The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COUKIBR, CONHAM^SVILLE PA. MONDAY, FBBUARY 25, 191s. THE NEW WORKING RULES AS AGREED TO BYJHOPMEN Through Director Several of Baflroads and JEmpleyea' Representative. mi SPEED UP REPAIRS Outages J» Howrs 01 "W«k "With ix- littef Agreeaents to Govern lutes; mvisiws tor tie Pro«ioti»n_ or AwK»Ue»; Inability Onrr B«r. The agreemec* made between Di- lector General of Railroads McAdoo, .ind A 0 ·Wharton president of the railay emplojes department ot the American Federation of Labo~, and the international officers representing the machinists Dealer makers blacksmiths carmen sheet-metal workers electrical workers, and apprentices ind helpers with a view to speeding up rtpair *ork on locomotives and cars, provides fee tie following qhanges in working conditions in ·hops and routtdhonaes The hours of labor In shops and roundhouses to be governed by the necessities as indicated by the general condition of equipment At shops and .oundhoases now working one shift wMch totals less than 70 hours per week an increase, "preferably °n * seven-day basis, may be made Where desired working hours may ao ar- rangd that men. will be released at t P M on one day each, week Er- isting working agreements lo 30% era the rate subject to the action of the Railroad Wage Commission All apprentices who hae served three-years maj be promoted to me chanics and paid the going rate ot wa»ee for that position Such promoted apprentices to be given the right of practical eiperience on work of-th«ir respective trades to which they had not been advanced durine the three-year period Helpers in their respective trades who have had five or more years' experience -mav be promoted to classification of mechanics., they to receive mechanics' rate and be given an opportunity to learn all branches of the trade The dory authorized commiteemea of e«ch trade in each shop covered by agreement stall be consulted and mutual understanding arrived at in promoting helpers and the r-vtio of helpers- to be promoted to the number of mechanics in any one trade in any one shop, shall not exceed 20 per cent The mternatiocal officers and general chairmen of each trade on each road covered by agreements «;hall be furnished a complete record of the men promoted. "Vechanics applying for employment will not be denied snch emplovment (or any cause other than nal ility to perform the work, this preference to b« in effect as long as three-vear apprentices or promoted helpe-s are employed at mechanics rates "Where a reduction is made in the force of mechanics promoted helpers in accordance with their seniority shaft be-set back first then advanced apprentle*e no mechanics to be laid off until all such promoted helpers and apprentices have been set back. The promotions referred to are to meet an emergency caused by the wa^ and shall cease at the close of the war From "U S. Food Administration It is queer isn't it, how closely interwoven are all human affairs 1 ' Take your eating fish instead of meat, for instance How can the wildest imagination connect this with the winning of battles in France and Flanders 7 Yet these two apaprently irrelevant things are very closely connected for neither our soldiers nor tho Allies can win those battles across the water unless they are well fed And one of the things especially needed for our armies is meat. How can we help the government provide this needed food' Simply by eating other foods cheaper and more plentiful and just as nourishing and healthful One excellent substitute for meat is fish But I don t like fish , you object Hao you given all kind of fish a chance to win you favor' Fish are as varied in flavor as meat. If you dont like salmon or mackerel yon mav like haddock or cod or even some of the new kinds of fisfl Well, fish doesnt agree with me," you fence It is true that occasionally a person is poisoned by fish., but for the average individual, fish is as readily digested as meat. But I need the nourishment in meat You settle back with the complacent air of one who has installed himself behind an argument that can not be foiled But fish has practically the same body-building value as meat If eaten with potatoes and with corn bread and butter, fish furnishes an adequate meal You resort to the last argument \Vell-I get so tired of fish One fish day is all I can. sta^d in Uie week.' If this is your complaint, It is a needless one, for the ways to vary the serving of fish are almost