The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 1, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THB DAILY COURIER, CONN]ILLSVILLE, PA. . t -..... . WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, essages On ADVERTIfSINQ INFORMATION All ads. a r a restricted to their proper claHBincation and to tho regular style of typo. Tho publishers rsaei've tho right to eUH or reject any classlflod advortisinK ooj:y. Errors in advertisements should oe reported Immedlatoly. Tho Courier will not bo responsible for moio than one Jncorroct Insertion. Charged ads. for responsible parties ·will be received by to'sphona, and, If paid within six daya, oaah rates w i n be allowed. Advertising ordered lor Irregular Insertions takoa the one titno rato. No ad. !« takorj, for less than a basis of throa lines. Count tho average words to tho Una. Aa averago wotd contains six letters, Ads. o r d e t e d . - f o r three or six times and stopped before expiration will bo charged for only tho numbor of times the ad. appeared, and adjustmanr made ni tho rute earned. Special ro-toa lor yearly advertising upon CLASSIFIED ADVERTISINa Dally r a t j »ov line ior consecutive Insertions, Charge Cash Ouo Tl-tao ............. .1" ·* Threa Tltaefl ........... OS .07 Six Times ........ .... .07 .00 WHEN AND WHERE TO PJUA.CE YOUR ADS. 1?he Classified Actvertlslns Department Is aiiuatua at Couilor Place. This oftlcu is open to receive adver- t)S'3TOonta f i o m A. M. to 5:00 P. M. dally. All -ids. reculvod up until 11:00 A. M. -wHl uypea: la odltloas the «a-mo flay, Tom; Cluswificd Ad. . , . The Ad TTiker \fin gladly assist, y i u , If desired, ,10 Uiai the copy for your ad. Is propttiea In *ueh a manner a» to bring the (jreatosi results for you. Classification Index The inuividiuu ttuvojuaemeucs under tho following classification are arranged in AJUyJtiAiJK'riCAJL order for uuick. 1--iJoaUin 2---Oa.'du o£ Thank* 3, a --Political Card oi Thank* a--In ii.umuiiaia 4 -- I f l o v r - t i * aaU JSdourninjf GooOu / b--i' UiracloiB t;--Alonuuioiiu and Cemetery Ixts B--JrUiHgioua and Social livent* U--societies and L"' Hi--ttrujed, Lost, A. tiT O JlU J« i. V lu-- A--AuiumooUu AHI jl--AuOuioblloa lor 1^ Aut') Truwts, Trui-t-ora, Trailers m--Auto Aoco'jaunoa. Tires, Jfarta ^ Uaiatsea--Autoa toe i-Lu'e, 'Co li--iiutjicyclta and Blcyoloa blaiiou." 17 ly _ iiuaiii«»3 borvujo OJXarad ly. a -- vvnuve to Dine la _t, -- liarumina,. Bd-auty Parlors IS-c -- Mi j^eilatitiouB ID -- BuilUug niid Contracting M -- Cleauiag, JUyuLutS, KoJi 2i -- UioS£iiiia.K.iug anu Milliuevy ^j -- Ha.ti.i"g, i-iurauing, Uoonng i j -- liiBU.ttuco and iuioty JBuuUa Vi3 -- Moving, TJUcltlng, Btorago ··0 -- Pa.!ntmg. Pupoiuig, Decui-ating 2l _ VilnUiSB, KuaiavUut, ·Mr- U and KoUuishlng and U _ \Vautod -- atrvlce JUuli. W u n i c d -- i'tmalo 11«JJ Warittu-- Ma llralji -- Male ana iolliltors, C a n v a s a u i a , Agonta UU -- bin 1 uiuns WdiiLua -- Fonialo -Wunted -- iialu !J1 , OpportunHlen ,ju __ l u v t a t u i u u t a , Stocks, Bonds 4y _ Money to Loan, M iU-a -- Fiuully Loans 41 -- Wauled-!-- To iloirow .12 _ Con oijpondence Couise* ·1.J -- l o s t i u c t i u o Classes .