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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 26, 1918
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IT Connellsvilie's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,533 ; onijn I VOL. 16, NO. 91. CONNELLSVILLE, PA... TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUAR .Y 26, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. IAIL OF GAS BOMBS AND HIGH EXPLOSIVE SHELLS STRIKES AMERICAN LINES e- Ji s Artillery, Uodaunt-1 JflJNBAR BOY LOOKS FOR EARLY ENDING OF THE GREAT WAR: QUID FIRE ALSO FAILS I Writes to His Mother That Ile'II Tell I ! Her of Trip Aeruss IVhen He j ' UeLs Back--Suoiu \ euch Patrols Seal-chins Out G e r - , . . . . , , T, -i. .,, , ,,. . , L, ' Almost without exception IDC sol- a.m Positions Find First nnd Sec: diers from Fayett3 COUDty who have ! md Line Trench Practicalljr Desert- . gone to France speak in their letters j _ ;d; Baby Killers Strike at Italy, 'home of the hope of early return 10 j __ FI,A« USED DT DRAPING rH'JST 'OT B1-; COYKJIKD ' SOU TOUCH THE FI.OOK- Persons who arrange stage settiuss for patriotic or other [unctions should remember that it is contrary to the regulations to use the flag as a table cover or otherwise drape it except ·when left in a hanging position that keeps every portion of it off the floor or from being covered, whole or in part, by any other object. The single exception mirier which the flag can be placed upon a prone object is when draped over the coffin of a dpad Koldier or sailor. ss IS Box Plaetid at Headquarters to! Kercivc Uallots of % j Members. ' TOPIC OF MUCH INTEREST; ^y I'roposition Hits Both Supporters line! Opponents: Vote Thus Far Taken Believed Ui Show .Majority Agpiinsl tli« Plan; Polls to Close Thursday, rosvriONS OPE\ FOK CITY .EXPLORES WIIEf KETU1LV FKOM VAK. Me:nbers of the city police force or fire department who are called into the "military service w i l l be retained on the list of eligibles and restored to their positions at the end of the war. This is the sense of a resolution adopted by city council last e.venmg -\vbcr. Uie resignation of Policeman Andrew Thomas was accepted. Thomas left w i t h the draftees for Camp Lee on Saturday eve- n-ing. He was a good man, Mayor Dugg-au said. : their native land and many of them i express confidence that the war will j 1 be of short duration. It is so with By Associated Prcsg. XITH THE AMERICAN ARMY .... JV.N'CE, Feb. 26.--The artillery duel' Em " -V Barnes of Dunbar, writing 10 tae American sector northwest o [ j n i s mother. Mrs. J. B. Barnes. In ul grows more intense daily. T'jciP a r t n i s tetter says: nnans fired 100 or more shells d u r - i "' S" CS5 '"" h:ive l ' cea ' ookin S r ° r ; the last 24 hours and late l a Ietter tor somc tirae a n d l bave JKiog began to bombard vlolenth-i premised to write j-ou every day since na of our batteries with gas and! we »"·'««"' somehow I have not. :h explosive shells i done s0 ' But ]usl tlic snme 3 have The American artillery has replied! thousht of VOU ever; '' da! "' * bave i.-tantly doing most effective work ( \inst the enemy front line trenches.! e battery, positions and wire "en-! ipleraenis and numerous ener.iy rrsiag parties also were shelled. BUILD PITTSBURG , never felt better m ruv life, ^ e have ea ,, bed , entv (l{ ^ ^ ^ d * quarter s.' s o we'want | r o r nmh| * Wp havo 1t , ntT ot ,.,,,_ hm j t , s no , ne . lr]v ^ co)d a3 back hom( , Vmerican machine guns last night i ..j ,,.,,,,,,, |ikc , 0 lel , vou of my t r l p I this morning fired many thousand! Dm _,.,,,, Unow t h e censor would cut. iiids in the rear of the German pnsi-i it ,,,,',_ 50 it ia ju6t a waste of time. as where marked movement of mon Bu . , wi!] tc!l yoll whcn we he i bark I materials progresses. The enersy ; honle and j feel w e will be back some Ml unsuccessfully to hinder the Am-. t i n l e this year. I will not be sorry. cm patrol work by hurling m w ; have had about all I care for of I powerful flares into the Americas: roaming. ·* entanglements. : "Vou may write anything you wish. - -- I would be pleased if you would send KSCH I'ATKOL FIUHTS ' me some tobacco as -.hat is about the BATTIKK I" EXTEM''only thing 1 cannot buy on this side. ·'RKNCH GRAND HEADQl'AR-'l still have some tiiat I got in the phone ' C o m p a n y Conferring This Afternoon. Voting on iho Question of cousoli- i dating the Fayeuo county chapters of j the Red Cross iuto b u o is in progress ' ; among the .members of the Conuells-! 