The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 17, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 17, 1964
Page 6
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The Ottawa Joi&nai, , . - . PualuUd by". '! 1 , TH Journal fhltri)in'' Co. of Ottawa Ltd.? HI Quaan St. tit Mparki sr;,' Ottawa. Ontario. 1 MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1964 '... For, Canada's Sake The meeting of the Commons party. in Us full significance: I. To establish contributory pensions spoke eloquently of how, tf a day darker than this, Macdoriald and Brown (orgot tbejr ieud and stood togiAer. x JlXjem. It will bTff andlanf '11? tomorrow, they !indM Pearson and Mr. Diefenbaker in the same high tradition! ' " ' "v Achoo leaders called for tomorrow must re Moi,eople rather enjoy the linger- port success, not only for Parliament's ,n oav 01 summer, tne-g e a s o n of own sake but fbr Canada's sake. .... J,arvsl nd he whiff of spice in the Th .vUlino nn.ifinr. I. ImnnuiM.. Jir- ut Spend the CXt 40 .slnVagainst the good aritish traditlo; "lti2! impatiently th of sensible compromise. , .nd """.c" be pldked, out, .. . .ui jpaljyr- this time of year. Note the r.YW ri-a h .&JSd'took in eye. the twitching divided on it -motional taMCt,.MW. W much any more; t h e J r. smvle has become a grimace. One day , become sterile. , .. l! wiH heave .convi u .L.i.'i..I. 7 vi-, tracks,. WinviileiiAlv . ..W-a -S J ' . mcmotii nave lamca merqives aoymalf lafie, twist into horrible pre-Mal-us Into this lmpasse.Mr. eSarson lw, wtfeniaks, and they will sneeze sistett his proposition must be met on Again.' Ahd again. And again. Thus his term and Mr. Diefenbaker aa 'r,..wju they ealute the coming of thrag- ' , .wiivivooij twiiuga lu Ilia upjAauiuit ku II Weed SOaSOn. M "5 - l and. he rules 0 parliamentary debate are such that his opposition can be almost interminable. To what gain their rigidity? " Any flag that Mr. Pearson might ram through in these circumstance! would serve as'asyrkbpr Of division rather than unity. Canada cannot afford that. , , ii And as to legislation the cost of Mr. Pearson's clinging to his course is Inriaflfiita nntnnnmMit of th fnllnw. , One out , of every 30 people on .this earth suffers in varying degrees from hay fever, Some cannot, lay their heads J on a feather pillow. A cat in the room reduces others to a weeping wreck. Many a fchblar has been'tugned awaV 1 . rtl tiu,tottcat research byf duay Xs books. There are women who can't cook With, flpur, who, can't even powder .their, noses. There are victims of tree pollens In Spring, of grasses in amid -Summer. ' i 1 CCMMONSl I IrfW. Jr' -T'.. K'. ' leases l ii,j 1. .r si Tr.- -S 'Pull his tetth then I'll help to get him out' ana moia spores ail bummer long. H m " aM- Think cannot take part in the regular article, to the public. The pro- mnuence. r- --- . . . ....... .1 . ...... -.. . .. . : .' irig business let us weigh the list wagweea pouen wanea pn uie wina sdoui urn question you oauy activities. Resolutions on the order paper, put my tne most there by proposals: from mid-August to late. September, la. read -this. the Government, include naZ fever- - v common policy suited to national transportation ' comforts : 'of the curse they dread the conditions. '" ."' ' , cruel treatment they receive. from their .3.. To establish a crop reinsurance fellow man. Were their symptoms due program to supplement provincial crop to the common cold he would be sym-insurance plans. ' . 