^ _ iiutlciil, Dancuig, Dramiitlo ,j5 -- i - i i v a t o Instruciion 45. a __ j.') u ato l u i i r u t t l o u -- Mualo 4U _ W a n t u u l i m t r u t t i o n 47 -- Dugd, Cata. Other Pels 4 6 -- Uui sea. Cattle, Other Stock 4U -- I'uuliiy, KiiBs and buppllua oU -- W u u t o i l -- Livestock, 51 -- Ait-w»«Ji tor Sale j,l-a -- il u U r uiid Lxchange fci -- JJottts iWJd»iioile» jy -- tiui. dings liuilduig Material u l -- UuiiaOBS diiU Ollicu Etiulptnent 5o -- Fai ui and i'iuy Products ji_ a -- FJ.IKI Eiiuliiuient JO -- FU« 1, . Feud, Foi illlicrs oT -- Uoud Things to Eat oS -- lloiiioiliudo Things GU -- ILonsohold 'Goods UO -- J e w e l r y , Watches, Dlamouda m -- Muilimoiy and Tools o z - a -- U a d t o Od S O o i B , Plants, l ^ l O V t O l B 1,1--Spo-'lalf ttt tho ttloion U 5 -- \ V o v f l n s Apiiuiel Ui5--Wantud--To liuy K0031S A A U 1IOAHU-- v 07--Koi tna W i t h Board · US--Itocins, W i t h o u t iJc'»rd UU--Hot ins, loi" llousoltutipijit; 7lj--Vacation 1'Ucea T J -- W h » r e to liat 7^--Whui'o lo btop In Toivn 7a--Wanted--Koorus or Board JtUAL. WSi'ATK KOJl KISAT-- 7^--Api rliuonta and Flats 7 3 -- H u t i n O b S 1'la.cea foi iloiu 7ii--Films a n d Zinnia tor Kent 77--Houses for Uent 7;J--OiU^o and De;)K Koom 79--Shore, iloutitain, Lake for ItoQt 80--bill urban, C o u n t r y for lient b l -- W a n l u d -- T o K e n t HL-;AL vt VATK wan SALE-- It,--BIOKUS in llclil Kiiato 8^--Bu-*»neaa i ' l u p o r t y for Saift 8 y -- K u i n i i n n d I j u u d f o r Sate SI- Ho I'-LM for Salo B.%- i.o's f o r ti.tlo 8i»- bin i o, M o u n t a i n . I^ake for Sftl» b7---Sul in tuui Cur bale bS -- To l.M-h'.niBe--ILi'nS Kalalo b O -- \ \ j u t u d 1U.U Uslato A U I T 1 O A S--I.IIXiAl. 00--An · t l j u f t r a , A u c t i o n Ul--LOI..I! N d t i o u s Till; .' I.AS :ib'H:i s c d d l n s , h i b l t i f i i i . i t M t h »s ivmn'y c i i n i t ' s o u t H Announcements . * , Dauths GEORGE \V. MILES. Qaorge "W. Mill s, 25 years, -old, dlod tills m o r n i n g at hlb ho-mo In Bruiih- iviclc, Md., tolluv, i n s an illness dating- back ' to ajboul t h r e e years ago. Mr. SlUoa wi.3 a son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Mltos and had ,pout tlic greater part of Ills life in Brunswick. He had, a nii-iiiber of frloivls In Oonnellsvtlle/ where ho was local eel at ouo l i m a ' a n manage- aC tho West Perm Ainpllance department. Ho was also ii'_ former clorlc in the inqn' j c l o t h i n g department erf the -fawner Wi ilit-Motalor Company etors here. Besides his parents, who ronhlo in Brnnsn !clt, Mr. Miles Is survived by four sistero, Mrs If. H. H u m p h r e y of Coi nellsvllle, Mrs. Klnnm Lee of BriuiBWl -k, Aid., Mrs. Joseph PUiat oC Atlanta, Ga , ,md Miss Dorothy .Mites at home, and Hi tee b r o t h e r s , Harry J l l l o H of P ttsburp, Charles Miles ol' O o n r u ' l l s v l l l o ind N o r m a n Miles of Baltimore. Mrs. H m n p h r r imd Charles Miles lott last nifi-ht r r Brunswick. Flowers anfi Mourning Goods 4 WEDDING BOUQUETS--And funeral designs'at 'reasonable prices. Alpha Floral Company, Florists, 105 West Ciawford avenue. Phono H55. Automotive Automobiles For Salo A BUY WORTH WHILE!