1 vilie unit. Yesterday a ballot box | '· was placed ai the headquarters in the j .o!d high school b u i l d i n g and a supply! i of ballots provided for the use of | ' members. The ladies who comprise; . __ , ... , i the classes which men at the work , Members ot Council and leJe: rooms dany are caslins their ballot* i as they report for U:"ir afternoon's I task. A l l other memhrrs who aro in' torc-PK'd in the fines tion to be nocidnd . have LUQ same pririlego as the workers and can vote in tho same way as they are doing by visiting headquar- UTS for that purpose. : · Tbe balloting w i l l continue nn-til Section lo he Undertaken. If Franchise Thursday evening when the box will j is («rai)t«i, Extends from Orchard be opened and ihe ba!lo',s counted. IMacc Southward to Washington Whatever the result may be H w i l l be Avenne; Wires Emla^cr Men. : considered at a spocia! rnocunp of Uie , I nvtvMitiuia *»niYi/nnTnf nr.fl i t r l i f i i t LlKGn 1 Pursuant to resolution of city court, not'known of course, ho* i b e ' c i ! adopted last night petitions were which has thus far been cast 1 t o bc ^ laced in circulation Urn after- TROLLEY CM CHASES AUTOMOBILE UP KILL AND THEN RAMS FT: Lfiteenrinfr Aveunc. West Side, Scene of Colliffioii in Whirh Wtm»n is lujRred, A big automobile belonging to Harry Dunn was damaged last night, -when a West Penn street oar, bound for Union town, via the Phillips route, strnck i the auto jusi a short distance above j Ninth street. West Side. Mrs. David I Long, who was riding in the rear seat | of the machine was bruised about the ! heart and thigh and the right rear | wheel of tiu- amornobilc was broken ofi". .A large doni was made in the ma- i c h i n e where the street car struck :t. _,,,,. _ , _, , . , ; Mrs. lxng was carried to the horne. Will Riipplemcnt Complaint; o f M _ w Altcr where sho was ?iveQ flavor is Trcparinfr to File at H arris burg. i Large Audience at High School j Applauds Sterling's I Address. THE CRITICS ARE FLAYED And Citizens Voice Approval of the Speaker's Words and Indicate The} Arc. Back of the Boys Who Have (ione t« the Front; War Bevicned. i meriical attention. She is resting j easily at her Morre.ll avenue home to| day. j The accident occurred about 5.25 MATERIALS ARE READY SERVICE IS · °' c ' oc ^ p automobile which was Hits Refin Iniulefiun1 fnr Tears Wliflc Xo Kfforl Has lieen Made to Improve It, Document Self Fortfi: .Municipal Ownership Council Aim. A TT A F1T\fl\ · A l I At/iLCii/ 1 bring driven by Nlr. Dunn was nrn- ! D i n g south on Xioil] street. -Mr. Dunn saw the street car just as lie reached the United Its, Feb. 25.--Trench raids along! United States, but it will not last French front have increased in i a - . long." si'-y during UJe past month to suah- Mr. Barnes is with extent that they have become in j States base hospital. CQ instance^ battles in which thous-; U of men have been engaged and'-. idreds of prisoners taken. j TECf HRFRTY MOTOR i£n31 UDBR1 I 1HU1UK i executive committee, and action taken . i accordingly. The proposal of t h e Bell Telephone i f t concpany to place a part oC its lines in I vole the business district under ground ! g.jjjj, was revived last night when M. J. j Bishop, of, PitLsburg, a representative, of the company, appeared before city b u t f r o m omrepsiors o^ spnti- j _ ! noon praying to the Public Service Commission for relief iu one f o r m or By Associated Pros' WASHINGTON. Feb. 26,--The first · to identify enemy units and a t j PT times to improve the lines f o r * irure of observation points. Again ; p u b U c flight of an aeroplane equipped ·rtid may b marfe to destroy t ! i e i r i t h tbe Liberty motor will be ·my works and prevent bint fix m [ be Q probably