'pathetic from a distance. But when 1 4. To adoot a labor Code concernina he discovers they have "only 'ha; discrimination in respect of employ- ttver" he proveg to be as InsensiUve to ment and occupation. -S. To abolish local delivery rates for first class mail.. . . to create a department of forestry jand : rural development with the their miseries as to the allergens .them Old is Aged? " ' By ROSS MILLER hi Canadian Welfare ' We had tea in the office of cause' 0r; Mrs. F. is sn accomplished Mn. Verne' MacDougall. the rtufflebcid player. She often .dmlnl..r.,iv..,.i.un, who I. ceed. go into the funds of ths members' .ssoc'iatioiv to buy BCjJhJtU Against a Major Social Problem J-JEALTH MINISTER ERIC MARTIN says that venereal disease . hit oroDortioni French Press: Creditastesr. t Provincial reschSd epidemic ff PedeTfll? in British Colu. V CUV1U f-.''.''.i The minuter has outlined the " ,,. ... '. hel0 that is through LA TRIBUNE. Sherbrooke: doctors and clinics, to active . The.deciilon by the R.'.Ue- He has also called for mnt dei Creditiitei to enter better education on the subject. tht nmuiBrl ,M4 mm,ui n This .is excellent, though it nuiiM A litlla t'arHiltf Tnn one.. Re.l C.ou.lle had .aid many efforu to Inform the Mrl,er b w" "PP01 ta young nave been halted by an became the party pro- unscientiAc opposition to ade- gr.m was federal, but it w. quats courses in school, and by ,vident ,ht, M would ,bid, by an unwillingness In the home ... ... . ... .,., , to discus, what i. generally I of m,,or,,y 01 dlel-considered s distasteful subject, te 10 ,h Par,y convention. The situation in British Mr. Caouette now I. a fervent Columbia today indicates an lm protagonist of action by hii modiste need to remove the party in Quebec. ' , blinkers imposed by a concep- 0 A, the Ralliement Ion of modesty that has little , . , . . . ... place in a realistic world, F lik" Wer1 "h On the question of morality P"' ambition,; In effect, a Urger problem is encountered, however. It's s provincial party. Mr. Martin says the churches in federal politic.. It has little should do a lot more than they out.lde Quebec end are doing. But the churches Inclined to believe it csn influence only those they would be considerably more at can reach and they cannot home within the scope of pro-resch 100 per cent of the popu- vmcial matters. It could halation. They ; can, in fact, coma a Quebec version of the touch only a small fraction of Alberts and "British Columbia those most In need of morsl social Credit parties. it :! ri But that comparison must not Parents ., may have some be taken too far. There are significant influence' on the very few parts of Mr. Csouet-relatively small portion of 15- te's program that match thote a. 1 0-uaaat SkaU mmia ukUM- ttt Ar Man nine nr U Ranna Hie more I fortunate of their numberi attend Saturday night, dsnces. ... qua .imee rorw wor w.ti. - the incidence -or venereal aie- moreover, in tae im at .im . can flee' before the clouda at nollen In mteVr talent shows she e uooa umpanion. oy ner in- " u 'P""'T "lnl convention, csn tne party res ly - ia :F 1 T Vw k v ? performs with a "Gay NineUes" ,erMl ln W u her " , '" or br- sharply. They can expect to talk about, a provincial wing? and appoint a committee to examine the ''Z'' :"T XL 11 L . " P. dwetoi the Charleston juiness wperieaad.-aain.., 2T3 m " P 'ayor of nninn nlan "" 4V ",D and playing the part of Lily of uiscovereo mat ner tone on W to 33. wnere. tniectwn is s "new confederation" b.sed OS '- , i T, , .', u ' DU They sUgger about under the taHuence Laguna, Shaingssoprano In a theory of "assocUwd . 