--Studabaker Sedan, oxcollei t condition lor o n l y $100. Sec this ear. · C'vlllo Motor Co., E. Qrawfoi d ava. Fliono 511. A PICKUP AT -- J1M.OC. · A seven- passenger Buli-k with six new tiros. What inoro do you want? Connelli- v l l l o Motor Co, U. Crawford avenue. Phono 541. BRAND NEW--1'otitljo Coacli, f u l l y equipped J J e h v e t e l to you at 5715. Oonnellbvlllc! Motoi Co., U. C r a w f o r d avenuo, Phono 04i. Automotive Automobiles Ifor Sale 11 IEOKM.BER OLEARA'NCB SALE AUTOMOBILE PRICES--.rome down a, great deal faster than 'mileage runs up. DUE USED GARS--Are 'ajlways bargains, for prices aro bawd on unused mUcaffo. ' Thpao Cars Ar« Llko Now Are" Priced .For. Quick Sales. 129 Model "A" Standard Coupe, ' " 102S "Modjel "A" Foid Tudor Sedan. '1926 Chevrolet Coupr. 1920 Chevrolet Coacii , 1028 Dodge Screen Sides Truck. 1925 Model "T" Ford L-ton Truck. 1025 Model "T" Coupe, lOIii Model "T" Coupe. See TJS Flrat Before Buying A Used Car. - ·»} SMALL, DOWN PAYMENT--And easy m o n t h l y payments. WEST 'SIDE MOTOR COMPANY 401 W. Crawford Avo. Phone 407 408. AUTHORIZED FORD AGENCY. DOWN GO OUR PRICES--On this new Oakland Sedan, f u l l y eaulpped. Reduced to Jl.Ol'S. Our lofas! Y o u r gain!! C o n n c l l s v i l l o Motor (Jo, Kast Crawford avei ue. Phono 541, IT PAYS TO OWN A HUPMOBLLE--- Hupmoblle Suleg n n d Service. t'oO East Crawford a v u u u e . Pbone 213. REDUCED TO ? 1,125--Oakland Cabriolet, Never be n d r i v e n . Take advantage of ovr reduced prices and buy now. payments. Connella- vllle Motor C' , E Crawford avenue. Phono 5-11. EXCELLENT B-VRGAINS--In excellent used cars, at \ ery low prices. See us tlrst and v.o iive you money. Con- nellsvillo-OldSiuobile Company. Phone 574. BUY WT'IH CONFIDENCE GOOD INVESTMENT USED CARS An E x a m l n a t l i n OI Our Uaad Cars Will Convince ^ ou Of Our True Values 1028 Chevrolet 3«dan, delivered, 1028 Chevrolet iii-tou Truck. IDliS C h e v r i l e t Coaches,- (two), ms Chevrciot Cabriolet. 1024 Bulck 'Six" Sedan. 1920 Chevrolet Coach. . 1025 Chevrolet Sedan. 1027 Ford Touring. 1027 Ford, Tudor Sedan. CHEVROLET TRUCK, 102B-~One-ton. In boat or* condition, lias f o u r apoed£-fal?wai d transmission, YOUI- ATTENTION" "NO REASONABLE OFFER"--Will be turned down These cars tnust go. Use our EASY PAJMENT PLAN. MASON ftOTOR COMPANY Trades--Op n Sundays--Terms. WEST APPLE STREET. PHONE IDS. Farm Calendar 'J'linely r i c m i n d c r a l«'roni 'Clio Venus; l i M D i a State Coll«g Obtain ItcdiK'cti Fare--A special rate ot ona and on "-halt fare to thu Stato Farm Product . Show and back home is c.vailablc to iantiorti. Procure a reduced face e r U f i c a t e from Die sec- rotary ot y o u r farja organisation or tfjo county ag' nt. Ijiiju-oc Furm V'oodlot--Trees o£ the woocllol ivver stand atlll. Some- thlng is liiipp-^niiiK all t.h-e itlnw. Improvement c u l l i n g svill favor better conditions of } r o w t h , inoreaao the proportion of good trees, and help the growth of «x i el lent. I n d i v i d u a l trees. MiU'ket Hops Profitably--Marketing hogs before- tlie heavy run starts w i l t old the Earinei to obtain lotler prlcp«. Records th,a, 04I« farmers who Itept their as\ Ine longr thati necessary would !i tve tripled their profits by selling eai Her. Women to Uot A minis--Prize*? ara awarded for the producte o£ the housewife us well a i the farmer at the State Farm Show I n Harrisfourg, the man- agemont announces. Canned fruits, vegetablos, and greens; dried fruits and vegetables; jellies dnd preserves; cake.-s, bread ind cookies, and garments may bi entered in the. competition. Yoefl Dairy Cows Tllg-lit--Milk production anI !