next week. Representa- icking. This was the case in S:t-! t i v e Hull, of Iowa, said toda- council with orriinauctj and plans for the initial work which covers Piita- j burg street from Orchard Place to I STnillitun Man Was hin gton aven u e. By agreemen t with Mr. Bishop the members of council accompanied him this afternoon j over that section of .the city with a Public Flight to be Given "extl view to ascertaining just what is pro- In Washington. · ' posed. Further consideration will he given the matter at another meeting next Monday night. Accord-l-ng to the announcement, o! ENEMY ALIENS ARRESTED is Keniovod 1 hnrph Rf V. JS. . With the iirrcst of John Ltnden- other from the conditions imposed by j of Conductor Dave PyJe and Motorman the Connellsx-ille \"att?r company in i 0. B. Crawford, a ConnellsviTle crew. the way of inadequate service and alleged unfair and unreasonable rates IMtts- therefore. Tbe petitions are supple- j i a ! mentary to one submitted to council last night which is to be signed by Mayor John rnigCTn and forwarded gn of Sciithton, 63 years nld anci tn ; hg comjn j 5sio ^ doring the wock ged German alien yesterday, spec-i ^ 1Q f or - na | nctHion and complaint agents of the Department of Jus- j proparcfl by O;t y Solicitor E. C. Hig- The large audience which assembled in ihc high Bchool auditorium upon a decidedly disagreeable evening; the interest and attention with which they followed the speaker and tbe generous applause with which the telling points or his address Trere greeted, are to be regarded as rto mean compliment 10 a Fayette ccmnty boy, now our representative in. Congress. If he interpreted the significance of these things aright--and evidently he did--he saw in the representative gathering more than a mark of respect to an individual. He could not fail to note evidences of the interest the people of Coanelliaville and vicinii-y have in the war and what is being done to insure the car to avoid c "" " "TM u _ _ _ street car was not stopped quickly j success of our"part in "it " Neither enough and overtook the automobile MM be fail to read in the faces of about 80 feet up tbe tracks. the pcop , e to ^ om he fe(J their Traflic on the Phillips and Vander- villingnesB to do al] those things that bilt lines was delayed for more than j win contribn j e to c cert3 j D ^^^^ an hour and a half. It was necessary i o j ^ e Vfar ' to drag the hea, T machine from the Por over " m hOTp ^^ si r a: i s . Tho sirm ear was m charge U n g he , d thc jnterest ^ e ^^ while he reviewed the progress of America's pan in thc -a-ar and dwelt ·with increasing enrphasis upon the nccessrty for every citizen to stand behind tile government "in, any wav; in over;- -a-ar." He Justified even" action taken by, the Congress and the (he crossing and and he turned the machine up the -cracks, running ahead collision. The Crawford is a new man. having been on duty for not more than a month. BAIL IS REFUSED 31nst liemain 'In Jail tFirtfl j Administration and his own support of Time for Trial. i the declaration of war, the enactment ,,..., ... ..... _. _ . . _ . ,, . ,, Following the testimony of two wit- I of thc selective serrice law and other tice and Deputy United States Mar-j^^ recites tbe history of the water · nesses for the ComtnonweaJth at the ! war buls antl announced his purpose shals opened a drive against .ill Ger-| companv ta briot trom its beginnins ; habeas corpus hearing in Uniontown i to continue his snpport of every meas- roon alien enemies who failed to regif- j in 1RS 2. Originally there., were two i yesterday .ifternoon Prank M. Lindley i u r c designed to bring the war to such I Mr. Bishop the company will, if grant: or( j cr _ . rd a franchise. j ter under President Wilson's present Llndenhaugh was taken to Pittsburgi almost who'.ly on its pumping plant reservoirs, it is set forth, but for a I was refused release on bail by Judge i an issue that "the freedom of our ong time the company has depended | J. Q. Van Sweariagen and remanded j own people and of the whole world to ;ail to trial at tho March term of court on- a-charge -of tilling