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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1930
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JLiast JtL ast JLidition rce \ Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Ad .rertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 28, NO. I'be \V«ekly Courier. Fonniled July 17, 1870. The llnUr Cnuricr, I'unided Nevcmlier XO, 10O2 .luly CONNELLSVILLE, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, JArsUJ'AHY 2, 35)30 TWELVE PAGES. FIVE SCOTTDALE BUSINESS PLACES ARE BURGLARIZED AJwut $85 In Cash Secured During 1 TMffht, According to Police Reports. Peeress Enriches Museum BOY ESCAPES PATROLMAN , to T n c O o u r i e i fCOTTIALI3. Jan. 2. -- Five busi- ne".e places In South Broadway were robbed d u r i n g - t h e night of about $35 in cneh. No merchandise was taken. An effort to force a safe failed. Two ca*ih registers were broken open The places reported entered were: Deluxe Tiro Service Company, Hetzel-\'oung M o l a r Company. .Superior Gasoline Company. "Wnve-rly Oil Worlw Company. D u l l Coal Company. Patrolman Reuben Gaiirio wae patroliug Broadway between 5 am! 6 o'clock thiti morning when ho discovered a boy at work on the cash register at the plant of Ihe Deluxe company. The officer forced « door but a« he entered the i n t r u d e r escaped ^trough a w i n d o w and disappeared in /lit) darknece. It w n s roportod ?15 bad been taken from th' register. Only ti p n r t of the contr-ntn «a« gone, the- boy h a v i n g been t,urprisel before ho conkl grt all. Nothing was mis: ing at the HeUel- Yonng ·o1act, it wae oaW. At tho Waverly Oil Works ofllce o reir window had boon broken and a door oponod. Hetween $1S and |20 was taken frotii tho cash regieter. Kntrancp to tho Superior fia.solino Company wns gained t h r o u g h a back- window. Nothing was missing, it \\as ha Id. t Tho Dull office ,vnc alto entered t h r o u g h a rear w i n d o w . An effort was made to open the safe but without re- s u l t . Nothing was missing, aceoiding to a report made to llio police. COUNSEL TAKES TROOPER TO TASK AT MURBER HEARING Lady Richmond Brown has donated her valuable ethnological collection of t h e Chuca naqu e Indians to th» Museum of the American Indian. The little-known tribe resides in Panama, and white men and women are usually barred from their territory. Lady Brown's visit to the country was made in 1924 with Mr. Mitchell-Hedges, a noted scientist. (line! n a t l o n l Non-fit aeD Connellsville Will Forge Ahead If People Are Loyal And Spend Their Money Here °SCHROEDER CHILD WILL NOT BE ASKED TO CONDEMN MOTHER oclari's L. I*', llutli in Addross IJoioro J o i n t .Hoof i HIT of Ki- nttni.s and Kotnrv ('tubs. Special T h o Courier. L'NIONTOWN. Jan. 2--Wben Troop- rr O. J. M a n n a testified this morning at the continuation of the hearing to delt-nninr- the degree o£ K u U t ot AVll- llsun W a t h e n y for t h e lulling of Mrs. I,,icy Prior last J u l y 12 that Matheny was'sober fnat moi niuK when arrested, tlie officer aroused the ire of Att o r n e y W. C. M t K a n to the extent t h a t a ftnarp half hour's cross examination resulted. The trooper said he found Matheny lyitiK across tho bed in the Matheny iimno w i t h Ills working clothes and shuts* on. "1 didn't k n o w why I did it, if I did," Hanua quoted Matheny as saying. He was sober at the time, added Hrtiina. , , . , ,,, "What?" a-sked t h e astonished Mr. ·McKean, r e f e r r i n g to his notes. "Now at, a matter oC^acl, Uanna, didn't M a t h e n y aay to you that morning I didn't Bhoot a n y b o d y ' and didn't you iny in reply 'No o u were too d a m n dvunk to know w h a t you did.' "\ may have said t h a t , said Ihe trooper, "1 don't lecall all that was