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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 17, 1964
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LONDON (AP) - Premier - Khruhchv was quoted Saturday as saying in an interview ... . . i . . -: j wouia earaiy oescrtbe bold- water at an embellishment." .The interview took place Thursday with Lord' Thorn ion. vawuian-oom newspaper mag- nate, u the personal coach of - tl Soviet leader's special train travelling through the virgin lands of Kazakhstan. The Inter-, view appears in The Sunday Times, one of Thomson's publi-'! cations. - . Thomson said the Soviet loader was wary of discussing Senator Barry Coldwater, Re-publican, candidate for president of the United States In the Nov. 1 U.S. election. The article con- . United: . ' nrou ally that many people all over the world were concerned about Goldwater's speeches the Soviet '.. leader remarked; 'You said It ' ot me. He'i your ally not : mine. , "'Would you disagree with Goldwater- position'? asked . Lord Thomson. -' LOOKED OUT WINDOW "Mr. Khrushchev smiled and 'looked out of the window. After .; another prod, be said: There are some strange phenomena in the world. I would hardly do- - scribe Coldwater as an embcll- ' tsnmmt . - .. . -He said In did not want to In-. torfere with American elections. These were Khrushchev's only .--w answer to a auestloa , weather ho would favor a sum- . tnit conference early next year '.' aimed at aa agreement banning J the use of nuclear weapons in .war Khrushchev sld: "W ' would be ready. A new inllia- tive would ba welcome." - He expressed doubt, however. that even su:h aa agreement - could ba compleuly affective. "The trouble Is." the pub-; lished interview quoted him at saying, "the toeing aide will al-J ways use nuclear weapons in the last resort to avoid defeat. ; If a man thlnka he's going to r die be'U take any steps." WOULD ALLOW INSPECTION ' The Soviet premier said Rus- sla would permit free, close in- , spoctioa of IU territory "if we j make a disarmament agree-" meat and a start, is actually mada oa disarmament. Khrushchev agreed that East- West relations are better than ja year ago. . .- .He was told that BriUsh For- alga Secretary Richard Butler returned from a recent visit to Moscow with the Impression . that Russia would like to with- draw from commitments In Laos and Southeast ' Asia. ; Khrushchev replied: ' ' "That la to. The whole basts under which we assumed co-".. chairmanship (with Britain of 1 the Geneva agreements of IIM and im stabllUlng Laotian neu-1 trality) has crumbled away." T: .'The premier said solution of the Cyprus problem is to "get the British troops out of the 1s- land. Anyone with any 'sense : can tee that the strings behind -. Turkey's attack lead back, to . Washington and London.'.'. , ; ATTACK STUFfD' i ' Oa the Gulf of Tonkin crisis ; between the U.S. and Commu-. alst North Viet Nam: "I would ; say that the U.S. action was stupid and not at all in Press- : dent Johnson s favor. All peo- ; pie of common sense regard : that (the U.S. attack on North ; Vietnamese patrol-torpedo boat bases) as aa aggressive act ';; Oa differences between Com-- tnunlst China and the Soviet !. Union: b ,. - -. '- ,This Is aa biiernal affair be-! tweea the Communist countries I and should not he aired la the capitalist press. Our differing ; mented. You can study them for The Soviet, premier said he ; has ao capital and aever will ; have. ' ' rAs chairman of the council f ministers, 1 have a bouse, a car and other amenities, hut they are a part of my fob, Whan I leave this Job wld bo longer have them. What good is your money? You cant take It wit you." -r-: 1 .... ' v'-''' ' ' . i t i XT' 1 O -4 7 - ' ' . i - J - ' r-' 'f?t Vs 1 v-. Actress Ed is Adams marriage at Mist Adams' . Hawaii. i 'LOOSE CHARGES' LBJ Blasts Barry For Disservice ""WASHINGTON (AP) - Presi dent Johnson blasted Arizona Senator - Barry Goldwater by name Saturday oa the question of auciear weapons fat Viet Nam.' accusing him of loose charges and doing a disserv ice to our national security, a disservice to peece and. for that matter, a disservice to the en tire free world." Goldwater Is -the Republican party's presidential, nominee for the Nov. 1 U.S. election. RUNNING, MATE . At a press conference, John son also brought Goldwater's vice-presidential running mate in the election, U.S. Representative William E. Miller of New York, into his line of fire. He lumped both men together as having made loose charges. -Johnson said he gave no ad monition to the U.S. 7th Fleet to use eny weapons accessary to hit North Vietnamese patrol- BOO FLEE HOTEL Roy Evacuation of Bal TORONTO (CP) Football players, a alght club singer and aa actress were among to guests evacuated Into the lobby and out onto the street when a fire broke out on the sixth floor of the Royal York hotel here early Saturday. . . Jim Trimble, coach of Montreal Alouettes, and hi club, her for the game against Argonauts to decide the Eastern Football