1. To implement pertain MacPlierson 0f drug, by day and cower behind choral group. Mrs. F. haa taken dinnr good manner, but evid- "" , ' 'Thia. of course, Is a major social .tates." but it, takes more than Com mission- ' recommendations tfghtly aut' Windows at nlgfit, -; up all these sctlvltles only in of the genuine friendline.. As we came to a narrow cor- problem. that on which to build a caber .consistent with a national transportation But even more than the nhvsical dis. recent veers. . i v ; ';..-hat warmth to the centre, rldor., I noticed a Bowling Lea- But nothlna should ateo a ent program; , A slim. ' vivsclous" woman, I caught only a few glimpses !U' scoreboard. Beside it wtu direct1 and rigorous" campaign ft became apparent at the five feet two and a half inches of Ml Muriel Hooper, the lmln'?JttrV rt. .I"ry 00 on the medical front. And in convention the party might have tall, she fairly sizzles with wit ecutive director, hurrying here w,.u oorn with five or six campaign a reluctance to (am( trouble divorcing itself en- and charm. The "B.E.M.? that and there. She had been des- paintings, abstract and reprt- tte,, jj, timA4 , tn uaj ,irtly of , ederl omionk. she is entitled to nut after her eribed to me bv Mrs. F. earlier: nluon, ne , "X memoers. name, stands for the British "She U just the perfect one for .1- v target with Ignorance. . Empire Medal, an award she this place. . You can go and r)N 'THE other side of that 1':'" .' '' - k lU.... . tillr In lu rraNilll,llii lrtum V. ,. . . .. . 4Tt A. Tl ? A mm InmUMiar Ainu iha I had mv nniinitlnn : . ' j-.L-,n.i .u 1. I "'W - -1 -7 uiMiiiiicu inapvis 1 oavaj vr selves, fit laughs rudely at their sneei-. Second World Wsr. She doesnl After tea, a. I toured the seen, Impressive In iu beautiful TTvaAevi ' Uancarrl ing. He upbraids them for their Stupid-' look It; she doesnt act It building with .'Miss Forder. f simplicity. It is a matter of r iUlU XliULSUU ity brought on by lack of sleep.: He Mr' iover 70. ; .: saw, no evidence of , "tea and pride that the hangings behind . VM-'V expresses disgust at their constant Therewas a time when ner .ympatny v it wasn t requireor the -altar had been woven by nifflina U, etarfa ,u;bu iinaaeilu whn wu uiiuu aim nci (.iiairH F' -- my mviiiuvts. : nmwnuniiiiaLiww tranafer Of certain officials from th LV. .1 .' 7 .i."". ' v." .i "... wi unshared. 1 The Winters" parent in the feces of all the .. .mu -ww-v services are held daily at noon; Thi. showed up in -certain rem- hition., such as the party's call for free distribution of Hansard, a matter that should be of no concern to a provincial organ-', liatlon. - . t- Some ' observer, accord the ftalliamant tittl rJianrai rS aue. V : ecu. But the party has pre- Paul Martlaeaa (C Pontlac- duced anme surprises, and we TemiMamingue): I think the shouldn't shun the possibility of vUtit.. fnrMtrv ainH .sntonlrur. stniart. 4 ."7 t0 ratCJltteir itching palates ,i -aoaciiv ua htf. "older" people (Mr.. Mac thouah the Centre w.. founded attitude ol the Ralliement other. JttenU. " r . , f 12 j I w c " I i-' 1 ,h Mi "" tired of myDougall had quickly corrected by the Anglican Church, only ,-, 1 m j mum room, walk tne snowy streets me wnen i reierrva m - ota one spectiicaiiy Anglican service . '" j room, walk tne snowy street m wnen i reierrea ro q one specillcaily Angi 1 T .. . l,tu u. . . . to reier to a committee uie urgent yn narA in th nn -ia thm w... . ..iu Mmit'i n,,r k w k.M (Credltlste) Is not only hypo- The next aeneral election wilt ' critical but is also opportunist, .how whether the Ralliement because It members were elect- wMI survive end whether 1he . .ii ... f ... .... ; ana, iikib wa v vara m lv l 1" .... - f i. in. w mi uivii.ii. '.. ff"" ""l.?