xnld." Hauna a d m i t t e d t h e r e was sumo coiivprsatlOH between Russell Math- W iy, brother, and Mrs. Matheny, the doieiulant's wife in which one ot them had stated that Matheny had been drinking Cor the past two or three days and tlio night before had gone down to Fairbanks where he had secured li«,uor. -Manna's memory was not exactly clear about this, however. F u r t h e r cross-examination was cut sliort when Assistant District Attorney A r t h u r I.. Bj rno Interposed an objection on the gi-ouiuls of repltltlon aiid Mr. McKean waived f u r t h e r continuance of the subject. Tho hearing Is c x p c c t u d to last the o.itlre day, before Judge S. John Morrow. The address of L. F. I ' l t t i i , president of the Titlo Trust Company of \Sest-ern. I'eiinsyhanla ti^tore the joint of the Kiwanis and Rotary today, stands ou as the most pointed, convincing aim I l l u m i n a t i n g presentation of the reat ons why Con- iH'lIsville should forge ahead indus- t r i a l l y and otherwise «v »r deliver-ed in the city. It was niarlti d by pungent references and striking jiaragraphs w h i c h were cbaracteri-stic of tiu 1 bpoalior and reflected lii oaroful (-study ol the city's needs, lie frankly stated th, t loyalty is a prime requisite of c o m m u n i t y Dislrid A t t o r n o y - K l o o t Powers Not to Cull Dnnali! IIH ^Vilnoss. HELD UNDER CLOSE GUARD he epoko plainly of thi ill citectti ol Ry U n i t e d Press. NJJW CASTLE, Jan. 2.--John Powers, Lawrence county district attor- storcfl on Jocal merchants ,aivd' ney-elect, said today four-yar-oltl declared that Ihe mono, spent out of town by those who bought Htocks on margin during the recent flurry, would have gone a long way i n aiding the Board of Trade in ite campaign to secure new industries. He demurred from being designated a public speaker, bul h consented to appear in that capaeit. only when "answering a questionnaire with very* definite subjects ai d pertinent queries," ile then pio -coded to say: "The question that in I erects us most at present is 'Why Oonuellbviile and what about her future'.' One- can U n a historical reasons for the e.sUiblihh- ment of most of our ci'ies and towns ·but r never heard a n j reason given for the f o u n d i n g of Connellsville other than that Siach trlali Connell lived here and the earliest activity 8 was his watching droves of cattle passing by and the rlvef where tlie bri;lge stand . All el*o ha.s been t developriionf u n ^ when compared with other town ; and cities, is really to be wondered ;u when you stop to t h i n k of the minjy attempts lo establish business and ihe disappointing f a i l u r e s that followed niwl left their mark on hopeful It is MISS GRACE ADAMS HAS LEG FRACTURED IN MOTOR ACCIDENT Miss Grace Adatti-s a teacher m tlit totniells-ville High School, Miatainr-d u fracturo of the let 1 IPK in an automobile accident in Florida this week, ac- not uecessiiry to oiMinierato them aa the recollection is too painful. DitAer and costly (liappoiutni'Hils, (|tute s u f - tlclont to des'troy any i'nrther effort, but the desire for growth and the spirit to progress weri not destroyed and to-day sh,ows intensiiietl determination to expand ' and progress in the hope that Oontvellsvlltc may .some day be recognized ae a flourishing city of. size and importance. IB not that \sortli working for? A n d icinember it can only bo accomplished by united effort. If an i n d i v i d u a l is ussailed ho hats Continued on i' tere Sir. Assassin Fails To Kill De Crime Investigator By U n i t e d P ess. , UKTH01T, Jan 2.--An asbasstu tail^l^i 0 .^ 1 '! 