«iry profile arq always in close rolaTionship wltlj tho kinds and amounts of feeds consulmcd by cows. Much eed and labor aro wasted through w i o n g methods of feeding. Uuiinl Oiielii'ii Health--in maiiy instances cokle and roup aro the result" of chronic coucidiosis, worm infestations, f a u l t y management, or poor housing. Correcting the conditions which lower 'he vitality of the birds ie the first In treatnumt. Cool Milk l'ro]etiy--Immediate and adequate cooling of milk Is u«o«ss»ary to prevent souring A tetutperatnie of loss than r() Agrees Karwihett Is im- lavorable to tho growth and reproduction of, t!u injurious bacteria AFTER. X.MAS SAI..E ON USED 1021) Model "A" For r ] Roadster 102!) Model "A" 1^-ton Ford Truck. 102T Model "T" 1-ton Fol'd Truck. With Kuxstell Axle. 102T Model "T" Ford Coupe 102' Ohti'rolet Coupe. lOU.I Model "T" Ford fioradstois. Tvro o£ ihem at J1000 ettuh IN TODAY-- -And drive on« of , theae cars home. Our easy p a y m e n t ; p l a n can make you an owner immediately, MOTOR CO A u t h o r i z e d Ford Ag-cnlj SCOTTDAI^K, PA. .PHONE J70. Auto Trucks For Sftlo 12 BRAND NlflW BODY--And low mileage on this special 3V£-ton Aome TrucK. Has boon usod very l i t t l o . Pay as }pu ride. Will d e l i v e r to you for ?7!)3.(H). Corrw In and aoo It. CTvine Motor C o , 13. Crawfoid Ave. Phone Ante Accessories, Tires, Parts 18 CUSTOM-BUILT ADS j'ea'e ada are "cut to fit" the individual ktance: i of each, want or offer whicii they represei t. T^iat is ,-why they are so riotably supc ssful In obtaining quick satisfaction for tie advertisers who use them. Always Different--In Opportunity The A -B-C- Classified Ads Always the Same--In Service Automotive , Antos for Hire 14 FOR RHJNT -- Well eo Garage, corner of H,iO« »traet and Cedar avenue, five dollars per mo th. F. E, V o u n k l n , 4WJ-10 Title 'rust Bids. VINE STREET, B(M--South ado. Modern brick, garage, (slngU ). Cement floor, electric light. 'Phoi 9 418, .Repairing--Setrrloe SI itJons 18 ATTENTION! MH. MO"OHieT! Remove Tho Of "Wlntor Ditvlnsr. ' PLAY SAFE--By b l i n k i n g -our car to UH, and sot your brakes inspected. Wo will give you a "true f o u r wheel brake." W h l l « you ·'Rlt. Our service la prompt. Electric Jumbo Giant Jftydri ullc Tester, .sure," USTINQ "Makes B r a k i n g A Pic OFFICIAL BRAJCID AD. STATION BVANS MOTOR COM 'ANT PHONE 77. EAST CHAW 'ORD AVE. THE irpME--Of a m i l l i o n automobiio AflLES OF SMILUS reeiil from tho parts. We h a v e w h a t you need, so satisfaction given t-y class fled adn. tee ua first. F a y e l t o A u t o Wrecking j 1'ompn.ny, McCormick u v e n u o , t-8. P h o n e V(;U WILL got t la drift of t h r i f t if you read the cU.HHiilec! ada. Automotive Repairing--SorYice SUitions 16 GALLEY'S DUCO AND BODY 8HOP- Auto body, top, fender repairs. Authorised Duco Reflnlsher, Phone 1078. ' HAVE YOUR CAR WASHED BY EXPERTS Guaranteed To Be nighi Modorato Prices AJjL GREASE AJs'D DIRT--Ronioved [lorn y o u r chassis, springs ana [end- em by our modern kerosene spray. Your u p h o l s t o r y cleaned ·with a v a c u u m cleaner, and car pollshtjd, Bsst Cai Wash In The C i f y 1 FIRESTONE RERV1CK STORE, INC. W. APPLE ST., COR. MEADOW LANE P"HONE 21. "~ IF IT'S METAL--We can weld It. Conn e l t s v i i l o Industrial Welding- Co., 1001 W. C