The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. . THE"DAILY COUKIICR, CONNELLSVTLLUJ, PA. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 191S. rSSfAX Di.OUSK ttADK Of liLACIi TELTET. Mr. and Mrs; J:-y.elvin Grey gave-an elaborate six o'clock dinner last evening at their beautiful home. "Grej-mont," South Pitteburg street, in honor ..of, ; .(; i m6r' ssmi « 1 and Hrs. Bruc.eJ 1 . Sterling nt "Uniontcrwn. tfov- ers tor 25rw6r~loid. The dinner was; marked bj" "exquisite appointments; the large table" presenting '. scener";jrfr rare..Seauly,"_Thc*'.aecoEations, vrhich ·\vere~unJSii3Ily handsome,' -were "en- tic^-a-^-calor -.scheme.... ot.. - -"PERSONALS. "Mrs7-p!'B. Craft ot North Pittsburg street is spending the day in Pittsburg. . , _ iliss Myrilc Coughenour is -visiting -m}PiUshurg"toda?. : -You will never get here cheap, shoddy _-fabrics o r - t h e . slip-shod, slan-to- ·getfcer workmanship or other so-culled tailors. ; Dave Cohen, Tnilor.-^Adv. .Miss Katharine Prisbee has gone In .Meyet;sdaie to visit Mrs. HcLauahan,- forraeriy- Miss-'EthcP-QutiHus." "Mrs. wore wide streamers terminating at -Mrs. Jas. Conniff o£ Eighth street, one end-of the talle in an -immense Greenwood, .went 10 Pitlsburg this .biT*f, while smaller -bows,- arranged in morning. '. v . . . . . . . shower effect, embellished the smaller! Mrs. Robert Thomas left yesterday lights. Lending .charm"-to-the effect 'lor Camp Pike,. .LJuie Rock, Ark... to were cut glass candlesticks, capped (remain" with her husband, Colonel tKith dainty.^ red,, .white.. and blue {Thomas until he is ordered to sorae- ahades. Flower "bonrls and vases hold- ' where in France, ing. silt .American :flags .and those of The best place to shop after all. th'e"allies', were "artfstically placert in all the rooms. Red white and V Browaeil Shoo Co.~-.Adv, simple charm Miss Jessie iRhodes of the West Side ! hard to duplicate tills unusual Russian j blouse in black velvet, combined with - VOTE ON RED CROSS CONSOLIDATION IS, NOW BEING TAKE!^ Continued from Pagre On«. J ment among the workers at headquarters who have voted the indications are that the majority of them do not favor the consolidation plan. It. is understood, however, thai a number of members have decided '.bat Uieir personal pref stances s!iall £( not stknd in the wa^ of bringing about a Cen- tralizations of the Red Crops'work in the 'counr.vf if that be the best, and they have voted or will vote, in favor oC the consolidation. Thc movement remains a topic ol lively Interest among t!ie members v^ho are plauily not of one mind on the proposition. One m amber, who. views the ctuot'tiou from the financial standpoint, lias expressed the opinion that merging the chapters oC the county one, especially it Union- i ( town is made the headquarters, will j ! destroy the rivalry that has existed I · between First City of Fayette and the . Cotiaty Capital,' thc result of wblch ! will be that ia the subsequent cam- I paigns to rajse money or increase ! membership, ibc stimulus to make a ! showing will he lacking. In support that would be np lhis contention it was pointed out that duriag the drive for funds las'- summer the determinatiou to "beat paper caps, worn by thc guests dujii:r . i s spending the, day in Pittsburg. the evening, miniature aeroplanes | E. E. Henderson was in Pittsburg: [ the white jersey skirt, makes a decid- for the ladies, and battleships for the j yesterday on business. . I ed impressiQn on all the young women ·men. were the favors. .-The-candies j Constable B. Rottler was in Pitts- j who see it. Thc white collar. thC'.strips ; succcss of c'onnellsvillG'a campaign, were in the'fora of rose.'petals and b"rg on business yesterday. of white on the belt and the cuffs and j CQapL ers are amalgamated, it is chrysanthemums_jn the-national col-I Mrs. J. French Kevr and Mrs. P. R. \ edging on the blouse sc; U off stnk- Uniontown" ia the amount' raised, w the factor that contributed most to the f .ors. Mr.