1 ^^^ 1 ^" 1 ^^ ed in an attempt to hill Injector Sarah Adams. She Is in a hospital at a town between Pinuville anil St. Petersburg, Fla., near w h o i e the accident occurred. The automobile p a t t y was on tho HciH-y J. Garvin of tho police crime and bomb squad s h o r t l y alter S A. M. today. The inspector waf- b'lot in the arm and chest. He was not seriously h u r t . way to st PeUM-sUurg at tho t i m e A j t ; a r v l l , w . 1; . ( l r u , n u , o n e (M] ,; is ^ .-ar t.r, bl^w om and the m i i c h i n e ; t poli06 lua(iqUitno ,, wlleu dnotlu ; r Donald Sqhroedor will not bo called lo testify against his mother, Irene SohroedPr, should she and her two male companions be tapUired. Powers, who will take office January G, sai'l ho would not call upon the child to accuse his mother ot t h e killing of Corporal Brady Paul, state highway patrolman, December 27, when Paul and his fellow patrolman, Ernest Moore, attempted to stop t h e trio as they were fleeing from the h o l d u p ot a Butler chain store. "f w i l l - not ask an innocent child \vlio is unaware of the seriousness of the crime ho charges against his m o t h e r to take the stand and possibly send her to the electric chair," Powers said. Ho sfild, however, tlio boy would be called to identify bis mother and their companions, slioukl , they be called for trial. Donald has been under heavy guard since he was found at Hie home ot 1 his grandfather at Benwood, W. Vu, Police fear his mother and her companions may attempt to carry him olf by force if necessary. Donald was (j.uestloned yesterday at the Hotel Colonial here, where ho was brought by State Police and gave a clear-cut recital of the killing, according lo police. Last night the child was placed in custody of a parole ofticer and taken to the courthouse, a Miorl distance from the hotel. Every foot of, the journey was watched closely. NEW CASTL.I3,, J a n . 2.--John Powers, who will beeom-e district attorney for I,awren!e county Monday, «iil today that the fsearch for Mrs, Irene Schroeder, young mother wauled in connection with the k i l l i n g of a highway patrolman after a holdup last week is biding retarded by the various branches of police service withholding information from each other in the hope of eotting the ?3,000 reward for her capture for themselves. ' Jn denouncing the methods of i 3 t.tHe highway and the various city police in the. hunt for the woman, JPower« urged that (-something be clone at once Lo "quell the rivalry and jealousy" mani- feHl in Ihf- case. "i am in favor of bringing one man hero who is, iu authority," Powers said, "and 1 want to «oe t h a t man. placed in direct a u t h o r i t y . I would suggest that the forces of the State Police and Highway Patrol be incorporated temporarily I n l o one u n i t and under one head.' OFFICERS 10 ABOUT FOR MOTIVi; INBOMBOUTRACE Washington Police Join W i t h Those of M a r y l a n d l o R I I I Down Muriloror. "Hostess" to Twenty-five Prisoners BLAST DESTROYS POSSIBLE CLULS By U n i t e d Pie31. WASH! NO TON, Jan a.-A sea eh wan being ·continued bv M a . - y l a n d ; nd District police today for etu-es wh cli might reveal origin or the list-eri us bom'b which s c a t t e r e d deaili and injury in a Seat Pleasant, :\'d, h o n e , near h e i e yesterday. The 1,-oin.b. wrapped as n gift, kl! ed Mrs. N a o m i H a l l Ur.ulj, 3d, an -x- pocUuit in-othor, to whom it \vtih ul dres^pd, mid i n j u r e d seven others Mrs. Nora M a l l , mother of fl ra Brady, lost the s i g h , of one eyo : nd was otherwise I n j u t t v l . M n . Margi rot Bromley. SC, grandniother. i.s hi n serious condition Jrom shock K .tir [al! c h i l d r e n , [rfHllp, K! TJion IK, eight; Samuel, ifl m o n t h f i , a n d i) -o- tliy. four m o n l h s aro u i j u i e d . I**lie had sevr-ral I l n g t r s mm ut ateri. Sttnuirt C r i r n o i l , 15, a tioljih «r lad, wan s l i g h t l y o u t In f r a g