r a w f o i d Ave. Phone 108B-J, T PEOFLK find p r o f i t a b l e infer/nation in the Cl.iaslilod Section. OBT TJrtB M!OST for tho least throug-h a classlllcd ad. Will a National Murder Trust Be Revealed by New York Inquiry? Inspector Donovan MnsrUtrato ViSale. Arthur C. Johnson. Franfeie Marlow. Abovo scene »how» Frunkie Yalo'i body gprav^led be ld« car after slaying in Brooklyn, which comoo to foreground anew thr««»i »fc« liolrlun at a tti mer given in honor of Ma.gitlra.te Vitalo. of York. INDIANS AND THEIR BLANKETS l i ' OKI \ V 1 1 A 1 n t\ t mi), u h i \ n 'loan CU He (»ot tho Kxereksc. AVALSATJv, Eng , J a n . 1--An one legged man o Kxctor City w a l k e d 200 inllof, t a k i n g raoro t h a n n i n e dayii for ! tho journey, f i FCC iik, t e a m betitcn by iu ,t loot ball iiidlfii OC Iho"83^262 Indian bchool children iu the United States 67,287 attended a bchool ot some- 4dnd during- the past joar. The recent re-port «r the Untied b'tute« I n d i a n Commifsiouor lndicat«8 | that the Indiana do very well with, school problems; h u l thero is a, sng- geotlon in tho report t h a t t h e m a t t e r of suiiablo e m p l o y m e n t oC the Indians sflor leaving the school ie still an unsolved problem. Thero is an old bu- iiof that the Indian likes to "return to, j hit hanktB," and doubtlees many of ; i h e m still go back) to the primitive ways oC their people. The Indian Service has never had a dpv-eloiid and fiyetematlc organization to help tin 1 youns Indian to llnd employment, or an occupation, d u r i n g (he critical p e t i o d « t t e r he leavea s-chciol w h e n hu should lake up tiio t ffali-B of l i f e 1'or himself. "Unlse the j oiniis Indian or woman he placed in iml oeeome adjusted to an occupation adapted to hits interest and abilities, then tho whole fichome ot education and civilization fail*?," e.iys tho Gov- rnment report. CONTROL OF DISEASE IN ANIMALS SOUGHT TO PROTECT I MANS Preservation of life Closely Linked o Science o? A n i m a l Medi inc. Sav« money--read tho ads. today. By 1'AUb W. \yi United Trees Staff Co DBS WOIN13S, Iowa, bos achieved ma»lery ov animals but he fctill is F their diseases, Dr. John chief o£ the Bureau of. j try at Wiishinfftilon, toV ll\lslm of tbo America for the Advancement of "In I n s t i t u t i n g any me control of. anlnuvl Hsea "Two prime factors are purely economic, the otl to public health. "The e f f i c i e n t rcseari h u m a n mcdx ine m u s t I l o r r y hie in\ebtigation8 into (he. co\\ stuble, ( h tile heu houfee. Simila IJTK respo-ndenl fan. 1--Man jr hie tellow- accumbing to n, Mohler, ulmal Indu^th meiical i Association Science, isuresj for tlie .8s," he eaicl, nvolved; ono er pertaining h worker in prepared to if nreestsary, 1 IIOK pen oily, investiga- tors of buch animal diteaefi as tuber- c'uloaifj, milk tilckures and rabies find thit the owner of affected animals aro meet often concerned about IL'ie h u m a n healhi phase of UIOTO niala-die'i." ' Ur. M o h l o r discueseJi briefly t h e t o l a t i o n to public health of such of her animal sicknesses as foot-and- m o u t h disease, trembles, dermatosee, u n d u J a n t /over, anthrax, glanders and trichinosis. O t h e r ' a i l m o n t e transmitted to (he h u m a n family incjude infectious jaundice, tularemia, bubonic plague, septic