will henceforth be assured." At no period during the course of his she inch ::ny lines are held lightly and t n e i a v i a t o r wi!! be chosen by the war do- i-\ bodies oC troops are kept as far i parLment to pilot the American ma- rear that occasionally t h e ; c h ; a e a nn congressmen who have have reached the tliird and b f c n watching the recent flights of :l\ the fourth lines with slight re- Col. l^.e v/ill have a chance to com- -.;mce. This is the reason, for t n e pare the British-Royce motor with the terally small number of prisoners. · American product. . in the Lorraine where the Gcr-; . DS were caught narpiag the h E u l ' captured was large, being m o r e j n 400. NEW COP APPOINTED i Meredith Wilson of Fairchanee Take the pole affects the outer wall of the . . . _ . · l H f l n l r h i i i l f i i n e ' lificivmpnt Linemen are continually placed in jen-! ujg FreleliU-r H'as Hound Prom Amer- pardy of their lives by the electric ; !cs tv 11 .Itritlsh Tort, currents. I ny AssotiiLicd Press Construction of a conduit system ! NEW YORK, Feb. 2G.--The British as far north as Orchard alley will j.frei£ht steamship Philadelphia!! o.f eliminate the pole by the Second Na-15,320 gross tons, owned by the Ley- tional bank building over which there: land line, has been sunk by a German was litigation several years ago w h e n ! submarine. She ieft here with a car- the building was under construction. ' The company has announced its intention of removing it. The vibration of it necessary and desirable city own the water works. The rates, especially for fire pro- i tection, are declared to be unreasonable and exorbitant. The capital of the company has been . increased from time to time for which go Cor British ports on February 11, the petmor , cr . u )(1 set forUli D ,,ie T es his former business partner, Frank A. j marks were his auditors left in doubt Eurkey, ncre the night of Iecember j as to e identity of. their present rep- 18. , resentative in Congress nor were they Thc witnesses -were A. L. Schwei- ! lacking in assurances ot his zeal to binz, associate of Burkey, and Wesley j Promote Uieir interests. King, night operator of the elevator j ^e niercilesslr flnyed the critics nf The conduct of tbe company. It is m the Second National bank building. ' be War Department and of thc Ad- dcclared, hao heen such as to render j.Tbey gave circumstantial evidence j ministration and disclaimed both his that the ; considered strong enough by the court u hold LindJcy for trial. The evidence was substantially the same as produced at the inquest here. UMAX FUKKS BOJIB i Thomas' Place on Porce.- . SOX-COMBATAVrS IN' I T A L Y ' -Meredith Wilson ot Fairchance was SO.ME( Feb. 26.--During air r a ,, J s j this morning sworn in-by Mayor John emi-official announ-! D "=S an a5 a Policeman on tne city iday night, a sen -.ont saya enemv aeroplanes drc.p- '"·"· "" "'" "" lue 27 bombs in nlmbited places u f! ire , lv ThO!:1 " tt ;"° ^'^ '. " ,, , «. i to leave with the draftee: nee. 30 on Mestre and five an , _ . ,, , ,, . , ,, ,, ,, . , ,, . . . itelgramco. Two ed at ilestra. persons wt re I ILttEXT LACK1XO OX VON' HEItTLI.WS SI'KEUI .'ASHINGTOX Feb. iacellor Von Hertlinp's speech to Reichstag was carefully studied ay by President Wilson and state ;.rtm©nt officials -.vithout any nf- ;1 indication of how it was recaid- ihev officials who read the chan- or's address closely though it serv- u empbasiie a point made yy ..jident V/ilson iu one oE his earlier reuses dealing -.vita the peace aims tile powers that while the Central i ?rs appeared to accept the gem-r- iroad altruistic principles tor ·:h the Entente allies and America ·e contending, when it came to tiie r.ngement of details the Central vers appeared reluctant to apply so principles. force. He- will take the place of Aned Thursday's that went to Camp Leu on Saturday. Wilson will fae'ca duty for the first time tonight. bank building basement. Each member of council was si- plied wits a copy of the ordinance. It is practically the same, said Mr, Bishop, as that previously submitted. FIJ1ST CLASS SIXGAMIAX. /'oniicr SonfJi