- ?.--?Syi. .S.-??,Crea?.. mailvwh9.1iU.didrafr or the adult to, so I'd turn around snd'eome J a.ked whether I might come when we arrived back up-'' " " reform tick eL voters of Quebec are dl.po.edie who vowd ,h th,rd t 8. To provide tor. leni oi senators ais. .; Those are fist ome of the Item to which must be added the passage estimates and consideration of the istribution bill a matter of ui ency. .r ",:'-. We repeat, the party leaders must Succeed tomorrow. They have brought nemseives to tne point wnera tney can nly wave fists at each other bring aha Paarcnn ftaaion ara nrvarthal a ' to his former .assistant. , ; . ; Mr. Henderson and three others, in- flag? A flag la nothing It It doesn't .eluding a Journalist accused of. misre- j-epresent some ,common agreement and brotherhood. This is so of , any fountry. But tiow much mora of a ountry like Canada! ' V v ' Mr. Pearson has so handled things that everyone who opposes his own flag Idea is made to appear to be opposing 'f new national flag. ' t l k Nothing could be. farther, from the truth. Countless thousands who dislike porting Mr. . Kenyatta, had no appeal IV.v ' I.V ... .Tii:. Kenya, has been advising non-Africans was isr fm,Dr. to ioin Mr. Kenvatta's political party, have L' 'r8: embarrassing becauM H to the - The L lri.r" j r. .:IkV Gtrvernment'gi desire to make Kenya ,"1 Responsible for the. bitterness in thlp, KefryBk Mjre6ver, extensive etftnoraie .etaff of three, guided 0 me ; tJebate. Let him make clear that .M ,.lui tnnrinn ,. , through the Centre, which haal Sarliament should somehow select a ag It can agree upon 1 perhaps by giag it can agree upon - pernaps oy 4 Decision on the flag Is a duty of. Par-' (lament to be performed with great care jnd Parliament should not seek to A evade that duty by ordering a referen been turn '- ,' MiiriAaa natmna tn oft flvtrrB? i The Journal'lialvea io'. li.,... 1 11 ' '0 ' ' T -'f ' Shtnlt that imi la-aaixtnl will maan " Af t B DOmb ' W8JL fHanted - Bt , r of and see the piece), I thought: .uirs, a wet but unsubdued P"1 provincial party. T murtps. -least lie deserves-1st a f" F.ecame a member or out now samtieawcwia we. gwpo(&mp,nkMWW """,' symitethftic Geshuthe"iC ; r th, Goodto.mpaelons five People be without the good com- vigorou.Iy .hrugging raindrop h!1nktal JT. to METRO-EXPRESS, Montreal: a!i,r "y K. . years ao. Atout 500 men and panim.hip of the centre? . off .houid,,, They had P which had some W , .k.,,,.,,,.,, Pof cenl a. ( ( women nae ner you prooaoiy - , , , . j, s . ,iut come back from a bowling " ui,.lIka MnxiraaW-rrfft. -a; ii: e.11 ik,m nld iinih.rki ... ' . ' ' ... .. ii.,. f I time, if not to attain power at Mmtreal-tbe Montrealer fnJm ?nll" I", "7. " cd .;1 i. 1" .,Mt r0.." "7 :. .I:.-. U.t have a .ubeumui. y the other side of Berrt Street a - -T !. COVCrefl aDlace.tO CO. nennle . ... . . in annnar . M Fnrrfor arrant. asvehu ih Kenya t blur the t talk to. things to do. at TheJr i.w:rTl " "JJ? i one feHow. ru.a that hi, m the balance of power and alw always had the reputatloa image of Prime Minister. Kenyatta as Good Companion., a day eenw knlrtM. ua fkti core' of 127 and 12 were 10 Drm wu "ct """"f that he I. Incapable of develop- the moderate Jeader ol a .moderate """wa. ; in,h, tv room, the Friendly ou bad weath,, ""7 -ST-S M l,,,ew, to Mt' Tht rDU- African ovVrpment, aan wfcos llr.