eore throat and cowpox. "To control and eradicate animal diseaseti," he concluded, "is a service to mank'iid in other ways than merely by checking the menacing communicable- diseases. The livestock industry supplies man not only with food, clothing, leather goods and nuineroue other ndcebiiilieft, but eervgn in o t h e r ways. "It produced fertiliaer for fieldt, and gardens and by-^roducte for urte and industries. Certain glands f u r n i s h valuable preparations such-ab pcpam, i n s u l i n and adrenalin. Accordingly, it Its p l a i n that t h e t i t u r l y ol livestock p r o b l f m b c o n t r i b u t e s niirprisingly lo p u b l i c h e a l t h and welfare." The Scipnco Convention u, inito],esi- od in p l a n l i l l n o ' s a« wel! as aiinnil and today the delegates had Business Service Dyeing, Jtenoratlng 20 SUITS, TOP GOATS--Cleaned and pressed, $1. Why b o t n o r with "Cash and Carry" w h e n c;ur trucks Will call f o r ' a n d r t e l l v e r . C o n r e l l s v i l l e Cleaners and Dyers, i P h o n a ISO. Hoatlug, PlDiuWnir, Hoofing 22 FURNACE 91- nnd cleaned A l l Tnakt'H. "jr-iom White- I I ' a ntffht." 1IJ6 H o u l l t H t U l j u r K tit, JTor b i n v i i ' Q , p h u n e DJ8-J. PJvUMBTNG ADVICE-- B f u r n l a l i e d by us, absolutley Tree. N'o ohllg-atlons. Phone 1730. Cyiihoi and bon, liO North Second M t i e e t . WILLIAM SEULEHS OO- Quallty plumbing ..rid heatlngr. South Jfittaburg Bt eat, Phone 848. Prompt aervko. uitd Srrety ilonds ^Wo write f t right. All kinds. Cook ana Lauglilln, Inc. Insurance, 30B Flrot tJaUonal Buildinff. Phono C20 INSURANCE--All klni. excepllug Ute. Bortha Ciinnlns'Uan , I n n , Notary Public, 400 liMrst N a t i o n a l Dank Building, Phone 4..0. Res. 1004-K, Moving, I'i'uctlit?, Storage £5 FLINT TRANSFBH--I ocal and Jons; distanco moving. Li'S* 2-ate«. Phone 551. Prompt sevvlco, TRANSFER--Local and long dislanes. Ogp. A r l i n g t o n Hotel. Phone 812. Resilience 410S-;ll;ng-U2. Heptdring and KelinlHlilng -20 CABINET MAKKRS--^^^11 work guaranteed. P h o n p 1^40 i n d leave y o u r order. Prompt sorvii e. II and B. Co. 'Awnings and Upholstering. 29A FISHER'S--Picture fr.-niinga specialty. UpholstQrlntr and HwnUigs. Phone 11W7. 317 South PittBfourg- street. and 30 OUK SP1CCIALTY--Is -working on fur ot kinds. Repairing:, clean- i n g , etc. Plszl, CH!/.tii3 Bank X-'hone 714. RICHMA.N CJLOTHJQS--All $22.00. Sold by Simons N cash a n d Cai ry. Phone 1003. Employ ment Help Wanted- -Kenialo WAITRESS--Wanted for d l n l n s room service. Kxperiencel. Steady work. I n q u i r e at Baxter's Rcsl.iurant, Financial Family Loans. NO TIME IS WAST i3 D Our Service B Quick, Courteous A n ' l Private On A,l Lonns Up 1 o f300. Come In, Phond Or Wrlta. PERSONAL I'·INA^ CK COMPACT ROOM--Second floor Now McCrory liulldinjr. West C r a w f o i d avenuo, n e a r Brlmstono Cc rner. Phono 84, before them, a unicui tiieory conoeBn/- Injg bacteria dsatruoiiou by parasites. A. paper on that aubjeut waa read 'by Dr. J. Bronf©nbrerjK r of 'Was'hln^toa ttajve.rsi*ty baforo U American S«- ol-oty ot Bactoriolog'st, meeting at Amos, Iowa. Dr. Broufon'brem' · discredited tho cornitioii bolieE that uacteriophago--or what had be-ou torme 1 a gorru destroying organibiti--hab any puirdoroiiB et- l'ect ou bacteria. What it does, ho said, is llgumtlvoly