~Grey bad as her aides her 'Welmer left last night for "Philadel- little nieces, Dorothy Dull, daughter | Phia to attend a meeting of the Red of ilr._.and' Mrs.: William Dull and ) Cross. Louisa :soisson, daughter .of Mr. a n d ! Mrs, John' "Fuehrer of Greenwood' Mrs.-A.'B. 1 Soissoa. " i T v a s ca " ( ? w the home of her son-!n, ; · -- ) law and daughter, Mr, and Sirs. ~WU- Miss Eleanor ]t. Rarnage, daughter i Ham Ridenour at Brownsville on ac of Contractor 3. \V. Ramage of Fair-J cou nt of the illness of the latter. chance, and William E. Kelley, son b f j " The Christian" at. the Soisson Mrs, John Kelley of" Isabella- road. I ^eatre. Whole lower floor 35 cents were-quieUy married 'this afternoon at Also Plenty of good 20 and 30 cent 2 o'clocte ia the Trinity Episcopal (Seats.--Adv.--26-U. church, IMttsbur?. Only the immed- William F. Applesate, a former Fay- iate relatives of the two families, wit- ette counties, has recovered from an nessed the ceremony. Following the | attack of pneumonia at Camp Pike. ceremony..a \ved-Ung diner was sen-edj Ark ansaB. He is a brother, of Mrs. at the -WUUanr Penn hotel. Covers j Joseph J. Thompson and Edwin F, Ap- for six were laid. The bride is a Seion ! plegate of ConnellsvUle. Hill girl and is well known in Con- j --*· : nellsville and t'niontown. She. frc- quetly visited at the home of Mrs. Mary- O'Hara- lit - Vjne street . The - bndegroom is manager of the Con- )«".('ntherine Stoner,. A^cd nellsville Iron works and is one of the best known young men of the city, j ingly. There is assurance of absolute comfort for there is not a tight-fitting spot in tho biouse or skirt. The blouse has two panels, thc one in the- back being a little Ipngcr than the panel in front. NONENTITIES IN THE ARMY ARE NOT COUNTED AMONG THOSE PRESENT of incidents which connect the writers with the happenings, few writers have . _ , attempted to present an analysis of · ii Courier Uoxor to Boy Over Tlit-re. ; tnc general impressions their army There is no age limit of persons | experience has made upon them. For Following a wedding trip to'New York ! who can do .something to bring choor this reason a letter received by a Mr. and Mrs. Kelley will be at home to the soldier boys, as is Illustrated member of The Courier's staff from in Isabella road. ' by the action of -Mrs, Catherine Stoucr, .William F. Sherman, formerly city mother of C.' M", and "WUHam Stoner, editor of The Courier, but now and well known to many persons thought that it will not he possible to arouse thc same degree of enthusiasm in a campaign in behalf of the county that it would be if it were Tor .Conj ncUsrille'alone. Tho view expressed by this .member is, in the judgment of another, one of j thc reasons why the consolidation j should be favored. "We have," said j the Utter, "helped to keep" alive a j petty jealously between Uniontown i and Connellsvillc all to long now.-The j narrow, 5 el f-ceute red/View people of | both towns have taken on many nues- Bach InsJ, Hare a »Unir in Order to Uo ? s - Meeting the interests of both. 1 Receive Eteccgnitinn: Splendid Opportunity to Show "Stuff." "While each soldier's letter always gives a. different angle of view on life in camp or training station by mention / o Our waist stock is about complete and the assortments are large and the sizes are not broken and everything is ready to start the Spring season of 1918 with a whirl. Dunn's waists are the best waists you can buy and Dunn's prices on waists are the lowest. That's why we lead in the waist business in Connellsville. W ecordially invite you to inspect our line of waists for the coming season. 1SJ has been harmful. "We ought long ago to havi reached that enlightened view ,ind relationship as neighbors that would serve to boost any part of Fayette county or the coke region. "The Red Cross consolidation pres- "The Store Ahead" Butterick Patterns , The monthly business and social meeting of the Epworth. League of tho First Methodist"Episcopal church will be held tonight' at the home of Miss Eleanor- Hornfr 'in East Park. The Senior Social club wil give a party tomorrow night at the Colonial Inn, South Pittsburg street. In honor of her birthday Mrs. John this city.