m e n t s The package w.i.s deliveied by an u n k n o w n itipsbenp-pr to the tioine of Mrs. John Htn-kley, directly from tho Hall home On Now Ye. r'a Eve, d u e to ambiguous ad ir«*s«, ra. Buckley ^nt u. | o Mrs. Hady y"*t- r lay morning by Leslie and youug C'nni al. Members of Ihe f a m i l y j r a i b e w in the t i n y kitchen to watch the u n w i i p » ping, believing the pm-kagp fo h, a belated C h r i s t m a s g i f t . The explosion low a gr^al hoh in the walls of the room, which it \vn 'ked completely, lus detonation /as a mil-o uway. MTO. Brady was still a l h e w ion crews arrived but oied r f ho ily after reaching a hospital here. Washington -police joined Maryl tnd offlrtills in the investigation b u f ' v n r o able to determine nothing of imp 'rt- ance in the. firs't few hours. They 311- tlnued fhecking all who knew Ihe family today in the hope of a u d i t - » motive. John Hal}, father of the dead w .roan; Herman Brady and hor h u s h and the time. Mrs. Arthur Rabb has just been appointed turnkey of the County Jail by her husband, the County Sheriff. The jail usually has about 25 prisoners whose duties entail all the heavy work about the place, making Mrs. Robb's tasks comparatively light. (International . brother, w«re not n t home at ' 110 PENNSYLVANIA EMPLOYES RETIRED ONAGE PENSIONS By U n i t e d Preswi. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 2 --One. } un- ired ten employes o( tlio ronusylv nia Kailrwul were- v retired from eei /ice January I under the, company's tension p l a n , it was announced todaj . Of this number IS had 30 yean or more service and 71 Khowed roc rds ot 10 yearn of continuous service. Those with a h a l f century of soi /ice ncluded: General officer, .Edwin f Car ow, Media, 55 years, eix m o n t h s . Central region, Prank ]! A ;ey, Conemailgh, 51 yeara, 11 months; 1M- ward F. Bryar, ScotWale, .11 y, ars ind William D. M o t h e r a l , Bellovu. 50 you re, Since tho establitshment of the i 3 -nn- sylvania Railrruid'fi pension plan' (in- tary 1, 1900, a total of -13,285 em- ployea have been r e t i r e d u n d p i its (revisions. Of llioae i5,(M2 have lied and 9,043 arc still living and re. eiv- ng peneions. Llg-hts Kcniorod. The di-corativo street lights used d u r i n g Ihe Christmas holiday pi Hod n the downtown business ' di* rict were removed today. They w i l be ·stored u n t i l next December. POLICE GUARDING RUBIO FOLLOWING DETROIT OUTBREAK Mexican Prosidenl-Elftcl Menon Arrival by 200 Communists. DEMONSTRATION IS BROKEN UP By U n l t a i l Press. DETROIT, Jan. 2.-- President l j as- cual Ortiz Hubio of Mexico was iiioscly guarded by srj'iads of today whilo Detroit (lid its best to make him forget the reception lie received when he arrived hero on his tour of the United States Inat night. A mob of 200 Communists, nenne- atiiiff a crowd o£ 2,000 persona gathered at Michigan Central Station to welcome him, had to bo broken u p by police reserves after a, violent demonstration In which the president-elect, his -wife and their three --small children were menaced. , Today tho presidential party was followed everywhere by armed police and no one without credentials was allowed near tile car. Two Killed, Seven Injured When Bus Crashes Into Bridge By U n i t e d Press. EATON, Ohio, Jan, 2;.