limitless It may be eaten boiled steamed broiled fried or baked It may be 'dressed up with all kinds of saucee It mar be stuffed and roasted. It may be seif ed cold in a salad or flaked or used In a gelatin. Or it may masquerade its appearance on your table combined with other materials as in the following recipe Fish Potato Pie. Line a deep greased with well seasoned mashed potatoes to the tnick- ness of one inch Fill to within one .nch of the top with creamed fisb r cover with potatoes brush with melted fat, and bake in a hot oven until brown. Garnish with parsley and lemon Two fish days a week Instead ot one will release much needed food, and your patriotic self-denial need involve no real hardship AFIER MGAVE HER VINGl And She Soon Got Back Her Strength New Castle, Ind--"The measles left roe nm down, no appetite, could not reit at mght and I took a severe cold which settled on my lungs, so I waa unable to keep about my housework. My doctor advised me to take Vinol, and six bottles restored my health so I do all my housework, in- eluding washing Vinol is the best medicine I ever used."--Alice Record, 437 So nth St, New Castle, Ind We guarantee this wonderful cod Itver and iron tonic, Vinol, for all weak, run-down, nervous conditions. I«augbre7 Drug Co F H Harmcn- mg Connellsville David C Bason Dunb»r, and at the best drug store in eTery town and city in the country Dont wait until your blood lo Im pcncrished and you aro B! k und ailing take HolllBtu s Rocky Mountain Ten now it will dilvi. out tho t,orma of "Winter purify Iho atoniach regulate the bowels--imluro s nprlng tonic cleanser ConuallBvlllo Drug Co --Ath Bring ruiults l VaverTf -ni nt» Cost only lo a word. Smith field. 4 TIJH TO SITE X03TEY. Tie U. S. GoTeraeBt Joins in Help- 1K People to S»T« Money. W»r Stamps and Savings Certificate* will help you to save money The Citizens abonal Bank at 138 "forth Pittsburgh Street has the Government Stamps and Savings Certificates on hand Call at this Tank and steers yonr share of war Stamps It is estimated that the average person will boy twenty dollar sworth during ISIS This is th« time to do your bit. This Bank is under United SUtes Government Supervision and is a Member of the Federal Reserve Bonk, Fiscal Agent ot the Governemnt Dawson. DAWBON, I*eb 23--John Irwin is on. the sick list with an attack of bronehitv. Drnwson is not in want for street lights tiiwe days. The arc lights on the streets burn some davs until noon and in the afternoon are on any Ume after 4 o'clock Daniel Little, oar war ve eran of lower Tyrone townslup walked into town Friday, although there was lots ofsnonr in the country This does not keep Mm from coming to town two or three times a week. reb 23--Henry E Woody (Bonnie) and Ida White aged 30 and 17 respectively took an early train Saturday morning for Cumber- and where they were married. Squire "Walter Graver of South. Georges township was a business ins- tor Saturday The squire told of a strenous trip he made /across the mountain Monday to Brandonville TV Va where he went to visit ais father Squire J J Gruver who has been seriously 111 "When he left here there v. as not particle of snow or ice on the ground, but after yetting into the mountain the roads wore almost impassable, being blocked in several places with snow and ice to i depth of four feet where he had great difficulty getUng through the horse going into the snow up to Its shoulders Jonathan Moody and wife and Mrs J D Moore went to Oniontown Sat urday to meet James "Vfoody a cousin of Mr Moody on his arrival there from Camp liee, Va. Ray Rhodes of High. House motored through to Fairmont Friday CHLCHESTERSJPIM.S SOB BY DRUGGISTS BBmmERE PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program For This Week MONDAY The Reclamation of a Loveless Home Is the Story Told in "DAYBBJEATC" A 7 Act Votro Pictuic Drama of a Vital Human Problem Starring "Wonderful EMILY STEVENS Also Keystone Comedy ui 2 Acts, Plttsburg Press Weekly TUESDAY Patbe Presents MRS VEUNON CASTLE in "VESGEASCE IS MINE" In 6 Acts. Bluebird Presents FRANKLTN T^UINUM In '·THE TIGHTEN G GBBS" Special in 6 Acts Also L K Co Comedy la 2 Acts THOKSDAY "Wm. A Brady Presents KITTY GORDON in "THE DIVIDE SACRIFICE" A World Production In 5 Acts Also "Universal "Weekly" Show- Ing the Latest "War News FKEDAY SATrRDAY Select Pictures Present ALICE BRADY n "HEKSILENS SACKI- riCE" A. Special Production In 7 Acts Also a Good Comedy --coaa?