- Although lacking less than a month of attaining her SQih hirth- day.'advancfng- years did not prevent Mrs. Stoner,. taking keen interest in her grandson, Oliver S. Stoner. who was one .of Uie first boys to reach Prance. Mrs. Stoner clipped the razor cou- Kiferle was tendered a very enjoyable j son. A letter from him advises ber surprise party Jast evening at her } oC the receipt of the razor and states home in North Pittsburg street. The that he is "very much, pleased with it." evening -was vojoyably spent ac danc- j Yonng Stoner is with. Battery A, 150th ' McPherson, Atlanta, Ga.. has an uncommon interest. "I have wanted to write to you Tor a long time." "Bill" writes, "but we've bceh going at such a rapid pace that I must take advantage or the time-worn excuse--Mack of time. 1 "For one thing, I've sort of wanted pons from The Courier and secured: to express my impression of army life a razor which she sent to her grand-1 to someone ivho knows 'something ents an opportunity for thc two towns to get together, to forget their prejudices and provincialism in a service and work that is a true test nf the patriotism we are so much pleased [ to assort we possess. As members of tb? Red Cross we ought to account ourselves as Americans, not citizens member of Hospital Unit L, at Fort lot a community which is walled about ing, music and other amusements. Dainty refreshments were served. Mr. and llrs. Robert Norris will entertain the South Side Euchre' club Thursday nignt at their home in South Pittsburg -street. - Field Artillery now with the American Expeditionary Forces. He write? that he is well and finds array life "great" thus far, J\rrs, Stoner, wJio. resides In Indiain- apblts, spends her. winters in Indian River City, Fla/ Her grandson, to whom she sent the. razor, is a. son. of Kobert Hughes" ot^Unlantown and J Nathan Stoucr.oC Robinson, .111. Clara V. "Wilson ,ol .ConnellsTille. were j graited a.'iicense' wed ia Pittaburg yesterday^ ..'.7 *.._ . ... The Zionist Culture. cluo'gave.'a de^ lightfnl dance last evening' at Maccabee hall. Music was furnished by Kiferle's orchestra and dancing was Kept up until after' midnight. ' The Ladits Aid society of the First Methodist Episcosal church will hold a patriotic tea Saturday afternoon at OPEN SWEEPER BIBS the home of Mrs, George Powell in North PiUsburg street. A community singing concert * be- glnning"at 8 p'clock will be held tonight at the: high school auditorium by the Tuesday Music club. The concert will ho "under'the direction of Prof- Earl W. Haviland of. the high school and promises'to be a very delightful event. It is open to the public and a large attendance is anticipated. Mjss Elizabeth.. Mae Brown will siJrg'and Miss Newton, of the Dunbar townaMp high school faculty, give readings. But Council Makes \o Award of Con- · - tract; Ordinances I'iiss. 'Bids for street · sweepers and 2. fiusher were opened bj* council last .night bnt no-a-ward was made. The j "SVeHs-MHIs Motor Car_ company put in a sweeper bid for an "Elgin machine at $ff,000, and R. A. Neville a Baker- Barron at ?5;100, The flusher is that by our own limited horizon." WATER PETITIONS TO BE CIRCULATED DURING THE WEEK Continued from Pacro On*. about ; L _ It's really just what you make it and I am doing my utmost to make !t an experience of profit as well ! u, e c |ty be permitted to build and oper_ as pleasure. I really believe as- . ate B plant, also that a price be fixed sociation with a bunch of men of all j on t h c existing plant at which the c:ly soru and conditions gives a fellow an i m a y purchase if it so desires. An opportunity to s;ze himself up and j a n ( jjt O f tia books of the company is find out what sort of stuff there's in j demanded. U is