load buctena to suicide. Bacteria are subjjcct to tho ailrnnts of thi modern age, t appears, and by tho Introduction o£ mcterlopliago aro induced to a7i oarly ieath through fast living and hard drinking. SUPERSTITION!) ARE STILL HELD BY PEOPLE Bciief In the p o v r r to ftibcinale, bewitch or exert an ovil inlluonco liy a glance of the eye Is superstition ivido- ly dispensed both among ignorant clast.0 and more- or oss unrontscionsly among the most cultured i n d i v i d u i i l r i of all parts ot tho v orld, according lo John Lee Maddox, who writes in Hygeia o£ the a u p c r ^ l i t i o n s of the world. Fear of i h o ov«U eye wai not only a bllaC oC tho eix ooiilli and hoven- tec-nlh centuries, lm-. !t wan an a r f i c l o ot faith of eavago, p i g a n and incdifival thrology, sAiictionci by I r i b ' i l J r - g p n d h , cln^isica! n u t h o i s , c n i i r r h l a t h e r s and nhyaicuuih of Uic M ddle Ages. Modern romnanlc of h i h bupcreti- tion ore found a m o n g persons who assure you H i n t loo m u c h good f o r t u n e is likely to bo l o l l r s \ r d by bomo misfortune. That is, ijood lortune may attract iho attcnUcn o£ the evil eye. Bomo prr*onri arc itivid to say they ore in good health, lent they aoon bo olnging ti different une Tho custom of c irrying c h u i m s to avert bail luck ts ;i pliube of this, belief, this wiiU'r K a h Sine 1 ? ba! l u c k of all Uliidts if. coi.-ld-r-iel to ))e tlio flhc-ct rBbult of th- f U h d i K i t l n g look, it naturEilly tollo ^« IhaL whatever dangles and finite; s will a t t r a c t the attontion of the -e il eye- away from the pel son to be p 'olrcted. ^lon and women of consider ible e d u c a t i o n s i i l l l e n d t h e i n s c l v c n to ihii plinoe of boliof in l h L » ovil e v b^ c a i r j i n s a IIOIYP a J i i b b l i ' i - fool or n l u m p 01 r tor good i u c k . Instruction PrJvnio Instruction--Music B A N J O -- M a n d o l i n , tho best you can. buy (i I moderate prices. Glbsori Studio. S c I J o i B Arcade, 1'liono 030., Merchandise 1'iielj I''eed, i'ertllJzer iB CO1C1NG COA1 12c d e l i v e r e d ; Oc at the mine. W»at Sldo Coal Company, NinUi streot, corner avenue. PJiono 1076, Honsehold Goods l-'OR SAL13--^American Ideal Iloatrola, o l e c t r l o bwuepor, uprig-ht piano. d a v c n p o i t s u i t , le'tH'or living: room ·ivilt, one wood organ, refrigorator, ItltcJien r m b l n o t , combination ran^e and e l e c t r i c gaa hca,tod nianglfi. lull's htoragc, 12J liast Pe.«jU. sti col, C o n n e l N v l t J o . Phono 00. Hadio 02A BOSCH RADIO--Screen-Grid. Fraa demonstration. Radio Service Co., IBS South PUtsburg etreet. Phon» 175. EDISON AND PHILCO--Radios. Free demonstrations. Thomas J. Ueb, 112 We»t Apple street. Phone 1902 RADIO SALES AND BBKVICE--Phona 1520. STEWART WAUNER RADIOS--One o£ tho very best. Come In and hear t h e m anfl judtro tor yourself. A. A. Clarke Drug Ktoro, North Pltlsburg st;aci. I'hone lU'J. THi) NEW MAJESTIC RADIO -- Coma )n nnd hoar it. Ooldo Tire and Radio Co., Eaat Crawford avenue. Phono 10. Specials at Ilie Stores IN IIARDWAR1S"--See us first. Wo S.ivo you money. Fris- boo Ifardware Company, 134 West Crawford avnue. Phona 304. DBVOB PAINTS--And varnishes are the best. Low price 1 ?. M. Bernardo G lOc Wall Paper company. THIS VKRY UKST--That you can