-.. 0. for exsmp w, er. ; , t tuTt-.T'tS t2 tstioa ha. gained accepumce OCiations with the bloody" Mau W ' ,member . ' ed in favor of conversion. - la ' Ju.t inside the main entrance, mi,"'n,t's. M throuah ttoMtkn to ..u v. ... ' y Good Companions for six year. -,h. ki,.k. u pri,k r t .a. tw kuii-m iv.rH. p.rh Rail ement. seeing that no one tarougn repsotion. ror uv ng no eaae to the flag Issue and no M, Keavatta had barely turned S .f "f UtV' he two regular cook, w., pre- was papered with notice, of ' " Ti " " 7 .. , e"" rogress to the business of government. from - Commonwealth nrlmemin- , "" "n"n" paring the oup for the evening film, socirt events, and com- ""T,. J J m "pp , The onus Ig'on th. Prime Mlnlster.E T. ,t - .upper are And there rwo -J.l 4 it is whd has told the Commona ia-.V::: . ZTL : ".I "1" I,." ..u. ruu,." '" served each day, except Sunday, on . , , ... iiiciiuohwih iium vvihsiciim. wiu.,i mcmivneQ nui mnm aian ( a.ncv at a iwloa tkat kafaltt wwar, tka Kara orvanltatlM must pas. mt flag or else. Mr :Mon bru8qi(e, dUmi.M of British .-ant. Jtsit a fww year. bKk,-he" ffiXZXS t?Sf3S arsons reputation was, Dullt in mninVPM in hi state remarked, "ahe certalnlv make i- .w. n..... t . -tra-. linuing cumprumiM in miwiiaiiuiiai , began. Mr. Ian Henderson, an assistant ; "r " now on aaiuroay ecu,-!, tw0 comfortable arav with other; jroup. . ,. C 5 ' disputes. It is tragic that his first commissioner of police and , born in nd hen, hVlf",fd chair, are provided for people ; While glancing5 through an W Government bay divide the country ' Kenya, was expelled on 24 Jhours notice ,rcJ" net 'ood touiuj with the wn() want to withdraw for a formaUve . brochure I Jotted and cripple Parliament's business on and the Insoedor General of Police.' HrJ?'?'.-A WMn 1 while, an elderly gentleman, the down note and chatted with a patter that calls for. compromise but on which he oners no compromise whatever. : . ;. ;':.' v ! Could any matter more properly call for compromise than the change of a Sir Richard Catlin, was criticized by tor going to the airport to bid farewell outlining tne mem- ; - 7 " , ' cal music. He heard It t.lil members', secretary, was busy , genial member who had harv- tin ' mriM swot aa i u, easa cAuniun emu wvym- shwlng the M,, ttlUM, for hic aas Wo during comtruction arfilistions 00 "andatc and which certainly of Place des Arts, and he'H hear tne duik or tne population w " wm. ,. - the province of Quebec wilt not However, nothing can detract follow,- ;.''; ,nm h 'lcl performance in t ' ; , , " '" . v the Grande SsHe of Place des Manet Umbert (C-Edmorf.' 'Aa' P'ayfd to M per cent Mr. 6. has a right to be a bit tf,, The chairs ..ted on threshln. crew, in mv Ion Wet): Alberta ha been "TV ,h! tmiw ,iMiif uniiM nr tn ka . . .... - --- . ; , . mmf couia nave Been ecnievea -r ena coucn wen unoccupieu; ap- noma province of Saskatchewan iaji. im w . . . . . JZ0"' T P1"' yeryone was feeHn, 45 year, ago, W. had a lot to apologiw for the dtltenk of J-'SSL-ITl Ztl Z r A:y .-L -f .0 members- Albta. but I ahould i Ilk. , r ..or' a1 ..... ..-. .... . - ; in me oawmem. two laaie mit be M or more, he was mma rvaryun uiai uoo piaceo , - ' r,,,, a. , A !MkM'!Li- ?"U k At were m,kin ,r,l"cUI nomtn certainly much older than 1: oil and ga. under the soil 2,. itTt ptesent he rooms In a house work,hop Ui.t rves for:fm tt. Yet we had a tot la of the-plalns. foothill, and r" "J' . wiui tour men wno wre, or are and craft and Drovldes maM. , - - mountain of Alberta, and man - r-- " " ' againai expulsion. , u maoei.M tk th. armv -Th. Il a "r"-. , - "T! J" concert, of el suics devoted sl- -m "'a8 " IK r'.r ' rm Staying -we' csll It ported larTl Wnii thi JaK S' 5T " 1 - a, sT"T mn- ?.! 