further asked that! him. Everybody seems to be judged '. the rates c h arg ed be reduced so as to | Tlh© Of Little Boy. Had Ugly Blotches -. For 3 Months. Had To Put Cloths On Hands. Used One Cake Soap and Two Boxes Ointment Which Cost Only $1,25, MRS. CUUIA M. TAYLOR. i Largely attended was the funeral of . j Mrs. Clara Martha Taylor held Sun- '· \ day afternoon from thc Methodist · I Episcopal cburch at Vanderbilt. Rev. : (Bryan, the pastor, officiated. Inter-! ! mont in Dickerson Run Union cerae- ' I tery. j by whai they call liis line, which means his brand of conservation. They cail it by another term tJiat ia very expressive. If a fellow has a Insure only a reasonable return ou the morey invested. One of the points the city will insist upon is an audit of the books of different line, he occupies an unique j ,j, e company in order to .get at the position. But you must do something rea i ,,,,31; ,,/ jjj c plant and to determine where the large sums the company to attract attention or you're nonentity. You must be good or rot- to have invested have been ex- .MISS JENNIE BELL. ] The funera! of Hiss Jennie Bell of ' ( Dunbar, 'who died Saturday morning j ] in SL Joseph's hospital. Pittsburg, tol- : "My little boy's face and necfc wcrB j lowing an operation for appendicitis, disfigured for over three months with j was held yesterday morning from St. ugly blotches. The general appear- · Ritn . s i, alian Catholic church in lh ar.a was in a task, and the skin w»« i ^,^ st g i( j e , Tl , h j, Father He-i-v red and sore. He always wanted to i T) ^ V . m -. + · r ' t · e" scratch, and I was compelled to put '^'VO omoating. Jn.ennent in St. cloths on his hands at night. His Joseph s cemetery. Miss Bell was ad- · - - - - - muted to the hospital a week ago today. She is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eel], one brother. Nicholas, and two sisters. Angelino and Rosy. bTM*i!. AddresspostCard: "Cn'ticur*, De»C, R, Bo«(oa." Sola ereiywhcre.' Soap25c. Ointmeni2Sand50c. of.'the Studcbaker corporation costing ' thin e s a " ^e brain can conceive {3,734.50. ' ' " An ordinance providing for increase of the salary of JVasistant Fire Chief John M, Martin from ?95 to $100 was introduced. The. Baltimore Ohio fence 'and garbage ordinances were adopted. ten; if you're, ordinary, nobody knows pen decl. Mayor Duggnn. asserts he you're amoug those .present. j has information to prove that much "One thing. I have had more fun, (material the company has lasted as refined and otherwise, teince I came j^aving been used never made Us ap- herc than [ ever had before in my life.' pearance here. The number of.original things and bits j The mayor declared conditions t o - , ,,.«.- nrn /,nAPO of horseplay that arc perpetrated in J day to be little less than criminal. MAKE RED LRObS a day^ have any stage performance : Thc company, he said, shows evident I ' skinned a mile. It's amazing the ' intent to avoid ma king aay improve- jy f t m lerlUt Jmiiors .Iro Very face looked like a piece of meat. "I had him treated but it did no good, f wnc told to send for a free sample of Cutlcara Soap nod Ointment. 1 did so, and afterwards bought more, and I used two boxea of Cuticora Ointment with one cake of Cuticura Soap and he was healed." (Signed) Mrs. Hettie Thompson, 2803 RtCBC St., Phila., Sept. 15, 1917. When CutiaiTB has clearedyour elcla of pimples and redness keep it clear by using rhe Soap assisted by the Oim- ment for every-day toilet purposes. '.Somerset county; George M. Crusan Absolutely nothing better. of Greensburg and Donna Francos IHckal of Fairchance. were granted. marriage licenses in Greens-burg. i Grcnt Russell K. Tedrow, of Scottdale, and Emma B. Wright of Bast Huntingdon township; Horney L. Johnson of Casselman and Annie E. Brougher of to f IVE MINIITS r^ljWOERoHTABLET fORM T'SO?