Conference leader ship, were staying at the hotel. Alto on , the guest list were Dorothy Dandridge, ' a night dub singer, and actress Shar-re North. - .v FRACTURED ANKLE ' Four persons 'were token to hospital' for treatment and released shortly after. Mrs. . Frances Fitzgerald of MtddkHon, N.S., fractured her ankle when she fell from a line of bedclothes from her room to th roof of the mala metxarinc, , EOIE MARRIED and musk' publisher Marty Mills embrace following their Beverly Hills home Sunday. The pair will honeymoon in ,vfc.j, v t ii'V: l. ' ' , . ' '' torpedo boats and bases after the U.S. reported .attacks on U.S. destroyers tat International waters. Goldwater had at one point Implied that Johnson had freed the 7th Fleet to retaliate with nuclear power if ary. " EQUALLY FALSE Johnson said that orders to the commanders specified "con ventional weapons only. - As for Miller, the president said, he used the corridor of a government building to say the administration had authorised complete and full "retaliation" against the North Vietnamese and this "Is equally false and reckless.'' ' ABOLISH VISAS AMMAN (AP) Jordan has abolished entry visa formalities for visitors from the United Arab Republic to match aslm-llar measure the U.A.R. took for Jordanians oa Jury 22. BLAZE Fire Forces II feet below. She and her husband, Peter, were taken from the roof by aerial ladder and taken to hospital.. . SMOKE INHALATION , Zanis Marmarinos of New York City, who was assisted through the halls to safety by two firemen wearing oxygen masks, was taken to hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. Montreal Atouette trainer Guy Girardeau, who was also overcome by smoke when he came out of the club training room and knocked on doors to arouse guests, was treated for smoke inhalation at hospital and later released. , Jack Gardlne of Winnipeg was treated for minor mhiriee at the hospital and released. Guests streamed down to the lobby end to ths street shortly after the alarm was sounded at 2:30 a.m. Soma slid down bed- . AVnnal Wire) Farm Trqctor Cuts Area - Phone Cable There was no telephone serv ice between .. Pembroke Ren frew and Eganville for Tear Kirs Friday. : , '4 Ottawa manager of the Bell Telephone Company,. Joe Shea, told The Journal a buried cable )ust outside Pembroke was cut by a farmer' tractor at iM p-m. ,': .,f . '-;;.. 'i Service was partially restored by 4 p.m. and normal service was resumed at U p-m. 5 '-'PLANES SAFE'-- HALIFAX (CPV-Twe United States civilian aircraft, overdue oa a StS-mile flight. In northeastern Quebec, arrived safely at their destination Saturday alght RCAF Search and Rescue autborites said Sunday it still bsd not been determined what delayed the two Seabee planes on their flight from Fort Chi mo. Que., te Janit Lake. The planes, carrying four persons, left. Fort Chime ia the Ungava Bay area Tuesday. , i f .-'i .' t Players f sheets to the 'street, 'climbed fir ladders or formed human chain and groped their way through smoke-filled corri dors ARSON SQUAD ' The fir destroyed a third- floor bedroom occupied by Lloyd Downey of umdoa. Oat where the-tire was believed to have started. Although the floor is numbered the third In the hotel, tt Is actually the sixth. The lower convenftno floors are not numbered. , . Damage to the building was estimated at tTt.M and tJ.M to furnishings. The arson squad was ssvestlgatiag, ; but fire chief Charles Chamber said It was probably started by someone smoking In bed. . By 4 a.m. th Mr had bee extinguished and guests started to return to their room or wer assigned new ones. By1 WILLIAM N. OATIS UNITED NATIONS AP-East European sources warn that the Soviet Union and its 1 Communist allies will walk out of the United Nations If they lose their vptes in the General Assembly for falling too far behind in their dues. Secretary-General U Thant regards the threat as serious and is -working urgently behind the Long-Planned By ELTON C FAY WASHINGTON (AP)-Ameri- can nuclear power oa the perimeters of Asia will begin moving toward a substantial increase la the next few weeks. Intel the launching tubes of a submarine will be placed com bat-ready missiles and the first armed Polaris ' ship will he ready to head for statkm m she western Pacific ; This event, - long planned. takes oo new Importance because of the political debate over the recent Gulf of Tonkin operation, the nature of orders issued and the general topic ot nuclear weapons control. The submarine Daniel Boone. bulk la the - Ui. west coast Mara Island naval yard, is due mrrivm h-k t the Pacific from nrmg tests ana training m U.S. Power OWN CROP GOOD Soviet Wheat Deal Unlikely This Year i, 'V By JOHN BEST : " ' MOSCOW Soviet Agri culture Minister Ivan Volov- chenko Mid today Russia m "not vary likely" to place an order for Canadian wheat this Vcovchenko.' who begins a three-week tour of Canada next week, said la an interview that! indications re Russia' wheat harvest will be a good GOOD QUANTTTY V ? The purchase of Canadian wheat therefor I not likely- I think the Soviet Union win be abt to provide It own people with a good quantity ot train of very high quality. . It was a Biaativ crop failure In Russia Itself that paved the way for th half -billion dollar sal of Canadian wheat to to Soviet Union last year. COUNTDOWN BEGINS 'Ex-Midway Taking Shape With fiv day to Exhibition opening, th first la a convoy of mor than IM Amusement of 'America .tractor -i trailers rumbled Into th Park Sun day alght from Hageistown. Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Midway bos John Vlvona flew lit by private plana Sunday, looked ever th site, said his show would fill It and pun ned layout of his qulpment -i Today h putt mor than 500 man to work to hav th big gest midway ever up by Thurs day soon. The Ex opens Friday. NEW THRILL ' ,r " The hydraulic paratrooper, a $3,000 Damage fit Frankvillt Fir SMITHS FALLS (SUIT) Fir of unknown origin par tially destroyed th two-storey frame home of Jack Wilkinson at FraokvilM. Sunday. Th Max odglaating In tne garage caused an estimated $3,000 damage. Firemen from Smiths Falls war called to the scene IS mile southwest of hra,v,i. . ) scenes to prevent a showdown before the assembly begins its lath annual session Nov. II. The crux, of the matter is refusal of the Russians and their allies to pay special assessments for UN peace-keeping operations in The Congo and the Middle East They regard both projects with distaste. TWO YEARS BEHIND Article II of the UN charter Move Boosts Nuclear Asia i in the Atlantic by early Septem ber. The new Polaris fleet support facility of Bangor, Wash-will then be ready. - -SECOND ALMOST READY The second of the expected seven ship Polaris squadron for the Pacific will go into statkm late this fall, by which time a forward support base, with a tender and other service ships, will be at anchorage at Guam. The nuclear power of the 112 missiles la the seven submarines will he added to the even greater potential of U.S. -based strategic intercontinental ballis tic missiles of the U.S. Air Force: to the strategic weapons aboard carrier of the VS. 7th Fleet and Strategic Air Com- wbich rotate m ana w w wi,n r --" Aa intense guessing gam has ban going on in grain-growing countries a to whether Russia will again turn to the world market this year for wheat year it made big pur- tn several countries. SOVIET CROP . Desalt reports of an Im proved Soviet crop, some ex pert have been laying there is a reasonable chance that Russia will again buy wheat abroad. Volovchenko, who has just returned from a tour of Russian grain-growing land, predicted today that this year's crop win be large enough both to fill current consumption needs snd al low a start to be made on the stockpil. Volovchenko said that. Russia doe not buy wheat from Canada, H will not be buying from any country. double-decker dark ride through cavetand, an Italian version of bumping car rank as ' new pin chiller for th ridersX Eight mammoth light towers Hank flying cages, kiddies' ride, a ski lift, a double ferris wheel, a Bavarian slid, and tore roller coasters. An engineer Inspects ach rid every morning before It goat Into operation, says Mr. Vlvona.-(unj; ts-t ' Exhibition general manager Jack Clark My the Ex wilt b lammed to !th -roof as exhibitor mov la thla week. Not one space is vacant, be says. Moat restaurants were up Sunday night but only on or two exhibit had been start ed In th CCEA't buildings. The few working on hot dog stands last night had military music to hammer to. Th Governor General's Foot Guards band put on their but Summer concert from th bandshefl. where th NATO hand ctavs for Ex crowd In a week. M ; And amid the midway's fremied rise. om 20,000 football fan will cram-the park for an Ottawa Rough Rider gam Tuesday alght, ' ays any member who falls two calendar years behind la his over-all dues "shall have no vote m the General Assembly." Fifteen countries are that far behind because they have been unwilling or unable to pay their share of the costs of the peacekeeping operations. Seven1 are Communist the Soviet Union, The Ukraine Byelorussia, Czechoslovakia. Hun- . US IAI0O, DMDB an FAITH ,M wm KOKOMKU The Ottawa Journal SMQQGAG MONDAY, AUOUST 17, 1W4 - . rrF Not an Embellishment' Fireworks Seen at UN He's Your Ally-Not Mine,' K Passes Off Gold water Soviet Walk-Out Threat Serious If Vote Lost OU (fFV JODAY 152 ims 7714341 bases and to the tactical-sire atomic weapons available to land- and carrier-based planes. Defence Secretary Robert McNamara has insisted that th command and control sys tem for all deployed forces of the United States has been tightened through changes in administrative and. technological procedures. la the strategic phase of the command and control system. the Polaris forces operate un der this procedure: LINKED BY RADIO At the top. Washington is linked via radio at all times with Polaris submarines on pa trol. This communication linkage is through a "redundant" (alternate) network of radio cir cuits, ao that if