A. It. .',. MAY. i A t t o r n e y . I3jxn6!.-tufw «*TATK'WiNT OK CIKCt L.VTION. l State of PtmnaylTania. County or Fay- ; i OtIC, Fh, Before m«, lh* subscriber, ,1 Nouiry i Public w l t n J n And for Haid C o u n t y and Staifj. pi*r3or.u.lly »pp^.ir-ifl J. \Vylle n-iscolJ. who bfiiitf d u l y s w o r n according: lo law. did depose and «n : That ht» is Ajiai^tant Manager of Clr- culation of Th« Courier, a. d.itly newspaper p u b l i s h e d In Conncllcville, Pa,, and t'l.u ihe n u m b u r of paptnr primed it-* w e e k e n d i n g Saturday, Our stores are supremely well prepared for spring sewing'work. Evsry housekeeper is preparing or about to prepare for spring sewing, and every good merchant is also preparing to supply them with the material for spring sewing. It would he useless for UH to specify the number of advanced styles of ne\v goods for suits and dresses, under%vear, shirt waists, and skirts, and dropping that line altogether, there is mud] spring sewiug to be done for house furnishings; window curtains, bed clothing, sheets, pillow slips, and many other articles. You know about them better than we can tell you. The Cnioit Supply Company stores are prepared, they bavc everything you want. There are thousands of yards of gingham, domestic and imported, stytes designed to meet every desire, striped, plaids, foulards or calico prints, plain shade?, color combinations galore. There are imported linens for towels, for table cloths, etc.. ^3111 what is the use of specifying--a better way is for you to come and see. . The new stocks are all in, displays are now complete. 83 Xarge Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJlegnen- Counties. longer. W e also knou thai they are'jobs, so that the congestion in the ·without labor with vrl ich to produce| country would be relieves. Well, T anything like a crop oven 1 answered that man's letter as best II ^TerT merchant, every bank aril under rile intensive methods of cul- could, but I wiJI te]l vou now, wbat^usiiiess mim advocates buying at, tivation. WP arc no less aware of i coulclu't tell him then. Those 14.000 bomp - Tben let us ghe you prices on; tne fact that the -war is apparently no O f railroad men were not in the army nearer air end than it ras a year ago,' cantonments of this country. They Z. and thai the Eood producing capabili-· -were then slipping out of some At, ties of the countries engaged in it are lanuc port, aboard a transport and _ Jessjather than greater this 5 ear than \ are now on the fields of Europe, op- "tastT "\vn" this' knbir]c«1pp. which ^raring tbp railroad =3 carrying Piip- rvery well informed \merican ousnL ph^s to American boys In thc to tntve, it becomes! plain that the de-, trenches." ' . Viands u£ our o*n r-.r»d -Xdministra-. Congressman Sterling gave much · tiou for Jarger production and more credit to the navy of the United States rigid economy in use cannot be madcjfor the manner in which the trans- too_urgent. . - j ports jvere .being convoyed to Europe. TVhl.'e we hare maCc a certain ad-1 Ho said that' all the troops, the loco- ranee in th? direction of food saving.'.motives, the irachmtry and aupplief we are.-so-far behiuiL the people of (that were take-i over, were all safely Dther countries* notaily England, in" 1 convoyed b the silent operations ot ' aur consei'^'ation pradicer.. that we our navy. --' may be said to Juve 'earned only tht* f The speaker referred to pro-Ger- rudiments. If it \ver* merely a ques~| ra ans who Eire in this country al-" tion of learmns how to save, thc Foodjtemptiag -to spread propaganda. "I Adminibtrauon would have Sess oc-1 want to congratulate your maor, and your »b work ibis coming year. The ; -Courier Job Dept, rou SAI.B-- K i i ; i i T i o o M o r s K uili-.