«G-- MABEL TALJATEJffiO In DRAFT 258" BUM , Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get , at the Cause and Remove It Dr Edwirda' Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, act gently on the bowels mad ptwtively do the vrork. People afflicted with bad heath find ·mck relief through Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The pleasant, sugarcoated tablets ere taken for bad breath by all who know them. Dr Edwards' OBve Tablets act gently but finnly on the bowels and liver, stimulating them to nafjnj action, cfeanag the blood and contly purifying the more system. They do that which dangenwa calomel does without any of tb* bad after effects. AB the benefits of nasty, sicLening, gnp* cathartics are derived irom Dr Edwards? Oirve Tablets without cnping, pun. cr any disagreeable effects. DC. F. M. Edwards discovered the fcrranla after seventeen yearr of practice among patients afflicted with bowet and Irrer complaint, wnb. tee PLANT SORGUM AND PROVIDE PLENTY OF SIRUP IS THE ADVICE Shortage of Seed X*y Came a Skort- age in Crop of Sogmr Cane, Hnce Shortage of Sugar. Plant sorghum for sirup whererex possible m 1918 is the adVnce of the Jnlted. States Department oi Agriculture An earlj October frost In the southern states seriously reduced the supply ot sugar cane for seedcane cut- Ungs to the point where all that is available -will be needed, for planting the 1918 crop of sugar cane in the sugar-producing sections In cane- sirup producing sections -where seed of sirup varieties is not available growers are urged to substitute s» eet sorghum In areas where sugar cane is not grown but which are suitable for sorghum farmers are urged to plant sweet sorghum whe-ever possible It is believed that in this way much ot the sirup lost because of scarcity of seed cane be replaced by sorghum sirup All growers or seed dealers having for sale sweet sorghum seed of a variety suitable for growing in southern states should notify their state seed stocks committee state experiment station, or the seed stocks committee of the United States Department of Agriculture ^Washington, D C stating th* variety "quantity at seed for sale, and Us price Those desiring sweet sorghum seed should make inquiry of any of the agencies named stating the quantity of seed desired for sirup production and the vartety preferred, Tho production of sorghum sirup has been greatly extended during the past year and Is capable of still further development not only m the south but in other parts of the country the department points out In view of the importance of planting a large acreage of sweet sor ghum it is urgent that those having seed otthese varieties do not feed this to poultry or use it in any other way until after seeding time is past. pARAMOUNTTHgATRg TODAY THE RECLAALVTION OP A LOVELESS HOME IS THE STORY TOLD IN "DAYBREAK' A 7 ACT METRO PICTURE DRAMA OF A VITAL HUMAN PROBLEM STARRING -WONDERFUL EMILY STEVENS ALSO KEYSTONT3 COMEDY IN 2 AC Eb PITTSBUR.G PRESS WEEKLY :i - T 0 M 0 R B 0 W - PATHE PRESENTS MRS VERNON CASTLE IN "VENGEANCE IS MINE" IN 6 ACTS Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Spring's Reflection in NEW BLOUSES The Wright Metzlei Blouse Sec- Uou is the mirror m vine.]] are le- llected the new blouse styles as the% appenr As usual this spring only the ven beot values will be shov,p "Sew styles of the simple refinement "fto- raen always Tush but cannot often secure for so little * Blouses in unusual varietv are wow ready f o v all women \, ho would be early choosers Advanced Styles Spring Waists at £J.OO --One very pretty model is In plpuled \oile mth long slee\es and conver tiblo tailored collar with a Jace medal lion 'nset --A popular new novelty waist comes in gtjod qualftj plain voile wftlx plaid gingham collar and cuffs and gingham piping. --A third becoming spring model is in dotted Swiss with embroidered convertible collar and long sleeves Er cellcnt va ue for the money --Completing the now Sprvng s-tjles at $1 00 is a pre*ty little waist in striped dimity urftn big collar and crochet buttons Advanced Styles Spring Waists at £2-00 Three of the new models are especial]} Torlhj of individual mention One m good qua! ty plain imlc has Uce trimmed cuf s and lace trimmed comeruble collai Hemstitch re and tucks Another is m "White Tub Silk with low neck und lace trimmed collars and cuts The third is in stuped scco silk with »hite satin collars and cuffs Maj be had m stripes of blue la\eidar and black More Elaborate Styles in Elegant Crepe and