--Two persons were kilJed and suvsn were injured when a Greyhound Line bun Ipft Uio road and crashed Into an iron bridge on the Richmond-Dayton pike, four miles east, today. Those killed were Thomas Karney, 50, of Alexandria, lad., and lOsther Musters, 30, oE Gonnersville, Tnd. SAMUEL TRUMP, JR., DIES AT AKRON Samuel Trunup, Jr., 2S years old, son ol Mr and Mrs Samuel Trump of this city, died yesterday at Akron, Ohio, a message to his home here said. Funeral arrangements have not'beefi completed, but the body is expected to arrive today. Dominant Railroad in iadons [he Controliinff Factor ®- Ministers Will Exchange Pulpits Sunday Evening A week of special church services, tea lured by noon-day meetings at t! Orpheum Theatre, will be opened ou Sunday night when the pastors of the various congregations will ^xchango pulpits. A schedule has been appi overt by the Connellsville Ministerial Association which places the newer ministers in the community on. tho ^veok-di programs that start ou Monday. There- is juM one exception, that lx ing Rev. ,1. H. Lambertson, who rank;, next to Br. J. Ii. Proudlit in point of years of service here. Rev, Liambertson w i l l speak Friday. On Sunday night the, assignments are: Dr. J. L. ProudfH of the First Presbyterian C h u r c h w i l l exchange with Rev. R. E. Shober of the Church ot Lhe Brethren. Rev. D. 13. Mi nerd will s u p p l y for Dr. Proudflt, who has been unable to preach for tlie past lour months. Rev. ,T. f f . Lamberlson. of the Methodist Protestant Church will exchange w i t h Rev. K A. ScliulU of the United Brethren Church. Dr. W. 11. H e f r l c k of Trinity Lutheran C h u r c h will exchange with Dr. D, R .Graham of the First Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. Eugene N. Duty of t i e Christian C h u r c h will exchange with Rev. C. (joorgo Slutpe of Trinity Reformed Church. Rev. U. R. K r u p p of Flr:,t United Presbyterian Church will exchange with Rev. E. II. Stevens of the First Baptist Church. Tho appointments for the noon-day meetings at the Orpheum, ·« hich will begin with music promptly at 12:05 o'clock and close at 12:25 o'c ock, are: Monday, January 0, Rev. K. A. Shuns ol' tlie United Brethre i Church. Tuesday, January 7, D. R Graham of the First Mulhodibt Upiscopal Church. Wednesday, .January S, Rev 10. N Duty of the ChriMhui Chun h. Thursday, January tl, Rtv. G. H. Krupp of the United Pr sbyteriaii Church. li'rlday, January 10, Rev J II Lam- berUjou of. the Methodisl Piote-blanl Church. I n d i a n A g i t a t o r s Prepare to Carry Out Disobedience Program 'Inn J l l i i s t r n i c d in Case 01' Proposed MV Wabash System. WASHINGTON. Jan. 2--The mi\-oad ., . . ,, .; , . . ,,. .,, , i-iitr vvfctntiwu ^ v B m u i , uuea not. mean «aui t i v i i iwii- ,,iK c, n , , ' o l greatest financial v i a b i l i t y , c i e d t , ,, , '., .. , , '"-»" sdKl thcit not only a i e tlio '· , , , , that the railroad named to indicate eat iltew along hide a ud a volley of bullets f rashod throng) the w i n d o w . O\M t u r n e d threi- Himv. H f i n a l l y burned up Others iu tin* it r v o t e l u j t i i c d . but none ,o .,.. M N « Adams. She I m , rmoiT ., an , , t( ,,. j «as a Buost at t ,,- bo,,u- «,t her , Cinrvl|| s _ u A m , d ,r.h : r-,,,~law a u . l M.KM-. M , . nml ^ P e M l v m g h o s p i t a l UH , av , ( I n o c l i u g f. i .WJ.IHLS. ; all .nailablo police lu : seaich (or the .i«d H;».S N o t 7, N,'.,cl,«». - ^r^hfm*!^ mJninf enU "' UfiBDS. Knu.. J,.i.. 2 -In a e b u i c h l n a I i c a l b v P V : Ui,,g , , )om wlnu ._ li^ro t h e r e au .-,..... vt up to the foiu i highway and police forces keepins i n - foi m n t l o u from each other but are also w i t h h o l d i n g i n f o r m a t i o n 1( - om l u u i h o r i t l e f i . banking connections, ai t o n g j those roudis proposed by the I \Uato Commerce Coinmisniou to fo in a 1 new tiyetem under it« plan o£ coi TWELVE FEDERAL ATTORNEYS FIRED OUT SINCE MAR. 4 wlven ot *r (lie « h a f l i t t l o body ol l ' - e , i r - o i d Loin .Vr. Thomas. At t ' i c loot of tiir- l a t e s t B a r t l e t t , wlio wan :.trurk by l o u r of e i n a n e c l o r hum 1 thore if- a (I* I 11 Uxi hamt p o i n t i n g t t . t h e other t l n o r . u u d uniU'ruealh t h e i i d i u l tin* JcgiMnl i t ' i d . - - : · Koi \ b u l l e t s intended U l l l f H 0 ( tO! 1 1 . 