-M ,N rth Srottd.vle r S V A U L ' ut tUI-. r... U f u M ' l - v i ,(!· 23 I l l s , p Ptj t S ..... fi.tV'l K- b I ? ... fijt-j f.'b JO ... o r.i'2 wa« i\y f o l l o w s K c h :i ... G n'i l-'-f. JJ . . . . O o u t I.-fti J- .. t , 7 i « | f OK u.f-;--i CVM.\(I;R I'OPI i 11 v-tuTti l . i l i Tno-i-l I n q u i r e MILS. { V ATK'J.\«.V. i t 7 \\'sst A f M ' J ' 1 li- KOR SAIjE--il.VK n ol *.Ll)l-. ' K a t h i- f p f,,r i','» ro 3 t «, ^ i ( I'l S--ottiI.tif. i'.i WANTED -- TOUR business. KENDIXK'S io". h\i.r,--v, inn: WYA.XDOTT'-: i-HC.s l"r h.Hchlli(, A d d r r - . KM.V \ ·· ', iJ'^' 1 * 5 Star !.oiu,. .,- .,, 1 | E i ' l l rhtme, Scotldalc. 30fr Hinx- 3 ' -Cfob-'t' 1 J a n f t trv . . 175 ai,,I I n p d.,ilv clrcul.ition by for t n o v f . i r 1.417 to date u .13 l o w s - t 3 t 7 J a n » a r .......... 1ST. 201 Vebruao ........... t30 S5- Marcs AprEI May c.r.33 rnonlhs .IS f o l - itontli Da.ily Av B . S 2 J VTA-NTKIJ--THIRD TRICK COOK. AT | J. te 0. Jtestaurant. 2 ' - f c U t t i . casion to repeat its Tajunctiona. U n - i r a!s « to congratulate tae young . - fortunately some people manifest a! m e n ot chili citv who silenced a man determination not to learn, or through who 'H'ered the praie of the Kaiser a lack of understandiiii; have failed to realize the necessity ,or saving. This fact. Jn conjunction with the knownr: seMo_ua- need o£ ,aur allies, is influencing members of Congress in in a hotel here recently." said the congressman. He also spoke of the operations of the German sympathizers elsewhere. I "Why don't you hang them?" "was consider the adoption of compulsory ; ^e question ot a man m the audience. methods of consfervalion. IE such tep must be taken is a measure to safeguard the food supplies, those who ith the policies Your government.' the congressman answered, "is now busily en- in getting men into thc camps roll .SAT.I;--TWO ;t'H uric PA.S- Bi"i KIT K.,rils. :»o 1917 M ^ i w o l l IV- passenpfr, tint- I* 1 !! MUctU'H \i\t pas- C11AMBEK-j 1317 fine' p«f,M-r:rr Pnigf. W i l l do- maid. ARMSTRONG'S RESTAUilAAT , niunytr-if Call 7.3 Tn-. y tate DI"XB.\R CO ZOfcbLId .VTEI--OtRI, Ff)H G I Z N I w '*- *»« vine «r«t. iSfv J U T l f J u l y . . . . October N o v c i n h T D e c e m b e r US. 131 I S S 1 8 0 H'J 16: Hl.CS! t 3 , 5 T u ... .1$C :t; . . . . . 1 S 3 I P - 15S SH WA.VTBD--COOK 5.5H J.S67 3^'C S.H3 s.n; 5.167 «!l27 6,134 Have You Anything FOR SALE or RENT Do You ·WANT Anything Try our Classified Ads You Get Results WANTED--BXTPEIUENCED PIANO I pUvor .It JteCKORirrS 5 AND l i e . WANTED--BOY TO ACT AS POItTKK i and w o r f c * l n WANTED--GIUL, housework. 204 E.-t J. C. MOORE ISfcbtfa i 1 FOR G B K K K A L 1 rt faycue. f 2 3 f e b l t WANTED--A OOOP MAS WITH family to take care of farm. Api»ly J. L. HTADEIt. iJfubetrt FOK fsAliB --KODEU.V HOLSK | sf vcn rD"m«, hot air f'jrT.-\ce. e n t i r e , h u u ^ e finistiet! In hardwood. Hardwood Hpors, deep prr-i-vtrf. ormoiucit j n - d^r e n t i r e house: Hlanonary l a u n d r y tul's. cornbinarind cJiandcllcr?. J.trse I b.Ull All room e prt\,ae, front arid ( liiLk porci 1 Miti-e w i d t h of houst' Third Ward. *.-' n ] neiRhborhonrl Price-| 53,000, worth J5.000 Owner lives away I reason for st'llr-.f,. MASOX Rl^AJj KS- TATE OI-'KICK. Second XaLionai Bank TotjJ 151.341 5,553 And f u r t h e r haeth not. J. WTLIK DRJHOOI.L Swnrn to and subscribed beforu m« this USilh day of February-, 1918 J. B. KLT1T2. X p. | FOE THE WOEKOfGMAST SOUTH CONNELLSVIIiE LOTS ARE BAEGATNS. SEE CONNELLSVILLE EXTENSION CO. j , '^ it trora me, that vour government will l.ged to suffer the mconveniencK, U,« ( t h e n reacil ',^ t a ^ d ^ care of tSMe more patriotic have w.Ilmgly accept-, k l m l of . m e n T appea , lo Amencap *" as tBC ' r ""?'