t'dncellsvilfirBoy J«ai- iiics in France. Dar.iel W. Keffer, son of Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kelfer cC Clairton and formerly of South ConneHsviile, has passed with high honors ail examina- | tions" for first class signalman with General Pershinj's force in France. Keffer is with the Fifteenth engi- ucers. He is a brother of William G. Keffer, South Conncllsvilie, a Baltimore Ohio railroader. l» ftUORD JIETAHJES KUSSIAS cm: FKOJI nu.vs ONDO.N, Feb. 2 6 -- Pskov, 175 t-s souUiwest of Petrograd has ti recaptured by the Bolsheviki a:id :ot fighting is going on there ac- ding to au Exchange Telegraph jatcli from Petrograd dated .Moa. The Ked Guord is resisting tiie man advance everywhere. -Tiplon in Town. S. J. Tipton, traveling passenger agent for the Baltimore Ohio rail- roda, with headquarters in Washington, D. C.. was in town yesterday on bis return from Cleveland, O. Mr. Tipton was formerly ticket agent at the city office. WANTWHOLKOMPANY Sfotint Peasant "»t Satisfied With riatoon in Reserve. MOUNT PLEASANT. Feb. 26.-Steps have been taken to secure Cor this place an entire company of the national guard reserve, instead of dividing with Connellsville. Assemblyman J. 13. Goldsmith has written to the governor with a view to having the recent order for part of a company revoked. Yarn Is llvcefred. A consignment of heav yarn has been .received at the hcadquartera of the Charleston Comforts Branch in the Title Trust building and is ^ ready for distribution among Navy League knitters. and was torpedoed about February 21. News" of the PMladelphian's loss was received today in marine insurance circle*. FOUR-MINUTE SPEAKERS Local ^linisttrs Join Forces in Boost- I Ing War Work. | Announcement was made today by I Secretary J. Kirk Rennor of the Four- | .Minute Men's organization that the j services of Rev. J. L. Proudfit a n d ' Rev. John T. Burns as speakers have j been secured. I Father Burns will appear at tan; no proper payment ha? been made to the company. Efforts have been made from time to time on the part of the city to purchase the water plant but it has heen unable to t obtain any saisfactory answer. "^Therefore the petitioner asks that Continued on j?agc Tiro. MAY DIE OF EXPOSURE ug "Woman In Swioizs ConcH- and " ti on at cj u f f e rj n g from serious injuries uolmes. 23 yea conmmnlty concert at tic high',school | Qid a n i r . olo - or1i cC r^Uenring No. 3, this evening iu the interest of wtur ·work. Ben }fantta Home. Benjamin Marietta, son of James ^larie-tta, arrived home from. Camp Gordon last evening to spend a 10-day j furlough. ENGINEER KILLED B. 0. Train 1'lnnges Jnto Creek IVTicii ItritljTt! Wnsiies Ont lly ANSociated Press. CLARKSBURG, W. Va.. Feb. 2G.~ Engineer Worth D. Moore of Weston, was lulled and two trainmen were injured when a heavy Baltimore Ohio train plunged into a creek near Conger -this morning. A bridge had beeu washed out by i the flood. IF GOTEKXilEXT 1'JtO.UlSKI) FOK KtSSIAJf rilOTLM'CS \ .-.ISTERDAM, : Feb. 26.--The Cej- ' Powers intend to give self-gov- tient to the provinces of Courland Lithuania, Chancellor Von Hert; declared in his address to the i hstag yesteadry. he operations of the Central Pow- in the East, the chancellor said, ··; being carried out with the sole WEST SIDE HOME BURNS DURING GALE AND FAMILY LOSES ALL, EVEN CLOTHING The cottage house of Mike Gallo, on of furniture was carried out. Only Eleventh street, West Side, burned to . recently the Gallo family had pur- thc ground, about 3 o'clock this morn- chased a new kitchen cabinet and a ing. Flames, evidently starting in phonograph. The house, however, is the kitchen, gained such headway that'covered by insurance, the fire department was helpless to i The fire department was called by save the dwelling. Tbe high wind fan.