1 1 \ i l l twice-, iu tin 1 hem 1 wounri.i .'u'ki noi lulin n i l ri s. \VAS11IXGTON. Jan. 2. The Weather B j U n i t e d P i f v t JyAHORE, Jan. 'I.--A pro;,!am lor civil disobedionce to Drills h rule, in- ' eluding the n o n - p a y m e n t of t a x e n , w i l l i be prepared Immediately iia u means to c a r r y i n g i n f o effect the -esolution I of the Indian N a t i o n a l Coin fees d e - j ctarlng I n d i a i n d e p e n d e n t oi! Great j Britain, iMahatma K. Gu'idln a n - 1 nounced today. The program w i l l be'iited l o a "meeting of ilie oiigrcnri executive committee iu .March, i h e .\utioiui!tat leader said By a vote of the eoiigrey= (he next meeting of the national or ;;umation will bo held at Karachi, p i l l ) T in Feb- r u a r y or March o!' 1931. The mere designation of the rail '" Ule c o n c l u d i n g !»eesloii ( f Hie coji- systeme proposed in the p l a n , such a t ! '*** yesteiViay afternoon, . U w a h a r l a l the -\yahaeh System, does not mean NeJiru moved t h a t "indepond j u t Indlo" ' repudiate the present n a l i r u a l d e b t s 1 and urged that all coucentiio it bo biib- j o r t to the s c r u t i n y of .L special ' t r i b u n a l , j Deelarins thnt in-dependei i e 'should "rewound t h r o u g h o u t I n d i a " lie d o - ' dared the congress "welcomed seccfc-' sion, by w h i c h it \\iis p u r j - e c i of tlie i i a i n t - l i e a r t i M l " '. MINE FATALITIES LEAD ALL DURING 1929 IN COUNTY Sixty-Thrfcp Person^ Killed in And Afooiil Workings, Keport, of Coroner. MOTOR TOLL GAINS, MURDERS FEWER Special to 1'be Courier. IlXfONTOWN, Jan. 2.--Mine acci. dents headed the list of coroner's caaee d u r i n g 1929, according to th,e annual report of Coroner S. A. flaitK compiled by Miss Langley, his stenographer, The m i n e fatalities numbered 03. During (lie year there wore, Ii murders, one les« than tho preceding- year, and 21 suicides, eight lesu than in 1028. There were 2S motor fataltiea, lu- Hudins two hit and run eases, as compared with 21 the. year before. Railroads accounted for 20 deaths, 12 more than ill 1928. A heavy toll was taken by accidental burns, (ha total being 25, 13 more than tho preceding year. Coroner Halt?, investigated 437 deaths in 1929 and 37G in 1928. He held 253 views, an increase of 4$. There were 84 inquests as compared with 72 the previous year and the coroner perfomed 43, autopsies. Tiie death list included 298 w h i t e males, 107 white females, 23 negroes and n i n e negrepfice. The oliicial report tor tlie year follows: Natural causes, Kir), Mine accidents, (53. Homicides, 11. Suicides, 21. Manslaughter, nine. Stillbirths, 3!. Acute alcoholism, 12. Exposure to cold, two. Tetanus, one. Rallied, bitten by dog, one. Carbon monoxide poison, one. Carbolic acid poison, one. Choked to ( death on candy, one. Accidental auto accidents, 26. "Hit and run," auto accidents, I wo. Railroad Accidents, 20. Street car accidents, two. Diving- accident, one. Accidentally struck by larry, one. Acidental gun shot wounds, five. Accidentally drowned, five. Accidental burns, 25. Accidental scalds, fire. Broken neck, fall downstairs, eight Fractured skull, fall out of door, one. Fractured skull, fall from roof one Fractured skull, fall from wagon ' one. Fractured skull, fail in boiler POO'UI one. Fractured skull, fall from chair one. Fractured aiull, fall from wall, one. The report for December follows: Total n u m b e r of cases, 68 Inquests, 12; views, -16; autopsies five. White males, 32; white females 20- black males, four; black females two. "' Mine accidents, five; natural cmisoc. 