· ;cili4cns in civilian clothes to take care ..,,,., K .. rvT , v ,r,,r,t ?! lhe Cerman sympathizers until we Ulh K^SLKTI, «tr,lij.. ;ar? ready to handle them." Thc work of organising a militia re- \ Coogressraan Sterling again reEer- in Pennsylvania, to take the WANTED--EXPEl'.IBNCKU CA.SI1- | ier w i t h k n o w I e d K e of bookfc^tilJinff. [ Apnl "y., ' car« Courier. ^l?fe-btfd WANTED--SECOND HAND TTI'E- wrltcr. Call Boll 13-K, 01- Trl-^t.-ue SS-W. Mount Me.iSinu :3fcbtf IVANTBO--GIRL, YOB. CKNEKAI, nous, work No -prashln^ or irotlinf;. f,'a3! Trl-SUtc 4~Z-\V or at 132 West Pouch street. 23fjb:Jt tlrarni. STR\Y1.,H--J"CiLI.I.K HOG. UNLI- cenfir-t!. no co'lnr t-i premit-os of C. Ij. McGinni^, K.u«t I'.iul can have sa-TOtf by juyiliK lor this ad anr{ keep ,, .^ . the | r ed to the navy and said that there ,' pTace or the T«ation:a Guard now in-' were riany boys Iroro His city and j j r ' ,_. the tederal service, is now actively, county engaged in the dangerous _ ; under way. Sonfe of tie units have; work ot carrying men and munitions ;; been mustered-in-aad others'ar e -in across. Some have touched at Euro- ;· process of being formed. Cornells- pean ports four times, but never at .. \ille is to be the headquarters^ oE aj-the-same place twice. They don't company, one platoon of which" is to I know where they -were before and tlrey fcejoca.te.d. a.i.Jount. Pleasant. En- | don't know where they will touch next. foiling the menrbers of tiis command! But it won't be long until the navy . . nellsvile soldier, with long experience [silenced that su -- to.- tbo National Guara 'having 'been i "I believe that -- commissioned car-tan. ·United States -has forever bmaritie, he said, that when this conflict is lover that the valor and sacrifice of 1VANTKD--A HOOD SIX OH SEVEN room house, South Kide preferred. "Will lease !»· ttu 1 year or for :i term AdclrcbS X, care The Oour- 2E,febtf WANTED--A HOUSEKKEPEK. AP- ply CEO. HIXBNBAUGH, Hilltop, Dunbar, between the hourB of 4 anu 7 o'clock P. .\I. Am home aii day on Sunday. "2feb4td* 11KWAI1I1--A U B K R A t KCWA RT ! will bo p.tid for thf 1 return uf a robe I and sp" iloinetei htofen fnnu tfn car that H-iiJ lead'tn tile /·onviotion of th' pruiity person WANTED--MIXERS WANTED WHO | are studyinff for eraminations to get the best mining book published. "Min- inc In a Nutshell." by JAMES WARDLAW, Scottdale. Pa. Price $2.25. w i t v wounr BECAUSE . to find tlie huit to BUIL you ,it the .store Ordo.- it lu're. 1 irjored nrclutivolv for you and made the way vo\l" We only make high-class carmen!?. S.iiv La Chimn.i. i09 Tittsburs atrcel Con- ni'llaville. Pa. LOfebtt ·WANTED--EXPERIENCED CABH- .tnd steiiographer for department · duty of organizing'tlis force." '.Asi'de eluded- from the State Cons^biilary the btato. Miss Jfary McConnell gave several is without an organized or trained v oea! numbers, -singing the ''Star , .body of men. an emergency !Fnanglcd Banner" at the close jl the . "within our borders requiring the serv- I frogrram. She also appeared in a I ice of any considerable nuaibes or clever sketch as Liberty, singing i officers.' There is little likelihood that! "America' Here's My Boy." i such service wil! be required, but when j Congrpssman Sterling was present- it 'is remembered that there is a dis- I P | J *V Rev. G. W. Buckner. Before loyal eleiueSt of considerable propor-j 3110 ' sfter the address moving pictures · tions m the state. a;id with a disposi- I wero shown. ; t ion to foment di: order. upon the! R-A. Neville played the part of Uncle -siightfst pretext; it .3 :he part al fol- SRm ar " 3 Herben Baum, son of B.ev. · ly if we do not prr »re to cope with i ao1 ltrs ' H. A. Baum of Dawson