-EVERYWHERE ' Renew the Joy of Living Don't let ill health any Ion er rob you of life's pleasure Get back your appetit strengthen your digestio stimulate your liver, reg late your bowels and ii prove your blood by taki; "i Yisitins nt Scottdale. -Miss 3farj- Mclatyre, of Grcensburg, Mr. McFee of Pittsburg, Mr. and Mrs. E. Cains and chiidren, Jean and onter, were guests Sunday of TV. . Conrad ot Market street, Scottdale. It s.easy. lo help along in ."food conservation when you know how. is over 10% by weight actual sugar, not "put there" but developed iri · its, making . from wheat and malted barley., · For this reason Grape-Nuts, unlike the ordinary cereal, sweetening. Try'it--without sugar. "There's a Reason" for GHAPE-NUTS Sold b? Croccn. believe me, and when a score of such brains get to working, the result is-well, I leave It to your imagination. "Wo arc treated fine by the people of Atlanta. My name, however, is very unpopular here, some people associating it with that of another distinguished northerner who sojourned here before I began sojourning- anywhere. Everywhere you go they gige you things to eat or otberwise entertain you. It's all the style to have soldiers to Sunday dinner or supper and I wager thousands are entertained each week. 'And it's only-the privates i . - ~ .. who come in for this. The .officers i c ° 1!nU ° n Friaay ' have to pay for ail they get." PREPARE FOR DUQUESNE High/School Gi-ttinp Into Trim for .'am« Here Fridny *iglit. The high school basketball team settled down to a steady practice tonight after a four days rest to prepare for the game with the Duquesnc High j t h j 5nilVTro""niby team here on Friday night. The lo- Shallcnberger. Agues Hei cals were baoly beaten by Duquesue j Herbert, Genevievc Gv are hoping to he able to square ac- 1?lH'H Yon ITan" Anrthinf; i Advertise in our Classified Column. ; GARFIELD RAPPED Tho iraprovrniejn on the team is credited -to the scrubs, as the second Fncl Administrator Held Responsible .for Acute Coal Famine. Dy Associated Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 26.--Responsibility for the coal shortage was placed -squarely oa the fuel administration by Senator s Reed ot .Missouri today in a. "statement of facts", submitted to the Senate sub-committee on P manufacturers .as a basis for a. report j of its recent 'investigation of the fuel situation. string men are constantly stepping on iJjc heels ot the varsity players, making tbem hustle to hold their placoK. Tomorrow night a team of high, school teachers -will piay tiie Varsity. Thc faculty von in. a previous game. Their Handiwork. The Loyal Juniors class of the Methodist Sunday school at Vanderhilt. taught by Mrs. S. W. Bryan, has completed a QUilt to be sold by the Red Cross. It is made of red and while patches. 0:i tile white patches the children have stitched bunnies and Dutch girls. The members who aided in making Bailey, Dorotliy rbert. Naomi 'veen. Grace Eichrrt, Hilda Baker, Ada Sballen- berger, Vera Roberts, Thelma Grace Taylor and Edith Johnston. ,. SAGE TEA KEEPS ! YOURHAIR DARK' When Mixed With Snlpbrr It Brings Back Its Beautiful Lustre at Once. NO GENERAL PRICE FIXING . i Of l-'arni Products to B« Alfe'iupfwi br 'THREE QUALIFIED Their action is prompt, a thorough, and you soon f their benefits. You will i more, work better, sleep sou? er, and feel new strength af a short course of these depe: able pills. They restc healthy conditions, and sc Bring Healt and Energ the food Administration. ·SVASHllNCTON, Feb. 2C.--Gancral price-ilxing on agricultural produces Is not a part of tile policy of thc Food i glossy hair caa oniy bo had by brew- Administration and will not be .it-1 ing a mixture nf Sage Tea and Sul That beautiful, even shade of dark, 1 "Sots-It" Makes Corns Come The "Banana-Peel" "Way! Wliy hare to flop on the fl squeeze yourself up like tho le "Z", antj with bulirin^ eyes d your face up into a wrinkly V tvlillc you souTM-* and pull at ."quicll" of a tender corn? Tb temiitcd. Administrator Hoover said j last night in a statement designed to phur. Your hair is your charm. I t j makes or mars tie face. Wnen it Senator Reed's statement was not From District 'o. 5 Are £xnmln. i reassure farmers who arc apprehcn- fncles, turns gray or streaked, just a n i «1 In L'niontown. j slve that tho government might set '· application or two of Sage and Sul-i Qj seven men from District No. 5-j maximllm P 1 *" on wSat 'he - r ^ v e to i P | mr enhances its appearance a hu.