one fails another workable system is ready to take over. Polaris submarine can re ceive radio signals, even sub merged as they usually ar through us of a very low fre quency that penetrates salt water to any depth. Continuous radio watches are maintained; all transmissions are copied. la the Pacific, Prt of a system af VLF has bee ia operation for several year and now is being expanded. The transmitters are or will be located at Jim Creek, Wash- Guam. J a pan and Australia. Th c h a I a ot commana through which order to Polaris submarines to fire or not to fire psssm begins with the president, then goes through the defence secretary, the military Joint chiefs of staff, a anified military command and to tne submarines. AT BY WARD MARKET Drought, Frost, Worms Despita this year' difficul tiea, farmer In th By Ward Market are bringing in "pretty fair crop at competitive price. 'Area farmer have had to deal with drought, frost and worms, but price on the market, 'although up somewhat from better years, are still on a par with thoee of focal groc ery teres,' according to Andr Cartas, ' manager of the market , Som farmer have had their output of products, such as tomatoes, cut drastically by th bsd conditions," ba said. But others ar 'bringing in ery. . good-, crops to compen sate ! for this. And those who hav suffered losses buy produce from other wm on our wholeMl market and resell tt to their customers." SOME NOT HURT, , . A few farmer on th market My they ha vent been hurt at II by this year bad conditions whik) other, admitting that their production I down a bit from others years, tall you that with the Increased prices they are holding their own. ' '"There have been some cases of extreme bed luck, such that of Green Belt market gardener Fortunat Dumouchet described ia The Journal Wed rsdy," Mr. CarisM related. "But oa th -other hand some fanner hist north of Ottawa, in Quebec, hav had good yMrs and art bringing M good crop. ' "Also, sale on th market hav been pretty good so far this yeer. For instance, Friday several farmers sold everything they brought to town and - r gary, Poland and Romania. Eight are noo-Communist Ar-gentina, Bolivia, Nationalist China, Guatemala, Haiti, Paraguay. Uruguay and Yemen. FOUR OTHERS REFUSE ' In addition, four other Communist countriesAlbania, Bulgaria, Cuba and Mongolia refuse to pay the peace-keeping assessments, but they are not so lar behind in over-all dues, because their regular assess- . menu ar tow. Arrears for the Congo force total nearly SU.000.N and for the Middle East, force nearly I30.0M,M. Th United States . has covered much of the deficit and the U.S. Congress wants the loans repaid. Although the U.S. has ao plan to drive the Russians out of the world organization, thereby end ing its function as a meeting place between East and West American diplomats note the charter is quite clear about voting rights tor delinquent members. The Soviet Union contends that- no member can be de prived of its vote without two- thirds consent It also contends t ths peace-keeping opera tions are Illegal. Thant came away from talks ith Premier Khrushchev ia Moscow last month convinced that the Russians are serious about their threat to quit th assembly end even the UN if they lose their, vow. VS. OPPOSED In Washington. U.S.. officials subsequently told Thant the Russians are bluffing and that they would eventually pay their bills in the face ot solid opposition. They noted, for example, that Khrushchev has dropped hi demand for a "troika" UN secretariat In which the Wast Communist and neutralist blocs each would have a veto. Some diplomats ar hopeful that the U.S. and the Soviet Union can reach compromise, either by themselves or with the help of the assembly's 21-aatloa working group on peace-keeping finances. The group meets Sept I. ' - .If th negotiations fail, th problem will be tossed to assembly president Carlo Sosa-Rodrlguex of Venezuela. After he opens the session, be may list th delinquent members and rule whether they are entitled to vote oa the 1M4 president or he can ignore the Issue. Whatever he does, the decision will be challenged and then will be fireworks. .. Saturday appeared to have been another eood dav. THREAT OF FROST . Farmers' oh the market My that with a few good break most of them will have mad it through th year without suffering any serious setbacks. But If there 1 widespread frost in th next few week It would mean a disaster for focal farmers, 23 Killed r In Burmese, Skirmishes RANGOON VPt Th Bur- government announced today Its troop killed 23 rebel guerrilla In six clash during th weekend. Bodies of four women slain by the rebel were recovered. ; . , Two soldiers wer reported m th skirmishes, part of a II-year-old war against Comma-nlst Irregular and Communist- mriueneed Jungle tiibea.., Th ethnic rebels ar fighting' main ly to i ; for complete magazine subscription service 203 Sirb Slrtal taitap ivum rtc. CirtepM ring . V;- V 3 if 1

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