'Jnt.j, i-H?"-' army hesdquartW he baTof woo bhs rct-cimy umi uiiiiiciiuuiiou jOKmgly.-' Imnorlnllcta tvttrtt hfins aouaht out ind . . r added: "We have been saluting the XlnnLt imperialists when they were i m.m .n .. .1.- i -i -w. ... i n j-. -....wi a a tne east ena oi tne citv. said Wall Painted on mrcem Hoor w f h"py .faW,w, or "d ' Ha Metaberi We are -- Tk, cry ww up louder the outllnV It i TThufneUri '''ra1 '' """ 'W,r - ,,Ct t than ever: the concwu Khd- li-0" ... iiZLZ attitude-and opportuhltyr- ' i Mr. Lambert: Apparently uled for the Maurice Richard at the the rtajrs. in ouittnti w m - ... ,--,w r-- . m - i ; , . ' i "M G- o er 80. It is " ?n,, ". in power; .', . . . sunt use. the far wall was , . , . wiiij tens um ns ivjijcii Now it is their turn to salute us." v..r. i. k.n m .i. I Against te US." lnlL Li?!. SJIS? Againrt . : . . ... J- Not only does this centre brint some of th apologisU ol the Arena would be eceordlrit o spirit back Into what might have Social Credit party feel that the. "expert.? we. fiasco of the kaan harraa llua. k,t It' bLa tha nmanarltw raaiilta.1 rMm a u, tt ' ,l.,WkV.bk!l.,0.Wrdi.n Whe and s narrow workW ,!f" b?trreB , Lht.P."2P'l"' rMU!Uj ' - .. v. hal hem Vlaitlna th " krlna. tha ultalllv al Snplal rnMth ' JUSUCe minister mooyai, UCIimua UIS. fn, . . . . aanari. aaan-l.a f .,,naa WaU ana. It II.... best kndwnf the ministers slck-lnhoapitals ever since he ?rz.-. . , Lmm.JL'Z ence of aealer .clttteas back tme' wisdeaa. ' -; v, ., Five thoui.nd people .bowed up years old. His rewards M ,m m,fc the life of the community. for each of the four concert.. been well earned .,.i.k kiki.t v... If I heln aueh an im. 'l '. "Jai-i "w':j -"'-"--;- - - It wa. elnouent oroof that rewards of membership WJU , 4oom'then a cupboard to "ura that 1 have the D I CUTS AltO French-Canadian, know how to ajoou vompamon may containing pottery work. 4 ' companionship I .hall need to' ' " ' -r "' , aopreeiate and v participate in j)ui e 1 wrungi, no cruueiy utriu one-Dartv sUte with the opposition j lmP1. "P' " The Centra hold, one sals a P r and active at s 1 ! - the city's cultural life When If. kntl-French - yet a majority of them JMrntaated TtV . "Some of our mem- offering art. and "rafu and far beyond. A CHARCOAL drawing of the -available to them,- rould not' object to a new flag with !' rJ."."!. .k,",.' lZZL 1 hdn,t celebrated y "",""i na cram y Duk. of WlncUor left to And if some people think ,m. Frtnch gymbol In It,- I A JllSJ.fk2SJSi '22221?; 5EtZaa 11- i"1 I , ft:!??"!!?: !?a S. T?k!? x inecnaiienge is upon wir. rearson w.mbM, k.i-. 1- M-aiii-- m. n . a . "j... .... 1 . . .a , a. . . a a a, . . spvaafsaw. w aawtaf a wsrwi sw Hfl asssu avvvaaaa wv WI tWI 1V IgUV 1 C . ai v, y , .J" the Somali and Ethiopian borders of Forder. one of a permanent . Kerfla nolttirilflns anoarentlv beliivs? ow" buUdinf, specially de- ,fco, .1 - ..k BHtin' th "e"". aryana Aioea? living the maUer to a special commit- fcVve rnelr raka and eat It .too With ,St f"'00 ,,h lf con- tea for a month1! deliberation or oer-- . V , t m t venient and central to the dl-see ror a monm s aeiioerauon, or per' increa.eri . .xoerience thev will .learn ..1 ,u .k. . ftaos bv some other compromise t h e :.k ..." . - . . . . . Ia.rfa .an