buy in H i L i d w i i f is wliat we lutve. Phono ISn We d e l i v e r . Uoucks I f a r d w u r o Company, HIS West Crawford avenuo. Wanted--To Buy 66 CLliAN WHITE RAGS--Wanted. Will pay Oc per pound. Courier Company. WANTED TO BUY--Flat top typewriter desk with typewriter comp a r t m e n t at side. Call Biurlnesa Office, Courier. ' WANTED--.100,000 ft. 7x0-- 8 "to 17 f u Jled Oak SwitUi Tics for delivery during tho next ninety days. Quotu best price delis crod Broaiiford, Junction, Pa., .staling what quantity you. -ould f u r n i s h Addrcaa liox 07, Union town, Pa. Rooms and Board EooniH Without Board 68 POK lUIN'r--Nicely fiirnlshefl front. bedroom c u n t t a l l y located. All conveniences Including 1 jhon«, Prlvato family. R e n t reasonable. Phono 870. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats 74 FAYETTE STH4JBT~-Corner Og-den street, just one block from street car utop. Apartment of flvo rooixws and bath. Hot air heat. Reasonable rent. Also at 220 Queon etr««t, Btx room l i o u « d ivlth bath, for ront. Inquire A. C. Herwlck. We it Crawford and Fifth. Phone B20. ITCH HKNT--Ap«.rtm«nt In fimu-ta Bulkl- inij, 715 W«at Crawford avenuo. FOH RENT--Small furnished aparT mont. Centrally located. Call 1417-J, a f t e r 6 p. M. ONE, NORTH WINDSOR -- Apartment for rent. Third lloor. Inquire .Jolm Davis, South JPilisburg utreot, Boutb ConnellBvlllo, Phono 1163. Places for Rent 75 STORK ROOM AND WARE ROOM F-OR UiJXT -- Possession V i i U b« elver to r f n t e i , J a n u a r y lit, 10.W. Now occupied l)y Chai. 1\ W l i i t u ' s plumbliife d s t a l j l l s h m e n t , located at 124 North Meadow Lane. Heat and watei f u r n i s h e d . IncludUijjr ^ara^ra, al«o R e n t very reanonablu. i P q u l r e FAYBTTK HBAJ^TV COMPANT T. D. Gardner, M a n a g e r SKLLEHS ARCA1JK. PHONE 1375 !S HIT lieiit "!', CHA \\ Fuiin AVENIJK" WEST--si: l o o m Iioiibc, « (Hi b.uh, gas and elcc t r i e l i g i i t . A \ , U o r l e n t paid. H e n . t e d u c e d Vcr.\ reasonable. A. J£ W A f c o n e i ,\nd .Son, 100SI AVest f o l d u v u n u u . Phone 1-lb. FAYICTTK STZIBET, WEST, 803--Fi\'i ronni h o u s e with bath. U o n t $16.00. A V a l e i i UIH paid TKf.Ml' AVJCNUJK] 6U--W]ve and ball). j i u j u j r o 402 sti rcl. APARTMCNTS. HOUSES, STORE: HOOMJ, AND aAKAOBS-lnqPlrt 121 West Pe.ich street. Phono 47ti. P1TTSBURG STHliKT. SOUTH, 10«o-- Six room h o u s o a n d bath. ^l^im lioal. K p a r hc)MoL Pos^ c f - ' - i u n j j i v o n I ' ^ c u m h e r l»t l»j!i. inrulte J. 1'onalif Porter! Fiisj. I\ Building-. 1'hono 768, Real Estate For Sale Rouses ior Sale OR SAI-L- OK HhNT--Slx model p. house. W i l l soil £ u r n l t u r » , Mil) M a r k u i b t r p c t , Hcoticlale. Phors UO Y u U H S K L F j, good turn eveiy ]'iy by l u r n l i i K (o th,- t'la.s.sllied Se - tlon ami H k l n n a d v a n t a e e o£ some "uf t h p li.irrfa.lm olTuri'd then: W H A T V O i j \v.\NT mi\ be walll) K I ' l l - \ u i , i l i f M u o u i i .i ( i q ^ l H P d ad. S ··THEnid IS a Hide in u ) c affairs if m . n n h i f h takep ,a ( h o ilc.od loads n io f o i t u n e " -- a n d t h N t l d i is always it the r l o m l f o r those \ \ l i y n ul the Classified Section r c p r i i l r l y . jnt,-i"s .i MLS .-lit i own your e te yoiu p n l i t a .

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