- . telephone but was unable to save the ned the fire and it quickly consumed | house. The truck had a hard pull to the home. - | set through, the m u d ' on Eleventh Kow the fire started is a mystery. ! street.. The Gallo family denies that there | Gallo is employed as a stone mason ·was a fire of any kind, either gas o r j b y the K. C. Frick Coko company a 1 coalleft burning, as Mrs. Gailo always ! Trotter. His family is at present Lodge Dues Cancelled. The local Elks lodge is sending cards, to all raeairbei-.s in- »service, which number 16 or 17, saying lltelr dues are considered paid until the war is over. On Library Board. Mayor John Duggan last night appointed Councilraen B. L. Berg, C. W. Utts and R. W. Hoover members of j was -admitted to tbe Cottage State hospital this morning for treatment. Mrs. Holmes claims, while going homo by a short route last night, she fell from the coke ovetis at Leisenring No. 3. She was unable to help herself and laid for an hour or more in the rain, and wind storm before she was discovered. Hospital authorities fear her condition, is critical. HUNT EXPRESS CLERK Adams Employe lielieved to Have Stolen $86.000 in Funds. By Associated Press. P1TTSBDRG, Feb. 26.--Special agents of the Adams orpress company throughout Pennsylvania, "West Virginia and iQastern Ohio today instituted a search for a clerk of tbe Pifes- burg office Qf the company who disappeared late Saturday, following tiie reported robbery of approximately $86,600 in currency from tbe office here. The money, according to the express company officials, was delivered to them by a Pittsburg bnnk to be sent to a manufacturing concern for making np a payroll. At TSdneiitionnl Meeting. Prof^ R. K. Smith of Dawson, supervising principal of the Dunbar township schools, left Sunday night for Atlantic City-'to attend the annual meeting of" die superintendents' department, of tbe National Educational As* sociation. AUTO RECOVERED disposition or intention to play politics, taking no little pride in the fact that he and "Uncle Joe" Cannon, for 40 years the Republican "war horse" of Congress, had voted the same way on all war measures. He recounted ibe achiovemajite of the government during the 11 months tbe war has been in progress, rather frankly ad- mitring that it had taken three years of study "of Ue revealed purpose of Germany" for President Wilson to make irp bis mind that "the time has come for America to enter the conflict for liberty which our forefathers established in this continent and for {ho liberty of all mankind." He praised the people and the Administration for tbo. great things accomplished since our entry into the war, and promised that even more will very shortly be done. He paid a deserved tribute to tna selective men, and all soldiers, -who havo answered their country's cal!;? admonished the people to stand behind the boys and to support the! Navy League. Red Cross, T. M. C. A, and even' other agency which is contributing so much to surround thq Jlen Who Stole It Are Under Arrest! soldiers with every proper influence, in Pittslmr);. i Not the least of oar duties, it waa The automobile of Mrs. J. M. Reid, j pointed out, is to produce and to con- stoisn from in trout of tbe Reid resi- i serve food that our soldiers and 1 (ia dence in Peath street, was recovered allies may want for nothing; ^either in Pittsburg last night and two men giving the names Robert Suramerside, .17 years o l d , and William. Joker, 18, both of/ Connellsville, and James j "Ward, 34, of Pittsburg, were arrested j and locked up. should we neglect our preparations to care for our hoys when they return from "over there." STERLING URGES THAT BUSINESS MEN ORGANIZE TO INSURE FOOD CROPS the board of trustees of the Carnegie I In his a-idress at tbe high school au- I League the congressman said. "The Congressman Sterling in his quieS j but forceful manner gave the largo audience a fund ot information on tho The machine is undamaged. Mrs.i w a r situation which he said was Reid was informed today when the chanEing 50 rapidlv .. tll what machine was identified by her. | la]ked ahon , two k ^ The men are said to have heen u,- I serTe this veck du(J f e TMJ volved m other robbenes here. !. Lhe equipment is chai?ging ,,, m ^£ -- --: i devices of destruction and death ol the Germans^" The congressman reviewed events of nearly a year ago when President Wilson called Congress into an extraordinary session