-i- , who were examined in Uniontown I s e l l j ! ilrcil-trld. Sunday, three were qualified for mlii- I 'The FoiA Administration," saiii j Don't bother to prepare the rare-, the report of the sijti-comaiittee which 1 lary service, three were disqualified ; ^r. Hoover, "is not a price-filing body ! lure: you can get tii.s famous old investigated the foo_d and fuel admin-(and one was held for limited service, j except with regard to wheat and j recipe improved by the addition or I The men and their physical classifi- j sugar, cation follows: E. W.Osburne, Pasquale DeElia and Benjamin Oblcr. disqualified; Jack Morrison, John B. istrations bu'. a statement of his individual conclusions on the 1 facts."The chaos now existing in the coal business," the statement said, "must give .places to stability or we will in near future be confronted t o ' a coal shortage of the most disastrous character." ' Licensed to TYed. Guy Jones and Amanda Brown, both of Vanderbilt; William E. Kelley of South Connellsville and Eleanor Eam- ase of Fairchance; Prank E. Reynolds and Rebecca Richer ot South Brownsville, wero granted marriage licenses in Uniontown yesterdar. Tiome From thc East Miss Adeiaide Bland, milliner at i Kobackers' store, has returned home from JSew yorU, wliere she bought and summer millinery. Weaver, and Martin J. Madden, qualified; and Arnold F. Johnson, limited service. HOB WOOWV011TH STORK. Double Fnnerai. Mrs. Marry Kochis, 23 years old and other ingredients at a small cost, all j ready for ase. It is called Wyeth'sj Sage and Suipbar Compound. This; can always be depended upon to bring 1 her infant son, died yesterday at the family residence at Adelaide. The back the natural color and lustre of your hair. Everybody uses "Wyeth's" Sage and Thieves ThougrW to Hars Been Boys, Kntor Eatablislimcnt. Thieves, supposed to have been local boys broken into the W-oolwortb Five Ten Cent store last night and secured $5 from the money drawer. They had no difficulty in securing the change as the money drawer was unlocked. As far as could be determined this morning none of the stock was taken. Am entrance was gained through the'i cellar door child died at. birth and the mother's i ,, , death occurred a shon time later. Mrs. L * " CompOTnli now bccause ' l I darkens no naturally and evenly that ! ibody can te!l it has been applied. ' or soft i Kochis was the wife of William Koc! his. A double funeral will be held i i tomorrow moriiing from the Greek [church, with interment ia lie Greek " USn ^ U ^ mV Wl * LnrOTSn l cemeterv J ^ e i)air - ta:kin ^ ono a raall strand at ^ ' a time; by morning tho ffray h a i r ] has disappeared, and after another \ application it becomes beautifully dark and appears glossy and lustrous, This rfrody-to-uae prepxratjon js a dcligfatful requisite for tbose who desire da,rjt hair and a youthful appearance. It is riot intended for ibo cure. 2 or 3 Drop* 'Applied in a Few Sect* l"faere» no Fo»*ine or Cuttifig. "Gets-it" Aiwya Worlut the old, sivagc way. "Gets-It^ the motLern, painless, simple v "Gets-It" on the corn, put y S ORE THROAT, or Tonsilifci*--gargle with warm, salt water then apply-- treatment of corns. It never i bundling bandajyes, illicit" plos and p a i n f u l methods. Use ·'Gets- it a common sense. **Gets-It" la sold by all drugs you n.;cd pay no more than cents), or it will be sent direct S. Lawrence Co., Chicago, III Sold in ConncllKville and rccom mitigation or prevention of disease.-- I f a *?.' lhe *' orld ';; bPSl coni r e m p 1 Lau^hrey DFUK Co., A. A. Clarke Adv. Drug Co.

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