represented the "boy," in thr- son^, "Amcr- 'f». Here's My Boy." JUsA Pearl .Keck presided liiano. WANTED--WHITE AND COLORED laborers for regular work. Nine hour day. time and one-hail fo- o v e r t i m e Stake twelve hours. MEMPHIS STl;r:L CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OP PE.VX- SVLVANIA, Oreenaburff. Pa itifeLitfd StoekkuCdern' MctllnB. A incril-.s oE the stockholders of the Conneilsviilo Tuundo'. Xtaclunc .t Steel Ca-sting-a Company will lie held at th" olfirc of t!ie contp.iHy \\ Ooti- nellf-vllle on Timann^, Itarcli 1^ MIS .1.1 2 00 o ciotk l M . f 0 1 the uurpos" of electing di-.-ctois ;lnd ti'ailKactinc such otiicr ah ,nay propyrl\ come beforp the meeting u. A BAP- TESSL.AGEU. K.-crctary. 20fcb3t-tues, HOE FOR THREE DAYS ONLY Thursday, Friday and Saturday Feb. 28 and March 1 and 2 Clearance Sale of Broken Lots of Dependable and Stylish SHOES AT REMARKABLY LOW PRICES WANTED--ANT KIND OF fRUJT- Iny, whether it is a calling card, sale, bill or the finest engraved wedclilly InTitation or announcement. We prim ! anythlrig--even'thlnr--do it promptly , and do it ripht. COUMER-office. Call the man at T1I3 Both phonus. 27-t£ RuOM H O L S K " '"'' B " sttuatioti. r\ ,~ -.r. .*.- . ^ , . ,,., 1 - - . i 1 .. , 1C .-.· ' ; -»e!l5v;nc bas n*rer bten witlionr . i~i · ·! i .. , ^ " I'iaDo. i . '-- "' -oia--.J *·'. . l j. on RENT--VROttr OFFICES ON tiie state \\hen Lompiuiy D. nos liftnrns to Camp. 'secona floor ot Dunn Evans build- called into the federal service ia-;is. a William .\fartray. a member of the! '"*· In i«'ro of HARRY DCNN. cc-tupany of. tie pro-dsional gnard was ! 110th. Regiment'Hospital corps, left! ?Ja -"' tfli promptly organJied to take its place. | this morning for Camp Hancock, Aug.! FOR.RBNT--O.VE THIRD FLOor. servias and] the in«h Regiment -wae j nsia. Oa_ after spendlog a. fnrtmigh! -**' _""" it " 1 conrooiencot. r ,tt Sonth rattotti to its j»tere m tiic "Hnml j if his bora 31 the West Side. ESTATE OF lil.tZABI3TI[ UAUXUS lnl, oC the Oily of Oonnellnvillr, County' o^ F.iyette and Stat.; of Penn.1. b e t t u i s of on d. b n., c. t. a , on the above named ebUitp havinu been granted to thc undersigned, notice ia hereby siven to ail persons indebted to said estate t r-aUe immctllate payment .and to tiioae having claims n-praln^ the sfinie to present tht-in [jroiicr'v authetitn-atcil foi s f - t t j e m ^ n t JAMES 1,. XlX'HKAN, Admnustrator d. b n, c t. a , ConnclI^ViDf, r.t TI. o MAY. Attorne.s 2?ian6t-luiw ' Ailiuinlstrutur'x A'o H. le, CuUiny aylviir.U a. on L h e , * s ESTATE UF l.ui. o[ the City of Conner; of F.iynie and State of Letteiy of adin nist.-ation above n.imed estate having been grnrted lo tlie undersigned, notice is hereby given in all peraonP indo'nlcd fo ralri estate to vcako tmroedMte payment ,ADri to lhotw» bavu]0r ciatrow aca.iti2t the 3ame to present them One lot Women's Colored Kid and Combinations from $G to $7.50 at $4.85 One lot better Colored Kid Shoes from $7.50 to $10.00 at onlv $5.85 One lot Women's Patent Leather Lace and Button Shoes, $3.00 to $5.00 al $2.65 One lot better grade Patents from $3.00 to $7.00 at onlv " · $3.65 One lot Women's Dull Kid and Gun Metal Lace and Button Shoes, from $3.00 to ?4.00 at $2.65 One lot splendid values in Dull, Lace and Button, from $4.00 to $0.00 at $3.65- One lot Boys" Shoes, tan and patent, lace and button, $4.50 values al $3.15 One lot Boys' Kid Shoes at only $1.65 One lot Men's $4 to $6 Shoes at - $2.95 Hooper Long do not often offer cut prices, but when they do the prices are low and the footwear reliable*. This is your opportunity to save Dollar.'*. J , , . Hooper Long 1O4 West Crawford Ave., Connellsville, Pa,

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