to pass on the war question. "We voted for a state of war, to meet the Hun on the allied battlefields in Europe or later hero free library to fill vacancies. Ill With. Quinsy. . Jliss Helen Freeman of Greenwood is confined to her home ' in Eighth street with a severe attack of quinsy. !l of securing the fruits of the peace I extinguishes every cue before retiring, i staying with neighbors. I'L-wt'lina tlii ar4rt£u4 "T-Vrt J n n ,,. - . _ _ - - ; r. Uknaine. He added: "%Ve do not -nd to establish ourselves In Es- :-ia or Livonia." ;ie chancellor asserted the Cea- The fire was discovered when Pauline , ! Gallo went to the kitchen about 3 o'clock to get a drink of water. "When she opened the Uitchen door, the room Powers had freed Poland with j was a mais O t (lames, intention of calling an indepea-" t state into existence. The cons'.i- She aroused the remainder of the family. The fire had gained such ,.ttal problem involved was still be-I headway that it was necessary to ; fiscussed in its narrower since, TC | leave tie building in night clothes ; ay the three countries ia?olvei. only. A'ot a bit of clothing: nor piece Enlist In Army Leo If. Rist, Charles P. Stillwagon, Joseph W. Coyne enlisted ia the United States Army in Pittsbnrg yesterday. · Scarlet FftTor Reported. Two cases of scarlet fever have been reported to the board of health. Generally fair tonight and Wednesday; wanner Wednesday, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature liccord, 1918 1917 Maximum . C3 G5 Minimum , 29 43 llhan .-16 54 The Yough river rose during the night from 6.30 feet to~ 12.40 feet alone." "Congress didn't vote on the selec- ditorium last night Congressman j one great question in this country Bruce F./Sterling laid much emphasis ; will be foodstuffs" said the speaker., on the necessity for raising foodstuffs : ''You have heard some regulations for i t i v c dratt measure ill a moment," said in this country during the coining i conservation and you are going to ! -Representative Sterling. "I knew I year. He said that what was raised i bear more." j K " as pitting in a position to be placed in the coming summer would have' sterling urges the men to get to- ' o n tl!e !ialtlefield s the sons of my best ;ether just Ibis one year and raise all ! f r i e n d s °, n earth ' bul ! casl T vote great bearing on how we shall live in all f u t u r e years. The cor.gressraan said -there were enough busiuess'men in Fayette county to get together and organise an industrial a.rmy to cultivate the many acres of land in Use county. He pro- i?.e the industrial army, just this one year--tbe year that is going to decide how we live in ail future years." Tbe congressman said there had because I believed us have a right to th portrait}' we have had." Ihe foodstuffs, potatoes, corn, beans i 1Jt ' UI * ube 1 °eevea those that follow or any kind of food possible. "Organ- ua have * rigM to the freedom and op- "As your representative m Congress from this'district, having voted to enroll these men," continued the Con. ^ Jjt; ^^^^^ otliu t u l . l c ua _ u . posed :hat the men organise, secure j beeu many boys between the ages of 15 j ^e~srnan. 3 intend to voie for every , measure that is necessary make the services of everyone who c o u i d r j u j ^ 17 write io him to learn if there pend a fe-w hours each evening in the · was aot some way for Lhnm ;o gel into | I D e 100,000.000 .of people left in this cultivation of a plot of ground and i the arm _ Vi He suggested that if Lhey i countr y Siv e everything that is nee' wanted to do something'that vras one ; *. ssary Ior tbn comf °rt and support oC that at the end o f . t h e summer the foodstuffs be offerod for sale at a fair price. The money could go into the Red Cross, tho Y". M. C. A. or the Navy of the greatest patriotic services pos- I those 1,000,000 men in the field." sible to the country, that they offer j Congressman Sterling said teat at their services this summer to the j present, besides the thousands of mea farmer whose boy la in the trenches, i Continued on Page Four.

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