2-!; homicides, iwo, CWasliiniUoii county, o n e ) ; manslaughter, one- still births, two; acute alcoholism', three; "hit and run" auto accident one; accidental auto accidents, three-' f r a c t u r e d skull, fall in boiler room', one; railroad accidents, three; gunshot wound, one; accidentally scalded o n e ; rabies, bit by dog, one; frozen' to death, one, accidental burn* s i x fractured slctilJ, fall from chrir o n e ' fractiH-pd skull, falling downstair? one; choked to death on candy, one datlon, ie the logical carrier to be the controlling of the grouping, ii is stated orally at t h e commission's office. Rain and colder t o n i j - h t ; F tday ft.vstem in Ihe plan s h a l l be the parent company. The consolidation plan itself iis not b i n d i n g upon the railroads and is purely a procedural step taken j n -- ^-^ compliance with the law according lo statements mode at Ihe office of the commision. it it, ,L guide to the carriers in the f o r m u l a t i o n of plans lov Continued on Patje T w e l v e FIRE THREATENS DULLjSUMMER HOME A g e n e i a l alarm was bounded thii, ifleruoou when lire threatened tlu» summer homo of K U n t o n U. Dull on the Springfield Pike Mr. Dull wa.= engaged In b u r n i n g brush about tho properly when a \\iml sprang up and t a n n e d the- liumc 1 ;, bryotid control The nre s,\\ep( t o w a r d the ixirn ;ui.l Hie dn d e p u r i i i i c n t was afikcd to roiKlor assent nee. While die triu-li njw m u k n i B a run w i t h Hie v o l u n t e e r " iiboiiid neighbors nixl persona na-^^inK 1 in auloinobile.s iUon« tho h l f f h w n y stopppd and nided in I m t t l i n g t!io blaxr. The fire «.u, i-hpcki'd w i t h i n t w o ipet ol 1 t h e barn. Hid (bat biiiM- Ing i e n i t i ' d . | hi' w i n d w o u l d probably have tMi-riod t h e ilam.v to the home. MAY APPEAL-TO HOOVER IN BLAC1DUCK KILLINGS United States liibtria attorneys have either leagued or been disniit,-,ed Irom Government sliu-i' last Marr-h 4 a« a r e s u l t of a Nuion-n ide s u r v e y c o n d u c t e d bv the Jiiotite D e p a r t m e n t , A t t o i u e ) General .Mitchell announced I f K l - l V . rain or snow . colder Twehe ' weather toreca-5t toi i h e - U r n icon i I ,'iin-1 lit: 1) \ k i x i m u m . M i n i m u m Mean . . Id TO U O M O M ) KIoMllg' I'llUSl 1 . A L D A N V , X Y., J a n 2.--Six bills [ d e s i g n e d lo remove i-auses of rioting I in New Yo$k State prisons we-re in- I (rodtu'ccl at tlie opening session of the . l e g i s l a t u r e yesterday by Senator Caleb H Ditum, R e p i i b l l c n n , of Orange, c h a i r m a n ot Ihe I.egisUiUre Crime (^i-nn ni i e c i n r ".)(»·" Sin it li Ii Jowepli .Smith, senior In t h e COM- nelleiville Hij;li Krhool and sun ol' Superintendent ami Aliv, Bela II Snath, who recently mule w e n t ,111 operation for appendicitis, 's able to nit up in .1 ( h a i r at the Co Suite Hospital .loo liid I'y t ' l i i t c v i I'ti 1 -*" J ' l a i N ' I D I O . N C K , K. 1 . .1,111 ·'- A direct appeal to I'ri^idi'iil Hoovt'i !o o b t a i n t h e r o o p c r u t i o i i o f t h e Koderul OoviM-uiin'tit iu i i n H s i i p u t i o i i of the I M a i - k H i i r k m m U i l l l n j : % \ ) 1 J b p m,ulf, if iu-i i c".siii-y, A i l o i u o y I., l l e l t - ·/en 01 I t h o d i ' l.-l,ml annoi)m'iu toil n v ol Ihe J l i c l i School -i n a m-ein- hariketball LCUIU Mu-t Toll Am-s. K.N'OMV 1LI.K, Tcnn . .l.ui. L 1 - - J i l t e d w i l l i t h e p o p u l a r p r a c t a i - o f t c a c h e i h in l i s t i n g i h o l r ;IKC,-. a.s 25 jilufi, tlio K i u ) \ v i i l o l i o . u d ol "duc.itiuii h.i-, iit- ·li-itoil . t i l i i i i ( ^ i i o n n , i i r f n i U ' - t c o n t a i n tlu cx.ut H K P if 1)U' t o . i o h r i r i expect to boneiit by uension

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