aaUt uu.ciwu. -; . , loneiy woeriy peopw in uwaw. avawvi si vaais viewTti, . , , . i l: . . . . ,' ,. , ... A Notes and Comment ,1 5Jb In Harrow Weald, Eng.' has ied after an RAp pilot. To en- It I the only full-time centre of , IU kind in ell Canada., i ''" !. ; Miss Forder is trim snd st- i tractive: her appearance belies.; the fact she received a dlplbma i la social science from the London- School of Economics 20 i yeant ago In fact, the vitality ' tn Good companions Is evi- T vltaaf sktl MatMrtaiM 9 f-Kaft fanMMAMl tar II I Richereu Raceway in Montreal a oolice . dent not only m members but asviiea ais, sisssit.s sj ri vsi3 vviiiiuuua r ssa " - I t f I al k i ua in i.H.nimtto -t vaiAi-- in ta. sDoktjnian said the motive wasn't clear w atari woraers, ootn perman- T jne otiier nana uiai a uesign can oe . ,,,v,,vj w- -" 'ound that will find support from mem-., boay was. ,u" brings a buoyant tone to their erg in an parties ana trom people in " ' 11 provinces arid of all language and Communist China reports 20,000,000 ace. Such a flaa would . then indeed Chinese marrharf in tha atrstata In a voices, and gives character to their faces. -. -y i - Volunteers visit -member V ; their home., and help hi many . it a flag and would, come to be the five-day anti-American' demonstration. 1th' ",?'F.0f 'l?,"n' riag of us alL . ; , . - ; ...,...These demonstraUona must be aettina a,..?! r!k. T". " r. Wn... a. - ........ . . , a.. II , 7. . .,7 " " vwnirw oil '" rwiwir-nm-TuuwKv us mil in wnw iiiuiotiui -TW-STIO---a$W lftarnoorit for tn lt flag resolution he pleaded for unity. Americans, i . .peciai program for those wha !,"' v. V n ; ' . a' ' -:: ' 5 ' ' .'v V ' 4., i ... k . : . . ' " " wm. - , , ------ T" w NO LUCK SO FAR. SIR. BUT HERE'S THE LETTER I COULPNT FINP LAST VIZtK(-X i . ,-- -; "A v-were termed "artistic grounds." uccerui, tney snout d take a It was by John Sargent. . '" , . trip, to the Maurice Richard Two Canadians, Rev, Rotsrfo Arms. ' " Renaud and Rev. Joseph Cour- 11 wit of. Pie IX boulevard, , chesne, were held Incommunl-: ' '"' ; . -. ' . cado by the 1 Japsness at MONTREAL J MATIN. ". Mon- Suchow on charges of anU- .j. u ,metmes hap. Japane. cUvity. , ,lc, , , JXsJS. - r-J- r,h,,wruk of match at Coimaught Range. - ', whl, ha Is off duty. . ' The Oxford Group wa. fa. a eltuen helps him. corpora ted In London. England, E,ch. n his own way. Is doing as "a public' company for the hi duty a he ufA it advancement of religion." But what I don for them if . Rev. Leo Lenge, for three they are hurt?' Our neighbor.' in years parish prlett, at Mayo, Ontario are seeking legislation tucceeded Rev. J. J. Burke at that would provide adequate' Martmdal. Th latter was ap- compeiuatloa In .uch veniu- nAlntail naplah tla at- C alltla. -Y- v,....;. Y....... Maraarat Marva fhius-k. Ot.. A afriaa M...t k. ... - - - . . . .. v w'l.via. III u.. HQ Wit- , tawa. .idered on duty U hours a day. ' ror ina -intra eucewssrve year u is oral wnen. Be Is out of Mrs. John Young won the uniform hi ha. most success In ladles'; championship, at the collaring taw breakers. . Civic Rivermead Golf Club. ? ! responsibility demands that '!' In the North of England, citUens uphold the lew and do' 1.500 households were nreaani- evarvthine noulhla tn Ma4 ed with free bacon by the other. England and New Zes- Canadian Government to In- land already have compens-create the al of Canadian lion legislation. We would bacon In Great Britain. . , l wis to follow uit.

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