Georgette Planned for the Near Future Watch Daily Papers for Particulars REDFERN--The Corset oi Beauty azid Service Just as surely as the selection of a proper corset is the first step in building a "ward- robs, an inspection of our complete spring stocks of Redfern and Warner models is the flrst long step toward lasting satisfaction Spring styles here for every tjpe of figure,-and a fitting service unexcelled New Styles in WARNER CORSETS $1.00 to $3.50 --For the Toilng girl is a specially designed model in batiste with dainty lace tnmrn ng and elastic top Price $3.50. --For avenge figures aro correct new stjles in pink ^nd white b-itiste with the prettiest of lace trimmings Fashioned vith. medium and low bust--long hip Price $2.00 --ror stout figures *xre speci illy designed models with medium low bust long hip ind elastic insert m hip Reinforced n front with hen? boning: New Styles in REDFERN CORSETS $3.50 to $6.50 Tlie new Redfern models for Spring 1918 uphold the Deputation of their Predecessors for being the most authen ticalh and comfortably staled and the most splendidly finished corsets to be had at the price One model in particular "with low bust and ong hip is m pink biocade is 1th late tops--a touch, of daintiest bhie ribbon surmounting all lou 11 Use it. Other models are equally attractive in appearance and varied in style Patronize tho»e who »dverti»*. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are purely a regetable compound mir-^d with olifs efl; TOO win know them by their oUva eofar Take one or two ever/ night for · week and note the effect 10caad25c MrbiM. All druggists. IF YOU HAD A NECK M LOW) M THIS FELLOW. AMD HAD SORE THROAT SOISSON THEATRE TODAY A3TD TONIGHT Also Tuesday and 'Wednesday Caine's Prccrless Plnj of Keal Life "THF I nti OSCE SEEK, SEVEE FORGOTTEN THE EYEM 1 OF THE YE 4K RESOLVE TO SEE IT ASD BO SO A Complete Stock of Warner Brassieres at 50c to $1.50. Big 15o vlatmoe Daily at 2 30 Eienmg Sliows, at 7 30 and 9 15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family TODATc ASK A.VEEICAS GREATEST 90 POU t ND COMEDIAN Jack Fuquay and ZAKROW'S LITTLE BLUE BIRD CO. IN THJ 45 CDNTIMLTLR MORTAR OP MILITARY TRAVEST1, MUSIC AND illRPH, "OFF JO TJO, PROMTM FEATURING THE BLUEBIRD TRIO MISS LILLIAN BILLIE PENTON THE IRISH TENOR. SNE4D t CLARK, BLUEBIRD BEAljTY CHORUS Meyersdale. T O N S I L . N E w«n.D|oiuiTiEiimiT. TTHE Merchants who advertise in this paper will give yon best values for your money. TODAY J^CK PICKFOKD AND LOUISE HUIT IN "JACK A3D JILL." -- ALSO-- A SUNSH1NL COMEDY TOMORROW SESS1J.D HAY^KA'VvA IN CALL OF THE EAST" Tob 22 -Sergeant Richard Bien and Sergeant David Beiu botii located a^ Camp McClellen at Aimiston Ala. are hei e oa a short fuilouj-Ji with relatives and fuends. Mr and Mrs W C Price liave been entertaining the latter s parents Mr and Mrs. Van Horn o£ Scottdale foi the past Tew days .bd^ard MciMur es is home F rom Piltsbur£h, tflierc he had been for tov eial dajs tran^acting- wsmess Miss Helen Bacr a fatudont at Mai garet Morrison school m PUtfaburgli returned home 01 Thursd-ay being | compelled to give up ner studies oa j account of illness Mrs W T Hoblitzcll and her si- tei Miss Annie Black left Thursday for a visit with islaUvee and fr endtj in Washing-ton D C Hi and Mrs James Cox, of Youngs town O are spending some tune heie with relatives are this week visiting relatives in Cumberland. Miss Annie Yeager has returned from a \\sit with relatives m Latrobe Miss Zella Sides saleslady m Miller Collins, is sick at her home on Lar^e street threatened with pneu rr-nnla UAJLTIWOIlfc. HOUSfr COM^ELI SA ILLS. Pei son a.1 at te t i o n to all cases and al 1 ease JSo mat tor ·what dif, ease you sulc- from LonsuH us TR13D We Lreat al diseases oC the Lh cr. Heart HAdnet-K, Illaddr-r; N*rvou« Deb'I OLD bufferinff from an of tho follow ns disc-ibSM can be assured of pcrinancn re sulis PRI- \ VTt, DIS 1 ASb^ Dis chirfre;. QuicU re suits i' feat ed -at. once rut. UMIL.D at fie Baltimore House "oom second S O "N mouth Ski EpUcp« Caturrh A.Kt]ima floor C'\eo Tue^da; each w^ck M to B P AL llonebt Sober Reliable Si i ^ £cc milts and Periuaitenl I*rnctlc mo^t KQCCCMK^U! and Jnr I tkt SUCCHH,** STRICT L RD BLOOD POI " 36 re erup tlor^ sores u l r r SPECIAL DIS i. \SES O F Coiterai CON^tLlATIO'S treated Charses rea aonablc pay int,nt to auit the poor Ponci.t and skillful sober men gunranteed TUKSU*.Yi», TO S P ML. A 31

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